Once Upon a Time Recap: The Monster Mash

Once Upon a Time RecapThis week on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, Rumplestiltskin tried to steer Belle back down memory lane, Whale played doctors, Regina had a mother of a surprise and the Charmings worried what trouble an outsider might cause.

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IN THE LAND THAT WAS…. | As Whale struggles with his responsibilities in Storybrooke, we flash back to life at the Frankenstein castle, where father Alphonse makes a fuss over son Gerhardt’s silver cross medal, and gifts him with a timepiece. Victor meanwhile receives a miliary commission that would pull him away from his work, which to date has been subsidized by his dad. Overhearing Victor’s dilemma, Rumple pops up in the lab and introduces himself, expressing an interest in “how you do what you do.” Rumple says that while witchcraft in Victor’s realm is “evil and neglected,” while where he’s from it is strong — yet stops short of restoring life. Rumple dumps a mound of gold on the floor in trade for the doc’s secrets.

Later, Gerhardt catches Victor in the midst of grave-robbing. Spotted by a watchman, Gerhardt winds up shot dead — thus furnishing Victor with a test subject. His first go is a failure, since his bro’s ticker couldn’t take the heat. Rumple has a solution: “I’ll bring you a master of the hat, and he’ll take you to a young woman (Regina) who has what you need — a heart for your brother.” We then get a brief reprise of Whale’s previous flashback (where the pumper provided by Regina helps bring Gerhardt back to life), though the lad is not quite himself.  “He’s a monster!” Alphonse roars as Gerhardt freaks over a flame. When Dad berates Victor as a “ghoul” and “disgrace,” Gerhardt intervenes and kills their pop. Gerhardt offers his life to Victor, but his brother refuses to kill him (again). “I’ll still save you,” Victor says. “I’ll find a way.”

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IN STORYBROOKE…. | At the accident scene, Belle is frightened by Mr. Gold, whom she last saw wielding magic, while no amount of broken ribs can keep Hook from flirting with the sheriff: “Hello, beautiful!” Looming larger is the matter of the outsider whose car mowed down the pompous pirate. “The outside world just came to Storybrooke,” Emma warns.

At the hospital, Gold gives “true love’s kiss” a try, and while Belle briefly smiles, she winds up terrified. Hook meanwhile is met with questions about Cora’s whereabouts, but he’s more interested in reclaiming his hook — “or,” he asks Emma, “is there another attachment you prefer?” The captain is quite pleased with hurting his foe Rumplestiltskin’s heart, but as Emma points out, “He’s on his feet, he’s immortal, he has magic and you hurt his girl. If I were to pick Dead Guy of the Year, I’d pick you.”

Emma and the Charmings poke around the outsider Greg’s phone and see he’s a regular joe who takes selfies, has a LinkedIn account (poor guy!) and tweets pics of his food. Still, Leroy and others worry that — as seen in Splash and E.T.! — people tend to take apart things they don’t understand. When Whale reports that Greg won’t be up and about anytime soon, Gold declines to repair the stranger (“I owe you nothing, none of you!”) and instead suggests they let him die or risk having tour buses coming down Main Street. The race against time begins when Greg’s cell rings — with the Star Wars theme (thanks, Disney-owned Lucasfilm!) — with a call from “Her”….

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Gold runs into Cora, who offers him a globe-type gizmo to help him find his son (aka “the one person in the universe who might love you”) in trade for helping her reconnect with Regina. They seal the deal “like we used to,” with a semi-lingering kiss. (Huh!) Meanwhile at the hospital, Whale is MIA. David notes that the doctor has been “in a rough place” ever since Regina had him bring Daniel back to life (“Daniel?!” Mary Margaret remarks) and his arm got ripped off. “He’s like Frankenstein?” Emma asks. “That’s Whale,” David makes clear. Mary Margaret wonders aloud, “What went on here while we were gone?!” Ha!

Henry tracks down Regina in the crypt — only it’s not the rugrat but Cora in disguise. “I know why you sent me through the looking glass, why you tried to have me killed,” Mom says. “And it’s all right. I love you, I just showed you in the wrong ways.” Anxious to clear her name, Regina takes Cora to “wake up Emma and Henry and the two idiots” and reveal what she’s been up to. Cora hopes, “And then we can start over?” Regina is bearish, but on the drive home (LOL at Cora marveling at the “carriage”) she’s reminded of when Henry made things just for her as his only mother. “Together, we can get him back,” Cora assures….

Following Whale’s boozy scent, Ruby stops the doc from pitching himself into the drink, and they then compare notes about being monsters. Whale alluded to the common mistake people truly make, referring to the monster (and not the scientist) as “Frankenstein.” Ruby counters, “I ate my boyfriend,” then suggests that while Regina thought she was punishing everyone with the dark curse, they actually all have a chance to forget all their past “crap” and start over.

Back At Belle’s bedside, Gold tries to jolt her memories with her own talisman, Chip (aka the chipped teacup, which he has charmed), but it’s all just mumbo-jumbo to her, so she hurls the china against the wall, shattering it — and Rumple’s spirit. Later, after Gold uses the globe and a drop of his blood to locate Bae, he shows up at the Charmings’ — where Emma was taunting her mom about “knowing” Whale (“We were cursed!”) and Henry was acting as Continuity Police by noting that other non-fairytale characters could be living in town. Gold calls in the favor Emma owes him, saying, “We’re leaving to find my son; pack a bag.” For good measure, he warns the others: “If any harm comes to Belle, I’m killing all of you.”

Whale operates on Greg and it’s a success; Emma quizzes the outsider on what he saw, and he says he was too busy texting (Quinn Fabray taught us nothing) when he ran down the guy in the street. Emma lets him off with a “warning,” but later Greg phones “Her” to report, “I was in an accident, and you’re not going to believe what I saw….”

What did you think of “In the Name of the Brother”?
Frankenstein backstory aside, a lot happened in Storybrooke, no?

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  1. “Gerhardt freaks over a flame” fire bad!

  2. Laura says:

    Ok we need to know if Belle is going to get her memory back this season?

    • Kelly says:

      I remember last season true love’s kiss didn’t work for charming because snow erased him from her memory, so I’m guessing gold would have to get her to fall for him again but he was too pushy tonight. he’s off to a bad start.

  3. Patti says:

    Great performances by David Anders,Robert Carlyle and Emilie de Ravin. I thought Frakenwolf or WhaleWolf were adorable but everything else was too depressing for a show about hope. Emma’s superpower sucks. It failed with Sydney and with the new guy. I don’t like the idea of outsiders at this time. There is enough going on. Unless she is tricking her mom, Regina was dumb. The memory loss, the disgusting kiss with Cora and breaking the symbol for Rumbelle was too depressing and was too much. Also I felt bad for Whale. I think his dad and Charming would get along great.

    • Patti says:

      meant whale’s dad and charming’s dad would get along

    • Nicole says:

      1) It’s not an actual superpower. It’s just her following visual cues to determine if someone is telling the truth.
      2) I think she knew he was lying, but she didn’t want anyone to know, because they were so intent on killing him.

    • CountryQueen says:


  4. GingerSnap says:

    Good episode. Regina & Rumple will return to their evil ways. But do we really have to wait 3 weeks for the shiw’s return?

    • Mary says:

      They’re going to have a repeat next week and ABC didn’t want to schedule the show against the Super Bowl on February 3rd. I think the repeat is to keep the episodes of searching for Bae together. Rumple and Emma leave in the next new ep and then have their search in the one right after. And then there will be another break for the Oscars.

  5. Kelly says:

    David Anders did a great job. I felt bad for Whale and thought Whale scenes with Ruby were adorable.”I ate my boyfriend” ha ha. I think Cora and Rumple was a bit much. It was not needed. I know Belle lost her “Belle” memories but I thought she would remember her storybrooke stuff including mr. gold being the one she was sent to and who was helping her. I like internal angst but the eww cora kiss and breaking the chipped cup I agree was too heartbreaking.

    • I agree with everything you said. The Cora thing was creepy and I want to know what memories Belle has since she was locked up for 28 yrs. You have a good point about Mr. Gold being the last person she saw before the curse was broken, you’d think she wouldn’t have been so freaked out by him.

      • Sneezy didn’t remember anything that had happened since the curse broke. Otherwise he would have remembered his brothers etc. They’ve established that any memories connected to who they were are erased including people they knew and even their families. Belle won’t even remember her father.

        • yes, but where do her old memories end? Why wouldn’t she remember Gold from when Jefferson told her to go find him? Or are you saying her memories are like reset to the beginning of the curse when everyone ended up in SB?

          • I think they are wiped out back to their curse memories. Belle wouldn’t remember being set free or anything else about Gold. Sneezy didn’t remember things that happened in Storybrooke. Why would she?

      • Templar says:

        But isn’t it a clue that Regina is Rumple’s daughter rather than Cora’s deceased husband?

  6. sara says:

    I felt for Regina. It was really sad to see how Cora’s manipulations were actually really close to the truth. Regina is too messed up and even love from one of her abusers is better than no love at all. It was definitely interesting these past two episode to see how little Rumple has changed, even getting worse in terms of his villainy.

  7. Lauren says:

    Chip! Nooooooo

  8. david says:

    did anyone catch what rumple said when the globe showed the location? did he say Main? Also who the heck is the stranger? I feel like between Henery’s comment and the ringtone we got a hint of something but cant figure out what it is. I cant believe its another 3 week wait when they just got back

  9. Brenna says:

    my heart broke right along with the chipped cup (did they really have to hurt rumple like that and us!!!!!!!!!!!!??! That cup is central to their story, they better fix this–couldn’t he have used magic to put it together………). I agree with the other comments, Belle should have remembered Mr. Gold. I mean she willingly went with him to the well, shouldn’t she trust him to look at a cup????

    • Kelly says:

      Yeah I think she should have remember meeting Mr. Gold at least and that he was helping her from captivity like Jefferson said.

  10. Elizabeth says:

    Loved Gold’s last line about hurting them all if Belle gets hurt. I going to hate to not see them together after all season long we’ve been treated to a lot of good stuff. Hopefully a reunion is close……..

  11. Aibileen says:

    Did anybody else saw a lot of chemistry between Whale and Ruby? I just loved their scene together!

  12. John says:

    Whale was great tonight. I’m not into the outsider either. I don’t want real world entering like grumpy said with fighting and science probing. I too want Regina to be tricking her mom, she too smart for Cora. I know she’s the millers’ daughter but Rumple being connected to everyone is starting to stretch thin. And I know Rumple’s done some evil things and manipulated people but they have free will. Rumple deserves some punishment but I kinda feel like he takes the blame for his stuff yet other villains’ actions in the writing seems to be blamed on him and not on cora or regina or hook. and hook’s flirting falls flat for me. dont know if he is trying to be jack sparrow or lost’s sawyer but it’s not charming it’s just blah.

    • Patti says:

      To each his or her own but for me the flirting with Emma is a fail but I’m guessing they would set something up with Hook/Emma/Neal especially if Neal is Bae. Milah really didn strike me as motherly leaving her son alone for hours to go to bars,leaving him and not asking of him when dad turned green evily so I assume Hook would care even less and he seems to torture Belle and Archie for dagger info and Bae is the only one to really know except for August alittle bit. so August and Neal maybe in some danger

    • Anoushka says:

      I really hope Regina is playing Cora too. I want her to not let fear overrule her in terms of Henry and do something that would actually alienate him from her. I want her to be able to truly conquer her mother.

      Rumple…I think he deserves some comeuppance and some true awareness of his actions but maybe he’ll get that when he finds Bae and he doesn’t run straight into his father’s arms. Anyways, it was startling to see him threaten the Charmings and he even looked straight at Henry when he did that.

      Whale was great, I agree. I wonder what exactly he did for his brother. I rreally liked his talk with Ruby. It’s nice to see characters mixing it up now that they know their true selves.

      As for Hook, I find him gross and skeevy around women. I don’t find it charming cad type behavior. I see it more like a predator who uses sexual advances threateningly to get what he wants. At least this episode he was out of commission. He’s a mixture of gross and blah for me.

    • Templar says:

      Hook’s flirting with every female he encounters makes him seem super conceited, as though he thinks he can charm anyone. But it also kind of makes him the handy pass around pack.

  13. Deena says:

    I don’t know, I feel like this was my least favorite episode mostly because of the Frankenstein backstory. I was bored by it the 1st time around and this didn’t raise my interest. Found it interesting that Henry was the only one smart enough to realize there may be “characters” from all over the place in Storybrooke. Hello Charming–the guy said you were not his king.

    • sara says:

      Charming’s not the prince of a lot of people. Since there are tons of kingdoms.

      • Deena says:

        Valid point. As far as the characters in Storybrooke knew though (the ones we see on a regular basis), the curse Regina placed was to punish Snow, Charming and their kingdom who all despised her. I think Whale said Prince, not King. Aside from maybe Jefferson, who else in Storybrooke is from another land & is also in the loop with the Charmings?

        • xav says:

          But it a large part of the land, including Midas’ kingdom and Thomas & Ashley’s kingdom. He definitely said Prince because unless Charming assumed George’s throne pretending to be his son, he would only ever be prince by marriage.

    • wednesday says:

      I felt the same way you did Deena. This was probably my least favorite episode as well. It had a few moments that were ok, but overall I was bored too. I kept wanting to FF through it, but couldn’t because I was watching it live! lol. I didn’t care for the Fraken/Whale stuff, but I did love seeing Rumple up to his old tricks if that makes sense. It makes me miss S1 when he was always making deals with everyone. Rumple/Mr. Gold is my favorite character so that’s what made those scenes bareable from the other world.

  14. Katie says:

    I actually thought this week’s episode was really great. Though I hated the reveal that Whale is Frankenstein, I thought his back story was pretty interesting.
    As far as outsiders go, I’m wondering how that would even work. At some point someone will come around that will, like Grumpy said, want to study them. Are they setting it up for everyone to return to Fairy Tale World (which would be more than odd, since everyone just got back to Storybrook)? I mean, what other option do they even have?
    My sister said the map looked like it was lighting up New York, too, but I didn’t catch it. I’m going to have to watch again I guess.

  15. Mike says:

    I thought Whales backstory was much more interesting than the first time, but still lacks my interest compared to Regina back stories. The outsider storyline could be interesting, but he was only awake for a small fraction of the episode. I was happy to see the Rumpbelle romance end for a little while, I was so sick of Belle foolishly loving Rumple after all he has done, Runple is no worse than Regina and Hook, who Belle seems to hate. I still don’t understand what Cora’s gameplay is, does she truly want to build a relationship with Regina, I feel she probably has a larger plan in play.

    • Patti says:

      i kinda of agree with robert carlyle that cora is more about power and world domination. she wants to be queen or control regina as queen.

      never found belle’s love for rumple foolish and with the exception of last week they were not overally focused on to be annoying ,also he proved last week with letting hook live and letting him live tonight that her superpower of seeing the truth beneath the surface is not faulty like emma’s lie deetector

      • Mike says:

        Emma lie power needs to be put away for like eternity, it doesn’t work as witnessed again tonight. I don’t think her love is foolish per say, but I am still stung by the hypocrisy if her statements last week, by saying Hook has a dark heart but Rumple who was evil for 300 years is ok in her book. Foolish is the wrong word and their relationship needs work for me to actually believe in it.

        • Patti says:

          well if her superpower is not faulty like emma’s then maybe the writers are telling us something about hook.

        • Cindy says:

          I´m not sure why you think Emmas superpowers failed and i can hardly remember when was the last time her “liedetector” skills failed? The way she acted, I don`t think she believed this guy at all, she simply made a choice and lied to Charming. She probabably didn`t want that the townspeople kill him or do other creepy things. Emma has with Cora in town bigger problems to deal with instead this stranger and the consequences of his appearance are a bit unpredictable for her. There is little she can do until the moment the problem offers itself.

          • xav says:

            The last time Emma’s lie detector failed. EVERY TIME SHE SPEAKS TO SOMEONE. So far Regina, Cora, Graham, Henry, Greg, Gold and Whale have lied to her without her knowing.

          • @xav says:

            Huih that`s harsh, Can`t remember exactly when Graham and Whale lied to her, however it was last season explored that Emmas judgement & abilities are clouded by her emotions and seriously she had to deal with lots of weird stuff. But this season the more her relationship with snow stabilized and Accepting of her destiny the better her liedetector or dealing with screwed up people(Hook,Gian and Regina) in general became much better. IMO

          • xav says:

            Graham told her he needed to feed kittens. Really he needed to bang Regina. Whale agreed he would operate IN THIS EPISODE and left. But if you can’t remember when the last time her super power lie detector failed, you should refer to this episode, 2×10, 2×03, 1×06, 1×04, 1×11, 1×22, etc etc.

  16. Jess says:

    I have never cried so much over a cup before … Great EP for Whale, Rumple, Regina and Ruby. That wasn’t the Regina/Cora reunion scene I was looking for but I will take it. Love the idea of black and white for Frankenstein and having Rumple be in color. Loved the Hook and Emma scene in the beginning! Overall… A very good episode!

  17. LS says:

    I’m really missing former characters and storylines. They keep bringing new people in and forgetting about the old. Where are Sidney, Nova, Kathryn, August, Ashley, Jefferson, George… etc!?

    • I was thinking about Sidney the other day. Is he still locked up? But maybe the cell is roomier than a mirror. lol

      And tonight I was wondering about Nova, especially since we were reminded of Grumpy’s relationship with her last week. She’s not a fairy, she’s not a nun anymore, get those two together!

    • Jon says:

      Well Nova and Ashley weren’t really big characters and I think the actress who played Ashley is on another show now. I don’t think they’ll bring back Kathryn anytime soon but it would be nice if they showed her reunited with Frederick. I’m pretty sure they haven’t forgotten about Jefferson it’s just that the actor(Sebastian Stan) is busy at the moment I’m sure they’ll bring him back. Sidney’s probably still in the asylum, George is probably lurking somewhere plotting revenge on Charming, and August is perhaps in NY with Neal?

      • Paula says:

        If there are still people locked up in that asylum although the curse broke a dozen episodes ago, it doesn’t really speak for the good people of Storybrooke.

    • loveigniting says:

      I think Eion Bailey was doing something else? I feel like I read that somewhere. Sebastian Stan’s filming for Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier and he was doing a play on Broadway IIRC.

      • Paula says:

        Eion Bailey filmed a tv show pilot a while ago. But it didn’t get picked up so he would be free to return.

        • Templar says:

          Since Alphas is cancelled, I’m hoping they cast Warren Christie [he played the bail jumper in the pilot] as someone good on OUAT. Also hoping that if they do an Aladdin episode, they get Sendhil Ramamurthy as Aladdin.

      • Mikael says:

        Since Disney owns Marvel and ABC, there is a good chance that he could cameo on Once again without any issues of contracts. I guess it would depend on where Captain America is filming.

    • Mike says:

      Well Nova was part if the worst episode of the entire series IMO, they can forget that for all I care, Ashley could return soon since The last Resort was unfortunately cancelled. Sydney(Esposito) is currently busy with Revolution, but I thought I heard somewhere that they want him back at some point. I doubt will see Kathryn again, her story is pretty much done. I don’t know why we haven’t seen August this season. I doubt will see Jefferson for awhile, they finished his story pretty well, but he is a fan favorite so I would be shocked if we didn’t ever see him again, regardless he will be working on Captain America 2 soon so maybe next season. George will be back at some point.

      • Jerm says:

        I was reading that they were planning on doing an Aladdin episode, so I’m sure they’ll bring Sydney back for that since his character is from Agrabah.

    • Paula says:

      I don’t like the way they’re handling this either. They’re not even mentioning some of these characters. They act like they never existed.

    • k says:

      I don’t mind some of the new people (especially now that we’re getting a break from Aurora and Mulan) but I agree they’ve left some things too open. We never saw Kathryn and SBFred reunite. King George **cut a guy in half** and we don’t know if he’s still wandering around town. If they can’t get the actors they could at least mention the characters in passing, ie. the Charmings can’t move into David’s old house because Abigail and Frederick are living there. The Blue Fairy is still forbidding Grumpy and Nova to be together. They went to Sidney’s cell in the asylum and it was empty…

      • I agree, a passing mention I think would satisfy a lot of fans for the time being. I know I’d appreciate it. Apparently when the curse broke a bunch of characters fell off the face of the earth…

    • J says:

      Most of them are played by in-demand actors having busy years.

  18. Patti says:

    I found it odd that his cellphone identifier was “her” then an actual name or nickname. maybe “her” is more important then the outsider.

    • Katie says:

      That’s a good point. I thought it was odd that it said ‘her’ too, but she couldn’t possibly be yet another fairy tale character out in the real world, could she?

      • Patti says:

        i think it is possible. the hat could travel to other worlds without creating a curse and i think it’s possible with dorothy/the wizard of oz. i’ve seen other boards speculate that the outsider could be the wizard of oz and their is glenda like casting spoiler that tvline posted awhile go.

        • gdv says:

          I’m fairly certain that Whale is the Wizard of Oz, too. The first Frankenstein ep featured Jefferson returning from Oz, and either he or Rumple (can’t remember off the top of my head) kept referring to Whale as a “Wizard.” I’m pretty sure there will be another Whale ep in which he travels to Oz. At least, I hope so. It would make sense, especially since Whale comes from a land of black and white (like the black and white “real world” scenes in WoOz.)

  19. farhan says:

    Did any one catch the Lost Reference….Through the Looking Glass…. Lost Season 3 Finale Title. Cora said “Through the Looking Glass” Lost light bulb lit up hehe

  20. I really liked this episode. Prior to last week’s episode, “The Doctor” was my least favorite episode of season 2. Tonight I think they finally did what “The Doctor” should have done introducing Whale as Frankenstein.

    My biggest issue with last week’s episode was the Belle loosing her memories twist. I thought it was completely unnecessary and I’m not a huge fan of the coupling. Tonight’s episode just furthered that annoyance with her not remembering and Rumple leaving town.

    I don’t want to know anymore about why Cora and Rumple kissed. I want to erase that from my brain. Especially since she also called him master. Was Cora Rumple’s Graham? Never mind, I don’t want to know…

  21. Jon says:

    I thought it was a great episode. The Frankenstein stuff was good and so were the scenes between Ruby and Whale. I really liked Regina’s hideaway it looked so cool. It was kinda sad when Belle broke the cup( I was like, “No! You killed Chip!” Lol). The whole outsider thing could be good. Great that Emma and Rumple are off to find Bae but it sucks that Once is going on hiatus already.

  22. Danielle says:

    I think the reason Rumple couldn’t restore Belle’s memories is because she never lost them, she was just told for 28 years that she was delusional and magic didn’t really exist, which made her understandably go a little crazy. I thought that from the first time we saw her in the asylum, but what really clinched it for me was the way she reacted so violently when he said the word “magic” tonight.

    • Patti says:

      When sneezy lost his memory he went back to his storybrooke memories. so i don’t get how belle didn’t remember being free and meeting gold at his shop at least

      • Whimsical says:

        It’s very simple- Regina didn’t create a false memory for Belle with the curse because she was going to keep her locked up. So Belle now has COMPLETE amnesia. She doesn’t even know who she is.

        She doesn’t remeber being free because those things happened AS Belle.

  23. A says:

    I hate how these damn sports always delay our shows. The Good Wife didn’t air today because of football and is probably gonna be delayed again in two weeks for the Superbowl and now we have to wait 3 f***ing weeks for OUAT to come back. The unfairness of TV scheduling!!

  24. ej says:

    Anders and Carlyle had good performances, I liked the nod to “A New Hope”, the Ruby/Whale moment (a nod to “Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man”?) was nice after he hit on her in Season 1, and poor Chip getting smashed was a tear-jerker, but there were some annoying parts that kind of ruined the episode for me. 1) Henry was left alone in the loft after Snow was ready to bitch-slap Emma for mentioning Henry to Cora in FTL. 2) How are they only NOW getting the other worlds thing? Wonderland? Neverland? Hello? 3) Emma is getting SUPER DUMB; the “superpower” thing is either total crap or her parents acting like limpets wherever she goes is messing with her head (and mine!). Either way, it’s right up with there with “I will always find you” on the take a shot and throw your glass at the TV annoying scale. 4) Hook’s vulgar Jack Sparrow wanna-be flirting; he’s cute and he knows human anatomy, but Johnny Depp’s on-screen charisma, he does not possess, so I wish the writers would just stop trying, because I feel bad for Colin who deserves better and JeMo who just seemed to be trying not to cringe through the whole scene.

    Anyone else, to this point in Season 2, think that the hiatus-creating Superbowl showdown seems potentially better than any of the familial adversarial throw-downs on OUAT thus far? Just wondering.

  25. A says:

    So many people seem to be put off by Hook. But I love the character. He brings a bit of comedy into a show that has started to become quite dark but I still love it. His flirting with Emma was really fun.
    I kinda hope Neal is not Bae because after reading about all the theories about Neal being Bae I feel like it might be a let down if it is. I hope its surprising.
    Also, maybe I’m alone in this but I’ve never liked the Belle/Rumpelstiltzkin pairing. It was just bleh and Belle is really boring.

    • John says:

      Never found Hook to be actually funny and the flirting with Emma is kinda just gross. Meeting Neal Cassidy made me actual want the speculated henry’s dad is Baelfire to be true. He was just that interesting and Michael Raymond-James opposite Robert Carlyle is television I want to see.

    • tp says:

      I agree with you about Belle and Rumple.

    • Paula says:

      There is nothing funny about Hook for me. It’s the same crude jokes about his penis and how every woman must be crazy about getting to it every damn week. I’m cheering for every female character on the show who doesn’t fall for it

      • Cindy says:

        Well, Hooks crude jokes are kinda obvious a deflecting mechanism. It is his way to deal with the humiliation and Emma recognized the desperate soul in him. I don`t think that he thinks that every woman is crazy about him or that he wants that they do. It is just his way in playing games. I agree with A, i take him over the neverending crying messes on this show. He is a fun addition and i hope his story will be explored more.

    • oncewatcher says:

      I love the character, too. Hook rocks! His interaction with Emma reminds me a lot of Peter Venkman and Dana Barrett in Ghostbusters.

  26. Emily says:

    okay can someone refresh my memory, what do we know about belle in storybroke? just that she was locked in the mental asylum? or what?

  27. Leslie says:

    In a way I felt this episode was filler for more exciting things to come. Felt bad for Rumple although he wasn’t the most patient with Belle. Was sort of sad when she broke the cup. I hope her memories come back soon.

  28. Paula says:

    It was okay. I liked the brothers Frankenstein and how Whale was so out of it in Storybrooke, but I kept waiting for some follow-up on the Archie story from last week. I don’t understand why he wasn’t in this episode at all. One thing that disappoints me this season is the lack of “pay-off” when a is done. With Archie there was literally no pay-off.
    I also thought it was poorly done how the Charmings said it was important to get to Regina before Cora got to her, but then they made absolutely no effort at all to do so. They all hugn around the hospital for hours and waited instead. When Ruby said Regina has gone underground I expected Charming to mention her crypt since he’s been in there more than once this season. But Charming wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed during the entire episode. I also can’t believe he didn’t tell the others about Daniel. What DID he tell about the time while they were in Fairytale Land when he keeps out stuff like that?
    I hope Regina is playing Cora. Because if she’s not the made her fold way, way too easily after building her up all season 2. Barbara Hershey and Lana Parrilla were amazing in their reunion scenes. The first one in Regina’s hide-out especially gave me goosebumps. So good!

  29. Aoife says:

    Did anyone else notice that the box that Cora gave Rumple that held that globe gizmo was strikingly similar to the one that August had that he showed to Neal? So if it is, then we can all assume that Neal is most definitely Bae? Or I could be totally and horribly wrong and that point is completely irrelevant! Haha

    • Templar says:

      The box August showed Neal was of different proportions than the one Cora gave Rumpel. When August opened the typewriter case nothing showed above the top edge. When Rumple opened the case from Cora the globe was above the edge of the bottom half.

  30. goldfish says:

    honestly? i thought it was the best episode of the season. Great dialogues – some really quirky and hilarious lines.

  31. M&M says:

    Favorite line: “Emma, and Henry, and the two idiots.”

  32. Me says:

    For me it was a pretty good episode. I have never been the biggest Rumple/Belle fan but it was hard to watch her brake the cup. It was fun to see Rumple and Dr. Whale though.

    The charmings are beginning to exhibit signs of desperation at their attempts to always be together. Why do they all have to be sheriff? Couldn’t a special election be held for mayor? That office has to be wide open at this point. Then they could work together but have some seperate lives.

    Hook I don’t find that annoying. It might be because I have come across people like him before. They flirt and make obscene comments to make everyone as uncomfortable as they are or get the upper hand in a conversation. Hook is ruthless and a lost soul. To survive he will do anything to get ahead. He is a pirate after all. Do I think he needs a love interest? No he has some character development that needs to happen first.

    Likewise Emma doesn’t need a love interest. And I might be the only one, but I can’t stand Neal. He is suppose to be a “good guy” but oozes slime more then even Hook.

    • Synapse says:

      Interesting you find Neal worst than Hook… that would be so true if Neal = Peter Pan. In the original story, Peter isn’t really a “good guy” either.

  33. Vic says:

    The phone with the Star Wars ring tone? Awesomeness!

  34. David in Houston says:

    The Cora/Rumple kiss was meant to foreshadow the revelation the Rumple is Regina’s father. They have alluded to this subtly in past episodes. That’s my theory, anyway.

    • Templar says:

      Wow. Imagine that family tree. Rumpel and Milah produce Baelfire. Rumpel and Cora produce Regina. Baelfire and Regina are half siblings. Regina is Snow’s stepmother. Emma is Snow’s daughter. Neal/Baelfire is Henry’s father and Emma is Henry’s mother. That gene pool needs better drainage.

  35. Mike Q. says:

    This show is starting to annoy me. It’s following the “Bones” manipulation path — characters do things, not because there is any viable reason for their character to take said action, but because it will be emotionally manipulative. Regina buying her mother’s manipulation minutes after she identified it and rejected it? Belle smashing the cup? Gold taking the one person who can oppose Hook and Cora with him, essentially abandoning Belle to death? These aren’t characters acting in their best interests — these are characters acting in the writers’ best interests.

    • Synapse says:

      I’m open to many complains about Ouat but:
      – Regina may not buying Cora’s manipulation at all. Maybe she’s faking it.
      – Belle has no memory of Rumple, for her Gold is just a weird guy who kissed her and seems obsessed about magic. He tells her the cup is magic and since for her magic = bad, it makes perfect sence she would break the cup.
      – Gold is taking Emma because it’s Emma job to find people. Please remember Gold only knows about the city, New York. Go find someone with only that… he doesn’t even know what he looks like now. (makes me thinks about a scene in Waynes World: London, England… ok it’s here !)

      So I don’t think it’s too far fetch.

      On the other hand, I want an explanation about Bael not dying of old age… I though he changed world 300 years ago.

      • Cindy says:

        – Gold is taking Emma because it’s Emma job to find people. Please remember Gold only knows about the city, New York. Go find someone with only that… he doesn’t even know what he looks like now. (makes me thinks about a scene in Waynes World: London, England… ok it’s here !)-

        Well it may be true but i think it is more a part of the deal with Cora. With Emma out of town Cora will have even more power or it is also possible that he wants to protect Emma from Cora. Emmas seems to have power and she can be an useful ally for him.

      • Nicole says:

        Bae used the magic bean to travel. The portal made with it can travel through space AND time. There’s your explanation.

      • Cory Myers says:

        As a bail bonds person, Emma has the skills and resources to track someone down, she said it herself in the pilot to graham that she had to do things differently than standard police work because she got paid “per delivery” not salary lol. She is Gold’s best chance at tracking Bae down in our world which Emma is more than familiar with.

        As for as Bae’s aging… if you watched any science fiction show that has dealt with similar travel, you know that traveling through time and space is not always simply cut and dry. Bae could have come through 300 years ago our time, Bae could have come through 28 years ago… heck, Bae could have entered the vortex and not exit it on our side until present time… (a few seconds only passing to Bae, but 300 years to Rumple)… for this it is all about how the writers and producers want to do it…

      • Another possible explination for you. Rumple knows that Bae is Henry’s father and Emma’s ex and he is hoping that if he brings her with him and tells Bae about his son then he will be able to lure Bae(aka Neal) back to Storybrooke even if Bae hates Rumple. Rumple is not a man to take any chances after waiting this long to get his son back. As for the aging explination. Hook is just as old as Bae. It’s possible that Bae went to Neverland, battled Hook for a while because he was protecting other boys who had lost their parents or had parents who didn’t want them and then finally left to come to our world hundreds of years later after Hook returned to Fairy Tale Land and it was safe to leave his Lost Boys.

    • JJ says:

      Gold has never been anywhere in our world but Storybrook. it makes sense that he would take the one person who has been out there and knows all about this world to go with him.

    • xav says:

      Cora is the only person offering Regina any affection. Abuse victims recognize the abuse and still got back to the abuser all the time. She also recognized that even if it was manipulation, it was also the truth. Rumple was getting far too aggressive with a girl who didn’t know him and was scared of him so she lashed out in a way she thought would get him to leave.

  36. “is there another attachment you prefer?”
    How do Hook / Emma fans consider this scene as beautiful, When it begins downright repulsive?

    • JJ says:

      it’s not beautiful, but it also isn’t repulsive. Honestly, if that line repulses you, you would be better off just watching children shows.

      • Once a show is for adults I suggested changing the time that the show is on TV. Since that time, the children are not yet in bed.

        • Sarah says:

          The show would do a lot better, if they did that. The show is already inappropriate for children as it is. Thing is, it’s right up an adult’s alley. I think it should air at 10:00 pm on Friday nights, and they need to simmer down on introducing more people for a while. I like who they already have, Hook included. Why don’t theystop teasing people, get to a point, and work off of this for a while, before they shake things up again. I think they’re exasperating their viewership.

    • Nicole says:

      Bae went to a land WITHOUT MAGIC. Neverland. has. magic. This theory needs to die.

  37. k says:

    This would have been a good episode except for the Frankenwhale flashbacks. They were well done but (completely setting aside the fact that they had nothing to do with either book or movie Frankenstein’s actual backstory), the meat of this episode was in the Cora/Regina, Rumbelle, and (ick) Rumpel/Cora scenes. The Whale subplot was completely out of left field. It felt to me that the episode was screaming for the Rumpel/Cora original miller’s daughter story.

    In other notes:
    –I bet Regina is dim enough to fall for Cora’s manipulations, and the characters won’t even blame her. When the purple smoke clears, we’ll be back to the fasttrack Regina redemption tour.
    –Hook is slime and I was so glad Emma was having none of him.
    –Belle shattering the cup and Rumpel’s soul belongs in the top four heartbreaking moments of the series. So far.

    • xav says:

      How is it dim that Regina is falling for it? It’s sweet when Belle falls for Rumple’s manipulations all the time and it’s supposed to be a testament to real love.

  38. oncewatcher says:

    Why do so many people hate Hook? I really don’t get it! Come on people, take Neal out of the equation here for a minute, and really look at him. He’s not that bad! Hook is a character who has all sorts of potential for growth. Why in the world to people hate him so much? The only thing I can imagine, is because of a perceived threat to a favorite “ship”. Whether or not that’s true, good grief people, it’s a tv show! Nobody talked like that about Bill Murray in Ghostbusters when he was throwing sexual innuendos left and right at Sigourney Weaver. In fact, it was hailed as being hilarious! If you really don’t like that, blame the writers. Don’t blame the character. What disturbs me so much is if people want grace for their own lives, if they can’t give any to others in fiction, are they just as unlikely to give it in reality? Oh, but they’ll be first in line to ask for it for themselves when it’s needed, right? I hate double-standards.

    • Templar says:

      This is only my opinion. I think the answer lies with the actor himself. Many viewers find him handsome and charming, while others think he pales in comparison to Jamie Dornan [Sheriff], Eion Bailey [August], Josh Dallas [David] and Sebastian Stan [Jefferson]. I don’t have a dog in this fight, but IMO Colin seems weak compared to the others.

  39. Hooker says:

    Could all the Hook haters give it a rest. Hook is a villain; he’s not supposed to be everyone’s ideal. But it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that Emma might be attracted to that after all she is no innocent and Neal was(is) also a bad boy. I love the character as he’s funny and a bit dumb and hasn’t won one battle he’s been in yet. The dude is constantly getting beat up. If you read the original Peter Pan you’ll find that the character is spot on. Colin is doing a great job with him and on top of everything else he is one fine looking man.

    • Templar says:

      Not really. Take away the guyliner and shave his face. Nice eyes but kinda ordinary. But then Neal Cassidy is no looker either.

    • Templar says:

      I googled Colin O. and without the Fairytale trappings, he’s really nothing to write home about. There are quite a few photos of him, and none of them would get him a date to the prom. IMO

  40. Jodi says:

    I liked the episode mostly for the fact that someone FINALLY mentions that Frankenstein is not a fairy tale character. It introduces other fantasy realms, although I imagine some will be limited by copyright issues. Personally, I think “HER” stands for Hemoine from the Harry Potter universe. It would tie both the name and magic together.

  41. Nina says:

    I love Emma, Whale & Gold so this is by far my favorite episode. Still think Hook is a dumb bastard but I kinda warm up to him. Love the chemistry between Ruby and Whale! Hope to God Rumple is NOT Regina’s father. I think he taught Cora magic and that is all. PLEASE!

  42. Sarahthebaker says:

    The writers really enjoy making names meaningful. The outsider’s name is Greg Mendel. Gregor Mendel is the father of genetics. Did notable work in hybridization and experimented heavily with Peas (Princess and the Pea, lol?) Significance, anyone?

    Also, August Wayne Booth – Wayne Booth is a major father of fiction-writing theory; he coined the term “unreliable narrator,” which is a fun note, as Pinnochio is such a liar, you can’t rely on what he says.

    Jut a thought

  43. Pongo says:

    I feel bad for Chip. Belle’s a murderer.

    Henry said that there could be other people in Storybrooke who are not storybook characters. I wonder if that Greg Mendel is one. Gregor Mendel is a friar and geneticist. Any storybook character who’s a geneticist? If a friar, he can be Friar Tuck. Well, he’s got the body of Tuck.

  44. wldkat says:

    Did anyone else notice the sign when Cora and Regina were sitting in the car… it said through the rabbit hole with a white rabbit on it. Also, the stranger had a broken watch (another wonderland/through the looking glass reference). Plus the white rabbit could travel between wonderland and the real world where Alice lived. What if her is Alice and the stranger is the white rabbit?

  45. Milie says:

    R.I.P. CHIP. NOOOO! :( I’m not a Rumbeller but that scene was… wow, intense.
    Rumple/Cora … interesting, yes but sooo creepy. Master/pupil together, just, nope.

  46. Pepper says:

    I think Greg Mendel is the Grendel from “Beowulf,” with the ‘Her’ reference being its mother. :)

  47. the8tregirl says:

    I would like to buy a book of all the scripts of all the episodes of OUT – season by season, of course. There are so many smart things being said, I find my poor brain can either catch all the visual hints/clues/insider info or the spoken ones, but not both. Sigh.

    And I would like to know what books are on the shelves in the writers’ room and in their personal libraries. Their literary – and scientific and philosophical – references are mind-blowing!!

    And finally, while I personally am very, very bored with the continuing referral to crappy parent/child relationships being the driving reason for everything that happens (I mean, does not ONE of these people, in either story book or Storybrooke have a good relationship with their parents?? Henry & Emma only barely count as good, given that they barely know each other now.), I was delighted by the B&W homage to the Frankenstein/Universal monster movies in the Dr Frankenstein scenes. It only missed Igor eating flies…

  48. grax says:

    emma, mr gold and regina are the best for me, everything else is boring

  49. DRush76 says:

    [“The captain is quite pleased with hurting his foe Rumplestiltskin’s heart, but as Emma points out, “He’s on his feet, he’s immortal, he has magic and you hurt his girl. If I were to pick Dead Guy of the Year, I’d pick you.””]

    Why would Hook care? He achieved what he wanted. He could live or die, as far as he is concerned.

  50. Seriously says:

    I personally love the the Rumple/ belle pairing, it’s different and heartbreaking! Belle loves him no matter what has happened because she knows that he is trying! People get so hung up on good and bad, don’t people deserve a chance to change? Old habits die hard and if you had been in a place where you didn’t care at all about anyone but you for a long time then maybe you would have some issues changing. The point is he’s trying and if he can still feel love for belle and his lost son, then he isn’t all bad. I was so upset about belle loosing her memories!! It’s not fair!! Why should rumple and belle keep getting hurt??? On that note Regina is also trying to change and all she gets is crap. No wonder its easier for them to be bad, if all they get as being good is heartache and pain.