Glee Spoiler Alert: Check Out Ryan Murphy's Behind-the-Scenes Photos!

Weddings and divas and bowties! Oh my, it looks like Glee will contain all of those jaunty ingredients in the back half of Season 4 — at least if Ryan Murphy’s recent series of Twitter photos are to be believed.

We’ve collected all four intriguing images in one handy gallery — along with additional intel to help you decipher what exactly is going on in each shot.

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So click through the gallery below, then hit the comments with your thoughts, opinions and theories!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Goldie says:

    Kurt and Blaine. Easily the best part of the show, even broken up.

    • Marcus says:

      lol, delusional little girls amuse me

    • Pre says:

      And that is why ratings have sunk. The constant elevation of Klaine gahhhhhhhh Nothi g here to make me return got his show.

      • dane says:

        I can’t believe that anyone still believes a single character or couple has the power to sink an entire show…

        The show – as a whole – has lost focus. The original characters have moved on and made room for new characters.. and I think that has kind of made people lose some interest.

        • Steph Strain says:

          I don’t believe a single character or couple makes or breaks a show. Nor do I feel that the original characters have left, simply because new opportunities are coming up for them. I lovethe NYC segs, but would like more of the originals over there. If I can’t have a spin-off, I’ll take the 2 loc split. Mike, Mercedes & Santana going to NYC, as well. Next year, maybe some seniors can join. The newbies only engage me sometimes, but they’re not bad. This season has suffered big time from the interruptions in airing; the transition to a 2 locale show has been a work in progress, as well. For the most part, I’ve liked the episodes. 3-4 VERY good ones, out of 10, where the remainder varied from OK to pretty good.

    • Stef says:

      I have to agree.

  2. Lydia says:

    That awkward moment when Glee spoilers only remind you how little you are starting to care about the show these days. Oh well, better luck next time.

  3. Jo says:

    I agree with Lydia… Really can’t get into the new people… Story lines for the old cast aren’t that great… Ugh wish I still cared… and how many times is Sue going to be in a wedding dress BLAH

    • S S S says:

      I loved “The Break-Up” (very well done on all counts), “Swan Song”, “Glee, Actually” and “Thanksgiving”.. Stories for the veterans have suffered because of new cast time (development) and split locale. More characters = less time for character development per character, with a concentration on the newbies, in order to set up their backstory. Typical transition stuff. Most of the newbies are nice enough, but very vanilla. DO like the Marley/WUnique chemistry and Jake/Puck and Jake/Ryder (growing on me, but Ryder is SO vanilla). Enough is happening that interests in NYC so I’m cool with waiting. And glad Tina is finally getting air time. Ditto Artie. Blaine’s been steady, but glad he’s over the whiney, post-cheating phase (that must have killed DC to do)

  4. tw says:

    It’s “insane” that Jenna Ushkowitz even has a number. Ugh. Fast-forward.

    • KellyG says:

      I love her voice. So much better than Brittany’s.

      • Big Mack says:

        KellyG: Take that talk elsewhere, please. There’s no need to attack the actors, which your post clearly did even if you didn’t name Heather Morris.

        Heather is not the best singer on the show, but she’s got a pleasing voice well suited for pop and a natural gift for mimicking the sound of far more famous singers. Combined with her insane dance skills, her sexiness, her personality and her knack for showmanship, Heather has delivered at least three performances that rank among the most memorable ever on a show crowded with talented and far more experienced singers.

    • Russ says:

      No its “insane” that Jenna Ushkowitz doesn’t have more numbers. Ugh.

  5. Jon says:

    The pictures of the kids in the choir room and the one of Tina, Blaine, Brit, and Kitty look really awesome. Wonder why Sue(if it is her) is in a wedding dress but guess we’ll see in the wedding episode. Also still looking forward to Tina’s performance in Diva!

  6. Jaime04 says:

    I can’t wait for the second half of the Season – it’s going to be a wild ride. I can’t wait for “Diva” and the wedding episode. Also – Klaine rules (and I’m not a 12 year old) : )

  7. CLR says:

    I am personally loving season four of Glee, a little change is good and its interesting to see how the characters are developing. Getting so attached to a character or couple is very unhealthy, they’re only portraying real life situations, something glee has always done from the beginning! Roll on next Thursday!

    • S Strain says:

      THANK YOU. Ditto all you said. I’m in this for the characters, the interaction and, yes, the drama (to go with the comedy). It’s a show; no need for major stress or conflict. Enjoy it – and, if you don’t, change the channel. But I’m happy with 4th season, thus far. Change is good for the characters, the performers and the stories.

    • Leslie says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more! There’s nothing wrong to be passionate about characters or couples. However, when it bleeds to attacking and saying vile and obnoxious things against the actors themselves (not just against the characters), it takes away the enjoyment of watching these actors do their jobs and the show as a whole. Remember, this is just a TV show with actors portraying characters with flaws and following written scripts. There is no need for personal attacks against the actors! A badly written scipt is another story, though.

  8. Lili An-noln says:

    I want them to focus on the high school and simply let the NY folks go, but then Lea Michele belts a song and I remember that she is “Glee”.

    It would be nice to have a spin-off with Finn, Santana and Kurt. I love the new characters. Just look at Blake, for instance. He is easily the best looking guy of the cast. (If there is no guest stars like no Matt Bomer or Ricky Martin)

  9. Megan S says:

    I agree it doesn’t look like Emma in the wedding gown, but not sure that Sue has a waist that small either. Is that possibly Quinn??? Small, petite blonde? Could have cut her hair again? And I am picking Brittany and Sam with the possible bun in the oven

    • S Strain says:

      Was wondering about Quinn, as well. Ditto Britt & Sam. NOT looking forward to Tina’s crush on Blaine, but do like Tina and Blaine as friends. Though I hope Tina backs off the /faceplant comments. Those comments weren’t really like her. And I do hope kitty’s initiation of the eating disorder part (altering Marley’s outfit) comes to light (don’t really expect it to, though)

  10. Géraldine says:

    Please Glee, stop that whole nonsense (& ridiculous pairing) Brittany/Sam SL quickly because writers managed only to ruin 2 sympathetic characters (!) -> a true friendship between girls & boys seems impossible for Murphy and his firends! :-(
    In the same time, I don’t want that Brittana be an item …well, not yet (and then, I’d like to see Santana living her NY experience! Could be fun… and sexy especially if she has a new girlfriend!)

    For the reunited couplles for 4×13, I’d say Klaine & Finchel (with a Rachel who is scared to to be pregnant with Brody’s child -> they should sleep together in the very next episode so…)

  11. Ali says:

    Another pregnant story arc? Seriously?

  12. Stef says:

    Kurt and Blaine are what keep me tuning in… Liking the possible new love interest for Kurt, though. I love Blake but haven’t warmed up to the other new characters yet. And please, stop this Tina/Blaine nonsense…

    • Hollywooder@62 says:

      Likewise – I’m more Blaine than Kurt though. I sorta want them to separate until Kurt grows up a bit and becomes less self absorbed. Their relationship always had Blaine as the solid one with Kurt petty and jealous, even blaming Blaine when he has the flirtation with Chandler! The last few episodes of season 3 showed Blaine being more and more insecure about their future with Kurt blowing him off and never really listening to his concerns. And do you notice, too, that Kurt never initiates the “I love you’s”. His “I love you, too’s” always seem insincere. I vote for Blaine to have a reciprocated romance and then get back with Kurt, when Kurt deserves him.

  13. Kristine says:

    Glee began its descent into awful after season 1 when it capitulated to media about having more “messages” in the episodes, as well as doing theme shows for a particular popular singer. The first season was clever, funny, had a wider range of music, and was original.

    Then it changed. I’m surprised the thing hasn’t been cancelled yet.