Vampire Diaries Recap: Say That You Love Me

After School SpecialThe Vampire Diaries returned Thursday night, and it was packed with action exposition! See, Rebekah’s back, and she wants to know what she’s missed, so that means a recap of the season so far! (She’s right, a flow chart would be nice!)

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While she mostly just asks questions, the Original sister does more than her fair share of emotional damage while holding Elena, Stefan and Caroline against their will. Compelled to tell the truth by Rebekah, Elena unleashes her honest feelings about the brothers Salvatore right in front of Stefan.

“I didn’t sleep with Damon because of the sire bond,” she says. “I slept with Damon because I’m in love with him.” The revelation seems to be as surprising to Elena as it is to her ex-boyfriend. But that’s not enough feelings talk for Rebekah, so she presses the Gilbert gal to expand.

“Being with Damon makes me happy,” she adds. “When I’m with him, it feels unpredictable, like I’m free.”

And how does Stefan make her feel? Well… “Lately, I feel like I’m a project, like I’m a problem that needs to be fixed,” she replies. “I think I make him sad. … When he looks at me, all he sees is a broken toy.” It gets worse. When Rebekah asks her if she’s still in love with Stefan, Elena replies with a simple, “No.”

That’s enough to drive him to take up the Original on her offer to erase his memories of his ex-girlfriend. Too bad she reneges on the deal with a laugh because “it would far too easy. I refuse to make you forget her the way that Klaus made you forget me. But now [Elena] know how he really feels.”

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Meanwhile, Damon, who’s off training hunter Jeremy at the lake house, can’t stop listening to Elena’s voicemail (“I miss being near you. I wish you’d just let me come to you.”). So when she calls to tell him she loves him, he can’t help smiling and breaking his command that she stay away from him.

“Get in your car. Right now. And come to me,” he says. But as he warned her, he’s going to have to do some ugly things to get her that cure, which brings us to the rest of the episode:

– Klaus, unsatisfied with Jeremy’s progress, takes it upon himself to turn the cute pizza delivery girl into a vampire to help grow Jer’s mark. And he doesn’t stop there. He also claims several bar patrons and workers so the hunter can kill them. Elena’s little brother was under the impression that Damon was going to find another way to grow his mark that wouldn’t cost innocent lives. “[Klaus’] idea was better,” replies the elder Salvatore.

– Rebekah wants the vampire cure, too, so she sends Kol to kidnap Shane and torture him until he tells them its location. When the professor reveals that he wants to free Silas, which will raise all the dead, Kol freaks out and stabs him. This Silas guy is bad news, apparently. Rebekah, however, thinks he’s just a myth and presses on with her plan, which gets a surprising assist from Stefan. He proposes that they partner up to get the cure, which will allow him to finally know how Elena truly feels.

– Bonnie’s protection spell to help Shane actually links him to April, who begins to suffer the same injuries as him. At episode’s end, the pastor’s daughter is seen telling Sheriff Forbes and the new mayor – Bonnie’s dad! – that Shane brainwashed her dad and the others into killing themselves. Meanwhile, the prof assures Bonnie that “expression” magic is not dark, but it has no limits. He promises not to let anything bad happen to her. (Except for whatever weird stuff he clearly already did to her brain, right?!)

Vampire Diaries fans, what did you think of the return episode and Elena’s confessional? What’s the deal with Shane and Silas? No, seriously, it’s time for some answers, show! And were you glad to see the Originals back in action?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. ME says:

    This was one of the best episodes of the season imo. Rebekah is so bad I just love her lol. So many things about this episode were great. Elena’s ILY at the end wow… Damon/Klaus, Stefan/Rebekah Good Stuff :D

    • luli says:

      Favorite character! they need to make Claire Holt a regular ASAP! and I don’t want a spinoff because that means that some characters are gonna leave and i don’t want that…

      • Russ says:

        But if Claire Holt is a part of the spinoff then she will get more screen time and storylines where she isn’t betrayed and daggered every five episodes.

      • Natasha says:

        I honestly LOVE Delena……but I also love Stelena!!!! HELP??? Why can’t she just love both??? Ok I mean I know why…but poor Stephan,he just got his heart ripped out!!! This season is just glueing my butt to the chair!!! I wish it could air every day!!!!*

        • sls says:

          Society, mostly, isn’t ready to accept any kind of plural relationships on television shows unless it’s a parody, comedy or shown in a negative light…oh or a reality show. :) Not everyone in the world thinks monogamy and monogamous relationships are the only types of viable relationships.
          So I say she can have both if they both agree! lol Now people are going to freak out that I said that. Live and let live, people.

    • Kat says:

      Completely agree… It was refreshing to hear Elena being honest about her feelings. This way we can all move on from this constant triangle..I love Rebekah and Klaus.. bad characters are so much more fun to watch than the goody goody ones!

  2. Delena makes my soul hurt with how twisted it is. I just don’t feel comfortable with it (the sire bond and Damon taking advantage of it) at all.

    • Babybop says:

      I love you for posting this. 100% AGREE.

    • Sara says:

      That’s the idea. It’s all part of Julie’s evil plan. Have no fear, Stelena will be back to regular programming by season’s end 100% guaranteed.

      She killed Delena by giving the fans everything they wanted. Just with a nasty little sting in the tail.

    • Elyse says:

      i also have to agree with you. Delena leaves a bad taste in my mouth… it makes me really dislike Elena.

      • kenya says:

        and when she is kissing stef’s ass and praysing him for being soooo ” good” and ” pure” and ” saint” you like her no?????

    • luvprue1 says:

      Well if you consider Elena can’t lie under compulsion. Than Elena slept with Damon because she love him, not because of the sire bond. I think it’s very telling that in season 3X22 Damon say he will face all the heartbreak all over again, because it lead him to Elena. While in this episode 4.10 Stefan wants to erase all memories of Elena. Hmm? One loves her for her, while it seem like the other wants her to be a reflection of him.

      • I honestly couldn’t care less about the Delena vs. Stelena shipper drama. It doesn’t negate the fact that Elena isn’t able to exercise her free will while sire bonded to Damon. It isn’t right for him to continue a relationship with her while that is the case.

        • For the LOVE of God... says:

          It seems as though you’ve forgotten what Tyler said about the sire bond in the first place. It doesn’t affect how you feel for someone, all that it affects is your loyalty. If Damon asked Elena to bring him a sandwich, she’d do it without hesitation because she’s grateful to him for saving her life. I could see your argument of no free will making sense if Damon asked her to sleep with him and she did, but that’s not how it played out. Elena made the first move with Damon because she wanted it. And quite frankly, everyone needs to stop blaming Damon. He’s not taking advantage of Elena; Elena feels free. She said it herself. She has free will because Damon is not playing her like a puppet master. Proof? Put their relationship side by side with Klaus’ relationship with his hybrids. He snapped his fingers, they did something he asked. THAT is what the sire bond is. And that is NOT what Damon and Elena have.

      • Michele says:

        I read somewhere that if you are in love with two people, you should choose the second person because if you were truly in love with the first, you never would have fallen for the second. I understand this isn’t a ‘rule of thumb’, but it sure brings up an interesting point…I was originally a Stelena shipper, but I jumped ship to Delena around the start of season 3. To me, it seems like Elena and Stefan put each other on a pedestal and have perfect images of each other that they have to maintain. Damon and Elena let each other be who they are and accept one other (and still love each other). I know deep down Julie will probably make Stelena endgame, but Delena makes much more sense.

        • luvprue1 says:

          Exactly! Damon can be himself around Elena,and she can be true self around him. I think Elena always felt more comfortable and accepted around Damon. Damon was the first one she told that she didn’t like cheerleading anymore. Elena never have to live up to some image when she is around Damon.She’s not perfect and he accept that.

    • henninggirl says:

      Him killing her brother (he freely admits he had no idea if Jeremy was wearing his ring and did it because Katherine “pissed him off.”) in season 2 wasn’t enough?

  3. Josh says:

    Wow…Elena has become one of the least likable characters on TV…which says a lot since she’s the hero. I don’t care about the relationship stuff, never have but none she’s DEFINED by it. In season 1 and 2, she still had her own story..the struggle to maintain her humanity(not literally) and who she was amongst the madness her life had become.

    But now? She’s no one. She’s not a character anymore. Every week is about Damon or about Stefan or about Elena having to have her heartbroken/break someone’s heart. What happened to this character? Is she even a character anymore or just an object for the boys to fight over? She’s been elapsed by her friends(Caroline and Bonnie) as characters, as the show’s female figures who aren’t defined by the men in their life but by their actions. And the men in the show(Jeremy, Tyler, Damon, Stefan, Klaus) basically get all the character development at this point…

    What happened to this show? The love triangle was always, IMO, the weakest part of the show. Now it IS the show and worse, it IS Elena. Do you know how you can tell a horrible female character? Take away her love interest. Can she exist on her? Would she be a character with a plot without it? At this point, the answer for Elena is no.

    And Nina is such a good actress…I just hate that she’s stuck doing this stuff.

    • I love that you wrote this. Watching these kinds of shows is so difficult for me because I am not a shipper and therefore Elena’s character holds barely any meaning to me. But I love the show and the other characters. I love Rebekah and Caroline. Maybe because their love stories and situations are a little more realistic to me. I was hoping Elena would turn out more like Katherine and maybe a little bit more “bad” but that hasn’t happened yet.
      They should do a “what if katherine/elena” never existed episode lol :) But I like Katherine so hmmm, stuck again! :)

      • Russ says:

        No they should do a what if Elena died in the car crash with her parents episode.

      • ver says:

        yet……but she turns of her humanity we could see a kath 2.0

        • Josh says:

          How about we kill off Elena and just have Katherine. The love triangle might actually be interesting because Katherine won’t mope. She’ll have fun with it. Remember when Elena was fun? Yeah…I miss that girl :(

          • kevin says:

            I was thinking elena and katherine can contact each other and do a secret swapping. Let Katherine (FUN) back and let elena go out to the world and live without the salvatores! elena needs to go, her character is so unlikeable at this point.

          • Josh says:

            @Kevin: That’s actually a great idea. Give the Elena character a break for a bunch of episodes…let her grow as a character again. Sadly I don’t think she’ll ever get a storyline again that won’t have anything to do with 1) Being in love with a vampire 2) Being a victim.

    • Natasha says:

      Are you crazy????? I LOVE Elena !!!!!!!!!!! And the show!! There’s nothing I would change,its the best show EVER!!!!!!! Can’t wait for next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

    • Nikki says:

      I totally agree with your comments. I really hope the writers of the show have read your post. I started watching Vampire Diaries from the beginning on Netflix in November 2012. I’m new to the show and stumbled on looking for a new series to watch. I loved it and was immediately hooked. I have been watching all episodes every chance I get and am now caught up. Finally Damon and Elena get their shot and their story line is soo underdeveloped. I’m not vampire, but am I a woman and switching from one guy to the next on the vampire diaries was written as if a light-switch event for Elena is actually believable. We spend three seasons building up to Elena working out the star crossed lover scenario and then the decision to choose Damon happens in one or two episodes shortly after her and Stephan are sitting on the roof cast by a beautiful moonlight. Sorry, hollywood – better writing on how Elena evolved into the Damon love should have been explored. Now the characters lack depth that they are together which is sad since it was such a watershed moment for the series. Moreover, Catherine and others turning Vampire had such a hard time with the turn, needed support from others, etc. and Elena, the writer’s treated it like she had a common cold and just needed a bit of bed rest. Again, missing great opportunities to develop the character into the Vampire that would fall for Damon. Disappointed to say the least. Now that Elena is a Vampire, and her character development after the turn was so lacking, every other character on the Vampire Diaries is more interesting than she is – not a very wise decision by the show. Poor nina, they have her playing a stale character who actually went through a major “life” transition but has no script to demonstrate that dramatic change in her character. To sum up, I’m now bored with what were, two of the most gripping characters on the show from one episode to the next. I find myself asking, had I not watched these series on Netflix and was relegated to commercial television with one week in between shows and too many commercials… would this season still have me interested? The truth is, I’m now watching just for closure after being a fan of the first three seasons.

  4. ME says:

    ^ It looks like it might be stepping away from the ‘triangle’ next week..

    • Josh says:

      If you don’t think an episode will somehow go back to Elena making “puppy dog” eyes at one of the Salvadores after they save her, her brother, or her friends, it will be a miracle. My guess this week will be Stefan and Elena will think “Maybe I do love him…” and the audience will think “Okay, what do the brothers see in her anymore because I got it at first but now?”

  5. Sam says:


  6. Rachel says:

    I hated this episode. I hate that so much of this show is about the couples. Leaving them both out of the equation, I was really annoyed at Elena this entire episode. She’s behaving more and more like Katherine and I wish the Salvatores could find other girls to fall in love with besides her.

  7. Lauren says:

    It’s about time that Damon and Elena are getting their chance. For so long, every positive moment for them as a couple seemingly would get negated by Elena doing something wishy-washy for Stefan. Tonight, she finally was forced to confront the truth about her feelings for Damon. I absolutely love them together. Ian’s acting makes Damon’s reactions so real. Watching him look to the sky, as if he were thinking to Alaric “I got the girl”, worked beautifully.I can’t imagine that they aren’t the “endgame” pairing at this point.

    That being said, it’ll be awhile before we get to “endgame” time. I’m looking forward to seeing how the plots progress with the Shane stuff. I’m intrigued by Rebekkah and Stefan’s mischief too. Next week looks nice and action-packed.

  8. Babybop says:

    Elena “loves” whoever it is convenient for her to love. The boys deserve better.

    • janean137 says:

      I agree :) I think someone more interesting for the boys and exciting. I was hoping that meredith would be more apart of the show. I really liked her.

    • LS says:

      I disagree. Elena fell in love with Stefan because she needed a hero at the time. She’s fallen in love with Damon because over the course of 4 seasons, despite their ups and downs, she’s seen the good in him.

  9. Ash says:

    Sorry if you all see an unfinished post from me earlier! Stupid iPhone. So Shane wants to raise Silas to bring his dead wife and son back to life…but I’m wondering who else they might bring back to life…what about a certain history teacher? :D anyone else agreeing!? If they are going to go there with the whole bring people back from the dead the writers should at least fix their mistake and bring back Alaric!

  10. sls says:

    While it’s still not 100% clear how much the sire bond has influenced Elena’s feelings toward Damon, I appreciated that there was a somewhat clearer line drawn in the sand about her feelings toward each brother. As for how that will all pan out when the bond is broken…we will see.

    Stefan and Rebekah…love this pairing…can’t wait for them to hook up and would love to see an actual relationship there. Not sure if that is possible, esp. now that there looks to be an Original’s spin-off.

    If Silas can raise the dead does that mean we get Lexie, Alaric and Jenna back for a little while? That would excellent, especially Alaric. Miss that guy though Damon’s angst about his death is touching.

    So glad Damon told Elena to come to him. If he fought his desire for her for a bunch more episodes that would have gotten old fast.

  11. shuayb says:

    I loved Rebekah today. Finally the pathetic I’m so lonely girl is gone and we got to see the vengeful awesome original back at work. My question is if Rebekah does indeed find the cure and she uses it on Klaus doesn’t all vampires he sired also become human? I wonder how that idiot Julie is going to write this story.

    I’m so happy as a Delena shipper that Stelena is over for the time being. Elena is happier and freer with Damon. You can see that. Even when she was human and with Stefan there was always something that kept them apart. Sure they had sweet and tender moments but they also had some a lot of sorrow.

    • kavyn says:

      I liked Rebekah too but I hated how half the episode was Rebekah asking Stefan and Elena about their relationship. I’m glad she ended it by getting Tyler to turn. I’m also liking the angry Stefan/Rebekah duo that’s about to emerge.

  12. Jj says:

    I really wanted Delena to happen, but not like this. Not so much at Stefan’s expense. Oh well, It was still a great episode. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

    • janean137 says:

      I feel the same. I don’t really care who elena is with, but it sucks because I feel that either way one brother is going to get hurt BAD!

  13. ME says:

    In 2×22 Damon confessed that he would go through the same heartbreak, betrayal and anguish for a 145 years just to meet Elena again. He wouldn’t change anything about his life n choices, even if they got him killed, because they all brought him to Elena. In 4×10 Stefan, after finding out that Elena is in love with Damon and has never been happier in her life, chooses to forget every moment he spent with Elena.

    • Sara says:

      That really does just say it all, doesn’t it?

    • jflowlu says:

      I love this comment so very much!

    • Radha says:

      Seriously? You’re judging who loves Elena more by how they deal with their heartbreak? That is ridiculous and unfair. So because Stefan wants to forget her, then obviously he doesn’t love her as much as Damon. *laughs sarcastically* Wow, well thanks for explaining that.

      • Elyse says:

        love your comment Radha!

      • Let’s not forget that when Elena turned Damon down and said she loved Stefan, Damon killed Jeremy.

        • Josh says:

          Shush stop…It’s okay that Damon killed her brother…she made him sad/mad! He has vampire emotions! Stop being silly. He survived…I mean Elena thought he didn’t and cried over his body for an hour, which would emotional scar most people but TVD stopped being a show about people a long time ago. It’s mostly about a love triangle and plots that move that forward.

      • janean137 says:

        I feel like in the end Elena has been a total waste of Stefan’s time. After everything they have been through, Elena has NO feelings for Stefan at all? Really? I would erase my memories too if that was the case.

  14. Diva says:

    If the back door pilot doesn’t work out, then please kill Klaus. He needs to go. Rebakah is more badass than him (when she’s not staked) and Kol is clearly the biggest badass out of all the originals. When Klaus was first introduced it was awesome but now I feel like he adds nothing to the show.
    Also by the end of the season I would love for Katherine to kill Elena and take her place without anyone knowing that way we can get rid of the weakest character on the show and have one of the best back.

  15. Delenafan26 says:

    They will never be able to get rid of Damon Stefan or Elena because without them the show would be nothing because the show has been created after a book. They can’t give Stefan a love interest that will stick because the love triangle isn’t over it will go back and forth. I am sad to say but she won’t be with Damon for long either on a show nothing lasts forever. If they are doing this anything like the books then Elena will be human again and then we will have to see where it takes the show. Now I am a delena fan because Damon has proved that he truly loves Stefan when Stefan just wants to change who Elena is. Damon would sacrifice he chance of being with Elena so she could live and grow old. He would do anything for her no matter what it would cost. Stefan has just fallen in love with the fact that she looks like Katherine and making sure he got the girl first. Behind all that bad of Damon is a kind loving caring guy. Elena can be whiny and annoying and in the books she was a bitch where she would stop at nothing to get Stefan in her clutches no matter who she hurt. So it is a show and that’s the way it’s supposed to be I like it right now just the way it is. Because it is just getting very interesting and I am looking forward to how season 4 goes !!

  16. Radha says:

    I love how they call this a recap and completely gloss over Tyler and Caroline.

    Personally I will never like Damon and Elena because I CANNOT see how she can love somebody who snapped her brother’s neck just because she upset him. If Jeremy wasn’t wearing that ring, then he’d be DEAD. Damon just got lucky. So…congrats to all Delena shippers who want these two together even though I find it sick and disgusting to be behind a pairing like this. By all means…let’s celebrate Elena dating and falling in love with someone who could have done that to Jeremy. Not to mention the way Damon acts like a complete douche to Jeremy as well.

    And this is coming from someone who doesn’t want her with Stefan either. Elena is fast becoming a joke and I was actively cheering for Tyler to attack her when they were running in the school.

    • Delenafan26 says:

      Elena is not going to be dying on this series. Stefan tried to force Jeremy to kill vampires and put his life in danger he worked with klaus and he tried to kill Elena by turning her into a vampire. Yea I admit that Damon killed Jeremy and that was the worse possible thing anyone could do but both Stefan and Damon had their fair shares of betraying each other and Elena’s trust but in the end she still loved both of them. Damon would do anything for Elena and that includes saving her before Matt even if it meant that Elena would hate him for it. This season Damon proved he truly loved Elena. Stefan went behind Elena’s back to make sure Jeremy became a hunter what does that prove exactly. Elena thinks it says he wants to fix her because she is not suppose to be in love with Damon. Forget the deal Damon and Stefan made in season 3. Stefan also told Elena that she was in love with Damon when she was human in season 3. So yes I am happy that Damon and Elena are together because even though he did bad things don’t forget Stefan did too

    • ShipNOONE says:

      Yes, you are so right. Stefan is a real saint. It doesn’t matter that we saw a wall in his old apartment with his victims’ names. It doesn’t matter that he killed a whole village and ripped heads off as he enjoyed a lovely feast as the ripper. Klaus is completely delusional when he pointed out that Stefan is anything but a saint. Yep, Stefan is perfect. He is not as bad as Damon…OH WAIT…HE IS. Several times during this series, it is made clear that Stefan has killed…a lot. The difference is we have seen Damon kill on screen while Stefan’s little killing sprees were off screen. Also, how is Andie’s life more important than Jeremy’s? Stefan killed her. We also got a front row seat in his killing spree at the house that Damon and Alaric visited. Remember the heads hanging off the bodies? What’s my point? BOTH brothers are killers….

      • Fran says:

        I agree that both brothers are killers- but I’ve always thought that Damon’s killings hit way closer to home for Elena. What he did to Jeremy, the way he treated Caroline and wanted to kill her when she turned vampire, wanting to kill Bonnie numerous times…. I don’t know, I just find it a lot harder to imagine Elena forgiving him for those things. Stefan’s ripper past is all his own, but let’s not forget that Klaus was controlling Stefan for quite awhile when he did those things in the beginning of season 3- and that was after Elena already fell in love with him. I’m just trying to put things in perspective here. But let’s be real, it’s not like anyone on this show has a high moral conscience.

        • This is also the reason I could never get behind a Damon/Elena relationship. Yes, Stefan has killed, but Damon has actively tried to hurt and kill people Elena supposedly cares and loves. How could she ever get past that? It makes me lose respect for Elena.

          • ShipNOONE says:

            No, it is just the so-called plausible reason Stelena fans try to justify why Elena should be with Stefan over Damon, but the fact is Stefan has also done reprehensible things and therefore, BOTH brothers are not saints. If we were to look beyond the relatives close to Elena, someone’s mother, sister, brother, daughter died at the hands of Stefan. The same for Damon. You cannot pretend one death is not important because one brother committed the act and one brother didn’t. The death of Andie is just as important as Jeremy. Period. Therefore, the whole “Stefan is better than Damon” argument is hypocritical and weak. @Fran: I agree that Jeremy’s death is closer to Elena, but my main point is that one brother is still not better than the other one. And if Elena was to judge correctly, both brothers are not suitable.

    • clearhaven says:

      OMG Radha I love you!lol
      I really really dislike Elena now. Stopped watching the series cos of her even(stopped at season3 ep16). Nevertheless, something keeps making snoop around sites like this hoping to see Stefan has moved on with someone he deserves.
      I hate her cos she and Damon(if you remember in season3), went against plans with stefan which made Klaus bite Damon and only offer to cure him(Damon) only if Stefan surrendered to him(Klaus). Then after, Klaus erased Stefan’s memories which made him revert to the old Stefan. I can’t believe Elena forgot she and Damon were the cause of this. Even if she could not stand the new Stefan, I can’t believe out of all the available men in the world, she went for her lover’s brother instead. I don’t care if this is fiction, It just isn’t right AT ALL!

  17. Fran says:

    I miss my favorite show… Elena is just unbearable anymore. And I still don’t understand how Elena can go from loving Stefan in the 1st episode of this season (remember their conversation when Elena needed blood) to all of a sudden feeling nothing. Sire bond or not, Elena is handling the situation horribly and I just don’t understand how anyone can be in love with her at this point. I agree with Josh above that she isn’t even a character anymore apart from the stale love triangle. I just rewatched season 2 and man- did this show go downhill. I really want to keep watching in the hopes that it will get better but I’m losing faith. I will say that it was great to have Rebekkah back- she’s a truly complex and fascinating “villian”. And PLEASE PLEASE bring Katherine back already!!

  18. Delenafan26 says:

    Like it or not Elena will be staying on the show and Damon and Elena won’t last I know that because of the books. If you read or read the books then you will know just how much Damon is bad in the books but then you see his good side and in the books Elena and Damon do happen and I gotta say in the books my favorite relationship is Bonnie and Damon’s because in the books he doesn’t let anyone harm Bonnie or Elena because Bonnie is his little redbird and Elena is his princess it is much different relationships in the books than the show and I always love the books better than the show no matter what in the books Stefan doesn’t do much bad Damon does all the bad things but you also see this broken up boy in the book of Damon too he is just about the same on the book and show he loves his brother no matter what and he knows one thing he can’t be selfish with Elena. But I can’t wait to see what they take next from the book !!

  19. cc says:

    I would just like the shippers of all kinds to give it a rest. All the bickering about the triangle detracts from how great this show is (IMO, of course). I always find each episode is able to surprise and move me, no matter the plot line. I’ve come to trust the storytellers as they’ve brought the show into a fourth season by offering fresh and unique stories that keep me hooked each and every week. And yes, while the triangle has been the crux of this show, I find the twists and turns that they take with it very interesting, no matter the pairing. I will say, however, that I would like to see Elena embrace the badass side of being a vampire. Give the girl some more action (like when she went after Connor); it’s awesome!

  20. michael says:

    i want elena to be BAD……i want elena to turn off her humanity………and start being like katherineee

  21. KELLY says:

    I dont understand all the negativity in the comments. I understand not liking everything about a show but to say ignorant things like calling Julie an idiot or hating a character who happens to be the main character..why do you even watch the show? I believe the heart ofthis show is the relationships. I am a Delena fan but I can see the side of the Stelena fans as well. I think this show is the best on tv.

  22. janean137 says:

    I feel like in the end Elena has been a total waste of Stefan’s time. After everything they have been through, Elena has NO feelings for Stefan at all? Really? I would erase my memories too if that was the case.

  23. Stacey says:

    It was great to have Rebekah back! Can’t wait for her and Stefan’s storyline. And to see who Silas is! I also have to agree Elena isn’t my favorite character. Hopefully they’ll get away from the love triangle and she’ll become more bearable.

  24. Danielle H. says:

    It’s so sick that Stefan wants to go through all this to find out if Elena really loves Damon or not….. I think it’s really unbelievable and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I get that not much is believable on this show, but this is just stretching it. Who cares… MOVE ON. Let her just go be w/ your brother because she’s kinda a ho anyway (love her w/ Damon though, always have.).

  25. jbarker says:

    I guess I just remember the look on Damon’s face when he found out that Katherine really loved Stefan and was just using him. I think we have to remember that a lot of Damon’s actions were because he was waiting on Katherine to be released. The look on Damon’s face when Elana told him she loves him was the best thing in the world, it just made me love him even more. I think ironically both brother’s want the same thing they want Elana human so they can know if her feelings are real or not.

    • Cathy O says:

      I agree that both brothers want the same thing. It will be interesting to see what happens if they are able to find the cure and Elena goes back to being human. If she decides she loves Stefan again and they start over with the triangle again I think that will be it for me. Enough already, pick a brother, stick with the choice and move on!

  26. Cathy O. says:

    I don’t know why I didn’t think about this sooner but in order for everything to come full circle and make sense by the time the show ends for good, Delena has to be the endgame. Remember the show started with Elena meeting Damon first. He told her, you want what everyone wants, a love that consumes you (she told Matt that Damon consumes her), passion, adventure and a little bit of danger. She gets all of that with Damon, not Stefan. So if the story wraps up the way it began, whether she stays with Damon now or they break up this season and get back together later, they have to be the endgame or else the story does not come full circle and make any sense to me.

    • Fran says:

      Yes- except the part about Elena meeting Damon first was randomly thrown in at the end of season 3 to keep Delena fans still interested. It made no sense with the way Damon was supposed to be acting at that time. I don’t know who she’ll end up with- don’t really care at this point- but I don’t think you’re reasoning is quite right.

      • Cathy O says:

        I assumed when Damon was fighting evil Ric and was getting beat to a pulp at the end of season 3 they thru in Damon and Elena’s first meeting because Damon thought he was going to die so his last thought was of meeting Elena on the bridge.

  27. Stelena says:

    The truth is elene will always be good for stephen I knw stephen will stil find a way of sorting things out,pple wants stephen and elena just becoz they r dating in real life.I dnt knw wats wrong with the story writers thought elena said she will always be with stephen no matter what??? I hope u guys won’t end this series in a silly way just like merlin did

    • Cathy O. says:

      I am for Delena and it has nothing to do with Ian and Nina dating in real life. I just think they have stronger screen chemistry and a more realistic relationship They also are more interesting to watch I like Stefan but most of the time he is too gloom and doom. He’s also a sore loser.

  28. yara says:

    It’s uh… Well, it’s like a best friend, but more. It’s the one
    person in the world that knows you
    better than anyone else. It’s
    someone who makes you a better
    person. Actually, they don’t make
    you a better person, you do that yourself because they inspire you. A
    soul mate is someone who you
    carry with you forever. It’s the one
    person who knew you and accepted
    you and believed in you before
    anyone else did or when no one else would. And no matter what
    happens, you’ll always love her.
    Nothing can ever change that. => from DC’s show…but all i see is Damon and elena

  29. Andrea says:

    I think elena and stefen should be together they have been through everything the way stefen met her in the beginna to saving her life in the car and the way he always protected her i have to say that season one was better, i dont like the fact of elena and damon at all! Not just bc i love stefen and elena together but bc of who damon is in season 1 he was bad and he shouldve left in season 1 after all the stuff he did to caroline how he used her and how he treated elena horrible all the times he tried to kill bonnie on the otherhand as stefen has killed hes protected an hes more soft lets not forget his friend i think lauren the one that was stefens bestfriend an helped him control himslef i dont really remember her name but damon killed her! Im just saying elena needs to get right an think about whats happening after all her and stefens been through shes just willin to throw it all away! Ugh! Makes me soo mad!

  30. Andrea says:

    Oops When I said Stefan’s bestfriend was Lauren I meant Lexi!(:

  31. Cathy O. says:

    I think that Damon and Elena should be together. Both brothers, being vampires, have done terrible things to others, let’s not forget Stefan killed Damon’s girl, that newswoman and he is the Ripper.

    I am not condoning Damon’s actions but most of the things he did to hurt Elena was to get back at her for hurting him because he loves her and that was the only way he knew how and he apologized for what he did. Damon has continuously ALWAYS been there for Elena and she relies on him totally. I don’t think there was a day she wasn’t calling him or asking him to help her with something. She’s also able to share things with Damon that she couldn’t with Stefan because she trues Damon more. Delena’s relationship evolved over time which is realistic to me. No one is perfect, every one makes mistakes. I totally feel that Stefan loves Elena but Damon loves her more, is better for her and I think she would be happier with him.
    Also, I can’t remember her telling Stefan her love for him was the most real thing she has ever felt in her entire love or being as excited about loving him. She seems totally happy with Damon.

  32. Mikael says:

    I love that Stefan and Rebekah are allies again. He needed to get over the insufferable Elena. I really wish they’d kill her and bring back Katherine. It’s sad that the star of the show is the WORST character. I’m so glad Stefan can move on now, and while I did kind of want him with Caroline, I like him with Rebekah.

  33. fat says:

    I would have had Rebekah, compel stephen to turn off his feelings for elena and hate her and him hate Damon. Might make the drama interesting of the things Stephen might do.

  34. Cathy O. says:

    I have to admit I do llike Rebekah and Stefan together also. But that is probably not a possibility since the new Originals spinoff will be starting up.