Scandal Post Mortem: Shonda Rhimes Weighs In on the Shocking Fitz Twist

Scandal Season 2 SpoilersWarning: The following contains spoilers from this week’s episode of Scandal.

This Thursday on ABC’s Scandal, President Fitzgerald Grant returned to his rightful place in the Oval Office, having (mostly) recovered from gunshots sustained during an assassination attempt. And one of his first orders of business was personal, asking wife Mellie for a divorce.


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Of course, the first question that comes to mind is whether Fitz was in his right mind when he suggested the split, especially given his fragile condition and quite possibly compromised mental state.

“Some people will assume this is part of the accident,” series creator Shonda Rhimes tells TVLine. “And some people will think that it is very, very real.”

But what does Scandal‘s puppetmaster herself think? “I think it’s real. I do,” Rhimes says.

Explaining her point of view, Rhimes continues, “You go through something like that and you wake up and you think, ‘I’m done pretending.’ I think he’s done pretending. For a very long time he’s been a man who’s wanted to be done pretending and hasn’t had the opportunity to walk away from this life that he feels caged into. He’s a man who has everything – and hates having everything.”

Plus, this is not the first time we’ve heard Fitz toss around the D-word. “He tried to do it once last season,” Rhimes reminds, “but now I think he feels like it’s really his chance. “

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OK, but wanting to end a marriage and actually doing it are very different things — even more so when you’re the sitting President of the United States. So is this all just so much talk? “We will see him make an effort to see if divorce is possible,” Rhimes previews.

Really? Even though the First Lady is expecting America’s Baby™? “That will have an interesting effect,” Rhimes responds. “An effect maybe [you won’t] anticipate.”

Oh. And Edison proposed to Olivia.

What did you think of this week’s episode “A Criminal, a Whore, an Idiot and a Liar”?

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  1. Rachel says:

    That baby is not Fitz’s baby.

  2. sladewilson says:

    He should’ve divorced her before becoming President. More and more, I just dislike this guy – he’s a spoiled brat. I’m trying to be a Fitz fan but hell I thought his daddy had more swag than he did….

    • Rrrrrr says:

      I can’t be a Ftiz fan souly because he’s just not that good a dude. A lot of people seem to forget that after Olivia, he slept around with Amanda Tanner (and probably a lot of other women) and then vehemently swore up and down that he hadn’t. He’s a liar and I feel like that sense of “can we really trust this guy?” That was a real driving force to season one has been kind of dropped this season. And that’s not a knock on the show (which is really fantastic) I just hope that its brought up soon and we can really start seeing the darker side of Fitz again.

      • Rae says:

        Not that it changes anything that happened with Amanda, but I was always under the impression that they never sleep together, only messed around in the oral sense and that it only happened once.

        • Thereasonsy says:

          Wasn’t Amanda pregnant? Also I have to agree. I get that I am supposed to be swept up in this drama of LIv and Fitz but at the end of the day he is just the bad man that killed Sam Wheat, has multiple affairs, is a bit abusive, and a jerk. He is not a sympathetic character to me at all. Sadly I have more sympathy for Mellie and she is a stone cold witch.

          • Ryan says:

            She was but it wasn’t Fitz’s baby, it was the chief of staff for the VP who wanted to take Fitz down.

          • Lucie Jones says:

            It has been established that he did not have multiple affairs. Mellie herself established that he slept with Amanda because he was heartbroken about Olivia. Not an excuse but an explanation. Also, Mellie herself has had affairs. Which is the first issue the campaign has to deal with. So no one is perfect. And in a loveless marriage – you bet no one is perfect. I love Fitz and I love him with Olivia because flaws and all they understand each other and they fit. It’s as simple as that.

          • Deena Braun says:

            You need to watch the first season of Scandal before commenting, then you would understand what’s going on. And would understand why, with all his faults, women LOVE Fitz. Watch season one then report back.

          • Zen Grant says:

            Amanda Tanner was pregnant with Billy Chambers’ baby. He was chief of staff to VP Sally Langston. Billy was the one that stabbed and killed the news reporter Gideon. He and VP invoked the name of God and still were conspiring to use illegal means to destroy Fitz election campaign. News flash: I would suspect that at least half of all married men cheat on their wives. In this case Mellie treats Fitz with such disdain while she too was having an affair. She just wanted the fame of being in the whitehouse. She didn’t love him. Every human being needs love and Olivia gives Fitz that! As did Amanda when Olivia’s conscience forced her to leave Fitz. I abhor adultry but these two are so spiritually drawn to each other that you have to rout for them!!! Fitz literally bows and genuflects before Olivia for her brilliance and the love that she gives him.

        • Crabapple Ct says:

          You are correct. Amanda him had oral sex. Yes, she was pregnant by Billy Chambers. Don’t you remember when Stephen got the autopsy he told Liv Amanda was pregnant but it wasn’t the president. I’m a Fitz & Liv fan. I did think about him messy around with Amanda but, he was not with LIv at that time. It has cross my mind about was there other women in his life b 4 LIv. It may have been but, he didn’t fall in love until he met Olivia. That do make a difference. We are all aware of some rich people plans for their children. They have it all planned out. What school, friends, dating, jobs and marriage, he just happen to be one the follow the rules. His marriage to Mellie was long over b 4 Olivia came along. I’m not saying he is a total good guy; just him and Olivia are good for each other. Don’t forget Olivia has some skeletons in her closet too.

  3. katyally says:

    Thanks for the quick post, but when are you going to add Scandal to the “Hot Shows” tab!

  4. @ad_chick says:

    I hate Edison!!!

  5. mskisharenee says:

    Loved the episode…the title blew my mind. When Fitz asked for the divorce…I kept thinking why now. Can he divorce his pregnant wife AND hold on to the presidency. I like Edison but he ‘s not the guy for Olivia ; especially if he will throw you under the bus so easily. Not sure if I trust him.

    • Lulu says:

      Edison seems like a much better guy.

      • ClaireJacobs says:

        That’s subjective. He may be but not for Olivia.

      • TVDiva says:

        Edison is a total arse. He will do anything to get ahead – including hurting the woman he pretends to love and wants to marry. At least Fitz does not have a secret agenda.

      • TheOtherMonique says:

        Edison is controlling. That is never good.

        • JT says:

          I agree. I also think he is ready to take advantage of Olivia’s reputation to improve his position. He was very quick to cozy up with Sally Langston.

      • Dawn says:

        LULU ………If A guy who you have slept, and was previously engaged to told you he would not hesitate to bring charges against you and give you a punishment to the fullest extend of the law is a much better man? How is he a better man?…..

    • me says:

      Fitz tried to divorce in season 1 but Mellie and Olivia shut him down to keep him in the Presidency. Also, Mellie needs to stay married to ease her eventual run for President. Optics.

    • Carm says:

      He doesn’t need to hold on to the Presidency. A. He spends way to much time thinking and worrying about Olivia to do his job. B. He was fraudulently elected.

      • Carrie says:

        That’s silly. He just solved the East Sudan problem after being shot in the head. He’s very effective as President. Also, between Olivia’s resignation and season 1 I believe they were separated by a year or more. He’s handling his business. He’s miserable but still doing the job. And he doesn’t know he was fraudulently elected so that doesn’t impact his decision making at all.

        • Carm says:

          He had to work because everyone was watching him closely, especially Sally. Mostly he is shown thinking and worrying about Olivia. And I did not say that being fraudulently elected affects his decision making process. I couldn’t think that since he does not know about the fraud. But I don’t think he should be President because of the fraud.

          • Carrie says:

            I wouldn’t disagree with that and I suspect Fitzgerald might agree as well – not wanting it because he didn’t win fare and square. But don’t be mistaken he indeed works and is a good President. Heck, he made Queen Elizabeth smile at the G8 summit. But the assertion he spends too much time on Olivia is silly. She’s the lead and he’s her romantic interest – we’re gonna see him mooning because that’s more interesting than seeing him take meetings with his secretary of agriculture. It just seems that somehow his pain of missing her seems to be a weakness to some when it is a clear indication and strength that he is capable of loving someone so much.

    • Blewis says:

      We cant trust anybody on this show

    • Zen Grant says:

      I agree with you. Edison is a goodlooking man and seems like a decent and okay guy who no doubt loves Olivia but (1) he has some strange ways of showing it; (2) her heart belongs to Fitz Grant and nothing changes that; and (3) his timing is totally wrong!!!

  6. Monique says:

    Fitz survived a bullet to the head. He’s lucky to be alive … He’s asking for the divorce because he is taking advantage of that. I think he realizes how lucky he is to be alive .. And why would he want to spend his life with someone he doesn’t love – or even like.

  7. nikki says:

    I also really dislike Fitz. I am much more of a Mellie fan.

      • Deena Braun says:

        Mellie is ice cold, bossy, irritating, power hungry and is in love with position and power much more than being in love with Fitz. And you like a woman like that?

      • TheOtherMonique says:

        Slade…you don’ t like Fitz because he doesn’t have “swag” like his derelict psycho father who regularly hired prostitutes? You know, I’ve always seen such swag as the BETA males way of pretending to be ALPHA.

        You also seem to be traumatized that Fitz did not divorce Mellie (whom I adore) before running for president but as governor of California it would have been just as difficult. He probably believed his life was already laid out for him with no expectation of a love that had nothing to do with his future, yet in Olivia, he found a love where he could live in the present. He had not planned his immediate connection to Olivia and probably did not believe that anything but a marriage of convenience and maximum political optics was his destiny, therefore the idea of “divorce” never seemed anything more than a useless word that would pop up in his head but then muffled by his legacy and the ambitions placed on him, his entire life, by others. We have never we seen a single man or woman win the presidency yet and family values and American politics go hand in hand. I think that he and Mellie probably had a sweet relationship before, but in those circles marriages will have more to do with the joining of two successful people and families (to continue legacies) than the joining of soul mates.

        I get Mellie. She has always been Fitz’s personal fixer so she tends to stay in that mindset more than her role as emotionally supportive partner. She is not evil. Not even close. Fitzgerald will need the emotional support from time to time, but will not get it from Mellie. All he needed to do was talk to her about it earlier on in their marriage, but I get the feeling that because Mellie was so good at being his fixer that he was/is not clear if there is an emotionally supportive Mellie so even though Mellie is ever-present, Fitzgerald feels neglected while Mellie feels like she is sacrificing everything, including her role as traditional wife, for Fitzgerald. I love Olitz, but I love Mellie too.

    • Genuinesol says:

      I hate the bastard as well! Mellie DID NOT HAVE AN AFFAIR! Why do some of you not review season 1 and discover that the man was simply trying to blackmail her. I repeat. Mellie DID NOT HAVE AN AFFAIR.

      Stop trying to legitimize this disgustingly adulterous relationship between Olivia and Fitzgerald. If he treats the mother of his 3 children so disgustingly then what hope is there for better treatment of Olivia. He did not even accompany his pregnant wife to her doctor visits thus not giving a damn about his pending child. Mellie has actually tried to rekindle the love in their marriage. To all those folks shouting “watch season 1” do you recall that? Fitz rejected her and this is the woman whom he has been with since they were in their early teens apparently.

      Fitz is a disgustingly flawed character with very little redeeming features. Mellie is actually the character I feel for the most.

      • Tchalla says:

        I agree with you everything Mellie has done has been to keep Fitz by her side or in power. Mellie did not cheat as you said.

  8. Greg says:

    I am wondering why wasnt Olivia gunning for Hollis for getting the president shot? Huck confirmed the phone number from his phone was the shooter, she knows who got Fitz shot but no mention of it???

  9. Reblogged this on save it for the commercial break and commented:
    Can’t get enough of this show!

  10. Silkrose says:

    Fitz is such a little boy. It looks like all he does in the WH is moon around about Olivia. Doesn’t he have a country to run?

  11. Erin Avery says:

    Not to bring up race, but my white female friends hate Fitz and Olivia and love Mellie. My black female friends are rooting for Fitz and Olivia, and think Mellie is a dishonest, privileged social climbing spoiled bitch! White friend said under her breath “I hate white guys with black girls!” Okay! Thank goodness I’m mixed.

    • yup says:

      Um…I suggest new friends.

    • SG says:

      This white girl cheers for Liv and Fitz every Thursday. Their chemistry is incredible. Their scenes are hot. Kerry Washington is a beautiful, intelligent, and very talented actress.

      I’m 32, but still want to be Olivia Pope when I grow up.

    • big cheddar says:

      I agree with yup – you need new friends.

      • Fame says:

        Ditto! love always win, no matter what color, sorrie

        Comment by Fame – January 28, 2013 01:47 PM PST Reply To This Post

    • GS says:

      I’m a 41 year old white woman and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Fitz and Olivia together! I’ve told all my friends about this show and that there isn’t better chemistry between two people on tv cause the set literally catches on fire when they are together!! And I’m a total Vampire Diaries fan and thought no one could melt the screen like Damon and Elena. Kerry Washington is gorgeous!

    • Yashima says:

      Oh, Sweetie, I’m sorry, but you do need new friends. Mine are all a bunch of women in their fifties and one Swedish lady in her eighties who think Fitz and Olivia are absolutely perfect for each other. I’m amazed and saddened to hear someone who is probably a great deal younger than us is surrounded by such silly and harmful prejudices. If you love someone, you love someone. They are an individual!

    • itiswhatitis says:

      wonder what your black female friends would think of Olivia if she looked like R. Hunter, Mellie looked like M. Obama and Fitz looked like Barack???

    • Deena Braun says:

      ummm, and the truth reveals itself. Sorry, but can’t stop the momentum now.

    • Luucky says:

      You need new friends….they don’t sound like my friends and my friends are intelligent.

  12. Kaliera says:

    Really Matt? The DIVORCE is your “Damn!” moment? Why is no one talking about the biggest DAMN moment of them all? – Olivia not believing Fitz could win on his own and agreeing to steal an election! Daaaammmmnn! (I also loved Olivia’s 5 steps to a breakup, but that was more of a two snaps and a “Damn”)

  13. Shuayb. says:

    Even if Shonda is saying that Fitz is in his right mind about the divorce and if he goes through it, it won’t matter much because he won’t be able to do what he wants to do after he is divorced. He won’t be able to be with Olivia. At least not now. There is no way he will be given a second term with this kind of Scandal.
    Or maybe this will be the platform for Mellie to launch her own campaign? Now that would be interesting.
    It is Fitz’s baby, he and Mellie prob did it. He’s a man, he could do it with anybody. He probably even shouted Olivia’s name.

    • TheOtherMonique says:

      Mellie will never let him divorce her on these terms. She’s got too much dirt on Olivia and Fitz’s administration (including her, Mellie’s, own forging of the letter). My guess is that Mellie is going to convince Olivia to change Fitz’s mind and that Olivia might do that by going through with an engagement to Edison. That’s my guess…

  14. Emma says:

    Edison proposing to Olivia?? That guy needs to take a long walk off a short pier.

  15. sladewilson says:

    People in love do desperate things. Edison is clearly desperate. Oh and Yup is exactly right – you need new friends – immediately. I’m a black man and I root for Mellie every episode because Liv and Fitz are dead wrong. He should’ve gotten a divorce and then ran for president. And lets face it – they basically had their own little conspiracy literally behind the man’s back and not two feet from him and he’s absolutely clueless? This guy is running the US and he’s that dense? OMG… that scares me. Everyone on this show is compromised – I LOVE ME SOME SCANDAL!!!!

    • jep says:

      Everyone on the show is compromised and isn’t that what we love?? As for the conspiracy happening two feet away from him well he just found out his dad passed away so he was preoccupied. I actually think it’s one of the “suspend beliefs” scenes in terms of proximity. Like on the bus. No one heard that conversation? They must have been really sleepy lol.

  16. intelliwoman says:

    The title says it all. Not a decent character to care about. I despise kerry washington and think there is no chemistry between her and goldwyn. No josh malina, only one i liked. Im donr with this now disgusting show

    • Rae says:

      Why did you ever watch the show if you despise Kerry Washington and think the show is disgusting. Everyone knew from the beginning that the show would involve scandals, so why take the time to watch something you don’t like. Goldwyn and Washington have great chemistry and even if you don’t like the show, that is something that everyone can see.

      • Zo0tie says:

        The only reason I watched Scandal is because a friend recorded the show and said it was a great show. After hearing me talk about how amoral and disgusting the premise and characters are she said in exasperation, ” I’ll never ask you to see this show with me again.”

        The only possible purpose for this show would be to inflame hatred towards every republican politician around. Since I haven’t heard of a single republican being killed by his own angry constituents the show has failed in it’s purpose.

    • Marc1 says:

      You DESPISE Kerry Washington? Perhaps you meant the character of Olivia Pope that she portrays on the fictional show Scandal?

    • Deena Braun says:

      Goodbye. Scandal won’t miss you.

  17. intelliwoman says:

    ?……and im so glad they are repubs i.e. reptiles

  18. ktbanks says:

    LOL…the way the last sentence of this article was thrown in made me laugh so much. Oh btw…this super crazy, unexpected thing happened.

  19. me says:

    If you have not viewed all Scandal episodes please stop opining. Seriously, if you don’t know that Fitz never had intercourse with Amanda, and that Billy fathered her child, you’re just spreading misinformation at a time ratings are hypercritical to keeping shows in production and people employed. His marriage has been dead for years,

    For the record, I did not like last night’s episode. I hope they turn it around back to the magic on the previous 10 episodes.

    • Stacy says:

      Exactly!! It amazes me that people don’t really pay attention. He might have been inappropriate with her but he didn’t sleep with her (or at least we don’t know definitively that he slept with her). He didn’t give her the dog. He didn’t get her pregnant. He just let her get close enough to allow Billy Chambers to set him up. Also, again true about the marriage. Mellie had an affair during the campaign. Their marriage was one of mutual ambition. I do think they loved each other and I do think they continue to care for each other in their own way. But this was not a marriage full of love. I also am amazed that Fitz is held to a moral standard that the other characters don’t seem to be. He’s flawed and the way Tony Goldwyn plays it it’s just riveting. And I will add the thing I love most about Olivia and Fitz are just how out of sorts they are away from each other. Yet when they are together and can for even a moment BE together everything syncs up, everything becomes clear. Just see the scene when Olivia stands behind in the oval office last night. Olivia and Fitz are meant to be together. Doesn’t mean they have some fairytale relationship and thank god they don’t because that would be boring tv.

      • RachelH says:

        I just can’t believe the fact that Cyrus had Amanda Tanner killed has never been found out!

        • Ridelle says:

          I have wondered about the same thing. What I think is, it has to come out at some point. Also, what happened to that slimy murderer Billy, is he even missed?

        • TheOtherMonique says:

          THANK IS WHAT IS SO CRAZY ABOUT THIS SHOW!!! Cyrus is probably my favorite characters (though I love them all), but he is also a MURDERER. Huck too, whom I love, basically a serial killer. I also adore Mellie but I’m rooting for Olitz! What the heck Shonda Rhimes!? She has made each character so 3-dimensional that unless you have a superficial wall up about one of the actors or themes, you can empathize with them all. Brava Shonda. This last episode, including the editing, was AMAZING!

        • sha says:

          olivia and fitz both know its him. remember that phone conversation where liv was accusing fitz of killing amanda and he said he didnt so they concluded that they both knew who did. and fitz confronted cy about it next

      • Simplyasis says:

        Too true Stacy! I agree 100%! Would any of us watch this show if all of the characters weren’t so complex? And I keep watching to see what I missed and I keep trying to put all the pieces together. Every thing that happens is important and with each episode something else is revealed and then a few more questions come up. I haven’t been this vested in a television show in a long time and I love Thursday nights. This show challenges and stimulates me. And I love the dynamics between Fitz and Olivia, as well as Tony Goldwyn and Kerry Washington! :-D

        • Zen Grant says:

          I agree with you Simplyasis. I believe it is the complexity of all of these flawed characters (and perhaps all of us human beings) that keeps us interested in the show and makes us communicate with each other. We are here on this journey to teach, learn and love each other and while we are here we do these things through the arts and storytelling. I truly enjoy seeing the various opinions and getting a chuckle sometimes, except those that come from folks that try to degrade the actors and the high level that Ms Rhimes tries to keep the show. Some of the comments that folks make against the actors themselves instead of the characters saddens me because it tells me that we need to do a better job of teaching people how to read, understand and analyze a piece of art.

      • TheOtherMonique says:

        Mellie never had an affair. It was a setup.

        • Stacy says:

          TheotherMonique – you are correct. Thank you ABC for replaying “The Trail” so I could get that cleared. She was set-up. I do have to say though that in seeing the episode again it totally cemented my love for Olivia and Fitz and explained why I root for them. The way Fitz supported Mellie with his “we believe you honey” was, I thought, admirable considering it was established by the both of them earlier that they had been and were in a dead marriage. So my original post holds in that this wasn’t a functioning marriage that Olivia walked in on. And Fitz didn’t step out on anyone. His real love is Olivia and that will always be the case.

    • Deena Braun says:

      I felt uncomfortable with last night’s episode too until I read the recap on: Scandal411. Believe me you will once again believe in the magic that is Olitz. It’s an awesome read.

      • Dawn says:

        You are so right and I felt that is the reason why ABC has decided to let us revisit the Trail from Season one, so that we can feel in sync again. We had to see this episode; it showed us a lot about the relationship of Liv and Fitz and how complex it is. After you calm down and take another assessment of the situation, you will find the magic again. Come on Gladiators, we all knew that it was not going to be a bed of roses. We knew that there was a reason for Liv to be in on the election rigging DC5 and we had to find out why Fitz is behaving the way he is. If you want me to spell it out for you, here it is. They did it for Love……. They are in love. What would you do for Love?…….

        • Sheena says:

          Dawn, I think you’re so right. The Trail is undoubtedly one of the best episodes so far because it really pulls you into the Fitz and Olivia relationship. I fell in love with their characters in that episode particularly the “just stand here with me for one minute” moment and at the end when they’re on the couch together. I cannot wait for this upcoming episode!!

    • Crabapple says:

      Thank you. There is someone who watches the show. Yes, could he had divorce Mellie first. He he never fell in love with Liv all of this wouldn’t be discussed. His problem started when he fell in love with her and realized he had never felt those feelings before and now he consume with it; the heart wants what the heart wants. About Edison, I believe if Fitz didn’t show up for the cabinet meeting he (edison) wouldn’t be talking marriage. Once he saw Fitz was alive he got scared that Liv meet what she said. I’m disappointed in Liv she shouldn’t entertain his proposal; he was throw her under the bus, called her a whore, criminal, idiot & lair; but, loves her so much he wants to marry her (NOT). Rather those things was true or not you don’t call me those things and turn around and ask me to marry you.

  20. OMG! I cannot see how Olivia could ever trust Edison Davis after his reaction to what he thought was the truth. Was he really going to have Olivia prosecuted? You bet he would! Edison is a ‘Fair Weather Boyfriend’ if I’ve ever seen one. I would bet that if any event in the future should threaten to stain his career, he would not hesitate to run under his security umbrella just to save his own neck. In some ways, Edison and Millie are alike.

    • Carm says:

      ‘What he thought was the truth?’ Everything he accused her of was true. He also said he wanted to be able to help her. It looks like he is in love with her and was desperate.

      • Carrie says:

        I think threatening to drag her into “court” and prosecute her to the fullest extent of the law is maaaaybe not the best way to try and get to her and to gain her trust. The thing about Edison is, I think he knew Liv wasn’t ready for a relationship, but he pursued her anyway. She is not in love with him and he’s seeing that in her behavior. I’m sure it hurts but there were red flags there and he ignored it. I mean a “chinese wall?” Talk about a red flag.

  21. sonya says:

    First off Edison is a snake ,you call her names and accuse her. Then you think you know the truth and you suddenly love her and want to marry her…REALLY !!! That was a boot your ass out of my sight moment if ever I saw one. Fitz so conflicted but what person isn’t. He and Olivia they just love each other period,in the end that works,but for the president not so easy. I just can’t wait to see wha happens

  22. GS says:

    I’m all for marital fidelity but name me one POTUS that was divorced. You can’t because the American people want a family man even if we all know it’s a smokescreen. I’m sure there have been more who cheated than were ever faithful. The point is Mellie isn’t going to go quietly since she wants to be POTUS herself. She is too amibitious and she knows how the game is played. Cannot stand Edison. Talk about clueless. Love Cyrus…can finally forget that the actor played Meredith’s spineless dad on Grey’s…lol. This is my must watch show and Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn (no longer the man who killed Patrick Swayze in Ghost) are fabulous together!

  23. JF says:

    Best Scandal Episode Ever!!!!

  24. Lissy says:

    this is what i love about scandal it’s ok to be married and elected as a senator and governor (fitz dad) but bang whores and your a man of the people!! lol. Scandal dives deep into what we consider our values and moral and rips them apart while appealing to our emotions. I’m no longer so critical of the character in Scandal i love all of them even the ones i don’t like (Sally, Hollis etc) because i ask myself in their shoes what would i do. Scandal gives us a sneak peek of what goes on behind a lot of powerful, rich, political doors! Just enjoy the ride the writers are amazing the actors amazing the entire crew amazing. Respect the fact that every week even if you don’t like scandal your still talking about it.

    • Suze says:

      This comment is perfect!!! Exactly right. The writers are brave enough to have flawed characters. They push the audience to the point that people bash one character while ripping apart another but what they are in essence doing is picking one sin versus another. Or one weakness over the other. I love that it’s a tough show. Bring it on!

  25. Cool says:

    Kerry Washington was excellent this week! Loved her telling off Edison in the beginning.

  26. Ridelle says:

    I’m thinking that Olivia will marry Edison, just to appease him and keep him off of the scent of what was done to get Fitz into the office of President of the United States. My poor Fitz will stay miserably married to Mellie because she will throw into his face what was done to get him elected, and the fact that Liv was involved. I don’t think Liv and Fitz will have an easy, happily ever after, time of it. If this show is expected to last more than a couple of seasons, it can’t be that cut and dry. I feel sorry for them, and will watch faithfully every week. To those who HATE the show, and the characters, why do you bother watching? It’s a puzzle to me.

  27. tmp says:

    I totally LOVE this show I am a student nurse and this is the only show I make time to watch. I loved the ” I want a divorce” part. She asked him if you could have anything…The show imitates life in the feelings it express people stay in loveless marriages. People are in love with people they can never be with.Just enjoy the television drama

  28. Angela says:

    When Fitz finds out Olivia was in on the plot to steal the election, he’ll end things with her.

    • Ashley says:

      I don’t think so. He would be extremely hurt that she rigged the election for him mainly because she didn’t think he could win it on his own. But he loved her before, during and most likely after the Presidency. He is willing to give it up for her. He will be hurt it might be a problem but end things forever, I don’t think so.

    • Christie says:

      Agreed! It won’t be the end for them forever, but fitz is going to feel betrayed and he’s going to take a while to get over it. She didn’t believe he could do it on his own, which basically means she didn’t have faith in him. Fitz expects this type of behavior from Cyrus and Mlie, but he’s always thought that he can trust Olivia. It was a huge betrayal and he’ll have every right to be mad as hell.

  29. Sheryl says:

    I’m surprised no one mentioned the elevator scene. Very uncomfortable for Liv. First time I felt sorry for Mellie.

    • Christie says:

      I can’t decide how I feel about that scene. I couldn’t tell if Mellie was being sincere.

    • Deena Braun says:

      Go read recap of Ep 211 by: Scandal411 and you’ll feel better about the elevator scene. I loathed it at first, felt depressed and lost all enthusiasm for Olitz. Then when I read the most in-depth analysis of Fitz and Liv and their love for each other, everything fell into place again. Read it and see if you are comforted.

  30. forwarddad says:

    Why can’t TVline do a proper recap. Back to the other site.

  31. Carolyn says:

    The chemistry between Goldwyn and Washington is super hot. You must be blind. Stick with the religious channels it will make you happy.

  32. ember says:

    How can there be many more shows when we saw in the last episode that Olivia was part of the criminal conspiracy that rigged the Presidential election? Everyone should be going to jail but Fitz – and thus, no show. Olivia has lost all respect as a character. Love cannot justify being part of an act against the very fiber of democracy. It is not about adultery- but rather – treason.

    • TheOtherMonique says:

      @ember – I’m sure you are familiar with the American political animal and know that the themes in this show are not as unrealistic and cut and dry/ “good vs. evil” as viewers are probably used to on highly fictionalized television.

      Olivia Pope is the heroine of the show BORDERING on antiheroine, but heroine nonetheless. This is not a new vehicle in literature and is certainly more adult and respectful to the intelligence of its viewers in comparison to the faux-tough, size 2, always SEEN AS good, always seen as desirable (no matter how plain or botox-ed she looks) heroine saturating television who turns off intelligent viewers who don’t need that type of character to make them feel better about themselves – especially when those highly exaggerated and infallible heroines DON’T EXIST IN REAL-LIFE – quite the opposite.

      Olivia is based on a real-life woman, who has to deal with real-life problems that pale in comparison to your average everyday person’s problems. SCANDAL is not creating this world… SCANDAL creates WITHIN this already existing world.

      SCANDAL is complex and so are its viewers – maybe SCANDAL isn’t for you. There are lots of other shows that I’m sure you can enjoy in peace while SCANDAL fans enjoy their show as well, but if you do continue to watch, I hope you will eventually come to a place where you can enjoy the show as much as its fans do.

  33. Kathleen says:

    Whoop! Scandal got a “Hot Shows” tag! Way to step it up,!

  34. Luucky says:

    Yay TVLine! Keep the Scandal coming!

  35. Luucky says:

    About this Edison individual…I didn’t mind him. Thought he might even be good for Liv until he showed his ass. He threatened to prosecute her?! Any man that threatens legal action against a woman he professes to love is a clown. He doesn’t love her, he wants to control her.

    • Yashima says:

      I neither like nor trust Edison. I think he wants Liv because she’d be a status symbol and would enhance his power. After all, she’s the one that helped him gain his current position and maybe he thinks (justifiably, I’m sure) that with her by his side the oval office is the limit. I look at it like this, Edison wouldn’t think twice about marrying her or even notice her if she were a humble secretary, Fitz would fall deeply and irrevocably in love with her no matter what she did for a living. The Liv he loves is the one nobody knows and certainly not Mr. superficial Edison.

  36. I am fascinated by the twists and turns made by all the characters, especially Edison Davis. If Edison figured out all of Olivia’s secrets, don’t you think that he knows about Fitz and Olivia’s romantic involvement? Are we going to see Edison as a political strategist as he makes his move to marry Olivia which he believes would secure his Democratic candidacy for president? Like Mellie, I think Edison is all about political ambition and doing whatever it takes (getting married to his future opponent’s former campaign fixer, or in Mellie’s case, getting pregnant and forging a document) just to get a political edge. This impending marriage would be a political strategy for Edison but a major conflict for Olivia. Her love and loyalty to Fitz would come to an abrupt end and Edison knows it. Frankly, a man who threatened to prosecute me to the full extent of the law, call me a criminal, a whore, an idiot, and a liar, refused to bend a rule to help save the life of one of my employees(Huck), ignored my recommendation to support one of my clients, and did not ask me if it was okay to have his mail delivered to my home, I could never marry.

  37. Elle says:

    Marilyn you are so right. I don’t trust Edison one bit. He is a complete bore. He was disrespectful and def has an agenda. If you don’t root for Liv and Fitz then you are not rooting for love. The show makes you see as much as we all want it to be, life isn’t black and white. Fitz is flawed, but he is human and he loves that woman. And as good as Liv is she has broken her own rules for him. Cyrus, is great. Not the killing part but I love his attitude and he doesn’t back down. As much as I can’t stand Mellie, she is great also. Everything I think she can surprise me, she does it again. You fans here are so great, because I sometimes wish I could talk all day about Scandal, but people are probably sick of me. I love this show and I enjoyed reading all of your posts. Well, with the exception of the ignorant comments that were made, and people writing things that weren’t accurate.Thank you..

  38. Fame says:

    Ditto! love always win, no matter what color, sorrie :(

  39. patrice says:

    Liv and fitz love is awesome i love the fact it reminds me of a modern day Romeo and Juliet they want Eachother so much but there life styles make it difficult him being president only makes it harder his marriage with mellie was basically over before he was elected on the flash backs they had the episode he got shot about them shows there love is strong i wish they could get married but if you think about i think them hooking up would be the end of scandal

  40. Marie says:

    I love this show and ALL of the characters. Hats off to Shonda and the amazing ensemeble cast of outstanding actors who bring so many layers and depth to their characters you can’t stop watching. So Cyrus is a monster and Mellie an animal. Love them!!! So Fitz is an adulterer and Olivia is in love with a married man. Frigging can’t get enough of them together. So Huck is a serial murderer. My man! So Abbey is a pain in the butt, Quinn a bit annoying and Harrison would chew off his arm if Olivia asked him too. Gotta love’em. Sally Langston is a hypocritical witch. Kate Burton (Richard Burton’s daughter no less) rocks the hell out of her scenes. This show is adult in all the right ways and on so many levels. You know you have something special when there are no good or bad characters just humanly flawed people the audience can relate to.