Heather Locklear Joins TNT's Franklin & Bash

Heather LocklearFranklin & Bash, meet your new boss.

Melrose Place alumna Heather Locklear has joined the TNT dramedy for Season 3 as a series regular, a rep for the network confirms.

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Per Deadline, the actress will play Rachel King, a stunning trial lawyer with stiletto heels and impeccably tailored clothes. She comes in as a new partner at Franklin and Bash’s law firm.

Locklear fills the void left by Garcelle Beauvais, whose option was not picked up for the upcoming season.

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  1. Tommy says:

    I love her :-) Never seen the show but I’ll check it out if she’s on it. Ironically I’m watching Melrose Place as I type this lol

  2. Linda says:

    They get rid of Garcelle Beauvais just to bring in someone new? Yeah, no thanks.

  3. Nunaya_Bidness says:

    Not at all excited about this. I like HL, but no.

  4. aleasha says:

    Disappointed to hear that.

  5. Tina says:

    Oh no. I don’t like this. They got rid of Hannah for her ?

  6. tp says:

    The more I think about it…they just lost me as a viewer. I don’t like to pull the race card but this seems kinda fishy to me. It could be coincidence that they get rid of the black woman for the blond haired blued white woman but it doesn’t look above board. Maybe they think Heather Locklear will bring her fanbase with her? Nothing against H.L but she always plays the same part: Smart but bitchy business woman. Ehh. I can skip it.

    • Ca says:

      Race? Really?? Smh

      • tp says:

        Yeah. Really. Honestly, don’t act like it doesn’t happen. We aren’t as post-racial or enlightened as everyone wants to act like we are. People always make the comment that it’s not about race but about the best actor/actress. When the casting call goes out and it says 30 yr old white (caucasian) female, how is that about best person for the job regardless of race? There are far more of those calls going out than for a black female. It’s a part of life right now. Hopefully not forever.

        • Will says:

          TP, you have serious issues. Writers and Directors have vision. That vision sometimes calls for a specific race/religion/color/etc. I don’t see you coming on here knocking Tyler Perry or Spike Lee for their obvious racial choices. But yep, Heather Lockler screams racists all the way. Get over yourself.

          Also, I hate this move moreso for the fact that HL is a show killer. Nothing she is on stays on TV for more than a season or two before it’s cancelled. Oh well, it was a good series while it lasted.

          • dee123 says:

            Yep. Melrose Place, Dallas, T.J Hooker. Those shows were over in a flash.

          • Tansy says:

            Locklear was on Dynasty, not Dallas. As for racism, the US population is less than 13% black. If anything the african/americans are over represented on TV. That being said, Locklear is only a good looking woman with little or no talent as an actress.

    • steven says:

      She always plays smart, but bitchy business women? It could be a trademark of hers like what most celebrities have that define them.

  7. Midori004 says:

    In other news the third season will clearly be the last. She is death of TV shows.

  8. James Monroe says:

    i will stop watching,

  9. JFLYNT says:

    Really? Really? They write off the black woman and bring on a blue eyed blond hair woman. Anyway don’t really care for this show. I can’t believe this is still on the air and they cancel Leverage which had double the ratings. WTF!? They pair the show with Rizzoli and Isles which is top rated and still can’t find viewers as people tune out when R&I goes off and F&B comes on.

  10. Josh says:

    Did these people watch Spin City? Don’t they know how this thing is going to end?

    It also doesn’t help that Kumail is also potentially leaving too.

  11. Spikenalabama says:


  12. Andrew says:

    I’ll watch, because I absolutely LOVE Heather, but I was seriously hoping she’d be cast as Nolan’s mother on Revenge.

  13. Mab says:

    They are only trying to up the viewership. Whether you like or not, heather locklear has been in some very popular shows. Dynasty, Melrose Place (which she saved from cancelation), TJ Hooker, etc. I don’t think it was a racial decision. Watch or don’t watch.

  14. Karen O. says:

    Very disappointed, I don’t think Heather can act her way out of a paper bag. I want HL to stay, she was great at playing her part.

  15. Shell says:

    I really liked H.L. on the original Melrose,but that being said,am not happy at all about G.B. leaving and H.L. joining F. and B.Too many young people are making poor business decisions-the old saying holds up-“if it aint broke-don’t fix it”.G.B.’s character had a warmth,with her smarts.It balanced the show.I doubt H.L.’s character will have that same balancing effect.Terrible disappointment.

  16. Shell says:

    Just wanted to add-I hope G.B. is back on t.v. soon.She may have not had a huge role on F and B,but she played it amazingly.Oh-and I don’t think it was a ‘racist’ decision-just idiots running the business end of the show.F and B and the boss are the mains-all other roles are supports.I have a terrible feeling that this great show will be thrown off-kilter with the addition of H.L.The show is mainly light-hearted,I worry it will become harder with her.Case in point-Kathy Bates’ lawyer show was great-until second season when it was ‘re-worked’.Fools.

  17. This used to be a fun “boys” show but as usual with American tv shows they have to
    bring in bossy women(including Moms) to spoil things, Think Burn Notice, Glades, for example. Little wonder American men in both films and tv are regarded as feminine

  18. Deb says:

    HL is to old and not a very good actress with the same role in every show is this the race card a beautiful blk woman lose her job after being told she would run the firm in last season you just lost a viewer

  19. Due says:

    LOVE this show, have always liked Heather Locklear so I can only assume the show will even be better. Can’t wait for June 19, 2013!!!!

  20. Rose says:

    Watched it. Loved the show but she ruins it. Sorry, probably won’t watch anymore. She is irritating.

  21. Court De La Fuente says:

    She definitely ruined it! I can’t stand her “I’m a bad bitch” attitude! This show was hilarious before her! Hurts to watch now! Hannah was awesome! RIP Franklin and Bash after this season! :(

  22. Stephen says:

    I love the show…. But producers keep changing characters too often.
    Get accustom then they get lost.

    Heather and others are the latest to go. At least we now know they still looking for the right cast mix for the right gel and production cost.