Deception: The Killer's True Motive, the Faked Pregnancy and More Burning Qs Answered

Deception Season 1 SpoilersWhen it comes to Deception, all is not as it seems.

NBC’s new Monday drama last week introduced viewers to Joanna Locasto, a police detective who has gone undercover amidst the affluent Bowers family to glean the truth about black-sheep daughter Vivian’s death by “overdose.”

TVLine lobbed some burning questions at series creator Liz Heldens, as the mystery-sudser’s second hour arrives tonight at 10/9c.

HAS THE KILLER’S TRUE MOTIVE BEEN REVEALED? | In other words: Can this please not be TV’s umpteenth instance of “Someone got killed because they got wind of a tainted drug trial”? “Oh no, the case gets super-big and twisty and takes a lot of unexpected turns — and that’s where a lot of velocity from the series comes,” Heldens told me. “It’s not what you think. And then it’s not what you think again. And then it’s not what you think again.”

HOW WAS MIA’S BIRTH FAKED? | Sure, soap operas have shown us that you can always ship a wayward pregnant lass off to “boarding school.” But did Sophia (played by Katherine LaNasa) in turn parade around with a pillow stuffed under her silk blouses, as she “carried” Mia? “We’re going to find out the details of that [ruse],” Heldens said. “Luckily it was before the age of TMZ where nobody has any privacy… where you could sneak away without the whole world knowing.” Heldens also confirmed that only Robert (Victor Garber) and Sophia (and of course, Vivian) were in on that “maternity switch.”

HOW QUICKLY WILL SOMEONE OTHER THAN EDWARD (PLAYED BY TATE DONOVAN) GET WARY OF JOANNA? | Heldens teased that “various members of the family become suspicious of her as time goes on.” Perhaps because her “small talk” around the mansion tends to come off like a police interrogation? “Hey, you’ve got a be a little bold,” Heldens explained. “She’s got to keep her investigation going. Besides, she’s not a trained undercover person and yet she’s motivated to get at the truth.”

IS IT SAFE TO SAY THAT BREE WILLIAMSON HAS JOB SECURITY? | After all, though not a series regular, the One Life to Live/Haven alum does seem needed to play Vivian in all those flashbacks. “Yeah, those flashbacks work really nicely for us,” Helden said, acknowledging Williamson’s contribution to the exposition. “It’s a nice way to show and not tell, and give a lot of information in a short amount of time.”

SO… JULIAN KILLED HIS SISTER? CASE CLOSED? | Or at least that is what the premiere’s final scene wants us to believe, showing as it did the Bowers bad boy fingering a ring that had three diamonds arranged in a triangle — just like the distinct marks on dead Vivan’s cheek. Or have we met our first red herring? “We tee up everybody as suspects, as we get into their backstories,” Heldens said. As for Julian’s incriminating ring: Watch tonight’s episode to discover under what exact circumstances it came into contact with Vivian’s face.

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  1. sladewilson says:

    So far, so good – all the “right” things are being said, now lets see if they’re implemented. I’ll give them a couple of shows and see where I land…

  2. Jared says:

    I’m feeling Deception so far as well. Looking to see how the next couple episodes play out.

  3. ruby says:

    Am loving it!!hope it improves,and I hope it gets good ratings.

  4. ozi says:

    Its deja vu and a whole bunch of old shows put together. Nothing new. The whole its not who u think thing is played out way too much. Overplayed. Boring.

    • Erica Bass says:

      uhm they have to make it that way, if they made it obvious who the murderer is and then it’s exactly who you think it is, that would be the most boring show on the planet, unless it was a murder movie like nightmare on elm street where you know who the killer is now you need to figure out why and how to stop the killer… but this is a murder MYSTERY the whole point of the show is an investigation, how many years and spin offs has law & order and csi and ncis and all those shows been running, it’s popular, and there’s good reason for it, the mystery and suspicion of multiple people keeps it interesting and keeps you thinking on your toes, makes you think about various stories and motives and puts your brain to work instead of sitting there turning to mush… this story of a homicide covered up as an overdose may be played a lot, again for a reason, but this in depth behind the scenes of all the family members and suspects and other juicy secrets is definitely not overplayed or boring, it’s not just a cop investigating a crime, it’s a friend of the family digging deep into the truth, give the show another chance and don’t just brush it off as another crime investigation show.. it digs deeper and is more interesting

      • js says:

        apparently you’re not aware of it, but CSI, NCIS and law & order generally wrap up their mysteries within a single episode. they investigate, find real evidence, then solve the case, and it’s over. it’s not like a serialized mystery at all.

  5. Pepper says:

    It’s a dead ringer for the Ringer.

  6. Jane says:

    Great show so far, really love it.great cast!

  7. js says:

    ““It’s not what you think. And then it’s not what you think again. And then it’s not what you think again.”” – thank you, showrunner, for alerting me to this. you have just guaranteed i will never watch this show. i am SO FREAKING TIRED of shows with a million red herrings that just mean a million retcons and a choppy incoherent story that makes no sense by the end. it’s not a fun ride with twists and turns. it’s just laziness designed around gotcha promos. you know what would be a treat for once? a show where, if you follow along and pay attention, you might actually be able to puzzle out what’s going on, and it would be for real so all of your speculation wouldn’t feel like wasted pointless hours. i’m tired of shows that claim to want you to think, when their main goal seems more like “be unexpected, however illogical and contorted that requires the plot to be.

    • Erica Bass says:

      lol so you’re saying you want to have a suspect in mind and then it’s exactly what you think it is? since when is real life ever that simple? there will always be a story behind someone’s action where it’s never exactly what you think it is, get used to it because that is what keeps viewers interested, trying to put the pieces together and then when you think you got it, it’s not the right piece, it helps you solve the case but it’s not the last piece of the puzzle, people don’t just go around murdering strangers, there’s built up tension and anger, reasons behind it that you wouldn’t understand unless you talked to the person, Edward seems super creepy and suspicious but that could easily be a defense mechanism, as he said, everyone thinks it was him so he might as well act like it, it’s easier to go along with what people think that to spend every moment trying to prove them wrong,…. think about this, you have a significant other and you seem them kissing someone else, you immediately think your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating so you break up with him or her instead of letting your partner explain that the other person made a move and they cut them out of their life because they can’t be trusted, now you’re the jerk for jumping to conclusions, that’s what this show is about, think about every aspect before jumping to conclusions because it is never exactly what you think it is…

      • js says:

        speak for yourself, “lol”. being a fish on a hook with no payoff doesn’t make ME interested. i don’t find these kinds of shows to generally be written and constructed well enough that their plot twists ever make sense given what’s come before. it’s just retcons. i don’t want to “have a suspect in mind and have it be that person” – i want them to lay out evidence, and for that evidence to be real enough that if i wanted to think about it, that i could, using LOGIC, puzzle out what’s going on. what generally happens though is that they lay out a bunch of things, tell you how important and certain those things are over and over again until there is no logical way that a plotline could go otherwise, and then at the last minute, they change something to make it lead down a different road. and i sit there at my TV yelling “BUT THAT DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE, because ALL THESE OTHER THINGS HAPPENED.” unexpected isn’t good when unexpected is also illogical – for human behavior and from a plot sense. real humans do not actually act the way shows portray it – in real life, in the situation you describe above, most real people wouldn’t jump to stupid conclusions, or if they did, they would still confront the person- it’s human nature to confront and yell, not to break up without a word…. only on TV do people constantly assume and jump to conclusions instead of talking. if you can suspend your brain and forget characterization and plot and live for illogical “made you look” shennanigans, more power to you. not for me though. i’d rather watch a show that respects my intelligence.

  8. Lauren says:

    OK, I’m confused… did I miss something in last night’s episode… “As for Julian’s incriminating ring: Watch tonight’s episode to discover under what exact circumstances it came into contact with Vivian’s face.” I don’t remember learning anything new about how the ring came in contact with Vivian’s face? Did I just blink and miss it? Or was it not actually in last night’s episode?

  9. mmg says:

    If you’ve seen Happy Town, you pretty much know what Deception is going to be about. Same show, slightly different theme. I’m sick of seeing this same “mystery killer” show twice a season.

  10. jesse says:

    Is there any news on a second season? I personally can not get enough of it.

    • jan says:

      Deception is an excellent show and am looking forward to a second season. Hopefully another good show is not cancelled again! Bring Deception back.

  11. True says:

    Who was killed in the elevator?