Exclusive: Grey's Anatomy's New Interns Are Sticking Around -- But for How Long?

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Spoilers -- CastGrey’s Anatomy is giving its new crop of interns a nice vote of confidence heading into next season.

The soap’s boss, Shonda Rhimes, has added a series regular option to the contracts of recurring players Jerrika Hinton (Stephanie), Gaius Charles (Shane) and Tessa Ferrer (Leah). Fellow newbie Camilla Luddington (Jo) already had such a clause in her deal, while the fate of Tina Majorino (Heather) is complicated by her role in the TNT pilot Legends. If that series fails to snag a series order, Majorino likely will return to Grey’s.

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While the legal move doesn’t ensure the actors will be series regulars in Season 10, it does suggest that Rhimes is seriously considering such a possibility. At the very least, the group will stick around through the end of the current Season 9.

Formal pickup letters go out in June.

This begs the question: Of the five newbies, which ones would you like to see join the full-time ranks next season? Sound off below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. CC says:

    Please – no to this. Let them stay as recurring characters. There are enough regular characters on the show. Other than the guy, we can lose the others, especially annoying, whiny Jo.

    • Maris says:

      Agree for the most part, though I like them all, I still find Jo really annoying, no matter how much they try to get us to like her. My favorite is Heather though so I’m kinda hoping Majorino’s pilot doesn’t get picked up

      • Debs says:

        Agree! Heather is my fave too :) (and everytime I see her I’m reminded of her as a little girl in Waterworld ! Lol) But she brings so much quirky character. Love her !

    • Komal says:

      Well, i think Jo’s here to stay…she’s gonna be the only regular out of this batch.

    • jan says:

      I love Grey’s Anatomy – it’s better than ever. I like the new characters; but, hope the remaining original characters still stick around. Can’t wait for next season

    • lexi says:

      Honestly everyone one of these interns are BORING! i can’t seem to get into any of them. Be gone with them! haha

  2. Joseph says:

    Nah, There’ll probably be a big explosion or a train crash and they’ll all die…

  3. Jessica says:

    Ughhh NO ONE. I don’t like them.

  4. Sammy says:

    None of these characters are intriguing. You know when as a viewer you don’t even know these characters names you don’t care.

    • wednesday says:

      That’s exactly how I feel. The only one I can actually stand is Tina M, but I don’t even know her character’s name! None of them have really made an impression on me at all like the last group did. The guy is definitely no Avery. And the other girls annoy me more then April did. It took me forever to warm up to her character and she still works my nerves at times.

    • Joseph Lupo says:

      Bring back Izzy Stevens. I read a while ago she was interested in coming back to the show. Let the 5 interns stay, go through the process like the first 5 did when the show started and as Dr. Weber said one of you will leqve, one will find another service, etc. and just keep 2 or 3 but give them interesting story lines. New blood. After all, that is life. People leave, people die. Bring back doctors who are the heads of the department: Cardio, etc.

      • Courtney says:

        I agree! Bring back Stevens, and keep Grey, yang. Avery, Dereck April webber and the rest of the clan!! They have made this show into what it is. I don’t like any of the interns but the hot young back one! I strongly feel the show will take a nasty turn for the worst be taking off the people we have come to l

      • Courtney says:

        I agree! Bring back Stevens, and keep Grey, yang. Avery, Derrick, Owen, April, bailey, webber and the rest of the clan!! They have made this show into what it is. I don’t like any of the interns but the hot young back one! I strongly feel the show will take a nasty turn for the worst by taking off the people we have come to love so much. I can promise u will loose me if this turns into another spin off with only the interns!

        • Joseph Lupo says:

          The first thing that needs to be done BRING BACK IZZY STEVENS11111111111111111111

          I would like to see a male gay couple story line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          The show is still good but it still lacks something that it had from Seasons 1-8. I am not sure I can explain it but the story lines were all realistic and the medical problems each week of patients were more interesting and compassionate, especially when Derek and Meredith were experimenting with the brain tumor trial. They had so many different people and situations. The gay soldiers, the boy and girl they helped have sex before he died, the black woman who everyone thought she was imagining Andre the guy she met on the cruise. The guy whose wife died and he had the hospital on lock down, Intense and interesting. The time the patient had the gun or whatever it was in him and first an intern and then Meredith had their hand in and could not move. Those were some of the exciting stories and plots. Izzy, her cancer and her marriage to Karev. When George’s family came into the story, his father then mother and brothers. That is what made Seasons 1-8 great!!! More personal time at home, sharing the house, room mates, etc. I know people grow up and move on but try and find some GOOD interns like the show started with George, Izzy, Karev, Christina and Meredith.

          Karev needs a relationship with someone and something from his past/family should come out.
          One last thing PLEASE let the ambulance driver and April become a major story line. They are perfect TOGETHER!!!!!!

          sOME IDEAS.

          • Thomas says:

            Yep..Bring Back Izzy as new Dr from some hospital.. . She needs in story, perfectly bonding will the all characters..!Stevens rocking previous seasons..she need to bring back …

          • Stephanie says:

            Bring Izzy back….please

      • Lisa says:

        I agree… Izzy needs to come back. She was my favorite!!! Please bring Izzy back!

  5. Laura says:

    I like all if the interns. They’re a good group. The show needs some new, younger blood as the originals have gotten older and will hopefully move on next season (if there is one).

    • Smigglesby says:

      Me too! Go Interns!

    • Ari says:

      I like the interns too, except for the one I call The New Izzie. I don’t know what her name is but she is the one who hangs out with Karev and cries about how hard her life was. I reckon any minute now she’d going to be having ghost sex, marrying Alex, getting brain cancer and miraculously recovering only to leave Alex with a quarter mil in medical bills.

    • Holly says:

      I love Jo and Mousy (Brooks) but I really can’t stand the other interns. Stephanie especially pisses me off with her Avery obsession. But you simply cannot get rid of the oldies!! And Izzy really really should come back!

  6. marge says:

    At most, they should keep them as recurring even into/through season 10. This show needs more series regulars like we all need another a$$hole. Keep the focus on the 11 regulars with these guys on hand for the “teachable” moments.
    Or else why send Teddy away and kill Mark (since Chyler requested leave)? Wasn’t the point to trim the cast and now there is an “option” to add 4 or 5 more? LOL

    • martina says:

      “Trimming the cast” was never the objective! Kim, Chyler and Eric all left by choice, and we all know that Shonda loves to add more and more people without apparent reason.

      Personally the only one I kinda care about is Tina Marjorino! I don’t like the character she’s playing but she has mad acting skills so I would love her to stick around.

      • cynical troll says:

        Left by choice…uh, that and “mutual decision” are just industry speak for “your contract won’t be renewed but if you tell the fans it’s all our fault good luck getting hired again”.

      • marge says:

        The show opted not to renew Kim’s contract (see: budget cut) and it was in the press that Chyler opted out to spend more time with her family – Eric, unfortunately was also a casualty of the budget cut.
        And even if these 5 actors don’t make nearly that much individually, together their salary on the show most likely is close to if not surpasses what Kim or Eric or Chyler made. And that’s just as recurring – I would assume their rates go up if/when made series regular.

  7. Marge says:

    This is just hilarious! The characters of Mark and Pete (on PP) were written out due to “financial cuts” and suddenly new characters pop up on our screens… This is just nonsense. I don’t wanna know the new characters because everytime we get to know a character and get attached, he or she gets written out.

    • the girl says:

      They are probably paying all five of these interns the same amount of money it would have taken to keep Mark – and I mean, when you combine their salaries. Same with Pete on PP, they used his salary to pay Sam’s girlfriend and Amelia’s boyfriend and maybe still have money left over. It seems like it’s not a creative decision, but it actually is. If you can’t afford to pay guest stars or recurring characters, because the salaries of your ensemble characters are crazy high, then how do you infuse new storylines and new blood into your show?

      • mytake says:

        I doubt they are saving that much money. Some for sure but I think the new interns are more about youthifying the cast . It also gives Mer-Yang-Karev a chance to be the old guard and see their own journey thru a new lens.

      • Ari says:

        And let’s all be real for a minute, does anyone really miss Pete? I sometimes forget he ever existed.

        • Alex says:

          Of course some viewers miss Pete. I do! Maybe his absence has contributed at least a bit to the show’s poor ratings this season, though it’s impossible to say how much. So many factors come into play.

    • Lauren says:

      Not just written out, horrifically killed.

  8. Marianne says:

    Why? They didn’t do this with Lexie’s group. I can only see this working if a bunch of people decide not to return next season. If there is one.

    • Snsetblaze says:

      Yeah, Lexie’s group did disappear without explanation. I always wondered whether a teaching hospital would be taking a new class on a bit more often – not once every five years or so.

      • Dee says:

        When they actually taking students, people complain. Fans should really decide what they want.

      • Josh says:

        They take one every year. At least real hospitals do.

      • Ari says:

        Lexie’s group was pretty much all shot up.

        • twilight123 says:

          Agreed with @Ari. Lexi’s group was around for about 2 seasons in small roles. Then we lost them to either the Mercy-West merger or during the shoot out at the end of season 6. I kind of assumed the same would happen with this group, save the strongest actors and get rid of the rest over time. I guess I was wrong about that one.

  9. I only like Stephanie and Heather, the others can go.

  10. Emma says:

    God really, the only ones I like are Jo and Shane and possibly Stephanie, I’m not quite decided on her but please let Heather and Leah go, nothing against the actresses but so far their characters have been nothing short of annoying and awful. Shonda probably should of left it that only Camilla Luddington had a series regular option. If season 10 is most likely the last, fan don’t want to spend time watch 5 new regulars!

    • Based on the ratings, I doubt season 10 will be the final season..

      • Thilia says:

        Ratings will only go so far. The older a show becomes, the more expensive it becomes to produce. If they are going to stay on the air, they will need to drop salaries, or have some of the original cast reduce their roles to recurring parts. I don’t doubt it will go past Season 10, but there will be a shake up in the cast again. I would expect some original cast to not make it past Season 10.

        Patrick Dempsey for instance seems to be working towards leaving the show, so he may become a teacher who shows up every few episodes with his hand not fully healing. Some of the cast may die because that is the only way Shonda knows how to take someone off the show. You get the idea.

      • diamond says:

        season 10 will be the final season if Ellen, Patrick, and Sandra (specifically) don’t renew as they are only signed through 10.

        • the girl says:

          This is the same scenario as Glee – people/interns graduate/pass boards and then they just hang around and don’t leave? How bad is it that none of the original interns moved on. I guess this is something they didn’t consider when the show was conceptualized.

          • madhatter360 says:

            To be fair, most shows don’t get 9+ seasons. They probably had little to no idea that they’d still be on the air at this point.

  11. Micah says:

    Darn, the only ones I remotely like are Shane and Heather, the other ones can be killed off for all I care.

  12. lindsey says:

    i love tina majorinos heather

  13. rty123 says:

    Nobody. They are awful. They have been around for 9 episodes now and I don’t even know their names. Hasn’t Shonda learned something from introducing too many people at once when Seattle Grace and Mercy merged? She should end Grey’s with Season 10 and focus all the time on the regulars and their partners. For instance, let’s find someone for Alex that is NOT that whiny intern with the sob backstory.

    • Dee says:

      I think that what we need for Alex is an exploration to his dark past and childhood. Although I like Jo Wilson and Gaius Charles (and Tina Majorino) I would rather have somebody cast like Amber Karev or, maybe, Alex’s dad. Also, a grown up woman for him would be nice. I like Wilson, I won’t deny it but he doesn’t need an intern. Is this the only love story they can create in GA?

    • Laura says:

      Because Alex is a whiny immature man who behaves like a grade school boy? Jo can do better than him.

    • Alex says:

      I don’t know any of their names either! Maybe I’ll grow to like one or more of them, though.

  14. Amelia says:

    I really like Jerrika Hinton. I hope we get to see more of her and her character.

  15. Remy says:

    just camilla, i love Alex and Jo

    • greysfan says:

      I’m with you. Alex and Jo have awesome chemistry and would love for her to stick around. She is the only one out of the five who i like as well as Tina’s character but seems she has snagged a new show so looks like she will be gone.

  16. lousi says:

    Why do they need to be regulars? Focus on the main characters you already have and keep the interns as recurring if they feel the need to keep them. I personally wouldn’t mind if they all left the show tomorrow-they do nothing for the show.

  17. Sean Johnson says:

    I thought Tina Majorino was recurring on “Bones”?

  18. Paul says:

    No! They don’t add anything to the show, they’re a distraction. There’s no chemistry between them or the main cast. I’ve talked to many of my friends who are fans of the show and we a agree, the new interns need to fade into the background and go away.

  19. Luke says:

    Nobody cares about these interns. We don’t want them as series regulars. Where is all that extra money coming from? Wasn’t Mark cut because of budget issues? And now they want to bring on some useless dead weight. Hate Jo most of all – always crying and whining.

    • Thilia says:

      Mark was knocked off due to budget cuts. But with the savings of the salary for that character and Lexie, not to mention reduced screen time for some of the main actors, chances are they interns were brought in to cut costs to extend the expiration date of the show.

      If you don’t have a lot of credits under your belt, just appearing on Grey’s will be a major career boost and I suspect some of these actors are working very cheap.

  20. hello says:

    And Lexie is still dead, so i dpn’t care

  21. gary says:

    Dont see why not they can be the new Generation after Justin, Ellen and Sandra move on

  22. Judy Jones says:

    The interns are bland, annoying and a waste of screen time. The last thing this show needs is more regular characters. If the interns must be around, keep them as recurring and use them sparingly. The original characters’ story lines are getting shortchanged in order to spotlight the interns. As a long-time viewer I find it very frustrating.

  23. simy says:

    hope tina majorino wiil stay, Heather is the only one I love

  24. Pickles says:

    Don’t worry guys they’ll all end up being killed off anyway

  25. rs says:


  26. Midori004 says:

    I think everyone is forgetting what “regular” means.

    It’s just a legal term so that the actors have to put GA first, but doesn’t mean they will be in every episode. If they were recurring they could go off and do several other shows.

  27. Annie-C says:

    They could end Greys before ut gets bad and make a new show with the new interns and the ones that want to stick around. I know Ellen Pompeo didn’t seem to want to stay.

  28. Snsetblaze says:

    While I like them, other than the guy, I don’t know who is who of the girls.

  29. Hands down, Gaius Charles MUST stay at Seattle Grace! And I’m not just saying this because he is a personal friend and former Carnegie Mellon classmate of mine :-) Not only is he an amazing actor, Gaius is an incredible human being. Anyone who witnessed his work on Friday Night Lights can attest to the fact: Gaius Charles is the real deal.

    • Cara says:

      I also like Gaius Charles. He was terrific in FNL and I think he does a great job on Greys. He’s a better actor than Jesse Williams in my opinion, I hope he stays. Impressed that he went to Carnegie Mellon. I hope all of the interns are hired.

  30. kate says:

    Funny reading these comments, everyone forgets when Addison came no one wanted her to stay, same with Callie, Lexie, april and jackson, infact I struggle to think of one people were happy about and now they are all fan favorites, give these newbies time people!

    • Jess says:

      Actually Addison was my favorite character from the moment she came on screen. STILL miss her on Grey’s.

    • Jules says:

      Addison, Mark and Lexie were my favorite additions; I don’;t mind April and Jackson but could do without. And back then, there didn’t recycle the cast so often. I’m sick of all of the changes and would rather they stop adding new characters. No it’s not believable that there aren’t any new interns but we don’t have to see them all of the time.

  31. Frankieboy says:

    I actually enjoyed that episode where the focus was on those five. (can’t remember what the name was).

    Of all the interns we had over the last couple of years this is the first group that I like. (I could do without Leah though)… I find Camilla such a babe (and the new Tomb Raider imo) and a joy to watch.

  32. grace says:

    Please no – just no! These interns bring nothing of value to the show. Let them disappear into the parking lot of doom like Erica.

  33. Krystan says:

    I pretty sure you don’t have Gaius Charles’ name right. Isn’t it Smash?? ;)

  34. Pauly Ryder says:

    So ABC’s cut backs cost Eric Dane his spot on Greys but they can afford the contracts of all these new interns??? Bullsh*t!!

  35. Kristina says:

    Love them except Leah…Jo’s my favorite….jo/alex❤

  36. lamb says:

    Keep tina Majorino!!!!!!

  37. connie says:

    I love Gaius Charles as Shane. I like Jo a lot. She needs to stay and Shane. I could deal with Stephanie in a recurring role. I dont really care for Tina Majorino’s Heather. But hate Leah with a passion. She has got to go.

  38. Eliza says:

    Interns I really like: Stephanie, Shane and Heather. I find all three charming and am loving their interactions with the residents.

    Interns I’d like to see go: Leah and Jo. I really don’t like the Jo character. I find hre annoying and whiney. Unfortunately, looks like they’re setting up Jo as Alex’s love interest, so she’s probably a fixture.

  39. Dee says:

    Haha, I remember that I hated Lexie, Mark,Callie and Addison when they first appeared. Now, Lexie is (was :( ) my girl favorite, Mark my second favortie of the guys and both Addie and Callie (along with Arizona) are my second favorites. We should give the 1 or 2, maybe 3 that will actually join the show a chance. I also like April and Jackson, and I hated them in the past. Although, I would prefer my Mark and Lex back. I guess I should give the new interns a chance though. You never know with Shonda, what she’s palnning.

  40. LC says:

    Jo, Shane and Heather can stay. I think it’s pretty obvious Jo will stay…isn’t she the one they’re setting up as Karev’s love interest? I love Tina Majorino, and I think she has great chemistry with this cast. The scene with her playing go-between for MerDer had me laughing so hard. I want more of her on this show. And as for Shane, I loved Gaius Charles on FNL. Any excuse to have him back on my small screen is fine by me.

  41. Dee says:

    Hmmmm… I won’t say I hate the interns (I strongly dislike them, though) and I don’t wish for them to die or have something bad happen to them. What I wish is that Shonda could focus on something else than the romantic life of the main characters (and seriously I’m not a fan of intern/attending)… Interns are kind of cool and if Shonda handles this right, it could be a good addition. But, I think the greatest guest of all time in Grey’s were people from the main character’s childhood. For example, I would kill to have Karev’s sister, mother or father to the show. Seriously, he’s got the most interesting past and it’s the least explored of the original cast!

  42. luli says:

    Tina Majorino (Heather) is the only one that i like and she might possibly leave… For all i care the rest of them, maybe not Shane, can die just like Mark and Lexie.

  43. Coolio Jackson says:

    Tina Majorino is the only one I like…she is really good.

  44. Sarah says:

    God Noooooo

  45. my pick Jerrika Hinton (Stephanie), Gaius Charles (Shane) and Camilla Luddington

  46. sarah says:

    I am not a big fan of any of the interns so I am not sure if I want any of them to stay.

  47. Caitlin says:

    idk why people have been hating on the new interns. they have made me remember what meredith and alex and the whole gang were like when the show first started. there are parallels between the original group when they were younger and the new interns. nothing wrong with some new blood.

  48. Ana says:

    Here we go again. Is Shonda in denial? Most fans still don’t like April and Avery is only more accepted because he’s crazy hot. But he’s not even a great actor and he’s not funny at all. The new interns are being pushed too hard too fast. They have not earned their stripes yet. Worst of all, they really don’t add much to the show except to support the regulars and that’s how it should remain. The intern-focused episode was a dud. It was only salvaged by the baby news. The show is not really getting new fans and the existing fandom is there for the originals, not the time-sucking newbies. If they want them to stick around it should be done gradually. I remember with Lexie’s group of interns they had them doing webisodes and they still didn’t catch on. Try one character at a time, not five. I only like Heather. She’s funny and spunky. I want to like Jo but her whining is annoying. She doesn’t come across as a survivor, someone that you want to root for like Izzie. And Karev and Jo are just wrong. She’s too young and makes him look like a perv. Keep this up and Greys is going to end up looking like Emily Owens MD which got cancelled.

  49. charissa29 says:

    As long as Tina Majorino is somewhere on tv I’ll be happy. It seems a shame that Jo is the one for Dr. Karev as she is sort of ehhh, but whatever. As long as Christina is there I will watch.

  50. tiff says:

    I knew this was going to happen this summer. Shonda knows must of the fan want this to happen but this is another way Shonda is taking the show back from the fans. She should have just keep Lexie Mark and Teddy for all of them interns. The Fans already LOVED them. ( Lexie Mark anf Teddy). HEY But it is Shonda show And I LOVED Lexie from the jump especially when I found out who she was Meredith little sister. Bring them back instead