The Walking Dead First Look: New Poster Pits Rick Against the Governor!

The new Walking Dead poster leaves little mystery as to what the second half of Season 3 will be about.

VIDEO | Walking Dead First Look: Andrea Finally Stands Up to the Governor — But Is It Too Late?

“With his group in tatters, his sanity in question, and his own son questioning his every move, Rick must somehow pull everyone together to face their greatest challenge — the Governor,” reads AMC’s teaser for the show’s return on Feb. 10 at 9/8c. “In order to survive, he must risk everything, including the group’s very humanity.”

Check out the striking image below and then hit the comments with your thoughts/theories/anticipation level!


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  1. Lew says:

    Cannot wait!!

  2. Mike says:

    Why can’t it be February 10th already.

  3. K says:

    Interesting promo poster but lacking in, oh i don’t know, zombies. Unless you were a fan of the show, you wouldn’t know this show was about zombies with this poster concept.

    • Rrrrrr says:

      You know except for the fact that its called THE WALKING DEAD. Other than that, I don’t even think the show is ABOUT zombies. There are clearly zombies in it, but the show is about PEOPLE trying to live in that world. So no, zombies don’t have to be the focal point if any poster or trailer TWD puts out there. The people do.

      • Murphhh says:

        The living are the walking dead, season 2 describes this when they said the virus is airborne and everyone is infected. Thus, walking dead = everyone in the show, not only zombies

    • Guy says:

      THANK YOU. They clearly need to alert new people that there are zombies. Being the number one drama in all of television is not enough! Having “The Walking Dead” in its title? Not enough! Everyone talking about this show all the time? Simply NOT ENOUGH. It’s gotta be the number one show of all time. It’s gotta be the number one comedy, too. Number one news program. Number one documentary! This show must break ALL inconceivable records. And it all starts with slappin’ some zombies on there. Shame on you, AMC.

    • Alan says:

      you know this is how the comics go right? the zombies are set dressing once you get deep into the story, it becomes about how people deal with living in a world that has gone to hell with no rules left to control how they act. also none of the walking dead posters have had zombies in them. not to mention the common misconception that “the walking dead” actually refers to the zombies, it actually refers to the people who are living on borrowed time in this world

  4. Rob says:

    This show isn’t “about” zombies, so much as it is about people surviving in a post-apocalyptic world. The zombies are merely the catalyst, not the main focus.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Exactly! When I hear people complain that “there weren’t enough zombies in this episode” I just shake my head. Me thinks they’ve missed the point.

  5. K says:

    All of you high minded viewers, are you saying that if they took the zombies completely out of the show you’d continue to watch? Didn’t think so, so my point still stands. It is a show about surviving a zombie apocalypse but no one would watch if it was zombie free. People are watching it for the zombies.

    • T says:

      Theyre not saying that you short sighted moron. They are saying that the show is about how people survive with other people in this word, throwing zombies onto that poster would cheapen it greatly.

      You ever watched or read the show, or had someone talk about it to and you’d easily understand. Go get bit so I can bash in that undead brain.

    • tripoli says:

      Wow, you so do not get this show at all. No one said anything about removing the zombies all together. As others have stated, the show is largely about the human survivors of the zombie apocalypse. The zombies are obviously important to the theme of the show but are secondary to the story telling in regards to the survivors and their journey through the new world around them. If season 4 was free of zombies I’d still watch because the show is full of rich and interesting characters. Perhaps you’d be more comfortable with a show like The Vampire Diaries. Plenty of other worldly creatures for ya there.

    • Jen says:

      The fact that Revolution is successful seems to be a strong argument that zombies are NOT the entire reason why a show about humanity in a post apocalyptic world works.

    • you sound retarded. The show is about people surviving in zombie apocalypse. You can change zombies for anything but that is the show. Its like saying take the criminals out of law and order, if you did it would be a different show. I like it when it is not zombie heavy. Speak for yourself.

  6. rachelle says:

    omg, I die! The poster looks awesomesauce. I’m SO excited! x________x

  7. Ed says:

    Poster looks great! Can’t wait!

  8. b! says:

    Ohhh snap! Love it! Team Rick! :)

  9. (spoiler)
    More like an eye for a hand *wink* *wink*

  10. Labpar says:

    Andrew lincoln as Rick looks fab as always. Poster would have been better without the governor at all.

  11. Reginald says:

    As a Brit its great to see these two great British actors leading the cast in this fantastic American TV show. I remember them both from their early days on TV here in the UK. Looking forward to Feb 10th.