The Killing Exclusive: Meet the Season 3 Cast! Plus - Scoop on the New Death Row Mystery!

The Killing Season 3 SpoilersAlthough AMC has yet to officially resurrect The Killing, TVLine has learned that production on Season 3 is set to begin on Feb. 25. (Not bad for a show that’s still technically cancelled, eh?) What’s more, we now know an awful lot about the new characters by whom Linden and Holder will be surrounded. For instance:

Tom Seward is a thirtysomething Neanderthal on death row for the murder of his wife. In what seems likely to be his last month on earth, he takes a (perhaps ill-advised) stroll down memory lane, tripping on the secrets he’s left behind like a trail of bloody bread crumbs.

Danette Lutz, in her late 30s, is probably the worst mother since Mo’Nique in Precious. How bad is she? She could easily forget she even is a mother until her 15-year-old, Kallie, goes missing.

Bullet is a 16-year-old tough guy who looks out for all the local street girls. But there’s more to him than meets the eye: Most significantly, he’s… a she.

Alton Singleterry is a Machiavellian young gangbanger who seems to think that death row is party to which he can RSVP no.

Ed Skinner is Linden’s old partner, a middle-aged Dudley Do-Right whose record is spotless, save for a brief extramarital fling with a co-worker. (Could that co-worker have been Linden? Hmm… )

Tiny is the underage female hooker to whom Bullet’s heart belongs. The only trouble is (well, the only trouble aside from her being an underage hooker!), Tiny’s crazy about someone else.

Twitch is yet another JV hooker, a wannabe star with a rap sheet that’s longer than he is tall.

Your thoughts? Will you give the new Killing a try? Or are you still pissed about Season 1?

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  1. cool. I liked the first two seasons.

  2. Jason says:

    I was never pissed b/c I’m not an entitled crybaby. I’ll definitely be tuning in for more if it airs.

    • Lo says:

      ^ THIS! I don’t know why people were so angry, the original Forbrydelsen 1 took 20 eps to finish the story and the American one wasn’t too far off that mark. Besides, they gave us a stellar ending to the story that was completely different from the Danish one and I think it was worth the wait.

      • Marc says:

        I think people were pissed because they thought AMC’s promotion of the show promised that all will be revealed by the end of the season. I really didn’t care since the show was renewed for a second season, and I felt that any blame belonged to the AMC marketing department and not the creative people behind the show. But, if it had been 13 and done and we never got closure of any of the storylines, I would have been upset.

    • Louise says:

      Completely agree! I love love love this show. It’s one of the only shows that my husband and I can enjoy together. Holder is just too awesome.

  3. Thilia says:

    I would cautiously approach the new season, assuming the case is solved. I have a feeling it won’t make it past a third season. Hopefully, this is a Netflix deal where they add all 13 episodes at one time and I can just watch it over a weekend.

  4. K says:

    I was totally interested in a season 3 as i liked the other 2 seasons. The new characters do not sound that interesting and i’m guessing the murder will be another teenage girl who this time dabbled in prostitution and met the wrong john. I hope i’m wrong but i was hoping for something a little darker and different.

  5. Rico Swavvy says:

    What’s the lead in going to be? 30 minutes of paint drying?

  6. Terri says:

    bring it on!!!!

  7. Chloe says:

    I was ticked off at how they ended Season 1 but I watched Season 2 anyway – and was very happy that I did! I’ll be back for Season 3!

    • Olive says:

      Yes, me too. I hated the way season 1 ended but I loved the actors enough to keep with season 2 and I really loved it. Season 2 was better than season 1. In fact, the show would have had more success if they found a way to combine the first half of season 1 with the second half of season 2.

  8. The problem with their two season arc was, for me, more about how dragged out it seemed by the end of it all. If they can solve the crimes in a fairly timely manner I’d be fine tuning in for a third season.

  9. wrstlgirl says:

    Ugh, why does every thing have to be on Sunday and Monday nights? My DVR is full as it is, probably will have to give this one a pass.

  10. Superhero says:

    A 16 year old character being named Bullet confirms my suspicion that Veena Sud is an alien from outer space, and therefore has absolutely no idea what teenagers are actually like in the real world. Every single teenage character in the first two seasons was laughably awful, and I expect no different from this season that shouldn’t even be happening.

    • Midori004 says:

      Yep, the writers should be fired. If they want a third season stand alone story, cool, go right ahead. However this is a time to look forward, maybe save the show, it’s a new beginning. The two main characters were fine, worst mother ever, but still watchable. Fire the writers, fire everyone besides the two main characters and start over.

    • Olive says:

      Because the average teenager who’s a F to M transgender, dating, and watching out for (or pimpimg, don’t know yet) teenage prostitues on the the streets is usually named Scott. Bullet may be a common street name the writers found in their research. I’m sure the character’s christian name isn’t bullet. Shows assign stupid street names to characters all the time yet this one is a problem for you. What a stupid, mundane thing to complain about. Teenagers always seem contrived or a little over the top in most shows including the good ones, Dana on Homeland for example, because the writers are usually well past their teens. The teenagers in the first two seasons were not especially bad. Please, don’t watch the show if you hate it so much.

  11. D'Arcy says:

    These are characters, not cast.

  12. KenBud says:

    I didn’t mind how they treated the first season mystery going into season two. For the love of all the haterade though, please solve this one in one season.

  13. jasie says:

    Great. I am one of the few who loved season 1 and 2 but I do hope this case is a one season case. I am guessing it will be. I had also hoped that they may surprise us and solve it after say 8 eps and do another case over 5 eps so as to keep us on our toes.

    • Midori004 says:

      If the show comes back, IF, it will most likely be for one 10 episode season, then get canceled again unless Netflix really likes it.

  14. Kat says:

    Will absolutely watch!

  15. jinx says:

    since I had already given up hope on this being resurrected I am really excited for a season 3! Totally perplexed by all the whining over the ending of season 1, I thought it was a great cliffhanger. Just finished watching Season III of Forbydelsen. Obviously they are going in a totally different direction (which is a good thing.)

  16. Rae says:

    Great that The Killing will be back. I watched both seasons and will watch Season 3 because I like Linden and Holder!

  17. Joe Davis says:

    I tried to slog through the second season, but it was unbearable and unwatchable. Still, this is good news for the 19 people who enjoyed it.

  18. KatherineM says:

    Loved Holder and Linden and am glad to have them for one more year. I enjoyed The Killing as I would a long complex novel, and was sad to see it go.

  19. Midori004 says:

    Let’s get something straight to the 5 fans of the show.

    Half the audience ditched in season 2 because the killer wasn’t found in season 1. However, if the writing in most of season 1 had been better no one would have cared! I for one would have ditched about halfway through season 1, the show is just horribly written, but watched thinking we would find out who the killer was. When we didn’t I wasn’t wasting more time watching this crap. I ditched, and so did millions of others.

  20. b! says:

    I’m in for another season! I love Holder n Lindens story! Some of the characters are interesting, I didn’t read all of the descriptions. I want to be surprised! :)

  21. Gillian says:

    Excited for a season 3! Certainly will be tuning in!

  22. Lola says:

    This is going to be epically terrible. I’m very, very excited. Also, I love Joel Kinneman, so as long as he has work, I’m happy.

  23. Judy says:

    They mention that Danette Lutz is a crappy mother…….can’t be much worse than Linden! She’s pretty bad!

  24. Laurie says:

    Will absolutely watch – can’t wait! :)

  25. Josh says:

    I thought season one was okay. Several episodes were downright boring. But the season one finale is ultimately what brought me back for more. Season 2 rose on a thrilling crescendo, albeit plateau-ing at times, and ended with a somewhat sublime thud. The season 2 finale was predictable and didn’t live up to the rise of excitement that it’s previous 25 episodes continually built on. But it certainly lived up to what it was: a finale. The Killing ended like a good novel, as in one that certainly needs no sequel. “Its done, its over”, was the way I viewed the series .It didn’t leave me biting my fingernails needing to know more. That said a sort of prequel-like take on a third season would interest me. Knowing more about Holder and Linden prior to the Larsen case. I think season 3 will be more about satisfying all the fanboys/girls of this series. I’ll be interested to see what they try and do with The Killing, so I would tune in for a third round. But overall it seems like trying to add some extra chapters an already completed and published book. I give The Killing 4/5 stars mainly due to the thrilling 12 episodes (yes I’m excluding the last episode) of the 2nd season. But that’s just my opinion.

  26. Lawrence V. Eduardo says:

    Bring back Randal Edwards as Ray the tech — great actor, a great character that could be flushed out with his own arc

  27. Anasazi says:

    So glad this is coming back! Linden and Holder for the win!

  28. Victoria Bean says:

    Hurry up and BRING IT ON!!!

  29. Gianna says:

    Yay! This is awesome news! I loved both seasons of The Killing, and was very sad to see it concluded (well, I admit I said “Huh?” after S1 finale.) I thought there was no hope for a season 3, as the way it ended left little (character-wise) to carry on with. But now I’m thrilled with the knowledge they’re creating new material for Linden & Holder (bring on Round 3!) Can’t wait to tell my mom…she’ll be so happy. She was just talking about the show a few days ago (how much she missed it…)

  30. I loved this show from the very beginning!

  31. james says:

    Hell yeah I will be watching. The show is thousand times better than all those stupid ass sitcoms!

  32. Laurie says:

    one of the best show ever…so looking forward to season 3….and 4…and 5

  33. tazgill says:

    I really likes this show, it was different not revealing the killer at the end o season 1. Everyone is so used to finding things out either at the end of the eoisode or the end of the season. Yes, it made me a little mad not to know at first but, it kept me wanting more. I’m happy and excited for season 3. Don’t be a hater, it was nice to see something different.

  34. I loved this show!!!! Crime,corruption,drugs,sexual tension,throw in politics,dirty cops,hookers,murder,and one of the sexiest characters in a seasoned show,Holder.My fav casting was Donnie and Marie,This show is close to reality without it being a true crime show.They drew us in,with the hints of the who done it,then pulling the rug out from under our feet,only to highlight the next person,each time,im thinking,yeah its got to be this person..and I was wrong,Kudos for a season 3

  35. Fran Hampton says:

    This show is the best! So happy it’s back and hope it stays around for awhile.

  36. Joe Hickory says:

    So tired of Bullet. Tired of her smart ass attitude and wish she would leave the show.

    • Jane Mansell says:

      Well you got your wish about Bullet! Just watched episode 9 and the amazing acting of the characters Linden, Holder and Seward. This series is the best of the 3 for me so far.