People's Choice Awards Go to TV's Usual Suspects -- Plus a Few Surprises

PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARDS 2012The people have spoken, and they like Grey’s Anatomy, Supernatural, Castle, Glee and The X Factor.

The five shows scored a leading two trophies apiece Wednesday night at the 2013 People’s Choice Awards.

A pair of modestly rated freshman series (NBC’s The New Normal and The CW’s Beauty and the Beast) as well as one recently cancelled drama (TNT’s Leverage) also walked off with trophies at the Kaley Cuoco-hosted CBS ceremony.

Scroll down for a complete list of the TV winners.

The Big Bang Theory


The New Normal

Chris Colfer, Glee

Lea Michele, Glee

Grey’s Anatomy


Beauty and the Beast

Nathan Fillion, Castle

Ellen Pompeo, Grey’s Anatomy



Supernatural‘s SPNFamily

True Blood

The X Factor

Demi Lovato, The X Factor

Ellen DeGeneres

Jimmy Fallon

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  1. Hell yeah Leverage! Bring it back! The people have spoken TNT!!!!

    • madhatter360 says:

      We stole a PCA. I wish it’d been in the televised part though.

    • Daniel says:

      If only the people who were so willing to spend their time voting would have been willing to actually watch the show live. Then the ratings would have been higher and the show would still be around. Just saying……

      • Christine says:

        The thing was we did watch. TNt didn’t care about the ratings. TNT also kept moving the show and not advertising it. TNT would only show ads for Leverage during Leverage, kind of a bonehead move wouldn’t you say.

      • Cheryl says:

        Actually we did watch but not always on tv. When we watch from on demand, iPads, DVr etc the Neilsen ratings or whatever Mumbo jumbo that is used to get viewing stats does not include us

    • Mary Anne Waddick says:

      I stayed up to watch the show and they didn’t even bother to give them their award! And we the Fans voted for Leverage to win! What does that say to TNT? They should never have cancelled it!

      • Jenny says:

        Id like to know who chose not to televise the fact that Leverage won this. Another cronie connected to TNT? Sure does seem to be a conspiracy to get rid of it and do whatever possible to ensure its demise. Shame on them.

        • Jenny says:

          It also doesn’t help that in this very article they labelled a pic with “Leverage ” when its a pic of “White Collar”. Isnt that Matt Bohmer?

      • Michael says:

        Well….Beauty and the Beast won for best new Drama, so that tells you who was voting and how many people were voting. I doubt that TNT is paying all that much attention to the PCAs.

        • Jessica says:

          I am pretty certain that NO TV executives are paying attention to the PCAs. They mean nothing except to the people who won and the crazy fans who voted for them.

          • nkael1 says:

            And the rating system is not skewed and inaccurate? Seriously, you don’t think TV execs
            pay any attention at all to free advertising?

          • Jessica says:

            OK, I’ll give you that. Free advertising is a plus and it gives the networks something for PR spin. BUT…if a show has low ratings it will not be saved by winning a PCA. It doesn’t have the prestiege of an Emmy or Golden Globe and rarely (if at all) translates into higher ratings.

        • Claudia says:

          Unlike BATB, leverage was already cancelled… is more likely the CW does watch the PCA, and BATB stays for next season is all we want…you cant criticize something other people likes just because you dont like it. And for all the haterzzz out there is the power of people and the underdog that counts…

          • Jessica says:

            Look, the fact of the matter is the voting reflects a very small segment of the television viewing audience and the fact that you can vote multiple times skewes the results even more. There is no way any Network is going to take these seriously. It’s great for PR but it does not reflect reality. Ratings are all that networks care about because ratings = money. If a show is getting crappy ratings it will not get renewed simply because it won a PCA. I am not trying to hate on your show. I am just pointing out reality.

  2. Isistelle says:


  3. Lilu says:

    ellen pompeo?! I didn’t see that coming… I voted my a*s off for stana, sorry it wasn’t enough, next year guuurl!! but YAY for Castle and Nathan!!!

    • Jamie says:

      Me too! I thought I was gonna break my wrist!!

      • Olivia says:

        The same here. Was sooo happy when Nathan won, too bad I couldn’ watch it. Was he there? Still, I really like Ellen Pompeo, it was between her and Stana. And I’m loving Castle, GA and TNN’s win!

    • greysfan says:

      I didn’t see that coming either but its about time she finally won something for all the amazing work she has done on Greys. Very happy about this one. Also great to see it take best Drama too. Mind you the thing that annoyed me most was for one of the biggest awards of the night they just shoved it in with Ellen’s award. Guess it must be a CBS thing.

      Glad to see Lea Michele and Chris Colfer win along with Big Bang Theory. Surprised X Factor won best Talent show. Maybe there is hope yet.

  4. Sharie says:

    Really happy Beauty and the Beast won! It has improved by leaps and bounds and the chemistry between the two leads was breathtaking last ep. I would encourage people to start watching some of the later eps like 5…

  5. Fernando says:

    I never expected Beauty and the beast would beat “Arrow” or any other nominees for that matter. Who watches that show anyway?

    • Kristina says:

      I do! I watch Arrow too though if it makes you feel better.

    • Shireen says:

      Clearly people do. Props to the fans tho…very good strategy in terms of how they voted via twitter and also how they voted from the beginning.

    • Renee says:

      Me! The big surprise of the season to be honest.

    • Naazneen says:

      I watch. So so happy for the show! Go Beauty and the Beast!

    • Claudia says:

      I do since it started, maybe first episodes were weak but unlike other shows got stronger and stronger and we are a hell of determined #beastie fans….go #BATB big underdog surprise….we defeated Golliath (Arrow)…the power of few is determined by the strategy…..

    • mia says:

      I too was surprised Beauty and the Beast beat Arrow. I watch and enjoy both, but Beauty is the far better show so I’m SO glad it won.

      • Claudia says:

        I think the same, I started with both shows, and Arrow started big and BATB weak, but if I compared both shows I already gave up on Arrow and lost interest on the other hand BATB picked up a good pace after episode 5 and Im stuck with it to the point Ive watched Bridesmaid Up a zillion times and havent had any will to watch the last episode of Arrow….

        • mia says:

          Lol same. I’ve rewatched a few BnB episodes during the hiatus and enjoyed them. I have no desire to rewatch Arrow eps. I’m going to keep watching Arrow, if for no other reason than John Barrowman, Susanna Thompson and those damn sexy workout montages they put in every episode :P.
          But BnB has my heart

  6. ZmaX says:

    Happy for Beauty and the Beast! the show has improved so much since the pilot episode. Hopefully people return to check it out.

  7. John says:

    Ironically the dramatic actor winner does mostly comedy on his show, and the comedic winner does mostly drama on his.

    Also, Beauty and the Beast?! LOL. I love the People’s Choice Awards, they are so hilariously insane.

    • anon123 says:

      Excuse me, but have you seen his stellar performances? Have you seen 4×23? No. He should have won an Emmy for that performance alone. Last time I checked, Castle is a dramedy (drama and comedy).

      • Becca says:

        Dude relax! He’s not saying anything bad about Fillion’s acting, he’s just saying that he tends to do more comedy than drama on Castle. Which is absolutely true.

  8. dave w says:

    Sorry. I disagree with most of these results.

    • Annika says:

      Me too! I was very surprised at the results. (I’m sorry, but where’s all the quality?)

      • Lilu says:

        It’s not about quality, it’s the People’s Choice! The Battle of the Fandoms, and the Fandoms have spoken!!!

      • Emily says:

        I disagreed with most of the nominations, let alone the results. And then these voters from who knows where don’t even pick the best of the worst. Too bad the CW can’t convert rabidity into money.

    • Claudia says:

      This is not the quality of a show, if anything is how much of a FANDOM each of this shows has, definately the CW has the most….and do you know who makes a show famous its fans you dont need publicity IS THE FANS!!! thank you very much for your 5 cents!!!!! Go #Beauties and #Beasties we ROCK

  9. SW says:

    Really bummed Stana Katic didn’t take home a trophy. Ellen Pompeo is solid, but Stana really hit it out of the park this year and deserves to be recognized. Kinda disappointed in where/how people vote. Especially since Nathan and Castle both won (rightfully) and knowing Stana carried the heavy load with the material this past season. Hope recognition comes for her soon.

    • When it leaked that Stana wasn’t attending, was the glaring answer she didn’t win. Kudos to Ellen Pompeo on a well deserved win.

      • arial2 says:

        Unless she had some schedule conflict, SK should have been gracious enough to attend. Her show won and her costar won. The world is not all about her. I do hope it was some scheduling thing because I’ve really liked her in the role of Beckett.

        • SW says:

          Yeah, she was at work. You know, doing the job she’s paid to do but not recognized for. God, it would have taken two seconds to find this out instead of being vicious and starting crap about how gracious she is or whether she’s a team player.

      • Val says:

        Stana Katic was on the set working with guest star Gina Torres. Nathan stated when he won that some of his co-stars were holding down the fort and some were in the audience.

    • mia says:


      She did great work this season…well she’s always done great work. Hopefully next year!

    • Mari says:

      This so much! I’m so sad that she wasn’t recognized. She really deserved to win.

  10. ReeRee says:

    Wohoo for Ellen Pompeo!! She deserves it totally! One of the finest leading ladies in television! and three cheers for Grey’s! 9 years and Still going strong! :D

  11. Linda says:

    Way to go Supernatural, SPNFamily and Leverage!

    • Only watched to see the Leverage team take down the big guys once again- which wasn’t even aired although it apparently made PCA history as the only canceled show to win a PCA. Too bad their own network doesn’t see how powerful the Grifters and Kaniacs can be. They did everything in their power to run that show into the ground and make it impossible for the loyal fans to keep up to date on when the show would air, even giving it time slots that made it hard for the target audience to stay up and watch!! However the fans stayed true.
      Leverage stole our heart, so we stole them a PCA.
      SPN Is my other fandom, so all in all I was happy with the night’s results.

  12. Juan says:

    Congrats to Ellen, was very happy for her and loved her speech, also congrats to castle and supernatural and awkward all great

  13. Jay says:

    Beauty and the beast > Arrow aka Batman ripoff

    • Mark says:

      Beauty And The Beast is a Beauty And The Beast ripoff. LOL.

      • Renee says:

        This version of Beauty & The Beast has almost nothing in common with the 80’s series. And yes I watched both.

      • Claudia says:

        I only watched the 80’s version a couple of time never got attached to it, I was never even attracted to a fury man (Perlmans look Already were beastie beastie)….and you cant criticize something you dont even watch…

        • Alan says:

          did you just criticize the fact that the beast in the 80’s beauty and the beast was too beastly, man its comments like this make me wonder about the kind of people who comment on these things

          • mia says:

            There is “beastly” and then there’s “that’s a cat”. I could never get into the 80s B+B because the beast was just waaaay too much of a cat/lion thing for me to be comfortable with a romance between him and a human.
            Granted on the new version, Jay Ryan isn’t much of a beast either – but the essence of the trope is there, so I’m fine. Plus he’s human.

  14. hcc says:

    So thrilled that Beauty and the Beast won. They have a tremendous fanbase that supports the show. This show gets better and better with each episode, the cast and crew are deserving!!!! Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan are two amazing leads with tremendous chemistry, love them both!!!!

    • Daniel says:

      HAHA!! If you think Kristin Kreuk is an “amazing lead” then you really need to get out more. Seriously. Change the channel away from CW. It will amaze you.

  15. lily says:

    I am a Castle fan, but I really wanted NCIS to win for best TV Crime Drama. I feel like the cast and crew deserve some recognition, especially after last nights episode!

  16. Sid says:

    Beauty is gaining traction and it’s fans(though small) are very vocal and loyal. It could be The CW’s next Nikita or SPN in terms of its rabid fanbase. The fact that it beat Arrow which has double it its audience and demo says a lot about the fans rather than the show.

  17. Luu says:

    Ellen Pompeo was a really big surprise for me. I almost lost my digits voting for Stana, but next year’s will be hers.

  18. claudia says:

    BATB, has improved a lot rpisode 5-9, ppl has to check it out its much refreshing than TVD or SPN and we the fans are #beasties at heart we voted over and over, we defeated Golliath (ARROW)

  19. YAA BEAUTY AND THE BEAST WON! hope this encourages more people 2 give it a second chance because it gets better & better every episode! Well deserved Congrats 2 the amazing cast! Jay Ryan, Kristin Kreuk, & Austin Basis! ;)

  20. Fran says:

    So happy for Supernatural! And Jared and Jensen looked so handsome in their colour coordinated outfits.

  21. Amber says:

    Smallville fans must have killed the voting for Beauty and the Beast. I can’t explain that win otherwise. Kristin Kreuk fans must be loyal.

  22. Britta Unfiltered says:

    Sigh. The people’s choice awards make me need prozac.

  23. Jared says:

    Castle and its actors are some of the worst, most amateur there is! It is one of the cheesiest and poorest written/produced shows on network television.

    And this is by no means, a disrespect to the fans! We all have and are allowed to our guilty pleasures of “sub-par” entertainment, but what an upset this show keeps providing to other shows and actors that are WAY more talented and better produced.

    • John DeMayo says:

      Wait… are you saying that Ian Somerhalder, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, or Paul Wesley are more talented than Nathan Fillion? That’s laughable, honestly. And on what planet is Ellen Pompeo more talented than Stana Katic? Seriously.

      • Mike says:

        This CW is filled with some of the worst actors on television, so to say Nathab Fillion and the rest of the cast is more worthy is ridiculous.

        • Mike says:

          Ignore this comment I agreed with everything you said. I’m a bit tired clearly.

        • Kresh says:

          Wooooow, I gotta say that you are wrong and that the CW has so maaany underrated actors, I mean Jensen, Ian and Paul really do deserve more attention for their brilliant acting skills.

          And one other thing that I noticed was that Supernatural did not get any screen time on PCA, CBS would have never done that to one of their own shows, Just shows that Supernatural really does dominates when it comes to their fans.

      • Maria says:

        Totally agree!!

        • Maria says:

          When I say “totally agree”, that´s with @John DeMayo, not @Jared, obviously!
          Nathan Fillion Is the best actor among the nominees! And nothing against Ellen Pompeo, but Stana Katic is a much better actress…

      • Lilu says:

        ^^Âll of THIS !

      • liliana says:

        Some actors of the CW are the best!! You dont know because you because maybe you dont watch! Jared and Jensen are such a great actors, they are very talented!! And i like Nathan and Castle!! I dont like how people judge CW actors, and yeah they show more acting skills than Nathan! I think Jared or Jensen should won but i am not like you and i am happy for Nathan!

    • TV Gord says:

      Couldn’t get an audition, eh?

    • SW says:

      You need to get off the drugs, Jared.

  24. tw says:

    There are people who actually like Ellen Pompeo? Seriously? Props to Lea Michele though…well deserved!

    • Mike says:

      Lea Michele is not funny in any way ever, she is a great actress but not funny, she was the only one I did not want to win, Glee is not a comedy. Chris Colfer too. You completely ruin your credibility when you insult Pompeo and then congratulate Glee.

      • KellyG says:

        I totally agree. Glee so far is 80 percent drama. Lea and Chris have not had much as a whisper of humor written for them this year. neither deserved the award for comedy show. Glee is not a comedy anymore.

    • Raver says:

      FYI Ellen Pompeo is an amazing actress with a good timing for comedy as well as tragedy! Being the leading lady of the show for 9 seasons and still getting an award speaks for itself!

  25. Nichole says:

    why is Glee classed as a comedy?? sure the plot lines are funny, but not in a haha way, more in a wtf is going on way lol

    • Sshl says:

      Thank you!!! AND fine if it is but Lea Michelle is by no means the funniest on the show. Best singer, yes. Most talented likely. I just don’t think she is written as the funniest. And certainly not the funniest in the category. Clearly, I did not vote enough. :-)

    • beckstle says:

      Glee’s thrown into comedy because award shows don’t recognize dramedy as a legitimate category. Desperate Housewives was also put in the comedy category. Unless dramedy becomes something that the TV industry feels they can categorize, things like Glee will be in the comedy section.

  26. vi says:

    annoyed that people from glee won for best comedy actor and actress… so many other great choices and the people pick them?

    • Carrie says:

      “The People” didn’t pick them. A small rabid fanbase who spent many hours voting picked them. The fact of the matter is the majority of people who watch TV did not vote.

  27. Mike says:

    Everything about this award show makes me sick to my stomach, I may get hate for this, but do the people have any taste any at all, this is an example of why most award show aren’t people voted, because the votes are over saturated with teenage girls.

    Where to begin Glee should not be a comedy, and I’ll stop talking there. Zooey Deschanel should have won for actress and Parson or NPH for actor. At least they got network and cable comedy right, but The Walking Dead should have won for cable drama, it is clearly more popular than Leverage,, and of higher quality, of course if Breaking Bad was nominated that should of won. Now the Hunger Games was a decent movie, but far from excellent. Lastly, it bothered me than Aniston and Sandler won awards, I don’t even know what movies they were in this year. So all in all this show was a complete bust with three worthy winners IMO, Pompeo, Degeneres, and Fillion.

    • May says:

      Agree 100%. This award show has 0 credibility, Glee was good 3 years ago, Grey’s is past its prime and the X Factor is the worst of all the singing competition shows. The only show I’m glad won was Awkward.

    • Mark says:

      Agreed. This award show is a joke.

      • takethat says:

        Well, it IS the PEOPLE’S Choice, after all. The same population that puts horrendously crude Chuck Lorre sitcoms on top of the ratings. What do you expect?

    • TV Gord says:

      Any awards show where winners are notified in advance is a fake awards show. It’s just a big circle jerk.

    • Jessica says:

      You just have to remind yourself that this isn’t an award for quality. This is an award for popularity. As TV has repeatedly shown us over the years…..they are NOT the same thing.

  28. King says:

    Castle won the Favorite TV Crime Drama despite struggling in the ratings and the lowest rated among the nominees in that category. Each of its fans must have voted a thousand times! Wow.

    • beckstle says:

      Castle’s averaging 10 million viewers a week and is the most watched scripted broadcast show Monday nights. That’s not exactly struggling with ratings – and it certainly has plenty of voters for contests like this.

      • Lilu says:

        ….but yeahm we voted our a*sses off :P

      • Jessica says:

        First of all, it is struggling in the ratings if you look at the 18-49 demo which is the only rating number TV executives care about.
        Second, since you can vote multiple times, you have absolutly no idea how many people really voted. You can’t claim to have more voters than another show….just more votes. There is a difference.

    • Breck says:

      10 pm Mondays is one of the hardest time slots right now. You have Castle, Hawaii Five-O and Revolution…not to mention Monday Night Football during the fall. A lot of people are fans of all of those, so the ratings are all divided up among them.

    • Tina says:

      Personally I only voted twice. Not much worth voting for to begin with. I do not watch 95 % of the shows and I quit listening to the radio years ago.

  29. I’m glad Awkward and The New Normal won.

  30. OMG says:

    I have not watched Beauty and The Beast, but it is one of those bubble shows if I’m not wrong. Of all the new shows, it is second-lowest rated besides Emily Owens, so the fact that it wins is probably more on rabid fanbase voting instead of actual popularity.

    • AT says:

      There were only three new shows. So being in second out of three, isn’t bad especially when you’re up against such a heavily promoted show as Arrow. Also, out of the 9 scripted shows, popularity wise BATB is in 4th place on the CW network (after TVD, Arrow and Supernatural) so not too bad. I do agree that a loyal fanbase contributed to the win, but it is gaining in popularity online so I wouldn’t say it’s not popular. Anyway, my point? If there were enough loyal fans to make this win happen, the network has to be happy about the future of the series. There has to be something right in a show like this to get fans that loyal and devoted. People always underestimate urban fantasy series.

      • Claudia says:

        Because we believe in the show before it even started, first 3-4 episodes weak, but after that it picked up really good, we just didint give up, and just wait until the 24th when the new episode will air after all the CW shows air next week, the anticipation is killing us and the midseason finale was electrifying for us #beasties and #beauties, so hey as you say I agree with you something really good is in the making and we believe it!!!!!!!

  31. EKS says:

    YAY Leverage. Grifters we did it!!!!!!!! So glad we were able to put that egg on TNT’s face! Whoo hoo!

  32. Louise says:

    So happy Leverage won, now I just wish another company would pick it up so we can get a season 6, no idea why it’s been cancelled we need more good family viewing on the TV xxxx

    • Sue Agnes says:

      I agree completely with you…see TNT you made a grave error. I do hope some Network picks up Leverage, it is WORTH watching. WTG Leverage, you guys are awesome!

  33. KaniacQueen says:

    Everyone else: Omg I can’t believe these people won they suck

    Grifters: Yay Leverage! Screw you TNT

  34. 13BlackSkulls says:

    Only ONE category truly mattered this year…and we did it! *claps* Way to go Grifters!!!! I knew we’d win, though I was a bit freaked out about going up against Pretty Little Liars. I mean…White Collar? Burn Notice? Walking Dead???? ECH! Some people have no taste. I do love PLL, too, so I’m glad that was Leverage’s only REAL competition. *goes off to celebrate some more*

    • Mike says:

      If you really think Leverage and PLL are better than The Walking Dead, you need to watch better tv. Of course the most worthy shows are never even nominated in this embarrassment for an awards show.

  35. Angel says:

    age of the geek baby!! yay leverage! TNT you got it so wrong…

  36. Anna says:

    I disagree with most of these results. But super glad that SPN won. Shows that we SPN fans are a force to be reckoned with. However bummed out that TVD and Arrow lost. I mean seriously?! BATB?! This is laughable.

    • Claudia says:

      Why because you dont like BATB, have ever watched? Well we love the show and it shows that never understimate the underdog…ahhh?

  37. I am a big Leverage fan, so glad they took home a PCA wtg guys, so stupid that TNT cancelled them… I really don’t know what’s going on with TV anymore. I am almost to the point where I am going to quit watching TV shows & just watch movies, it’s hard to get involved in a TV show anymore,because you don’t know if it’s going to be there tomorrow… just in the past year or so, Missing, Unforgettable, In Plain Sight, The Mob Doctor, CSI Miami, The Defenders, GCB, House, Ringer & I even loved The Secret Circle, those are just the shows I can think of off the top of my head have gotten the axe. most with little warning or cliff hanger season finales’… I don’t know…sure is discouraging…

  38. BillH says:

    WOW, I didn’t realize just how STUPID people are. Who are these idiots that voted this crud. the only shows on this list I watch/ed are Big Bang Theory and Leverage, and Leverage is NOT the better than Justified.

  39. Laura_Aurelia says:

    Yay for Grey’s Anatomy, Ellen Pompeo and Lea Michele!

  40. I wish they would have aired Leverage winning for Best Cable TV Drama. I wanted to see my favorite shows’ cast accept the award they so much deserved. The world needed a reminder of what they are going to be missing now that the show has been cancelled. I am so glad Leverage won.

  41. Jessie says:

    How the hell did Beauty and The Beast win? Pretty sure it’s currently the worst show on television – yep, worse than Guys with Kids and The Neighbors.

    • claudia says:

      well probably bec it got faithfull fans and is becoming more and more popular, dont ever underestimate the underdog, it might surprise show. Show started weak but has gotten better and better

    • Briana says:

      More likely that the only people who voted were rabid fans and 12 year old girls. People’s choice…no. Fangirl wank….yes.

      • Renee says:

        Excuse me…you’re wrong. I’m a fan who voted twice for Beauty & the Beast. Not rabid. Not 12. And at 40 I prefer woman to girl.

      • Shireen says:

        Well you clearly had time to click on that article and make commentary so I am assuming you fall into one of those two categories? ;)

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh please. I’m over thirty and voted like maybe 10 times at the most. This show is starting to gain the similar Moonlight audience that everyone ALWAYS underestimates. Was the show weak in the beginning? Yes, it was. Most people probably think the show is always like the pilot but that is just not the case. The show keeps on improving week by week. Episode 9 was just awesomely romantic. I’m so glad I can watch a beauty/beast type show with adult characters.

      • Claudia says:

        omg people got it all wrong, Im 37 years old mother of three, office manager with lots of responsabilities and BATB is the only show I really enjoy and looking forward to watch right now….specially when all you want from a tv show is take you away to a paralell world of fantasy, I voted like crazy so be it. And please stop bashing us because we are BATB fans….everyone has different likes. I for once dont like any of the CSI, NCIS, Medical or precedural shows out there but I respect what other people like to watch….como dicen en mi pais para gustos los colores

  42. Oh yeah Leverage won, boy did TNT mess that one up cancelling their only show nominated and Winning!!!! So what station wants to pick up a winning show?

  43. Joan says:

    Hey TNT, do you think maybe you made a mistake canceling Leverage? It is a fantastic show with a great cast who loves their fans. It is nice we could show them how much we appreciate them.

  44. Alan says:

    i disagree with everything that isnt castle, supernatural or leverage. this is why the people should not get the chance to give out awards

  45. Maria says:

    I like how the PCA’s separate shows into cable and regular network. The Emmy’s should do the same.

  46. Daniel says:

    Someone else said it above but it’s worth repeating… This award says absolutly NOTHING about a show. But it speaks volumes about the fans.

  47. Carrie says:

    If you want to know who the REAL people’s choices are just look at the television ratings. People watch what they like. I can pretty much guarantee that none of the winners here are the “people’s choice” (with the exception of the two Ellens. They are both on highly rated shows and consistently win their timeslot.)

  48. Renee says:

    Beauty & the Beast won? WOOHOO!!!