Nashville Recap: Wedding-Bell Blues

CONNIE BRITTON, HAYDEN PANETTIERELadies and gentlemen, Nashville‘s Rayna-Juliette tour is on. But before the two country gals can hit the road, there are just a few little details to wrap up. Like Juliette yoking herself to one man for the rest of her life. And the paternity of Rayna’s elder daughter. Y’know, miniscule stuff. Elsewhere, Deacon’s in a weird place, and Scarlett vacillates between a very poor decision and a very good one. Turn your amplifiers up to 11, and let’s review the major developments of “Be Careful of Stones That You Throw.”

MRS. SEAN BUTLER? | As the episode opens, Juliette is running quite late for a session to record “Wrong Song” vocals with Rayna. Turns out, it’s because Sean apparently agreed to her candlelit proposal; they’ve wed, and she’s making short work of his chastity vow in the back of a limo. When she finally does arrive at the studio, she proudly flashes her diamond around. Glenn is shocked. “Y’all should communicate better,” Rayna drawls. (Ha!) The ladies have a moment alone, and Juliette asks Rayna why she’s agreed to go on tour when she hates her. “I only hate sunburns and hangovers. This is business,” Ms. Jaymes replies. When they’re done, Juju goes home… where she finds Sean and his highly ticked-off parents.

The Butlers have to accept their son’s choice, they realize, but they want a big church wedding in the very near future as a means of puting a patina of respectability on the whole ridiculous affair. Juliette acts like they’re trying to schedule brunch. “I have to go on tour on Sunday,” she says, earning even more of Mama Butler’s ire. They all agree on Saturday, but Sean’s still not happy that he and his wife will spend exactly two days together in the next few months. Juliette assures him all will be well: “We’re just gonna hook up when we can and sext in between, and we’ll be fine.” (If you guys are writing your own vows, Juliette, you might want to jot that down. It’s gold.)

Meanwhile, Sean’s mom is still giving Juju the stinkeye. I love when Juliette tries to claim victory by asserting her place in the Butler family, despite his mother saying it would never happen. “Oh honey, eloping with my son is not the same thing,” her mother-in-law replies. Were Ju not holding a super cute studded clutch, she’d probably need both hands to pick her jaw up off the floor. She’s kicked again when – at Sean’s urging (and isn’t it cute how he wants to go with her?) — she visits Jolene in rehab. Juliette’s mom is looking markedly better than the last time we saw her, but with sobriety comes a clarity that Juliette doesn’t want focused on her. Too bad, lady. Jolene remarks that no marriage is going to be able to fill the sucking void in Juliette’s heart, and Juliette bitterly shoots back that her mom can’t stand to see her happy. “And are you?” Jolene replies. Ouch.

The morning of the wedding, Juliette’s all dressed and just about ready to go to the church. Her assistant Emily is her maid of honor, and Glenn is going to walk her down the aisle. (P.S.: That is super sad, y’all.) Sean messengers over a cameo that his grandmother wore; he wants his bride to feel welcomed into the family by wearing it at the ceremony. As the church fills and Sean and his groomsmen file in, we see Juliette in the back of a limo by herself. And when the driver says, “We’re here,” she takes off the necklace, exits the car… and walks toward the jet that’s waiting for her. I know we’ve known Sean for all of five minutes, and nothing about him is all that compelling, but is it weird that I felt really bad for him when I realized where she was?

DADDY ISSUES | Rayna’s not doing much better than her hubby-dumping duet partner. Teddy fights his wife’s desire to take the girls with her on tour, a move she says will get them away from their lying, stealing, possibly-cheating-even-though-he-denies-it-well-we’ll-just-see-about-that father. And when she decrees that Maddie and Daphne will accompany her, Lamar steps in with a big, ugly threat: “It’d be a shame if Maddie would learn the truth about her real paternity.” There you have it, folks: The subtle hint that was raised in the pilot, now out in the open for everyone to see. Nicely played, Nashville. The threat backfires, though; when Teddy finds out that his father-in-law used his daughter’s emotional well-being as a poker chip, he goes off. (By the by, Teddy’s outburst about how he’s Maddie’s dad, no matter what, is pretty much the first time I’ve been able to stand him all season.) Rayna must be feeling me, because she and Teddy later talk about how they’re still in love but deeply unhappy, and she then agrees to leave the girls at home.

BREAKING UP THE BAND | At producer Dominic’s request, Avery splits from his band. It doesn’t go well. He then swings by the old place to give Scarlett his keys. He doesn’t know the awkwardness between her and Gunnar is killing their songwriting productivity, and she doesn’t know about his latest selfish act. He asks her for a hug, which leads to a kiss, and pretty soon they’re afterglowing on the couch. But when she finds out what he did to JT and the guys, she kicks him out all over again. Later on, after a little meet-up with JT, Scarlett sits in as lead singer so Avery’s former band doesn’t have to cancel its gig. She’s great, a fact her ex – now in the studio, where Dominic is dissecting his song — realizes while watching video of the event. The time on stage also helps Scarlett get her mojo back; she makes up with Gunnar and together they croon a new song.

IT GETS LONELY ON THE ROAD | While on tour with the Revel Kings, Deacon encounters a female music reporter with whom he used to be close. How close? She greets him with a kiss on the mouth, and they’re in the sack before you can say “journalism ethics.” He’s on edge throughout the episode, and she calls him on it, but he refuses to engage. She also does us a great service by giving us a teeny piece of Deke’s backstory: Twice, she refers to “Vince” and an “accident,” making it sound like Deacon’s drinking was involved (and maybe to blame?). It’s interesting to note that Deacon’s hilarious reaction to the news that the Barnes/Jaymes tour is, indeed, happening (“Are you kidding me!?”) is quickly followed by an inquiry about who’s playing lead guitar in the band.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think about the fact that Peggy’s storyline – such a big deal in the previous episode — was all but nonexistent this week? Were you well aware that Juliette wasn’t headed to the house of worship? And what are your theories on Deacon’s Vince and what happened to him? Sound off in the comments!


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  1. Juan says:

    I think that was the best one so far, cools

  2. Carol C says:

    Lots of excitement in tonight’s episode ~ I LOVE this show. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

  3. Lauren says:

    Amazing Episode. Felt bad not only for Sean, but also for Juliette who just can’t seem to find happiness no matter how hard she tries.

    • astrid says:

      why did they do that???? wouldn’t it be great to see Juliette develope WITH Sean and vice versa? Trying to at least? I loved her with Sean and the stand-offs with the christian mother were hillarious – why lose that??? There could have been so many more great stories with the two of them und they dump it for what??? More boring-ass sleeping around with older men and getting hurt and into trouble?
      As they are legally married, I sure hope that’s not the end of their story… though I cannot really see how they would come back from that

      • Rebecca says:

        I agree!! I will be really sad if they truely end the her relationship with Sean! I love him! I think there is still so much left to them!!

        • Amy h says:

          I agree as well. But maybe we should hold out some hope. The previews show her being served. Maybe she’ll have second thoughts about the divorce if Sean’s the one sending the papers.

  4. CJ says:

    Definitely the best episode of the season thus far. And Scarlett singing on stage with Avery’s band was my favorite scene yet. She has a GREAT voice, especially on a stronger song like that. I love the stuff she does with Gunnar, but that was even better.

    • LAR says:

      I have to disagree with you. I felt her on stage performance was very out of character for her. Just at the beginning of the season she supposedly hadn’t even sung before (or felt very shy about it) and when she went out with Gunner to that bar she was drunk before she got onstage to sing with the band. Then the fact that she gets on stage and rocks out like that was kind of unbelievable. I guess the writers were trying to say that because of what just happened between her and Avery she is moving out of her comfort zone, but I just wish they would be more consistent.

  5. KM says:

    “Change Your Mind” was such a beautiful song. It just made the episode for me.

  6. TeresaK says:

    Juliette won’t find happiness until she accepts & loves herself, and that journey is going to be interesting. It’s kinda sad how she’s isolated herself. This was the best episode so far! Keep more of this coming!

  7. Shannon H. says:

    Poor Sean! I felt so bad for him even though we all knew Juliette was going to stand him up

  8. Angel says:

    I was really disgusted by Rayna, Teddy, Lamar and everyone who knows the truth about Maddie’s real father, they have absolutely no respect for her and Deacon. I can’t wait for them to learn the truth especially Deacon, he has the right to know he has a daughter (who btw, has inherited of his guitar skills)

  9. Terry says:

    I swear I’m going to flip out if you guys don’tupgrade this show to a safe bet or sure thing on the renewal scorecard. Such an awesome show. Watch it, people! This site doesn’t do written recaps for just any old dramas. this one has earned its place

  10. Ella says:

    Loved this episode! Gained a deeper understanding of Teddy, too. His marriage to Rayna makes more sense now.The music last night was awesome!

  11. Carrie says:

    Best. Episode. Yet. Eric Close and Connie Britton were just awesome. Scarlett singing with the band was terrific – she has such a beautiful voice. Where do Sean and Juliette go from here? I feel so sorry for Juliette. I think Hayden P. has been a revelation on this show. Can’t wait for the next episode!!!

  12. wrstlgirl says:

    After last night’s episode Scarlett and Avery are my favorite characters with Deacon coming in third. Rayna and Juliette are boring. I mean who didn’t know Juliette was gonna run from that wedding, duh!!! Still not convinced this show will make it to S2.

  13. Sunny says:

    So Deacon is good enough to play in Rayna’s band. He’s good enough to write songs with her. He’s good enough to be in Rayna’s back pocket for years. He’s just not good enough to be a father to his daughter. I can’t wait for that tidbit to hit the fan. He is going to feel so betrayed. It’s one thing to keep Maddie’s paternity a secret when he was still actively drinking, but the man has been sober for years now. And who’s to say he wouldn’t have gotten sober sooner if he knew he had a little girl. Poor Deacon. And poor Sean. He seems like a genuine good guy and now his heart is broken.

    • lily says:

      I’m TOTALLY agree with you, Rayna have absolutely no respect and no trust in a man she dated for eleven years. She had the right to keep this secret for her while he was still in rehab but AFTER? No I’m absolutely no agree with it, I love Rayna and she’s still my fav but I’m disgusted by her family and they way they played this out including her.

  14. catperson says:

    I couldn’t read past “yolk.” I think you want “yoke.”

  15. another catperson says:

    Thought it was Rebel Kings, not Revel Kings.

  16. Amy says:

    May be the best episode to date. I actually feel a little differently about Teddy after the reveal about him knowing who Maddy’ s biological father is. At least Rayna told one of the men in her life the truth. It’ll be interesting to see how they get Deacon on tour with them. Juliette’s lead guitar? You know it’s going to happen. Can’t wait for the sparks to fly. I predict a Rayna/Deacon reunion followed by breakup when he finds out about Maddy.

  17. another catperson says:

    I stand corrected. It is Revel Kings. Sorry!

  18. Margie says:

    I absolutely love Scarlett. For me, she’s the best part of the show, and I hope she gets more screen time. Great episode.

  19. Amy says:

    I knew he would get stood up but I’m a little bummed this means Sean might be off the show.

  20. Iakovos says:

    I LOVE NASHVILLE and believe thing will only get better as we have been introduce to these characters and seen them through some initial rough roads. As for Peggy, I recall reading — probably here, Michael A! — that Kimberly Paisley-Williams was upped to regular for the end of the season. That may be why it seemed Peggy was done last night. At that point, Peggy may have been. I wonder if Avery (joshua Jackson) has much long-term place here though. I do love Connie Britton. And Hayden Pantierre (sp?) is excellent. I look forward to more and more. Oh, and that sexy Deacon (Charles Esten, is it?). MMMMMMMM!

  21. May Deacon win his lady back. That’s the Real Song.

  22. Alex says:

    dammit! I really wanted Sean and Juliette together! Love Sean on the show. Although, you could see where it was going – how she wasn’t telling him any of what was really going on. Even non-married types know that’s not a way to start a good marriage. Still I hope they keep Sean around… Man, I actually feel bad for him!

  23. Danielle says:

    I love Sean too. I really want them to end up together. He is genuinely a good person who truly cares for her. She shouldn’t blame him for his mother’s behavior. His mother is incredibly manipulative, good at hiding who she really is from Sean, but rather than play the same games, I wish Juliette would have been honest with him about everything. He would have chosen Juliette over his mother, but Juliette never gave him the chance because she has no self esteem. She should let him in and they should work on their relationship and have a big wedding later in the series! She needs to put that woman in her place! Instead she is fearful and gives the mom too much power. Juliette has the ring and the power now bitch!

  24. Mayzie says:

    Team Sean and Juliette!