Glee Exclusive: Check Out the Show's 'Surprising' New Look! Plus - First Photos From Next Ep!

Glee returns Thursday, Jan. 24, and rumor has it the second half of Season 4 is going to be exciting. And amazing. And surprising.

OK, it’s not so much a rumor as it is the centerpiece of Fox’s new marketing campaign for the series, featuring Chris Colfer (Kurt), Heather Morris (Brittany) and Matthew Morrison (Will).

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Scroll down to view the four billboard-size ads as well as a handful of pics from the first episode back!

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  1. me says:

    I can’t bring myself to care anymore. This show should be called “Mad” or something because we no longer feel “Glee” when watching… (bring on the hate if you want, my body is ready)

    • Kelly says:

      Totally agree. I used to be a huge Gleek and now, the only reason I watch is because I have to. If I quit, or say anything negative, I have to try sweetbreads. If you are not familiar with the dish…it is SO not sweet! It’s so sad that the only thing worse than watching Glee is eating the gland (which one I’m not sure) of an animal!

      • KellyG says:

        LOL!!! That BAD. I totally agree. I realize this season has morphed into something else. I have had the the self-imposed guilt trip for not wanting to continue with the show. So I’ve watched it with no gleeful feelings. It used to be warm and fun and funny and full of life and had really enjoyable music and was always excited to watch even if my favorite characters were not in a good place at that time. I’ve come to the realization that I do not like Glee anymore, but still have the hunger to watch my characters since they have become such a part of me. I know, how cliche is that. It is a hard decision to change the channel when you get so involved in a show like this. Since episode 4 the Break Up, I’ve DVR’d the show just for the music. But not too many episodes have had good enough music to bother with that. So watching other shows which do entertain for that Thursday hour fills that void. Glee will always be a wishful thought from now on to me. But I’m not going to keep hoping for a good story this season anymore. IMO, it won’t ever happen. So the thing is if a show doesn’t make you feel good anymore then find something else that does. That is what I’ve done. I hope all of you who do stay with the show, whether you like it now or if you have have patience to wait it out, Glee will come full circle and be full of entertainment for you. Everything as in so called spoilers for this season are quite trivial and a little late IMO.

        • Ana says:

          So, so well stated and so accurate, at least for me. I’m still attached to some of the characters which is the reason I still DVR it but the love is gone….sadly.

      • Mike Ryan says:

        It’s usually the thymus gland of veal (baby cow)

      • Tara says:

        Sweetbreads is the thalmus gland of a cow.

    • Russ says:

      What I do is watch the show but also do something else, have it on kinda as the background where I give it half my attention. That way we something good happens I can enjoy it and when its being stupid I can ignore it but still have a sense of what happened.

    • carolyne ott says:

      I stopped watching when Damian left. sorry but he made it for me.

      • Kylie says:

        I love Damian, worst decision to get rid of him, also not a fan of Alex’s character, he in general annoys me, I get the reasons they put hi in but his 2 episodes were enough

        • Kylie says:

          However apart from Alex I have enjoyed the season, I still think season 3 bought back glee from its down turn in season 2 and I get season 4 is more so about characters personal development, which is kind of cool I’m still a fan :)

  2. Jim says:

    Seriously? Mr Schu and Brittany are suppose to make me WANT to watch Glee when it comes back? LOL.

    • Dane says:

      Brittany is the only reason to watch this show.

      • PREACH!! Brittany is the only reason I watch..

      • Linda says:

        Brittany is one of my least favorite characters and I find her stupidity annoying and boring but many people watch for very different reasons.

      • Crystalynn says:

        Yay! Brittany :) hope Santana comes back and they get together soon!

      • Ann Mack says:

        I don’t watch any more and its primarily because GLEE has destroyed its characters. They have reduced Brittany to an adult in a toddlers body. They are using her stupidity as a means to say rude, cruel and offensive things with the hopes that people will go “oh that was cute” cause the dumb blonde said it. Can’t get behind and cheer for a woman who doesn’t know the first thing about true love if after 1 date she gives up on the woman she loves, so she can be dependent upon a man who GLEE has made as dumb as her. Brittany eating cheerios off a dirty ass floor does not instill in me any excitement for me to see her on my screen again. And whats with all the singing. She is not a strong enough character or singer to rate all the attention that GLEE has given her this season. If I wanted that much stupidity I would watch..now that I think of it there is nothing that has someone act as stupid as Brittany.

    • Ali says:

      I am so tired of Brittany, the deadpan thing isn’t funny anymore and I really, really wish she’d stop singing. I can’t believe her and Lea and basically even this season. What is going on with this show.

  3. Alice says:

    So what are they going to set it in NY? Cause that’s all I can’ think about with “new and surprising”

  4. meem says:

    People still watch this show?

  5. a says:

    Matthew Morrison looks horrifying.

  6. D says:

    Cool! I can’t wait for the 24th!

  7. OMG YES I LOVE ME SOME BRITTANY.Hope we get her with a maturity storyline coming up and then heading to NY for Dance..

  8. Chris says:

    Hope this means they’ll start treating Brittany better – only way I’ll start watching again.

  9. gary says:

    i just FF to the NY parts. The ND part is a joke. The new kids are terrible and taking focus off of Tina and Artie is lame

  10. Anna says:

    I love Matt Morrison but he does look really fu**ing creepy in this ad…

  11. Amanda says:

    I clicked on Unique’s thumbnail thinking it was Amber Rilly. Apologies to Amber Rilly.

    Also, I’m glad they always use Heather in the promos. Precious girl. Too bad I just can’t come back to the show no matter how much I love her.

    • Amanda says:

      *Riley. Ugh. Just woke up from a nap and can’t handle Glee…

    • dan says:

      I also thought that Unique was Mercedes! My first thought: “oh, Amber Riley is back to sing at a winter dance.” Then I read the caption and saw it was Unique. This is why Season four isn’t working for me: all the new characters are simply copies of the originals. Should’ve kept more of the originals in school one more year before graduating so many of them!

      • Rene says:

        Made the same mistake! Haha

      • Ann Mack says:

        I wonder if Ryan Murphy didn’t have Brittany make that offensive joke about Mercedes and Wade looking alike (racial overtone “all blacks even if they are a male can be mistaken for a woman, that still all blacks look alike” if people and I’m sure they are predominately white people think that is funny or if they would even think it. I’m white and I found that to be one of the most rude, racial and ignorant things GLEE have ever done and apparently it played to the rude, racial and ignorant portion of its audience as evident by all the people on here who are being just as ignorant as GLEE was.

        • KD says:

          I doubt the line had anything to do with race. I’m white and I certainly didn’t take it that way. I imagine the only person that would take it that way is someone who always “plays the victim” to everything.

        • KD says:

          People don’t even say that anymore. And again. Those jokes were not even made in that context. If anyone should be offended it would be amber Riley herself for them saying a man looks like her. But even that would be ridiculous. The joke hadnt a thing to do with race.

  12. Ashley says:

    I fastforward to NY and other original ND members (need more Puck….)

  13. Sandra says:

    I really thought that Matt Morrison left the show. I didn’t know he was still on it.

  14. Alex says:

    No Blaine. No care.

  15. Kate says:

    I cannot stand the NY storyline. Sorry to day it but I’ve never been a fan of Rachel’s annoying a**.

  16. Abbie says:

    I only watch this show because of Kurt and Blaine and since everyone broke up the show just makes me more depressed then the last three seasons. I hope the second half of Season 4 gets better and we have more Klaine moments. Plus I am so upset that they gave Burt (One of the best dad’s ever) cancer. He better not die otherwise I just might stop watching the show.

    • Anna says:

      100% with you. I started watching for Kurt and stayed because of Klaine. I’m glad they are giving Darren more to do this season and I loved Kurt, Burt and Blaine at Xmas. That (Kurt Burt Blaine) would be a spinoff I would watch!

      • Abbie says:

        I know I would watch that too. I loved how Blaine got to hang with Burt too. I love their relationship and how they betted on when Kurt would start reading Vogue and I love how Burt is obviously trying to get Blaine and Kurt back together. White Christmas was amazing. I hope they get back together soon.

        • Liz says:

          The male trio was the best part if the Xmas episode. As much as I love Blaine I do wish that the other season 1-3 characters would be featured vocally. Sometimes I am reminded of Kurt’s line “we are Blaine and the pips”. I am not hating on Blaine he is awesome just not so many Blaine solos in one episode

      • Carmen says:

        Me too.

  17. Jon says:

    I’m excited because it looks like Tina might actually be singing and the episode looks like it could be good.

  18. Goldie says:

    LOL Falchuck said he wanted S4 to be less focus

    • Goldie says:

      Less focus on the couples but by breaking them all up at the same time and bringing in the most borking new characters ever, he pretty much assured that people only care about the couples this season. And having Kurt date this new guy, variously called :notPaul, notBlaine, Gordon Ramsey, Brittany’s Uncle-good luck gerr

  19. hannah says:

    No Klaine. No Brittana. No Finchel. No care.

    • amg says:

      Exactly!!! For me it is all about Finchel. I do like the other two couples but I will not watch again until I see Finchel!

      • Tia says:

        I’ve never liked Finchel, mostly because of Finn (not Cory). But even I can see that Brody is boring as hell and that it doesn’t work. I’m pretty neutral regarding Klaine. Don’t “love” them, don’t “hate” them. I love Brittana. Well, you know what, I’m finding myself missing the three couples dynamics. Also Quinn and Puck, be it individually or together I don’t even care, I just miss them, especially Quinn. Add to that boring new cast, boring music, terrible writing, stupid and offensive stuff galore and here we are, Glee S4. “Revolutionary”. I have nothing to look forward too since ep 6 so I just stopped watching. Thanks but no thanks.

        And they wonder why the ratings are dropping so low… At this rate they’ll soon find petroleum.

    • WORD! Can we just have a show called Finchel & Klaine in New York?

  20. jenzo says:

    I’ve been waiting for Tina to get a good storyline..but since we’ve been promised it for so long, I gave up. this show saddens me.

    • Ejler says:

      Yes, they should have continued Tina’s storyline, they started in season 3. I love Glee and I’ll keep watching just in case,they’ll improve the show. Don’t like new characters including Marley. She can’t sing.

  21. holli09 says:

    It’s really annoying me that so many people are giving up on the show, not that much has changed and heck, we’re barely into the new season, give the story lines chance to play out properly.

    • Barbara Arnold says:

      I agree with you were just getting started I dont see very many positive responses on this blog. I myself Love Glee and everyone in it. Everyone seems to be trashing Brittney. There are so many shows with that sort of humor and people seem to eat it up. I dont care one way or another. I own every episode of Glee up until the 4th season and when available I will purchase it too. Gleek YUP and proud of it!

  22. Rene says:

    I’ve realized something in these comments. We all watch for different reasons, but all agree that it has progressively gotten worse and lacks glee. They should have just made it a spinoff -___-

  23. Melisa says:

    What is wrong with u guys Glee is still amazing, im still a huge gleek an watch glee every week it is such an amazing show with great people and music. You shouldn’t diss it if u dont like it then fine but others l

    • KD says:

      Agreed!! If you don’t like the show anymore, simply don’t watch it. Ryan Murphy is an amazing artist. And as any great show would, the storyline grows with time and with the audience. So get with it, or go find yourself another show!

  24. sbusy says:

    I agree with comments above. Very disappointing season.

  25. Melisa says:

    Others love it so dont ruin it for people. Glee had been amazing since season 1. The show is just fantastic and so fun to watch the people are awesome and awesome actors and actresses, they r amazing and deserve to get positive fedback not hate. These people work hard just to put this show on for us so dont show hate towards them.

    • Kat says:

      Thank you for posting this. I completely agree. The glee cast is composed of wonderful talented hard working people who deserve nothing but our respect. While I have to admit being a bit disappointed with some of the song selection in season 4 I think overall it’s very good. No, it’s not the original Glee, but change is good and although it can be hard to let go of what we know and love we have to try to be open minded and embrace new things. Also, we shouldn’t just look at the storyline or the songs, for example the acting is fantastic and I find that season 4 is the most well done season so far. I hope people start enjoying the new Glee so that it can keep going for many more seasons, and I say this both as a fan and as someone who has interest in being on the show. And enough with the hate please. Really, if you ever were real fans of glee you should understand that putting things down will bring us nowhere even if you don’t particularly enjoy it. Love!(;

      • KD says:

        10-4 to all of that! Also, if glee hadnt grown and changed, the same a-holes would be complaining about how they are bored with The lack of creativity.

  26. Jordie says:

    The only reason I’m still watching glee is becuase of Brittany and Santana,and to see if brittana is back on. Witch it should be becuase brittana is end game!

  27. Joshua Lewis says:

    I think that season 4 is Amazing diffrent is good and I can’t wait to see the rest of them so excited:D

    • Kim R says:

      I agree with you. If the people who don’t like The show this season had their way, all the characters would either have to still be at McKinley or still be in Lima, whic isn’t realistic. Also there would be no character growth.

  28. Ken Enlow says:

    I really don’t see it coming back for another season. What are they going to do bring in like 8 or 9 new people for season 5 and bring the next graduating class back for guest spots?

  29. mike says:

    I can’t wait for it to come back! I love how it’s developed this year- a little less funny but much more story, and better arches.

    It managed to grow up in a meaningful way- it doesn’t just do the same old. I love glee!

  30. Love Glee but HATE Unique says:

    I still watch Glee and I like the new characters but it’s annoying to me that Wade/Unique has more of a storyline than Tina or Artie. He/She was only supposed to be on two shows..

  31. Lindsey says:

    Same as pretty much everyone here… I really enjoyed Glee the past three seasons! But I do agree that the new Characters are just copies of the original New Directions. Kitty=Quinn. Marley=Rachel, Jake=Puck, Ryder=Finn, Unique=Mercedes… The story line still keeps me on my toes, but doesn’t make me “Gleeful” anymore… I kinda get bored. I know they’re wanting to keep us all on our toes, but too much of that makes me wanna just give up because I’m never getting the answer…. I also wish they would direct attention towards Artie and Tina, they’re seniors. They deserve more attention… But oh well. #GleekForNow #IDontKnowAboutTheFuture…

    • Adriana says:

      I disagree, at least on the part that Kitty = Quinn, soooo not like that. I actually think Kitty’s more like Santana. Really bad attitude and a love for insulting people. Also Marley and Rachel are not alike, at all. Marley disappointed me when she started listening to Kitty (not that I liked Marley so much in the first place, she doesn’t seem much of a leader, she has a nice voice but I’m not rooting for her just yet), she showed no self-love. Rachel loves herself. I have to say Ryder impressed me. I think he’s very talented, he has the voice, the moves and he can act. I hope they keep him on the show. He’s not Finn either. I’m really not so interested in the new characters, maybe because they’re new but for now I’m more entertained by the old ones and Ryder. And I’m sure a lot of Brittana fans would hate me for this but I think Brittany and Sam are really cute together.

  32. Jessie says:

    As many others I think my only reason to keep watching it is because I feel like I am obligated to
    If I stop watching it well I don’t know what will happen
    but also my reason to continue TO watch is the hope of Brittany getting a story line and Brittana

  33. Keelyn says:

    Glee will only be worth it if Santana decide to have an affair either with Quinn or Rachel .. Brittany is just a dumb characther and is almost offensive .. Kate Hudson and SJP signing was fun

  34. Shyanne l says:

    I love this show! And i love all the people in it, so f u haters

  35. Michael says:

    Here is something that I think everyone is forgetting… Glee has gone from a 3 year cycle to a full 4 year cycle. The Issue: They had to loose Sectionals which basically put the whole season on a down turn. Season 5 will be better, however, I’m watching Season 4 for cues that’ll lead into Season 5. This is something that we must face and realize will happen with Glee (as long as it stays running and follows a typical real high school format) every 4 years. They may change it up someway sometime, but, we’re going to have to get used to this type of thing happening, because, like real life, they don’t always win. The point is, you just have to keep following it to know where it’s going.

  36. Tanner says:

    I still love the show and I actually think Season 4 is becoming my favorite. I’m really excited for the new episodes to come back. :) My only problem with this season so far is that they did Gangnam Style… at sectionals…

  37. Diana says:

    “I started watching Glee because of Kurt and loved it because of Klaine” MOST ACCURATE SENTENCE!
    And I understand life isn’t always happy and pink but at the same time I agree with the comments about the show losing their main essence…
    I don’t feel I’m watching Glee anymore cause now they focus a lot more in the new (and blend) characters, I was expecting to see deeper and more meaningful storylines from characters that haven’t had them so far (Tina, Artie, Mercedes and even Brittany)
    And even tho Rachel isn’t anymore at McKinley somehow between her and Kurt Rachel always manages to steal Kurt’s thunder…
    Now I don’t understand how writers intend to have a fifth season with many neglected main characters around.
    Seriously, if I still watch the show its because I still need a kick-ass Klaine reunion!!

  38. WJ says:

    Sincerely, S4 isn’t my favorite! The new characters just are a copy of old. Jake as Puck, Kitty as Quinn, Marley as Rachel, Ryder as Finn, Wade as Kurt/Mercedes! No one of the new likes me. I hope that Brit, Sam, Tina and Artie have more focus on the show! The Graduating members story lines are good, except for Finn! WTH is he doing in school? Grown-Up Men!

  39. Gabby says:

    I LOVED the original cast, I just cannot get into the newbies. I find them very bland copies of what the originals did better. Just because some of us disagree, do not accuse us of hate – that is immature on your part. We are allowed to have our opinions. And in mine – Glee now sucks – most of us only continue to watch for the original characters in hopes they’ll get a decent story and we are usually disappointed.

  40. Shannon says:

    I am hopelessly addicted to this show and can’t not watch it! I have to watch for Chris Colfer! He is my love! I love him so much! The little bits that we get to see him make it all worth while for me! I can’t stand Blaine and want him to go away! He’s done nothing but steal Kurt’s spotlight since he came in the show. Also, Kitty needs to go away! I hate her and know she is up to no good!

  41. Beth says:

    I honestly don’t care for Glee anymore cause every time I watch it, it manages to disappointment me further and further. This whole thing with Britt and Sam is disgusting. The writers have no respect for Brittana and the fandom. They don’t give Brittana the attention they deserve. The fans have fought 3 seasons for this couple and the writers has objectify them.

  42. Lynn says:

    I stopped watching when Mike left. That’s all I have to say.

  43. Joetov says:

    I still like the show… Yes, it’s different now, but I think that we have to give them chance to develop where are the storylines going… I like Jake and Marley, not like this Kitty girl so much, but I assume that something is going to happen to her for doing that to Marley… Would like that Joe Hart and Sugar get more time in screen though… I think that thesecond half of the season it’s gonna be better

  44. Veronique says:

    Everybody is saying i dont like glee anymore, glee is not the same well my opinion is they had too changed it a little cuz all the main charaters graduated!!! I love the new season and the way they did it im happy with that !!
    Thanks :)!

  45. Nate says:

    I am a total Gleek! No doubt about that, but I feel like glee isn’t really glee anymore because of new directions loosing sectionals and Mr. Schu being gone, they aren’t really glee club anymore. I hope the next half of the season gets better!

  46. amanda says:

    dz is one of my favourite show…i love watching it…is Rachael and Finn going to be on the upcoming season? if not then i wouldnt waste my time watching it…Glee is the best musical show ever..

  47. Adri Mustard says:

    Rachel and Kurt should do their own show….No sex and the city jaja…bad joke but seriosly they are the only reason I still watch it

  48. Missyp says:

    I’m so happy I’m seeing these comments because I feel the same exact way. I see what they were trying to do with the show, but I’m just not feeling it this season. I understand things need to be believable but I cannot stand the new characters minus kitty, and Rachel seemed to have lost her quirkiness that attracted me to the show in the first place. If I wasn’t so invested in the show I would’ve said bye after the break up episode. I think glee has definitely jumped the shark and it’s going to take a lot to recover the mess they have d

    • mjs says:

      couldn’t have said it better!

    • kristalyons says:

      SERIOUSLY!! I can get on board with the Kitty train! She’s funny! But, Marley needs to eat a cheeseburger and stfu. Jake, Ryder, and Brody have absolutely have no story except “Hey, we like girls.” I don’t know how they’ll recover either. And I completely agree with being invested in the show because of what it used to be, not what it’s become.

  49. Spencer says:

    I am truly really devastated because season one was so spectacular, but everything since has just been going downhill and season 4 is absolute garbage. I could not even watch 5 minutes of it. It truly makes me sad because I used to be a huge Gleek.