Exclusive: Dexter Adds New Blood in Season 8 – Does It Signal the Beginning of the End for Dex?

DEXTER (Season 7)The countdown to Dexter‘s endgame has begun.

The Showtime thriller will introduce two major recurring characters in its upcoming eighth and likely final season — and both could spell trouble for Dex and Deb.

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First up is Dr. Evelyn Vogel, a formidable and whip smart neuro-psychiatrist in her late 50s who assists the law in profiling criminals (like, perhaps, the one who murdered LaGuerta?).

The show is also on the hunt for a 40ish actor to play Jacob Elroy, a handsome and straightforward former cop who now owns his own private eye business. Our guess: Angel (or maybe Tom?) hires him to find out who killed his ex-wife.

Do you agree/disagree with our theories? Got casting suggestions? Do you think Dexter should call it quits after Season 8? Sound off below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. John Mouz says:

    What about Calista Flockhart?

  2. Dan says:

    IMHO, the show should definitely end after Season 8 (as promised) Also, I think Jon Hamm would be a great choice for Jacob Elroy. (If he’s available) and Vera Farmiga would be a good Vogel but she’s only 39 and they want someone in their late 50s.

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      That sounds like the role he had in The Town. Yeah, I could totally see him on Dexter playing that character.

  3. How about Kim Cattrall and Paul Adelstein. I think they will be perfect for the roles.

  4. dane says:

    Am I the ONLY one who doesn’t want Dexter caught or killed???

    • dane says:

      I do think the show should END.. but I want it to go out without Dex being caught or dead.

      • Jacky pillay says:

        Please don’t end dexter there has and never will be a show that’s as great as this it’s mind blasting how brilliant this show is and can still continue to be season after season.pleaaaaassssseeeeee give us more seasons

      • JJ says:

        What!! Hell No the show Shouldn’t End!!It’s my FAVORITE SHOW!!!!!

        • mark says:

          once the writers/producers decided to reveal to Dexter’s sister his true self it was obvouws the show would end shortly. I was hoping for his sister to die last season (which would have told me the series would continue) but they left her alive. The writers are becoming bored (as what happens after a certain period of time) as was evidnet by that lame season. If the sister doesnt die withion the first couple of episodes in the next seasno. I’d say you have one more and thats it? It wil be for me. I cannot stand the lame acting from this Carpenter broad! man, she is the worse ever next to the one that played laguerta! I couldnt understand why they would write out david zaya either? (retirement to open up a restaurant excuse). well at least they didnt kill him like laguerta. I guess theykilled her for all the years of bad acting on the series, lol!

    • peacelight says:

      No, I agree i don’t want Dexter to be caught, but it does seem like they have set it up for a realistic ending. Very few serial killers get away with it forever. Plus the number of victims….And Dexter seems to no longer be one step a head, and how many people can find out about his secret,

      • :Very few serial killers get away with it forever” … a naive statement. Talk to law enforcement, detectives and they will surprise us. Mental disease or whatever term u wish to use, some need to, addiction but closeted addicts. I met face to face with pure evil but she was a civilian. Come on now, writers are aware but correctly terrified of consequences. 21st century values are nowhere near the 20th century values.

      • JJ says:

        What, lots of serial killers aren’t caught until they are older or never caught!!!!!!

        • mark says:

          Youre right most arent caught.
          also, fbi doesnt publish the fact that most are cross country semi-truck drivers who pick up hitch hikers/most females, rape, then kill them , leaving the boies on the sides of the road.
          (30 yrs law enforcement experiience here)

    • nacho298 says:

      As long as the next of dexter is the last one. I’m open to whatever ending they give us. Though I do believe that Dexter is going to die. Not Deb.

    • Brigette says:

      Of course I don’t WANT it, but I can’t imagine it ending with him free. If Deb dies, I will cry. But I don’t want her to live the rest of her life in jail either. :'( Dexter should take the fall for her in the end. Redemption!

    • skytzo425 says:

      I’ve decided the show must go on for 30+ seasons until Dex can die a natural death.

    • JJ says:

      Hell no you’re not!! I don’t want Dexter killed or caught.

  5. Jamie says:

    Eight is enough

  6. dane says:

    Dr. Evelyn Vogel should be Emma Thompson.. I know she is a bit younger than what they are calling for.. but she would be great. I would like Michael Chiklas as the cop..

  7. Paul says:

    Glenn Close for the doctor could be good, or Laura Linney if they want to make the doctor a little younger (She is finishing up The Big C, which only has a 4 episode last season anyway.) Damien Lewis would be a good choice for the guy, but that would be too weird unless he isn’t going to be in season 3 of Homeland at all. I could see Idris Elbra or Christopher Meloni playing the private eye. I would probably go with Glenn Close and Idris Elbra if they’re available.

  8. Lavia says:

    please cast Lisa Edelstein as the profiler doc!!!

  9. b! says:

    Hmm, how about Cybill Shepherd for the Dr.? She’s been great on Psych! Not sure on the private eye… I say keep going! Deb n Dex relationship has gotten more interesting. Will she start wrapping n taping ppl too!? But if it is the end game, pls oh pls do NOT give us the same story of someone finding out Dex secret again! We already had Doakes, Liddy n Quinn, then we just had the late LaGuerta. It’s becoming overused.

  10. vinceliaguno says:

    Jamie Lee Curtis would ROCK the part of Dr. Evelyn Vogel!!!

  11. John Mouz says:

    Τhe show will end after season 8 !! It is official if you check Dexter’s wikipedia page and the creators have already decided about the end of the show but they will not tell !!!

  12. J. May says:

    The writers need to stop the Deb frackover train, if you know what I mean. From season 1 she has been their favorite target and I just couldn’t finish this last season. I’m over it, seriously.

  13. Vannesa says:

    Lena Olin would be great. Loved her as Sydney Bristow’s mom on Alias. Not to mention she has already played a shrink in Dr. Jones.

    As for new male…I would love to see Casper Van Dien, Hugh Laurie, Bejnamin Bratt or Ethan Erickson.

  14. Rick says:

    My votes are for Candace Bergen and Josh Holloway.

  15. yankeesrj12 says:

    LaGuerta dies?! What?!

    I went for weeks without knowing season seven and one article spoiled it. :/

  16. Jason says:

    Didn’t the producers say Dex was kind of off the hook with the LaGuerta thing? I mean they could have been throwing us off but…”Dexter and Deb might might get caught!” is more tantalizing than “Nah, they’re off the hook”.

  17. Pat D. says:

    How about Alberta Watson from LFN and 24? Madeline vs Dexter….tasty…

  18. marty says:

    The best ending would be for Cote de Pablo to do a x-over as Ziva, kick Dexter’s ass, then put him down once and for all…

    • Jerri says:

      I like that idea, however I’d like to see Dexter have Ziva on his kill table and put her down.

    • Pat D. says:

      Remember, Dexter already took out a special forces vet (Doakes) while shot, so I wouldnt automatically assume Ziva (Mossad) would kick his ass.

  19. JennyS says:

    What about Jean Smart or Stockard Channing for Dr. Vogel?

  20. Mina says:

    How could anyone NOT suspect Dexter of LaGuerta’s death after she, quite loudly, made her suspicions known? Especially Tom who gave Dexter the head’s up.

    My guess, the final season will show Dexter taking the fall for LaGuerta’s murder, the one for which he’s not responsible, to save Deb from a life in jail.

  21. jimbo says:

    Would love to see Kyle Chandler on Dexter, he needs to get back on my TV!

  22. matt says:

    Underrated actress Harriet Sansom Harris for Dr.Vogel please

  23. Jinjeon says:

    Sigourney Weaver for Dr. Vogel. She would be absolutely perfect. Please, pretty please.

  24. jm says:

    Tyne Daly. She won a emmy everytime her series ended… so Dexter is ending… she may

    win too.

    Eric Dane. He is free after Grey´s

    I also suggest : Jane Curtin… we had part of 3rd Rock on the sun… it will be nice
    Doris Roberts if the want to put some humour…
    Stephanie Zimbalist… It is high time she is back.
    Joanna Kerrs (Growing Pains)

  25. Michael says:

    Frances McDormand – Mark Ruffalo….done.

  26. Jared says:

    I’m so excited to see how the whole story of “Dexter” comes to end, but of course I don’t want it to ever end!

  27. The Beach says:

    I like the above suggestions of Emma Thompson, Sigourney Weaver and Frances McDormand…any of them would be excellent. I would also add Judy Davis to the possibilities.

    How about Aaron Ekhart for the P.I.?

  28. Nathy says:

    I gave up on Dexter after season 5, but if this former cop gets played by Joe Flanigan, I would def and totally come back to watch the show.

    About the women, have no idea of who could play it.

  29. how about holly hunter?

  30. Rodney App says:


  31. Anonymous says:

    Love watching Dexter. If it is going to be their last season I would like to see Dexter get away with his son. I don’t want him to go to jail or die.

  32. skytzo425 says:

    No Dexter should not call it quits at 8. It’s the best show on TV and waiting 8 months between seasons is horribly hard.

  33. Spikenalabama says:

    I am ok with Dexter continuing past Season 8 if it continues to be as excellent as Season 7 was! As for the new roles, I don’t have any suggestions about the Dr. but what about Julian McMahon for the former cop role?

  34. Brad says:

    Dexter gets killed, Deb adopts Harrison, Harrison becomes like Dexter due to the deaths, Deb is left to teach Harrison the code just as Harry taught Dexter. The story will go full circle leaving the possibility of a season 9 with Harrison as the main character (maybe a new show called Harrison or Son of Dexter) would be an awesome ending to an amazing tv show!

  35. Sandi says:

    Shirley McClain as Dr. Vogel and the cop would be Tom Hanks…keep it in the family. Love Dex never wanna see it end.

  36. kiki says:

    Lisa eldestein or michelle forbes as Dr.Vogel, josh holloway for the P.I

  37. Laur says:

    Ellen Barkin, Kristin Scott, Cate Blanchett, Annette Benning, Glenn Close, Sharon Stone…they could all bring it.
    The guy: Michael Pitt or Taylor Kitsch.
    Oh, and Dexter comes out of a coma and the whole thing about Deb finding out Dexter is a killer was just a dream….yesssssss….and we press on!

  38. Michael D. says:

    End of Dexter ——– No way Hosea !

  39. Mark says:

    From the opening episode of Dexter being revealed to Debra I thought was the worst idea the writers could have hae unless they were ending the series? I thought the laguarta character should have been written off the first season because the actor playing the part was one of th3e worst. The only worst actress I’ve seen on that show is the one playing Debra. I’ve wached her in other shows and she is the same way, sucks! I guess when they are casted their off casting ability must be the deciding reson they are chosen. Talent was obviously not in the equation when Carpenter was picked. She needs to be killed off very quickly in any new season of Dexter. Personally I thought they would only do one or two more seasons. It always becomes obvious that a series is near its end when the writers become bored which was very obvious in the lst seasn of Dexter and in my opinion the Worse season of this great series.
    I guess we cannot all expect the genious of Larry David in the way he ended Seinfeld while that series was still on top of its game. Something it appears to be lacking with the Dexter series which I initially called the Greatest murder series ever; until this last season.

  40. Dexter has a things for blondes so list is limited regarding smart neuro-psychiatrist role.
    Michelle Pfeiffer best choice, Sharon Stone, lol kinda, Felicity Huffman, Lorraine Bracco, typecast?, Joan Severance or January Jones aka (wow!!. who she again?)

    Longshots: Cate Blanchett, or Winslet, Glen Close, Tilda Swinton, or Jessica Lange?

    one can dream

  41. mersa says:

    love d show but dexter needs to get caught… the moment he n his evil lover sister killed la guerta its was time for him to get caught… but i dnt want the shw to end though… let him get caught n go to prison and its prison break frm there…lol