Once Upon a Time Scoop: Emma's Baby Daddy Neal Cassidy Is a Keeper

MICHAEL RAYMOND-JAMES, JENNIFER MORRISONNot only will Once Upon a Time‘s Neal Cassidy resurface in a few weeks, but he’ll apparently stick around for a while.

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In a Sunday afternoon Twitter Q&A session with his fans, Michael Raymond-James — who made his Once debut in the Season 2 premiere, then was revealed to be Henry’s father in the episode “Tallahassee” — confirmed that Neal will, as suspected, be seen again in Episode 14, “Manhattan.”

The recurring guest star also indicated, when asked, that from there on, he will appear in all remaining episodes:
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As for what any possible Season 3 holds, Raymond-James said, “It’s possible. Depends mostly on scheduling.”

Prior to Once, Raymond-James had roles on such series as Terriers and True Blood.

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  1. I’m kind of excited about this, I really loved his character and can’t wait to see how he’s going to be incorporated into the story.

  2. Templar says:

    Good, they tend to wait too long between introducing a plot line and then following through on it. Now bring August into focus. I want to see him reunited with Marco.

  3. sara says:

    YES!!! I loved Neal and loved him with Emma.

  4. joao says:

    I’m so happy with his tweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Kate says:

    great news!

  6. Dominique says:

    If they could JUST bring August back to finish his story and reunite him with Marco/Geppetto, I might be just a bit happier about this news.

    • Shannon says:

      Geppetto has to pay a price for making the deal with the blue fairy and August has to pay for not being a good boy and not protecting Emma. August aka Pinocchio is not dead as we saw in the episode Magic has returned because all what was left in the room was the hat. If he was truly gone then his wooden body would be there. I think August has to redeem himself and once he earns his honor back they can be reunited. Question for all who dod we want Emma to be with? The Huntsman, Pinnocchio, or Bae? Personally I am rooting for the Huntsman because he has always been true especially sacraficing his heart and freedom so Snow White could live. Even in Storybrooke he never made excuses but owned his actions. He knew something was wrong because he could not feel anything.

      • Caitlyn says:

        Pinocchio is not a good choice for Emma. The writers said he’s more like a big brother to Emma, not. Romantic interest. And the huntsmen is dead…so I’m rooting for Neal or Hook. They both have great chemistry with her. But Neal is Henry’s father, and he and Emma have a past as we saw in 2×06 “Tallahassee” so I’m leaning toward Neal.

  7. Ruby Blue says:


  8. Luz says:

    It’s hard for me to see him as someone different from Rene of True Blood, but YAY! Henry deserves a dad!

  9. Frivolouswhim says:

    And if he turns out to be Bae, too, after all, it’ll be the most predictable outcome on this show so far – and one of my greatest disappointments.

    • DL says:

      If he turns out to be Baelfire it would definitely be predictable, but I actually really want that to be the case! It’s just so deliciously poetic for Rumpel’s son to turn out to be Henry’s father.

      • Jennifer K says:

        can you imagine old Rumplestiltskin as a grampa???

        • Shannon says:

          To All: Remember August and other characters have mentioned time runs differently in each world. Jefferson also mentioned that too because he is a portal jumper and seems to be in an awful lot of stories that if all worlds run the same would be impossible.

  10. Alice says:

    So IF he turns out to be Bae then Emma’s “baby daddy” is probably 10-20 years older than her? Blech

    • Bigby_wolf says:

      And what exactly is wrong with that?!

    • Templar says:

      What? Bae jumped through time at age 14 hundreds of years before Emma was born. He could have arrived here at any time, even when Emma had been here for years. Sure, Neal is somewhat older than Emma, but he was looking older than her in the Tallahassee episode. Look at the age difference between Gold and Belle [or Emilie de Raven and Robert Carlyle[. I don’t see the problem.

      • Mike says:

        Yeah, the age difference in the actors is less than Rumple and Belle. You can hate on the relationship all you want but you better also be against Rumbelle, or at Lear have a better excuse.

      • brisbydog says:

        I think Robert Carlyle is 20 years older than Emilie de Raven, while Michael Raymond James is about three years older than Jennifer Morrison. Either way Rumple is 300+ so he would be too old for anybody and out of the dating pool if he was looking for somebody his ‘own age’ so he will have to settle for Belle.

        Think he’s Bae. Hope he is. Rumple having more rights to Henry than Regina is rather amusing to me.

        • Stormy says:

          ITA. If Neal is Bae then Henry has some family tree. Some slight parallels might be drawn to the Little Prince [not from earth, what one sees in pictures etc.]. I love the idea of Gold being Henry’s other grandfather. Oops Gotta go, OUAT is on.

      • Talking about age If Neal is Bae…Hook is older than Bae…lolololol…Hook’s old enough to be Emma’s father. He was lucky to not get old. But he is older than Bae. too lol…so The huntsman Sheriff Graham and Hook are old men TOO…WHAT’S YOUR PROBLEM?
        Cause if the AGE excuse is because of Hook or Graham … they are much older than Neal too..and quite more old than Emma…lolol

        • Actually I think Hook is probably old enough to be Emma’s great great great grandfather. Hook was around pre-Dark One. So if Rumple is supposed to be 300 years old, Hook’s not that much younger, probably 20-30 years.

          Now Graham, he is old enough to be Emma’s father and if Neal turns out to be Bae then he is probably 30-40 years younger than Rumple. Talk about blowing your mind if you are Emma. lol

        • Shannon says:

          Remember hook went to Neverland where no ages so he could live long enough to seek revenge on Rumple. His age stopped after he entered Neverland

    • Nicole says:

      My father is 15 years older than my mother. Your attitude is gross.

    • ej says:

      Neal is only 2 years older than Emma. Yeah, neither of the actors looked their teen-ages, but then none of the cast really has for their flashbacks. If you’d been paying attention to the “Easter eggs” hidden in season 1, you’d know that the pilot’s events were occurring in 2007, not 2011. The newspaper article in “Desperate Souls” actually states that Emma was 17 in June 1996 when she was first arrested, presumably shortly before she left Worcester, Mass for Portland. Given Neal’s wanted poster saying he was born in 1977, he would have been 19. Still illegal in the state of Oregon, but legal in most states, including Mass, Maine, Arizona, and Florida. If August had never shown up, they could have actually gotten married in Florida without parental consent since Emma was pregnant.

    • And Hook is so much older than Bae too…REMEMBER?

    • Aha ha ah If Neal is Bae, the fans who criticize his age, will become a joke. Since Bae is much younger than Hook. Hook’s old enough to be Emma grandfather

    • Jessie says:

      Well i think this Rumple and belle thingy is all kind of creepy age wise but not Neal and Emma, No, Lol No idea what you expect??

  11. Joanh says:

    this news makes me even more excited about the rest of S2

  12. Bigby_wolf says:

    Awesome!! Was really hoping we’d get to see him again but didn’t think it would be in every episode after 14! Great!!

  13. Michelle says:

    Excuse me while I go vomit. Ugh. (And no, I’m not sorry.)

  14. Mark says:

    Did not like his character at all.

  15. Mike says:

    Good, I’m a fan of MRJ, not a huge fan of Neal yet, but I prefer over everyone we’ve met so far for Emma, except Graham but he’s dead. I still kind of hope he is not Bae though.

  16. sofia says:

    Disagree all you want but I’m glad he is staying, and I hope this means less Emma-Hook scenes, there have been too many already.

  17. joao says:

    Captain Swan fans start coming here and shooting poison….And by the way they formulate the word ‘vomit’, they are the same girls who insulted Michael Raymond-James on twitter someday.

    • ej says:

      Agreed. If you don’t have anything nice to tweet when an actor is taking the time to do a Q&A between filming for a show you watch, you are not a fan, you are just a meanie.

      My suspicion is that a lot of people didn’t “buy” Neal in “Tallahassee” b/c the age issue for both MRJ and JeMo was just so poorly handled in both appearances and in that the writers/creators have been too sneaky with how they’ve revealed the show taking place in 2007/2008. It gave off a creepy Lolita vibe if you weren’t in the know.

      Also, I think there are a lot of superficial teenage viewers who just want Emma to go Buffy and get with the most GQ-looking bad-boy she can (and are probably too young to even understand the “Buffy” reference). It does not help when people involved with the show tease about certain ships (you know who you are Megan) only to then, weeks later, have the show’s creators come out and basically say it’ll never happen with romance and a cherry on top. Viewers get their hopes dashed and then go uber-crazy like those “Twilight” fans who can’t separate the actors from their characters.

      Of course, it may also depend on how you know (or don’t know) MRJ. If I’d only seen MRJ in “True Blood” I might have Rene stuck on the brain and want him to get hit by a bus. However, having LOVED Britt on “Terriers”, a character that Neal seems to have something in common with, I think he’s just the perfect actor for the role. And if MRJ and JeMo and the rest of the cast are laughing it up together, then how can you get down on that? They’re all having fun doing their jobs to entertain us. Maybe we’re not entertained every week to our satisfaction, and not everyone is going to like a character as much as the next guy, but that’s life.

      This is a show about the power of love. Haters on all sides — go home. (And you’re going to accuse me of hypocrisy for the fangirl comment, you must be one of them.)

  18. Jenn says:

    I don’t like Emma with Hook or Neal, but I especially don’t want Neal around. The character felt flat and empty.

  19. Yesssss! Thank god. I’m so tired of the “I’m Hook I’m Hot and all woman love me”
    I hate when people get ‘age’ theories just to challenge a character. And Sheriff Graham? He was old enough to be father of Emma. After all he was the same age as Snow. And Hook? He still is much older than Bae..
    So Emma will only dating with old men? lolololol stop it! According to your theory, all men interested in Emma, are quite old, no?

    YESSSSS NEAL IS BACK! And Michael Raymond-James is a great talented actor

    • Templar says:

      IMO The age arguments are not valid when jumping between worlds. They didn’t just jump from there to here, they jumped from then to now. Yes there would be a considerable age difference between Snow and Regina. I’d say about 10 years because Snow was 8 when teen Regina married her father. But Hook was young when Rumpy killed Milah and he went to Neverland where no one ages. Emma is close to the same age as Snow because she wasn’t under the curse. Snow and graham were cursed, so they did not age during those 28 years. It’s not just a matter of where they are, it’s also a matter of when they are.

  20. Katie says:

    I am SO beyond excited about this news! I absolutely loved Neal with Emma in “Tallahassee,” and while I can see where people are coming from about him being Bae as being “predictable,” this is a fairy tale show. Did you really expect that the leading lady’s son, the only child on the show with any real screen time, would have a regular human being as a father?

  21. ollie says:

    yea liked him in true blood and the one full ep he did on ouat already

  22. TRG says:

    Does anybody have any theories on what August showed Neal to make him believe in magic? I kept trying to think of something from the Pinocchio canon, but all I could come up with was the blue fairy or Jiminy, and we know they’re in Storybrooke.

    • ej says:

      I think it depends if Neal is Bae. If he is, then I suspect the box shows you whatever you want to see. Emma saw a typewriter. If he’s just a regular guy, then I have no clue! I have a theory, though, that August made the box and the pages of the book from the tree he and Emma came through, so it has magic and maybe the gestalt memories of FTL. Either way, it would explain how August knew about the dagger but didn’t understand that it was useless in a world without magic.

    • Geraldine says:

      I tend to think that August showed him a mirror and Neal could see him a his fairytale counterpart. It is the only thing which makes sense to me. The question remains how did August get that? …same question i have about Henrys book. August is still a mysterious character and i´m pretty sure that he is collaborating with someone.

      • Templar says:

        Pure speculation on my part, but I believe the Blue Fairy gave Pinocchio/August a way to find Bael/Neal. After all, she gave Bael the magic bean and sent P & E in the wardrobe. And as stated when Tallahassee first aired, I believe August showed Neal the sketch of Rumpel’s dagger that he had when he was adding pages to Henry’s book. The Blue Fairy was the one who made Pinocchio a real boy. She’s a real power player in this entire story. Maybe not THE power player, but vital nonetheless.

  23. brisbydog says:

    My best guess was that picture of Rumple’s dagger that we know August already had. If Neal is Bae that would be enough to freak him out

  24. Well if she can’t be with Graham then I’d want her with Neal. He’s the only person who has ever made that old sourpuss really smile. lol

  25. Josh says:

    I didn’t love the character…I felt he was pretty boring…and I just couldn’t get past the fact that he looked late 30’s when Emma(who, to be fair, at least looked late 20’s) was supposed to be 18….That whole flashback was horribly done.

    • ej says:

      MRJ surely didn’t look 19 (I think he’s in his mid-30s?), but no way did Jemo at all look *17* even if the glasses helped with the illusion. Did you ever watch her on House? When she was 25, maybe even 27 she could have passed for a teenager with good makeup, but now (esp. with her blonde hair) she looks older than Ginny who is older than she is. But one must suspend disbelief. Clearly, it was more important to establish the chemistry between the “future” actors than use younger actors. I suppose with all of the money spent on FX, they couldn’t get the makeup artist from Benjamin Button who did Brad Pitt’s turning-back-the-clock-to-19-again special mask. Let it go. There are way larger plot holes on this show to nit-pick.

      • Mich67 says:

        There isn’t a lot you can do with a guy unless you use CGI I would guess…with Emma pulling her hair up in the ponytail it gave her an instant facelift…glasses would have hid any lines.But you are right she looks far older that Ginny on the show.
        MRJ and Morrison are only like a year and 4 months apart…I don’t get what the big deal is anyway…I didn’t hear a lot of complaints when they did this sort of thing on Lost(and yes in some of the flashbacks the actors looked far older than what they were supposed to be)…but shippers have gone crazy in recent years…some people need to get a life and realize it’s just a tv show. But as for the tweet…was really happy to hear it…liked his character and the dynamic between Neal and Emma…be nice to see where they go with that and with Henry as well.

        • Josh says:

          My point was more that they should have just recasted both roles for the flashback. I couldn’t invest in the characters because I never bought this “young and stupid” love because they both looked so old!

    • Michael Raymond-Jamess is such a great actor!

      • Lita says:

        I agree. He is a good actor, he did play serial killer and dodgy character in True Blood and The Walking Dead but I also saw his work at Terriers. That’s a mark of a good actor to play different characters. I like him as Neal and I feel sorry for MRJ to get the hate tweets. People say his character is flat but he hardly had any screen time. Beside he sold his acting as Neal for me.
        I’m glad he’d be there for the rest of the season. If they want to find an actor who can act as Bae, I think they’ve found the right guy.

        I don’t get the hatred toward him just because people support Emma with Hook.

  26. Kiki says:

    Ahhhhhhhhh Im so over them forcing Hook. So good to have Neal back. :)

    • Chattanooga, TN says:

      They aren’t forcing Hook. Some of us really like him.

    • Oncewatcher says:

      Get on twitter, and look at the traffic about him, versus the traffic about Hook. It’s a very stark, night-and-day difference. Nobody gives a rat’s patoot about Neal, but for some reason he’s still being paraded around in spite of Hook’s popularity. The only one being stuffed down our throats, is Neal.

      • sara says:

        Neal had ONE episode and had a HUGE reaction so r u actually comparing a 1 episode character to a regular? He’s obviously Bae, meaning he is Rumple’s son, Emma’s love, and Henry’s dad. He’s 10x more important that Hook. And p.s. the internet is like 2% of the fandom. U are obviously a hook fan THREATENED by Neal cause him and Emma are the love of each others life.

        • Oncewatcher says:

          Yes, that’s right, because if they end up killing off Hook because of Neal, then the show’s gonna suck! I don’t want my favorite show to suck!

          • Jennifer K says:

            ever once consider that perhaps they would keep old Hookie poo around as a triangle for Emma and Neal? Hmmm???

      • Tessa says:

        Totally agree. I dislike Neal for the fact the character hasn’t had the balls to apologize to Emma for leaving her knocked up in jail for 11 months to pay for a crime that he committed just because someone told him to. That’s supposed to be a love story. I felt sorry for emma and still do.
        If you look at fan fiction stories there are like 500 hook/emma fics and like 20 neal/emma – shows which pairing is the most inspiring. On You tube there are 78,000 hook/emma vids comparied to 23,000 neal/emma ones.
        I think Emma might explore her feelings for Neal again but I think she will realize she has by far outgrown him and he would not be a match for her.

  27. Candice says:

    I’d like to know how August got to leave Storybrook to show Grahm the magic to keep him away from Emma. Am I missing something? Don’t they lose their memory of who they are when they cross the town line?

    • keja says:

      You’re thinking of Neal, not Graham, and we don’t really know what his connection is to Storybrooke yet (if he even has one, besides Emma). August is unaffected by the curse because he initially came through the wardrobe with Emma pre-curse and has been in our world (outside of Storybrooke) ever since, which is why he is now a grown man instead of a boy.

    • keja says:

      Poor Graham never left Storybrooke (is that spelled with an “e”? For reason I always want to spell it that way *shrug*). But I think it’s safe to say now that it really was Emma’s magic that allowed him to remember who he really was… right before he died of a broken heart — literally.

  28. both bae and pinoccio left before the curse took effect, so they might not have had the issue about leaving storybrook or didn’t even enter it at all to date(neal). is it just me or are people confusing “neal”(henry’s father), with “graeme”(the former sheriff, who regina killed by crushing his heart), “august” told graeme once he was in town and “neal” before henry was even born… long before emma ever made it to town.

  29. Geraldine says:

    Saw the news on twitter. I´m excited, it is great to see him back. He is a great miscellaneous actor and a great cast as Rumples/Carlyles son ( i reckon he is). Furthermore it doesn`t hurt that his scenes with Jennifer were all kinds of adorable.

  30. Sarah Stroud says:

    I hope Hook is a keeper too, or I’m not watching. That’s not just me saying so. That’s a solemn promise.

  31. Brody says:

    This show does NOT need shipper wars, people. Please, please don’t ruin a show I like to watch and read about by sniping at each other (and the characters, and the writers, and the actors) in the comments.

    • here! here!
      it’s a show on TV, suspend belief. i did think them trying to show neal and emma as younger(by appereances), wasn’t well done, but i am willing to accept it as part of the ongoing storyline. yes hook is decent looking, though i would preffer to see him using his real irish accent(actor), i like his caracter for the witty comments. the neal character was a bit flat, but i am looking forward to seeing if he really is bae as my hubby and i have debated. that is the fun of watching a show like this. take the show and the acting for what it is, entertainment.

    • Donald says:

      Did the producers send you out to say that, Brody? ‘Cause if they did, then they must have really pee-pee’d in their wheaties and now, their shaking in their boots. If Hook’s going to die, then my advice to them is to keep peeing, and keep shaking because they’ve got good reason to.

  32. CC says:

    If the writers didn’t want people grossing out because Neal looked WAAAYYYY older than Emma’s 17 year old self (which we knew because she SAID Henry was born when she was 17), then they should have figured out some way to let the audience know how old he was pretending to be. While the age thing has nothing to do with my dislike of the Emma/Neal pairing ( I just don’t see any chemistry there ) I can see where some people would not like a pairing because of a perceived ewww factor. It also doesn’t help that some people think that Neal is Bae and if they assumed Emma came through as a baby around the same time Bae came through at 13 then that would just increase the ickiness as that would put her at 17 and him at 31. If that’s the case, then I will probably never support that ship.

    I have nothing against major age differences, but I don’t support it when one of them is still a child.

  33. Elise says:

    Niice – loved Neal’s character in the flashbacks with Emma – he’s the only guy so far on the show I can see Emma with. Hook’s growing on me being Cora’s sidekick and all, but people are delusional if they think the show would tank without him. Most of us don’t have Nielsen boxes, so our viewing habits count for nothing. The Internet fandom is SUCH a small segment of Once’s actual rating-counting audience, and the Hook fangirls an even smaller portion of that — I highly doubt his presence or lack thereof (unless it contributes to a terrible storyline that is) will have any statistically significant impact on the show’s future.

    That said, I do think the ratings would be affected if Rumple, Regina or Snowing were killed off — they each have fans across the demographics, but more importantly they are also all crucial to the main storyline(s) so any of their demise would mean a major shift in the show. Basically, I just want the writers to tell a good story w/o being [twitter]heckled by shippers (of either side, but I still don’t think Emma/Hook make any sense as a couple character-wise).

    • Sarah says:

      I don’t think they’re being heckled. Emma and Hook are one of the things so many people enjoy about the show, and the ones who have found themselves having an attachment to that want to keep it. Take away what they enjoy about the show, and you would take away the show for them. News flash: The show is not about the story, nor is it about the writers, the producers, or even the characters. It’s all about the viewers. If you don’t have them, you don’t have a show.

      • Avaira says:

        Huh, well said. More so making your reply about the viewers and that it does base on what is popular. And well, Neal/Emma and Hook/Emma are hot topics. There for we will still see tons of each for a while. As much as I prefer one over the other I don’t really care at this point who it swings too, as long as the other doesn’t die in the end. I really love a new take on happy ever afters.

  34. Avaira says:

    Regardless of what I think could/should/would happen, I think Neal has a lot of story fixing to do. I agree he is flat. If he is Bae then that would help… and I’m sure it will happen. I look forward to this development but I can’t help but think Henry will be mad that Emma lied to him about his death.

    As far as relationships PFF Guys, every guy Emma has been shipped with was evil in some way. I mean even Graham was the huntsmen after all. And Neal was the modern day crook. If anyone’s got some issues is that girl (But I love her anyways).

    For a different topic, why is it ok for Regina to slowly get her happy ending (which the story is more about HER anyways.) but not for Killian or anyone else for that matter? I think what they did with Rumple was great. And even if its not through love with some of the characters I still think this show has a lot going for it. In the end, I think the show IS about happy endings for everyone in some way. In fact, It would be the only way to end the show too with everyone having some type of resolve. And all I can say is that I’m really hooked to see what they make the characters do every Sunday!

    • Tara says:

      So you’re Ok with Regina’s dead father, one dead dwarf, dead Graham, dead Peter, dead Cinderella’s fairy godmother, dead Gaston, etc? Where are their happy endings?

  35. Anonymous says:

    Well based on something I read in another article (will not note here), it sounds like Colin O’Donoghue might not have an agent. I don’t know this for sure but if it’s true, then I’d bet money that Michael Raymond James does, and that’s why he’s being forced on everybody this way. Their trying to calibrate the public’s thinking to their favor, because if this what’s going on, then ABC threw their common sense and prize goose out of the window in exchange for enslaved obligations to unions and contract lawyers. That’s where all of this comes from. I’m sure of it.

  36. Kelly says:

    I really love Neal. I am so excited to see more of him. I really love his character and chemistry with Emma. I can not wait for more Swanthief

  37. Dawn says:

    I agree with the person who said this is a great story…we all knowour fairy tales..but the writers are so far doing a great job with the intricacies of each character. Age accuracy doesnt even always count in real life. Just continue to put good actors in roles with substance. Hope they keep true to what they started & DONT ABRUPTLY CANCEL THE SHOW! Like so many others these past few seasons. Remember…We already know the story…its what is chosen to enterain its viewers that counts. We are the reason there is still regular network television. Glad this venue is here.

  38. Ann says:

    I wish everyone would get over the age thing. Believe me when you are in love age doesn’t matter. As for Hook I think he is a wonderful character and the actor playing him is doing a great job. In my opinion no one can touch Rumpelstiltskin , played to perfection by the amazing Robert Carlyle. He is the show. A close second is Regina.

    • Melissa says:

      I love all the characters, but I agree. Robert Carlyle as Rumplestilkskin is amazing! I do think Neal is Bae and the thought of Snow, Charming, Emma, Gold, and Henry being relatives is interesting. Gold hasn’t had real family before.

  39. Jennifer K says:

    I think he will turn out to be Baelfire… he was just too accepting of it when August told him about what Emma was supposed to do. So he HAD to know that it was possible and that August just wasn’t blowing smoke..

  40. smelva pits says:

    Mr. gold found out bae was in new york where neal cassidy is. It would be pretty funny if emma and him meet after what happened in the past. Also, i think im good at this, i should be a detecive. Should i?

  41. Shannon says:

    Does anyone find it interesting that Regina made up with her mother so quickly?

  42. sai says:

    I’m sorry to upset anyone…but you know I just really don’t see any appeal in neal. It’s not that I hate him..I just really don’t think he fits emma. He’s too “normal” and he’s not very attractive (in my opinion) facially. I think emma and hook is a much better combo. He is passionate and emma could use some firing up she’s far too calm…and he’s someone who could use a more sensitive perspective. So they would kind of be able to fix each other. Plus they just click better.

  43. Lauren says:

    I hope they make him a regular for season three, I love him.

  44. Scarykitten86 says:

    I personally am an Emma and hook fan, I think because they are both flayed characters and have a hard time trusting there is room for character growth. Unfortunately even if I want them to end up together I don’t think they will. I think Emma will most likely end up with Neal. But hey if it makes Emma happy then who am I to disagree.

  45. Peter Max says:

    I wish I could meet Jennifer :p I’m her biggest fan ^_^

  46. choi game says:

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  47. Mark Taylor says:

    I just love this series and everything in it was simply amazing!

  48. Wade Fisher says:

    I think the show is great and all the characters have put in a lot of effort to make this show a hit especially Jennifer Morrison. I just love her. She goes all sorts of crazy while playing her character. Thank you for sharing this wonderful article.

  49. Once upon a time is all time favorite for watcher. I like first season and second is too.