NBC Boss Addresses Days of Our Lives' Future: 'It's Not Going Anywhere'

Days of Our Lives Renewed CancelledIt appears the sands will continue to flow through the hourglass for the foreseeable future.

Addressing the fate of its only daytime soap, NBC Chairman Robert Greenblatt expressed confidence that Days of Our Lives would remain on the air beyond its current contract cycle, which expires in September.

“I think Days is going to stick around,” Greenblatt told reporters Sunday at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour in Pasadena. “I don’t know that I’m at liberty to say that officially yet, but it’s not going anywhere.”

Days currently ranks last in the ratings among the four remaining soaps, averaging 2.3 million viewers. It recently tied an all-time in women 18-49 (0.7). (Reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. JamandaFan says:

    Yay! I hope that Days sticks around for many more years!

    • Gina Reavis says:

      It has to stay around. I’ve been watching it from its beginning. So, Days’ watchers, bring those ratings up! Some people need coffee – I need “Days”!!

    • Suzann Henderson says:

      I’ve watched this show for a long time and I’m hooked! Please stay around for a long time!

  2. slslslsl says:

    It’ll stick around if fans actually starts giving fans what they want… EJ/Sami together, And Jack very much alive.

    • rachel says:

      Totally agree, if they continue by NEVER giving a REAL CHANCE to the Ej/Sami pairing and always pairing these two characters with other characters i will not continue to watch and I AM NOT ALONE, NBC being confident OR NOT ! Yep i said it !!

    • Princess Adora says:

      Yes! I love EJami!! Rafe can be with Nicole.
      While I’m upset with how the writers treat “Jack” (I forget the actor’s name at the moment), he hasn’t been a major part of the show for so long I could care less by now if he’s on the show :S

    • I would like to know if days of ourlives will contnue theis my favourite show plz continue the show they have taken of young and the restless as well I do miss those shows would you please let me know if they will continue thank you

    • Deena Candy says:

      True. Don’t tell me it’s not going anywhere!! It’s going somewhere if the viewers continue to get the crappy storylines that Days keep writing. WE, the people, decide if they go anywhere!!

  3. I want it to stick around just so that joke in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure stays relevant forever.

  4. Ebay4Ever says:

    Please just have EJ and Sami endgame.

  5. Paul says:

    Great now please put EJ and Sami together in the way the fan want them with no Rafe anywhere near them then may the ratings will go up remember grief sex Nov 2011 Ejami brought in 1.1 women 18 to 49 in the demos.

    • Kathy says:

      WOW Ejammers better jump for joy they brought the ratings up 1 day Oh hell I’ll give them a week out of 6 years now that is something to celebrate! OH if you didn’t realize it I’m being sarcastic!

      • Brithney says:

        EJ and Sami also had a story that was obviously about them during the CH, and Days had great ratings then. So I guess they aren’t killing Days after all, and Rafe was missing those two weeks so he sure wasn’t helping the ratings. I could care less about the either couple, but this BS about EJ and EJami killing ratings is ridiculous. People should get their facts right!

        • Donnie says:

          Well Ejami certainly isn’t the only thing on the show that makes it or breaks it. Sorry, but no couple makes or breaks the show.

  6. Daysfan says:

    Great news! I love my Days.

    But no Ejami, they are what’s killing the ratings. Rape is not romance.

  7. Shawn says:

    And I was just thinking about this. Fingers crossed for more Days!!!!!

  8. Samantha says:

    OMG! Thank you so much NBC! I will do my best to tune in for other NBC shows, in addition to Days of Our Lives. I support any network that supports soap opera.

  9. Andy says:

    Just get rid of Gabi and Nick….

    • Andy says:

      Add Kristen to that mix..

      • Susan Wells says:

        YES–please. I found this post googling “can we just get rid of Kristen already.”? What Nicole is reformed, so we gotta have this — insert censored adjective of choice — witch? I can’t stand her and she is making characters I like look like complete fools. My daughter used to watch Days as a teen, and since I’ve been retired I seldom miss an episode. I was sad to see Bo go, and I was sad to read that Days is so low in ratings. But still, we don’t need any more talk shows. What else can they do with that hour? Telemercials? 2.8 million broad-based fans is still a large audience for advertising. If Days goes off the air, I won’t budget that hour of my day with television. As it is, if I want to do something, and it’s close to 1 o’clock, I’ll wait until after Days to do it.

      • sam says:

        nope Kristen is great, she drives stories ! Without her no stories, simple as that;
        Moreover the actress is great and has great chemistry with her costars. so KEEP KRISTEN, love her !!!

    • Roni says:

      You are so right. What a loathsome couple of characters. Just seeing Nick’s face makes me want to throw something at the TV.

  10. Safefanforeva says:

    Ejami is toxic and bad for ratings. I pray tptb finally stop with trianglesthe GA wants romance and no more recycled s/l. Bring us something new and exciting.

    • jules says:

      hello it you don’t want recycle storylines give a chance to Ej and Sami, this show never gave them a chance after years and years.

  11. They said the same thing about ONE LIFE TO LIVE and ALL MY CHILDREN. RIP soaps!

    • sara says:

      Soaps are alive and well, except now they’re on in prime time with names like Dallas, The Good Wife, Once Upon A time, Downton Abbey etc. The only difference is that they are weekly rather than daily.

  12. Kali Burgos says:

    Kill Kristen off for good. Get Sami and Rafe together and I’ll be happy.

  13. Bobbi says:

    Love this show. Have been watching for over four decades and very happy it will be continuing!

  14. Scott says:

    Loving Kristin on Days!!! Nick needs to be a good guy again: not the villain. Make Kate more center of story. I would have Kate and Hope fight over the same guy

  15. lovinsafe says:

    So glad to hear Days will be with us! Please reunite Sami and Rafe. They are what daytime romance is all about. Ejami is toxic to Days. Rape does not = romance.

  16. Kathy says:

    If people can’t see the magnetism between Rafe and Sami then they don’t know the meaning of love, SAFE is the best creation in the history of DAYS! They are about love which should be the name of the game, not lies, obsession, manipulation!

  17. Days Fan says:

    Happy about the show being renewed. But this show is so boring right now. There is not enough going on and all the wrong characters are on the front burner. The Hernandez family of Gabi and Rafe has got to go. Kristen and Will and Sonny are the best things about this show right now. But now they are trying to ruin Will in this joke of a baby story. Gabi needs to die and then Will and Sonny can raise the child together.

    • Kate says:

      I so agree! Rafe and Gabi need to leave Salem ASAP. I love Sami and Will, but the H crew bring them down. Sami becomes as boring as a wet paper bag with Rafe, and Gabi has been a b*tch to Will in this baby storyline. Her and that brother of hers seem to like keeping kids from their fathers.

    • Troy Turner says:

      It hasn’t been officially renewed yet, Regardless of what Greenblatt says, DAYS fans better get proactive NOW

  18. SafenSound says:

    I think is not sure thing, imo, but if Days does survive, I would hope they would reunite Sami and Rafe for good. They are a loving couple and does not resort to manipulations and lies; their relationship is not obsessed-based and they make a great couple and family together.

  19. SafeLove says:

    As long as they keep Sami and Rafe together, I’m a happy fan!! SAFE together is the BEST!

  20. Truth Tea says:

    So the show haven´t been renewed yet? Not good. I don´t care what the Chairman says, they are still keeping the door open for a possible cancelation. It´s not like ABC didn´t deny it till the last second as well. But something is obviously brewing and DAYS better put it together and quick.

  21. AJ says:

    I could not agree with Days Fan more. I tune in mainly for Will/Sonny and any scene Kristen is in. I fast forward through a lot of the other stuff. I don’t get all the hate for Kristen. Eileen Davidson is phenomenal. I hope she gets a long overdue emmy (she should have won way back when the year she played Kristen, Susan, and the rest of the Banks clan). Her acting continues to amaze me. While she is putting John, Marlena and Brady (unwittingly) through hell, it is so much fun to watch. She is a villian you love to hate. I would find it interesting if she starts to actually have true feelings for Brady. And the Will/Sonny storyline is great, except for Nick and Gabi. Gabi I don’t mind so much recently, but Nick is just insufferable. The way they are treating Will is terrible. They basically twist his arm into going along with this lie, and now jump down his throat when he shows signs of not being sure it is the right thing. I did enjoy him stand up to Nick at the end of last week though. But overall Days is better than it has been in years. So glad to hear it will most likely be around past Septemeber.

    • AJ says:

      Also, I would like Sami and EJ to be together. They have such an intense chemistry.

    • kay h says:

      I agree with you. I started watching Days because of the Will and Sonny storyline and am now officially hooked. Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith are doing a fantastic job IMO. I do not like Nick at all and hope he does something illegal to get sent beck to prison ASAP. Bani can have the baby and give it to Will and Sonny to raise. Kristen is as evil as ever. Brady is a fool to fall for her. Sammy does not need to have any more kids as she barely has time for the four she hes now. I hope Days continues for many more years. It is the only one I care to watch.

      • kay h says:

        Not sure why my kindle changed the name to Bani. Should have read Gabrielle.

      • marion says:

        love the guy playing Nick, he is good and i like Nick the character he makes an interesting villain, want him on my screen, on the other hand Gaby is a bore, she can go !

    • Jill says:

      EJami, Kristen & Victor’s one liners make the show for me. The Hernandez clan can go far far away – So annoying,

  22. ladybooboo says:

    As a young and new viewer I do not see anything good about ejami’ I read the message boards and found out about the rape I saw on youtube so i’d rather see her with a good guy plus she”s a mom so rafe is better

    • marion says:

      Sami is flawed like Ej and Rafe the good guy spend his time belitting her and makes her boring so no thanks to Rafe the sanctimonious corrupted cop !

  23. Eric says:

    Michael – All time what? All time low? (Last sentence)

  24. michele says:

    yay more wilson

  25. gail says:

    Hooray for Days! Now to make the show perfect, reunite Sami and Rafe. They are the epitome of romance and true love.

    • marion says:

      nope they are the epitome of zzzzzzzzzzzz on tv and that it is the worst sin ever when it is supposed to be entertainment, lol.

  26. apriljgutierrez@aprilgreviews says:

    Hello People! Are we seriously going Back To The Same Old EJ Rape Garbage Again!?
    Please give me a break!! Well, Here We Go Again Folks! I have watched Days for Over Thirty Years! Please tell me who on that show has not Cheated, Lied, Killed,Divorced,Kidnapped, or God knows What Else On The Show! It has been along time & time to move on! The truth is Sami drugged & slept with Austin,which is why she was able to Forgive & Understand What Happen! It is a Soap Opera People! We have all seen Sami & EJ do horrible things to one another! If they can Get Over It,I think we can too! I am an Ejami Fan that is true! I think that we should take a look at who you want Sami to be with! I am Sorry Rafe does Not Love Sami for who she is,but for who he wants her to Be! If you had watched the show Sami is Not Carrie,& Rafe wants a Carrie Clone! All of the men in her life,Except EJ have been Married or involved with Carrie! Why should Sami Brady be a Sloppy Second to Anyone! If Rafe lies Hello The Nicole Baby Daddy Deal! He loves Sami so much,he helps the person who took Her Daughter From Her! He is the one that arrested Nicole a couple of years ago! He was willing to lie & be the father of her Baby! He did that out of Hatred for EJ! EJ Loves Her From The Bottom Of His Soul, For Who She Is! He Does Lie & Scheme to Get Her Because He Loves Her! I am sorry, did Rafe lie out of Love!? Ejami has the best Chemistry There Is! As far as the Ratings They Haven’t Really Started With Them, Without Rafe popping in! Please Check The Ratings from last March thru August! Hello Ejami was front & center! I think the Ejami Story Will Be Great For The Show! If you don’t like them get a Pair Of Glasses Bozo!

    • mia says:

      Ya, just get over the rape already. Cause rape is sooo the same thing as cheating and lying and manipulating people.
      A sexual assault is not something you just get over….and telling the fans to do that is really insentive. You have no idea how many women watch the show who have experienced a sexual assault, so telling them to get over it is really gross of you.

      • Tiffany says:

        I feel for women who have been sexually assaulted, but it’s so obvious that these “rape” comments are agenda based and about getting the couple you prefer. On a soap that has murders, kidnapping, adultery, liars, and demon possession I don’t buy into these morally offended comments about “rape”. Especially redarding a scene where the viewers can decide how they choose to see it. You don’t like, don’t watch! I don’t believe if you’re really offended that you would still watch the show. Obviously NBC and Days don’t care since they’ve give EJ and Sami another child, and they had sex twice after the fact. I’m sure they know the real reason some people claim to be “offended”.

        • Tiffany says:


        • Vicki says:

          I totally agree with you Tiffany! Soap Operas come with somewhat of an unspoken and unwritten disclaimer. The disclaimer says that in order to be a soap fan you have to throw all of your morals out of the window. I mean out of all the crimes and heinous acts committed on this soap people choose to latch on to the rape. Now, to get a bit more serious and personal:

          I was molested by two family members throughoutmy childhood. This qualifies me as a victim of rape. I am not at all offended or affected by the whole Sami-EJ thing. Do I think the writers made a mistake? Yes! But for the fact that I know its not real I cant get too emotionally charged by it. I am sure the writers know they made a mistake with that storyline. But I will say one thing. For those that are so bitter about the rape; Your disguist should be against the writers, not the characters. And if you are as disguisted and offended as you say you are then I find it hard to understand how you can keep supporting a show that has offended you so horribly. Even if they didnt put EJAMI together I would think you would have stopped watching the show years ago after Ejami made love for the first time. After all, how could you continue to support and add to the ratings of a show that is so morally bankrupt that they would have a rapist and his victim fall in love?

          And you know, Life is stranger than fiction.

      • I totally agree with you Tiffany! Soap Operas come with somewhat of an unspoken and unwritten disclaimer. The disclaimer says that in order to be a soap fan you have to throw all of your morals out of the window. I mean out of all the crimes and heinous acts committed on this soap people choose to latch on to the rape. Now, to get a bit more serious and personal:

        I was molested by two family members throughoutmy childhood. This qualifies me as a victim of rape. I am not at all offended or affected by the whole Sami-EJ thing. Do I think the writers made a mistake? Yes! But for the fact that I know its not real I cant get too emotionally charged by it. I am sure the writers know they made a mistake with that storyline. But I will say one thing. For those that are so bitter about the rape; Your disguist should be against the writers, not the characters. And if you are as disguisted and offended as you say you are then I find it hard to understand how you can keep supporting a show that has offended you so horribly. Even if they didnt put EJAMI together I would think you would have stopped watching the show years ago after Ejami made love for the first time. After all, how could you continue to support and add to the ratings of a show that is so morally bankrupt that they would have a rapist and his victim fall in love?

        And you know, Life is stranger than fiction.

        • Ali says:

          Come on peeps there were other rapes jack and Jennifer. Steve and Kayla Rafe was boring in passions he is really boring in days
          EJ and Sammi are electrical together who wants to be in a relationship with someone who wants u to be different!!
          Then with Brady telling Sammi to stay out of it well no one does with Sammi everyone attacks Sammi for her wrong doings but they all do the same crap! Sammi is the show she is fun to watch she is a great actress and EJ well he just awesome you can tell when he’s having a tuff time doing his part cause he blinks a lot!
          They need to keep Sammi and EJ together it’s a soap and we want in our life’s what they give but we can’t cause we are in the real world so watching it is fun!

  27. No Way says:

    If the show actually does manage to stay on the air, maybe the people who make its decisions should take note of what General Hospital is doing. To lose so many viewers since the latest restart isn’t good. Also, need to storylines and not the recycled crap which has been given to the viewers.

  28. Brady says:

    I am glad for Days , i just hope this show can get back to family, Romance ,Adventure. The triangles, the recycled storylines are truly destroying this show and the writers, KC and the higher ups really need to take notice.They also need to know that James /EJ does not carry the show , all the actors/actresses desserve to have good storylines and be included in them. As of the last couple years Ej is involved in just about every storyline, it is getting old.
    I really hope the people involved with this show doesn’t base their writing on what they read on the boards because IMO it isn’t what the GA want and the ratings totally reflect it.

  29. Chloe says:

    I’ve watched Days since 1968. I’m so happy to hear that it will stay on the air. Now if they’d just get Ejami together & move Rafe to someone else [Nicole? Carrie]. And please, please, keep JerkJack dead this time. His silliness was always a gigantic waste of time.

  30. Great to hear this.

    I would love to see EJ and Sami be a couple for years to come. They are entertaining and exciting-exactly what a soap needs to survive-not boring.

    • jewals6 says:

      I totally agree that’s the short and sweet of it. Thanks to the talents of James Scott and Alison Sweeney they make this fictional couple so entertaining to watch that’s a huge part as to why I tune in to Days.

  31. Paul says:

    What a joke you Safe fans saying Ejami is bad for ratings they never been together its your couple that tank them.

    Who got Days its higest ratings over the last few years?

    It was the week of grief sex you notice NBC always compare what ever decents ratings Days get now to the week of 21 Nov 2011. Its time to give the young people want they want thats Ejami. As KC said they have a great rooting interest mist be a reason why he said so writers put them together and put Rafe with another woman.

  32. Brady says:

    I am not a Safe Fan, i am a young viewer and i don’t want Ejami. I don’t understand how you Ejami fans can say that Ejami have not been together. They have been in each others orbit for 6 years now ,

    • louise says:

      yep but NEVER TOGETHER unlike Rafe, Nicole, Lucas ect..who always keep them apart no matter what..so something new like Ej and Sami together would be good.

  33. Ziggy says:

    The people in charge wouldnt know romance if it came up and bit them in the ass. They also missed their mark when they didnt have NIck reveal the truth about the twins paternity. Things would have been so much more interesting if Lucas return was because of the truth regarding both twins are his. We all know he is and a child conceivef from rape (ejs decision) is not fun nor romantic. Daytime television is supposed to be entertainment-like GH so I dont care if it stays on air.

  34. Wrstlgirl says:

    I’m just tired of Sami’s love life sucking up all the airtime. Just pick one already. More WilSon front and center.

  35. Egagme Hater says:

    Who in their right mind would want egagme; noted on two ocassions ratings went up one for nastygriefcouchsex but later exposing the GA under mardar’s reign of terror of egagme of 1.6..gmafb. Egagme does nothing for the betterment of Days…suggestion to KC, TomSell, NBC, SONY—KILL EJ AND WATCH THE RATINGS SOAR!!!!

    • Buddy says:

      That would be must see t.v

    • Michelle says:

      If James Scott leaves the show, I won’t watch it. He’s the only reason I still watch. It certainly isn’t for the writing. Love all of his scenes and enjoy his work with Chandler Massey, Alison Sweeney, Ari Zucker, Eileen Davidson, & Lauren Koslow.

  36. watchersfrom 1965 says:

    If DAYS continues down this path they are doomed…In 08 they were talking about cancellation until Galen Gering appeared and rejuvenated DAYS. DAYS have been tip-topping around Ej and Sami for 6 years. It time to cut them lose and move on! Ej fans can deny it all they want but Ej raped Sami and that is NOT love, it’s a sick demented state of mind. I don’t care if the rape happened 20 years ago or yesterday it happened and can’t be swept under the rug, if there are people out there that think its romantic then just ask someone that has been through it. And by making Sami OK with it laughing and drinking wine with her rapist and repeatedly telling everyone that will listen “Ej is a changed man” and “he is the father of two of my kids” isn’t going to convince the viewers that he has. For the majority of the viewer the nasty, vile, disgusting things that Ej and Sami have done to each other is always going to be there they won’t forget and therefore won’t watch! Your competition GH in Dec. 17th – 21st gained over 500,000 viewers I wonder where some of them came from and DAYS is in last place and lost over 100,000 viewers from last year. Kind of makes you wonder doesn’t it!

    • Karen says:

      How about you come with real facts? Days gained 400,000 viewers while EJami were on the run together and making out in a Safehouse. So obviously majority of the viewers aren’t offended by EJami or no one would have watched. Funny how the ratings started taking a nosedive after Rafe showed back up on the scene with Tomlin pushing Safe down the viewers throat, and those 400,000 viewers bailed. It was so obvious that they left because the story they expected to get after the CH didn’t happen, and one of those was EJami. Check your facts before spewing lies and fairytales.

      • Huskygrl says:

        Real facts??? The “real facts” are that the ratings dropped during the ridiculous Sami loses her mind and leaves her kids to run off with Jr stupidity. Just like the ratings dropped during the Summer of Suck where the big story was the Gagmance, AND just like the ratings plummeted when MarDar took over and rewrote nearly every character into a mind numbing zombie to try and promote the Egag debacle. If Days survives it will only be because they return to stories of romance and turn their backs once and for all on abusive and manipulation masquerading as “romance” that the whole story of Ejami remains. Put each of them with someone who can be plausibly love them without the constant abusive undertones and show show might have a prayer.

        • anna says:

          EJ has been on Days sence 2006 and the ratings are still down.
          Lucas and Sami are the best IMO,they are “HORTON’S” and a family and they love each other,and this is the way the show should end
          Horton’s Lucas and Sami and 4 kids.

    • Michelle says:

      GG? Lol. I have to FF through his scenes. His “acting” consists of a constipated smirk.

    • Troy Turner says:

      You’re correct about DAYS being in trouble, but GH gained over 100,000 viewers last week, not 500,000. The 500,000 is from this point last year

  37. Juanita says:

    I’ve stopped watching for the following reason:
    I’m offended by the persistent attempts to sell EJ and Sami as romance. What I’ve seen is an outright abusive relationship. Raping someone and later laughing at the fact that you put another man in her bed to repeatedly rape her after you’ve abducted her husband and also allowed a stranger to terrorize her child is not “DARK” ROMANCE, it’s NOT any form of romance as far as I’m concerned. Its criminal (as the show pointed out), SICK and abusive. Sami truly needs help if she feels that she deserves to be treated like this. The sad thing is that there are real women caught up in this same situation, and Days trying to sell this CRAP as romance is not helping them to deal their situations. It’s like promoting child abuse as just another form of stronger parenting.

    The problem is that romanticizing RAPE abusive relationships helps to perpetuate the problem. Just as portraying racism, child abuse and sexism as acceptable did for centuries. As with those issues this is not about personal preferences any more that if I strongly objected trying to paint a child being repeatedly beaten and emotionally abused and the party doing it being accepted and praised as a wonderful parent who has a kid that just needs to be handled differently as acceptable (and I don’t care how many sins the kid may have committed in the past), or a situation where character is repeatedly discriminated by a boss, friend or lover accepting it as a great relationship. While it has been done in the past, that type of crap in no longer acceptable, and the same should go for what Days has repeatedly tried to do with Sami and EJ. At this point all those things are not just illegal, society no longer finds it justifiable to try and gloss over them, RAPE and ABUSE need to be treated the same.

    There are thousands of women within very similar situations as Sami in real life trying to make themselves believe that they can change their abusers or that they deserve their abuse. Promoting Rape and Abuse as romance only perpetuates the problem.

    As to the issues not mattering because this is fiction:
    While the characters may not be REAL the ISSUES of RAPE and ABUSE ARE. Just as those of racism and child abuse are. Those issues are important whether they be portrayed in fiction or in fact. As far back as the seventies a television movie called Cry Rape, helped to raise the issue to the cultural forefront by portraying the realities facing women who chose to follow through on the prosecution of their rapists. FICTION MATTERS! It always has, which is why when dealing to IMPORTANT PREVALENT subjects such as RAPE and ABUSE, Networks, Shows, Studio’s etc… need to act responsibly.

    NBC, Days and SONY are currently promoting the EJ-SAMI relationship as ROMANCE and that is JUST PLAIN WRONG. I don’t think any network would dare, during daytime or prime time, to try and promote modern version of Amos and Andy or even Gone With the Wind that included the same racist undertones that would mirror the current recycled Rape to Romance crap being shown on Days. If Daytime television truly wants to survive the current state that its fallen into, it needs to swiftly move into the 21st Century, which IMO means moving past 19th Century versions of ravished women being entranced by their RAPIST/ABUSERS.

    • apriljgutierrez@aprilgreviews says:

      Change the Chanel then!

      • Juanita says:

        I already have, as have many others. Which is exactly what has happened each time that Days NBC and SONY have gone down this path before, and each time the show has ended up at that bottom of daytime ratings. The definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. What saddens me is the fact that Days was my last soap, and its a true shame to see it take a path that is so unjustifiably WRONG.

    • ಠ_ಠ …

      … סּ_סּ

      ಠ_ಠ …

      … סּ_סּ

    • EJ Fan says:

      I think maybe if you are so offended, maybe you shouldn’t watch a soap opera. Pretty much every character on a soap has committed a crime at one time or another including murder, attempted murder, rape, assaults, drugging people, kidnappings, switching babies, embezzlements, theft, fraud, covering up crimes, etc. There are all kinds of villains, grey characters on soaps and there always will be because if everyone was perfect you would be watching The Waltons! People like EJ because he’s interesting with all kinds of facets to his character: good, bad, and everything in between. James Scott is great at portraying this “villain” and humanizing him so that people want to see more.

      • Juanita says:

        My problem isn’t with the character of EJ its with SONY Days and NBC for writing and promoting a story about a woman trapped in the cycle of ABUSE (a very real situation) as romance. Its WRONG, they wouldn’t do the same with child abuse or racism, I don’t care how popular the character is or was. Its IRRESPONSIBLE.

        • lulu says:

          oh please you can tell that for every soap character, there is always some abuse perpetuate in order to create plot in the story..

  38. vetex says:

    I’m soo happy days is going to be renewed!!!! I can’t wait to see the EJAMI love story unfold!!!

  39. bobbi says:

    EJami should get a chance to be family with their children. They have been in the same orbit for years but only for EJ to pimp rafe.

  40. laura best says:

    I am very excited about this news about Days… Now it is time to write the Ejami story!!

  41. Thank you, Juanita for being the voice of reason. While I will go so far as to say that I can’t believe the show would be stupid enough to follow through and make EJ and Sami an actual, loving couple and parents of two children, the very fact that they try to pass off such a story for any period of time, until it is revealed that EJ has malicious intentions for either her or someone she loves, just to please a fanbase of people who just don’t get it, is disgusting and inexcusable. I actually started out a fan of the couple but it wasn’t until a couple of years later that I actually got a chance to view the infamous rape scene. For anyone to claim that it was anything but is just sick. There was maybe a time that Sami wanted EJ but it was before knowing he was a DiMera. She has never accepted him for who he is and never will nor should she after what he has done to her.

    I don’t pretend to care about Sami Brady. She is the most loathsome character in all television history as far as I’m concerned, but I do cae about the message the show is sending to viewers, especially the young and impressionable. Shame on you, Days.

  42. Paul says:

    James Scott has carried this show from Day one if wasn’t for him and his fans and the Ejami fans this show would be cancelled long time ago and as to that Ejami hater who said EJ must die hater i say kill Safe and Rafe they are all whats wrong with this show Rafe is one boring character him and Lucas have so much much in common their as dull as dirt its like watching paint drying watching them. People watch soaps to be entertianed not to be bored out of their mind couples like Ejami is what GA wants they burn up the screen so hot together Sony and NBC knows what sell it certainly not Safe and Lumi. As for the rape you haters sound like a broken record bla bla bla Sami forgave EJ in 2008 we are 2013 now your still going on about that. It shows how threatened you are by our couple Ejami has more fans than Safe,Ecole,Lumi put together. Also the poster said Ejami have been together rubbish they never been given a chance without Lucas or Rafe sticking their nose in their business not once have seen Sami love EJ over Lucas or Rafe when they give us Ejami it was to pimp Lumi and Safe we always saw Sami dream about them and use EJ as her second choice that is not what Ejami fans want to see for their couple and that why ratings were crap. If Ejami is given the chance they would bring up the ratings as Grief sex proved and that idiot who said afterwards the show tanked well they went back to Safe and Ecole afterwards that is the reason why they never put Ejami together did the old writers once again just teases us Ejami fans.

    • No Way says:

      “James Scott has carried this show from Day one” is laughable. One, he hasn’t been on for over 45 years. Two, people are tired of the EJ/Sami Show and are leaving in droves weekly.

    • Egagme Hater says:

      What, are you afraid of my opinion and have to demean and call me or anyone else against egagme an idiot? Get a grip Paul, this is a friggin soap opera, Egagme doesn’t work neither will it work. In all these YEARS they have been onscreen, this farce of a couple has NOT saved this SHOW NOR WILL IT!! And guess what? Ali Sweeney, if given a choice of men, wouldn’t pick Ej as the love of Sami’s life, it’d be between Lucas or Rafe. Now I now why people think a few ejami’s are delusional.

  43. galw says:

    I have watched “DAYS ” for years. Get Sammy & Rafe together. put E.J. and Nicole back together. Put Kristen with Eric. Sonny and Will are great together. Please get BO back,he & Hope need to be happily married. Bing in someone NEW for Brady but keep them out of the bed for a while. Dr Dan and Jennifer make such a sweet couple. Can we just have little bit of happy for a while????

  44. Karen says:

    This is exciting news. I’m so happy that they aren’t going anywhere. I’m looking forward to watching from favorite couple Sami and Rafe work their way back together,

  45. Shydragqueen says:

    Hahahahahaha at everything Paul says sorry dude but are you serious?

    • jen says:

      at least he makes more sense than some other who spoke about offensive ‘abuse’ about a freaking soap opera…it is so so silly..ha ha ha

  46. Donnie says:

    Just give Ejami a chance, I’m sick and tired of seeing and hearing people complaining. But give me Lumi at the end because I love them!

  47. Paul says:

    Yes i always talk the truth people and i not even a huge fan of soaps but i watch Ejami they get me hooked on this show because lets face most women love bad boys not boring guys like Rafe that is why Sami belongs with EJ i mean he still loves even after she shot him in the head that is huge for me it shows that EJ loves her the most. I know he done bad things to her but she hurt him as well but they put all that behind them now its time for Days to make them into a supercouple they know Alison and James burn up our screen so give the fans what they want.

    • Donnie says:

      But Ken Corday said in his interview with CBS SID that he thinks fans doesn’t like supercouples and he doesn’t like supercouples either. So Ejami will not be a supercouple because Ken Corday said fans don’t like supercouples, they like triangles.

  48. Rumpleforeskin says:

    If JS is carrying the show then he’s doing a crap job when the ratings are in the gutter. maybe putting him on a pedistal like you all do isn’t good for his reputation.

    • Leigh says:

      He isn’t writing the storylines, just does the best he can with the scripts he’s given. He is a talented actor.

  49. Brithney says:

    Great news for Days! Oh, and the spamming by using alternate names aren’t fooling anyone.

  50. Danny says:

    I think it is good that there is so much arguing about Ejami vs Safe–that makes for good soap, I guess. Like Phloe vs Broe back in the day. One thing maybe everyone can agree on is Days needs WAY LESS (like no more) Daniel Jonas?? He is getting yet another tale that rewrites history I wish would stay the way it was, What’s next? His father was was Stefano and he is Ej’s twin or something. Geez! Enough already!

    • Michelle says:

      I loved Phloe & the first Broe! I agree about less Dr Daniel! I wish they would give EJ a long lost identical twin so that twin could be gay or bisexual and get with Will. EJ & Will were so great together! I miss EJill scenes & think that would be a hot storyline and would give Sonny & Will (who I really like) angst. I think James Scott is awesome!

      • anna says:

        I want Lucas and Sami and kids to be a Horton Family forever.
        I like EJ with Nicole.
        Rafe and Hope would be good for each other till Bo comes back.
        LUMI 2013 2014 2015 and on and on and on forever Anna

        • jen says:

          No Ej and Nicole are disgusting and boring, Sami and Rafe are just boring, we want to be entertained not bored to deathhhhhhhhhh