Once Upon a Time: Colin O'Donoghue Previews Hook's Agenda, the 'Challenge' in Wooing Emma

Once Upon a Time Spoilers: Colin O'DonoghueWhen last we tuned into ABC’s Once Upon a Time, Captain Hook — with evil Cora at his side — had sailed through a portal from The Fairytale Land That Is to Storybrooke, Maine, where they planned to drop anchor and dust up some trouble. Colin O’Donoghue, who was promoted from recurring to series regular before he even made his Once debut, shared with TVLine a look at his pirate’s plan for revenge, the wrinkle that will delay Hook’s wrath against Rumple and whether such a bad boy can win over a good-ish girl like Emma Swan, as Season 2 resumes Sunday at 8/7c.

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TVLINE | The fall finale left off with Hook and Cora approaching Storybrooke by ship. Will there be any stealth involved in actually entering town? Might you stop into a J. Crew, grab some normal clothes…?
No, he doesn’t stop into a J. Crew. [Laughs] He’s in his regular clothes but he is a little bit stealthy. He stalks Rumple a bit, and it’s about him figuring out a way to get back at Rumple and not go straight in all guns blazing, because at the end of the day Rumplestiltskin is still powerful.

TVLINE | OK, because I was wondering: Is Hook going to be surprised to learn there is magic in Storybrooke? Because the bill of goods Cora sold him was, “There’s no magic in this place, so you’re going to be able to show up and kick ass.”
It is a surprise, so he has to figure out what’s the best way to get to Rumple,ONCE_finale_goldbelle the best way to get his revenge, because obviously Hook is not really a magical character.

TVLINE | I was thinking maybe there’s a way to take Rumple’s advantage away from him. Because if there’s one person that doesn’t like the fact that he uses magic, it’s Belle. Is that something Hook’s going to play with?
Belle is such a huge part of Rumple, you know what I mean? So, you know, she might figure into the equation….

TVLINE | And Hook does fancy himself a pretty lady.
[Laughs] I think Hook fancies himself whatever is going to benefit him the most, because he’s definitely that type of character. Who knows? He might use Belle, he might not.

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TVLINE | What kind of welcome does he get from the other people in town? Josh [Dallas] said there was something violent about how you get introduced BARBARA HERSHEY, COLIN O'DONOGHUEto Storybrooke society.
Yeah, how I get introduced is a little bit of a “Whoa! Wait a second!” moment. So he hasn’t had much interaction with many of the townsfolk.

TVLINE | What about the ship itself? Do you use, like, fairy dust to make it look like a shrimping boat? Pass yourself off as a tourist attraction? Because if I’m the Coast Guard in Maine, I’m making phone calls.
The ship is…. People don’t see the ship. He is with a very powerful person, after all.

TVLINE | Speaking of that person: How is it working with Barbara Hershey?
Barbara is fantastic, really fantastic. I’ve had a lot of scenes with her, obviously, and I’ve had such a great time working with her. She’s just a wonderful person.

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TVLINE | One of the most polarizing topics on TVLine is the possibility of a Hook-Emma romance. Given how they left things on the other end of the portal, COLIN O'DONOGHUE, JENNIFER MORRISONhas that ship sailed, so to speak?
I don’t know if it’s sailed. Hook and Emma, they have a kind of… a funny sort of relationship. I think they, in some kind of weird way, respect each other because they can see elements of themselves in the other person. You know what I mean? Like, Emma is no saint….

TVLINE | Jennifer Morrison said to me the same thing, that they were similar in that respect.
Yeah, so they are very similar. And it’s like you say, “Hook likes himself a pretty lady” and he’s also not afraid to stand up to Emma, which I guess not many people do, really.

TVLINE | Plus, now that she has freshly bested Hook, that’s probably kind of a charge for him.
Yeah, yeah. And so I’m interested to see what way it’s going to go.

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TVLINE | Do you believe Hook was sincere about the deal that he tendered over in fairytale land? “I’ll help you get the enchanted wardrobe ashes if you bring me to Storybrooke”?
You saw in the midseason finale a little glimmer of him, in a way, honoring his offer — when he gives back Aurora’s heart and stuff like that. It’s like, ‘Look, I may be a nasty piece of work, but I do have my code.” Now, whether that code is slightly askew from most people… [Laughs] I think their relationship is a funny one. I think they both enjoy the banter that they have with each other. Even though she pretends not to, he definitely does. I think there are very few women in Hook’s life who’ve ever gone, “Nope, not interested.” For him, that’s like, “Whoa.” The challenge has sort of been set.

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  1. Amanda says:

    I really don’t know where all this Hook/Emma is even coming from. He was flirty like he always is… with everyone. So IDK why everyone is all “OMG HOOK/EMMA!!!” just because they shared some one on one scenes…

    Shipping ruins shows so much…

    • The “will they/won’t they formula” is a staple of American TV. he is a man, she is a woman — that is all that is required for “shipping” to occur.

    • Eli says:

      The lady’s baby daddy is alive and out there and it seems their love is sincere, shouldn’t they reunite THAT family?

    • Nicole says:

      Yeah, I mean. He flirted with Snow, too. That’s how he is.

      • meg says:

        He uses his looks to get what he wants/thinks he needs. If you rewatch his scenes, the only flirting he ever did was with Emma. He was just messing with Snow because from the get-go, Snow has shown despise towards him and he’s teasing. That’s just how he is. That’s one aspect of his personality that makes him fun to watch, in my opinion

    • Ashley says:

      This is a fairy tale show…shipping has always been and always will be part of the equation. Ever read or watched fairy tale? Love stories are pretty much standard, just saying. Complaining about couples being on a show about fairy tales it just ridiculous. Especially since right now there’s basically only 1 or 2 couples, with the possibilty of a third, Hook/Emma, who are clearly being set up to happen. I’m sorry, but noone’s reading into it, it’s not even subtle.

      • Lia says:

        I completely agree!!! From the very first season- the very first EPISODE- we knew it was going to be a fairy tale show. Fairy tales are MADE UP of the whole “true love” deal. No, I’m not honestly saying that I know who Emma’s “true love” is, but, since NONE OF US DO, then the possibility of shipping is completely there! It’s not about a “hot man” and a “hot woman” finding each other. It’s about two kindred spirits connecting, because that’s what true love is. And, if you are COMPLETELY AGAINST SHIPPING, no matter whom it’s with, then why would you click on this link???? Me, I’m a CS fan, and I don’t think there is much subtlety to Hook’s attitude, but hey! I’m just a fan ;)

    • Sam Haincat says:

      The chemistry between them is outstanding. Emma hasn’t had it with anyone like that since Graham. The banter between them is fabulous – the writing has been great. Emma doesn’t take any BS from him. Both are strong characters not easily deterred from their goals, both have things in common. There is an understanding and there certainly could be passion. Could it be the greatest love story of all time? That all depends on the writers. I suspect whatever happens it won’t be immediate as Emma has to deal with latent feelings for Neal and give that a try first. Hook has to deal with his revenge and his life afterwards – whatever happens. Both characters have a lot to work through before anything real trust and love can happen.
      When I ship it is the potential … and these two have loads of it. I always root for the grey characters because they are the most interesting to me and they walk a fine line.
      After being a faithful viewer all last season, I had stopped watching after the first epi this season – just lost interest. Just started again a month ago when the tv was on and Hook shot Belle and ended up in the hospital. So technically I started watching again because of hook and have caught up on missed epis since.
      When a interesting character like Hook is introduced and has interactions with a number of players on screen it makes the show more interesting. And while any of his scenes with Emma are my favourite by far, I also love his scenes with Rumple.
      Despite all the bad stuff he’s done the fact he holds revenge for his lost love so close to his heart that it has consumed his life shows a man who has the capacity to love deeply. It will be interesting to see what develops over time. There is no one on screen that I would root for with Emma but Hook (unless of course Graham came back to life – which is not possible).

      • Sonnea says:

        I, also, had stopped watching ONCE and now am an avid follower simply because of Hook. I find O’Donoghue’s obvious relish of playing this character quite invigorating. :)

  2. xav says:

    Can the media pushing this Hook/Emma thing just stop? It really seems like the writers and actors are downplaying it but just keep being asked over and over again.

    • Nicole says:

      I think Colin is fine with the ship, but I think I remember Jennifer saying that the way Hook is it’s just not going to happen or something to that effect.

      • meg says:

        Actually, I remember Jennifer being the one who talked like there was more promise about the ship when she brings up Hook and their connection/attraction even when not asked directly.

  3. Michelle says:

    Hook and Emma is going to be AWESOME. And Epic with a capital E. Seeing them struggle is going to be so different from the other canon couples (not that I don’t like them). Bring. It. On.

    • Rachel says:

      Second this!!~ tbh all this dislike i see towards Hook&Emma can only be formulated into one conclusion which i rather not disclose bc i rather not get into a shipping war territory.
      But for my own sake, I cannot WAIT for more interaction with them and yes, i would actually love a future relationship for them! Hook is most definitely the best love interest introduced for Emma so far in the show~ he is up to par with her on almost every level and their possible relationshi offer great opportunity for character growth on both ends of the spectrum. Not to mention, the best chemistry I’ve seen in a bit on tv, next to carrie/brody on homeland.
      SO, bring it on! i cant wait!

      • Nicole says:

        Well, I’m fine with her ending up alone in the romantic aspect, or with August, or Jefferson, or basically anyone who is of age and not a family member. Except for Hook. So clearly, it’s not only shipping wars that have a bearing on whether we want to see Emma with Hook or not, I think his sexual jokes are gross, and every time he opens his mouth I want to punch my screen.

        Not only that, but unless he turns to good permanently, I can’t see Emma endangering everyone around her for the sake of a romance with a hot (very hot) man.

        • Ashley says:

          Jefferson and August aren’t happening. Hook is clearly being set up as Emma’s love interest. I think his sexual jokes are hilarious, and part of the character..he is a pirate after all.

    • meg says:

      So true. Hook and Emma has awesome potential to be epic. It’s overwhelming, actually. I mean, I haven’t seen any other show wherein the potential for one particular ship is this much aside from Klaroline. Some ships, you can just guess they’d get together or they’d be endgame and that kind of takes away the suspense of it all. But with Hook and Emma, it could go either way. And on the extremes, too. I feel like they could be epic love or epic fail and it kind of depends on the development of Hook’s character and whether or not he can let go of his revenge. Seeing as he can, based on the season 2 finale, I guess we can say that it is now officially on for these two

  4. Since I saw that Hook and Emma in that Timeless love promo…. I have decided only see Once Upon a Time, because of Snow, Charming, Rumpel and Regina. (my 4 favorite in both seasons). I support only a couple…only ONE – Snow and Charming
    I like Hook, but Hook alone, and Emma alone. I dont like them as a couple.
    The Captain Swan fans can insult me​​. Or drool-iff on the couple.
    This shippers wars, give me vomiting. And none of them is right. One of these days, some fans insulted Michael Raymond-James on twitter. Just because he tweeted that Neal is returning.
    Some fans may hate Neal. But we must respect the actors…It is shameful how people can be so bad

    • Mary says:

      ^Love this and I agree. The only pairing I am really interested in is Snow and Charming. Not that I mind Abigail and Frederick, Ella and Thomas, and Phillip and Aurora, (they aren’t regulars) it’s just that most of them don’t really work to me.

      Hook and Emma don’t really work any better than Hook with Milah. Didn’t care for those two together at all and it’s not because I thought she should stay with Rumple either.

    • Layla says:

      Yeah and guess what Neal fans(which for the most part really don’t form much of anything) have been harassing the writers and saying that if Hook and Emma happens they will quit the show. Well good riddance if you can’t appreciate a show with great writing. Stop being a hypocrite because you guys do it to and just as worse.

      • But it seems to me that those Neal fans not tweeted to Colin for insulting him. While Captain Swan fans tweeted directly insulting Michael Raymond-James. Neal is a character. Michael is the only actor who embodies Neal. It’s a shame…

        • Reggie says:

          Oh you may just not stalk Colin’s tweet, it sounds like you just stalk Michael Raymond James’s and if you did you would know he has a Pilot filming sometime soon. It’s pilot season after all. Oh and Colin has been harassed by fans as well, Neal one’s in particular. They have stated that they hope Hook dies so he can be off the show quicker. How nice of you guys to want a series regular out of a job.

          • I dont stalk anybody I follow all…ALL OUAT ators…so I read all about them …. AND I never wished Hook death . ..ever.
            I was talk about RESPECT….Colin and Michael are human in real life….both… so I dont understand why some of you insult the actors, because of their characters…

    • Ashley says:

      Good for you. But a lot of people find Snowing boring at this point. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with people shipping other things and not everyone gets involved in ship wars. And it’s pretty early to say you don’t like Hook/Emma when he’s only been in 5 eps. You can’t write off a couple completely that quickly.

  5. Katie says:

    I happen to love them together! Bring on Captain Swan ;)

    • Lanoir says:

      Ever since the True love promo with Emma & Hook in it, twitter has been on fi-yah !

      • Sam Haincat says:

        Hook and Emma have the best chemistry – neal and emma seriously where’s the challenge where’s the chemistry – its just not there – just a cliche because he’s henry’s dad. Neal is a coward just as much as his daddy was. If they don’t pair her with hook then at least pair kick ass emma with a mate worthy of her.

  6. sofia says:


  7. Kelly says:

    I am tired of Hook. He has been such a letdown. I wish they’d stop trying to pimp Emma with him. It’s making me like Emma less.

    • Nicole says:

      That’s… a ridiculous reason to like Emma less. Especially since Emma hasn’t shown any signs of being interested in him.

      • Ashley says:

        Um….disagree. Maybe not in being “with” him, but she’s attracted to him for sure. And it’s clear they’re setting up for something to happen between the two of them. I am not biased as I am a new fan of the show and didn’t even know about fan reaction to this ship until yesterday. But as I was watching it’s clear that they’re heading in that direction.

    • Lanoir says:

      Ummm. You’re in the minority.

  8. Kelly says:

    And if Milah isn’t Hook’s true love then his revenge quest is even lamer.

    • Michelle says:

      A person can’t have more than one true love? Guess it will suck to be Regina then. Her true love is dead!

    • TRUE… if Milah isn’t Hook’s true love then his revenge quest is even lamer.

      • meg says:

        he might’ve thought she was. And it’s not like you don’t fight for the ones you love in general, whether or not they are your “true love”

    • AL says:

      Not really. Rumple also embarrassed Hook in front of his crew — a big deal for a pirate captain –and cut off Hook’s hand. So there are two more reasons for him to want revenge, beyond Milah’s death.

    • Ashley says:

      Ok, people can fall in love more than once in their life.

    • Sam Haincat says:

      HUH? so all people who have tragically lost their loved ones haven’t a chance to find love again because you can only have it once? That is the lamest reasoning I’ve ever heard and damn insulting to anyone who has found love again.

  9. I saw that day when some fans insulted Michael Raymond-James on twitter. It was a shame.
    And the fault is derived precisely because of the media promotion, Adam, Ed and press have done about Hook. Like he’s the best character that appeared in Once Upon a Time.
    to me this is an insult to all the actors and characters from the beginning that make history happen.

    • Reggie says:

      Yeah and I saw the day that people threatened to quit the show because of Hook and Emma. Oh wait a minute yeah, that was you. :)

      Lets not be hypocrites now.

    • Lia says:

      Ok, got the point, you really don’t like Hook. But both MRJ and Colin are great friends and spectacular actors! No reason to insult either of them!! No reason at all to click on this link knowing it was going to be pro-Hook and just insult the character! I won’t defend either of them… I mean, you’re absolutely right! Hook DOES make inappropriate jokes and completely and shamelessly flirts with Emma. But he always treats her with respect. And Neal totally left her to take the blame for their crimes while he was pregnant. But he didn’t know, and his life wasn’t a piece of cake, either. In the end, Once is a great show! No need for the fandom to divide! :)

  10. SK says:

    Don’t like Hook at all. So obviously, no Hook hooking up with anybody, in my opinion.

  11. Sarah says:

    Hook & Emma together…bring it! Love Captain Swan. :)

  12. Anka says:

    Absolutely love both the character and the actor and can’t wait for the Emma/Hook relationship to be explored. I am not even a shipper, I just like to be entertained and from all the hints about them it sounds like its going to be a lot of fun to see them struggle with such an unconventional romance. Bring it on!

  13. I love Hook and I LOVE Cora. Easily the BEST characters on a cast of greatness. Please keep both around for the entire series, producers! That final scene with Hook and Cora standing on the ship, sailing into Storybrook, was enough to send chills up your spine. I cannot wait til Sunday.


    • Dagnan says:

      Amen! Love Hook! I hope he’s around for good. He makes my heart flutter!

      • Suzie says:

        Different strokes, I guess. He couldn’t coax me out of a burning building. He strikes me as the kind of guy who flirts to feed his own ego on women’s reactions. Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain” could be his theme song. Having said that, the guy playing Neal looks old enough to be Emma’s father.

  14. Kerry says:

    I don’t get the Hook/Emma hate. They’re flirty and fun, and as of right now, not even a couple. I like that they didn’t pair Hook up right away like they seem to with everyone else….whatever may or may not haplen with Emma will actually be given time to develop. That pairing is really the only one of interest to me,, given my complete dislike of Rumple/Belle.

  15. Bigby_wolf says:

    Thank gosh we have Horowitz & Kitsis writing this because if it was any other writer they’d succumb to this stupid “shipping” crap. They’ve both said plenty of times subtlety that Hook/Emma aren’t going to happen, jeez. So over hearing about it.
    There are far more interesting things to talk about with this show then the same old “Is Graham coming back?”, “Is August coming back?”. “What about Hook & Emma” that gets asked repeatedly. What about Rumple’s quest for Bae? How about the townspeople finding a way back to FTL? How does that play out this season? Is the Blue Fairy going to factor into the rest of the season with magic back? What about Cora and her plans? Soo many more interesting things to talk about!

    • Katie says:

      Did they? Do you have specific interview comments you can reference?

    • Milah says:

      You clearly haven’t been keeping up with spoilers than because they have not subtlety at all stated that Hook and Emma won’t happen in fact quite the contrary. The writers have actually praised the relationship like Jane Espenson and Adam on twitter as well as the official FB sorry, but you are very misinformed.

      • Bigby_wolf says:

        Horowitz basically said so himself in a previous interview on TVLine, or TVGuide I can’t remember. He said something to the effect that yes Emma may see Hook as attractive and fun but at the end of the day he’s merely someone you could “have fun in Vegas with” (his exact words) and not a viable relationship partner.

        • Lorena says:

          That is not what he said, first of all. He said that he doesn’t know if Hook can be a father figure to Henry. That’s what he said. Come on now lets use exact words here. Emma doesn’t know if she could look at Hook and see a father figure but he can be a fun time in Vegas. That’s what he said and personally I find it insulting that someone would judge Hook for something that he hasn’t even had an inkling of a chance to show. Fans thinking that he doesn’t have father skills when he hasn’t even been shown or had a chance to see what he would do in a situation involving a child. That’s being completely ignorant. Get your facts straight before you come down to the rodeo again.

          • Penny says:

            Yeah, that was kind of an absent-minded conclusion to make, seeing as how Ed knows that if you write the right background and circumstances to further fill in the blanks in Hook’s story, there could be plenty of material there to help constitute the stuff necessary for a father figure. That’s up the the writers, more than the character. I think another poster here on this page is right. Kitsis has tunnel-vision. That’s going to really hurt this show, if he can’t move away from it.

        • murley says:

          side note: love your user name! a fellow fables fan :)

    • Ashley says:

      None of this is true, first of all, and second of all, Hook/Emma are clearly being set up to happen. It’s the classic love/hate/banter dynamic they’ve established, and the hints only just keep coming, it’s not even subtle. And I personally can’t wait. And I’m tired of people complaining about shipping on a show about fairy tales of all things FFS. It’s just the most ridiculous complaint. This is not a crime drama or something, on a show about fairy tales there will be couples stuff, and there is nothing wrong with people liking and enjoying that aspect of it.

  16. Frivolouswhim says:

    I like Colin. Hook is growing on me (as a villain, because I don’t see him as a good guy doing occasional bad things). But I’m not at all interested in any ‘romance’ or whatsoever with Emma.

    Glad to hear he had a good time with Barbara – I like their scenes together. I can’t wait for the show to return :)

  17. K. says:

    enjoyed the interview and can’t wait for more interaction between Hook and Emma!

  18. Holly says:

    I want HOOK and CORA rather Emma and Hook lol

  19. SouthernBelle says:

    I’m so infactuated by this guy. He must really be a pirate, ’cause he’s stolen my heart!

  20. matilda says:

    I can’t wait to see the relationship between Hook and Emma explored. There are so many similarities between the characters and parts of their backstory, and I think if it is done right, a romance between them would be fascinating to watch.

    • Linda says:

      They do that all the time with the couples. Snowing and Rumbelle were shoved down our throats from the start, only proper that Captain Swan is as well. This show isn’t really subtle with it’s ships. Like Glee does with Finchel they will shove them down our throats.

  21. Alice says:

    The more the media and the show itself try to shove the Hook/Emma pairing down my throat, the more I resent it. I would probably be able to at least tolerate if it hadn’t been so forced from day one, but now I cannot stand it.

  22. Tanya says:

    Seriously…Hook/Emma is a dreadful idea. Why is this ridiculous “ship” being pushed? Just because a few people are shouting loudly for it doesn’t mean that the showrunners have to give in to them. Plenty of people watch OUaT and I bet most of them couldn’t care less about this “ship.”

    • Kerry says:

      I find it interesting how you ignore the writers in this whole thing. People aren’t shipping them simply because they’re *there*…the writers are writing them that way and people are responding to *that* You may not like it, that’s your right, but it’s hardly a handful of crazies shipping some crack!couple. Also, I don’t really think the number of fans is as little as you say….judging by my experiences on twitter, tumblr, etc.

      • Minxie says:

        This. The response for Hook/Emma has been so strong because the writers intended it that way. The hints of a future romance were clearly laid out. There’s no crackshipping going on here.

  23. Ella says:

    All this Hook/Emma talk is detracting from the Hook relationship I find most fascinating … Hook/Rumple. Theirs is the relationship that interests me when it comes to Hook. Both men have been fuelled by revenge at one time or another and something tells me they are much more alike than either thinks. Their clashes could be epic and emotionally charged.

    • Amy says:

      Hook is lame and no one talks about or gives a crap about Hook/Rumpel because Hook isn’t a worthy adversary of Rumpel’s. All Rumpel needs to do is give Hook the side eye and Hook would be dead. Even without using his magic Hook still gets bashed in the head by a cane wielding old guy with a limp. Why they didn’t make Hook magical I have no clue but it’s a serious misstep if we’re supposed to buy Hook as Rumpel’s adversary. Rumpel is the Dark One, the all knowing, all magical and powerful guy and Hook is…..pretty boy with guyliner. Doesn’t compute. Hooking him up with Emma is his only chance at staying on the show.

      • Cassie says:

        Clearly someone does “give a crap” because you just replied to the post. Try respecting other people’s opinions. Until you do, your opinion means nothing.

  24. Lily D says:

    I don’t think Hook and Cora are going to have any more scenes together are they? I can’t see why they would need to now that they’re both in Storybrooke. It will be such a shame if that’s the case because they have been one of my favourite things about this season. They’re so much fun together and you can tell that they enjoy working with eachother. Forget Hook/Emma and give us more Hook/Cora!

  25. Lori says:

    Hook has been the best addition to the show. Emma and Hook are my 2 favorite characters and all their scenes are so good. I really hope they continue to explore that relationship.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I”m of this opinion. Hook-hate is coming from people who have their own shipping ideas which they either do, or don’t talk about. To claim that there is no following for Captain Swan, and to fuss about it being discussed is contradictory in, and of itself. Fact is, it’s inconvenient for people who have their own ideas for what they want, and a Hook/Emma relationship stands in the way of their own tunnel vision. Fans have wanted for Emma to be paired with Neal, with Graham, with Regina, and even with Archie. As for others, I think some viewers need somebody to hate. They don’t want to see Hook redeemed, but somehow don’t whine about it in respect to Regina. Personally, I think Captain Hook is the perfect shot-in-the-arm this show has needed. He’s good looking, but his personality is what really makes him sparkle. Who do I want Hook with? I don’t care! I just want him to stick around because if he doesn’t, in my view, the show’s flat-lined. Once Upon A Time is a good show, but before he came along, I was already like “okay, this is really starting to get old”. Captain Hook shook things up. That’s what I want. That’s what I want to keep watching.

    • Anonymous says:

      Bless this post! I feel like the onky reason Hook get’s so much hate is because people feel he interferes with their “ships” and “Pairings”. I love Hook because he’s a very complex character. He’s driven by revenge but I don’t think it’s mainly because of Rumple taking Milah his “love” but because Rumple bested him, took the one thing that might’ve brought him joy in his life and we know Hook is not bested often. This is one of the reasons why the Hook/Emma pair intrigues me. Do I see them lasting in the long run as an epic pairing/love story? Probably not. But I feel like the depiction of a passionate and thunderous relationship between those two, where they are forced to open up, view themselves as in the individuals,and face their demons, could help with great character development. It would show us a side from both of them we have never seen (we could’ve seen this side from Emma with Graham but he died :’/ I thought we might’ve seen it with August but he disappeared so I am hoping third time’ scharm an dwe might get it with Hook) Even if they don’t end together at the end of the show that’s okay.

      • Missie says:

        You know, you’re right about something. Graham: dead. August: probably dead. Neal: August ran him off. As for Hook: If something happens to him, Emma might start to get a black-widow kind of reputation. “Hey man, if you’re gonna chase her, then you’d better hang on to your britches ’cause now you’re a target for doom!”.

      • Ashley says:

        I see them being a love story, just like Rumbelle and Snowing, just a different kind of one. I mean in the long run of course. This is a show about fairy tales after all. I think Hook/Emma are clearly being set up for each other.

    • Ankas says:

      Very true. He has been a fantastic addition to the show. Romance with Emma aside I am really interested in how his personal story pans out!

    • Mike says:

      This, I was just about to write this, albeit in my own way. personally I thing the creators already said Captain Hook is not end game, but it’ll be interesting to watch nonetheless. personally I wouldn’t mind Hook/Cora, is that weird.

      • Ankas says:

        I enjoy Cora/Hook interactions as well, though not in a romantic sense. They have good on-screen chemistry and make an entertaining partnership.

    • Nicole says:

      I have plenty of ship for Emma. I don’t like Hook’s personality at all, in fact, I despise him, and that’ exactly why I WANT him to continue on the show. Now that the writers are trying to make us pity Regina (which I don’t) and Rumple (also don’t), we need people like Hook and Cora desperately.

      And if he is going to be that, I can’t see him and Emma being a good couple, because I don’t think she would take the risk of being in a relationship with a guy like Hook, who she knows is dangerous. To expose people around her to that danger like that would be uncharacteristic of Emma.

      I’m sure for many it’s the shipping wars, but let’s not act like Hook is a bed of roses and everyone should love him.

    • Angelina says:

      I agree…Hook brought some spice to the show…Absolutely HOT!!! can’t wait for the show to start up again. Colin is amazing as Captain Hook and very convincing… oh did I mention how HOT he looks. If writers pair Hook/Emma together great if not that’s ok too. But Emma(the actress that plays Emma) is one lucky girl. I would love to be on that set when they’re filming. OMG this guy should not leave the show HE’s PERFECT !!!
      As you can all see I have a huge crush on Hook/Colin. Been watching the show from day one and now that this character arrived, even better.
      So everybody out there “Sit back and enjoy the show” It’s a sweet entertaining series.

  27. Ok… maybe I have a ship HOOK / CORA… It would be very interesting…lol

  28. Susan says:

    Love the article and am so glad they bumped Colin up to a series regular; he seems to be enjoying himself working with the rest of the cast and bringing Hook to life the best that he can. I can’t wait to see what they do with him. I can’t wait to see Hook interacting with Emma and everyone else in Storybrooke. The parallels between him and Emma are amazing and I can’t wait to see what the writers do with it.

  29. June says:

    You know what’s great, the fact that so many are threatened by this coupling and guess what it’s going to happen. Slow burn journey that’s what you want in your coupling and I can’t wait for what they do with Hook and Emma. Bring it on oh and you can smell the scare on all these shippers. Hook is here to stay a series regular and on top of that now a definite love interest for Emma.

    • Au contraire: I really wonder WHYYYY you guys, who support a possible Emma and Hook relationship, accuse everyone commenting negatively on the whole Emma/Hook thing to act like this for shipping reasons. Uhm. You are aware that there ARE people out there who are neither interested in certain characters, nor in the pairing two certain characters create because, well, they just don’t feel the chemistry there or they are generally not interested in them? Why does this always have to be because of shipping reasons. :/ And it really feels like YOU are the ones that feel threatened by the negativity, though you shouldn’t really care, because those are subjective opinions not serving to influence anyone…

      Where are we, in a dog and pony show? My, my.

      • Mike says:

        Yeah, but I’m not a huge fan of Belle, but I don’t go on hating her and Rumbelle as a couple in every OUAT article, like you Hook haters, nor do I ask her to be kicked off the show. I mean it’s fine to hear the negativity in one or two articles, but to hear the same opinion in every article that mentions Hook is exhausting.

        • Are you referring to my post? You know, I don’t really care if people out there dislike Belle, well I don’t like to read it but I skip this, because it’s your opinion and I have mine. Yes, I do like her. But I didn’t refer to Belle so I don’t really know why you’d bring her into discussion. Disliking Hook and liking Belle doesn’t go hand in hand, that’s generalization. There are fans who even dislike Belle AND dislike Hook. What I wanted to say is that people should stop blaming other people’s dislike for one particular character or ship on personal shipping issues. :/ That’s all.

          • Mike says:

            I just don’t understand why all these fans can’t respect each others opinion, and I don’t dislike Belle, I just dislike Rumbelle, they don’t work, personally I don’t like Hook and Emma either but that is not my point was that I was hating a character, just like some of you hate Hook, and I just wish every Once article wasn’t filled with Hook hate.

          • Well, it’s not only about hating Hook.
            Sadly, many people tend to express themselves quite strongly when it comes to characters they dislike. It’s the same with Regina, Rumple, Neal, Hook ect…
            I wish that this won’t be the case either, but it is. And you can complain how much you want, there will always be people who don’t communicate in a respectful tone.

  30. Andrea says:

    I would love to see Emma and Hook together! Like they said, they’re very alike, and tht would be so entertaining :)

  31. Sarah says:

    I think Once Upon A Time’s writers who oppose Hook/Emma possibilities have been in the business so long their imaginations have been dulled by blind academia. When you’ve been in the forest for too long, you become blind to the trees. Their magic is gone.

  32. Mikael says:

    Hook is so hot, I can’t even take it.

  33. nat says:

    super excited…love Hook, love Colin, love the idea of Emma/Hook. I hope they don’t rush it

  34. Renner says:

    Ick so I guess if a guy is cast on the show, he must always be portrayed as a love interest. Whatever, I find it detracts from the interestingness of Hook’s character and the pairing is illogical but the writers will do whatever they want, clearly. I’m not a fan…

    • Ashley says:

      Ok, Hook and Emma are a alike in so many ways. Hate the pairing all you want, but there is nothing illogical about it. It makes complete sense.

  35. Milly says:

    I’m not a shipper and I think Emma/Hook is awful. So there. :)

  36. Just want to enjoy a good show says:

    So much fighting. I watch TV to enjoy myself and I just enjoy watching Emma and Hook.

  37. Louisa says:

    I don’t understand how people can want Hook to be with Emma…she’s good and deserves someone good. He is a very bad guy. He’s Captain Hook! Hook/Emma shippers are deluding themselves if they seriously think that this is going to be a real thing…

    • matilda says:

      So you must feel the same way about Rumple and Belle, right?

    • Ashley says:

      Once again, have you ever read a fairy tale? The “bad guy” that had a lot of good in him and a good heart and changes when he meets the right girl is so common it’s insane. (BatB for example)
      I swear, some people forget this is a show about fairy tales
      There are going to be relationships in this show, and they are not going to be convential types of relationships.

      And I’m sorry, but you are deluding yourself thinking it won’t be a real thing…it so clearly is heading that way that I can’t believe people aren’t seeing it.

    • meg says:

      That’s being very black & white. Emma ain’t a saint, ya know

  38. Ann says:

    I don’t mind Hook as a bad guy but why do people have to romanticize bad boys all the time and you do realize that in order for him to be with Emma they would have to change his character so much that you might not like him anymore .

  39. Lori says:

    Emma’s no saint herself, so I don’t think she’d be happy with a stereotypical good guy. I see Emma with a guy who challenges her and so far that’s what Hook’s done.

  40. Jeanie says:

    I don’t see the big deal about Emma/Hook. It was obvious from the get go when they cast a pretty boy for Hook. It’s your staple bad boy/good girl pairing and people everywhere just eat it up and beg for more. See Damon/Elena from Vampire Diaries or Sookie/Eric etc. Way more popular than their counterparts in good guy/good girl. Why wouldn’t Once want to cash in on that? Even Once has their own mega popular (probably their most popular pairing) bad boy/good girl in Rumbelle. So not sure what the hell the controversy is or the surprise. They have great chemistry so far but the writing/story kind of sucks for both of them, individually and together. That needs to be fixed first beyond any pairing concerns.

    • Ashley says:

      I agree with you except calling Bill fro True Blood the “good guy” is kind of laughable since he’s been revealed with so many villainous qualities and just became essentially the main villain of the show while Eric has become the hero of True Blood. But other than that I agree with you.

  41. Kathy says:

    I like the character of Hook on his own but I think it would be a mistake to pair him up with Emma and try to turn him into a good guy and I don’t like that they are trying that with Regina let Hook be alone and bad the way I like him he is so much better that why like Eric from true blood Hook doesn’t need to be dragged down by a pairing.

  42. Ankas says:

    As far as why the media keeps asking about it, well the media goes where the story is and as far as I can tell there has been a lot of interest in both the character and the pairing. Most people either love it or hate it and that attracts attention. Not sure how the writers feel about that but based on this and past interviews ‘something’ is going to happen between the two. Personally I am just as interested in Hook’s personal story and what will happen with his revenge on Rumple. He seems like a fun Byronic hero type character with a great potential for further development.

  43. Alhafra says:

    Really like the idea of Hook and Emma together, they challange each other and take no sh*t from anyone. Besides, as said above Emma’s no saint, there’s no need to pair her up with a perfect good guy

    • Ashley says:

      Yeah, apparently some don’t get Emma’s character at all. Calling her a “good girl” is just, LOL. She has so much edge to her. She needs a guy with edge as well, a guy with a good heart underneath it all just like she does. I can’t wait for Hook/Emma.

  44. Naomi says:

    Hook is going to go the same way as all villains in his category go. Look at Spike, look at Eric, hell look at Vegeta from DBZ. He will be redeemed but he will still have his sass. He will fight for the side of good but he won’t be aligned with a proper code. He will fall in love with a girl that will change him ala Emma and that’s why he’s here to stay. He’s for Emma, like it’s so freaking obvious. This couple is going to be a supercouple on the show same as Snowing and Rumbelle. That is why they’re shoving them down our throats, they do that with these kind of couples.

  45. Kathy says:

    I’m just not a fan of the bad boy/ good girl crap it’s all the same the good girl thinks she can change the bad boy and then gets mad and disappointed when the bad boy does something bad and it goes on and on look at rumbelle .There is a reason when women get older they stop going after the bad boys. Do we really need another bad boy / good girl when the show already has rumbelle I don’t think so.

    • Ashley says:

      Have you ever read a fairy tale? This is not real life, it’s a TV show. In fairy tales, the good girl/bad boy thing is practically a staple, and not only that but calling Emma a “good girl” is a huuugge inaccuracy. She has a lot of edge to her, and a past. She’s a badass character. And we already have Snowing for the boring, sweet couple.

      And btw, Rumple is “the beast” from BatB as you know, and that character/story is the epitome of a bad boy/good girl scenario, the original fairy tale. So Rumbelle is true to the original premise.

      But Hook/Emma? Not bad boy/good girl at all. More like two badasses at each other’s throats a bit but like each other a lot more than they realize.

  46. Lisa says:

    Hook is a poor man’s Eric from True Blood. The actor doesn’t have near the charisma that AS does. But I love Emma way more than Sookie who’s just an annoying bitch stuck on Bill. In a dream world I’d gladly trade Sookie for Once and she’ll fit right in as a fairy and move Emma and maybe Regina over to True Blood. But I’ll concede that Emma/Hook have chemistry. They just need to fix Hook. He’s pretty lame as is, all I see him as is Cora’s errand boy. He’d be dead long ago if not for her.

  47. BelleRumpleFan says:

    Thanks for the interview, Matt. I can’t wait for the new episodes to air! Hook’s introduction to the town sounds exciting!

  48. aisforaims says:

    I think bumping Colin to a series regular was a great choice for the show. His debut episode was one of the highest in ratings and all of his episodes seemed to be doing the same thing. I think Hook is an interesting character and an even more interesting villain. The writers have posed the question “Is he a hero trapped in a villain’s body or a villain trapped in a hero’s?” and I don’t think any other villain on the show can embody that question quite like Hook can. He’s definitely a villain at this point in the show, he can’t not be when he’s consumed with revenge, but the writers placed in very good moments where that question can be raised and when Colin acts, he straddles that line with the perfect amount of mystery. The fact that Hook’s allegiance can sway in any direction is great, because it offers him so many potential roads. Also the fact that he has his somewhat twisted code is a good way to keep the character in check. I think Hook is one of the best additions this show has done going into the second season. I really enjoyed his scenes with everyone so far, especially Emma. Colin and Jennifer have smoldering chemistry together and the dynamic between the two characters is great. I hope to see more from them and to see Hook’s revenge plot come to a head. I can’t wait to see what Hook brings to Storybrooke during the second half of the season (and hopefully onto future seasons).

    • Rita Coelho says:

      A hero dont hit women, like Hook hit Belle :/ As a villain he is perfect as hero is horrible

      I loved Colin as Duke Philip of Bavaria (The Tudors). Love Hook too but not with Emma.
      And the more they try to force the relationship Hook / Emma, more I reject that idea.

      • Mike says:

        Then Rumple is not a hero either, because while he didn’t hit Red he did use magic to push her back and hit a tree in the mid season finale. I equate that to hitting.

    • Stroud says:

      I agree! Hook is 100% the best thing Once Upon A Time has had. Ever!!! All the characters are great for their own reasons, but I’ve never seen a character on this show light things up the way he has. I’m hooked!

  49. Serah says:

    I love how people turn every Hook article into some sort of fan war. I especially love the people who claim they don’t watch this show for romance ..um…okay then. Must be for all of that deep and complex storytelling!

    I just started watching this season for Hook. I tried S1 originally and it was fine, but nothing really demanded my attention enough to keep watching. Hook changed that. Honestly, I find the story infinitely more interesting now that there are so many different types of villains and anti-heroes. Am I dying for Hook to be paired up? No. Will I enjoy it if the writers go down that road with Emma? Probably. They make sense as a couple and the sheer amount of press they’re getting indicates they’re going to happen.

  50. Suzie says:

    I’m more in favor of Emmerson [Emma and Jefferson]. I would love for Cora and Hook to sail away and never be seen again.

    • Mike says:

      No, no, no!, he kidnapped her, sorry I couldn’t just forget that because they have chemistry.

      • Suzie says:

        He was at the end of his rope trying to get to his daughter. He didn’t kill her. He didn’t hurt her. Hook took a man’s wife, he took a child’s mother and thought she was the woman for him? No scruples at all there.

        • Mike says:

          And Rumple killed her, Hook may of fallen in Love with Milah, but it was her who chose to leave Bae, it was Rumple that killed her, and I’m not saying I want Hook with Emma, but Jefferson still kidnapped Emma and Snow, and that can’t just be forgotten.

          • Templar says:

            I wouldn’t call it kidnapping. He took her/them, yes, but not for ransom, marriage, intercourse or revenge. He had no intention of harming either of them.

          • Mike says:

            Jefferson held a gun to her head, until she made him a hat. So yes I would assume he had some intention if hurting her. It might not have been kidnapping but he was not being a good guy.

          • Templar says:

            Nope. That’s coercion certainly, but how often has the hero in a story done the same thing to achieve his ends? The way Hook hit Belle when she proved to be useless to him, that’s a villain. Jefferson, IMO, was just a desperate man.

          • Mike says:

            Yes, he was desperate, but that doesn’t change the fact that Emma doesn’t belong with someone who once coerced her with a gun… I still think it was kidnapping since he spiked her tea. I also don’t think she belongs with Hook, before you bring that up.

          • Sandler says:

            And Emma smashed the bail jumper’s head into a steering wheel, rendering him unconscious. That’s far more aggressive than what jefferson did to her. Get a little perspective, Mike.

          • Mike says:

            When she holds a gun to innocent people give me a call, but you are way to nice to Jefferson, he spiked her tea and held a gun to innocent people, to me that was kidnapping, but you guys can think whatever you want. And that guy was breaking the law, he was nt innocent, and I’m not saying I don’t like Jefferson, he is one of my favorite characters, but he was not a good person in that situation.