NCIS Hot Shots: What Brings Ziva's Father Back?

When Eli David resurfaces on CBS’ NCIS next Tuesday, it will be to break bread as well as, it appears, to break some news.

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Traditionally on TV’s most watch drama, Ziva’s Mossad director dad (played by Micharl Nouri) doesn’t pop up at the best of times or for the touchy-feeliest of reasons. But as show boss Gary Glasberg told me about Eli’s Jan. 8 visit, “You might be surprised this time. There are a lot of layers to what we’re going to try and do this time around, and Michael Nouri was totally willing and excited and had fun with it. I think people are going to be excited by what they see.”

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Also returning for the episode — as the Davids share a Shabbat dinner with the Vances — is Paula Newsome (Women’s Murder Club) as the NCIS director’s wife Jackie.

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  1. Diva says:

    I really love NCIS, but lets get real, everytime the Producers say: Oh its gonna be something new, with more layers and bla bla bla and the relation with Tony and Ziva is developing! BS! They’re just saying us that to keeps us wathcing, but the truth is there’s no gonna be a TIVA! Tell us the truth woulda ya! We’re not idiots!

    • Wendy says:

      Diva, I would actually have to agree with you. I’m not an “NCIS official” per se, but I do enjoy GOOD story-telling. Trust me, you’re not the only one to point that out. NCIS will never be about “just” one or two characters as it is a team-oriented show, but the Wall that the NCIS show runners are really running into now is that they are not doing a good job of following THROUGH on what they say (or I should say HYPE) that they’re going to do. You can’t proclaim a so-called “Year of Tiva” of whatever the heck they called it – get tons of people hyped up & excited about tuning in (so you can pull in your big “numbers”) and then give the People NOTHING. The “People” will retaliate one way or another. Now, the Entertainment Media has picked up on the show’s Inconsistency in their Hyping, and have openly criticized NCIS – and it’s also beginning to wear thin with viewers – many who expect more “Heat” than what they’ve been getting since the season premiere. It really doesn’t matter whether a show runner does something “big” in January or not – if what they CLAIM is “big” turns out to be a mere trickle (rather than the hyped Tidal Wave), the viewer always feels cheated & taken advantage of. This particular show runner (Glasberg, is it?) is beginning to don a reputation for not Practicing what he Preaches. From what I’ve heard, it certainly appears that the other two (Don & Shane) seem to be far more respected for what they brought to the table – especially for consistency in story-telling & not overly altering the actual History of the show itself.

      • BTM says:

        In fairness, the entertainment media are usually breathless in shipper hype. They don’t usually seem bright enough to be able to understand any other kind of story.

        Case in point? Lost. With all the mystery, intrigue, adventure, etc., they could never shut up about the atrocious Jack/Kate/Sawyer “triangle.”

        I knew NO ONE in person or online who cared about it at all, but the entertainment media kept on blathering about how “everyone” was clamoring for one ship or the other.

      • Stacey says:

        Or just operate under the assumption that it will happen one day. Like I do. I am a TIVA shipper, but I take it as it comes. Don’t assume something big will happen every episode. I was surprised how blantant the moment in “Housekeeping” last season. Just as Ray called to interrupt the moment. You did wonder what might have happened if the call hadn’t come. People assumed alot more of the elevator than I did. I knew it was only going to be what it was. Some nice talk between them. And since, they have gotten even closer. As I learned with West Wing and Josh and Donna. It will eventually happen. And I do wonder if that day is coming sooner than I am expecting. But if not, assume it will happen by the end of the series of finale and enjoy the show for what it is… Given the season is half over. It’s really hard to put against the show if something doesn’t happen this season. And I don’t remember Glasberg talking up Tiva for this year.. It was Michael and even Cote talking them up. Michael Weatherly is the one who called it the year of TIVA. And they don’t write the show. They can only go with the flow. And make the most of the moments.

        • Natalie says:

          Hi Stacey? Uh, actually Weatherly & Glasberg both indicated in a recent article that Season ten was indeed “The Year of The Tiva”. You can even find the article here on the TV Line site. I’m not in a rush to Tony & Ziva hook up right this second, but I do hope it happens well before the very last episode. They did that with JAG, and it was a HUGE mistake; fans who had been waiting ten years for Harm and Mac were furious with the “Rush Job” the producers whipped up with putting those two together. I think NCIS viewers who are interested in Tony & Ziva getting together would at least like to see it gradually become official, and not rushed at the last minute of the series.

          • Stacey says:

            I can only remember Weatherly saying it was the Year of Tiva. But if Gasberg said it, then I was wrong. But the season isn’t over yet. And if what happens particularly in the next two episodes happens like I speculate it might. It might lead to some movement for Tony and Ziva. Or get them closer. I will be happy when we know Cote has re-signed with the show. Michael is committed for another year. I take it as a journey. Tony and Ziva have come far over the last few seasons. Even if it takes to the end of the series, I’ll be fine. But I do think NCIS can be a show that could bring them together. It would definitely provide some juice to the show. Give some new stories to play against. Will Gibbs be fine with it. Will he cite Rule 12. Or will he go Rule 51. Sometimes you’re wrong. And if it works for Tony and Ziva. He has to know something is up with Tony and Ziva. And if it doesn’t intefere at the office. So I hope them go there ASAP. But I am not going to let the show ruin for me. Even if I have to wait to the end of the series… We shall see.

    • -Alan D Hopewell says:

      Why should there be? Does every character on a tv show have to fall into bed with someone? Go rent some porn.

  2. Svenja says:

    Cannot wait for this. I am just wondering why they are doing such a big story in january. It’s really odd. But it looks like emotional, intense drama. That is what NCIS knows best :)

    • Stacey says:

      NCIS likes to do big stories in January. The had the EJ story finish up last January. And Ray’s return. I think it’s because they have gotten used to compete with American Idol. Despite no longer being on same night. And also, they won’t have Voice. So chance to get some of their immense audience back. And they did a more subtle sweeps story in November for a change. So this is a chance to start off the winter season with a bang. Looks like they have something in mind for ZIva this half of season, and this starts it off…

      • Svenja says:

        Yes I thought the same thing. Though the “NCIS does big things in jan” thing is basically new. It seems to be a new strategy implemented by the “new” showrunner Gary. Shane and Don didn’t do that. I kinda like it because that way you start the year strong and leave an impression. It is still even harder probably than what we got last year. To me the spoilers sound like the episodes have almost “season finale”-quality. Also the cast of the following episode Shiva is pretty amazing. It’s odd, but I like this approach

        • Stacey says:

          Saw the episode description for “Shiva”. Yeah, the cast list. Gives this visit won’t necessarily be a good one for Ziva. And could really start her new journey. And maybe actually bring Tony and Ziva closer… The guest list really gives away alot about the episode LOL.

          • Svenja says:

            It does. The “plot line” of the Shiva press release is so…uhm not giving away anything. Like really not anything but then the guest list gives away something in my opinion.

          • Ditt says:

            Not just the guest list. Titling the episode “Shiva” rather gives the whole thing away.

  3. Ashley says:

    10 seasons and running out of ideas is what brought her father back. lol

  4. Pil says:

    I want a meet between Ziva’s father and Tony’s father.

    • Allison says:

      That may not happen and I hope Ziva leans on Tony,as he does ask her what she wants now.Maybe this is what brings them together: the fact he has always had her back.

  5. Ashley says:

    I hope ziva does not get hurt in this episode and I hope for some Tiva scenes and hopefully some scenes with tony and zivas father.

  6. NCISobsessedfan says:

    I cant wait for this episode, i just want Tony and Ziva together and id like to see a meeting between Tony and Eli or between Tony sr and Eli xD

  7. lizzie says:

    I’m really looking forward to these episodes. But I’ve been burned before and I’d like to see the show start to deliver on the Tony/Ziva front, as well as figuring out how to move other characters, like Tim and Abby, forward as well.

  8. Kath says:

    Always great to see Michael Nouri return as Eli, but I hope this time, unlike Enemies Domestic, his storyline will be about Ziva and not Vance. Yeah, he’s a friend of Vance but his story really should be about his daughter and their relationship.

    On the plus side, Paula Newsome returns.

  9. Looking forward to this emotionally charged episode and the next one……Michael Nouri does such an awesome job as Eli David and the complicated relationship he has with Ziva David. I’m looking forward to seeing Cote de Pablo shine in these episodes as she definitely has the talent to do the emotionally charged moments. I do hope the 2 parter storyline will be more focused on Ziva and less on Vance, unlike with Enemies Domestic/Enemies Foreign. Don’t get me wrong, I love Director Vance and his strong, beautiful wife, Jackie Vance, I just hope the episodes live up the Ziva-centric hype surrounding it. I also hope we’ll see even more TIVA progress in the two parter episodes as we haven’t really seen much forward movement since ‘Shell Shock’, as in the so called ‘Year of TIVA’ that was proclaimed by Michael Weatherly and supported by Gary Glasberg just before the season premiere aired.

  10. estefania says:

    always ziva stories bring so emotional and deep scenes… I know we are going to see wonderful performance of cote de pablo, she makes me cry evrytime when she cries…she is a really great actress… I hope to see real , emotional, cutie TIVA scenes I hope ziva won’t be so emtional hurt as I am thinking … I can’t wait to see it , please tuesday coming faster

  11. Kath says:

    It was great, until Jackie died. Even in the hospital, everyone went to help Vance and Ziva was left alone with her father. Now it’s going to be about Vance’s pain instead of Ziva’s, just like Eli’s last visit was about his past with Vance rather than his relationship with Ziva.

    Glasberg is doing an okay job but I wish he would realize that many of us in the audience are interested in Ziva and not in Vance.

  12. prish says:

    ok, I just saw the episode and I am bummed out

    • Jasmine says:

      I was very sad when Eli David died, Michael Nouri is so good. I was shocked that they also killed Jackie, love Paula Newsome. I hope the next part will be about both Director Vance and Ziva ‘s loss and the NCIS family coming together for both.

  13. lame says:

    Once again Gary Glasberg proves he’s got gigantic steel balls. In the past he hasn’t been afraid to turn the series on it’s head and continue flawlessly,seamlessly and fearlessly bringing a sense of shocking reality to this show. Years ago, Kaitlynn Todd was shot between the eyes by an assassin, then Jenny Shepard was murdered in a brutal gun fight, followed by Mike Franks killed by a serial murderer, but last night was as shocking an episode as ever as Ziva’s dad and Leon Vance’s wife were both gun down at diner in his home. Gary you continually shock your fans with totally unexpected twists and turns and keep us mesmerized into following NCIS. Other series complain of the difficulty of a two part story, yet you’ve done a five parter that ended a season with a cliffhanger. Hat’s off to you, it’s no wonder why your show is number one and has been for such a long time. Great Stuff!!!

  14. john says:

    I just love NCIS it is very well done love all the charactors and actors

  15. Claire says:

    Why can’t they just leave a good, team oriented story telling program alone. When personal relationships are added it ceases to be a good program and becomes a soap opera. Law and Order prevailed for years without personal entanglements. The only one of the Law and Order spins that was not that successful was L&O Criminal Intent when it began to focus significantly on the problems of one character at the expense of the story. A good crime mystery without openly vicious violence is a good story. I hope NCIS will survive this attempt to sensationalize. Maybe it is the writers who are bored…..

    • elouise willaims says:

      I agree. i don’t care about all the personal stuff. a litttle is ok, but thtat was waht made Law and Order so good. Relationships ruin everything.