Exclusive Days of Our Lives First Look: Nadia Bjorlin's Chloe Is Back -- With a Bombshell

Days of Our Lives‘ Chloe resurfaces in Salem this Friday, and she’s got more to unload than just luggage.

As seen in this exclusive clip of Nadia Bjorlin‘s return to the NBC sudser, Chloe’s first stop is to see Daniel — who obviously was expecting someone else (Jennifer, perhaps?) on his doorstep — so that she might share some news. Big news. Huge.

Bjorlin created the role of Days‘ Chloe in 1999, worked on and off contract in 2004 and ’05, and then rejoined the cast as a regular in late 2007. She last aired in October 2011, when Chloe left town for a job opportunity in Chicago. Since then, Bjorlin has guested on series including CSI.

Are you glad to see Chloe back in town? And how do you think Daniel (among others) will react to her bombshell? Vote in our poll below!

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  1. Adam Bramble says:

    My mom loves this show!

    • Ava says:

      This is nothing but plot driven crap to pimp asshat Daniel. The only saving grace for this lame story is that Daniel leave Salem with Chloe & Parker forever. Otherwise, it’s a total waste of airtime. The last thing I want to see on Days is Chloe thrown under the bus for pervert Daniel Jonas.

      • Barb says:

        please let Daniel and Jennifer be together forever they are a very good together

        • degrassidays says:

          Yeah, they are cute and should be left alone. We’ve already had Jack and Nicole as agnst for them, and Daniel even dumped Jennifer and left Salem before. Just put them together and either backburner them or give them a real storyline. They need no more angst, especially not from Chloe.

          • MBG says:

            I agree. I like Daniel and Jennifer as a couple and am tired of all that turmoil. I also like the idea of Chloe distracting Brady.

          • missy says:

            Daniel and Nicole reunion this week, bring them as a couple. Love them in a romance storyline.

        • Anita Srinivasan says:

          there is nothing great about Daniel or Jennifer both are hypocrites and losers in their way. Daniel is no saint at all. I am sick of every character being ruined for this dreadful couple. I am glad Jack is not there I do not want him with Jennifer again she is major bitch now.

        • karen says:

          Jennifer and Daniel sucks! I hate that Chloe is being used to pimp them. I use to like Dan and Chloe, but I can’t stand Dan now. No way should Parker’s paternity be changed for the douche Dan. Tomlin and Whitesell have lost their uncreative minds with this crappy story.

          • Jennifer Hoey says:

            Ditto! Dan, and Dan and Jen suck big time! They have NO CHEMISTRY WHATSOEVER! I am not a fan of Danloe, because I think she deserves better than him, and we deserve better than seeing another character ruined for Dr perv! He isn’t God’s gift Tomlin! You fired the wrong man!

        • Paula D says:

          Yes, I totally agree. Leave them alone! They are great together!

        • Ann says:

          I agree….stop all the issues between jen and dan. Let them enjoy each other for a little bit.

        • Gloria Sutton says:

          I agreed Jennifer and Daniel belong together!!!!

          • Jennifer Hoey says:

            Daniel and Jennifer are the Worst couple in the history of Days! No chemistry, no story and they have to ruin better characters to prop them! Jack and Jenn belong together! I am waiting for tptg to realize what an epic fail Dannifer is and bring back Jack for the story we were robbed of!

        • Gloria Sutton says:

          Yes I agreed they belong together Jenndaniel

      • christna says:

        Great Post!

        I hate Daniel he should just leave the show!

    • karen says:

      Jennifer and Daniel sucks! I hate that Chloe is being ruined to pimp them. I use to like Chloe and Dan together, but I can’t stand Dan now. No way should Parker’s paternity be changed for douche Dan. Days writers have completely lost their uncreative minds.

    • kEN fOUTZ says:

      This screws up everything for Daniel and Jennifer, they should be together.

      • Evelyn Orem says:

        That is what I think too..

      • Jennifer Hoey says:

        Daniel and Jennifer should never have gotten together in the first place! Their romance is contrived and boring, and they only have a few fans, everyone else sees their relationship for what it is, garbabge!

        • Kami says:

          I agree. Daniel and Jenn would never happen in real life. On the show she doesn’t even kiss him; just one lip. She is gross and looks like a hag anyway. I’m sick of the goody two-shoes image for her, but she is really ruthless. Move Daniel to Europe to be with Melanie, and end this crappy storyline!

          • davonna hood says:

            It has to be a bunch of children commenting. i love jenn and daniel together and all this childish angst must end. jennifer aka Melissa Reeves is beautiful and a classy lady. her and dan were hot today.@ kami, jenn is not an old hag.

          • Jennifer Hoey says:

            First off, I am not a child! I haven’t been a child for many years! I am a Jack and Jenn fan who is insulted that the beautiful love story of Jack and Jennifer is being ruined for the chemistry-less, juvenile Dannifer! They are the most forced, boring couple on daytime and are universally hated. Don’t believe me, just check out the fansites they have for Days! Also check out the letters to Soap Opera Digest and the polls at Soap Central! If any fans have shown themselves to be juvenile, it is ten Dannifer fans! They were not liked before Jack, and they were even more disliked after Jack. Matthew Ashford and Missy Reeves deserved a storyline that shows off their talents. Missy Reeves character has been dumbed down and written as a harpy in order to make Dannifer work. Great characters are ruined to create Dannifer angst! Jack and Jennifer didn’t need to have writers resort to these cheap tricks to make them popular! They have explosive chemistry on their own! All tses stupid, lazy storylines hasn’t helped Dannifer at all, just made them even more hated! When the audience is rooting for the so-called villans and not the main couple, you know you have a problem, but Tomlin doesn’t care what the majority of his fans want! That is why I stopped watching Days, because it is not the show I loved, and these characters, i.e.: Jennifer, are not the characters I loved. Next time, think before you make general assumptions like that!

          • Linda M says:

            Worse storyline ever. So tired of the insipid on again off again conversations between Dan and Jennifer. Come on writers! For the first time in 25 years I’m fast forwarding scenes! End this idiotic storyline now before you start losing viewers.

      • Should not , i don’t care if Maggie married Jennifer’s uncle it makes them family, all of my uncles wives are my aunts and their children are my cousins ,even my uncle’s step kids. it’s family, and what her and Daniel are doing is just plain nasty….but that’s just my opinion.

  2. Joanna says:

    Thanks for this. Can’t wait to see it.

  3. Trae says:

    Hold up! Parker is not Phillip’s???? Oh no Chloe you better run because Kate will try to kill you for this…again.

    • Lena120 says:

      I can’t believe this. First off, I hate Daniel. He’s been a drain on this show since his debut. Having him sleep with almost everyone woman around, and then making him Maggie’s son. Ugh. As for Chloe, her and Philip were a super couple in the making back in the day. How are they gonna take away their child like that? It sounds like they’re going to strip Philip of his kid off camera, while Dr. Hairy Chest is rewarded with an even bigger family. The writers obsession with this guy knows no bounds.

      • fan says:

        first LOVE this show..question is Maggie Jennifer’s aunt????? I like Jennifer and Daniel but m confused

      • kiki says:

        Phloe WAS a couple long ago but at the time Parker was supposedly conceived Phillip was married to Melanie & Chlow was engaged to Daniel. Phillip was drunk & they ended up having a drunken one night stand

        • Angie says:

          Philip wasn’t drunk. They were both sober but upset thinking Dan and Mel were having affairs or something. Not w each other of course, but neither participant was drinking.

          • imane assi says:

            You need to watch again.They actually both were drunk.Philip was at a bar drinking then came to Chloe. Chloe was at home drinking then Philip showed up .And they drank together

          • degrassidays says:

            Yes, also Chloe was tricked by Vivian into thinking that Daniel was having sex with Carly behind her back, which is why she got drunk.

          • Joyce Palms says:

            True they thought their mate was cheating but not father and daughter! Mel and Nate, and Dr Dan and Mel’s mom Carlee. All a misunderstanding.

          • 'Milly Combs says:

            philip was quite drunk actually

      • flora says:

        I love that she is back

      • Mrsoneill says:

        I didn’t even think about that until u said it and your right Daniel has slept with Carly, Kate, Chelsea, Chloe, Jennifer, and Nicole…. Then they make him Maggie’s son and Melanie’s dad… He needed to leave the first week he came to Salem… He never shows emotion and is boring to watch… He reminds me of Bo whom I was also glad to see leave being that he has no range of emotion and is boring to watch… As for the big reveal I knew this was going to happen since they thought the baby was philip’s

        • Trish says:

          You have no idea how glad I am to have someone FINALLY agree with me about Bo!! There were times I just had to zone out during his scenes. What a tool!

          • degrassidays says:

            Trish, I also agree with you. I liked Bo before and the way his departure was handled was disrespectful, but he had no storyline and was very boring, so I wasn’t sad to see him leave.

      • gween says:

        no i will agree that daniel has sleep with ever woman on there but daniel need to be with chloe brady needs to be with jennifer and as for kristen she just needs shot

      • Dani says:

        I agree. So many women on this show are hung up on Dr. Dan or as I call him the hairy barracuda! I am so sick of these women pining over him. I also don’t like that Chloe is back. All they do with her character of lately is make her out to be a whore. Its boring and redundant. Been there done that.. Get a real storyline!

    • gladys says:

      LEAVE Daniel and jennifer alone. send Chloe back where she belongs.

    • Krammer says:

      In the premier for next week Kate & Chloe get into a heated arguement. I take it Kate finds out the news about Parker pretty quick, and not too well!

  4. KnKsuck says:

    I don’t watch Days anymore, but I’m glad Parker really is Daniel’s (if that’s true).

  5. Andrew says:

    how has this garbage not been cancelled yet?

  6. ME says:

    I’m glad Parker is Daniels I’m not watching too much Days lately though because I can’t STAND EJAMI THEY REALLY STINK TOGETHER!

    • lulu says:

      Ejami is the best thing ever on this show but you should be happy they waste them in order to favor obnoxious, boring, controlling Rafe (this guy is even more pimped than Daniel and that says a lot..puke)

      • Deidre Hall says:

        You need to get a clue EJami is boring Alison Sweeney looks like Miss Piggy. I get that fat chicks want to believe hot men like James Scott want to have sex with them but is a tired pathetic female fantasy. Ejami are zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

        • You’re so ignorant…..Who are you to talk about anybodies weight, much less Alison Sweeney…She’s beautiful and has lost weight since I’ve been watching the show (1993)….Stop judging people by their outside appearance. You’re SUPERFICIAL! The chick is HOT and you just wish you were….THEN AGAIN If you talking about her she doing something RIGHT! Remember it’s not your place to judge anyone else except GODS!

        • Jill says:

          fat?! are your freaking kidding me? alison sweeney is a beautiful woman and mommy! shame on your for being such a d-bag. i love her and will always love sami brady!

        • Satarra says:

          Smh are u serious?! Sami is not fat she’s the host of biggest looser idiot & just had a baby. She’s gorgeous. If u think she’s fat u must be anorexic!! U are what’s wrong with America. Ignorant jealous hateful child. U wish u looked as good. Stfu

        • laura says:

          what!? Alison is gorgeous, not a bit fat. You are crazy.But I don’t like her with EJ. Nobody in their right mind would be with a guy that did that much to them. Kinda sick actually.

        • degrassidays says:

          I agree that EJami sucks, but Ali is pretty and not fat at all!

      • Ann says:

        Boo and Rafi are led around by their noses by the women.

    • reality check says:

      Ejami ROCK TOGETHER, well if writing was there for them instead we have the Boring Hernandez family show : that STINKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

    • rachel says:

      Ejami are not even together dumbass, Sami is with Rafe the bore : zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz yep i stopped watching because of this Rafe character, worse than Daniel !

      • Terri says:

        People PLEASE! Sami is not with EJ or Raife. She hasn’t actually chosen either of the two yet. In the first place, if you don’t “watch” the show anymore you shouldn’t be trying to tell anyone who is with who. Second place, it would be nice to see Nadia on the show again. Hope she has more to do with Brady than with Daniel though. Just my opinion.

      • Barb says:

        let Sami and Rafe be together forever too

        • degrassidays says:

          Yes, I agree with you and Anne. Sami and Rafe, EJ and Nicole, Daniel and Jennifer. Leave it at that. I’d also be fine with Lucas and Sami.

    • Ann says:

      E.J. is my favorite character. I wanted Nicole and E.J. to stay a couple.

  7. Brigette says:

    She’s totally lying! I’m glad Nadia is back though. Hopefully it’s for good!

  8. Chloe says:

    Oh, yay!!! This is great news!!! And if Sami finally dumps that moronic bore, Rafe, and gets with EJ, things will be perfect!!!

    P.S. Pennsylvania Ocean – ROFL!!!!!!

    • degrassidays says:

      Ew, EJami are terrible together! They’ve hurt each other so much that the chemistry between them STILL doesn’t make me want them together. Sami always is acting dumb when around EJ, and she puts him second to other men (Rafe, Lucas) because she hasn’t loved him. EJ is boring when he is with Sami as well. EJ should be with Nicole, Sami should choose either Rafe or Lucas.

  9. Dee says:

    Daniel and Jennifer are really boring together, no chemistry. Would love to see him and Chloe back together

    • janine says:

      Totally agree I cant stand Jennifer bring Jack back to life for her that is what she needs not
      Daniel. Jennifer thinks she is soooo much better than everyone yuck!!! You can take Jennifer off the show and watch the ratings go up again.

      • Anita Srinivasan says:

        Jennifer is not innocent victim at all we have been through so many pairings nothing . I am tired of the writers killing Jack off or ruining his character to sacrifice for this horny hypocrite and for Golden Boy Daniel if he is so great why does he have to be pimped there is nothing great about Daniel at all and he abandon Chloe when he found out that Parker was not his. Jack accepted to be father of Colin’s baby when Jennifer thought she was pregnant and now after Jack saved Abby life she still goes after Saint Daniel. The reason why they have interopler for Daniel and Jennifer is because they cannot stand alone as couple they have to have someone or something come between them they are not popular at all. But even if Jack or Chloe comes back I feel that Jennifer and Daniel do not deserve their love at all. jennifer and daniel deserve each other in bad way. Jennifer is not perfect and either is Daniel both need to fall off their pedestal.

    • teresa torres says:

      ok people, !! sami & rafe, ej & nichole, daniel & chole, will & gaby, and please , please stop the gay line, its not convincing !!!!!!!!

      • Alabama says:

        I agree stop the gay thing

        • Anita moss says:

          I agree 100%…..stop the gay thing… believe it or not you are losing viewers! I have watched days for 40 years and i am very disappointed in this story line.

          • LMac says:

            I total agreed with the gay…I have not watched days to much since they put bo with carley wrong thing to do…and no patch…love samie …but u know who i really like is Nicole she is really not a bad person…and poor romane is he ever going to have a new loved….stefhanio needs to be done and E.J. the new villian

          • Curly Girly says:

            Guess what bigots?? There are REAL people out there who are ACTUALLY gay. Get used to it. So Days should not portray a realistic (gay) love story? I think Will and Sonny are very sweet. I’d rather watch them than Brady and Kristen (YUCK!!!). I have to FF through them (Brady and Kristen) every time. And, oh yeah, I’m straight.

          • dreama says:

            agree. STOP the gay storyline.

      • Buf.. says:

        i agree!!

      • Joyce Palms says:

        Yes, I was LOL when Nicole jump on Ej New Years Day, that was so funny I bet they were laughing their buts off after the take, I think these two made for each other. Both do dirt why not together, like when Ej ran for Mayor.

      • Darnell says:

        I agree, to stopping the Gay thing. It’s sick. And i do not like to watch it on my favorite soap. Days was doing just fine before the Gay story line.

      • gween says:

        oh please if every one is with the one everybody wants with than days will be so boring what happen to when they kidnap or held someone hostige let who ever be with who ever that crap is so oldnikii needs to be happy for once with a baby let her finally have a baby

    • M'issa says:

      I completely agree! When they get together, I stop watching! It’s too awkward to watch!

      • Judy says:

        I don’t mind the gay storyline because it is what it is, but I do mind having to watch Sonny and Will romping around in bed and kissing each other soooooooooo much. Can’t it just be implied and not so much of the visual stuff. It’s hard to watch.

        • Ann says:

          I sooooo agree! When the kissing and romping around in bed I just turn it off. Only watch when they are out of the picture.. To bad I have been a Days fan ever since I was a kid.

          • Evelyn Orem says:

            It is what it is! More and more gays are coming out these days and it is only fitting that a Soap would have gay characters. They don’t show them any more than what they show others in romantic scenes.

          • Barbara says:

            I agree, leave the romping around in bed and kissing each other sooooo much. We don’t need the visual stuff. People may be gay, but don’t put it on a soap that has been on for so many years and has a lot of seniors watching who can’t stand to see this type of action on TV.

      • Marquita says:

        Yes stop the gay thing! I mean really just because its trending in real life doesn’t mean I have to watch it in my soap. Sheesh I’m so over it! SMDH its awkward indeed I walk away when the gayness happens. So unnecessary just wasting minutes with all that spare me, it already takes forever and a day for a storyline to unfold anyways. I like Nicole and Sami their acting range and emotion is remarkable. I also agree Nicole really isn’t a bad person LOL. I read her baby really isn’t dead and Mysterious Cameron has something to do with it. DOOL is trying to shake things up maybe?! I hope its true because Nicole needs some happiness in her life. I like Sami and Rafe together, EJ and Nicole are perfect! Ej seems much happier with her. I hope Cloe gets back with Brady and Spoils Kristen’s plans Kristen is also a good actress she cracks me up!!! Jen and Dan just need a break they should both take a vacation for a while together separate I don’t care I’m over their drama “rolling eyes” and their teen love Ugh they are too old for that BS… they can come back I just think the viewers need a break from them maybe we’ll miss them or something LOL.

        • Lisa says:

          “Trending in real life”? WTFrack? Being gay isn’t “trending” — it’s a reality and has been for as long as humans walked the planet. It’s no more “trending” than being a woman is “trending.” It’s life. Ryan Phillippe played the first character on a soap with a real gay storyline… do you realize how long ago that was? Days is way behind acknowledging real life.

          Days isn’t written just for people who get squicked out by gay kissing. It’s written for anybody who wants to watch. If you don’t like Will and Sonny’s storyline, then don’t watch it. I doubt anybody will care. I don’t like Daniel’s storyline and think he’s dull and one-note, so I fast-forward all his scenes. Problem solved.

  10. emmyloser says:

    I call BS on this. They did like three DNA tests on that boy! Kate is going to kill Chloe, for real this time.

    • Alabama says:

      Maybe this time Kate will kill her and she be gone for good

      • maybe this time she will kill Kate , who was the biggest whore in Salem in her day . she has four kids ,and different fathers, she’s an ex-hooker,glad Stefano reminded her of that,,thank-u she has slept with every man in Salem she lied to Lucas about who his father was , so that made her a cheating whore,after Lucas turned out to be a Horton.LOL

  11. Naomi Villejean says:

    The DNA results – if you recall – were switched FOUR different times.

    • Joyce Palms says:

      And who all did the switching? I am glad for Dr. Dan if Parker is his son, he so deserves it, and he has never stopped loving that baby, no matter who the real dad was.

      • imane assi says:

        You mean Daniel never loved that baby,that’s why he couldn’t get rid fast enough of him without even asking for a 2nd paternity first. It makes me sick that Daniel is getting a kid he never loved,wanted or deserved.

  12. degrassidays says:

    NO! I like Daniel with Jennifer, I’ve just gotten to really like them again. I can’t believe Parker is Daniel’s son! Oh, and I agree that EJami sucks.

    • Radha says:

      Am I the only one who misses Lucas and Sami? Ugh.

      • s says:

        Nope.. that was the saddest day for me.. right after their wedding when she left for EJ again.. Bryan has no chemistry with anyone else so now has no storyline.

      • Degrassidays says:

        No I want a Lumi endgame, but I think Safe is good for the moment. In the end, Rafe should be with Carrie and Sami should be with Lucas.

        • Samantha says:

          I absolutely agree

        • gween says:

          NO WAY samie is good for rafe carrie fit so hard to keep austin so let that bitch say with him it sammie turn to have something that hag wants

        • Ruthie Blanton says:

          Rafe and Nicole….all the way. Sami with Lucas….Kate would hate that, but, Sami and Lucas are great together.!!

          • degrassidays says:

            Oh yeah, Rafe and Nicole have a lot of chemistry, and Sami’s endgame should be Lucas. Although, I think Rafe should end up with Carrie and Nicole with EJ.

        • Hope Smith says:

          I agree about Sami. Don’t care for her with Rafe or EJ.
          EJ and her have good chemistry but Sami’s true love is Lucas.. She and Lucas have an amazing long history, children and gave grown up together and evolved as better people. Really HOPE Carrie comes back.. Really liked the chemistry with her and Rafe!!

      • nancy says:

        I love Daniel and Jennifer together. And I think Samuel need to leave eh alone and her and Lucas get back together and stay together. Will to be with gabi and Chloe save Brady from Kristen and rage and Nicole should get together. And I would love to see Parker be Daniel and he is not boreing and I hope maliney comes back and would love to for bell and Shaun come back. And hope and Bo would have another baby.

      • Alabama says:

        They are not a good couple Sammie. Is a hoe

    • Rhenae says:

      Jennifer is just to clingy and corny and disgusting….a weakling of a woman. Besides Daniel likes young….did I say “young”…….oh yeah….”young” beautiful, sexy, and a little rough around the edges girls. Jennifer is none of the above.

      • Anita Srinivasan says:

        Jennifer has nothing to offer Daniel she has no sex appeal anymore and she is hypocritical bitch who abandon her husband left him to die in that elevator saving their daughter and went back to Daniel. Jennifer is major bitch she does not deserve to be happy at all she can have daniel they deserve each other in bad way both are losers. Jack and Chloe deserve better soulmates.

        • imane assi says:

          Jennifer failed Jack jwhen he most needed her ust like Daniel failed Chloe when she most needed him.They deserve each other and Chloe deserves better than this heartless hypocritical scumbag

          • Anita Srinivasan says:

            I am sick of the writers killing Jack off so that hypocritical teenager bitch Jennifer can move on with saint Daniel they did not have kill jack off so Jennifer have Daniel they both deserve each other they could have killed both Jennifer and Daniel and leave Jack alive let him finally move on with someone who will have faith in him. I am sorry but Jennifer is ruined and downright pathetic she is no innocent angel anymore, she abandon her son and being obsessed bitch chasing after Daniel who has no personality and acting like golden boy. I am fed up with Daniel and jennifer who both need to leave the show forever and give other characters chance to act. Bring Jack and Bo and Steve who are real leading men on the show. Jack needs real women maybe Nicole or Greta but not Jennifer she needs to be redeemed.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Nope, there are still many Lumi fans, and I’m one of them.

    I would hate it if Parker really was Daniel’s though. Daniel has to be the worst character they brought on.

  14. dryedmangoez says:

    When are they going to get rid of Daniel and undo that whole Maggie is his mother crap.

  15. Jackie says:

    When are we going to find out about the baby in the picture??? Remember throughout that whole Daniel Maggie thing they always had the picture in Stefano’s place and Victor’s place

  16. Tina says:

    OK, that is great for Daniel..BUT he has no use for Chloe..period. On a storyline note-IT IS CRAPPY ctoryline and only a way to again casue trouble for Daniel and Jennifer and honestly Jennifer is THE ONLY person he has ver been iwth that I LIKE him with. I think they make a good match-just b/c they are not trashy, does nto make them boring.

    • Paula D says:

      I totally agree with you.! Love Jen and Dan together. I don’t want Parker to be Dan’s. He should be Philips. Chloe should get together with EJ or Eric. We know Eric won’t be a priest for long.

    • Anita Srinivasan says:

      Jennifer has no personality or sex appeal either and she has no chemistry with no male in that show they should have killed her off instead of Jack who had storyline potential. Jennifer is no innocent victim and she has her share of mistakes as well and she is not good wife or mother. Right now Jennifer acting like 40 year old teenager obsessive and after Jack died saving Abby life, Jennifer still wanted to go back to Daniel, If they ever get decent headwriters and Matthew Ashford is rehired again I want them to give Jack new love interest and let Jennifer have Daniel they both deserve each other in bad way. Both are hypocritics and both are pathetic losers. Jack and Chloe deserve better true loves. Jennifer should be ashamed to call herself Deveraux.

  17. Miki says:

    I can’t stand Chloe, and I think Nadia is such a poor actor. I don’t care that Parker is his, I just hope he stays with Jennifer

    • shannon says:

      i don’t like Chloe (Nadia) either i never thought she was a good actress ..Daniel&Jennifer….. i don’t understand the writers on this one because the real Chloe wouldn’t have waited 2 years to tell Daniel about Parker being sooooo in love with him

      • imane assi says:

        The real Chloe would have never given a 2nd thought to someone who groped her and told her it was all in her head, would have never cheated on Lucas, would have dunped Daniel after he failed her when she most needed him and emotionally cheated on her with Carly and mostly would be completly over him after seeing his indifference and coldness toward her almosr death.That would be the real Chloe.

    • Anita Srinivasan says:

      I just wish Daniel would leave the show he brings the worst any actress on that show. Jennifer used to be good but now she is obsessive hypocritical bitch and I really do not want Jack back with her unless she falls off her pedestal. Daniel is not good at all he is no leading man material either and he does not know how to love women either. He either beds them or dumps them.


    • but ej is just so damn hot i mmmm would love to be with him

      • jes says:

        They just need a fireball of a women for him! No one on the show fits that!

        • Joyce Palms says:

          I beg the differ, he and Sami do a HOT scene together, but Sami is confused.

          • degrassidays says:

            He and Sami have chemistry, but a couple should have more than that. Sami has never loved EJ. She tries to change him and always chooses other men over him and does horrible things to him. EJ always hurts Samantha with his schemes and such. Sami is better suited for Rafe or Lucas. EJ was hot with Kate back in the day, but she is old and also his ex-stepmother, so it wouldn’t be appropriate for now. EJ with Taylor was boring as all heck, and I hated how they had that affair while he was married to Nicole.

            For me, Nicole is the only woman for EJ. They both love and accept each other for who they are, and they have a lot of chemistry. They need to stop trying to change and go back to scheming, like when EJ ran for mayor. Nicole and EJ are “cut from the same cloth”, as he put it. It’s true. All of Nicole’s other relationships sucked, as have EJ’s. Eric and Nicole had their time, but he left town and was with other women, Nicole married Lucas for a lot of money, but that relationship was a bust too. Nicole’s relationship with Victor and Trent was obviously sucky, and her relationship with Brady fizzled out. Then, we have her and Daniel. They were hot, but they got boring, and Daniel chose Jennifer over her, which is a huge deal breaker for me. Heck, even Nicole’s off-screen relationships were apparently bad. The only man for her is EJ. Her and Eric would be boring.

    • Degrassidays says:

      No, he belongs with Nicole

    • Samantha says:

      Don’t like sami and rafe together, it just seems like he is a fill in for lucas. I do agree I can’t stand EJ or his family.

      • Hope Smith says:

        Totally agree!! So sick of Days trying to put Sami with Rafe..really don’t care for Rafe! He needs a good story that doesnt involve Sami.. Show made a mistake getting rid of Carrie and should bring her back and put with Rafe..

    • I would lke to see Sami and Rafe together. Love his smile. I do understand about gays but not in bed during the day. We don’t need to see all the actions in bed

      • Judy says:

        Don’t like Jennifer and Daniel together at all. YUK. Love that Chloe has returned. Eileen Davidson (Kristin) is a fabulous actress and I just love to watch her work/act. Let’s keep her as the villan now that Stefano is gone (retired from fulltime acting). Her character can really keep things shook up in Salem now that EJ seems to have reformed.

        • Marquita says:

          Agree to the fullest! I enjoy Kristin’s scheming her acting is superb I’d like to see her make a mistake and get caught sooner than later. Id like to see her next act. Random so is the Brady Pub and the Town Square the only place to take a date in Salem??!? LAME

  19. kym says:

    Ive been watching DOOL since the late 1970’s and have loved and hated characters through the yrs. One of my favorites is Chloe, so glad she is coming back…now get rid of John (clint eastwood) Black…lol

  20. shannon says:

    all ic an say is NOOOOOO!!!! if he really is Parker’s dad then why has it taken her 2 years to come back? is my question sounds like something Stephano is up to

  21. holy crap so excited to see this

  22. Stephanie says:

    I love ej and sami and maybe Chloe got pregnant again after Parker???? Idk lol

  23. Janette Heald says:

    I really don’t like sami and EJ together it just doesn’t make sence EJ should be 15 years old and not as old as sami. They should have done a better job with that story line. But I hope that Daniel and Chloe get back together they were awesome

  24. Judy says:

    Glad to see Chloe back. Can’t stand Daniel – he is such an overactor. Hated him and Chloe together. Yeech!!! Bring back Philip for Chloe.

  25. anne says:

    im glad she coming back because i dont like jennifer.

  26. jes says:

    Well this is certainly better than Daniel and Jennifer. They are so dull! Daniel is way to hot for her. A lot of dull couples right now. Nick and Gabi? Sami floating around. Chad and Abigail. They seem to eliminate the couples with chemistry. What happen to Abigail and Lexi’s brother? EJ and Nicole’s sister, Brady and anyone but Kristin. Rafe and Sami. Will was much more fun to watch as EJ’s gopher! I sure hope Nicole and Eric heat things up! I DVR it and have to fast forward through most of it.

  27. Amy says:

    Chloe is going to be a welcome addition at this point. The whole Brady Krazy Kristen thing will get a huge monkey wrench thrown at it when Brady’s first real love strolls in. Hoping she can get through to him. As for Daniel, I want him w Jenn if we can’t have Jack.

  28. Mary Vasquez says:

    her second child she had since we saw her last is Daniel’s. And yes him and Jenn are NOT good together, Kristen stinks and why would Stefano send her there to sleep with Brady? Nicole and Eric would be a big mistake, Chloe always a beauty, and I like her, never noticed she can’t act. Let the gay boys do their thing behind closed door’s—sick of seeing them in bed and kissing!!!

    • Degrassidays says:

      Stefano didn’t do that. He sent her to bring the family together, but she had a plan of her own.

      • Ann says:

        I want Stefano and E.j. back running things together . and i didn’t want Stefano to get a divorce. i loved them together and i loved Nicole and e.j. together. They all worked good together and i liked the way they ran things.

    • Maggie was Jen’s aunt because he was married to Mickey, no blood relation. Just who is Daniel’s father? VICTOR!
      I am also sick of watching two gay guys make out on screen all the time. makes me sick.

  29. Carol Anne says:

    Love Chloe and Daniel. I hope Parker is his.
    I love Jenniferntoo but not with Daniel

  30. estania says:

    I’m So glad Chloe is back on the show. And if Parker is for Daniel that’s messed up how he dump her the minute he found out that wasn’t his child and he didn’t wanna have anything to do with her. If he truly love her he will never left ur especially after that. Don’t get me wrong she was also be wrong but it doesn’t mean he have to leave her for that. I hope I get exactly what I’m hoping for revenge.

  31. Linda says:

    I love Chole always have…. But Jennifers got to have Daniel or should she? lol What a mess but we all love messes don’t we now……………………. enough said :)

    • Anita Srinivasan says:

      Jennifer does not deserve any man after the way she treated Jack but she deserves Daniel in bad way not good way. After Jack die saving Abby she went back to Daniel, Jennifer only went back with Jack out of pity and put family back together and she used her daughter do it. Jennifer is not innocent victim or perfect either, she needs to fall of her pedestal realize that she is to blame for most of Jack disappearance and dying or missing because she wants perfectionist but she is not perfectionist herself. Jack may have his share mistakes and all but he loves Jennifer and the children which Daniel only loves himself.

  32. Kathy says:

    I’ve pretty much quit watching DOOL since the pairing up of Will and Sonny. Makes my stomach turn when they start making out.

  33. estania says:

    And I don’t know what is wrong with you people if you think EJ and Sami belong together that is the worst couple ever look at what they done to each other you think that’s for giving no way. That relationship is dead it’s been damage and sometimes you have to know when to call a quicks . No I don’t feel that she belongs with rafe, rafe is a good man and he deserve so much better than a woman like Sami are you kidding me. Sami needs to be single for a while to find her self and be with out a man for a while ( single) if she knows what that means. It would be better if she can focus on her children and and her career 1 of her kids going through something right now she has no idea. Just like last time she had no ideal her son was gay. The only man that was good for her was Lucas but over and over she mange to hurt that man. Why do we have to keep punishing these men with her bull s***.

    • Samantha says:

      Wow you this is a wonderful post. Sami and EJ have no business being together. I hope that Sami finally figures out that Lucas is the right man for her. He continues to be there for her despite the numerous times she has hurt me, but that is to much to ask for its Sami we are talking about.

  34. julie says:

    love rafe with sami he’s so hot! The whole kristen crazy thing is def nuts, get rid of her! Love chloe glad shes back. get poor Roman a love interest!

  35. Degrassidays says:

    I am sick of seeing these homophobic comments when there are couples like EJami that are deemed “sexy” even though there was rape and shooting involved. Anyways, I feel like Chloe is wasted on this Dannifer story, but luckily she gets involved with the Krady storyline.

    • kiki says:

      First of all Chloe never lied for months about Parker’s paternity,she had paternity test run & it showed Dan was the dad. So she figured the test was right & Dan was the dad, she only found out about the switched results at the same time Dan did at Parker’s christening !

      • degrassidays says:

        I meant that Chloe lied for months to Daniel about how she cheated on him.

        • imane assi says:

          She didn’t lie. She tried over and over and over and over …..again to tell him and EVERY SINGLE TIME he shut her up putting litterally his finger on her lips. And when someone tells you:” I did something horrible.You would hate me if you knew”, you don’t shut them up.You listen.

          And by the way, Chloe didn’t cheat. She thought that Daniel left her for Carly, that it was over between them and chose Carly over her. Remembrer what she told Philip that nighyt : Daniel doesn;’ love me anymore. The mother of his child has his heart”. She thought she lost him to his ex

    • kiki says:

      Where did you hear Chloe was involved in the Krady story? I heard Chloe has been filming with Dan , Nancy & Kate

    • Kimberly says:


    • Samantha says:

      I agree rape is never sexy no matter what the situation.

  36. Degrassidays says:

    I do not blame Daniel for divorcing Chloe. The woman cheated on him and lied to him for months, their relationship was not a good one.

  37. Misty Maddox says:

    I would love to see Daniel and Cloe back together if Cloes son really is Daniels. Jennifer just needs off the show or find some other guy to be with her. Sami needs to be with Rafe and Nicole needs to be with Brady. And EJ off the show or else bring another chick for him. Will and Sonny need to raise will and gabies baby and just have Nick and gabie run off and be somewhere else and have a baby of their own. That’s my opinion anyways.

    • Angie says:

      That would be great but then it wouldn’t be a soap opera. Somethings gotta be going on somewhere. I just hate that it has to be with a baby. But you have everybody matched up perfectly.

  38. Olivia says:

    As soon as I read that Chole was returning I knew it was about Parker. Parker always was Daniel’s son. I love Chole and I’m really glad she’s back!!
    I can’t stand Jennifer and Daniel, they are so annoying. Daniel is so creepy.
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t they cousins? Jennifer calls Maggie “Aunt Maggie”. Cousins dating…gross lol

    • degrassidays says:

      Cousins only through marriage. Maggie is not a Horton by blood, she isn’t even a Horton by marriage anymore.

  39. Penny says:

    Maybe Chloe and Kristen should get together and then leave town…Hopefully with Nick being their choffer. ; )

  40. i am so excited chloe is coming back and i really hope parker is daniels he will be a wonderful father to him and maybe this will bring melanie back to be with them both and i hope chloe kicks nicholes ass for messing with daniel and envolving him in all that drama of hers…………………

  41. i think sami and rafe need to be together chloe and daniel nicole and ej and these women need to get sexy again krystin needs to find someone her own age and doc and john need to adopt a baby bring belle and shawn back get this show exciting again instead of the same ole same ole……… i want to see sexy people that us regular people want to look at come on…………. oh yah and will needs to say he is the father and kick nicks ass…………

    • Angie says:

      Wish the same thing about Will. Wish he would kick Nick’s ASS. But he really should tell Sonny if he really loves him. If Will knew Sonny was going to stand behind him I believe they would make great parents!

    • laura says:

      Yes! My thoughts exactly!!

  42. estania says:

    Poor will I don’t think its fair how Nike andGabby are booling him making him feel like he does not belong in his own child’s life. I can’t believe he doesn’t trust some body and tell them what’s going on. Will is going to explode and come out with the truth that he is the father then gabby is going to have to deal with Kate and sami too crazy b**** LOL can’t wait to see it. And Nicole I love her and she deserves to find true love I think she’s just been misled and hurt by too many guys. for once I would like to see her happy and in love with someone who loves her even more and blessed her with a child of her own or adopte one. That my new year resolution for my days of our lives and for Christians who just came back into the show I hope her little plans blow up in her face she ends up falling madly in love with Brady n end up getting pregnant by him. And driving john and marlena even more crazy. Hey is not a soap until somebody keep the drama going. I’m looking forward towards what’s going to happen with Christian and Brady. LOL what I’ve been watching since I was 11 years old haven’t stop since and never missed a show. Keep the drama coming I’m a keep watching. And who cares if we lose a couple of people we don’t need the, if the stop watching then no business watching the show they cant deal with the changes changes is good for the show. And so what if will is gay. that woman thats upset with the fact that he’s gay she needs to get over it we live in a gay world these days. Do I wish will would stay straight then gay yes but it is what it is. And I learn to accept it just the way I learn to accept my friends for being gay. We would be living in the Nile if you can say that we don’t know a gay person.
    I’m over it.

  43. trent says:

    I’m glad shes back wish everyone easle could come back too

  44. marsha says:

    I can believe people are calling Sami ms.piggy,she is in great shape!!!!!Someone is jealous

  45. Deidre Gephart says:

    Im glad Cloe is back and Parker is Daniels,Cloe and Daniel belong together jennifer dresses and acts like an old woman! As far as Sami she belongs with Rafe, EJ needs to find someone else and his sister Kristen needs someone to knock her out! She needs to go back where she comes from before someone kills her!

  46. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I knew it! So happy to see the writers are back on track with this storyline……..Now they can work on Daniel & Chloe’s relationship & Jennifer can take a back seat! Yeah, I see Kate coming with some more apples & pies…..Then again she may have been the one that did the SWITCH to break up Daniel & Chloe to begin with…Who knows!

  47. degrassidays says:

    I’m sorry, I just don’t see the appeal of Danloe. They had their chance and Chloe blew it, besides, Chloe deserves someone a bit more…well, just someone more for her. I don’t think Daniel will ever choose another woman over Jennifer.

  48. melissa vitullo says:

    DANIEL is very sexy , love him and chloe is the hottest chick in daytime tv…Jennifer needs to be with brady, nichole with rafe and sammy with ej… go on youtube as they have episodes from 1965

    • imane assi says:

      Daniel is not sext .He looks sweart dirty and smelly. He looks like he needs a bath, shave and haircut. Choe is too gorgeous and hot for him

      • Anita Srinivasan says:

        Jennifer can have Daniel both pathetic losers belong together. I think that it is time if Jack ever comes back from dead I would love to see Jack expression on his face see that Jennifer moved on quickly with Daniel not even bother to find him or anything rejects Jennifer moves on with someone else maybe Nicole or bring back Greta. Jennifer is not only women for Jack he should have life outside of Jennifer and move on.

    • Anita Srinivasan says:

      Jennifer needs to be send away to Bayview I am sorry Brady and Jennifer no way she is no match for him at all she is boring and pathetic she has no sex appeal either. Jennifer needs to grow up.

  49. kto says:

    This doesn’t surprise me. It seems everyone forgot Phillp was sterlie….. Anyone remember the Shawn/Belle/Phillp storyline?

  50. cheryl says:

    I love chloe. I hope her and bradey get back together.