Vampire Diaries Boss on Stefan's Anger, Jeremy's Killer Urges and Caroline and Tyler's Future

My Brother’s KeeperDeath, break-ups and some killer urges plagued The Vampire Diaries winter finale earlier this month.

After the eventful episode, TVLine spoke with executive producer Julie Plec about the loss of Tyler’s mom, Damon and Elena’s struggles and the future of Caroline and Klaus.

And now we have even more scoop from that chat, so read on to find out how the Christmas outing will affect the Salvatore brothers’ relationship, whether Caroline and Tyler are going to make it through this rough patch and what’s in store for Jeremy, romantically and professionally (he’s a hunter now, you know).

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TVLINE | Damon did break the sire bond, sort of, but it was a little too late where Stefan’s concerned. What does that mean for their relationship?
That’s unfortunate. Damon was a little bit late in his realization that he was being selfish and needed to do the right thing by Stefan. The jig is up as far as Stefan’s awareness of what Elena and Damon have been up to. It’s not going to be pretty. Stefan is heartbroken. He feels incredibly betrayed and angry. We’re going to see a lot of his point of view as we move forward.

TVLINE | From the promos, it looks like Stefan also lashes out at Elena.
Yeah. He’s pissed. [Laughs] When the break-up is civil, it’s usually the beginning of some pretty dark stuff still to come. The calmer the break-up, the worse the fallout.

TVLINE | Tyler’s grown a lot this season. Will recent events help him mature further or set him back?
It’s a setback in that his confidence came from this feeling that he had a place and he had people that were looking to him. As his mom said, “You’re a leader of people like your father was.” He was really growing into that, and to feel like they all paid the price for that confidence will definitely set him back a bit. The question is, how will he rebound from that?

TVLINE | Are Caroline and Tyler OK?
Tyler’s going to struggle, and Caroline’s going to struggle in trying to help him. But if there’s one thing those two have proven again and again, it’s that when situations are at their most dire and their most extreme, they find a way to be there for each other. I think we can rest easy that that won’t have changed yet.

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My Brother’s KeeperTVLINE | Klaus is a great bad guy, and Joseph [Morgan] has said in the past that he doesn’t want to soften him up too much. But at some point, for the longevity of the character, does he have to soften up?
The beauty of Klaus, much like Damon, is that his horrible misdeeds are all born out of a place of a complete lack of  trust and faith as a result of being repeatedly betrayed and rejected in his life. I’m not saying I excuse his horrific behavior, but it’s born from a very human place. Once someone’s got a strong core of humanity, there’s hope for them – [they may] just not necessarily wake up tomorrow as Man of the Year. Klaus will continue to be a very complicated character. Much like Damon in the first couple seasons, when he feels backed up against the wall, he lashes out in very, very destructive ways. It makes it impossible to forgive. And yet, the redemption of Klaus as a character-long arc is something we always talk about.

TVLINE | What is Shane’s journey in the next chapter?
Shane is the captain of the crazy train in the next chapter, which is really all about revealing more about his agenda, learning more about this mythical character of Silas that he keeps mentioning, getting closer and closer to the location and the means to dig up both the cure and Silas — and then the fallout of that choice and what that all means.

TVLINE | When you introduced April, my first thought was, “Love interest for Jeremy.” Is that safely out of the question now that we see that she’s got a lot more to do with the mythology and Rebekah’s storyline?
Yeah, in April’s current situation, romance and roses are not necessarily instantly on her horizon.

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We All Go a Little Mad SometimesTVLINE | There was a Jeremy/Bonnie moment in the winter finale. Is that a romance that picks back up?
It’s in there to remind us that they had a history together that was really deep and important. For Bonnie to be Jeremy’s emotional touchstone and to find a closeness with each other that was abruptly shattered back in Season 3 definitely brings up memories of that relationship and makes us wonder if there’s any road for them to travel together.

TVLINE | How is Jeremy going to be dealing with controlling his hunter urges?
He’s going to be a hardcore, lean and mean vampire-fighting machine over the next couple episodes – but with an unlikely coach in the form of Damon Salvatore. So there’s some fun to be had there and a lot of danger for both of them. … They’re definitely going to have to figure out how to get that mark to grow. Damon’s not going to just unleash Jeremy into the vampire den until he feels like he’s properly trained and ready.

TVLINE | The next episode is kind of Breakfast Club-y. Who’s trapped together, and what emotions does it bring out?
It has a lot to do with what Rebekah’s up to. She’s been gone for quite some time. She’s missed a lot. So [in] her efforts to try to get information out of everybody…she gets caught up on the goings-on in Mystic Falls in her absence, including that Stefan and Elena are broken up, that Elena slept with Damon, that there’s a sire bond at play, that the cure hasn’t been found yet – all kinds of great things which she gets out of them in the form of a pretty malicious detention at school.

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  1. mac says: D=

  2. Alrisha says:

    SO, more hypocrite Stephan. That character is became more and more annoying with every season. While everyone is grow up, Stephan is still in that place where he is always the victim, everything he does is justified. I hope the writers got right the sire storie because Damon is a better man than Stephan every single day and doble on Sunday

    • Stranger says:

      I don’t see the point to bash any of the brothers, Elena is only going to sleep with one until she gets bored and starts sleeping with the other: whatever interest this love triangle was able to hold got lost about the last time she was sleeping with the other brother.

    • Sarah says:

      Maybe you should learn how to spell stefan before bashing on him…

    • amanda says:

      Yeah so the facti you can’t even spell STEFAN’S name correctly makes your comment void.

      • Anonymous says:

        Fail. In the process of correcting someone on their spelling, you, yourself, made a spelling error of your own. It’s just a television show. Quit behaving as if it holds actual sway in your very literal lives. There are enough actual problems in the world to get upset over and to stress yourselves over, without you all fighting like children over fictional characters on a television show.

    • tee says:

      Considering that Elena didnt even wait two days before jumping his brother I say he has the right to be pissed

      • amy says:

        Stefan has the right to be pissed and elena is behaving like a slut you just broke up with someone do you mind waiting 4 weeks before jumping on his brother so stefan bitch away

      • I agree…everything is elena’s fault lol :) i would rather blame her than the brothers lol! STOP PLAYING GAMES ELENA! THESE POOR BROTHERS DESERVE BETTER LOL! can you tell im a brother shipper! i dont know what you call them…how do you mash damon and stefan together? damfan? stefon?

        • Meron says:

          The Salvatores??????

        • Jr says:

          Defan ( Damon and Stefan)

        • Guest says:

          I just think Elena it’s repetitive after Katherine, Lexi and Caroline. The brothers deserve their own life or their own stake depending on how do you want to end the story, what they don’t deserve is yet another Katherine.

          • Sorcha says:

            Elena is nothing like Katherine. She’s actually conflicted about being between the Salvatores, she’s never told one that she loved him and then screwed his brother while still with them and she doesn’t use people or kill indiscriminately. Obviously, you have not been watching the show if you think Elena is anything like Katherine. And why are you watching anyway if you don’t like the romance and the love triangle. That’s the main point of this show’s plot. The intrigue and other plots are just because this is a TV show that goes on and needs other interests, not a romantic movie that stops after 2 hours. So if you don’t like the plot of the show, stop watching. Simple as that.

          • Rebecca says:

            You are right!!!!! Elena is a…. and she didn’t have to do what she did! She is in love with Stefan and will always be! This kind of love never dies. If I remember correctly, without Elena, Stefan would have been dead and Stefan went through all that so called “rippah” phase just to save his freakin brother! REMEMBER….. So , basically what I am trying to say is that, Elena is to blame and Stefan has all the frigin right to be pissed at her. And Elena- Get a hold of yourself, you are in love with Damon because you are sired to him. You really don’t feel anything for him! You have no real feelings for him!!! Elena and Katherine may have different names, but they definitley act like the same person now, no doubt! I know, aStefan fan, that Stefan deserves someone better than Elena. In fact, both the brothers deserve better than Elena. She is just like Katerine- toying around with both the boys emotions! I just hope Stefan finds the cure for her vampirism. He is right, she isn’t the person she was before.

          • JXfan says:

            I agree. Elena is JUST like Katherine. She doesn’t think about the rift she is causing between Stefan/Damon. It’s always all about HER. Elena is so self centered.

        • E.Bunny says:

          StephDam!!! works : ) but u gotta say it with Attitude pfaaaaa…..just imagine if they walk in some place or appear together….StephDam!!! LoL

      • Radha says:

        THIS. And God…reading some of these comments annoys me so much. Why is it that on a show with two brothers, there’s such a great divide between the fans? Like if you love Damon then you just HAVE to hate Stefan and vice versa. It’s like this on VD and on Supernatural. Is there anybody out there who actually loves both Stefan and Damon and on an off topic, Sam and Dean? Despite the mistakes that they make? Ugh.

        • Hali says:

          I do (like Stefan and Damon/Sam and Dean that is)! Though I can see where people are coming from with this Stefan argument… it’s a bit didic. IJS.

        • Els says:

          I have to say I do like both Sam and Dean, but also I love Damon and kinda like Stefan. But only because Damon has a much stronger personality as Stefan has. Stefan is/was pretty much the brother who was with Elena whilst Damon was all kinds of crazy and dark [and I do love the crazy ones]. And it’s not that Stefan was always a choirboy but when he wasn’t he still was, like when he “went of the deep end” with Klaus, he really didn’t not all the way in any case. And yes I agree Stefans misplaced feeling of being a victim now he is no longer the one who Elena is with makes it worse… He needs a personality separate from other people in the show, the closest he has come to that is when he talks to Caroline, so I’m all for that.

        • Michael says:

          I don’t think most people hate one and love the other. Most people do have an opinion about which brother they’d rather see with Elena…I think that there is much more chemistry between Elena and Damon and thus don’t really enjoy the Elena/Stefan dynamic as much…but I like both brothers outside of their relationships with Elena.

          • Mercy says:

            I think Elena is unfair in choosing one of the salvatores brothers,if u luk closely in season when Damon came into the picture she said it herself that Damon is manipulative and n horrible person she even adviced caroline to break-up with him that he is not good for her now is caroline that is giving her that same and she is pissed acting like an insecure bitch,she is really blind to the truth that stefan is gud for her and he is the love of her life what is going on between her and Damon is heat,as if she didn‘t feel it the first time they,Damon is hot,sexy,dangerous,manipulative,selfish guy,and accepted Elena isn‘t katherine but if she is with Damo she will turn out to be just like kat,morever she isn‘t good as a vampire it heightenens her personality alot

          • Sorcha says:

            It’s called character development. Damon’s changed since he was with Caroline. And I wish you people would stop comparing Elena with Katherine. She’s nothing like her. Elena has tried her best not to come between the brothers. Katherine deliberately got between them and used them both. I’m really beginning to worry about a lot of people’s reasoning and analytical skills if they can watch the same show I’m watching and and not realize any of that.

        • Stranger says:

          Or, better yet, is there someone out there who actually loves your real life boyfriend’s brother ? Or girlfriend’s sister for that matter? Because, seriously, that’s what is so ridiculous about this plot. Anyone does what/whom Elena does and its a one ticket way straight to singlehood. No return.

          • Tanu S says:

            I soooooooo agree with you..! Thats the point I have been trying others to understand. It looks so pathetic. Stefan’s brother having sex with his girl friend just a day after he breaks up with her. That too a girl friend he has had a relationship with for years! I mean isn’t there a limit to been gross?
            I loved the 3 leads of the show in seasons 1, 2 and 3. Season 4 ruined Elena’s and Damon’s characters for me.
            In real life, none of the so- called *delena* fans, would have even tried to put up with the same vague arguments for the relationship between their sibling and their gf/bf..!

          • stranger says:

            damon and stefan are VAMPIRES. they’ve been alive for over 150 years. Stefan and elena were dating on and off for 1 1/2 years (since the seasons are half a year each) considering all the ups and downs damon and stefan have had in their brotherhood, i think stefan can get over damon being with a girl that he was only with for 1.5% of his life….When katherine kept choosing stefan and with damon realized katherine only wanted stefan, he ended up hating katherine and had some resentment towards stefan but always had his back and just wanted to be around him. STEFAN shouldn’t have gone after the girl that LOOKS just like the girl his brother has been in love with for 150 years…..that was the dumb choice like DUHHH damon’s gonna automatically be intrigued by her she looks like the love of his life but nicer….stefan was compelled to love katherine so i never understood why he would chose to get close to his brothers lovers twin…retard. sorry stefan the brother thing to do would’ve been to call damon and say “Hey bro i know you’ve been looking for katherine but i found this other broad..looks just like her!”…karma.

        • Jessica says:

          I happen to like both Stefan and Damon, but I am a huge Dalena fan, so I am “rooting” for Damon so to speak right now. I don’t hate Stefan, though, and I think he has every right to be pissed at Elena and hate his brother.

        • E.Bunny says:

          I do!!! my hand is in the air : ) Lol. I like both sets of Brothers, but I Play Favorites! Mostly Dean over Sam….and it goes back and forth between StephDam!!!

      • Babybop says:

        Thank you! Ha ha. I agree. People try to justify it with “Damon loves her”. But if your brother slept with your girlfriend the day after you broke up, you’d be pissed at him too.

      • Elena says:

        Ok, Elena may have slept with Damon 2 days later, but he wasn’t some random guy. She has know Damon for years. Has had 2 real kisses as a human and a death bed kiss as well. (2 or which she made the first move) and Stefan knew her feelings for Damon. As much as he doesn’t want to admit it. She loves Damon, as much as he loves her. It’s a “love” triangle for a reason. She didn’t get bored with Stefan, she realized her feelings for Damon were stronger. He has always protected her, saved her, makes her smile and enjoy life more. Look how much he has changed for her. They make eachother better. Stefan is a great guy, but will never accept Elena as a vampire , something Damon is opposite of. He accepts her either way, he built a friendship with her, got her trust and isn’t going anywhere. I liked Stefan and Elena, but sorry, d
        Delena is a stronger couple.

        • Inge says:

          agree with everything you said. Also they are vampires ,not Humans and as such dont act like Humans. They have very little control over there emotions, especial when they are in love with each other and Elena didn’t fight that anymore

        • adam says:

          u dont really watch this drama so shut up cuz u just dont understand the ones u watch either demon is the selfish one his mission in mysticfalls is too make his brother life hell. katrine loves stefan and compel demon of which both brothers do not know of and when they find out stefan stops the relashionship and demon still want to continue with her after she find out she was still alive demon loves no body other than himself and elena any other person demon will kill even elena’s mother if the need be but stefan just care about everybody just go and watch the whole series at a go so u miss the real point. the writers are the ones stupid they are just dancing to the toon of tenage fans who know nothing about relashioship but urge for sex and fine face and by the way stephan his more handsome that demon put their pics beside each other and see really see the diff demon his all cosmetic

      • Katy says:

        Honestly thought even if it happened the next day (which we don’t know for sure because an episode later doesn’t mean a day later) Elena and Damon were getting closer than Elena and Stefan were so their love scene was a long time coming and they both really wanted it. They obviously didn’t intend to hurt anyone in the process.

    • Meron says:

      It’s actually Stefan…

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. Stefan has been taken care of by someone his whole life, Damon, Lexi, Elena and now Caroline when will it stop? He needs to take responsibility for his actions and stop being given everything just because he acts like the martyr. Damon has always been the better man and the better choice for Elena. Stefan has screamed in her face, thrown her into walls, fed on her and left her only to be expected to taken back like nothing happened. I would say he’s the abuser and Elena is the enabler. It’s time for Damon and Elena to be happy and Stefan to grow up and stand on his own.

      • Sorcha says:

        I like Stefan (truth be told, I like his darker side even better), but yes, he has been babied his entire life. That thought – that other people are constantly taking care of him – never occured to me until you wrote it. I don’t agree that Stefan is an abusive boyfriend (he’s done some bad stuff of course, but I see it more as terrorizing and less as abusive since he wasn’t actually smacking Elena around and then telling her he loved her – and anyway, they weren’t together when Stefan was still slightly Ripperish), but I do agree with parts of this post. I’ve been saying that Stefan needs to learn to love and accept himself before he can ever be in a relationship or his relationships will never work – particularly when he’s in a relationship with a human simply because she’s human and he wants to be that more than anything. And I want to see that happen. I admit that Damon and Elena are my OTP of the Vampire Diaries and I prefer their storylines, but I would love to see TVD follow a sort of Acceptance Arc for Stefan, where he learns to control his bloodlust and learns to love and accept himself as he is since he can’t change himself. That boy has got some serious self-loathing issues going on that really need to be addressed.

    • infidelz says:

      So. Sick. Of. The. Triangle! Where is ELIJAH???!!!

    • Madi says:

      I totally agree with you (even though it seems like most people don’t). I think Stefan is kind of hypocritical, because he seems to think that Damon is a horrible person and doesn’t deserve to be with Elena. It’s like he’s chosen to forget his Ripper past, but won’t forget Damon’s bad days, even though they’ve both now changed for the better. I also think that he is relatively selfish, because he wants to make Elena human again so that she will choose him. That is completely unreasonable, because being human doesn’t even necessarily guarantee that she WILL choose him, and even if it did, it means that she will become a “human blood bag” for Klaus. Who would want that for the person they love? That’s horrible!

    • Mercy says:

      As a human Stefan was a very caring person who carries the pain of others who also share their pains and as a vampire<<<<<well do the math

    • JXfan says:

      Um, is that a joke?? Elena is the one playing the victim.
      In this case, Stefan IS the victim. He got betrayed by Damon/Elena.
      Both Damon/Elena have not grown up at all. Damon still whines about Stefan.
      And Elena is still crying over her life.
      Delena is pathetic.

      • Love vamps says:

        OH MY GOD !!! U just called delena pathetic???
        I will kill u cause I’m a delena fan and u can’t say that delena is pathetic.

    • moegsiena says:

      I fully agree with you, stefan hasn’t changed at all, every one is growing, being selfish like that, just let it be man, let Elana decide , he always deciding what’s best for her.

  3. Whatever says:

    Stephen is an A*S.

  4. Amber says:

    Stefan left Elena with his brother overnight in that house knowing they liked each other. He’s stupid. And I’m tired of him. Of course this means he’ll go sleep with Rebekah, which is really trite. Now Damon and Stefan will have both slept with Rebekah and Elena. It’s getting gross. I hope they keep Damon with Elena even when the sire bond is over. And just kill of April already. I can’t stand her.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Yeah, i mean i know its a TV show and that they are undead vampires and all that…but the amount of familiar sharing is getting gross. Let alone in the circle of main characters if you made a “who’s banged who” chart they would have all slept with each other by the “Eskimo” standard. Call me old fashion but a i prefer a classic love story with vampires such as Angel and Buffy (Serene & Micheal in Underworld) over the “everybody has banged everybody” style of this show and True Blood etc.

      • ken says:

        wait a minute ..buffy had sex with spike…riley and that other dude….

        • M3rc Nate says:

          Oh okay, well i never watched past the first few seasons and also its been a long time, and also i am not a huge fan of Buffy (prefer Angel).

          • Stranger says:

            I’m beginning to think the only ones who still watch The Vampire Diaries are theTwillight moms who used to watch Buffy…

        • dee says:

          during the 7 seasons of Buffy she only slept with 4 guys.. and it wasn’t like everybody slept with everybody like shows nowadays… overall, I think the couples in Buffy were pretty steady…

          • binxboo says:

            All I have to say about that is, ” who here at this table hasn’t slept together.”
            Quoted right from an episode of buffy season 7

      • Russ says:

        TVD will never be as bad as 90210: Liam and Naomi, Naomi and Ethan, Ethan and Annie, Annie and Liam, Liam and Silver, Silver and Teddy, Teddy and Adrianna, Adrianna and Navid, Navid and Silver, Silver and Dixon.
        Please don’t judge me to harshly for knowing his.

    • Ari says:

      Confession: I like Stefan and Rebekah together a lot more than I ever liked him with Elena.

    • tee says:

      I am sorry but is he suppose to predict that they were going to sleep with each other and lied to him about if they supposely had feelings for each then why lie?

    • tee says:

      He is suppose to take a guess they aer are going to sleep with each other?

    • Chrissy says:

      He already slept with rebekah in the 20’s!! Hello!!

    • TP says:

      The sire bond is not over. Did you even read the article or watch the show? Stefan is not stupid, it was kinda stupid that the writer’s had him leave his home. Elena is acting slutty. You don’t sleep with your ex-boyfriend’s brother one day after breaking up. I do not believe Stefan will sleep with anyone else b/c he still loves Elena.

      • I don’t think Stefan will sleep with anyone either, but I sure as h*ll hope he does. Now that Damon has slept with Elena, he’s slept with all three of Stefan’s known exes. I think he might have some sort of complex.

        • Jennifer says:

          Actually, Stefan slept with DAMON’S current when it comes to Katherine. It may have been secret, but Katherine was with Damon first, and Stefan knew it. Just saying.

        • Tanu S says:

          Hell yes..!
          I think they’ll bring up another hidden secret or whatever which would reveal that Damon HAS GOT TO SLEEP with every girl Stefan sleeps with otherwise he can’t be happy. :D :D :D
          How can the writers make his character so gross?

      • Sorcha says:

        It’s not slutty to sleep with someone you’ve pretty much had a platonic romance with for 2 1/2 seasons. It’s not like she went out and got a random guy. She had feelings for Damon and she made a clean break with Stefan. As far as I’m concerned, that makes Elena a free agent to do as she wishes.

        In addition, it’s always easy to spot a Stelena shipper when they call Elena a slut for sleeping with Damon. FYI, Delena shippers have never once called Elena a slut for sleeping with Stefan and do you know why? Because most of us respect Elena as a character seperate from either of the Salvatores. As far as I’m concerned, your above comment just shows how much you believe Elena is an object, a thing that belongs to Stefan and Stefan only. You don’t see her as a human with human emotions and, gasp of horror, the ability to make emotional human mistakes (which, granted, her sleeping with Damon so soon can be considered one).

        Also FYI, a slut is Katherine. A slut was even Caroline at the beginning of the series. Elena was never and will never be one because she has to have feelings for the person she has sex with: i.e. Matt, Stefan and now Damon. So grow up and stop insulting strong female characters because they date someone you don’t like.

        • raego says:

          Why Delena shippers would have called Elena a slut for sleeping with Stefan ?
          She was with him first, and season 1 was all about Elena with Stefan.
          There was no way that Elena could be with Damon, he was the bad guy in season 1.

          Then you talking about human emotions, if she really has human emotions, she would not sleep with Damon. Because she knows this is wrong to sleep with her ex-brother.
          She said that she changed, she is Vampire Elena with no human emotions anymore.

          • Sorcha says:

            The point I’m trying to make is that Stelena shippers call Elena a slut because she slept with Damon, but would you call her a slut if she’d been with Damon s1-3 and then fell in love with Stefan and slept with him? No.

            And yes, she does have human emotions but they’ve been heightened. Just because you don’t like the fact that she fell in love with Damon, you retcon the entire series and say she has no emotions anymore. Guess what? If she didn’t have her human emotions, she’d be emotionless because as it’s been drilled into our minds for the entire series, a vampire’s natural state is to be emotionless; it’s instinct to turn them off. So if, as you said, vampire Elena had no human emotions any more, then she’d be rampaging through Mystic Falls, killing indiscriminately and not caring.

            Elena has been falling in love with Damon for a while. Should she have waited a bit to consummate it? Maybe, but it doesn’t make her a slut for acting on emotions that she’s been pushing down for ages. You Stelena shippers use that word way too esily without any knowledge on what the word actually means and you think it makes you righteous. All it shows is that you have no respect for Elena as a character. You prefer Elena with Stefan, they’re your “epic” couple, but you seem to hate Elena when she’s not with Stefan. What kind of effed up sense is that? If you can’t stand Elena when she’s not with Stefan then why do you want your beloved Stefan to be with Elena? It’s not an epic romance if you only like one half of the couple so get over yourselves.

        • raego says:

          I have never said Elena is a slut but this is what I thought when I was watching the scene. Because it was too soon to see them together.
          Then I’m sorry, I’ve used the wrong words saying that she didn’t have her human emotions anymore.
          I was just referring to the fact that she killed someone and this has affected her humanity. She is becoming another person.

          We knew that she had feelings for Damon and Stefan when she was human. I think human Elena would prefer finding someone else than to be with Damon because she don’t want to be Katherine.
          But now, we have to deal with Vampire Elena who wants to be with Damon. And she needs to leave Stefan and not returning to him, I think there’s no way he can forgive her, so he will need to move on.

        • Tanu S says:

          I would like to ask you something now… Would you *Delena* fans not hate it had Elena been with Damon all through season 1, 2 and 3 and then when they break up, Elena goes and sleeps with his brother, Stefan, just a day after they after the heart breaking break up?
          If the answer is yes, which am sure it is, YOU PEOPLE ARE BIG TIME HYPOCRITES..!

          • Sorcha says:

            Yes, I would hate it but I wouldn’t hate her as you Stelena fans obviously do by calling her a slut. Obviously someone who ships her with someone else would not like it when their pairing breaks up, but if the situation had been reversed and Stefan and Elena’s romance in that situation was deep and meaningful and based on friendship – and not rushed like the real relationship had been – I’d understand why she rushed in to sleep with him, even if I didn’t like it.

        • Stefpheann says:

          Well said!

      • Erin says:

        Wait…people don’t rebound? Or just Elena never would? Just saying…

  5. InDamonITrust says:

    This is disgusting. Damon took one day. ONE FREAKING DAY to figure out the best course of action for him, Elena and Stefan. He wasn’t “late in his realization”. That’s a joke. And I really don’t care about his perspective on any of this. He broke up with Elena. Thus endeth his involvement in her romantic choices.

    Also, Damon is nothing like Klaus. That’s disgusting. Klaus is a bottomless pit of undeserved need and self-pity. Damon is no such thing. Klaus is more like Stefan.

    • Sarah says:

      Maybe you should rewatch the earlier seasons… Damon killed jeremy, alaric (twice), lexi, bonnies mom, and many others ( including randos). Those were all main characters

      • Heyther says:

        Stefan killed Andy, and goes on psychotic rampages every other year where literally HUNDREDS fall victim to him. Plus Stefan was in on Damon killing Bonnies mom, and if Damon hadn’t of done it, Stefan definitely would have. I forgot that storyline but I think it went somewhere along the lines of, if Bonnie and her mom completed a certain spell, someone would die, so it was their only option.

        Now I’m not saying Damon is a saint. But Stefan sure as hell isn’t one either. So I really don’t see the point in your post.

        Who I want to see given her sh!t handed back to her is Caroline. That two-faced bitch is busy flirting with the arch-nemesis Klaus one second and then talks down to Elena about seeing Damon ten seconds later? Little rotten skank.

        • Amanda says:

          First off, Caroline is “flirting” with Klaus as a distraction so you’re missing the whole point of that. Second, your idiotic comment on how you think Caroline should get her ass handed back to her just proves how far up Damon’s ass you really are. She has every right to hate him as JP has said before, Damon her for however long and then compelled her to forget, then she had to relive it yet again when she had no clue it even happened. If you can remember correctly Elena was VERY upset about it and told him to stay the hell away from her. But, I suppose you’re right she has no right to judge Elena for being in a sort of real relationship (sirebonded of course), because she is flirting with Klaus as a distraction. Third, I think your accused exaggerated numbers of casualties for Stefan compared to Damon is quite dumb, just because they have shown that in Stefan’s ripper days how many he killed doesn’t mean that Damon’s isn’t far off. Damon has been shown killing far more people in just the show than anyone, and with his track record of not even giving a damn for his whole existence just shows that I’m sure his numbers are even to Stefan’s, if not more. Your biased arguments lack logic and are invalid to the points of the show. Keep your inept views to yourself.

          • eyesonme says:

            whatever who is bad from our point of views , elena knew stefan is a ripper in s 2 e 15 but still was him
            elena is aware about how damon was evil in past in s 1 and early s 2 she said that in 4 e 8
            ” i know u have issue w him but im happy ”
            ” i know u hate him hi track record was … but i dont .. i think im falling in love w him ”
            that is because elena is the most person that spent time w damon in s 2 and 3 and now 4 knowing how he is good and see the human inside him and challenging him everytime to get his humanity clear ” be a better man damon ” s 2 15
            if u killed her i ll never talk to u again ” s 2 3
            ” pretend not to care pretend not to feel u r so close damon never give ” s 2 12
            ” i know u r hurt we are so close now to tell me ” s2 1
            ” that is damon i know that is my friend ” s2 5
            and so she said ” ok , i have changed so U DAMON ,and im happy ” she admitted that he has changed to good person who deserve her
            we are not who have the right to forgive stefan or damon bad side no .. it is elena
            caroline have the right not to forgive damon but have no right to judge elena and reveal her secret elena told her never telling stefan about her and damon till she figured somethings first it is not about damon andcaroline as stefan will know if not from caroline from anyone .. caroline destroy her friendship w elena for stefan so caroline should face the consequences

          • Serena says:

            Considering this is an area for comments, I believe the person above is entitled to express her opinion on the show just like you. Also, let’s not pretend that Stefan was/is a saint. Far from it. On one conversation alone with Klaus, we learned that he killed up a whole damn village. Another point is when Stefan was with Klaus he left bodies up and down the coast, ripping the heads off the bodies. The fact is the writers in the show like to give the viewers scenes where Damon kills people, but Stefan on several occasions admitted that he wasn’t any better. Klaus also pointed this out in the finale, calling him the “rippah”. It is ridiculous how “some” stelena fans try to use the argument that Stefan is not as bad as Damon. If you gather all the evidence of the last three seasons, it is clear that there was a significant number of people that Stefan killed. Did you forget the lovely wall in the old apartment? BOTH brothers cannot be labeled “saints” because they are BOTH far from it. You cannot state with complete certainty that Damon killed more than Stefan, considering the “ripper” days. Another interesting point to note is why is Jeremy, Jenna, and other characters on the show more important than the countless lives that were killed by the Salvatores we haven’t seen on screen? Anyway, the Salvatore brothers are both killers. This is coming from a person who is not delena or stelena fan. I just have enough sense to see that the back and forth arguments on which brother is better is pointless.

          • Nik says:

            Sorry, but I agree with Amanda on this one. Caroline was still trying to be a good friend to Elena and she suspected that Ms. Gilbert may have been on the road to destruction. As for whether that was true or not, doesn’t matter. Friends do crap that sometimes isn’t right but the meaning behind it is still based on loyalty to that friendship. As for Damon or Stefan for Elena, let her have them both. Why not? She’s a twenty first century woman with two hotties after her!

          • Stefpheann says:

            Yes it was a distraction but it is evident she is also beginning to enjoy their banter. Like when Tyler was with Hayley and saw them by the lake flirting and got all pissed. That, my friend, was not pretending.
            And while damon has never felt remorse for killing, he has always had a reason for it (however selfish, sick, and demented that reason might be). Stefan as the ripper killed indiscriminately, psychotically, compulsively, for absolutely no reason at all. Just because Stefan feels bad about the lives he takes doesn’t change the fact that he takes lives. He’s no better than damon.

          • Love vamps says:

            Why every one can forgot every thing Stefan did when he was a ripper but no one can forget what Things Damon done?
            See?thats the whole point.Caroline , Elena , Bonnie , Damon and every one in tvshow should forget about things that Stefan done but they should always hate Damon because what he done.thats not fair I think Damon deserves more than someone like Elena that has been playing him and his brother and ewen us with her stupid EMOTIONS!!

      • kimodo65 says:

        He killed Bonnie’s mom so Stefan didn’t have to (Stefan drew the short straw) thereby preserving Stefan and Elena’s relationship. The first time he killed Alaric they weren’t friends and Alaric was a vampire hunter trying to kill them. He was “the enemy” so all’s fair. The second time Damon shouldn’t have done it but he still wouldn’t have killed him without his ring on. As for Lexi, I’m just glad someone killed her. Although, I like the actress I can’t stand the character. I can’t help but think there is a backstory there and Lexi isn’t what she portrays herself to be. Jeremy…well, no excuses for him on that one. I blame Kevin Williamson for that one. He has said he only wrote that scene to see if he could make everyone hate Damon. I thought it was out of character even for Damon.

        • TV fan says:

          Damon killed Bonnie’s mom because he’s a slavist who treats Bennett as if they were still his property, witches aren’t slaves nor the Damon their master to kill them whenever it suits his “girlfriend”.

          • Sorcha says:

            Wow. You are clearly living in a different reality than the rest of us. Did you miss the flashback episode that made it clear that Damon left the Confederate Army because he didn’t believe in what they were fighting for?

          • Shelby says:

            Your comment is untrue because Damon AND Stefan both knew they needed to turn Bonnie’s mom to save Elena. They flipped a coin to see who had to do it. Stefan lost but Damon did it instead because he knew Elena would hate Stefan for it and loved Elena so much that he wanted her to be happy with Stefan. Damon is the most unslefish person when it comes to Elena. Which makes him the best choice for her because she always putting her saftey and well being above everyone else, including himself.

      • Jennifer says:

        I’ll give you Jeremy and that’s about it of the ones you listed because there were extenuating circumstances every other time.

        Alaric went to the boarding house to kill Damon. He tried to kill him once, Damon side-stepped him, and basically told him to leave. Alaric ignored him and tried to kill him again. Then, yes, Damon killed him. But considering that he’s a vampire who does kill people, the fact that it took Alaric trying to kill him twice before he did anything does say something.

        The second time, Damon knew that Alaric had the ring and it was obviously in his mind the same thing as when you snap a vampire’s neck. You’re not really killing that person, you’re just putting them out of commission. Obviously, Alaric didn’t see it that way, but Damon did.

        As for Lexi — ooh! This is my biggie that drives me mad. Yes, Damon had the stake, however, that stake was a ‘just in case’ really. Lexi once broken free from the guards COULD HAVE RUN AWAY. Instead, she chose to launch herself at Sheriff Forbes. Had Damon not staked Lexi when he did, she would have killed Caroline’s mother. Because it was so early in the show before Liz became a bigger player, people tend to forget that. I don’t.

        As for Bonnie’s mom. Really? These were the options:

        1. Rebekah kills Elena.
        2. Stefan or Damon kill Bonnie, without turning her into a vampire so she’s gone, kaput, six feet under
        3. Stefan or Damon kill Bonnie’s mom, without turning her into a vampire so she’s gone, kaput, six feet under
        4. Stefan or Damon kill Bonnie, but turn her into a vampire so at least she’s still around, if no longer a witch
        5. Stefan or Damon kill Bonnie’s mom, but turn her into a vampire, so at least she’s still around, if no longer a witch

        Those were LITERALLY their only options. Someone was going to die. Damon took his brother out of the equation so that he didn’t have to bear that guilt, saved Elena’s life, saved Bonnie’s life, kept Bonnie’s mom in the picture, albeit a vampire and no longer a witch — something that she had turned her back on for years.

        Yes, Damon has killed people. Stefan has killed just about as many, and I defy anyone to show me a Damon kill that was ANYWHERE near as cruel as Stefan’s murder of Andie was — he compelled her to stand up on that platform, but didn’t compel her fear away so that when he told her to jump, she KNEW she was jumping to her death because she was being forced to do so… all so Stefan could make a point. That he then UNDID by calling Elena two seconds later.

        I love Stefan, but you can’t say that Damon is worse than him. Because he’s just not. And you can’t pull out a list of people Damon has killed as if proof of his evil. Other than Jeremy (pity party of one for Damon Salvatore or not, that wasn’t justified), there are extenuating circumstances to every other major kill by Damon.

      • Love vamps says:

        If he killed them that doesn’t mean that was because he’s humanity was off and it was all from the past he changed him self for Elena because he loved her and still Damon’s nothing like klaus.i can give u hundred reasons

    • missgranger says:

      damon is nothing like klaus?

      Attention to all tvd fans!!!!

      From today,I Officially declared that Damon/Delena fans are the most HYPOCRITE fans ever existed in tv show history. Because they always drooling over damon,they missed tvd storyline and become blind. my sympathy goes to the blind fans………=((

      The end,thank you for your attention…

      • Guest says:

        I’ve got to agree, this whole Damon = perfect stuff is getting really annoying. Twillight is over people, get over it!

        • AlwaysSteroline says:

          Omg someone said it thank you! If Damon was not hot do you think there will be crazy fans like he has? Apparently guys are hot if they are bad and kill everyone. I mean seriously do people forget what Damon’s true character is like? I love Damon’s complex character but he is hurting Stefan always.

          Why sleep with Elena two days after? Idk how Elena can do that and that is not in her character. I am sorry if he killed my brother that man would be lucky if I even looked his way. I mean I feel bad for these fans? I think they like abusive relationships or crazy men. In the end I want Damon and Stefan to become close again and leave Elena alone to be with herself. It is sick that this triangle is even happening. It should of ended after season 3. To me this whole DE relationship is a phase move on. Stefan needs Caroline and put Damon with Bonnie.

          • Love vamps says:

            Why every one can forgot every thing Stefan did when he was a ripper but no one can forget what Things Damon done?
            See?thats the whole point.Caroline , Elena , Bonnie , Damon and every one in tvshow should forget about things that Stefan done but they should always hate Damon because what he done.thats not fair I think Damon deserves more than someone like Elena that has been playing him and his brother and even us with her stupid EMOTIONS!!!
            Besides Damon didn’t want to sleep with Elena that day and doesn’t expect her to sleep with him two days after Elena and Stefan broke up.elena comes to Damon and kissed him and ….
            And u can’t call delena fans blind we are not blind you are blind cause u can’t see that Stefans character is so much worse than Damons.damons character look bad because they show it bad in tv show but have you ever thaught that in the inside he’s a good person and he just portends to be bad?

      • Izzy says:

        You are my hero for saying that.

    • nightmagic says:


  6. Michelle says:

    Of course Stefan has to be a drama queen. It’s how he is. What did he think they were doing, playing checkers? Sigh. And Damon doesn’t owe Stefan anything. He suffered largely in silence when Elena was all about Stefan. Not once did he belittle Stefan in her eyes. Grow up!

    • TV fan says:

      Seriously, his girlfriend was SLEEPING with his brother . Even if Elena doesn’t sleep with Stefan only minutes after she breaks up with Damon enough is enough.

      • Sorcha says:

        His EX-girlfriend slept with his brother. They were no longer together and Elena had already had really deep feelings for Damon. We know that in this world, vampire emotions are magnified – i.e. impossible to ignore. She acted on the passion for Damon she’d buried deep down that she – as a vampire – could no longer hide from.

    • mimi says:

      You said: “He suffered largely in silence when Elena was all about Stefan. Not once did he belittle Stefan in her eyes. Grow up!”
      Hell yeah IT’S OBVIOUS THAT HE SUFFERED coz he was in love with his brother’s gf.
      But how in hell can you compare this to the fact that stefan was heartbroken after hearing that they slept together?? He has every right to be heartbroken! That’s his brother and his ex gf FOR YELLING OUT LOUD.
      Lol seriously, you are the one who need to grow up!

  7. Sharie says:

    Damon and Elena are a horrible couple and I will be thrilled when it comes to an end. Really, Stefan is the hypocrite here? Or has Ian Somerhalder’s abs taken hostage good common sense?

    • HEL says:

      stefan is a asshole. stelena was boring, got tired of them after 3 seasons of full drama.

      • Guest says:

        The point is Elena is boring no matter who she’s sleeping with, she was turned into a vampire and she’s STILL boring, that’s not going to change if she’s boring with Damon instead of being boring with Matt or Elijah. The Elena character is the boring one.

        • Sorcha says:

          So you think compassionate, loving, caring and protective characters are boring? Well, when Stefan’s not the Ripper, he’s essentially a male Elena only he can’t pull off being that way with class like Elena can. It’s why we DE shippers can’t stand SE. Because Stefan is boring as hell when he’s not being a bit of a bad ass (and this comes from a person who does like Stefan).

          As for people like Sharie, why do you always assume people who like Damon like him because of his looks? Newsflash, Ian Somerholder isn’t the only male on TVD to show off his abs. If that’s why we liked the men on this show, we’d all be in love with Stefan and Tyler too. It’s really sad when your main defense of Stefan is saying that people only like Damon because of his looks – it not only belittles us and our personal likes and dislikes, it belittle your beloved Stefan by indicating he’s not attractive enough for that kind of attention.

          • mimi says:

            It’s sad that nowadays, the more “bad-boyish” a guy is, the hotter he is to girls.
            Just stop for a second and ponder on this: if a bad boy shows the slightest sign of having a little feelings, girls are gonna think that “oh he’s hot and he’s got a soft heart”
            lol we are being programmed, by such tv shows, to think that it’s ok to have a HOT and “Control Freak” Boyfriend.
            lol where is this world headed to?

          • Sorcha says:

            LOL Wow, Mimi. How old are you exactly? If anyone is controlling, it’s Stefan.

        • deidre says:

          Nina even in other movies she’s not my favourite actress, N’way please another love intr’st 4 stefan

    • vany says:

      of course stefan is the hypocrite lol. are u srs? poor delusional stelena shipper or stefan stan. stefan has no reason to be pissed at damon. he did nothing wrong except taking one more day to do “the right thing” by elena. nothing regarding elena is stefans business anymore. he broke up with her. plus after damon and stefan found out about the sire bond damon didn’t do anything with elena anymore, no sex, no nothing. so he better sit his ass down.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        Its a BIT more complicated than that. That would be overly cut and dry if they were just friends, let alone they are brothers with 100+ years of bad history together and their original fight that tore them apart & literally killed them was from being in love with the same woman, and she looks exactly like Elena. Sp they have MAJOR trust issues.

        So its way more complicated than “well im TECHNICALLY broken up with you so i can do what i want!” High-school style logic. When you truly loved someone you cant just hop into someone else s bed. Divorced couples who were truly in love testify that “it felt like cheating when trying to date, even though i am divorced”…but because of the Sire bond Elena banged Damon. Now im not saying it wouldnt have happened eventually (while seeing each other, Elena and Damon consummate their feelings). But with Turning & the Sire bond, away went her feelings for Stefan, and intensified her feelings for Damon faster and stronger than normal.

        My point just is, up until Stefan and Elena broke up, she had always had feelings for both, now while Sired it seems she only has feelings for Damon. It doesnt fit the Elena character for her even when dating one, to not respect/love the other brother shes not dating. And its also against her character to bang so fast, hence her friends being like “WTF Elena, you slept with him already?!”. Its out of character, turning Vampire should intensify her feelings for both brothers cause she had feelings for both when human, but cause of the Sire bond, it dimmed feelings and common sense in regards to Stefan, and amplified for Damon+ the Sire Bond has Elena not acting like herself.

        • Sara says:

          Thank you!

        • kimodo65 says:

          You forget that Stefan and Elena have actually been apart for a long time with Elena stubbornly trying to hold on to feelings because she felt like it was the right thing to do while Stefan callously b*tch slapped her in the face with them even after he was released from Klaus’ compulsion. Then they tried to just pick up where they left off like nothing had changed, without even an apology on Stefan’s part. But everything had changed. Elena started changing long before she became a vampire. And she had already started to let go of that relationship. Elena needed to follow the relationship through to it’s conclusion. She needed closure. She was rejected by the man she loved and her heart got broken. But vampire’s heal quickly. I think her feeling for Stefan were no longer as strong as they once were and possibly had changed to an entirely different kind of love. They have had a very brother/sister vibe for a long time now. Just like she told Damon “I never unfell for him”. It was necessary for her to revisit that relationship to figure out things have in fact changed and allow the natural process of “unfalling” for Stefan to occur so she can move forward. The consummation of Damon and Elena’s relationship did seem sudden but, when you consider how long they have been keeping feelings under wraps, not surprising. I think it just speaks to the high probability that Elena’s feelings for Stefan never were set on a mature and emotionally stable foundation and never were strong enough to last.

          • M3rc Nate says:

            I’ll comment on the end part of your comment. I will say maybe thats true her feelings for Stefan came from a place of hero worship from a 17 year old. But i will say if you think Elena’s feelings and relationship with Damon are, or ever will be, emotionally stable, your not watching the same show i am. Of the two i am a Stefan “shipper” because with him she has a future, a “love story”. With Damon its ALL chemistry. Shes giving him “i wanna bang you” eyes while he snaps her brothers neck (and all the other insanely horrible things he’s done). But is there communication? Trust? Emotional maturity on either of their parts? I dont see it.

            I see Stefan as the good guy with a history of addiction (his ripper side). Lots of amazing women marry and have happy lives with former addicts, consider Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard. But Damon, you can argue hes a good guy acting bad..but it doesnt come off as acting to me. Even when human he wasnt the good one, he was the bad boy. Hes not Jax (SOA), a good guy with a good heart doing bad things for a great purpose (get his family out of the club). Hes a partly good hearted guy, but at the end of the day he would let everyone die in the town except his brother and Elena…that might in theory be romantic, but its not something Elena would want or be able to live with.

            But, overall, i personally would prefer some other person be added to the show and his character be awesome and hes on the show for at least 2 years before Elena is with him and thats the guy shes with forever, she gets cured and the guy is human or something. Oh and in the 2+ seasons hes single..hes NOT dating/banging every chick in the town and her best friends (you know they would write that). And Stefan falls for Rebekah, and Damon…idk, add someone for him or something. They casted someone awesome in the past for him (Dawn Oliveri), cast someone awesome again.

          • Elise says:

            You people are so ridiculous. Elena’s feelings for Stefan WERE heightened. She was all over him in episode two. Then he lied to her, rejected her, betrayed her, worked with Klaus behind her back, made her feel like a failure as a vampire. But you don’t want to think about that do you? NO, you want to do the same thing Stelena fans always do and pull up old things that Damon did back in S1 and early S2 to use against him. Because people can’t change right? Stefan hasn’t changed from the Ripper? Damon started out the show as the bad guy and he’s grown and progessed to who he is now. He isn’t the bad guy anymore. GET OVER IT!

            And NO, Damon wasn’t a horrible person for taking one day to decide to cut the love of his life out of his life. Stefan was wrong to expect him to cut Elena completely out of his life at all. Stefan would NEVER have done the same. You people talk about Delena fans wearing blinders? We’ve got nothing on Stelena fans. Stefan has a right to be pissed that Damon and Elena slept together and to be hurt that he lost Elena, but he is not a frickin saint! Stefan is a crap brother and always has been. I just love that Damon is required to make snap decisions and cut out his own heart so he can prove he’s a good brother to Stefan, but Stefan NEVER has to put Damon first. The only thing that Stefan has ever done for Damon was go with Klaus for the cure and we all know Damon would have done the same dang thing. Every other time, Stefan puts himself first and completely dismisses Damon’s feelings. Stefan has always and will always believe that he is better than Damon and he deserves better than Damon. But no worries, he has Julie Plec writing for him and making sure that every character in Mystic Falls agrees with him.

          • I totally agree with everything, kimodo65!!!!! Very well said and now Elena is in a mature relationship with Damon instead of a high school crush.

        • TP says:

          I agree with you. I have been thinking the same thing. It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever that she doesn’t have any “heighten love/feelings” for Stefan. They have ruined the character of Elena. Elena would have never jumped into bed with Damon one day after breaking up with Stefan. I think there is more to the story than just the sire bond. It’s like she is under a spell other than the sire bond.

    • guest says:

      they have of mine. and I’m happy to surrender. abs and eyes. ;P and better bad boy than Stefan will ever be.

    • TP says:

      I agree with you. I hate Damon and Elena as a couple. Stefan has every right to be upset and heartbroken. Damon has tried to come between them since S1 so he is not innocent in all this. The writer’s want us to support the brother’s but I’m sorry I can’t b/c in reality your brother would never sleep with your ex-girlfriend or go after the girl you love. In my opinion Stefan abs are 100% better than Damon’s.

  8. meah says:

    Kill off the love triangles,its the shows weakest link!!!I love both brothers and I think elena should be more here for Beremy,I missed the return of queen rebekkah and kol would make me watch the show a bit longer..wanted quitting the show..

    • Sorcha says:

      This show is based on the main love triangle. That’s the main plot point. Everything else is just to keep things exciting. If you don’t like it, then don’t watch.

  9. MARIA says:

    I can’t stand anymore stefan. he hurted elena soooo much in season 3, and now he is the good guy? WRITERS WAKE UPPPPPPPPPPPPP. he is a asshole. now he wants TO FIX ELENA. ELENA IS NOT AN OBJECT.

    • Brandy says:

      Stefan dosent want to fix Elena, he wants to save her.Remeber how she was literally starving to death for the first few episodes cause she couldn’t keep any blood down?Or that it’s been said and said by Elena herself that she NEVER wanted to be a vampire?Or that Stefan knew that if she fed off humans and killed someone,she wouldn’t be able to handle it?She killed Connor and when he was buried looked like she was headed for a mental breakdown plus the guilt of killing him lead to hallucinations which lead to her almost killing herself.

      • q. says:

        elena said that she doesn’t want anymore.

      • Sorcha says:

        Have *you* missed the fact that Elena doesn’t want her humanity back at the expense of her brother’s or that she’s actually laughed and smiled more as a vampire than she has in the three seasons we saw her as a human? She’s gotten used to being a vampire and I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t want to be human again come the time to decide (if the cure even actually exists).

  10. DK says:

    Surely these spoilers about Stefan’s heartbreak and Damon’s need to “do right” by his brother are some kind of ill-timed joke. Because really – Stefan’s own behavior (and refusal to listen to Elena’s own words) are why she was driven to Damon in the first place – she needed someone who wouldn’t judge and UNDERSTOOD her – not someone who ignored her attempt to say the animal blood made her sick way back in episode 401. I can’t believe (well…since we’re discussing the “holier than thou” Stefan – the Salvatore brother who can do no wrong in the showrunner’s eyes…I can) that Damon’s the one in the wrong here. If we’re going to be forced to watch as Stefan wallows in self-pity and blame for Damon and Elena – I’m sure the show will lose viewers – and it will deserve it. These spoilers totally leave me disgusted that an abusive boyfriend’s actions can be applauded while the brother who has been Elena’s support and rock and NEVER tried to take advantage of her is being made out to be the bad guy once again.

    • Amanda says:

      There is just so much I can say to this. You’re stuck so far up Damon’s ass it’s not even funny! Abusive boyfriend?? Please tell me when he abused her when they were together?!? The only time he did anything out of character was when he was forced to shut off his humanity and was pushing her away because he didn’t want to feel for what he did to her or anyone else. Now, lets talk abuse shall we!? Damon in all seasons, compelling all of his love interests (except vamps of course) Caroline was abused by him and them compelled to forget and then had to relive it when she turned, Andie was also compelled and used a bloodbag blow up doll as well until Damon started to realize that he needed to change his way if he wanted to prove he was a “good guy”. Please tell when Stefan did this to anyone he was in a relationship with?! Let alone Elena. Stefan has always been there for Elena AND Damon, wasn’t that why he had to turn into the ripper? To save Damon? While all Damon did was continue to manipulate his way into Elena’s heart in her weakest moments? You say Damon has always been there and is her rock, but let me ask you who has done more FOR Elena as opposed TO her? Damon has done a ton of messed up things just out spite and you are crucifying Stefan because he was trying to save everyone and push them away to be saved?! As always? If it wasn’t for that stupid abusive boyfriend and horrible brother no one would even be alive right now. Gosh, there is seriously something wrong with people who will look over everything just to justify an answer. I’m not saying that Stefan is a saint because he’s not (and he knows it), but in comparison his actions were done out of selflessness while Damon’s were due to selfishness.

      • Cyndi says:

        So I’m confused by this comment. I know Damon’s done some messed up stuff, Caroline, Andy, Alaric, Jeremy, Bonnie’s mom etc. Who was the one that ruined miss mystic the first time around? Who played on Elena’s emotions of her dead parents and tried to prove a point by almost driving off a bridge and feeding her his blood. Now before you get all a twitter, I remember that Damon fed her his blood back in the day as well. Who can’t seem to function as a vampire? Caroline is a newbie and can handle things way better than Stefan. Damon can handle it a lot better, the times he doesn’t is when he’s emotionally lashing out. Who can’t help but literally dismember their victims when feeding? You may excuse this by saying he did this for Damon, but Damon never made him a ripper. What did they call Stefan once, the ripper of marina bay or something along those lines. I don’t know about you but that sounds like a slaughter to me. All I’m saying is they are both incredibly messed up and whether you are Delena or Stelana shipper don’t try to crucify the other one for the exact same reasons.

      • wenny says:

        discribe me please steffy from S4. a dude that wants JUST TO FIX his EX GIRLFRIEND, cure her, poor girl, doesn’t like her as a vampire, treats her like she is just a object

        • mimi says:

          I don’t understand why certain Delena fans are so blind. STEFAN WAS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT about having to fix Elena. He sensed that something was wrong although he could not quite put this finger on it!
          Granted he didn’t know that Elena was sired yet, but he did know that something was wrong about her.
          As for the cure, well did you miss the 3 seasons where Elena kept saying that she never wanted to become a vampire? Open your eyes!

    • TP says:

      She couldn’t handle the animal blood, blood bag or from Damon himself b/c Damon told her she could only drink from the vein. She is sired to Damon. Stefan and Damon both have done bad things to Elena but of course you being a Delena fan you only can see Stefan’s bad behavior. Damon has always tried to take advantage of the situation. The show is losing viewers b/c of Delena and the fact that the story lines make no sense at all.

      • kora says:

        No. when i see stelena twilight epic luv i start crying. SE is over. nothinG NEW. In the first 5 ep of season 4 they were soooooo boringggggg togheter.

      • raego says:

        You’re right!

        S04E07 => 2.86 million viewers
        S04E08 => 2.42 million viewers

        Delena effect….

  11. Sal says:

    This show will never cease to amaze me. Damon KILLED Jeremy, and now that he’s all lovey-dovey with Elena they writers are doing everything they can to make us forget it happened. Their method? Well, Jeremy and Damon are BFFs now! Everything’s forgiven, let’s move on! I feel sorry for all the 15-years old who fall for it and try to defend him. Murder is murder, people. “Let’s move on”, indeed.

    • vany says:

      where have u been all seasons of tvd so far? jeremy himself forgave damon long time ago, so did elena and damon deserved their forgiveness while stefan has to do nothing to be forgiven over and over again, so pls shut up.

      • Sal says:

        Damon killed Jeremy, but he forgave him. Everything’s right in the world! BFFs FOREVER! <3 <3

        • vany says:

          so what? caroline has the hots for klaus, who just killed tylers mom and one million other innocent ppl, so did stefan aka the ripper. why is it so much worse when damon did something? stefan killed vicki, klaus killed jenna and i could go on forever but everyone is speaking only about damons faults. lol srsly? if elena could forgive damon why exactly would YOU be bothered, hm?

          • Sal says:

            Because murder is wrong and justifying it, even worse? It’s that simple. Even if Elena’s okay with betraying her friends and everyone close to her, a viewer doesn’t have to exercise the same level of insensitivity. I’m not Elena, and I’m allowed to THINK.
            Stefan killed Vicki to protect Elena and Jeremy, and during his ripper rampage he was being compelled. Does that make it ok? NO. Because MURDER is MURDER. But it means that his free will was taken away from him, and he couldn’t choose how to act. Damon, on the other hand, murdered Jeremy, because he felt sad. He wasn’t protecting anyone. He was doing it to prove something to Elena. See the difference? Between murdering someone because you have a broken heart and doing it to protect someone/you’re not in control of your own actions?

            Everyone knows that Klaus is a monster. Caroline likes Klaus, but it’s your actions that matter. You can’t choose how you feel and who you love. But when you sleep with someone? You’re making a decision. And you can be hold responsible for it. Your feelings? Not so much.

          • Elise says:

            Do you get that this is a television show about vampires? They are going to forgive people for stupid stuff in these shows. They aren’t reality. You need to get a grip. Everyone on the show has done bad things. Stefan is just as bad as Damon and you can rant all day long but it won’t change it. He’s done horrible things just like Damon. THERE IS NO GOOD BROTHER!

        • eyesonme says:

          so he killed jeremy what u want ? elena want a revenge or damon leave town it is tv show based on the life of the 3 damon elena stefan

    • Cam says:

      Yes, and Stefan killed Andie, in cold blood. Because he was trying to send Damon a message to stop looking for him, and he WASN’T compelled. And although Damon had to redeem himself for snapping Jeremy’s neck, Stefan did NOTHING to make up for that murder. Jeremy at least lived through it, Andie is gone and rotting now. Neither one of these murders is okay, but what bothers me is how Stefan NEVER does anything to earn the trust and love of the other characters. They forgive him blindly. Damon struggles with his redemption daily. The writers need to balance the scales and for once make it hard for the characters to forgive Stefan, instead of coddle and sympathize with him.

  12. xena says:

    stefan hurted elena, killed his father, was a ripper, again hurted elena, made jer a hunter, jer wanted then to kill elena, now steffy want to FIX ELENA, because he wants his sex life back. oh poor stefan he is such a nice guy . yap i admit damon did bad things but the way writers treat STEF bambi is disgusting,

    • Ari says:

      You can’t blame Jeremy being a hunter on Stefan. You can blame Stefan for forcing Jeremy to continue to kill vampires but from what we’ve learned about hunter lore that desire would have been there anyway.

      • eyesonme says:

        e 11 in s 3 stefan was not compelled and made elena go through experience of death just to make klaus afraid , stefan is good as the people around him telling him u r good in e 19 in s 1 even stefan amost killed innocent girl then what ? no thing become normal in a sec but i believe both salvatore brothers have equal components of good and bad ,, now damon feel finally someone says he is good and loves him and that have changed and will change him . stefan now feels he is rejected so we want to see his reaction … hope it will be normal he forgives elena as a lover for a while treat her as a friend or stay away from her and starts building his own life and relationship

      • Cam says:

        Yes we can blame Stefan for Jeremy being a hunter. Damon warned Stefan, he told him that Jeremy shouldn’t kill anymore vampires or else he’d turn out like Connor and they should find another hunter. So what did Stefan do? He turned a man into a vampire and forced Jeremy to murder him, then Jeremy went straight to Elena and tried to kill her. Stefan never learns. He doesn’t plan things out, the consequences of his actions and the fallout that ensues is horrendous. If Stefan hadn’t set Elena free from Klaus she wouldn’t have almost killed herself on the bridge. Stefan is also to blame for Elena being a vampire, because if he had saved her instead of Matt she wouldn’t be a vampire. If Stefan hadn’t handed over Elena to Klaus in season two, Damon wouldn’t have had to rescue Tyler and Caroline thus being bitten by Tyler. And if Stefan could learn to control his hunger and allow Damon to teach him, a lot of people would still be alive.

    • Brandy says:

      Stefan dosent want to fix Elena-first ,she Never wanted to be a vampire in the first place.Second,Stefan’s trying to save her life-the first few episodes of this season,she was literally starving to death,dying cause she couldn’t keep any blood down.Plus, Stefan is trying to save her humanity so she dosent turn it off and/or commit suicide if she feeds on humans and kills one cause she can’t control herself yet.She killed Connor and almost had a nervous breakdown ,sobbing when he was buried then her guilt along with the curse lead her to almost kill herself.Do you remember even before she killed Connor she wrote in her diary how miserable she was a vampire and at times completed suicide?

  13. Tattoo says:

    What are you talking about? Writers should realize that Stefan is an ‘asshole’? For God’s sake, they write his lines, they create him, they make his decisions… He is not a real person. Writers see him as the good one, they like him just the way he is, because they made him like that. You seem blinded by some characters/couple that you don’t see some things clearly. And I agree that they should focus on some other storylines, other than love triangle, because it’s really getting boring and they sometimes even lose ratings because of a certain couples(s).

  14. ken says:

    i agree. let damon and elena be happy togheter at least some freaky 2 ep. stop the triangle. bring katherine back i missssss her.

    • Cam says:

      Totally agree! This sire bond is stupid. Having them jump into bed together was dumb too. It doesn’t make for a long term relationship! Damon deserves happiness but it should be real and he and Elena should have taken things slowly so that this mess wouldn’t have happened. I love Damon and want him to be happy. Seeing him constantly getting the short end of the stick is tiresome. And Katherine is amazing!!! Want her back so bad!

  15. Miranda says:

    boring spoilers tbh.

  16. Abby says:

    Stefan salvatore is a heartless piece of ***T. For the love of god, JP just give me damon and elena finally together without any kind of bond or other crap in their way. Jesus it’s season 4 and we’re still on about st steffie and his man pain. This guy has to be the most manipulative piece of work on tv and how he has fooled the people of mystic falls I will never know. Urg my hate for a fictional character is unbelievable even for me but st steffie is on a whole other planet.

    • Cam says:

      He is the most unlikeable character ever. I used to find him ok, but now…ugh I just wish I could stake him. He manipulated Elena into a relationship, stalking her, finding out about her past and lying about Katherine, it was creepy and if I ever found out my boyfriend did that I’d call the cops not forgive him like Elena did. Watching Stefan being selfish over and over again and forgiven without any redemption arc is frustrating!

      • mimi says:

        OMG you guys may love Damon but this is hardly a good reason enough to hate on Stefan and say these horrible things about him. You are really a blind fan. Open your eyes and grow up!

  17. Anna says:

    Elena and Caroline should be single for atleast a whole season. I’m tired of their boy drama. More friendship scenes would be better…

  18. jo says:

    More Stefan’s POV, urgh. That guy he’s an ass!I guess he going to blame the entire universe and… cry, cry, cry. He’s stuck in high schook mentality, it’s the only explanation.
    I can’t wait to see Jeremy, but im a little worried about him. I don’t want him dead, he’s the one of the few ‘humans’ on the show, and im really loving him in this season.
    KLAUS AND THE WORD REDEMPTION SHOULD NOT BE IN THE SAME SENTENCE. Really?!I love him bc he’s evil (not so much right now bc of this stupid Klaroline -.-), he’s a sociopath, and i don’t want him to change EVER. We already had a redemption arc with Damon, there’s no need to redeem him too. The show need him EVIL, not as Caroline’s dog!

    • TP says:

      It should be told from his Stefan’s POV since this is his story.

      • Sorcha says:

        Actually no. It’s Elena’s story.

        • aisha says:

          its stefans story…” im a vampire and this is my story” STEFANS. STORY.

          • Sorcha says:

            It may have *been* his story but if you noticed, that’s no longer the beginning. It’s everyone’s story now. They all narrate the beginning.

          • Shelley says:

            Actually, it’s always been Elena’s story. The books were written from her point of view, and the show is based on those books, they didn’t change the main character for tv. When Stefan left town, it was still about Elena, they occasionally showed Stefan, but it was about Elena trying to save him. The other two leads are Damon and Stefan, so they are all three the major characters and will be but with Elena being the center point.

  19. Kim says:

    I find it hard to get excited about TVD these days :/ S1 & S2 was the best.

    • TP says:

      @Kim I feel the same way.

    • I agree. This season has just left me wanting. Nothing seems to be progressing like it should and it is coming across as slow and somewhat boring. Believe me, I hate to say that because this is by far my favorite show on tv. What bothers me most right now is Elena is a vampire now. Should have been a huge, huge part of the show but really, nothing has happened there. We don’t see anything at least. That part is so lacking that I almost forget she’s a vampire at all.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Thats how it always is with the super natural shows. It starts off with characters you dont know (so its awesome to be learning new things about them) and a small handful of supernaturals (a vampire or 2) and by season 3, half or more of the town (and 95% of all the main/sub characters) are all super natural, everyone’s either a vampire or a witch or a ghost or a werewolf or shapeshifters or superhuman vampire hunter…it always kills the feel of the show. Even though its understandable, the town has history that attracts super naturals and part of being vampires is creating more (even if by accident)…but now every character but the moronic blonde football player guy are super natural. Its what people complain about True Blood, every character now except the moronic cop brother is super human…

      Its like every time a human character is turned into something else, they have cut a string that we (viewers) hold that keeps the show grounded and gives us a human point of view. They cut enough strings and we end up barely holding onto the one string thats left…which isnt enough. Compared to the handful of strings in the shows first 1-2 seasons.

      I cant help but find it funny when truly thinking about this show..that its about a girl whos like 17…being in love with two dead brothers who are…what 100+ years old? And they are killers/serial killers…and she has now banged both of them (mega gross) and im sure we havent seen the last of Elena with Stefan so that means she will have gone from Stefan to Damon back to Stefan. GROSS!

      The biggest thing i will always have against the story line of the show, is she knew what ruined their friendship and brotherhood, and ended up killing them, was their love for Catherine. So Elena learns this, and she says she will never do that, and how horrible and mean and cruel Catherine was to love the two brothers. Then what is she doing? The exact same thing. Grow some balls, pick one, and stick with the one. I dont buy the whole “but if i pick one…the other will leave and i want to be friends with him so i wont pick!” thats BS. This show would get SO much sh*t if it was a guy in love with two girls who are sisters and he does what Elena has done. Lol.

  20. Sharie says:

    I seriously think we have one person writing in multiple comments. When did DAMON become the saint here? Let’s see—he tried to kill Matt this season, slept with his brother’s ex ONE day after they broke up, oh yes abused Caroline, killed Jeremy, allowed Elena to get carried away on the blood feeding, vamped Bonnie’s mom and tried to kill Bonnie, oh yeah murdered Stefan’s best friend….and yet people still think he’s innocent?

    • Dana says:

      Uhm, YOU, on the other hand, forgot what Stefan did so far. Want a list?

    • Abby says:

      Give it rest Jesus, all your st steffie worshippers alleyways sound like a br

      • TP says:

        @Abby We are allowed to defend Stefan just like you are allowed to defend Damon. It’s kind of childish calling Stefan names b/c he is heartbroken and feels betrayed by the love of life and his brother. How would you feel if your brother/sister slept w/ your ex 1 day after you broke up?

        • Shelley says:

          I would say if it bothered me then I shouldn’t have broken up. It’s his ex, therefore even it hurts she has the right to date or have a fling with anyone she wants, and the writers have spent 4 years setting up their “hook-up”. It hurts one day later and it would have hurt one month later. Stefan should be hurt because he loves Elena, but it’s a soap-operaish type of show. If everyone were kind and slowly courted before consummating we would be gray haired and it would be the most boring show in all of existence.

    • Dawnmac says:

      Exactly what I was thinking. The same person is using different names to post but her remarks are always the same. LOL. Damon fans are fanatics and irrational and God forbid you bring up the horrible things Damon has done.

  21. Marc1 says:

    I guess I’m in the minority here but I find myself being less tolerant of both Stefan and Damon when they are squabbling over Elena. I know that this love triangle is the focal point of the show, but where in tvland (or the real world) hooking up with each other’s exes ever goes smoothly? IWhether it’s Damon or Stefan, if they really care about each other, then their relationship should come first and let some other fool fight over crybaby Elena. A Novel idea, but I find them a lot more enjoyable when they are working together and looking out for each other. Sleeping with your brother “true love” and all that is never a good idea. I don’t care who did it first, it just shouldn’t happen, not if you really want a tension-free relationship with your sibling. There are way too many other hot women human/ vampire/ witch on that show for them to be sacrificing whatever dignity they had to win the ‘affections’ of that soul sucking whiner Elena. BOTH Stefan and Damon should kick her to the curb. They can always remain friends, but wouldn’t it be great if they both told her, look I care too much about my brother to get involve you instead of living up to each other worst expectations and doing what will hurt each other?

    • ken says:

      stefan took katherine from damon in the first place.

      • Marc1 says:

        Really, because it seemed to me that Damon knowingly got involved with Katherine while she was compelling Stefan at the same time, but that is neither here nor there. My point is that frankly I don’t care who started this mess, but being around as long as they have and experiencing the pain they went through because of this triangle BS with Katherine, neither of them should be embarking on this again. I now hold both of them responsible for this needless drama. Just let her go for Christ’s sakes. None of them are attractive sleeping and whining and pining after each other’s exes. Surely Elena can’t give that good a love

      • Sal says:

        When he was 17. 164 years ago. Damon’s 170-year old dude and he’s acting like a 17-year old Stefan.

        • Elise says:

          You do get that Stefan isn’t 17 either right? And yet he acts all of 17 years old most of the time. But keep sucking Steffy’s butthole…you seem to enjoy whatever you find in there.

  22. Dana says:

    Eww. Damon does not have to do anything right BY Stefan. He had to do it right BY ELENA, and that’s it. He did it. OMG, he did it a few hours later than St Stefan wanted. Wow, what a sin! I really wish producers started saying as it is, or shut up, instead of trying so hard to satisfy and keep Stelenas watching the show.

  23. Mandy says:

    I don’t find those Spoiler interesting at all…hypocrite Stefan, more Triangle Drama…blah blah! I want something new! And I hate that Julie said “Klaus is like Damon”….what about NO! Ewww

    Damon is by far the best character an the Show and if it wasn’t for him…I would stop watching

    • missgranger says:

      Then, what’s the difference between damon and klaus?
      Both are killers and did horrible things because they’re selfish.

      p/s: And Again, damon/delena fans CANNOT be separated with HYPOCRITE word.

    • lola says:

      pls do…one less tvd “fan” poser…ur the reason why real fans dislike part of this fandom

  24. Joe says:

    Can Matt and Jeremy just get together already?

  25. Tamara says:

    Boring and useless spoilers as usual, when it comes to Julie Plec and her weaked ideas of spoilers and good story lines, especially regarding Stefan. And comparation of Klaus and Damon is plane stupid observation. Very dissapointing future for this show story line, on the first place for maiin love triangle, and I really hope they will give us any kind of satisfaction with other characters development, because sire bond bs took it from Elena, which was mine biggest hope for this season. At the end of the sire bond stupidity or the whole season, Elena will realise that all her feelings for Damon were fake, that she wasn’t herself and even if Stefan kill Jeremy along the cure finding process, she will be happy if he could forgive her mistake with Damon and take her back! You now why? Because they are EPIC! If they decide to terminate this small town jujdgy and annoing girl this season, I will be fine with it, just leave Rebecca and Katherine, they are vampires with brain, not only with big bla bla mouth and big nose put in everyones businnes but hers! The idea of Caroline and Klaus as a any kind of couple is more ridicilous than Stefan and Elena became a couple ever again!!! The writers could win my heart again if they find some weaked way to bring Alaric back.

    • giogirogirotondo says:

      bless you!

    • missgranger says:


      Because they didn’t want to destroy elena as a character. elena has been introduced as a good girl since s1 but when delena fans keep pushing the writers to make delena hook up, the writers had to do this sire bond thing, because its ILLOGICAL to think that elena will sleep with his ex bf bro the day after the broke up. why its illogical? Because for someone who claim “its always going to be stefan”,riding his bro dick the next day seem to lead the character assassination of elena.

      SO TO KEEP ELENA FROM BEING A WHORE AND TO SATISFY THE DELENA FANS BY HAVING NINA/IAN SEX SCENE, THE SIRE BOND IS THE RIGHT OPTION. so have at it,watch delena sex scenes until your brain dry because that’s what you’ve been pushing the writers to do since s1.

  26. Abby says:

    I have yet to see any evidence of any SE fan with common sense or even appear remotely coherent. Not one, it doesn’t exist. I guess it’s my fault for aiming for the impossible lol I mean they are SE fans in the first place. logic/common sense fly out the window straightaway as a result. LOL

    • Sara says:

      Uh logic and common sense flies out the window with this entire show and with every character and those who like them

      • Abby says:

        Uh and yet common sense failed to tell you not to comment since you seem to be looking down on this article/show either. FAIL

        • Sara says:

          Like you said below its “an effin tv show” therefore logic and common sense don’t apply and for your information I watch the show but since it is an “effin tv show” I understand that logic and common sense don’t really apply to the plotlines, characters, and the rantings of obsessed shippers.

    • Jane says:

      You probably have less common sense than they have, since you’re making a half-a*sed stupid generalization. I’m sorry but I stand by any fans who think that Damon killing Jeremy is wrong. That is lack of common sense? In what world do you live in? You’re smarter because you’re a DE fan, CONGRATULATIONS sweetie. That’s some brilliant logic right there.

      • Abby says:

        Yes I am smarter cos it not REAL!!! It’s a effin tv show. Damon killed her brother big deal, he’s a vampire christ sake in real world elena would run a mile never mind forgive him. P.S don’t call me sweetie it’s patronising and u know zilch about me to call me that.

      • mimi says:

        hey there, calm down sweetie. Don’t worry about them, they’re immature. :)
        TVD all the way! :)

    • TP says:

      You need to look in the mirror honey cause you sound dumber than a box of rocks.

  27. Paula says:

    This show is getting so boring. What happened to the great storylines we had the past seasons? It used to be so great to watch, everything was happening so fast and I used to get my mind blown all the time. Now it’s all about the love triangle and this endless fight for Elena, let the girl be single for a while. I really want to see the devolopment of this season’s storyline, that, by the way, seems to be going nowhere. I’m just so disappointed.

    • Samantha says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more! This season has been a complete and utter failure (even the winter finale was boring with nothing to keep you wanting to watch when the show returns). I just feel like they have run out of imagination/storyline(s) and you can tell.

  28. kora says:

    1. i am tired of stefan, i never in my life hated a fictional character like this
    2. after 4 seasons the writers can’t put delena finally togheter, even if they are the number one couple, why? because damon now needs to do the right thing by his brother, WRITERS stefan cared about damon having feelings for katherine?NO.
    3. Now stefan is the queen drama? well damon was heartbroken for 3 seasons …thank you
    4. BRING KATHERINE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Vampire Diaries is about Stefan and Elena’s diaries. Damon didn’t write anything. The only thing he have been doing in all the seasons is lusting after his brother’s girlfriend. He told Stefan what his intentions were in the first season. “To take his girl”. So what that he is sad whenever he see Stefan & Elena together. They were a couple..What does couples do? They be together, caring for one another, loving one another. What was Elena & Stefan to do whenever Damon was around? Separate from each other & act like they were doing something wrong. Damon need to get himself a life!!!!!

  29. Cat says:

    Reading these comments just proves how young and immature the DE fan base really is… do you even listen to yourselves let alone watch the show?! Hating for the sake of hating with no real justification is just so typical of this fanbase it’s laughable at best. SAD!!!

    • nick says:

      I find it laughable that people use Damon killing Lexi and Bonnie’s mum as justification as to why he is not the good brother or good enough for Elena or defending Stefan etc etc. Yet they forget that Stefan was in on killing Bonnie’s mum, in fact he was the one that was supposed to do it in the first place. Then there’s Lexi, a vampire who has probably done her fair share of killings over the centuries so she was no innocent. Yet all the while forgetting that Stefan killed Andie, an innocent human being for no reason.

      • Ari says:

        See it’s ok that Stefan killed people because they weren’t people we knew personally (minus Andie). That’s what gets me about this whole argument over who is the good/bad brother. Neither of them are that great, they’ve both murdered a lot of people, they both have made some pretty rough choices. All of the vampires on this show are murderers. There’s no getting around that.

        • Sorcha says:

          Totally agree. It’s hilarious how most of these people don’t seem to understand that with a show based on vampires, where much of the cast ARE vampires, that it’s going to deal with a hell of a lot of murder and ambiguous morals and grey areas. They keep trying to put their human morals onto creatures that BY NATURE are murderers. They are predators, it’s what they do, it’s what they crave to do. Vampires are essentially intelligent lions or panthers in human shape – human laws and ideals just don’t apply.

    • I totally agree with you, Cat. They are young & immature.

  30. katherine says:

    i was in heaven after stelena was bye bye, wow , one of the most boring couples on tv. Then after 3 years damon and elena finally togheter, but after 5 minutes she is sired, GREATE julie plec . I love you!

  31. who cares says:


    • queen says:


    • Dee says:

      Amen. The only time I like Stefan’s character is when he’s with Klaus. I can’t stand Stefan with Elena, he’s a total bore. I use to like the Stefan/Caroline friendship, but now the two of them just whine about Elena and Damon constantly. Get over it already, b/c clearly Damon and Elena don’t give a crap about what they think. O yea, and what was up with Caroline choosing Stefan over Tyler (her boyfriend) during that whole hybrid revolution? Kinda messed up.

      • Sorcha says:

        She chose Stefan over Tyler because all she cares about now is how much she dislikes it that Elena is now also a vampire. I used to really like Vampire Caroline, but now how she’s acting, all I can come up with is that Caroline loved the fact that she was a vampire and could do/have things Elena couldn’t because of that and now that Elena is a vampire she’s jealous season 1 Care all over again.

  32. Chrissy says:

    To who ever said stefan was going to sleep with Rebekah he already did in the 20’s when they were together!!

  33. amy says:

    Stefan and kathrine=EPIC
    Damon and elena=somehow
    Klaus and caroline=AWESOME
    Tyler go look for someone
    Bonnie and jeremy=COOL
    Matt and Rebkah=OKAY
    Vampire diaries couples. Please enough of the boy drama,stefan should turn someone and get the person sired to him PUH-LEASE

  34. Amanda says:

    Reading everyone trying to justify Damon’s actions and saying Stefan is a hypocrite? And saying SE lacks logic and common sense? Please look in the mirror lol you all are the hypocrites with Damon colored lenses on your eyes who above all lack ALL logic and common sense when it comes to your arguments! Watch the show from an UNBIASED pov and then get back with us.

    • Sorcha says:

      The same could be said for you. I take it you’re one of those fans who believes that Stefan’s not at fault for everyone he killed when he was the Ripper when in fact, he truly is at fault. It’s called self control and Stefan needs to work on getting his up to par so he doesn’t turn Ripper with the merest whiff of human blood. I am not saying Damon is better than Stefan because the fact of the matter is, he’s not. But neither is Stefan better than Damon, though he likes to pretend. The reason so many of us like Damon better is because he doesn’t pretend to be something he’s not. He doesn’t blame others for his lack of self control. He owns being a vampire. He owns his mistakes and he owns the guilt or lack thereof (though he’s admitted to feeling guilty) when he kills people. And he can admit when he’s wrong and let go of old hurts, like when he admitted that it wasn’t Stefan’s fault that everything went down the way it did with Katherine. I have yet to see Stefan do any of that and I will love him instead of merely liking him when he finally does.

  35. Cp Carla says:

    So we’re going to see how “betrayed” Stefan was because Elena moved on with Damon after she and Stefan BROKE UP, ay…I’m not looking forward to seeing Stefan’s point of view AGAIN.

  36. Tash says:

    Come on guys , it’s just a tv show, as for the story lines, I think the writers are doing a fab job, and I’m sure this love triangle drama is the beginning of a far bigger picture. Over the seasons the brothers have always come back to each other and their bond appears to be the strongest ( even thru Katherine and Elena dramas) , lets just keep watching and see where this season take us. Congrats to kev Williamson and Julie plectrum for a fab job – but please bring Alaric and Elijah back!!!!!

  37. Tash says:

    Ooops I mean Julie Plec!!! Sorry Julie :)

  38. katrina says:

    Yes yes yes! Redeem Klaus! I LOVE that character!

  39. Tee says:

    I just hope they avoid a Stefan/Caroline thing. They’ve had some good friendship scenes, which has caused a little buzzing on the interwebs about seeing a matchup. Then Caroline tells Stefan about Elena and Damon, which was so so not her place as Elena’s best friend. I hope it stays more of a Stefan/Lexi type dynamic. Sometimes it’s nice to watch two characters with good friendship chemistry be just friends.

    • Sorcha says:

      I agree with you (though I kind of like a Stefan/Caroline ship, I dont actually want to see it play out – it’s more ofan AU fanfic thing).

    • Shelley says:

      I agree, although I’m one of those that was buzzing. They make good friends but Caroline is starting to annoy me more than Bonnie, and that’s saying a lot.

  40. Rachael says:

    Here’s my take…. Shane’s plan is obviously to bring back the dead, because he wants his family back. Dr. Evil as I have heard seems a little ironic since EVERY CHARACTER PLAYED ON VAMPIRE DIARIES, IS DOING WHAT BENEFITS THEMSELVES. On Stephan and Damen, I don’t feel like Stephan is always playing the victim. He has constantly made selfless decisions on Elena’s behalf and has admitted to his wrong doings like a real man is supposed to. In my opinion he has EVERY right to be pissed at his brother for what he has done to him. Damen though, I feel like Elena brings out the best in him. He gains more and more humanity each episode it seems.

    In some respects I feel like he loves Elena more, because doing the “right” thing never comes easy. Stephan though, it comes naturally.

    P.S. Leave poor Rebekah alone :( the girl has constantly been getting screwed over, she wants so badly to be liked. Yet it seems everytime we see her nice side, someone goes and screws her over.

  41. Rachel says:

    My whole generalized feelings of the show is getting to the point where its turning into too much of a twilight daytime soap. I just wish they would just shove the whole Damon,Stefan’s, and Elena’s love triangle storyline out of the window, its getting a bit ridiculous with going back and forth. Also for that matter the same with Tyler and Caroline’s character. The last few seasons has been butchering the characters so much I wish the writers would stop and sit bit and see what there doing to them. I still watch for the sake of waiting for something to change and alas it hasn’t.

  42. S says:

    Awe poor wittle Steffie is heart broken. He already broke up with Elena because of Damon and now he’s feeling betrayed? ummm okayyyyyy sorry JP but I will Not feel sowwy for little Stefan

  43. S says:

    Oh please quit comparing everything to crappy Twilight. Triangles have been going on before that stupid movie and vampires too REAL ones at that

  44. #TVD Rant: Getting kinda sick of the Damon pity party… Poor Damon… Please!

    1. Stefan didn’t steal Katherine, Damon was in the Confederacy when Katherine arrived. Who knows how long Damon was away before he returned and met Katherine; we’ve seen when Stefan met Katherine and not Damon but I’m sure he would have been at the porch steps had he been there too; the war started in 1861 she arrived in 1864, then Damon decided he wasn’t going back because he’s “having way too much fun to return to the Confederacy”.

    2. Katherine compelled Stefan “we’ll go on exactly as we are, you, me and Damon”, she only compelled Damon once when she wanted him to leave her room. Damon was in full control of his own actions Stefan wasn’t… “Katherine never compelled me, it was real for me” and it’s true once he turned he remembered everything!

    3. Damon heard Stefan’s declaration of love to Katherine whilst he waited for her in her bedroom but he didn’t care “is my love not enough” he asked after trying to kiss her. Damon didn’t care about Stefan, he didn’t question Katherine’s motives, his eyes were wide open, uncompelled, and he made the wrong choices!

    4. Damon drunk from Katherine freely and decided he wanted to be a vampire, Katherine compelled Stefan to drink from her. Yet again Stefan had no control!

    5. Stefan didn’t turn Damon: Damon turned because his father shot him and because he had Katherine’s blood in his system, therefore Damon turned Damon. Stefan forced Damon to live and not die by completing the final transition, if Damon wanted to die that badly why didn’t he just take his ring off and stand in the sun?…. because he knew Katherine was alive and he had a reason to live, that’s why! Oh and Papa Salvatore shot Stefan too… a true declaration of his love and devotion to his youngest son!

    6. Stefan killed his father… IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!!! And guess what Stefan was already dead cos his own father killed him and his brother. Like I said a true declaration of love!!

    7. If you want to see abusive fathers take a look at Klaus’, Papa Salvatore’s disappointment in Damon for not returning to the Confederacy is a far cry from abuse. It doesn’t show in anyway that he didn’t love Damon; sometimes disappointment is just that, disappointment. If you’re a saint I guess you wouldn’t understand because you’ve never been in trouble!

    8. Damon fell in love with Stefan’s girlfriend, what was Stefan supposed to do stand aside and just give Elena to Damon??… come on already where is the reality in that? Damon is the architect of his own misery not Stefan!!

    9. If you think the Stefan, Katherine, Damon situation is messed up and the Stefan, Elena, Damon situation isn’t that beyond me! Damon’s stolen 2 of Stefan’s girlfriends, uncompelled with his eyes wide open and yet Stefan should just be cool with that cos it’s Damon… now that’s totally MESSED UP!!

    10. Its seems hypocritical to me that Damon can stay mad at Stefan for 145 years cos Katherine turned him “it was only suppose to me Stefan, just me” and yet Stefan can’t be mad at Damon for 5 minutes after what, 3 days and being is a relationship with Elena for over a year… yep totally hypocritical and absolutely messed up!

    Ian Somerhalder said: “Damon is a self-absorbed ass”, I agree with him!

    RANT OVER!!!

    • Rachael says:

      Couldn’t of said it any better :)

    • TP says:

      Thank you!!

    • Jane says:

      I could make a LONG laundry list of the crap Stefan has done to Damon on this show. I could refute many of the points you tried and I mean TRIED to make but why sit for an hour on a TVLINE comment board and write it all down to a biased fan who is so far up Stefan’s behind to see that BOTH brothers are VERY flawed! I accept Damon’s flaws… Do you accept Stefan’s? Your rant is immature and idiotic.

      • I’m sorry you call my rant immature and idiotic but all you have done it Bitch at me personally and call me names… sorry who’s immature and idiotic now? I think you have the wrong person. Next time you want to make a point refute what someone has said with actual fact rather than using immature statements and others might actual take the time to listen!! :D

        • Jane says:

          I actually called you zero names! Go back and read my comment. I said the rant was immature and idiotic. Your LONG comment was immature and idiotic and I might add biased. But never did I call you a name. If who you are as a person is reflected off of a Gossip/Spoiler forum comment then so be it. But I never assumed this comment reflected who you were as a person. I just found the whole comment to be idiotic and immature because it was flawed and very biased. That is all. Proceed!

    • DEGirl says:

      Are we watching the same show dear? Stefan told Elena flat out…. STEFAN: I didn’t care that I had gotten something that my brother wanted. I didn’t even care if it hurt him. I only knew that I wanted her……. UM? Yeah! End point!

      • Yes I’m watching the same show and yes Stefan did say that to Elena, but as I said before Stefan wasn’t in complete control of his own actions because Katherine compelled him… “we’ll go on exactly as we are, you, me and Damon”…. so of course he didn’t care and even if he did he was powerless to do anything about it. Damon was in full control of his actions, he wasn’t compelled, he could of questions Katherine motives, he could of tried to protect his younger brother, but he didn’t. Damon didn’t care anymore than Stefan that he had gotten something his brother had or wanted and that’s why the whole situation is totally messed up!

        • DEGirl says:

          I think you need to watch that scene again…. Stefan tells Elena that before he gets to the part about the compulsion. The night he had sex with Katherine before she compelled him he felt this way. This is why he slept with her without caring about whether it hurt his brother. Stefan says this flat out BEFORE he told Elena about the sex then compulsion the next MORNING. His selfish attitude was not in a result to any compulsion. He was selfish and wanted Kat before she compelled him to NOT fear her. She chose him to go to the founders party and he told Elena that she chose him and then he says that line about getting something his brother wanted….AND lets face it what she said didn’t say love me or act selfish or anything. She said to continue going on the way they were which if you continue to go on a way you were that is past tense. So Stefan’s behavior was what she wanted to continue BEFORE he found out she was a vampire which is BEFORE a compulsion. Stefan was never compelled to love Katherine. I just watched this episode yesterday. You can say that the fact that Stefan was ok that she was a vampire was the result of compulsion and that is it. Everything else was Stefan. He still had free will to act with her a certain way. He also tells her “I will love you forever” before she bites him and compels him the next morning. This was Stefan’s own words, he was in love BEFORE she compelled him. Had nothing to do with Kat’s compulsion. And verbatim she says “It does not change the way you feel about me. You will tell no one. We will go on exactly the way we did BEFORE.” Before is past tense. How he continued to act was the way he acted BEFORE he knew. Again she only compelled him to not fear her and keep her secret! Everything he felt was REAL because it was how he felt before he knew she was vampire. So in the end Stefan wanted Kat and didn’t care like I said. He also tells Elena that Damon believes that he had Kat first. So regardless of if Stefan felt he did or not his brother felt he had Kat first and he knew this is how his brother felt and still went after her when she chose him for the founders day, still went to bed with her and still said he didn’t care…he just wanted her. And doesn’t that sound familiar? I know the risks but I have to know her? Hmmm?

    • q. says:

      stefan FORCED DAMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nives says:

      Thank you !! Couldn’t have said it better my self.. And Yes! the writers are awesome .. They are trying to follow the VD Books as close as possible but do have to make it a bit more interesting to make it into more than 2 seasons are “forced” to derail from the storyline a bit.. And for all you (it can only be Delana) fans.. The real Story IS about Elena and her Love to Stefan.. sooo.. Delana is just a add on to keep it interesting to all the Damon fans out there. I can’t blame you guys ..Yes he is good looking with those beautiful eyes and having the bad boy image . Him and Elena do have a connection but her “true” Love will always be Stefan. For all the TVD fans out there go with the flow and enjoy the show. ;)

  45. Caro says:

    Wow, Vampire Diaries fans certainly are… opinionated. All of you need to go outside.

  46. Ella says:

    Looking forwards to the return of TVD. I must say, though, I still miss Alaric. :(

  47. Molly says:

    For all stelena and delena shippers quit.trying to say one brothers worse than the other they both have done horrid things there vampires there not suppose to be good. I love both bros I’m for a stefan damon elena sandwich its a show. Real life vamps don’t exsits lol so I’m thinkng living in the moment sounds good. I loved stelena in season 1 and 2 but by season 3 I was ready to see delena I think they will put stelena back together in the end. If they go book ways for epic love. But for now I’m cool with it. There all hot. And for those who think eeewww that’s gross hey that’s y its a show. I do however find I miss alaric very much and I’m not sure y but elijha character is missed not sure if its cuz his acting or I think he’s good looking but I just miss him.but everyone should just Calm its a show they have to circulate to make everyone happy.

    • Boo says:

      Amen to all you said. People also forget that they are watching a show about a love triangle.

    • Sorcha says:

      YES! I’m a DE shipper but I am so tired of everyone ranting how Stefan is less than Damon. Damon and Stefan have both done horrible things. It’s a vampire show – it’s to be expected. You have to suspend belief here. For instance, on a regular crime show, I never understand the women who fall in love with imprisoned killers, but on Vampire Diaries, it’s anathema that Elena wouldn’t fall in love with Damon to me. When vampires enter into it, human morals go out the window and many fans don’t seem to understand that. They are constantly trying to explain away Stefan’s or Damon’s crimes, like they can’t like their characters if they have actually murdered a liked it. Begs the question why they are watching the show in the first place if they can’t stand/like characters who kill, like it and get away with it.

  48. tams says:

    I think a lot of you are forgetting that Elena made out with Damon last season while still technically with Stephan. I’m pretty sure if Jeremy hadn’t have interrupted them it would have gone further. Elena and Damon have had strong feelings for a long time so ya it may look bad that she jumped right into bed with Damon. I really can’t blame her. They have wanted to for years, Elena just thought it looked bad for her to want Damon. Maybe now that there is the site bond she doesn’t care how it looks to other people. The Stephan/Elena relationship has been forced and not the same since Stephan came back. They were never the same. It was getting very boring.

    • Rizul says:

      in no time damon and elena will start to get boring as well so the best they should have done is just continue to the plot stephan and elena coz this a fact that they will be back together.

  49. nightmagic says:

    i disagree with the fact Damon was being selfish .he has been very respectful of elena since realizing she could be sired to him he has done nothing wrong and he has nothing to be ashamed of .when Elena came to him he didnt know about the sire bond and Stefan broke up with elena .

  50. nightmagic says:

    Damon is nothing like klaus he has done so many good things .maybe he doesnt realize it but he has changed alot .Klaus continues to hurt everyone and he seeks no form of redemption or feels guilty for anything he does .he has had 1000 years to take all his gifts and all that knowledge and turn it into something good and instead all he does is bully and abuse and use people !!! he doesnt have a family because he daggered them and most of that family apart from Michael loved him !!!! Damons never had anyone care about him apart from Elena .she was the first person to dare to care about him and care about what he was feeling ! eg you lost her too .season 1

    • Stefpheann says:

      Well said. And Tyler even told Elena that the sire bond can’t make you love someone. It only affects what you do, not necessarily how you feel.