Leverage Cancelled, Series Finale to Air Dec. 25

leverage_hutton_bellmanIt’s going to be a blue Christmas for Leverage fans.

TNT announced late Friday that it has officially pulled the plug on the drama after five seasons; its series finale is set to air on Dec. 25.

Leverage has thrilled audiences with its delightfully intricate plots, its stand up for the little guy attitude and its terrific performances 
from stars Timothy Hutton, Gina Bellman, Christian Kane, Beth Riesgraf and Aldis Hodge,” a TNT rep said in a statement. “But after five wonderful years, it’s time to say goodbye. Leverage will come to a close on Christmas at 10 pm, with a series finale that stands as one of the show’s best episodes… We want to thank the passionately devoted fans… who have been the driving force behind its success.”

Earlier this month, executive producer Dean Devlin told the show’s fans in an open letter that the Season 5 finale on Dec. 25 was designed to also serve as a “powerful” series finale. “[Fellow EP] John Rogers and I decided to end this season with the episode we had planned to make to end the series, way back when we shot the pilot,” he wrote.  As a result, the hour — perhaps inauspiciously titled “The Long Good-bye Job” — is “the series finale we had always envisioned.”

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  1. Jennifer says:

    This upsets me!

  2. Rrrrrr says:

    It sucks, but it’s awesome that the writers were able to write the finale they had planned since the beginning.

  3. Andy says:

    I guess I’ll be the first to say it. This is not what I was looking forward to. But at least we’re getting a proper series finale.

  4. Lillian says:

    Damn it, Hardison!

    Really sad about this. I hope SyFy doesn’t cancel Alphas.

  5. nora says:

    Now I know the holidays are ruined. Damn you TNT

    • I agree. What a super douchey thing to announce 3 days before Christmas. It would have still sucked had they announced it after the holidays, but it would have been easier to deal with in some sense. Now we have to go into the finale with super ridiculous emotional finale feels, and will be thinking about it all through Christmas. LAME.

  6. Well didn’t they say this episode was meant to be the finale. They didn’t they would be picked up. It had a good run. I’m not completely heart broken to see it cancelled. I do wanna know Sophie’s real name.

    • I have got to ask but why are they airing the now Series Finale of Leverage and the Season Finale of Rizzoli & Isles on Christmas night? I wouldn’t think the ratings will be great.

    • “SOPHIE’S REAL NAME IS LARA!!!! Thanks to all the wonderful Leverage fans for a wonderful ride!” This is from Twitter of @Ginabellman

      • Janie says:

        Thanks for the name spoiler for those of us in another country who haven’t seen season 5 yet!

        • Evan says:

          Don’t worry, its never been said. I think this is just the actress giving the answer to the fans. Unless it shows up in the finale, we’ve never heard it.

        • Chris says:

          I entirely agree with your comment @janie. I haven’t seen last weeks episode yet and it is only christmas eve where I am. Shame on you @kse4nia. Spoilers should be kept private or hey here’s an IDEA, say it is a spoiler so those of us who don’t want to know can skip your post.

      • Terry Myers says:

        Thank’s for writing and giving Sophie’s real name. Sadly, I missed the finale, that I didn’t even know was a finale, because I have been ill, and I fell asleep just before it started. I wasn’t too worried, as I have “On Demand” through Cox and I knew I could watch it later. Which now, I can’t, of course. I say, yeah of course they cancelled it: I loved it! I hate getting hooked on a series, because it guarantees a cancellation….

      • Karen says:

        Thank you!

  7. Andy says:

    Oops, third. But the sentiment is the same

  8. Jen says:

    TNT your making a big mistake making this decision. Leverage is such a great series. I’m going to miss this show solo much. Thanks for a wonderful 5 seasons though :)

  9. Laura J. says:

    wow! I had a feeling it was coming, but still shocked!

  10. Carm says:

    No! I love Leverage and will miss it so.

  11. Linda says:


  12. Chris says:

    Neat little show that had a good run. Sad to see it go.

  13. Margaret says:

    As a proud Portlander, I want to thank TNT for officially setting Leverage in Portland for its last season. I’ve had friends guest star & be extras on the show during the 4 years it’s been filmed here, & they all say it’s a great set with wonderful people. I’m so sad to see it heading off the air!!

  14. JAO says:

    Say it isn’t so. I’m bummed.

  15. Cafashion says:

    Definitely disappointed, but glad the creators kept with their original plan to end the series. Going to miss these amazing characters & actors on my TV Screen each week :-( Thanks for an AMAZING 5 Seasons Leverage Team!!!!!!!

  16. Lillian says:

    Any rumor of a spinoff with Elliot, Parker & Hardison working for the FBI (CIA?) guy played by Adam Baldwin? That’s kind of what that episode felt like, a test pilot. I’d love that.

  17. Ana says:

    This is sad. I’ve loved this show from the beginning but it makes sense. Since last season I felt that the plots had been getting too convoluted and way beyond the realm of plausibility. They took something that was quirky and feisty into something too cumbersome to enjoy. It’s been a good ride. This is a good time to end it. But I will miss it.

  18. Jennifer says:

    Although not unexpected, this act by TNT is just ridiculous. Leverage was the best show in their lineup and had so many more storylines that could have been explored. I never foresaw saying a TV show could be shortchanged with five seasons, but the day has come. Leverage was definitely shortchanged but it was a wonderful, beautiful series while it lasted.

    • elr says:

      I feel that way too. I have a feeling a lot of the shows that I watch may be coming to an end this year, but I can say in all honesty that Leverage wasn’t one of them. I am very glad that we are getting a series finale to tie everything up.

  19. Adam Bramble says:

    I just recently got into this show. And now it’s cancelled :( wtf

  20. scg10 says:

    Nooo….. :( Can’t say I didn’t see it coming though….

  21. Ashley says:

    This is sad, if not entirely unexpected. But it’s been a good run and at least it’ll get an actual ending.

  22. Dudeonrails says:

    Thanks for five great seasons. Great show. I’ll miss it.

  23. HIMYM which ran out of steam years ago, gets a nineth season while Leverage which is still creative and fun gets the boot. I had a feeling it wasn’t looking good after that letter appeared from the producer but this still sucks!

  24. Ian says:

    It’s probably better to end before it goes bad. Ask your nearest How I Met Your Mother (ex?) fan.

  25. Deb says:

    Nooooooooooooooooooooo !

  26. aisforaims says:

    I have never been sadder to see a show get cancelled. Big thanks to the creators, writers, and crew for building such an amazing world. The biggest thanks to the actors, who brought life to some of my favorite characters on TV. I would have loved to see this series go on for another season (or two), but I’m glad that they were able to make the finale they always envisioned. Here’s hoping everyone who took part in this show has an amazing future ahead of them. Until then, let’s go steal a series finale!

  27. Zak says:

    A spin-off with Adam Baldwin, Christian, Beth, and Aldris needs to happen.

  28. Mo says:

    I was afraid this was coming. Sorry to see it go. Leverage is the only original series I watch on TNT. I’m so glad the producers/writers etc. planned ahead & were able to make the series finale they wanted, even though TNT kept them waiting for word on renewal/cancellation. Love this cast… they have been so great together.

  29. diane says:

    Not happy about this.

  30. Eve says:


  31. Anne says:

    Another reason I am disappointed this has been cancelled is that it is one of the few shows I can watch with my pre-teens and enjoy it. We liked the modern day Robin Hood plots – never too graphic and never too racy and no dead bodies. What is left? White Collar (yes!) and reality TV (die hard Survivor fans, not nothing else) and ??

  32. Missy Kelly says:

    Well, this is a fine how do you do – Loved the show and still do – glad it’s in syndication so it can live on

  33. Ali says:

    I have friends who love this show and I really tried to get into it but I was so distracted by Timothy Hutton’s phoned in performance, pasty looks and crappy hair that I just focused on the cute guy, Elliott, and that was about all. I think they’d do better to just make the show about the three younger folks and keep Timothy’s character and the annoying Sophie character (was that really her real accent?) out of the picture.

    • suzi says:

      Different strokes I guess…Hutton was the reason I first watched this show as he’s always been one of my favorite actors, and he and the rest of the cast didn’t disappoint me. They all made a wonderful family, and the stories were always intelligent, funny,and often very poignant. Bad form yet again, TNT.

  34. Flowbee Rida says:

    With the little fanfare that TNT has given the show this season, combined with placing the finale on Christmas Day, along with this pathetic short, impersonal press release really shows me a lot about TNT, and it’s not good…folks, if your favorite show is on TNT, it could be the next to get dumped unceremoniously like this….

  35. Andy says:

    After loving this show for the last five years, I would follow any of the five main cast members to any future projects of theirs, and at the very least give their show/movie a chance. Anything specific that people would love to see in Tuesday’s finale? My wish list for it: Nate’s big Portland secret reveal, Sterling, and Maggie.

  36. KanicQueen says:

    I feel that TNT treated Leverage unfairly and they have made a horrendous mistake. They have disrespected the show and its fans. I will no longer watch TNT after the Leverage finale and I know I am far from the only one in this endeavour.

  37. TrulyRoxie says:

    Boo. This is a show my entire family looked forward to watching every week. There are so few shows on that my 9 and 4 year old can watch with us. :(

  38. Amber says:

    Goodbye, beloved show. Thanks for 5 great seasons. I am glad they were able to write the series finale they had wanted to. I’ll miss you Leverage.

  39. Claire C says:

    Just simply gutted.

  40. Kassie says:

    Just when i think TNT doesn’t suck so bad they go and do this crap. To do this before christmas is just wrong. As a fan of this show i am so sad. This show should have gotten a next season. So tried of watching shows just for them to be canceled. Thanks to everyone who made leverage possible.

  41. Justin says:

    This is some messed up crap!!! Canceling it 4 days before Christmas?!!! Wow!!! I’ll sincerely miss this show. Leverage has been on my top 10 list of best shows on television since it began. I have all four seasons on dvd and will definitely get season 5 as well.

  42. Whimsical says:

    Not thrilled about this, but let’s be honest- 3 out of the last 4 episodes were absolute stinkers. It’s clear the show was running out of ideas. Better to end it and go out well then run it to the ground and ruin the tremendous goodwill it’s generated so far.

  43. Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

    Love this show, but they have really been treading water for a while now. They don’t even have any long term arcs going like they did tin the past. I am just excited that the show will end with the intended finale. 5 years is a good run and I am glad it will end on the right note. Shows can’t go forever.

  44. jj says:

    Even thiugh I suspect it was coming it doesn’t. Make it any easier. Absolute travesty that such a great show with unblievably talented actors and actresses get canceled while othr garbage shows are being renewed year after year.

  45. Rach says:

    They had a good run. While it sucks that they’re being cancelled, I respect them for going out now with the series finale exactly as Dean Devlin intended it to be, rather than having a solid 5 seasons followed by 3 seasons of floundering with bad writing, convoluted plots, actors mailing it in, and showrunners trying to reinvent the wheel – I’m looking at you, HIMYM, Bones, and Supernatural.

    • Carrie says:

      That’s your opinion. I don’t know about “Bones” & HIMYM, but “Supernatural” is not floundering at all. It’s still very clever, well written and acted, and I enjoy watching it as much as I ever did.

  46. Ethel says:

    TNT is officially off my Christmas list forever! Can’t Hardison hack into their computers and put them back on the schedule? Really going to miss this show, one of the best on TV. TNT, you ARE the Grinch

  47. JT says:


  48. tammy weisenberger says:

    I think TNT has made a big mistake with there lineup. Leverage was well done and dealt with all the schedule chnages over the five seasons. TNT will loose some previous loyal watcher….

  49. Bobbi says:

    I have watched every episode of this show. The last few have definitely not been up to the standard they set. I will miss these characters but am so glad they are able to end it the way they wanted to. As for the airing on Christmas night, all I can say is thank goodness for DVRs!

    • Jake says:

      I agree with your statement about DVR’s because I for one will be watching the “Doctor Who Christmas Special” on Christmas night, and then I’ll catch Leverage after it :)