Glee Scoop: Ashley Fink Books Return

AFink_300_1Prepared to get Zized (albeit briefly) when Glee returns for the second half of Season 4.

TVLine has confirmed that Ashley Fink, who plays Puck’s ex-girlfriend Lauren Zizes, is retuning to the show for a one-episode guest spot after being absent for most of Season 3 and the first 10 episodes of Season 4.

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The tough-talking former member of New Directions will be back in the halls of William McKinley High School just in time for the school’s Sadie Hawkins Dance. And given that Artie is with Sugar, Sam is with Brittany and Blaine exclusively dates the fellas, one has to wonder if Ryder or Jake (whichever one doesn’t score an invite from Marley) might succumb to the Zizes spell.

Fink’s episode, which will be Glee‘s first installment of 2013, is slated to air Jan. 24 (9/8c on Fox).

Excited to have Ms. Zizes back in the Glee fold? Hoping you’ll see more of her as Season 4 progresses? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Brittany says:

    I’ve been patiently waiting for Zizes’ return. She was such a great character on the show. Even in season one she provided some of the greatest moments. Excited to get her back! Too bad it’s not for longer.

    • dude says:

      Agreed. I love her. She was one of my favourite parts of season two and I was disappointed when they didn’t ask her back (although given Puck’s storyline last season, i understood why). Since Puck is back in Lima, it’d be cool if they went together. Between Jessalyn and Ashley, Glee has some great comedic talent that they (understandably) can’t use anymore but it’s nice when they bring them back for little cameos.

    • Maris says:

      I liked her on small doses only, so I’m glad it’s only a one episode thing

    • Cathy says:

      Morbid obesity is terrible for your health, terrible for our healthcare costs, and terrible for the environment. This revolting-looking person should NOT be allowed on television until it loses 100 lbs.

      • Summer says:

        First of all, Cathy, while I appreciate that your hiding behind a computer screen allows you to be a total cow to people, perhaps some civility might be in order on your end. Regardless of her size, Ashley Fink is a human being. Don’t insult her by calling her “it”.

        Having said that, we don’t know her story. We don’t know if she’s tried, or if she’s working on it, or what. Cut her a little slack. Be human for once. I know it’s probably difficult for you, since undoubtedly, your hobby is judging people and being a terrible person in general, but try.

        It’s the holiday season, after all.

      • Trina says:

        Yes, being obese is bad for your health but that doesn’t give you the right to say such cruel things about this excellent and entertaining actress. You are nothing but a bully!

      • Summerside Up says:

        There are many overweight, obese and morbidly obese people in the US, and to not have any characters that have extra weight on them is not reflective of the US population. How is obesity terrible for the environment? Now you’re just making things up to bolster your prejudices. As far as healthcare costs go, I don’t think Ashley Fink’s healthcare is costing you anything. In fact, if you are an adult, which I think you probably are not, I doubt someone with your intelligence level is making enough to cover “its” own healthcare costs, much less those of others. There is nothing morally wrong with being overweight, but a great deal that is morally wrong about being judgmental and dehumanizing, so I’m going to have to side with Summer here. I suggest you get off mom’s computer now before you get in more trouble.

      • Brooke says:

        Dear Cathy,
        Are you really insulting her on her size?? I think you are just a ginourmous prick and are a hater.
        P.S.DONT CALL HER AN IT BECAUSE SHE IS A HUMAN TOO!! If this wasn’t the internet i would be cussing so much!!!

      • Bobbie says:

        That is so rude

      • Ang says:

        you are an idiot…

  2. Ryan Murphy says:

    Would you like if Zizes and Finn hooked up?

    • Elvis Presley says:

      Omg, Ryan Murphy commented! Well, that’s his screen-name, so it must really be him!

      And about this news: I was never a big fan of her character. It’s only a one-episode stint though, and I very rarely watch Glee these days anyways

    • dan says:

      I would love it.

    • Sandra Hinojosa says:

      Zizes is too good for Finn imho.

    • rhiannon scott says:

      no i am sooo sorry but i truely hope that finn and rachel get back together because all of the couples that fought ti be together broke up: klaine,finchel,brittana

    • Sarah says:

      Would LOVE her to come back!! One of my favorite characters!!!

    • Ginbo says:


    • Shelby says:

      That would be interesting to hook them up. It would be good also to get rid of that witchy blonde cheerio. Dont care for her. Try and get queen Latifa on there that would be awesome!

    • canuckeh says:

      Finn seems a little too fragile for her. She needs someone that can buck her right back, so Puck was perfect. But I could see her manipulate someone like Rory. Bring Damien back, and give him more attention. Please.

      • Timothy Dean Lee says:

        I have to agree. I really miss Damien. The Christian Dread-lock character just doesn’t work for me. Also the nasty blond cheerleader is way too mean. It’s time that karma bites her in the ass.

        • sm says:

          I agree about Joe and Kitty, but I have to include Unique, Marley and Damian’s character(see he didn’t make an impression on me-I don’t remember his name. Sue hasn’t yet met Karma. Quinn met Karma over and over, but Santana did only once. It’s only been 10 episodes in the new season, Kitty with the way the show is written will be another Santana. I wish she was gone. Not a fan, nor of Unique.

        • Jess says:

          Joe and Kitty are my two favorite new characters! I’d like to see a WildeHart pairing. She needs a little softening and he needs to be a little cooler. They both have interesting voices, so could make a good duet. That’s really not true of any of the other new characters. When Sam, Ryder, and Jake sing together it sounds like the same 3 voices.

    • Judith Chase says:

      I just want to see her back on for more than 1 episode, please.

    • Judith Chase says:

      I just want to see her back on for more than 1 episode, please. I also loved her in the live concerts.

    • Mari Lou says:

      is that you, Ryan Murphy ;-? well, why not?

    • Awangku Ahmad Hashim says:

      If you are the reall Ryan, please put Lauren on Glee more often. A lot of people miss her. And no, Lauren cant hooked up with Finn. It can be a one time thing.

    • Brooke says:


  3. Megan says:

    Puck is back in Lima now. . . . just saying.

  4. Ari says:

    I before E except after C and when it rhymes with weigh.

  5. Jenna says:

    Never should have gotten rid of her. She brought some humor to a season that had barely any!

  6. Isak says:

    YES. One of the most hilarious and underrated characters.

  7. Lou says:

    Glee needs to downsize at least half its cast to have even a chance of being watchable again, but instead we get guest stars.

    • sm says:

      YEP! Crowded gallery of so so characters. Too many guests with simplistic and dumb stories. Glee is too serious and its potential for wonderful storylines is failing fast.

      • Jess says:

        No, it just needs to become two different shows next year. One would be based in New York and have Kurt, Rachel, Blaine, Brody, bring back Jesse St. James, Santana, Brittany, possibly Tina, and I’d say bring in Ali Stroker and Dani Shay here. Ali as a bitchy NYADA rival that endears herself to everyone there, but has a passive-aggressive side only Rachel sees, and Dani as her unexpected, down-to-Earth girlfriend that is friends with Santana. Since NYADA is clearly modeled after NYU’s Tisch School’s CAP21 program, they could learn a lot from Ali who graduated from that program. They could also have an a capella group like CAP21 has. Being based in NY they could bring in Telly Leung as Blaine’s former warbler friend, who’ll be on Broadway in Allegiance, and have some cameo visit(s) from George Takei.

        Back in Lima, Finn could continue as choir director. Have Zises and Puck as a couple in Lima (assistant coaches for football and wrestling teams?). Then, have New Directions be Kitty, Sugar, Joe, Marley, Jake, Ryder, Unique, maybe Sebastian and/or Harmony, and new sophomores. Artie could come in to direct the school musical and maybe be a local cable director with Jacob Ben Israel also working for the station.

    • thereddiva says:

      I agree. I feel like the storylines that aren’t about Kurt and Rachel have no substance like they used to when the original cast was still around. Now I feel like I’m watching a low budget Nickelodeon show that doesn’t have time time to put any emotion into the episodes.

  8. Diogo Silva says:

    Just thinking about her fight with Santana in the lockers, makes me laugh so hard.

  9. Mark says:

    She didn’t graduate…

  10. meh says:

    She is more interesting then any of the new cast that is for sure, but so is paint drying… Have her visit Rachel and Kurt in NY while she is touring with some semi professional wrestling circuit.

  11. Cottage101 says:

    Ziiiiizes!!! Yes! She is so great! Can’t wait for her return :D

  12. John hooper says:

    She’s grotesque and can’t sing. What’s not to love about her?

    • dude says:

      She’s hilarious and awesome? I can think of about 100 things to love about her but I’m havin trouble coming up with even one for you. Go back to staring at a mirror you shallow, brainless waste.

  13. AngD says:

    I can only imagine that she’ll interact with Puck.

  14. monica says:

    Its about damn time!!!! Even if she was no longer Pucks gf she didn’t need to disappear from the show! Hopefully its not for only 1 ep.

  15. Coolio Jackson says:

    Good for her and good for the show. The new crop of Gleeks have no pizzazz. The new characters just sort of run together. I really wish they had gone the Sweathogs route and ignored a realistic timeline and kept the old gang together as perpetual students. They had a good cast dynamic and they screwed it up with one character less memorable than the last. The Glee Project is fun but the prize should only be for a few episodes. Dreadlocks, Rory and the new guy have been horrible additions.

    • O-town says:

      I agree with the Glee Project prize being for a few episodes or just a storyline. Love Zizes. Joe, Rory, and Ryder are great singers but they sorta’ feel like…background characters. Zizes made every moment count. Kinda’ dislike Sugar Motta, who plays a similar role like Zizes. But I prefer Zizes over Sugar and the drag queen.

    • dilia says:

      did you see dynamic duets? blake jenner has been great. agree on the other two though. they can go.

  16. Selena says:

    lol I guess they didn’t have enough girls to worship the dudes for this stupid sadie hawkins episode that’s why she’s back.

  17. eyesinkpop says:

    Miss her a lot…she was cool

  18. dude says:

    I guess I’m alone but I actually love the newbies. Marley especially but Ryder, Jake, Brody and even Kitty add something to the show for me. I’m finding myself more interested in their storylines than the originals.

    • Zorkel567 says:

      I like the new characters too, though I prefer the originals to a degree. Glad to see Zizes return, and hopefully this can lead to further reappearances.

  19. silpen says:

    Never care about her…. Useless charachter!

  20. Jared says:

    Why hasn’t this girl been added as a series regular??..she was great on the show and wish that Glee would have wrote her storyline up.

  21. Lynne says:

    Never cared for her. Except for her VERY brief relationship with Puck, did she really have much of a story?

  22. Florence says:

    Never liked her and found her storyline with Puck to be completely unbelievable. Also she can’t sing.

  23. mia says:

    When it became clear she wouldn’t be coming back, I stopped watching.

  24. Jason says:

    Awful, unfunny, and really just a mean spirited character. Glee’s been petty good this season of not making supposed “friends” treat each other horribly….so thumbs down on this news.

    • I can’t handle her negativity. She really doesn’t have anything nice to say to or about anyone. No, I can do without her.

      • sm says:

        Santana, Sue and Kitty are just like her. I thought Lauren was funny in simple and small doses. Here and there. Not as a regular. But I feel that way about Brittany. Lauren cannot sing. Lauren and Puck together was funny at first but went on too long. IMO.

    • letsnotpretend says:

      But I’m sure you LOVE Santana who is meaner than any other character, but she’s pretty while she does it, right?

  25. Gigi says:

    Loved her character. Good to see the big girl get the bad boy. It would be great to see more of her and Puck.

  26. Melly says:

    Wow all of that hanging out with Colfer really paid off despite of the fans and crew complained about her attitude during the Glee tour back in 2011

  27. LT says:

    She’s the one who got away…really, really slowly.

  28. Hannah says:

    LOVE her!!!!!!! Who cares if she can’t sing or is over weight. Her attitude is amazing and its what glee needs! I love the newbies to a point I think they added just one too many new characters to the show his year. Plus people it’s just a tv show as my mom always says so who cares!!!! I love glee and couldn’t be happier :)

  29. Alex M says:

    Some Dave Karofsky would be nice for a lot of viewers of the bear/cub persuasion.
    Also, make Karofsky a series regular, please!

    • Joe Schmoe says:

      God yes. He’s hot as hell.

    • Dave K fan says:

      Agreed I’d love to see Dave’s life after his suicide attempt. It’s a realistic storyline and would show things can truly “get better”.

      Getting at least one episode with Ashley Fink back will be amazing. She’s a fantastic actress and deserved to have continued in Season 3.

      Kitty needs someone besides Santanta to call her out on the eating disorder she fostered in Marley. I know she’s supposed to be the new Quinn, but she’s more of a witch then Q was and so far has no redeeming qualities like Q’s vulnerabilities. Most of the new cast seems to get lost when compared to the previous cast except perhaps for Jake Puckerman and Unique.

  30. Hailey says:

    Could you guys PLEASE do me a favor and bring Rory back :) :( i miss him

  31. gesselle says:

    EWWWWWWWWWW I HATE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. LoveZizes says:

    She is one of the best comedic actresses who has been on Glee and they need her back! I hope they one episode spot gets extended. Ashley is wonderful and Zizes is a great, unexpected character.

  33. jonnienashville says:

    So gald!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Shy says:

    Oh, that awful person is back…. How will they explain her presence? Did Fin call her to help in musical again? And she is like: “Yeah, sure. I’ll book a plane ticket and fly right away”. Or she still lives there and Fin will just randomly bump into her. Or it will turn out that she was still in school all this time… Like all other Glee members she will probably have some 5 minutes cameo.

  35. maria garcia says:

    Kinda hoping to see Zizes on action with the whole Marley/Kitty feud! Laurens a big beautiful women and I’d love to c it :-)

    Loved Tinas Oppa Gangnam Style

  36. Please bring her back for good!!!

  37. traci says:

    i dont want Finn and Zises together,it just seems ridic

  38. Lisa says:

    Thrilled to see her back. Never before has a TV show done a fat girl – with a tough attitude justice the way Glee has. (Saying that as one fat, not so tough girl!) I love her. I wish I had the strength of character to have been half as brazen as her character was on Glee!

  39. Sharon says:

    I enjoyed her – it is obvious she has real talent. Glad to see her back. With credit to Santana also I will never forget the hallway fight. I loved her run for Queen and I loved her friendship with Puk. Glad she never went down!

  40. Kristen says:

    Would love if her and Puck had a scene together. Just one.

  41. Lauren Zizes is awesome – would love to see her back on Glee!

  42. Jen says:

    Ew, never been a fan of her.

    Side note: when did Artie & Sugar happen?

  43. Dana says:

    Marley needs to be kicked to the curb, she just is not fun to watch. She isn’t funny, she is plain to look at and has a whatever voice.

    • sm says:

      Marley is 1 of my least favorite characters. She is like an arid desert. Dry!!!!!!!!!!!! Not a fan of Unique in the least but he is a colorful character with substance. Marley has nothing that sticks with me to want to remember her. Rachel, Santana, Tina, Britanny, Sugar, Kitty whom I don’t like at all because she is just mean, Sue, Becky, Cassie, Isabelle, Emma, Lauren all have a colorful character with substance. Each of these girls have layers to their characters-flaws and attributes. Marley has insecurities and is sickening sweet but that is all. Kitty is mean as heck but has layers and is funny at times. Marley is dry as a bone. Not liking that character or care to support her. Rachel is flawed but has multiple layers to her. Insecurities, talent, driven, compassionate, selfish, funny as heck, capacity to love and forgive, etc. I guess you can tell she is my favorite character with Santana second. Marley and Quinn are in the cellar, IMO. Now Quinn had layers to her and was a character with substance. She had all kinds of things happen to her but I just couldn’t champion her cause.

  44. faelostiel says:

    She was awesome, brought some real diversity to the show. I loved Lauren!

  45. briwood says:

    Lauren was in season one so that would make her a second year senior like Britt??

  46. Scott says:

    Lauren is back. Woot! She is one girl who didn’t fall under the Puckerman charm. I give her credit. She made Noah work to get her attention and he did. She wasn’t afraid of Santana either, which was cool. She has confidence and I’m glad she’s back on Glee.

  47. Cash wills says:

    Her dry humor was Awesome!!! ,someone needs to come check that new blond the only Plus size girl is really a guy although i really love him. The four new people this season are ok. Marley can really sing and the guys are cute

  48. Billie Love says:

    I don’t care for the head cheerio at all. I dislike her with a passion! As for everyone else, great jobs! Keep it up!!!!!