Gossip Girl Series Finale: EP Stephanie Savage Answers All Your Burning Questions!

Gossip Girl Series Finale Chuck HenryGot questions about Monday’s twisty, super-fun, cameo-packed Gossip Girl series finale? Well, we’ve got answers — straight from exec producer Stephanie Savage herself.

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TVLINE | When did you decide that Dan would be Gossip Girl? 
I don’t think we ever had another choice in our mind. It was always just a question of were we going to reveal it or not to reveal it. It was unclear if knowing Gossip Girl’s identity was something fans would want. Maybe it was more fun for everyone to not know who Gossip Girl was and be able to speculate and come up with your own ideas.

TVLINE  | It’s no surprise that fans are now combing through six years of episodes looking for inconsistencies — like scenes where Dan was alone reading Gossip Girl’s blasts and looking surprised. How do you account for that stuff?
We didn’t want to lean in too heavily to that idea. It was nothing that we talked to the actors about. It was nothing that we wanted to be part of Penn Badgely’s performance as Dan. Or something that we wanted viewers to be actively thinking about. We were hoping to have a nice long run and we didn’t want people to be preoccupied by the question of, “Who is Gossip Girl?” So we held reins loosely and didn’t want to draw attention to the fact that one of our main characters might actually be Gossip Girl.

TVLINE | Are you then sort of asking viewers to take a leap of faith with you on this, acknowledging that all of the pieces to the puzzle might not fit?
Um… no. [Laughs] I don’t think I’m asking that.

TVLINE | Nate ended up single — why?
Well, he’s single for now. The Nate story we wanted to tell was that Dan allowed him to break the Gossip Girl story, which helped jumpstart The Spectator. And to see Nate at a place in the future where he was successful and focused on work. He didn’t have any crazy partners or distracting girlfriends. We’re seeing him come into his own as a young man and a real player in the New York scene.

TVLINE | What was the significance of Chuck and Blair naming their child Henry?
That was what Chuck renamed himself when he was shot.

TVLINE | Why was it important for you to show that Chuck and Blair had become parents?
It seemed like the ultimate coming together of their union and their future. And wanting to see that Chuck and Blair could both be good parents… See the joy that that little boy brings to his grandparents. And you got to see a little mini-Chuck in a bowtie.

TVLINE | Did you ever consider putting Dan and Blair together in the future? 
Um… nope! [Laughs]

TVLINE | So it was always going to be Chuck and Blair? 
I don’t know about always, but certainly by the end of last season when we were writing our Season 5 finale. We had a sense of what the endgame of the characters were going to be. We knew what we were writing to in Season 6.

TVLINE | A lot of people were surprised that Rufus and Lily didn’t reunite. Talk to me about that decision. 
Obviously, Rufus and Lily together complicates the Serena and Dan dynamic. But more importantly, we felt that Rufus and Lily gave it a real college try. But after CeCe died, it was just too hard for Lily to meet Rufus in the middle. She tried to make it work with Bart Bass, and he was a little bit — or a lot — too dark. And psychotic. Dr. Van der Woodsen kind of split the difference. He’s going to let Lily drink all the gin in her teacup that she wants and not really question any of her choices like Rufus might. He’s the father of her children. So that felt like a fun, slightly twisted way to end out Lily’s romantic story. And I think it was very important that we saw that Rufus and Lily still have a very strong and loving connection with each other. And they’ll always be bonded by the relationship between their children.

TVLINE | The Lisa Loeb cameo was a fun surprise — how did that come about?
[Laughs] We didn’t want Rufus to be alone! And he has been spending a lot of time recently with Lisa Loeb. He really enjoyed his hormone-free Thanksgiving concert that he went to. And so that just felt like a nice way to give him someone who was from his world. At the end of the day, Rufus is probably most true to who he was of all the characters.

TVLINE | The Kristen Bell/Rachel Bilson sequence — how did the idea come about for that? They didn’t merely check their phones — they performed a whole comedic bit.
Once we felt certain that we could do Rachel and Kristen together, it seemed like you wanted to build more for them than just having them look at their phones. If you’re going to have those two ladies together in a scene then we wanted to have fun and play to their strengths. So Josh Schwartz and I came up with the whole idea… Having Kristen on the show was very, very special. To be able to have her onscreen for the finale was great. And to have Rachel do it with her was just the icing on the cake.

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  1. Emily says:

    Love the answer about Nate’s ending. I thought it was fitting. Refreshing for info on Chuck, Blair and Serena. ;)

    • C says:

      I was thrilled that Nate didn’t end up with Sage, as I feared.

    • Maria says:

      Totally agree with her answer on Nate. Putting him with someone at the end, just for the sake of doing so, wouldn’t have served his character at all. Since the very beginning, Nate’s been bouncing from girl to girl, falling in love with every female he meets, never single for any appreciable period of time. So this actually seems like growth for him.

      • Dana Fansler says:

        I would also like the plot twist of who really leaked that video at Blair’s wedding and really tried to sabotaged Dan and Blair’s relationship/friendship after helped her shut the site down after she left town and forgave her for forcing his sister out of town and kept the truth that she was Gossip Girl by that he was GG instead i do think that Blair was in love Dan even if she didn’t say it since she was trying to decide which love and hoping she would choose Dan since that they both wanted which the right love not relationships full of drama i think Blair still wanted Dan in thanksgiving episode since she tried to break up Dan and Serena by getting her back together with Steven with the help of Sage.

        • Lis says:

          Argh, get over it.
          Chuck and Blair are together and have a child.

          Yes, pure and simple love, nothing like being with a guy who sabotages your wedding for his own selfish reasons and blames it on the man that he knows she loves so he can have her.

          When Chuck unlike Dan put his big boy pants on and was just going to let Blair be happy.
          Even when she was with Dan he paid her dowry so she can love whomever.
          Such pure love Dan had for her, huh?

          Well, Blair never loved him and she knew it which is why she chose Chuck.

          Why would she 5 years, and 1 child later want Dan Humpfrey.

          I don’t care when people ship for other couples like both Nate and Dan had their cute moments with Blair, it is just annoying when they make something there that isn’t.

    • Drewer says:

      Yeah, definitely, it’s never fun when every end is tied up nicely, so having Nate left open was nice, plus he’s had so many suitors over the years, and none of them necessarily stood out more than others, and the fan base I don’t think had a considerable preference for anyone so it makes sense for him to be single. I just loved that Jack and Georgina ended up together, I found it hilarious that they had somehow managed not to cross paths in the previous 120 episodes so having that whole relationship sort of played out in warp speed was fun and actually made sense.

  2. Ashley says:

    Gossip Girl is like a patchwork quilt with all these different pieces that just don’t go. That’s how inconsistent the show became. And by Serena marrying Dan, they basically handed her a ‘lady pen.’ goo.gl/fcOh2

    • Dana Fansler says:

      Are you blind people Dan only pretended to GG to protect the real GG and GG version 3.0 and they even left hints and clues of the real GG in most of the episodes like Season 4 episode 19 Season 4 episodes 4 5 6 7 9 10 and 11 Season 3 episode 22 Season 4 episode 17 Season 2 episode 25 Season 1 episode 1 Season 1 episodes 13 16 Season 5 episode 3 Season 5 episodes 10 17 Season 2 episode 15.

  3. beja says:

    I love how you totally overwhelm Savage :x

    • DJA says:

      Guess I missed that part.

      • Dana Fansler says:

        There’s a few plot twists i would like to figure out whatever happened to Rufus and Lily’s son Scott what else happened between Dan and Blair besides kissing when he showed up at Blair’s apartment since Dorota wouldn’t allow Chuck in her room the night Lily got arrested who really was the father of Blair’s child either Dan Chuck or Louis what was the deal that Blair made with Georgina whatever happened to Philip and Milo do Dan and Blair finally make amence with each other do Dan and Blair finally get to be together since they’re soulmates does Dan write another book if so what is the title of it and is Henry really Chuck and Blair’s child or is he Dan and Blair’s child does a major character die if so then who is it.

        • Lis says:

          I think the cute little Bass boy jumping into Chuck’s arms yelling “Daddy!” makes it pretty plain to see who’s child it is.

        • P says:

          ok. im sorry but Chuck and Blair are together. I hate how people are trying to twist the stories and make it look like the child isnt theirs or that Blair is secretly in love with Dan. But in the end it is Chuck and Blair who look happily married and has a CHILD! Dan and Blair were never soul mates and even Stephanie says that they were never going to end up together.

    • Dana Fansler says:

      6 seasons ago CW let’s make a show call it Gossip Girl hire Schwartz Savage Safran Goodman and Wenrich to produce it let’s based it mainly on 4 of the characters let’s build Dan and Blair slowly carefully and the right way over 5 Seasons let’s make them fall in love in each other and make them one of the endgame couple the same thing let’s also build slowly carefully and the right way and let’s make them fall in love and get married and let’s make them the other endgame couple 5 Seasons later CW let’s fire Safran let’s have Savage and Schwartz get their way let’s quickly destroy the couples we intended as the endgame couples who were real and healthy relationships because they were too boring and let’s prove all the characters that knew Dan and Blair were the right couple they cared about each other the same thing with they cared about each other Rufus and Dan loves Lily and Blair her for her let’s prove Eric Rufus Serena Ivy Chuck Vanessa and Georgina all wrong by saying that Dan always wanted Serena instead of Blair let’s make toxic and unhealthy relationships our endgame couples instead because the people in them never actually cared about each other who were Chuck and Blair Dan and Serena William and Lily Dan was never Gossip Girl to begin he only said that to protect Blair Dorota and Serena but not his evil ex Georgina.

  4. luli says:

    Loved the reason of why blair and chuck named their son henry…

    • luli says:

      scratch that…

    • Dana Fansler says:

      That kid might not be Chuck’s it could Dan’s since they never resolved the issues between them.

    • Dana Fansler says:

      I’m probably sure Dan is the father of Henry not Chuck and pretty sure Dan was the also the father of her first child since her and Dan were probably having sex the night that Lily got arrested since that’s probably the reason Blair wouldn’t allow Chuck in her room after his party since Dan was in there and she didn’t Chuck to see that plus Dan wrote that they had sex in his book and it probably takes more then three weeks that know you’re pregnanct.

      • CHAIR !! says:

        why do you say these things to yourself? we all know chuck is the dad of henry and louis was the father of her first child xoxoxox CHAIR FOREVER!

      • sydney says:

        ok people seriously the child is not Dan’s first of all Blair is in love with Chuck and Dan is in love with Serena it doesn’t take five years to have a baby and they wouldn’t cheat. BLAIR WAS NEVER IN love WITH DAN SHE ADMITTED SO HERSELF SHE ONLY LIKED HIM AS FRIENDS AND WE BOTH KNOW THAT IT IS CHUCKS CHILD or they would tell us that or give us any sort of clue to at least keep us wondering but they didn’t did they!

  5. C says:

    She is the worst writer to ever be employed on any TV show, ever. And her claiming this was the only choice for who GG was just proves it.

    • Jo says:

      Give me a break! If you don’t like what she writes, don’t watch her shows, simple. I for one, love the shows she has worked on.

    • zumba says:

      Nope. The worst writer would be House’s David Shore. She comes a close second.

      • Misha says:

        How old are you, two? Because if you are saying David Shore is the worst writer is pretty clear you have the intelligence of a two years old. I am sorry for you.
        i hope you will grow-up to understand at leas 5% of what David Shore wrote.


    • Jennifer says:

      Actually it makes the most sense, Dan is and always has been a writer. There are many famous authors who write under pen names, GG was just a version of that.

      • Dana Fansler says:

        Let’s leak Blair as GG so they could rewrite Dan as GG just to say he had more power then Blair did so Blair did sabotage her relationship with Dan after all.

      • Dana Fansler says:

        He’s a writer not a blogger besides GG has always been both Blair&Dorota before she shut it down.

      • Dana Fansler says:

        You’re stupid Jennifer it was Blair who sent that GG blast saying Serena was back in town and then saying she wanted her showing up to be a surprise.

    • Ella says:

      AGREED. Every response in this article pisses me off to the point that I am genuinely HAPPY I stopped watching in season 2 and also that this show is dunzo. The fact that she’s all, “um, nope!” about a relationship that fans LOVED due to Dan actually being a decent human being and treating Blair well, and then all that crap about asking everyone to forget about the inconsistencies in her awful writing over 6 years is just…UGH. Ausiello, I don’t even know how you stomached this interview, I bet you wanted to roll your eyes every time she spoke!

      • Ari says:

        Yea Dan is such a decent human having spent the last 6 years ripping his “friends” apart on the internet. gosh, with friends like these!

        • Dana Fansler says:

          Sorry but you’re wrong it was Blair&Dorota who spent six seasons who were ripping everybody including her friends and minions.

          • sydney says:

            really dana fansler do you even know gossip girl or did you even watch the last episode to find out the truth or do you just think your one of those stupid know it all girls or boy that knows everything about everything

        • Dana Fansler says:

          Hold it right there you stupid idiot Ari it was actually Blair and her maid Dorota who were trashing her friends for years including her minions she even caused herself to lose a baby the only thing Dan did wrong was stop Blair’s wedding and ruin Blair’s 20th birthday party besides that he did nothing he even pretended to be GG to protect her and her maid Dorota and Serena from his Dad. And Blair still treated him like dirt by using him for her own enjoyment and breaking his heart making him mean.

          • J says:

            OMG just stop twisting things!!lol I’ve been reading your comments and…. gosh!! just breathe!! hahah
            Dan is GG you like it or not. Chuck is married with Blair and have a beautiful son called Henry. EVERYONE knows Blair’s first child was Louis’ child. Dan maybe “loved” Blair, but he ended up with Serena. Blair NEVER loved Dan. End of the story! haha That is how things are, if you like them or not is your problem but stop creating situations in your mind!!
            I don’t care when people talk about their ships, if you like Dair it’s okay,i obviously respect that. But just don’t try to “find the fifth cat paw” lol


      • Kay says:

        If you stopped at season 2 how can you comment now? Of course some of her answers will seem off to you if you have only watched 33% of the show.

      • aquarius1271 says:


      • Cinthya says:

        Dan and Blair’s relationship was terrible, it was wrong in so many levels. If the fans had actually Loved them they would have actually ended up together but they didn’t. Chuck and Blair are perfect for each other, “cut from the same cloth”. Chair was perfect and epic, Dair was just a mistake

        • jhea says:

          Yeah! Ur so right. DaIr is terrible. But I think it’s okay for me. It’s just the writers were trying new things (experimenting haha) But I just thought that instead of that DaIr how I wish they add that Georgina and Jack thing haha LOL. I’m such a Jack and Georgina shipper, coz they were really cute haha. Well all in all, Gossip Girl was so amazing. And i’m gonna miss the show, so much ^_^

          • Dana Fansler says:

            Dair was the only relationship that mattered on the because he never humilated her injure her or sabotage her.

          • Dana Fansler says:

            You moronic Chair Darena shippers they never actually intended you to be they just did it for the ratings mainly because of Savage who’s the biggest Chair shipper that’s out there the only relationships they actually intended to be endgame were Dan and Blair who were actually in love each other Rufus and Lily who were also in love with each other that Diary page that leaked by Serena actually said i can’t shake the feeling is Dan is about to say that he loves me and if he does i don’t know what i will say. At the bottom of the diary page said but it’s too late for it anyways even writing it is strange but I Blair Waldorf am in love with Dan Humphrey.

        • Dana Fansler says:

          Hey chair fans you’re only mad because Blair sabotage her own relationship with Dan since she was gossip girl all along.

          • linda says:

            i think you watch the wrong show, Dan has been gossip girl all along, then Georgina took over for a short time, Serena also became gossip girl for a short few months but Blair was never gossip girl.

          • taylor c says:

            Blair and chuck belong together and have loved each other since the beginning get over it. Stop all this nonsense about blair being gossip girl it makes no sense chuck and blair got the ending they deserve ad they were the most interesting characters on the show and the only ones i loved face the facts dan is gossip girl

        • Dana Fansler says:

          You’re right they are made for each because they did both terrible things to each other.

        • Dana Fansler says:

          You’re right they’re cut from the same cloth because they both like to hurt people including each other plus themselves including their friends their family and their enemies.

        • Dana Fansler says:

          The only real and healthy relationship besides Lily and Rufus were Dan and Blair and they ripped apart by the stupid Chair shippers Darena shippers the producers because they got their way not the actors and actress who wanted them as endgame.

          • CHAIR !! says:

            thats not true we ( the chairshippers!!) all know that chair was the only endgame that was sure !

      • Ani says:

        THANK YOUU! Hallelujah!! Dan and Blair were the most fun, interesting, intellectual, and funny relationship on GG! They had a complex relationship that was in the making for 5 years going from strangers to enemies to friends to best friends and finally, to lovers.

        • linda says:

          it was fun to waytch them became best friends and i dont mind them lovers, but the way they got together was too rushy. i think if they got together after the first kiss would be cute but since they got together after blair and chuck show show much love to each other, i just think chuck and blair was meant to be together.

      • Dana Fansler says:

        You’re right he did treat her right first by making her follow in her Mother footsteps helping her track down Juliet after she kidnapped and drugged her helping her by shielding her so she could deal her pregnancy problems he even took her to church to help her get over the fact she lost her baby and almost lost Chuck because of her sending out GG blast he even sacrificed his own feelings for her so he could make her happy and he even wrote a book of how much he was in love with her he even pretended to be GG to protect her they even staged a kiss to help Blair to help her keep her mystery date a mystery he even forgave her for being GG helping her get rid of Georgina started a fake relationship with Serena to protect her helped her try on a new dress he even wrote Louis vows for him he was there for her when nobody was.

    • Marco says:

      I disagree. Glee and 2 And 1/2 Men have way worse writing.

    • Dana Fansler says:

      Dorota Ivy Nate Chuck Serena Vanessa Eric Rufus Georgina the GG writers excepted Dan and Blair to be endgame since they could totally see that they were both in love with each other since Season 1 episode 4 but the producers couldn’t except Safran couldn’t see that since they didn’t listen to actors and actresses who they wanted to see as endgame but instead they chose Chuck who tried to force himself on Serena and Jenny in the same day rejected her when she turned to him for help ran away when she needed him the most was never there for her tried to sell her to get his hotel back humiliated her and injured her in the slept with Jenny and slept with Vanessa twice tried to reinvent himself after running away from his past mistakes made her weak and vulnerable around him always distracted him from his work over a guy who was there when she didn’t even know it was there for she turned to him for help was at a awards ceremony when her mother was too busy to even show up cared about her even when she treated him by like crap shutdown her site for her got to true self around him also made her strong and safe loved her for her forgave her driving his sister to London said you always have me if she lost everything got her to follow in her mother’s foot steps helped her to get rid of Georgina and Carter helped her to track down Juilet helped her to get over her broken heart shielded her from the world so she could deal with her pregnancy issues turned to her first when Serena got in that car accident inspired his work was his date to Georgina’s party got her to feel like a princess one last time hid the truth from Chuck by saying he was Gossip Girl instead of her and Dorota.

    • Dana Fansler says:

      Savage and Schwartz let me explain this correctly you made Blair choose a guy who never cared about her rejected when she needed a friend her ran away from her was a distraction to his business made you weak and vulnerable humiliated you tried to run away from his past mistakes over a guy who there was for you when you didn’t know it was always there for you when you needed a friend to talk to began to fall in love with you helped you get rid of Serena enemies and Dad forgave for you when forced his Sister to move to London helped you tracked down Juliet took you Georgina party told you first that Serena was in an accident became friends fall in love you even more so much so Serena Rufus Ivy Vanessa Georgina Chuck Eric and Dorota could see it inspired his work sacrificed his own for you for your happiness peered into your soul had a real connection with you made you strong and safe protected you by saying he was GG loves you for you And as for Serena Dan never really cared you Serena never cared about Dan by basically bouncing from guy to guy and your husband made alot more mistakes then your ex did and forgave him and not your ex because he’s one of you Chair and Darena are only endgame since their both toxic and unhealthy relationships not a real and healthy relationship that Dair had because most of your audience are drama queens and ratings the Chair and Darena shippers also threatened the GG writers by saying Vanessa Ivy Chuck Rufus Serena Eric Georgina Dan Dorota and Blair got it all wrong because Dan always wanted Serena not Blair Dan peered into Serena’s soul not your’s Dan never wanted Blair to her true self around him it took you one episode what it took 5 Seasons to build which was Dair and Rufly and pretended like they existed in the series finale and Dan was never GG he was just covering for Blair&Dorota and Serena because they didn’ t want Chuck or Rufus to know the truth.

  6. rorygilmorebr@gmail.com says:

    I love Dan even more now that he is GG <3

    • Dani says:

      He trolled those upper east siders for years, what an evil genius.

    • Aliya says:

      He really is the best because of that. “The whole time, I had more power than you.” Mwhahahahahah

      • jhea says:

        AGREED too. Dan being Gossip Girl was the Best thing to do. I really admire Josh and Savage , they were awesome writers ^_^ But i kinda felt that GG was rushed. HAHA. especially i want more Georgina and Jack scene. LOL Haha. And I also waited for the last kiss from Derena, but there’s none. Haha. But that’s okay, the ending was so great. and I love Nate being single, because he’s mine, lol just kidding haha :D

        • Dana Fansler says:

          Sorry but the original gossip girl were a team of Blair&Dorota.

          • Hayley says:

            I’m sorry but what show are you watching because it isn’t gossip girl, you’re making all of this up in your head, unless you are some secret writer to a new gossip girl plot twist you have no right to claim this, Dan is gossip girl. THE END

      • Dana Fansler says:

        In fact actually he didn’t he just pretended he did.

    • Maria says:

      I don’t mind it as a plot twist- obviously it requires some suspension of disbelief, but he’s really the only main character who was even remotely plausible- but it does kind of ruin the Dan/Serena reunion for me. Especially since he didn’t seem even a little bit remorseful.

      • Liz says:

        Why remorsful? As Serena said he made a love story for all of them. Plus he basically created each and everyone of them. He made the upper east side kids. Yes he did publish dirty tid bits here and there but if we watched GG for no gaping wholes we where watching the wrong shoes.

        • Liz says:

          Shoe…stupid autocorrect

        • ABBY says:

          Calling GG a love letter to them all was one of the most absurd lines ever uttered on the show. Serena should go read all the past posts about her and see if she’s feeling the “love”. And then she should remember some of the times Dan’s self righteous self has confronted her over something he supposedly just read on GG.

          • Ari says:

            We all know Serena is an idiot. She’s a golden retriever who runs to anyone who shows her the littlest bit of love. Of course she tries to play it like Dan being GG is no big deal. Sometimes I wonder if they intentionally made Serena so blandly stupid so we would believe she is a former/current/former drug user.

    • Dana Fansler says:

      Dan was never Gossip Girl to begin with first it was Blair&Dorota then Georgina then Serena then probably Georgina again.

    • Dana Fansler says:

      Except he actually isn’t GG Blair always been GG except when she shutdown the site and stole it again from Serena and sorry about my behavior earlier.

  7. Sam says:

    Are you then sort of asking viewers to take a leap of faith with you on this, acknowledging that all of the pieces to the puzzle might not fit?
    Um… no. [Laughs] I don’t think I’m asking that.

    that’s because you guys were actually too dumb to think about it yourselves. the hilarity of it all.

  8. Sarah says:

    Omg! This is hilarious so far! She won’t even admit that it makes no sense at all for it to be Dan.

  9. thinkingaloud says:

    the only question i have is why all the women (minus Lisa Loeb, Jenny and Georgina) ended up with someone that emotionally abused them?

    • Emily says:

      Prolly cuz every single character has emotionally abused every other one at some point or another, so there would be no possible pairing that wasn’t filled with heartache or pain at some point…

      • JJ says:

        Trololola everything is in its place and nothing else matters.
        My fave fictional TV show of all time REALLY came through in the end. This final ep is even better than the pilot.
        Chuck and Blair holding hands…Chuck and Blair watching Derena get married.
        Everything came full circle, exactly how it should have; Pure perfection.

    • JKR says:


  10. Nina says:

    Watch out, Pretty Little Liars, I think I know who the head A is!

  11. Emily says:

    Awww, I love that they knew they had to show Chuck and Blair as parents. I just wish that we had seen Blair with Henry, too, but she and Chuck were so lovely as a couple.

  12. Rosefern says:

    Lmao this is so full of bs she’s not even trying.

  13. William says:

    So, she actually admitted that she named CB’s spawn Henry as a reference to the period where he was with Eva – the one person who helped him make progress on the show? I can’t…

    • Aliya says:

      Hey look at the bright side! Henry is the name Chuck had when he almost died. Now maybe bb!Henry will finally finish the deed! Killing fathers seems to run in the family.

    • Willa says:

      I love bitter Dair shippers. They are so stupid. You lost. Dan is a stalker and Chuck and Blair got everything. Good luck with your crappy life

      • S says:

        lol why are you immediately assuming it’s a Dair shipper? why are you still so fixated on Dair shippers if Chuck and Blair are so happy together? wow. have a seat and think about that.

        • tripoli says:

          Because the Blair & Chuck fans can’t begin to fathom that anyone who watched the show isn’t one of them or a mortal enemy who they can endlessly fight with. It’s fairly pathetic. Even with their happy ending, the petty, angry comments at anyone who disagrees are still rampant. Whatever will they do with themselves now that their precious show is over?

          • Josh says:


            All of these couples are a joke, tbh. CB just happen to be the ring leaders in this circus of utter failure and narrative contrivance.

      • William says:

        Please… CB only got married so they wouldn’t testify against each other. You consider that a win? By all means claim that as your prize. The fact that you’re phased by another person’s opinion simply proves how childish you are.

        • Alex says:

          Lmao, NO, they got married because they love each other. The flash forward where they have a son and are clearly VERY happy together proves that they married for love, as do other scenes from earlier in the show. Of course, if you’re a blind Dan/Blair shipper, you won’t admit to any of this because you’re a bitter baby. Wah wah! :D

          • Dana Fansler says:

            Hey all you stupid Chair shippers take a look at season 5 episode 10 and see who has their phone and who doesn’t and you figure out who GG is plus the fact that Georgina did say that GG did leave town.

          • Dana Fansler says:

            Are you sure it’s even his kid Alex.

          • linda says:

            blair and chuck are the best couple! and the little boy is definitely chuck son. the boy even look exactly like him… so cute… they got marry cos they love each other.

      • Dana Fansler says:

        Well Chair fans Chuck&Blair got in that accident because of Ivy Blair&Dorota.

      • Dana Fansler says:

        The only reason dair shippers lost is because of Blair&Dorota since they are the original Gossip Girl.

      • Dana Fansler says:

        The only stupid ones are you Chair shippers since tried to kill you.

      • Dana Fansler says:

        The only reason Chair shippers Darena shippers won in the end because the writers and producers and Chair shippers Darena shippers wanted crazy relationships not real and healthy relationships like Dan and Blair Nate and Serena Chuck and Eva Rufus and Lily.

    • Ila says:

      lol how did she make him progress actually?he was running away from his past mistakes by choosing to be with her.and he’s the the character with the most growth throughout the whole series and it has happened coz he let others in unlike bart.others being lily,blair,nate,serena…

      • William says:

        Once Chuck returned to NY with Eva she encouraged him to be the best person he could be, which had an impact on his character. Chuck himself even said that Eva made him happy. And I’m sorry but none of the GG characters underwent development. They fail to learn from their mistakes and are responsible for their own misery.

        • Ila says:

          he has said a lot more about blair and as far as misery is concerned the finale showed all the characters being happy specially chuck coz he had blair as his family….if u think about it chuck was a playboy in season 1 and after being with blair, he became a one woman man….so, u see?

          • William says:

            The positive things he said about Blair don’t even compare to all the hurtful words that came out of his mouth. He treated Blair like an object by referring to her as “mine” once she got engaged to Louis, referred to her as a distraction when it came to his ridiculous battle against his father, degraded her by claiming that he didn’t want to be Mr. Blair Waldorf, and he even disregarded Blair’s success with the fashion show just because Bart outsmarted him. And I’m sorry but I just don’t buy that happy ending. You expect me to believe that Chuck and Blair can grasp the concept of marriage and parenthood when they can barely manage their own lives…? When have we ever seen the two actually discuss their relationship problems and see them attempt to fix it? If they couldn’t make it work in the past, what makes you think it’ll be any different now?

          • tripoli says:

            Well said, William. You are far too level headed and rational for this fandom. I will never understand how the crazy fans of the Blair & Chuck pairing can so easily wash over how terrible and destructive they have been together. Truly one of the most dysfunctional relationships to grace the screen.

          • Dana Fansler says:

            Sorry you’re wrong since he also with Eva and Raina.

      • Dana Fansler says:

        The only growth on that stupid show were Dan and Blair and they were ripped apart by the Chair shippers Darena shippers the producers the writers

    • kara saun says:

      You can’t .. comprehend simple television storylines? Chuck picked the name Henry from Shakespeare’s Henry V. He was trying to become a man just like Prince Hal’s growth from a drunken callow lad to the strong, mature King Henry V. He didn’t progress then because he was running away instead of facing the terrible things he did. Who got him to realize that and come back and face things? Blair Waldorf. Not Eva. LOL.
      It makes sense for him and Blair to name their son Henry because becoming a father himself that’s completely different from his own father Bart was the culmination of Chuck becoming a real man and not a little boy.
      It’s also a shoutout to Charade and the kids being named after Cary Grant character’s aliases.

    • Maria says:

      The name Henry had nothing to do with Eva, it was a reference to “Henry V” and Chuck’s attempt to reinvent himself, become a man people could actually love and respect. I really like the symbolism of the name choice, actually.

  14. S says:

    that explanation for lily/rufus though…what even…so because he’ll let her do anything she wants and not question her, he’s perfect for her?

    i shudder to think about the romantic relationships of the EPs and writers on this show.

    • T. says:

      I think the real reason is that their children are married, so making Lily and Rufus end up together would have created a sort of incestuous relationship between Serena and Dan. I feel bad because the Lily/Rufus relationship felt epic to me, but I also understand why they’re not together now.

      • Maria says:

        I agree, I think they considered Dan/Serena and Rufus/Lily to be mutually exclusive endgames, and went with Dan/Serena. And to be fair, Lily did basically divorce Rufus to be with Bart, so I’m not sure how satisfying it would’ve been for them to end up together. Does make me a little sad though, in the context of the earlier seasons.

      • Mary says:

        It’s so ridiculous, though. Serena and Dan aren’t blood related and weren’t raised together. There’s nothing incestuous about their relationship whether or not Lily and Rufus are together. But I agree that the writers saw it that way, so Lily and Rufus in their minds couldn’t be together.

        • Lucy says:

          Really, I can’t understand why it should be incestuous since there’s no blood relation between them. Is this an American issue??

    • linda says:

      i love lily and Rufus together, i cant believe they are not together in the end. but im most upset that William is a liar and he has been behide the schemes all these years, yet no one found out about it.
      i didnt mind lily with William if that is her choice after she finds out, but it seem that William got Ivy to do his dirty work and get away with it. that is the only stupid unfinish storyline in the end for me.

  15. Svenja says:

    It’s funny how she indirectly admits that they came up with this particular story probably when they pitched the arc of the finale season. I mean, the idea of the outsider slowly creating the most powerful character on the uppereastside and becoming and insider is good..but they should have HAD that idea from day one on and written for it. Not just jam it in there and let people live with the inconsistencies. I loved Dan’s story this season and the idea but the writing for it and the planning over seasons was crappy.

  16. Aliya says:

    She is soo dumb, worst writer/producer ever. Ask her if she wanted to make Dan appear more evil than the attempted rapist Chuck Bass

    • Willa says:

      Dan is the worst now and we’re laughing at ALL the Dair and Dan fans

      • Aliya says:

        You obviously didn’t comprehend my comment if that’s your response?

      • Jesse says:

        You do realize Chair fans are the only ones mentioning Dair right? We’re over it, Chair won and got a great ending. Congrats :)

        Let’s be good sports now ok. Only thing worse than a sore loser is a sore winner

        • Dana Fansler says:

          Let’s us destroy the only characters that we intended to be together since the beginning who were Dan and Blair first by ruining their relationship/friendship and then pretending they never existed at all by going back to their great loves who Chuck and Serena and not making Dan and Blair happy because that’s what Chair shippers Darena shippers the producers and writers want.

        • Dana Fansler says:

          Chuck and Blair are perfect for each other since they are both killers.

      • Sofia says:

        literally cackling at the DELUSION. HOW CAN DAN BE WORSE THAN CHUCK WHEN CHUCK IS A RAPIST AND AN ABUSER?! HOW?! lmao i just do not get it. i do not get it.

      • bob says:

        lol willa is an idiot

      • Dana Fansler says:

        Actually laughing at you Willa Dair had something that Chair never had and that was a real and healthy relationshp/ friends even Rufly and Serena and Nate a real and healthy relationshp/friendship but accordingly to GG writers and producers real and healthy relationships are too boring so they destroy them and pretend they exist in the first place.

    • O-town says:

      Honey, write a tv series that lasts 6 years first before you you make that kind of critique. Otherwise, you’re just a child on her period.

      • Josh says:

        If that’s the case, then one is not qualified to positively critique something unless they are on the “same level” as the creator, either.

        That is a pure logical fallacy right there. Try again.

  17. Savages says:

    Naming Henry because he used it as his fake name after he sold blair for the hotel and got shot????????????

  18. Maria says:

    Wow, so she sacrificed Rufus/Lily for the sake of Dan/Serena? What a joke… She would rather Lily live a miserable life with the man who misdiagnosed her with cancer as opposed to repairing her relationship with the man she considered her soulmate? Yeah, the real Gossip Girl ended during its second season.

  19. how about no says:

    Let’s be real here, this isn’t an issue of Dan not ACTING surprised by GG blasts, this is an issue of Dan REACTING to GG blasts. Because they provided him with information he did not have, ie Nate and Jenny dating, Serena and Nate hooking up. Even if you surmise Dan had auto updates enabled sometimes to explain how videos were leaked while he was sleeping or kissing Blair, or that he already read Blair’s diaries and was reacting to his own timed blast when he bought a new phone in the last finale… it just doesn’t make sense!

    The Gossip Girl writers are terrible at what they do. Really, incredibly awful. And I’m not even going to touch how legitimately disgusting it is that Serena ended up with the person who made her life miserable as Gossip Girl or that Serena and Blair ended the series arguing about which of their boyfriends treated them worse. What a terrible end for longtime fans, blech.

    • jenn says:

      Ugh. Too true. And Blair justifies her choice with “But he’s one of us!” – Classism, much?

    • Aliya says:

      None of the characters grew up, no one learned anything. It’s all meaningless! Even Secret Life of the American Teenager, THE WORST SHOW EVER, had some sort of character growth.

    • Emster says:

      How can you not tell an actor about what should arguably be his character’s primary motivation? Utterly ridiculous.

      • how about no says:

        But what I’m saying is the issue is even deeper than that. It’s not Penn’s acting that’s the issue, it’s the actual writing. They didn’t even write Dan in a way that he could be Gossip Girl because he was written to react in shock to GG blasts of Nate/Jenny, to NS kissing when GG had reported on them all summer, etc.

        So embarrassing that Savage doesn’t even have the grace to admit the reveal had plot holes. Ausiellio gave her a way to smooth it over and she just laughed. It’s insulting to the fans intelligence, or maybe they believe GG fans have no intelligence and only care about ship wars IDK.

        • Josh says:

          In their defense, can we really say they have any reasons to believe otherwise? Right underneath the ridiculousness that is the writing for this show is the constant and shameless display of idiocy within the most vocal sector of the fandom. (See: Twitter)

    • Dana Fansler says:

      Nope it was all Blair and Dorota since they’re both Gossip Girl to begin with.

    • Dana Fansler says:

      Come on it was obvious that Blair&Dorota were behind it the whole time.

    • Dana Fansler says:

      Dan never was and never will be GG.

  20. amanda says:

    The only OMG moment that I had was finding out that Stephanie Savage is even more dumb that I expected.

    • Willa says:

      That’s rich coming from morons who couldn’t see Dair was a loser ship

      • a says:

        Are you joking? People can think that the showrunners are stupid regardless of who they ship. I couldn’t have cared less about who got together in the end and I still thought it was an absolutely ridiculous finale.

      • how about no says:

        Shut uuuuup, none of us care about ships. The only people who would defend this MESS are brainless shoppers who are just happy their faves will live happily ever after offscreen.

    • Aliya says:

      Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz are literally the worst showrunners ever.

      • fiyero says:

        I can’t believe that Josh Schwartz is the person who gave us the OC. How do you go from that…to THIS?

        • Jason says:

          As much as the OC was beloved by many, and as truly incredible as season 1 of the OC was, the 2nd half of season 2 and pretty much all of season 3 were pretty bad, season 4 was better but it was too late as the damage had already been done.

          • Allyson says:

            Yea, the OC was great in season 1, but it went downhill too quickly, which is why I wasn’t surprised they cancelled it in season 4. It became horrible to watch.

  21. Willa says:

    I loved the finale andChuck and Blair. Great interview by Stephanie Savage.Dair fans you look so pathetic right now it’s not ever funny. Keep hating because this episode and the one before had better ratings than Dair together ever did. You lost

    • jenn says:

      Nope. We won! Critics and (viewers with a high enough IQ) are united on the fact that this season was a total disaster. The last time GG got critical positive attention was the D/B arc in season 4. We won knowing our ship was the only good thing about GG left. When it was discarded, it all went to hell. That’s winning! I’m smiling as a Dair shipper these days!

      • Aliya says:

        Lol, I couldn’t stop laughing at their empty ~victory. Also I love that the entire basis of the show has been flagged as a “love letter to Serena from Dan.” Which means that CB is the inferior ship! Oop!

      • Lucy says:

        Yeah season 4 when they were friends LOL. Stop bickering the show is over and grow up. Watch up till season 4 dan always loved serena. He even slept with her in season 5 and if he hadnt found out she played him they would of been together I bet. As for blair, get it in your head she was friends with dan; she only choose him when she lost her baby and thought chuck could die, and she never once said she loved him.. So yeah season 4 they were good as friends nothing more.

        • jenn says:

          So you’re admitting, then, that Dan and Blair as friends trumps Blair and Chuck as a couple. We agree!

          • MSC says:

            LOL! Dair fans bitter idiots til the end Good job at losing

          • Lucy says:

            I’m saying dan and blair were good as friends, everyone admits they didn’t mind that. Your saying dan and blair were amazing he didn’t even love her for her, her scheming side is who she is. Just like he’s a judgmental person.. Why watch it when you knew they were done by end of season 5?!

      • MSC says:

        No, actually you don’t win anything but your own idiot award. These ratings with Chuck and Blair kicked all the Dair episodes ass. Welcome to being a perpetual loser over and over again. And I’ll take canon over the supposed critical acclaim. FYI- you were voted worst ship and won Dair fans, congrats!

        • Aliya says:

          LOLOL. Gurl, what ratings have you been looking at? AHAHAHAHA

        • jenn says:

          What? The ratings for season 6 have been record low. Really seriously. Not even trying to win a fight here, it’s just true.

          • Ila says:

            thats coz people were afraid to tune in after the dairsaster in season 5…hell i know a lot of people who bailed on the show right after blair and dan hooked up. and fyi the seson finale got the highest ratings since mid season 4 right when the dair arc started….

          • Lexie says:

            Actually the last two episodes (where Chuck and Blair were the focus) were higher than any Dair episodes together. In fact, the last one had their best ratings since mid season 4. Gosh, I love proving Dair fans wrong

      • Maria says:

        Actually, lots of critics really liked the finale. And most of them (Ausiello aside) either forgot, or are actively attempting to forget, that Dair ever happened. But hey, whatever makes you feel better.

      • julie says:

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA what utter nonsense.

      • linda says:

        i like Dan and Blair as friends…i didnt mind them been lover if it was write in a different angle, but their love came too late… by then, Balir and Chuck has been through alot…. so I like the frienship of Dan and Balir and love Chuck and Balir together. :)

    • bob says:

      willia still an idiot

  22. Dan secretly being Gossip Girl was obviously a last moment idea. Even the writers don’t give a damn.

  23. luli says:

    The cameo was the highlight of the season! Loved Kristen Bell!!

  24. HB says:

    Stephanie Savage is nothing but a complete joke.

    • killian says:

      Yep! The fat girl from Calgary trained in Americanness in Iowa decided she could be contemporary TV’s Henry James or Edith Wharton. What a joke indeed!

  25. Dick Whitman says:

    The funny thing is, both Savage and Schwartz neglected Gossip Girl once it was off the ground. They let too many people put their hands on it, that’s why the show was so inconsistent. And now they probably hate the fact that they have to defend it.

  26. Alex says:

    Please someone ask her about Rufus and Lilly’s kid (Scott?) and why he didn’t end up in he finale? And doesn’t the fact that Dan and Serena share a HALF BROTHER make them being together kind of icky?

  27. Lucy says:

    Don’t even understand why you would ask about dan and blair. Dan wanted serena all along, he didn’t love all sides of blair. Dan as sick as it was loved all sides of serena. Chuck has always loved every bit of blair. They complete each other. Lily and rufus no longer worked, serena has always been good. Lily hasn’t she is staying true to herself and embracing it and the same with rufus. Dan being gossip girl was obvious by the pilot, season 2 finale.. This whole season. The bit where he revealed himself was amazing. Well done!! :)

    • Aliya says:

      Yup! Chuck loved Blair so much that his uncle, the one he sold her to, was the one who had to suggest the idea of marriage! So epic, so romantic! My heart swells at the thought of finding a love so divine and magnetic.

      • Lucy says:

        Yeah and dan loved her so much he caused her car accident, lied about setting them up, ruined her wedding, told her whole school she slept with Nate and chuck, posted her gossip girl blasts! Chuck made up for his mistakes and blair went up there by herself.

        • Aliya says:

          I never said anything about Dan and Blair? I thought y’all won! Why so paranoid? Still feel like validating your crappy ship huh? ahahaha

        • Sofia says:



          and you idiot, dan was never gossip girl, we never saw him do those things AND THE WRITERS EVEN ADMITTED IT WAS A LAST MINUTE IDEA.

          Chuck raped Jenny, tried to rape Jenny AND Serena, sold blair like a prostitute, hit her, called her a slut, ruined her reputation, sabotaged her relationships THE LIST GOES ON AND ON.

          • julie says:

            Whoah what show have you been watching. Chuck never raped jenny, they should never have slept together but it was her choice. Lying to prop your arguement is pathetic.

          • julie says:

            Ditto for hitting her. THAT NEVER HAPPENED. What he DID do was wrong, he said sorry and Blair forgave him. As for slut shaming, nobody cared about that when blaming Serena’s magical vagina for making Dan have sex with her. Arguements based on lies are therefore invalid.

          • Dana Fansler says:

            He made of raped Jenny but he tried to and he also tried to rape Serena and it was both of their decisions to sleep together.

        • Dana Fansler says:

          The only reason they got in the wrong car and the car accident is because of Ivy Blair and Dorota.

        • Dana Fansler says:

          You’re dumb Lucy Blair was the who sent the GG blast saying she slept with Chuck and Nate and the only reason they got in the wrong limo is because of Blair besides Dan didn’t even him at the party.

    • jenn says:

      Look at the comments, Lucy. There are Dan and Blair fans everywhere. We know what we saw. And that’s why he asked.

      • MSC says:

        We know you guys are pathetic as hell and lost. Plus check Facebook, Sweetie, and everywhere else. You are outnumbered in droves. Suck it up and try to not be so freaking sad

        • Aliya says:

          No one who is sane is going to touch this show with ten foot pole. I’d be embarrassed to reveal on facebook that I watch this show. It’s that bad!

          • Lucy says:

            Don’t comment or watch if you don’t like it. They made it clear all the interviews after season 5 blair and dan were nothing just her running scared from her feelings for chuck.. So don’t watch or talk about it and be so rude to people.

        • jenn says:

          Facebook is home to teenagers with bad grammar. Dair fans are selective about where they post their opinion, as to not be mobbed by the angry Chair children. I’m not sad though! Seriously! I’m really happy! This season, and the finale, proved just how much of a failure the D/S C/B ships were. Never has GG received more slogging by the critics and media than this season. As a Dair fan, I’m actually gleeful. But I’m happy you don’t want me to be sad. :D

          • Ila says:

            so according to u, there are over one billion teenagers with bad grammar in the world? coz thats the number of active fb users…and how do u like to explain the spontaneous trends of chuck, blair and henry on twitter?what would u call twitter then?yeah, we get exactly selective dair fans are.. O.o

          • Dana Fansler says:

            Hey you idiot Chair shippers go through all the episodes again and see it was Blair&Dorota and then Georgina and then Serena behind those GG blasts not Dan.

        • Sam says:

          And people think 50 Shades of Gray and Twilight is well written literature. Your point?

        • Sofia says:

          you should check ohnotheydidnt.com imo. biggest gossip site on the internet with 100.000 members and not a single Chair shipper anywhere.

          • That’s because ONTD drove the Chair shippers away. That’s actually happened on a number of boards – Dair shippers were TERRIBLE to Chair shippers on FanForum, on iMDb, on TV Fanatic, TWoP, and elsewhere. Whenever a Chair shipper new to the show would show up, they would be torn to SHREDS. You’re not only nasty to the actual shippers, but many of you have been hateful to ACTORS, even posting hate about THEM around the Web. I’ve never seen a more hateful losing ship, so I’m glad that you’re pressed. Please, this Chair and Derena shipper hopes that you STAY pressed. Never, ever did a group of people deserve to have their silly ship driven into the ground more.

          • Lexie says:

            That’s so weird because on Facebook the Chuck and Blair picture for the finale has 114,000 likes and ONTD- nothing but herpy trolls. That’s all the Dair fanbase is and you guys can’t trend, you can’t win polls, no where does is prove you have the numbers you claim. Menatime, you lost and no one gave a crap but you little fangirls on GGAnon. All the numbers prove Chuck and Blair are the most liked. God, go check twitter and the general viewer- Dair fans aren’t close to Chair fans. Bottom line- you lost and you can’t prove a damn thing as always. While ONTD may have 100,000 posters they sure as crap all don’t post about Dair so stop kidding your sad little butt with this. It’s just sad and really desperate. you lost. it’s over. You’re the only one not getting that after the series ended.this is why people hate your fanbase. you lie and pretend you have a great number of fans when you know you don’t

      • Maria says:

        There are Dan and Blair fans on this website because Ausiello has catered to that fanbase and fed into their delusions for the last two years. And ultimately, he’s part of the reason some of you seem so shocked and upset by the endgame, despite the fact that it’s been patently obvious since S2. Asking the same question over and over again isn’t going to get you a different answer. That relationship was simply never as important to the show as it was to you.

        • Aliya says:

          You’re just mad at the number of times Ausiello trolled y’all. He’s awesome and he’s certainly smarter than you.

          • MSC says:

            We knew the spoilers before he did. No trolling there

          • Maria says:

            If you’re trying to insult me, you’re going to have to come up with something a lot more plausible than that. And Ausiello’s trolling has never been particularly relevant to me- yes, I disagree with him about the couples, and he’s known for exaggerating a lot of his spoilers, but that’s about it. Like I said, the ending was still obvious, no matter what happened in the interim.

          • So awesome that he’s pressed over a teen soap opera? Got it.

        • jenn says:

          And TV.com. And the Huffington Post. And ONTD. You guys have Vulture though, I’ll give you that.

          • Jen says:

            You do realize what a tiny part of the viewership you are talking about, right? For example, I know next to NO ONE that loves Dan and Serena anymore but they have a shocking number of fans on Facebook and even on twitter. The number of people commenting on these sites is very tiny and a terrible gauge of viewer sentiment.
            It’s silly to say “We have tv.com but you have Vulture.” Who cares? LOL That’s hardly anyone.

          • Well, the show’s over, so having all the “opinions” of TV critics (who overidentified with Dan Humphrey as writers) did you a whole lot of good, didn’t it?

        • Queen B says:

          That’s why I’m removing my bookmark and sticking with TVFanatic they at least make an attempt to hide their allegiances

          • killian says:

            You are joking, right? TVFanatic copy most of their “news” from here, while their “original” pieces are mostly written by fat, badly educated, lower class, obsessed with Chuck/Chair girls.

      • Ila says:

        i’d just like to point one thing…the post that day on fb about chuck and blair’s wedding being what we most waited for, getting more than a 100, 000 likes in a few hours and topics regarding chcuk blair and henry trending spontaneously on twitter during the airing of the finale shows which fans are everywhere.

        • jenn says:

          And Nickleback sells lots of records. Does that mean they’re good?

          • S says:

            i just LOLed so hard. Chuck and Blair are the Nickleback of couples i can’t.

          • MSC says:

            Oh Jenn, you sad little thing You are the biggest asshurt fan. Just laughing at your butthurt. Chuck and Blair forever and go to CNN where there’s a list of the best or Glamour where CB is the best relationship and DB the worst. You have no case. You are the losers and your acting more like ones

          • Ila says:

            u2 also sells millions of records, aren’t they good?atleast it proves that majority of people love them!

          • Stephanie says:

            Ignore the haters Jenn. You are a god among peasants. …. nickelback OMG lol

          • Tia says:

            @Savages, haters? the people who have come here to insult and whine about a show which is over and a ship that has sunk are the haters aka u guys….btw ignorance is the only way left when u have no more comebacks. i see u still havent responded to ur v/s comments….i was kinda looking forward to that!

      • Jen says:

        I’m suprisingly happy with the answer about Lily and Rufus although I can’t help be sad they couldn’t make it work out.
        Overall I was pleased with the finale and how Chuck, Blair and Nate’s storylines were wrapped up. I like that Nate is a success and not the flakey boy torn between two girls that he was in the pilot. I like that Blair is a successful business woman and has a happy family life. I love that Chuck is a better man than Bart and has grown to be a loving father.
        I’m not sure what to make out of Dan as Gossip Girl. It feels more than a little twisted tbh. lol. Disappointed that we didn’t find out more about Serena’s future. Does she have a career?

    • Yunuem says:

      He asked about Dan and Blair, because it’s no secret that Michael liked them together, if you don’t like his opinions, go to E! and read about the Kardashians

    • Ani says:

      They asked about Dan and Blair because, whether you like it or not, Dair happened..

  28. Sonia says:

    Are those serious answers, because WOW. I feel bad for anyone who would have to even speak to that woman. I would have to show some real restraint to not laugh in her face. Let all of her and Schwartz’s shows get canceled if that’s what she had to say about the nonsensical finale and the atrocity that was most of the show.

  29. Maria says:

    “Did you ever consider putting Dan and Blair together in the future?”
    “Um… nope! [Laughs]”
    Perfect response is perfect.

    • Hahahaha perfect my ass says:

      Yeah, it’s perfectly unprofessional. Any writer/creator/producer who says that obviously has no respect or care for ALL of her fans, only a certain group. Oh and before you say it, I’m not a Dair shipper, or a shipper period.

  30. MSC says:

    I loved her replies to Chuck and Blair questions! They are AWESOME

    Dair fans could you be anymore pathetic? I guess not but you got trashed in an after interview too, so thumbs up!

    I knew Dan was a douche but now he’s just a crazy stalker. I knew I hated that guy and he called himself a girl so there you go. I feel bad for Serena because Dan was emotionally abusing her for years

    • how about no says:

      Chair fans calling Dan abusive never fails to boggle. Dan DID emotionally abuse Serena, and Chuck ALSO emotionally and physically abused Blair. #failboats

      • Chuck physically abused Blair… when? This is why we call you guys Dairlusional… many of you didn’t watch the entire show, and you just make things up. Newsflash: just because it happened in your imagination doesn’t mean that it happened on the actual SHOW.

      • Lexie says:

        Chuck never physically abused Blair but you also thought Dair was endgame. Oh, and Dan did emotionally hurt Blair through posts about her and he caused the accident that killed her baby by tipping everyone off. Dan did as much abuse to Blair as he did to Serena

        • Dana Fansler says:

          How about the time he injured her by punching his hand through that glass window.

        • Dana Fansler says:

          You’re a idiot Lexie watch that episode again since Dan even didn’t have his phone with him but Blair did and of course he did why do think she had that cut on her face in Season 4 Episode 21

  31. Diana says:

    LOL Bans why you even care? I thought you were done with GG?! It was obvious that CB are endgame. Just accept it already. Or go watch Smash etc.

    • MSC says:

      They should watch Smash only now their Penn-cake won’t be in it. That fanbase is just the Worst. Thank you Savage for kicking their butts again

  32. Savages says:


    • MSC says:

      Dan stalked and was insanely obsessed with using people to social climb. Oh, and Chuck and Blair are endgame. Welcome to losing….again

      • Savages says:

        why are all CBers so obsessed with endgames?
        how do you feel when Chuck sold Blair for his hotel?
        how do you feel if your bf/gf sells you for his/her property?

        • MSC says:

          How do you feel about Dan being a douchey stalker who caused Blair to lose her stalk her friends?

          Blair and Chuck grew up and Dan remained a psycho-path. Congrats

        • Tia says:

          lol…i cant hear anything over chuck and blair getting married and dan being gossip girl and being a lying, cheating and manipulative guy this whole time

        • Lucy says:

          How would you feel is your bf was gossip girl all along and had been talking about you and your friends for years. How would you feel if your boyfriend tried to change who you was? (Dan never loved all sides of blair) how would you feel if you found out your boyfriend was reason your love of your life almost died in car crash and you lost your baby? Chuck was still 19 in season 3 a teenager! Dan is 22 and grown up. Now don’t watch It if your still bitter about season 3 and be so rude to the writers that’s actually ‘abuse’.

          • Wendell says:

            19 is hardly a tween. What the sides seem to fail to get from their argument, is that show is deeply sexist, portraying both “princes” for its heroines as emotionally abusive, disrespectful jerkwads.

      • Aliya says:

        CB are engame yayy!! They had such a meaningful, beautiful wedding…oh…wait.

        • Savages says:

          In the film Sabrina, Audrey Hepburn said “I have learnt how to live… how to be In the world and of the world, and not just to stand aside and watch and I will never, never again run away from life or from love, either.” While it may sound a bit strange, I feel the same way as Sabrina. And it’s because of you Blair Waldorf. You have taught me how to live, how to enjoy everything the world has to offer. You have brought out this side of me I never thought existed. Before you, I did not truly know how to live.


          three words. eight letters

          • Tia says:

            lol u think u can win an argument by putting one line u wish?i can put six season’s worth of epic lines and i wonder how many else u can pick to put in its v/s….

          • Tia says:

            so thought i’d give a few samples

            “I want you to be happy. However that’s achieved.” (3.01)

            “The next time you forget you’re Blair Waldorf, remember I’m Chuck Bass. And I love you” (3.04)

            “Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not powerful. You’re the most powerful woman I know.” (4.22)

            “I’m sorry for losing my temper the night you told me Louis proposed to you. I’m sorry for not waiting longer at the Empire State Building. I’m sorry for treating you like property. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I loved you when I knew I did. But most of all, I’m sorry for giving up on us when you never did.” “It’s why you’re gonna be an amazing mother. You’re always there for the people you love, even when they don’t deserve it.” (5.06)

            You were the lightest thing that ever came into my life.Your love kept me alive.” (5.09)

            “I only want you to be happy. I’m just sorry it couldn’t be with me.” (5.09)

      • Amy says:

        Losing what? Not being endgame? The writing of the sixth season was horrendous and Dan was haphazardly put as Gossip Girl. Everyone knew that one of the main characters would be GG, how could you not? What I, and most Dair fans are upset about is the fact that they RUINED such amazing characters like Dan and Blair, not that they ruined the ship (Which Savage saying that she had no plan what so ever of putting Dan and Blair together was unprofessional. Saying she thought about it then decided not to is one thing but this really is just unprofessional). Blair was such a strong character, getting praise from SO MANY PEOPLE! I joined the show in the forth season when Blair was in her prime and going after her goal to be successful, like her mother, then once Louis came back, well things only went downhill from there. Dan and Blair had a great dynamic, after all love stems from friendship, not lust.

        • Lexie says:

          They hurt Blair in season 5 to accomodate the Dair pairing. Go compare seasons 1-4.5 of Blair and her in season 6- same person. Season 5 for Dair, Blair didn’t know what she wanted and had no goals. You “feminists” are literally a joke and have been for awhile. Blair ended up at the helm of a big company, with the man she loved in Chuck and a little boy. She got it all and Leighton even said she liked where Blair ended. The only one unable to move on are Dair fans. FYI- Most people hated Dair. During their arc I’ve never seen so much hate for a couple in my life. People on twitter hated them and the number one tweet WW was “thingbetterthanDair”. If you don’t think producers saw that hate, you’re crazy

          Well, it’s over and Chuck and Blair were endgame. Might want to pick up and move to something you like rather than be a bitter girl the rest of your life

  33. Janey says:

    Did I watch the same finale (and TV show) as others commenting on this interview? Color me appropriately Natefused, as I’ve had ups and downs with GG, as have most, but I will appreciate Stephanie Savage for caring about her characters deeply, too. Love the ending she gave Nate [Future NYC Mayor?] Archibald. Adore Chuck and Blair, and their happy ending, even more. Hard to let it all go! But thank you, Stephanie Savage.

    • Maria says:

      Nah, this website is just a congregating place for bitter Dair fans. I’m rather enjoying it, myself :)

      • Xoxo, Gossip GIrl says:

        Honestly I blame the media for this warped sense of ‘Epic Love’. All I see from Chair is a potentially abusive relationship, as if it’s not already abusive enough. I don’t deny that they love each other, but it is unhealthy for both of them. You already know the reasons people chose not to ship Chair so I won’t bombard you with them. All I ask is that you honestly answer these questions, I’m not asking you to reply or fight me because that’s the last thing I want. I only want you and other Chair shippers to see why most Dair shippers don’t share you’re views. Take these questions literally, as in don’t ask the background of them just answer /without/ what you know of GG.
        1) How would you feel if your significant other sold you for some type of material thing/for their own benefit?
        2) How would you feel if your significant other made you feel inferior? Would you want to stay with them?
        3) How would you feel if they questioned your growth and change as a person?
        4) If they didn’t trust you?
        5) If they did something that could harm you?
        There is more but this is already lengthy enough, and I’m not trying to prove anything by this. Because, believe me, I know just how hard shipping can be. It’s hard to stop shipping something and I’m not trying to make you feel inferior or wrong for shipping Chair. I just want you to know that just because something is ‘Endgame’ doesn’t mean it’s healthy or safe. And also why we as Dair shippers chose not to ship Chair. Thank you for reading.

      • tripoli says:

        And yet most of the angry comments are coming from the Chuck & Blair fans. Why can’t you just chill out and allow others to state their opinion without telling them they are bitter or losers? You got your desired ending, why all the anger? Some people preferred Dan and Blair, some people don’t care for either pairing. Everyone who watched is still entitled to comment.

        • Really? Most of the CHAIR shippers are pointing and laughing at you. I came here after an entire day of rejoicing to see what became of all the really OTT mean people who drove CBers off all the TV sites through their lies and hatefulness. Not only do we get endgame, we get the satisfaction of YOUR responses — if you really didn’t care about the finale, you wouldn’t be posting. CHAIR fans came over to read Stephanie’s interview, and of course we’re going to comment. But you guys clearly watched all the way through, which is funny… when my ship sinks, I bow out gracefully. But gracious isn’t a word I’d use to describe most fans.

  34. curly hair says:

    Ok, you made Dan GG knowing that there are a LOT of inconsistencies and you don’t even try to muster up a decent answer?
    She sounds dumb tbh.

  35. Savages says:

    Dair might not be endgame at least they didn’t sell each other for a hotel xoxo

    • Lucy says:

      No only caused her to lose her baby, went out with her when all he ever wanted was serena. Blair went up to jack herself before she knew.. But dan purposely set up chuck/blair in that room to tell on them.

      • Tinkerbelle says:

        It was Tripp who paid Max to manipulate the breaks of Nate’s car, and Chuck and Blair got in the wrong car. The failing breaks caused the accident. Dan/gg was nowhere near that story line. At least stick to the facts, and before you start, no I am not a Dair shipper

        And Blair dated Dan even though she only wanted Chuck all along (as per your canon) just like Dan wanted Serena all along – so what’s the big deal here?

      • Dana Fansler says:

        The reason Blair lost her baby is because of her Ivy and Dorota. If Dan wanted Serena why did he write a book saying he was in love with Blair and not Serena. Actually Georgina did who was Gossip Girl at that time.

    • MSC says:

      No Dan just was the cause of Blair losing her baby. You must feel really good about that

    • And at least Chuck isn’t GOSSIP GIRL. :)

  36. hillary says:

    I hate-watched the show from season 3 onwards, and admittedly fell for Dan/Blair, so the Dan/Serena and Chuck/Blair endings were obviously not very satisfactory for me. But I mean let’s be real, it was never going to go any other way (the writers have far too little imagination.) Idk why some people are taking the finale (and the last season in general) so seriously? The show was obviously horrible post-season 1; the actors know it, the writers know it, everyone knows it. Can’t we just enjoy it for what it was, an entertaining mess? People getting legitimately mad about the ending is a little embarrassing. Don’t think too hard about such trash, it almost makes you look worse lol.

    • hillary says:

      Although, one thing I’ll say is that it was weird how the last scene wasn’t between just Blair and Serena. I always thought it would be. And I thought their friendship would at least carry more significance in the final episode of the show. But ah well….

  37. Lilith says:

    Look at all the butthurt fangirls screaming. Steph is flawless and she knew what’s good for the show, if you ask me, she and Josh tried their best to undo the disaster called S5. Loved the CB ending, the rest was just meh. But i love you Steph!!

    • L says:

      The relationship you and Stephanie Savage glorify is one of the most dysfunctional and abusive relationships on TV. Way to go!

      • MSC says:

        And your a Dair fan who’s ok with Dan stalking and manipulating for years and causing Blair to lose her child. What a winner. Laughing at you

        • Dana Fansler says:

          You’re dumb MSC the reason Blair lost her child is because of her since she sent the GG blast saying she was at the empire with Chuck plus they got Nate’s limo that sabotaged by Nate’s cousin Tripp besides Dan didn’ t have his phone with him.

      • Lucy says:

        Google tv couples of all times and you’ll see chuck and blair on every website. They made this show famous. If you don’t like it don’t comment as I think you’ll find your the only abusive one here

        • Exactly. We’ve tried to explain to them that without CHAIR’s popularity, there would’ve been no Dair. The show would have been cancelled long before Dan and Blair ever got in that VW bug and began their cliched “friendship”…

          • Lexie says:

            You can’t explain anything to the craziest fandom ever. They literally don’t understand anything. It’s very sad, actually

  38. K says:

    LOL at all the butthurt here. But anyway, I love the symbolism behind naming him Henry. That was the man Chuck wanted to be, it represented the good parts of himself. Just like Henry represents the best parts of himself and Blair. And Dan as GG? Yes, it has holes such as the case with reveals like this but he’s the only one among the mains who actually makes sense to be GG. Inside, everyone? His worming his way into the UES even when he vehemently rejected everything they represented? Anyway, that was a really great end to the series and ACTUAL longtime fans who were here from the beginning and kept watching the show through all the crazy SLs loved it!

  39. Savages says:

    “What if I lose everything?” “you’ll still have me.”
    “You have me!” “that’s not enough!”

    • MSC says:

      “I love you” -Dan

      “I’m hungry” -Blair

      Classic Dair. Keep your butthurt ,girl, it looks great on you

    • Tia says:

      “oh, i just saw a photo of chuck looking at a ring and heard serena badmouthing blair, yeah i will sleep with serena without confronting blair about it and then ignore her calls even though i have no proof she is now dating chuck”


      “i cant be a humphrey-house husband to blair now that she has finally returned to me after getting a business i paid dowry for her to own and treating me like a toy whole season…i need to be independent myself before i date her”

  40. Aga says:

    She’s embarassing.

  41. McAmster says:

    Am I SERIOUSLY the only one that noticed that 60% of that finale was filled with ATROCIOUS CARRIE DIARIES COMMERCIALS? It was such a disgusting display and horrid way to end our beloved show. We deserved more than what truly was 25 minutes of a finale. More ending, more future storyline (perhaps leaving us thinking there might be a spinoff????)

    I felt seriously smothered with what will more than likely be a cancelled failure for CW.

    Please someone agree with me…

    • Maria says:

      You’re right, they were way too much. They could’ve gone with maybe… half the commercials they did, gotten the point across, and been a hell of a lot less annoying. But I just FFed through most of them anyway.

  42. Justin says:

    As a GG fan since day 1 I loved the way it ended. I think that Dan being Gossip Girl was pretty genius. Even if you look at how he reacted to past GG blasts it’s plausible he did it. He’s shown for the past 3 years how bad he wants to be an insider. Even the Blair diary entries.. That could’ve been a way to get back at Serena. I dunno, you can really spin it any way you want. But I choose to remember the past 6 years fondly.

    • Thank you! I’ve watched every single episode too, and LOVED the finale. I’ve watched better shows than Gossip Girl, but seriously, this is the most satisfying television finale I’ve ever seen (most finales really epicfail on multiple levels). I’m sure that fans who’ve been around since September 2007 would agree.

    • Dana Fansler says:

      You’re dumb Justin Serena posted Blair diary pages so she get even with Blair because of Dan.

  43. Savages says:

    “Serena is nothing. she is a golden shell.”
    “you are the most beautiful amazing alive person i’ve ever known”


  44. hahaha says:

    I would just like to thank the rabid Chair fans on these comments for entertaining me for the last time. You guys are just really special…it’s actually been a pleasure reading your insanity.

    • MSC says:

      It’s more of a pleasure reading you Dair fans lose. This is classic butthurt and it’s awesome

      • hahaha says:

        this is your insanity showing right here-WHY do you immediately assume i’m a dair fan? i didn’t say anything about dair. maybe i’m not a fan. maybe i don’t even care about who ended up together. maybe i watched the show and just thought it went downhill with terrible writing, storylines, character development, etc.

        seriously this is why am i’m laughing do you listen to yourself?

        • tripoli says:

          Ditto :)

        • Ella says:

          I third this. Chair fans are insane crazy people and the fact that this abusive, terrible relationship actually made it to endgame status proves that Stephanie Savage is right there in crazy town with them. That, or she was afraid they would show up at her door with pitchforks. Or both.

          • Lexie says:

            You do know any relationship Dan has with any of them was emotionally and at times physically abusive. Too bad for you most loved Chuck and Blair and are thrilled. You can continue to be angry but that will do nothing for you in life

    • Endgame says:

      The passive aggressiveness from the dair fanatics is more than enough for me, but thanks!

  45. Naazneen says:

    Aus, I don’t know what you thought, but reading this is a complete joke. SS doesn’t even TRY to explain the choices made. Dan as GG is ridiculous. Above the Dair/Chair/Derena debate, Lily/Rufus DON’T end up together — SERIOUSLY?! All we can do is take a leap of faith and then SS says: Don’t. HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO COPE WITH THIS INSULT OF A FINALE?! #foreverfail

  46. xny says:

    Seriously What the Hell was the point of Sage? Can you please get her to explain that

  47. It's about time says:

    “Um…. Nope.” I love you Stephanie Savage!

    Very happy to see Chuck, Blair, and Henry. Love the Bass family.

  48. Daryl says:

    Yay for GG ending so chair dair blair Ric Flair nair obsessive fans can shut up. geez you lot are ridiculous. enjoy the show for what it was, otherwise stfu & go write fan-fiction or pitch your own show.

    Personally I thought the ending was good, but watching the How I Met Your Mother eps afterwards, it’s pretty clear GG had run it’s course. They did their best to wrap it all up (& set up the series for a slasher flick, seriously that last scene just needed ghost face or something) better than having the whole show canned & not getting an ending

  49. Tinemi says:

    As a hardcore fan of the first 3 seasons (since the 4th the series started to loose it) I must say: it is b**llsh*t!! Dan was not Gossip Girl! He reviewed it in season two to know about Serena and Gossip Girl published the story of Nate and Jenny and the Jenny debacle at the fashion show. Sooo that means little J wanted everyone to know?? I don’t buy it!!

  50. Emmy says:

    Chair was frigging epic last night. The rest I couldn’t care less about!

    Thank you Stephanie Savage for the epic “nope” reply.


    • Dana Fansler says:

      You’re stupid Chair shippers let’s marry somebody who tried to kill you injured you sold you for a hotel from your Uncle after giving it to his Mom cheated on you with Nate wanted Nate and Chuck to get in a fight didn’t want you after that pregnancy scare called you a coward left you hanging after his Dad’s marriage slept with your Uncle slept with two of your girl friends enemies who were Vanessa and Jenny slept with one of your enemies who was Dan tried to force yourself on to Serena and Jenny embarrassed you at your engagement party drove somebody you cared about out of town broke your heart because of Raina somebody that left vulnerable and a weak little girl just so you couldn’t i call wouldn’t a epic love just a bunch of excuses and the kid might not be his it could be Dan’s

    • Dana Fansler says:

      That episode wasn’t epic the only reason you moronic Chair shippers won is the because of the writers and producers took something they had been building over the last 5 Seasons who were Dan and Blair destroyed them in the Season 5 finale pretended like they never excisted in the first place in the Season 6 finale and you don’t know what a real and healthy relationship is Emmy because that’s what Dan and Blair had before somebody sabotage it which probably was Blair because of the deal she made with Georgina they also had real pure simple love and I do think she will get back together with Dan in the future because of the second book he probably will be writing probably called outsider since he sacrificed everything for her and he was there for her even when he found out she was apart of the original GG team with her maid Dorota he even protected her by saying he was GG after being treated like garbage by her.

      • Hayley says:

        this is crazy is anybody seeing what this girl is saying ? does she think shes a extra writer for this show and came up with her own ending/ story, i dont perticularly care about the relationships, im happy with the way it ended, but get a life Dana, why are you sitting on your computer screen repeating over and over some made up sotry in your head…. get over yourself, the show has ended, while people had the last bit of respect they had for this show.