Syfy Pulls Friday's Haven in Wake of Newtown Elementary School Shooting

Haven - Season 3An episode of Syfy’s Haven dealing with fictitious violence at a high school scheduled to air tonight has been pulled from the schedule in the wake of this morning’s shocking mass shooting at a Newtown, Conn. elementary school.

“In light of today’s tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, we have decided not to air it,” the network said in a statement. “At this time, no decision has been made as to when the episode will air.”

Laura Vandervoort, who was to kick off a two-episode arc tonight as James Cogan’s vengeful wife, commends Syfy’s call, which she played a role in making. “There’s a fine line between our art of evoking emotions in others, portraying tainted, troubled and broken characters, and reality,” the Smallville alum tells TVLine. “I feel immense pain and sympathy for the families and children [in Newtown] and couldn’t bear the thought of the images in tonight’s episode upsetting people.”

And as a character who at one point in the episode walks a high school’s halls carrying a gun, “I couldn’t stomach it,” she shares. “I’m proud of Haven and Syfy for making the decision they did.”

The Friday morning shooting in Newtown left more than 27 people — including 20 young Sandy Hook Elementary School students — dead.

ABC, CBS and NBC are set to air special editions of their evening news programs Friday devoted to the tragedy.

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  1. shawhs says:

    thats a very nice move from them . lets hope the finale wont be pushed and they will air both episodes next week back to back.

    • Thilia says:

      I doubt that will happen. Both episodes will likely get rescheduled after the holidays I would imagine.

      • shawhs says:

        in this case they will re-schedule their whole programm since after the holidays they have other shows to air unless they have spot for two hours and push other shows later . I wonder if they can edit the scenes that contain violence in this high shool reunion the scenes arent that many right? I haven’t seen the episode but the plot is not about shooting whole but what 2=3 scenes have the reunion and a certain character carrying gun and shooting? they can edit them without hurting overall the ep?

        • Halley says:

          Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe something similar happened on One Life to Live around the time of the Virginia tech shooting. They changed the one characters arc entirely. I don’t watch haven, so I have no idea how it will play out, but that’s what they did previously in a situation like this.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Given the story line it will be difficult for them to skip it altogether so I hope you’re right. I doubt there will be any original programming on tonight.

      • Russ says:

        Syfy won’t skip it just postpone both episodes until next month probably. Because I think most Haven fans would agree that we would rather have both episodes later than have them out of order.

    • Brett says:

      I am, so ,so , so sorry for your loss, I pray for your hope, faith and trusting in the lord. God bless all of you and I hope faith will be restored. I love you all and prey for gods spirit to reach out and touch you. Your children were innoccent bistanders, and I wan’t you to know we are behind you. God bless all of you and please ask for help if needed. I love you and your children, and they shall never be forgotten. God Bless Brett Julie Christelle and Kiersten /Las Vegas

  2. DYH says:

    Thank you Syfy channel. You understand the sensitivity of today’s tragic events.

  3. Becky says:

    Bad SyFy. Bad. This is insane. Yes, the tragedy was terrible but until such time as the world ends we will act as thought it intends to spin on.

    • DreamRose311 says:

      You’re name is Becky, but your voice sounds so much like Nick Fury…

      • myblog1014 says:

        The quote was appropriate in the circumstance. My thoughts and prayers are with the families in this time of need, but not allowing a show to air because of it does not allow healing. It allows the criminals to win.

        • Becky says:

          Still Becky. Don’t know why it changed my name to my blog name.

        • me says:

          Are you joking? Regardless of airing such episode, there is no way to heal a mere few hours after something like this happened but to air such an episode THE SAME DAY just out of convenience and this ridiculous thought that the “criminals will win” is actually disgusting. Airing this episode will also NOT promote healing to these families either! Deciding to not air the episode is an act of RESPECT to those whose children will not come home tonight. Show some shred of understanding to those families despite the fact your favourite show may skip an episode. Ridiculous!

          • Becky says:

            I don’t even watch this show. I just can’t stand political correctness. Life goes on. I am not denying this was a horrible tragedy. No one is saying that.

          • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

            It’s not political correctness idiot. It’s called human compassion and empathy. Clearly you have neither.

          • Shane says:

            This happened with Numb3rs too and they just had David Krumholtz record a brief message before the episode started explaining that the episode was written and filmed months ago and that there was no disrespect intended, but they wanted to warn viewers just in case some felt they couldn’t watch it.
            THAT is how you handle something like this.

          • Lisa London says:

            I agree Shane. I really doubt that anyone involved closely in this horrible tragedy would have been watching SyFy on Friday night anyway so I’m not quite sure who would have been offended by this fictional storyline or how a small genre show could impair anyone’s healing process. I understand SyFy’s decision to pull it but so many things happen in the world all the time… If channels stopped airing programmes out of political correctness, there wouldn’t be anything left out there to watch! Becky: if you don’t like PC gone mad, move to the UK – we don’t get any of this nonsense here.

          • Jeff says:

            Well, children shouldn’t be watching Haven, Family Guy or American Dad and I guarantee not one family member is sitting around watching television, as they have a funeral to plan. Play in Peace fallen children and adults, may (insert) watch over you. (News barely even talked about the adults, besides the hero teacher who stuffed kids in cupboards to save them and was gunned down.)

      • DreamRose311 says:

        Oh man I can’t believe I used the “You’re” instead of “Your”. Stupid fingers

    • Brigitte says:

      I went to see Dark Knight the morning after the shooting and saw the promo for a movie that had people being shot in the theatre. That trailer was pulled shortly after. I agree that we can’t stop everything, the idea of letting things settle is a thoughtful one.

  4. DreamRose311 says:

    I understand being sensitive. What happened today was horrific and ridiculous. Awful.

    I just hope it gets aired before the finale gets aired, because little pieces have been coming together the last couple episodes, so I’m sure this one will contain important events.

    I do kind of wish that instead they had gone with a card at the beginning saying “Viewer Discretion Advised… Due to today’s events you may want to watch later” … but with much better wording. Leave it up for like a full minute or maybe 30 seconds so that it isn’t just brushed by.

    • Paul says:

      I agree with you, they should have done that instead. I think they are being overzealous about this and it is just making people who do not even watch this great show think that it is one of “those” that glorify violence. Haven is not and has never been about that.

    • Mary says:

      I think postponing the episodes until January or at least until after the holidays is a good call. Airing an episode about school shooting the same exact day that one happens even with a warning is just too soon.

      • Gina says:

        No.They should let us decide. If you don’t feel like watching it that is fine but this should not be imposed on the rest of us. This is part of the finale, they should air the episodes back to back on Friday.

  5. cat says:

    Am I being cynical for pointing out that Haven airs in the same time slot as all the scheduled news coverage specials of today’s shootings, and would likely get killed in the ratings?

    Is there some aspect to tonight’s episode (plot, theme etc) that would really necessitate pulling the episode? Come on.

  6. JJ says:

    While I agree with the principal, I think Syfy should leave it up to the viewer to watch or not. At least make it available on the website to watch.

  7. TV Gord says:

    That episode is scheduled to air here in Canada NEXT Friday (which always makes me laugh, since it’s a Canadian show). I wonder if it will air here next week. I know my friends up here are as shaken as I am by this horrible tragedy. Considering the scope of the grief and worry of any parent anywhere, I believe it’s the right decision to pull the episode until feelings aren’t as raw as they are tonight.

    • Jen says:

      This happened with Buffy and the ep Earshot, which was pulled in the US because it was scheduled to air around the time Columbine happened, but I believe that it was shown in Canada as originally scheduled. Although we actually got Buffy one day earlier than when it aired in the US at the time, so since we’re a week behind with Haven I really have no idea if the ep will be postponed here or not, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

      • taran63 says:

        Actually in my area they also delayed showing the “Graduation” episode of Buffy. This also dealt with violence in school, but what was worse was that it was the season finale and involved the final confrontation with the villain that they’d been building up for almost 2 years. It was almost 6 months later before I finally found out how that season ended.

        Hopefully it won’t take that long to see the final two Haven episodes.

    • JerryF says:

      I hope they don’t. I am a dual citizen, the US has never reconsidered its cable programming because of tragedies in Canada or anywhere else. I am shocked too but the show did not cause this. There is no reason to not air it in Canada. Period.

  8. Lambsilencer says:

    I do believe that life should go on, but airing an episode with someone having a gun in a school on the very night after a tragedy like this would be considered very poor taste by many. So, I think Syfy did the right thing, out of respect to the victims, and the very unfortunate timing. The episode can air at a later date. Tonight should not be that date.

  9. Sarah-Ann says:

    TV-shows are not more important than this shooting. You guys are worried you’re not seeing the episode or whatever. Think about all those families who lost someone today, because of that shooting.

    • Robar says:

      While it was a tragedy, for most people it doesn’t directly effect them and they will move on after a couple of weeks. While some people have been watching this show for 2 years and by postponing the episode it directly effects them.
      So I do think Syfy made the right choice in not airing the episode and the shooting is more important. Wanting to know when the final two episodes are gonna air doesn’t make me a bad person or insensitive to the people who lost someone.

    • Brooke says:

      You can ALWAYS use the argument “you shouldn’t worry about X because Y is worse” when people complain about somethings. I’m not for or against syfy’s decision, but your argument is not a strong one.

  10. Zoe says:

    Classy move, SyFy. Well done.

  11. Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

    I kinda wonder if the same gun control Hollywood actors that have been going off all day will ever connect what they do with something like this. They have no problem portraying all kinds of violence on TV for kids to watch and then they are appalled when a kid does something like this. Maybe they should stop glorifying violence for ratings and impressionable young people wouldn’t get these ideas in their heads. If they want to control guns I would appreciate them controlling their rampant use of guns and murder in their tv shows, games, and movies. It should be a huge wake up call when you have to pull an episode of a TV show because the violence portrayed in it is so close to a real life event.

    • c-mo says:

      Thank you for saying what has been in my head most of the day.

    • John says:

      Really Chuck? (noted the Burn Notice reference there, I doubt your real name is Chuck Finley) you going with that defense? Look at the PTC website, they will find most shows on air right now as too violent and not safe for kids to watch. Sadly it’s those shows that pull in the killer (no pun intended) ratings every night.

      what about violence in things kids play? call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, etc. it’s not the media that needs blaming, it’s the parents for not monitoring what their kids watch and play and do.

      No body is glorifying violence, we don’t know why the guy did it. He killed his mother then went to the school she taught at and killed there. Why? Who knows. There will be all sort of theories on that now but we’ll never know for sure.

      • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

        If you read down a few comments you will see where I call out Burn Notice as a huge offender in this category. I am not a child though and I can watch it without thinking that I can run out and blow stuff up because I saw it on TV. You can pretend we will never know, but we already do. He had a diagnosed personality disorder and was on medication. Pretty easy to figure out he was not a stable person who should not have had free access to a parent’s gun.

  12. mia says:

    Much like the Earshot episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer that was supposed to air the same week as Columbine.
    Was the right decision. Wait a bit before airing it.

    • arianeb says:

      Was about to say the same thing. I’m a fan of Haven, and was looking forward to the final episodes of the season, but like Earshot after Columbine, I’m glad they are holding it back.

    • I thought of this as well. Unlike Earshot, however, this is essentially the first half of the season finale and they can’t exactly skip over it. Which is going to be what causes a scheduling problem.

  13. Paul says:

    I understand that they will not show it tonight because they want to show their respect but not at all? To the person that talks about the glorification of violence have you ever watched Haven at all? I am sure you have not. This is a show about community ties, about learning to accept differences and to live with those who are different from us, about dignity, honor and solidarity. Messing up with the finale will not change anything, it will just disappoint those of us who enjoy and appreciate this show. I hope they do not make that decision.

    • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

      I’ve seen every episode of the show and there is plenty of violence in it lol. My reference is more to other actors and shows though. Today, Patton Oswalt has been GOING OFF o twitter about gun control. The same guy that just completed an arc on Burn Notice. I love Burn Notice, but that show is pretty damn violent with PLENTY of gun violence. And many experts have agreed that the tricks on the show to build makeshift bombs and other devices are as accurate as they can be. So why is a guy so violently opposed to gun rights on a show that glorifies gun violence as well as all kinds of other violence. Was that paycheck just big enough to get him to put his feelings aside? Sorry, but it’s hypocritical to say that just because you are “pretending” on a show that it is ok to portray violence as a commonplace occurrence in our society.

      • Paul says:

        Yeah, but that does not mean that Haven “glorifies” violence. On the contrary, the show has always made a point that violence in response to violence should only be used as a very extreme last resort and only in the service of justice and the common good. We should be having a national debate on gun control of course! but Haven is not to blame for any of this. This is actually one of the better shows on television, that I can watch with my kids and enjoy as a family.

        • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

          I agree, the people should decide. It is a constitutional right after all. I have no use for double speaking celebrities going to twitter and asking Obama to bypass Congress and take that right away. Especially the ones who appear on shows that are ultra-violent, and as I said I was not speaking directly about Haven. I think it is in bad taste to ever make an episode concerning school violence. That’s just me though, I was a paramedic for 16 years before I became a Physician. I work in an ER and see plenty of violence roll through the doors daily and I think many of these shows make light of it or try to make entertainment out of it. It has real consequences and real lives are ruined.

          • FedUp says:

            > “…double speaking celebrities going to twitter and asking Obama to bypass Congress…”

            Yup. Rightard nutter. Knew it. ;o)

            Physician, heal thyself!

          • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

            Why would I want to be a liberal? Liberals don’t like, respect, or have the desire to uphold and respect the Constitution. And why shouldn’t any citizen be concerned when celebrities come out in the media and urge Obama to bypass Congress “and start acting like a 3rd world dictator.” Yep that’s an actual quote. And you have the balls to call conservatives nutters while you support people that push filth onto our children through TV and movies and then have the gall to act surprised when they start turning to violence to solve their problems. It’s not a case of bad parenting, it’s a case of a culture that is so out of touch with reality that they try to blame conservatives, who have actual family values, for anything bad that happens. What a joke you people are. The only reason conservatives are deadset on keeping their guns is because you people coddle criminals and we want the option of protecting ourselves from all these nuts you have created. It’s no coincidence that these mass murders put on their body armor and head to your “safe, gun free zones” to do their killing. Nothing better for them than a captive audience that has no hope of self defense.

          • Simon Jester says:

            @Chuck Finley (AJ) – “Liberals don’t like, respect, or have the desire to uphold and respect the Constitution”

            Time to step away from the Kool-Aid, Adolf.

          • JerryF says:

            Hey Chuck Obama won. GET OVER IT And this show has nothing to do with the shootings.

          • Patiently waiting for the finale says:

            I think SyFy made the right business decision. Fans will watch the finale when it airs, and probably an equal number are for and against the change in schedule. On the other hand, being perceived as insensitive in the face of so much media attention (and emotional pain) could lead to outcry and adverse media focus. I don’t follow the marketing side of my shows much, but I suspect ratings on the scheduled date and future advertising revenue were driving factors. I’m sure there were compassionate voices in the mix, but appearing over-sensitive was less of a risk then seeming insensitive.

  14. Tori says:

    I am glad that SyFy is showing compassion and my heart goes out to the victims and their families but I waited months for this episode. they could put it on demand or for download on Amazon or Itunes, quietly. Haven is not a big enough show to catch the media’s attention if they do it on the D.L.

    • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

      Your life will go on without this one episode of a TV show. How selfish.

    • Steph says:

      Wow. Really. What does that comment really say about your compassion level? You really can’t wait just a little while longer to see your show? Sigh.

      • M Cohen says:

        So now your life will stop because of the shootings? Really… these tragedies have become more and more like normalcy in this country. That is wrong and that is why I have always voted FOR gun control and against any politician that supports that just anybody can get ahold of a firearm and go and shoot other people when they feel like it. That is how you make a difference. You don’t make a difference by babbling over the internet and making people know how compassionate you are and how much you feel for the families and pray for them. If a tv show makes her happy she should not be demonized because of it. She is not hurting anybody. The tv show has nothing to do with what happened.

        • FedUp says:

          I’m sorry that I didn’t read your completely spot-on comment before I posted my own, below. You are absolutely correct: there are over 30 violent gun-deaths in this nation EACH AND EVERY DAY; by the ‘logic’ of these hypersensitive namby-pambies, no television show in which there was a single gun death could EVER be aired, since there is never a day in this country without more dead than died in this incident.

          And these mewling hypocrites, all bleating and mewling and rubbing their hands, will gleefully go off to see the next production of ‘Saw’ or whatever Bruce Willis/Sly Stallone scoop of poop that Hollywood serves up to them, and they’ll like it just fine… Just like the wars they continuously support by their idiotic choices for representation in government.

          All ye pundits of the age!
          All ye wittols on this stage!
          Learn your lines to suit the Norm!
          Crop your comments, and Conform:
          Let your observations go
          Gently, sweetly, With The Flow…
          Let the Verse the Subject fit;
          (Little Subject / Little Wit)!
          Namby-Pamby is your guide;
          Sheeple’s joy, America’s pride!

  15. LOL says:

    Wrong decision. It’s at a time like this where we actually need entertainment. The fact that it had to do with school violence was merely coincidental.
    I’d have let it air. Everyone’s being too sensitive about all of this.

    • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

      Being too sensitive about 20 dead kids? Man you are a piece of work. Screw your TV show and learn to show some respect to people that actually exist in the real world, not a bunch of characters on a TV show.

      • LOL says:

        Yes everyone is being too sensitive about this. I am truly amazed that they pulled this episode. When are TV programmers going to grow up? When will the oversensitive American public grow up? Let’s just air weather reports because while it may destroy a greater number of more important lives, it at least offends no one. I think this is a big bunch of… (one of the seven words you can’t use on TV). Simply put, we’re being too sensitive about this. We have lives to live and we deserve to be able to watch REGULAR television tonight… the 20 dead kids don’t and clearly won’t be watching t.v tonight ;)

        • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

          There is no room for ugly comments like this. You ought to have your IP permanently banned for your last sentence. Burn in hell.

          • FedUp says:

            So, Chuck Finley: Anti-American.

            That’s you, right? Railing against Free Speech?

            (I agree, incidentally, that the obvious Troll was insensitive – but then, that’s sort of the *point* of Trolls and Trolling, innit?)

            But *you* – why _you’re_ another piece of work altogether: you are Dead Serious about restricting someone else’s free speech just because you disagree with it… And I’ll bet you think of yourself as a real ‘patriot’ too, don’t you cowboy?


            (And likely a gun-nutter, as well…)

          • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

            You are an even bigger troll than him. He doesn’t have free speech rights on a moderated message board on the internet either. I thought you trolls knew so much more than everyone else?

      • shahendr says:

        So, what? 20 dead little kids won’t be that big of a deal a month or so from now? If you’re suggesting the pain from this will eventually die down enough then YOU are the one who is a piece of work. The correct response is to offer a warning to viewers before the episode. Numb3rs did it.

  16. CuF says:

    They went a long way to draw a parallel between this episode and today’s events.

    In six months these oh-so-sensitive executives will be fighting over who gets to make the TV movie out of it. That’s what _I_ can’t stomach.

    Anyone deeply effected by the events from today probably isn’t sitting down to watch Haven this evening.

    If you’re that sensitive, do us all a favor and just turn off the TV.

  17. april-ann says:

    That’s a good call. There’s a difference between showing sensitivity and “the show must go on”. I do realize that fans want to see the show. But the subject matter was just too sensitive today and true fans of the show know that and will understand. The worst example I have ever seen was on Regis and Kathie Lee back in the 90’s. It was the day after the Edward R. Murrow bombing in Oklahoma. Kathie Lee said oh hey, let’s not do the trivia question today. It’s too trivial. I’m such a great person that I have spoken: the trivia question is just too trivial today. Yet she’s there doing the show collecting her over inflated pay check but denying fans what they like about her stupid show. My dear mom loved the trivia question. And then, at the end of the same show she announced she’s getting on a private plane of Donald Trump’s to spend the weekend at Mar-A-Lago, what a hypocrite, LOL. She decided to deny fans what they want to see, yet had no problem indulging herself in the most decadent triviality possible. Gross.

  18. Anon says:

    SyFy in pulling Haven is stating that they will deal with terrorist! The US has a long standing policy “We do not deal with terrorist in any way”

    Syfy does not pull Earthquake movie when Ca has an Earthquake or pulls a tornado movie when some town in the US was hit by a tornado. So, why now!

    So, what SyFy should of done was pull the show in Connecticut but allowed the show to air in others states. But it seams that every time someone gets hurt in the North East everything has to stop, but if some thing happens in the rest of the US its just another event that they can skip.

  19. calvin hobbes says:

    I have the upmost respect for syfy doing this. twenty kids dead and all anyone can talk about is tv shows…I love haven I love burn notice but criticism about your show being delayed is like a 9 year old kid throwing a hissy fit over mama saying no… Reality is your show our show will remain but those children who were lost today cannot be here…remember we are human and it could’ve been our children dead today…get over your show being delayed and wait patiently like an adult for the episode to air…quit crying bout the show and cry for those parents who wont have their children with them for the holidays…I have a six year old daughter and would not know how to handle her death but I sure as hell wouldn’t be worried about my tv show

    • shahendr says:

      Wait for how long? Tell me, how long does it take to get over 20 dead little kids? I understand the sentiment behind pulling the episode, and I even respect them for it, I just don’t think it was the right decision.

  20. laura says:

    The ep was still made available via other means i believe, which i always assumed was done by recording it as it aired. if it didnt air, how did it get there? did it still air somewhere by accident?

    • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

      If you are referring to illegal torrent downloads, which I am sure you are, there is no way they have it. It didn’t air anywhere. Sometimes skipped eps show up on iTunes but there is no way there is a version out there, even from Canada, because Syfy didn’t air it at all.

  21. FedUp says:

    It’s just like this country to confuse fictional violence set in a high school in a fantasy series (which depicts fictional, fantasy violence every week, incidentally) with *real* violence by non-fantastical means in a grade school.

    There are an average of 30 or more gun deaths in America _per day_; going by this ‘logic’, no television show depicting gun violence would EVER be able to be shown. All the (extremely lame) ‘CSI’ dramas and every other cop show would not be able to air a single episode. Likewise anything having to do with War (one af America’s favourite subjects).

    What hypocrisy! Just as now everyone flying in this country must take their shoes off because one lame eejit flying *into* it failed to set his shoe-bombs off years ago, and people from little girls to old grannies to US congressmen are singled out by the TSA for screening as Potential Terrorists, we now have a situation where Art bends to Life in the most hypocritical and idiotic way imaginable. Good luck with that, America: you can no longer tell the difference between Fantasy and Reality – and your culture and the societal decisions you make prove it on a daily basis.

  22. waaromdan says:

    Meaby now usa wil learn they must ban all weapons for “normal people” only police alowed to use guns.

    Shame, 2 times in 1 week, how meany must die before the ban guns.

    • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

      We have to learn that we should lose a Constitutional Right over what are tragic, yet isolated, incidents. That’s a pretty knee jerk reaction. It’s horrifying to think anyone could do this to children, but banning guns won’t stop it. Europeans that say we should ban guns only need to look as far as Anders Brevik to see that they are no better off than we are when it comes to guns. I see people rallying to take the guns away, yet no one rallying to try to figure out what is wrong with the mental cases and prevent them from ever getting to the point of picking up a gun. You are trying to treat a symptom while ignoring the disease. Take the guns away, they are still crazy. They will probably still kill people with either an illegal gun or something else.

      • FedUp says:

        As I posted earlier, banning guns is not feasible either in terms of the legal gyrations necessary to do so, nor in terms of the practicalities of the situation. What I propose is banning Chuck Finleys: those specific Knee Jerks who would post something like “Liberals don’t like, respect, or have the desire to uphold and respect the Constitution.” and “I have no use for double speaking celebrities going to twitter and asking Obama to bypass Congress and take that right away.” If we can just ban Chuck Finleys throughout America, then authoritarianism (a proven source of gun violence; see: Germany, 1936-1944) will take a severe downturn and we will be a happier, healthier nation! ;o)

  23. Angie says:

    Everyone who’s whining about not getting to see a tv show tonight deserves to be involved in a mass shooting. Attitudes like those directly contribute to a culture in which terrible shootings happen in real life.

    • FedUp says:

      “Everyone who’s whining about not getting to see a tv show tonight deserves to be involved in a mass shooting.”

      Ah, another Christian soul! (Or do you believe in Karma?) Nice.

  24. mari says:

    Well done SyFy! This decision to pull the episode has to be commended. I am not American and have waited all week to see this show, but I still feel for those kids and their families. While I understand not airing the show, can’t they make it available on line?

  25. Mike says:

    Jeez people, it wasn’t pulled for the sake of being pulled, it was pulled because of a scene where a character walks through a high school with a gun.

    • Rosie says:

      So this means they will now be pulling any show that includes violence? why? to be sensitive? because that will make will make violence stop? JEEZ… I am concerned over such a large portion of society not being able to distinguish between fiction and reality. If you are worried over what is happening go and talk to your representatives, make them work for a solution so that something like this does not happen again. Haven is a really good show, it makes people happy and I am truly saddenned that now it is being connected to this real life tragedy. They should air the episodes next week.

      • Mike says:

        yes I think a show that has any character walking through a SCHOOL may hit too close to home right now. Is it really that hard to wait a week for a show to come on? It will be back on next week, but yes I do think it is appropriate and respectful to wait an extra week to air a show with that type of scene.

        • emmy says:

          Has it been confirmed for next week? I read on another site it would return January 31. I hope its next week because after a week like this I would actually find Haven comforting, since the only other shows not on haitus are cop shows.

      • FedUp says:

        And so we have the THIRD rational person in this thread, including me. `Zactly, Rosie!

  26. MaryAnn says:

    I think that it is appropriate to pull the episode out of respect, as long as it is shown in its regular time slot next week. It will be very disppointing, however, if Part I of a two part season finale that airs events the series has been leading up to for three years is delayed indefinitely.

  27. skylinedays says:

    I am from CT and all I can think is that the majority of people saying those commending this decision are oversensitive must live in areas where this isn’t on the news constantly and where your friends, neighbors, coworkers, and customers aren’t affected by this and aren’t talking about it. One of my customers yesterday had a niece at Sandy Hook and she was terrified because they still hadn’t released any information about what students were safe and what students were not. I had no idea what to say to her because I had been at work and didn’t even know about the shooting until she told me just then.

    So, yes. I can only assume those of you not understanding how even a relatively vague analogy such as an adult walking a high school with a gun might upset anyone do not live around here. That being said, I like “Haven” and can understand frustration about this episode being pulled. But please understand that it wasn’t done because people are being overly sensitive. It was done because all the people of CT are hearing about is a fatal shooting of 20 children in a school and not everyone here would be able to handle seeing something referencing those details right now, albeit fictionally. Personally, I could have watched it without issue because I was not directly affected by the incident. But there are plenty of people who were who may be looking for just an hour of escape from reality who would have watched that episode of “Haven” and only been reminded once again of what just happened. Obviously there is no right time to release the episode now, but pulling the episode even for a week was quite considerate of SyFy.

  28. Maddick Brown says:

    In my honest opinion this incident while sad is just a localized event that has no impact on a national or world scale. Tragic events happen all the time all around the world. That is the sad reality that we live in. This is not by far the first incident in which somebody decided to walk into a school a shoot it up. There have been numerous tv shows made involving school shootings or school aged kids being killed. All im saying is im a fan of the show and i wanna see the episode sooner rather than later.

  29. D. Golden says:

    Thank you to those who made the compassionate choice of not airing Haven until a later date so as to show respect.

  30. lady lark says:

    I KNOW this might sound MEAN and COLD HEARTED (come on I’m admitting it am I not? *lol*) when I say this, but SCREW the whole being nice to the feelings of the families of who lost their kids and the adults at the elementary school shooting! This is TOTALLY unfair! I want my bloody 2-part HAVEN season finale episodes NOW!!

    I mean I DO feel sorry for the people in CT, but get OVER IT ALREADY and show them ALREADY!! ESPECIALLY seeing what YEAR it is!! There might not even BE a NEXT YEAR for all of to be waiting for both parts of the season/series finale of Haven, and if I’m going to DIE if the world ends, then I DON’T want to die wondering what the HELL happened in the first part of the two part season finale that the jerks as SyFy are making us wait for just to show respect to the families of the shooting victims. Audrey may or not leave and I wanna see what I’ve been waiting ALL SEASON to see BEFORE the WORLD suposedly ends in FOUR DAYS. If the world REALLY is going to end then ALL of us are going to miss out what’s happening in Audrey’s final days in Haven.

    ScyFy channel should show RESPECT to its loyal viewers who’ve stuck with them for 20 years and give us what we WANT, when we want it, instead of being a bunch of sticks in the mud. So what? What if when they FINALLY decide the missing episode should be aired, there’s ANOTHER shooting or something else happens on the air date that makes it ‘inappropriate’ to show it and we wind up NEVER seeing it on TV until they finaly put it on DVD, leaving us all hanging until then?

    • lady lark says:

      And that’s only IF they even bother putting the final episode at all and make the 2-part finale into a one part one even on DVD.

  31. Michael says:

    Pulling episodes of a TV program will not stop violence or do a bit of good for the parents of the murdered children!

    Want to show respect and compassion???

    Make sure it never happens again … You do not need an assault rifle to hunt quail or deer or protect your property!!!

    Do not say BS like guns do not kill people stand up for intelligent action and not reaction … Reaction as an afterthought show some GD initiative and ban BS AND INSANE WEAPONRY!!!!

    • William Washington says:

      The 2nd amendment gives people the right to bear arms, while it is a tragic event it is everyone’s rights to own firearms. Hunting is only a secondary reason for why the founding fathers added it, the primary reason being to have an armed population to protect themselves from the government. One of the first things Germany did prior to the Holocaust was crack down on gun control so that the population couldn’t defend themselves. Disarming the population is a invitation for oppression.

  32. Patiently waiting for the finale says:

    I mean to reply to the story, rather than another poster’s comments (see above), so trying again:

    I think SyFy made the right business decision. Fans will watch the finale when it airs, and probably an equal number are for and against the change in schedule. On the other hand, being perceived as insensitive in the face of so much media attention (and emotional pain) could lead to outcry and adverse media focus. I don’t follow the marketing side of my shows much, but I suspect ratings on the scheduled date and future advertising revenue were driving factors. I’m sure there were compassionate voices in the mix, but appearing over-sensitive was less of a risk then seeming insensitive.

  33. walt says:

    I just hope they air the last two episodes. I’m personally getting tired of the sci-fi channel not airing sci-fi shows. Haven is really the only sci-fi show they have now. Hell me and my friends are starting to call them wwe central or zombie land. I use to watch the sci-fi channel almost every night. Now I only watch Haven, that is when it’s on. Thiers more sci-fi on other net works, then the sci-fi channel.