Post Mortem: Vampire Diaries Boss on the Big Death, Elena and Damon's Struggles and More!

O Come, All Ye FaithfulIf you have yet to watch Thursday’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, you may proceed…

Tyler’s war against Klaus on The Vampire Diaries claimed its first major casualty during Thursday night’s midseason finale. The Original retaliated against his hybrid’s rebellion by drowning Tyler’s mother, Mayor Carol Lockwood — not to mention killing all 12 hybrids in Tyler’s pack.

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The devastating loss caps off what has been an impressive maturation arc for Tyler this season. But now that he’s on his own, he’ll be reeling. At least he’s not entirely alone — the tragedy secures him a place in The Society of Orphaned Children, a fast-growing Mystical Falls club that already includes Elena, Jeremy, April and Matt (who’s practically an orphan).

So how will Tyler cope with the death of his mom? What do Klaus’ actions mean for the increasingly complicated Tyler/Caroline/Klaus love triangle? On a different note, will Elena, now set free by Damon, really be able to stay away from the elder Salvatore brother? And how will April deal with finally knowing the truth about Mystic Falls’ strange happenings?

We took those burning questions and more to executive producer Julie Plec. Read on for all the scoop!

TVLINE | Why was it important for Carol to be the big casualty?
It definitely felt like the consequence of a revolution has to be either the captain that led the charge or one of the people closest to the captain. It was Tyler or Tyler’s mom. But somebody was going to have to pay.

TVLINE | We didn’t actually see Tyler react to the death. How will he deal with it?
[When] the next episode picks up, a little bit of time has happened, and we’ll see that Tyler’s not handling it altogether too well. He’s keeping to himself, refusing to show his emotions and stewing in his own grief and anger, which is making it difficult to help him. It’s sad for Caroline, who just wants to be there for him.

TVLINE | He’s lost his dad, his mom and Uncle Mason. Is there any family that’s going to come out of the woodwork? Or is he on his own?
At the moment, he is left, sadly and tragically, alone.

TVLINE | Did Tyler just let Hayley go after that betrayal?
His first order of business was to get there and try to stop [Klaus]. Of course, we saw he was too late. After this, if he could find Hayley, he would probably give her a piece of his mind — if not a heart pulled from the chest. But she’s skedaddled. We won’t be seeing her for a while.

TVLINE | Klaus did some really horrible things in this episode, to say the least. How will that affect his budding, sort-of relationship with Caroline?
It’s definitely a fairly severe setback. I don’t think Caroline’s going to be looking at him with her goo-goo eyes anytime soon. But as we’ve seen with Klaus, he always has a way of getting under people’s skin for better or for worse. I wouldn’t say it’s the last we’ve seen of a connection between them. It’s the last that she’s going to want a connection between them.

TVLINE | Moving on to Elena, is the sire bond really broken?
No, Damon’s choice of words was really indicative of what he wants in this moment. He could have set her free and said, “Never see me again, never talk to me again, never think of me again.” He could have done all those things. Instead, he just sent her packing back to Mystic Falls. She has to go home. She has to listen to him. She’ll be sitting at home, wondering what he’s up to, and he’ll be sitting at that lake house, regretting his choice, yet knowing it’s the choice he had to make. So it’s lots of sad longing to be had between the two. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Elena’s feelings for Damon could still be real despite the sire bond. Will we get a definitive answer to that?
Until the sire bond fundamentally doesn’t exist – which as long as Elena’s a vampire, it seems to be that’s going to be in play – we’ll have to ask ourselves those questions. But the journey of Elena trying to get to the bottom of how she feels and expressing herself to him is going to be part of the ride. ‘Cause she, in fact, really believes what she feels is 100 percent genuine and real. She feels like she’s got the evidence to back it up, in that there wouldn’t be a sire bond to begin with if there wasn’t some kind of love there. It’s a tale of a couple who wants to be together and realizes that they shouldn’t, yet really wants to. [Laughs] So what do they do?

TVLINE | I was curious about something Professor Shane said about the cure for immortality. If one is made mortal again, wouldn’t he or she revert back to a dead state?
All these conversations about the cure are meant to have the audience asking those kind of questions. What does it mean? What form does it come in? What will it do to the people who take it? Can it be used as a weapon? Can it be used as gift? Is it one of those horrible Twilight Zone things where you take it and then you age to the age that you were and you’re dead? You never know. There’s a lot of different ways this could go, and our hope is to keep people guessing.

TVLINE | So clearly April takes out Rebekah’s stake, thank goodness. But what’s she going to do with all this new information that she has now?
[Laughs] April is going to be like that one person you’re like, “Shoot. Why did we let her live?” [Laughs] She’s angry. She feels manipulated. She feels lied to. And she’s not going to take it lightly. So she’s going to be a little bit of a problem in the next episode.

TVLINE | As angry as she is, I can only imagine how angry Rebekah is after being staked yet again.
Rebekah, who’s queen of betrayal, has perfected the art of revenge beautifully and really takes some of our team to task in a great, wicked way.

TVLINE | Does she go after Klaus?
No, no, no. She’s saving Klaus. She’s saving Klaus for another time, another day. First thing first, she’s trying to get back at Stefan.

Stayed tuned to TVLine for lots more Vampire Diaries scoop! In the meantime, hit the comments with your thoughts on the bloody episode.

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  1. Bauer816 says:

    Damon may have evoked the sire bond to let Elena go but she will resist it and show everyone that her feelings for him are real.

    • Marissa says:

      From your lips to Julie Plecs ears! :fingerscrossed:

    • Rachel says:

      No. I want her to be without either salvatore for a while. Yes her feelings are real but she needs to be her own person without either of them. Plus she has seriously been getting on my nerves lately with her selfishness at an all time high.

      • This post I totally agree with.

      • Josh says:

        Thank you! I use to love Elena. I thought she was a great character in season 1-2. But starting season 3 this love triangle complete eclipsed her. The only thing I can say about the character is “She can’t really make a choice…”

      • Leo says:

        I agree. At this point, I’d love for Elena to have a NEW romantic interest. A human maybe? Or revisit her old love, Matt? Anything other than the Salvatores.
        And one of the brothers really need to die at the end of this season. Damon maybe? Or Stefan. Since it’s kinda tiring that we are 4 seasons in and NONE of the main cast got killed off, even useless human Matt.

        • Lou says:

          This is my prediction; At the end of season 4 Damon will be the one to take the cure and he will turn human. Elena will stay a vampire and will tell Damon she loves him for real. Sire bond problem solved. Next, on season 5, will see Damon not wanting to stay human. He will turn a vampire again to be with Elena. Stefan will also fight for her and the whole series will AGAIN focus on the hideous love triangle. Then on to season 6 or season finale…at the end Elena and Damon will stay together. Well, all this depends if Plec grows some cojones from now to then. If not, we will have a forced, nonsensical Stelena ending which will be as fulfilling and satisfying as a platter of three day old sushi. IMHO.

      • it is her life. she should be a little selfish. she deserves to be happy too. if damons whats making her happy then go for it. if she was really selfish she woulda had both at the same time

        • I like the way U think :) 😈

        • Diana says:

          That just nasty to sleep with two brothers she needs to stop. Stephan did everything for the love of his brother and hers too. Damon should have died but because Stephan gave himself to Klaus for the cure of his blood to save his brothers life he lost Elena’s love. Damon is a back stabber to his own brother !!

      • I feel that way too, but Elena has done, given, and been the cause of so much grief. I haven’t seen her alive since this death really. She’s lost everyone and everyone around her has lost people because of her. With all the insight, the guilt, and the characters self perception of herself…she should be a little selfish. I’d have liked her to wait to jump Damon, but sometimes feelings make you do that and she is a new vampire still. She’s struggling so much with who she is and what she feels in this one year of her life…its supposed to be annoying. I’d like her to take time and be alone myself. She never loved Matt as she did Stefan, and she is just now understanding Damon’s love and sire bond. I do miss a more moral Elena, but sex has nothing to do with that. There are time gaps we don’t account for always. I was not surprised to see Elena act fast…she’s been self restrained and so bent up I saw it coming.

    • Spike says:

      if they end up turning her human again just to break here sirebond and so she can run back into stefans arms im gonna flip

    • Diana says:

      The whole show was suppose to be about Stefan and Elena from the beginning the true love. it was suppose to prove that this time unlike in the past time it would be real. We already had a glance on Elena’s twin ancestor Amelia Gilbert SLEEPING with BOTH DAMON AND STEPHAN.. The story of her falling in love with the both only repeated itself. It was suppose to be that the love was tempted but strong enough to hold for Stephan and Elena and now it’s all corrupted with her sleeping with both brothers. That’s just nasty to think she slept with both brothers again in the past and repeated itself. The series was destroyed when the brothers slept with the same girl AGAIN.

    • nickole says:

      Ok, here it goes. I love the whole Damon and Elena. If they get rid of the relationship too quickly or ever. I seriously will not watch it anymore. If she returns to stefen the series will just be plain boring and will end up being bad writing. Plus Stefen humanity was shut off by Klaus, Damon help him get get it back or atleast tried to. I love Damon’s character. He is not as selfish as people claim to be. I knew that Elena loves Damon, there is plenty of evidence supporting that and this sire thing is aloud of carp

  2. kat says:

    Because what we really needed on TV was more fridged women.

  3. S says:

    That was a great scene with Klaus killing the hybrids and the music playing lol. I feel bad for Tyler though. I’m also glad Damon did the right thing because it shows he really does care and love Elena. I still feel bad for Damon though because he wanted it to be real so bad.

    • nightmagic says:

      i still have hope because of all the hope julie gave us and as you said by doing the right thing he is showing he loves elena and cares and respects her .Even back in season 1 he said he wanted it to be real .i believe it s real and so does elena because there is so much proof before she was turned she had strong feelings for him but Damon is unsure .i hope she proves it to him .i felt bad for Tyler to not so much Caroline lately .Stefan let Elena go not the other way around i dont really understand why he has any say in it let alone Caroline .even after he let her go she kissed a shocked Damon .and im glad he did the right thing since actually finding out about the sire bond .they havent slept together at all .his choice again showing how much he cares about elena and only wants what s best for her .When and if Stefan confronts him he has done nothing to be ashamed about which is good .! Damon was happy because he finally got a chance to be with elena and i dont believe it was ever one sided he was responding to how she felt about him to .

      • Diana says:

        Stephan let Elena go to save hi brother. Everything Stephan has done has been for his brother and for Elena. Why cant everyone see were the true love should have stayed? I think they changed it to Damon and Elena only because they ARE dating in real life. They are just repeating the past with Amelia Gilbert and it not right for two brothers to sleep with the same girl and fall in love with the same girl too. What does this teach future generations?

    • Dawnmac says:

      He didn’t do the right thing as he did not break the site bond

      • Cam says:

        Could you have? Its so easy to judge Damon badly, he JUST got to be with Elena, and you want him to separate from her FOREVER. Please. He is in a tough position. At least he isn’t lashing or throwing tantrums like Stefan. Stefan BROKE UP with Elena because he knew she loved Daon. He shouldn’t be shocked by anything she did after that.

        • Cam says:

          he knew she love Damon*

        • Diana says:

          Damon needs to find someone else not his own brothers girl. If you really see Stephan he does everything to save his brother and for Elena, because he loves them so much he sacrifices himself for them. Stephan is loosing everything and himself for them

  4. Jasmine says:

    WHAT?? Just a big WHAT?? to the whole episode everyone in it. Except for April. She goes to the head of the class for bringing Rebekah back. Smart move April Young, smart move.

  5. Tasha says:

    I can not believe this happen tonite. I love the show but why do this to Mayor Lockwood? She did nothing to deserve to die like that in the hand of Klaus. So whats going to happen to Stefan/Elena/Demon? Its going to be a very bloody new year for the ppl of mystic falls.

  6. ollie says:

    i dont think anybody is really shocked about who died. wonder why shane needed klaus to off them. dont think they said in last week episode with the witch and damon. this defintlly for now put the kabosh on klaus and caroline asumming they know he killed carol. please have jeremy and bonnie as a.couple again. boo to damon for letting elena go. when are they going to get rid of haley. wonder how april undagerring rebecca going to work out.

  7. Patricia says:

    First can Jeremy chop wood in every episode, hot damn Steven McQueen looks so hot. I’m happy with the way they are handling Elena and Damon and that unfortunate sire bond, even though he released her I think she’s not going anywhere her feelings for him are real. I can’t stand Caroline she is just too annoying. Loved Klaus. Can’t wait for more.

  8. Josh says:

    Maybe Elena will have a storyline that doesn’t revolve around Stefan or Damon when the show gets back. Maybe she’ll become her own character again and not just some figure in a love triangle? One can only dream right?

    And I would think this puts the fork in the Caroline/Klaus relationship, no? Then again, this is TVD>..

  9. S says:

    ^ I’d love the triangle to die. I love DE but I noticed Damon gave Elena up yet Stefan can’t. The breakup doesn’t count because Stefan still acts like she’s his property.

    • Elise says:

      It is a TOTAL double standard. What right does Stefan have to expect Damon to make Elena forget all about him and never think of him and never see him again? Do you honestly think Stefan would EVER do the same in that situation? If Elena had ended up sired to Stefan then he would never have walked away from her. This whole storyline is crap and just another way for the writers to screw over Damon. When they turn her back human and she goes running back to Stefan and rips out Damon’s heart again then this show has lost another viewer. Cause I’ll be done. That’s just bad writing…period.

      • Marie says:

        Hello. Damon fell in love with his BROTHER’S girlfriend. Why wouldn’t stefan be angry? But all in all i think both brothers deserve better than two faced Elena.

        • C. says:

          I agree! Yeah, Damon may have technically met Elena first, but Stefan and she started a relationship before Damon waltzed in. I think so too. Stefan and Damon are too good for her, that whiny, selfish, useless nonbeing. Ugh. Every season that comes, Elena’s character and storyline just gets worse and worse.

      • broken hearted says:

        So true. And i will be another viewer gone if that happens. Elena and Damon are meant to be. If she goes back to Stephan I’ll stop watching.

    • Cam says:

      I don’t think Damon gave her up, he loves her so much, he is struggling to do the right thing. In my opinion Stefan isn’t giving up on Elena because its giving him a purpose. He is being SO selfish trying to fix and change her human, he doesn’t really love her as she is like Damon does, Stefan loves human Elena and how she loved him. He only wants that back. After Stefan chose Matt over Elena in the river, I lost all respect for him. You don’t let the person you love drown, no matter what. Damon has proven over and over again that his love for her is pure, he will always choose her, he loves her either way, he loves her enough to let her go. DE is true love!

  10. Amanda says:

    I’m so tired of Tyler and his storyline. I was hoping Klaus would finally get rid of him.

  11. Jane says:

    and yet she talks about NOTHING with Bonnie. Lame Julie

  12. I honestly don’t know what to think of the sire bond and how much of her feelings are real. I would have said that her feelings were definitely real except for how fast the transition from Stefan to Damon is going. Too much has changed in only a handful of episodes.

    • Beth says:

      My thoughts exactly.

    • Tracey says:

      I Love Damon and Elena together…always have, can they at least be together for a while, they let Elena and Stefan be together. Leave Damon and Elena alone, they are good together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Elise says:

      See, that’s just the thing. If she was sired to him since she was turned (which she supposedly was) then the sire bond shouldn’t have kicked in just now. She shouldn’t just now be like thinking she’s in love with him. If it really is all the sire bond then she should have dropped Stefan like as soon as she turned. The whole storyline is just crap and it doesn’t make sense. This is a total cop-out to get the fans to want Elena turned back human…which is a waste of a whole frickin season. This is bad writing.

      • Cam says:

        Completely agree! There was NO buildup to the sire bond. On many occasions she deliberately didn’t do what Damon told her. It was just in one episode where Caroline noticed Elena’s “strange” behaviour, and then Caroline was turned into Caroline from season 1, super judgy and annoying. Sire bond is a terrible plot line that wasn’t thought out enough and is just a cop-out for the writers to use against Delena.

  13. Best part was the bloody Klaus after the slaughter. Mmm.
    But other than that, it was WAY too complicated. A lot of the aspects have annoyed me to be completely honest. It wasn’t really… great enough to be a mid-season finale, in my opinion.

  14. Amber says:

    April is one of the most annoying characters ever. Teaming up with Rebekah is lame. She’s worse than any of April’s former friends. Also, what did Stefan expect? He left his brother and his ex in the same house together overnight. Two people who already admitted they have feelings for each other. Not to mention he’s acted like he can’t love Elena as a vampire anyway. And he is shocked it’s gone this far? That’s even more stupid than saving Matt in last season’s finale. And why are we questioning Elena’s feelings for Damon? Sure, she’s got a sire bond. But she cared for him before this. Did we already forget last year’s makeout sessions?

    • Cam says:

      Well said!! Agree with everything. Stefan is acting like a brat this season. Ignoring the warning signs with Elena, punching Damon even though Damon was on the ground and hurt and walking away like he’s all that and completely forgetting that HE is the reason Elena is a vampire now, forcing Jeremy to kill two people, one completely innocent. I don’t know what the writers are thinking, but they are making Stefan very unlikeable and dragging Caroline down with him.

  15. shuayb says:

    Julie Plec is worse than Stephanie Meyer and that is saying something! Ugh this season is trying to capture the magic and awe of season 1 but I dunno. Doesn’t seem to be working. I like Delena as a couple but all this sire nonsense just seems so contrived and something a teenage girl would dream up. I wish Kevin Williamson would take Complete riegns of the show and do what is right for the show.

    • I am actually excited. I do not like the sire bond, but it really keeps you thinking. While we hate it it draws us in. Things move too fast and RARE is not rare on this show. The sire thing is done…same with original Rick and all the others. I get it…but meh. Still, I find there is something more action like here. Klaus has annoyed me, but he feels so alone and I felt it tonight. Tyler’s poor mom….how sad. Silas seems like an enigma…I hope he is different than other stories,

    • Cam says:

      Agreed. Julie Plec is using this show as her personal fanfiction and obviously favouring Stelena. Why can’t Damon and Elena have a REAL relationship, why use the sire bond as an obstacle. This season is lack luster. I love Delena, but I feel these storylines are not doing them any justice. Please Kevin take over!!!!!

  16. S says:

    ^ the sire story is stupid but I feel its only the beginning of DE unless I get disappointed again lol

  17. Lesley says:

    I love this article, and as sad as I was for Damon, I’m thrilled at the idea of HER proving her love and feelings for and to HIM!!

  18. lea says:

    i would love to know what prof shane needs from Bonnie. i would love to see more development of that. to know more about this silas . i see that he is trying to help in some way but i am wondering at what price?

    i love

  19. Jon says:

    Kinda sad about Carol but not too surprising. Loved when Klaus killed the hybrids and there was Christmas music in the background. The whole Prof. Shane, Bonnie, and Jeremy storyline still has potential, wonder when they’ll bring in Silas? Sucks Hayley is gone( gonna miss Phoebe Tonkin) but she’ll probably return later. Interested where the April/Rebekah dynamic will go could be good. Still like Caroline and Stefan being best friends and I LOVED how Stefan said they have all done horrible things, I mean I understand why Caroline hates Damon but her blindspot for Stefan was getting annoying. Now if only they could ignore the stupid frigging love triangle for a couple of episodes and everything would be great(it’d be greater if Katherine came back though!)

    • C. says:

      May I just say, you took the words right out of my mouth. The damn love triangle is the only bone I have to pick with the writers. I especially loved the Stefan-comparing-them-to-Klaus part. It kinda reminds me of my favorite part in another episode when Caroline was trying to get Tyler to help save Elena, yet again (and who really seems incapable of anything herself except whining), and Tyler was just like NO, STOP. I’m glad that Caroline is the only one still there for Stefan when it seems like no one else is. And I totally wish Katherine came back! She made the show a little more fun.

  20. Alex says:

    Too bad they didn’t kill Tyler instead. He’s an awful character played by the show’s worst actor. His death would have been a blessing. Instead they offered an interesting female character. Awful move!

    • Leo says:

      Sadly, I agree. I used to adore Michael Trevino (and his body). That was before they made him Klaus’ boy toy. And his revolution plan to Klaus is so ridiculous. He should be grateful that Klaus made him a hybrid and when he broke the sire bond, he should have just skipped town or died in S3 Finale like he’s supposed too.
      I used to be a major shipper of Forwood, their vampire-werewolf romance used to be epic. Now it’s just dead weight and I’d love Caroline to explore her options with Klaus or even Stefan.

      • Cam says:

        Feel the same way. LOVED Tyler and Caroline as a couple up until Klaus saved her life, after Tyler left town it hasn’t felt right at all.

  21. Jane says:

    Fan service at its finest. This show is a total joke. Elena is not a character- she’s a bicycle that either Stefan or Damon get to ride on depending on what day of the week it is.

    I hesitate calling Julie Plec a bad writer simply because because Julie Plec is not a writer. Writers are able to tell a story coherently, with a beginning, middle and end. Writers nurture their craft. Writers don’t sell the integrity of their characters out to the highest bidder or, in this case, the loudest fangirl.

    Julie Plec is not a writer. What she is, however, is another example of how Hollywood continues to value who you know over what talent you actually have.

    • dude says:

      LOL I agree with all of this. It’s been four years and Elena has yet to be developed into any true character what-so-ever other than “Stefan’s girlfriend” or “Damon’s girlfriend”

    • Shuayb says:

      You have succinctly put to everyone what is wrong with the show… Julie Plec needs to be fired and Kevin Williamson needs to stop doing other things and focus solely on The Vampire Diaries!

    • Ross says:

      Why do you watch this show when you clearly have such a dislike for it? Perhaps you should pick up your remote and change the channel instead of feeling the need to bag a show that countless others love!

    • Cam says:

      She is master of the plot holes. I don’t see any continuity in the storylines anymore, or character growth. She drops in plot devices at a whim, changes personalities like she was changing underwear, daily, and fails her fans by doing so. I love the show, but am truly frustrated by the decline in quality over the past season and a half.

  22. Fabian says:

    Okay, when is Katherine coming back? The show needs her!

  23. dude says:

    Rebekah’s back, that’s all I care about! So are they saying that as long as Elena is a vampire, she’ll never be with Stefan again?

  24. Renee says:

    Yet, again, no mention of Bonnie’s upcoming storylines. Julie Plec got Rebekah, April, Hayley, they should just kill her off. Kat Graham will never be given half the stuff the guest stars receive. Also, Jeremy and Bonnie again, WTH, most boring couple ever. Will they deal with the fact of his always loving Anna while screwing over Bonnie, who deserves better. Hate this show, glad that I don’t have to watch it.

    • JA says:

      If you don’t watch it, then why do you even bother complaining? And Jeremy and Bonnie were great together. I always thought their breakup was weak and it made Bonnie look bad, in my opinion. I hope they do get back together.

    • Don’t agree with hating this show, but I’m disappointed too in the lack of Bonnie info. Plus I honestly never shipped Jeremy and Bonnie together either because I thought their interactions with other characters were more exciting.

  25. Babybop says:

    The Salvatore boys deserve better. I wish they would realize that instead of pining for her. Why do they even like her?

    • Still haven’t figured that out myself. I’m sad because I really love their brotherly relationship but I don’t think that they’ll ever make much progress there while they’re still after the same girl.

    • C. says:

      Agree, agree! There’s nothing special about Elena, and any quality she may have had in the beginning of the series is pretty much gone now.

  26. Abby says:

    No Phoebe Tonkin/Hayley for “a while”?! KILL ME NOW. I’m just glad she wasn’t killed off :)

  27. Damon didn’t unsire himself from elena it even says up above that he just told elena to go back home and that she was free but she is still sired to him which is stupid. Im glad she is still sired to him otherwise he would have to tell her he never wants to see her again and to forget about him and that would be too sad. He loves her to much to do that so i hope they can find another way to break it for Damon’s sake. Also her feelings are real the which in episode 8 even said for the sire bond to work she would have to have had feelings for him as a human before she became a vampire which she did!!! I am thinking they were work it out even if it takes a while cause they love each other. On another note Stefan needs to quit whinning and caroline is really getting annoying with getting into everyones buisness. Even though klause is crazy he is still an interesting character so hope he stays on the show.

  28. JA says:

    Ok, so here’s my prediction: they’re going to take the rest of the season to find a cure. Elena and Damon will be pining for each other but neither really sure if its real on her part. Stephan will be trying to get Elena back, first by guilt, then by reminding her of their history. They’ll find the cure by the end of the season, Elena will be human again (breaking the sire bond), only to have to be turned again because of some health issue / side effect from the cure. They’ll use Caroline’s blood, and she’ll be a vampire again but this time free of the sire bond. The cliffhanger will be: who does she REALLY love? (And the whole Klaus Tyler thing I could care less about so I won’t even bother speculating…) thoughts, anyone? :)

    • That’s not a bad thought about elena becoming human again only to have to be turned again. Your probably right that Stefan will try to make her feel guilty cause he can’t just let her go. I’m not sure i agree about damon and elena though. I read an interview today where ian somerhalder said that it will be complicated and will try to figure out if it’s true love. I think when the show returns that he will miss her to much and won’t be able to stay away from her.

    • tigersmurfette says:

      i wonder if damon becomes human, what then happens to the bond?? thats more interesting/likely imo.

    • lucy says:

      stefan doesnt try to get elena back.. he wants her to stay away from him and rightly so. im not saying he is perfect but in the first episode she told him she wanted to be forever with him, 7 episodes later she had sex with his brother in his house. no matter what way you look at it, it was wrong for them to do it so soon and then ruin it with the sire bond. im happy for damon and elena to be together for a little bit but there was no need to rush it they could of just kissed and been like we will take this slow, for stefan. especially damon, as stefan puts him first all the time, ruins his life for damon. and elena should be alone. caroline isnt whiny stefan has always helped her whereas damon basically raped her, so obviously she would tell him because hes brother knows he is in the wrong hense why he hasnt told stefan. either way NO stefan does not try and get her back, he just looks for the cure because she cried to him once and said she wanted to grow old and be human.

  29. Max Mueller says:

    This is the very first time I read an interview with Julie Plec and I am NOT excited to continue watching the show…it’s sad but I think this show is getting worse and worse.

  30. Shawneai says:

    I don’t get why everyone keeps bashing the show and Julie.. I mean if you don, t like it don’t watch it! As for the rest of us who do love it we all know that it’s one of the best dang shows on tv.. I have to admitt tonight’s episode was a little depressing. I do agree the s- bond is annoying as hell for us Delena fans. But honestly if they just got together even though its been building over almost 4 years ..Would we really appreciate the relationship…??? I dout it. I mean it would be okay for awhile but then it would get boring. I do hope that sooner than later they do relize they love each other.. I kinda feel a little sorry for Stephen but he should be happy for once that his brother has the chance for happiness … I’m still curious as to why Ian cried when he read the Script for 4×14? Any ideas????

    • Fran says:

      I don’t think that’s fair. I have been with this show from the begining and if I don’t love the direction it’s going, i have every right to express my opinion. I just hate that we’re supposed to love every storyline the show goes with.

    • Dawnmac says:

      Why in the hell should Stehan be happy for Damon chasing his girlfriend for several years and who jumps in to bed with her the minute they broke up. I get it Damon can do no wrong , he is a saint, he deserves this blah, blah, blah. You need to step back and think about what you say no one would be happy that their brother is sleeping with their ex. What Damon and Elena are doing is beyond selfish and cruel.

      • Hmmmm says:

        Thank you for this comment. That’s all.

      • Candice says:

        Thank you well said! I’m tired of everyone saying Damon needs to be happy ! Ppl he’s been chasing his brothers gf forever y does he get to be happy with her. What kind of brother sleeps w his brothers ex the day after they break up… A pretty crappy one of u ask me !

        • Elise says:

          He didn’t just fall in love with her. He’s been in love with her for over a year. And YES we want Damon to be happy because he has never gotten to be. Stefan has always had what he wanted handed to him on a silver platter. Elena would have been dead dead a hell of a lot sooner if not for Damon. He kept her alive and safe all last season. Then Stefan LET her die because he didn’t want to face her anger if he saved her instead of Matt. If not by a fluke (Meredith giving her Damon’s blood) then Elena would just be DEAD right now. Stefan LET her die.

          There was a big choice at the end of last season. Elena had to choose one brother. That was maybe a couple months ago. You think Damon’s feelings should have just gone away in that time? He was just supposed to fall out of love with her because she chose Stefan? What if she had chosen Damon then? Would he have deserved to be happy then? Or oh, I don’t know, are you just a blatant Damon-hater and Stefan-lover? He loves her. Stefan knows this and has known this. It shouldn’t be any surprise that Damon would want to be with the woman he loves. This isn’t any pair of brothers and this isn’t any girl. This is a unique situation. But you won’t see it that way because all you care about is Stefan.

          • A says:

            And clearly all you care about is Damon. I’m not on any team, but the other commenters make a valid point, not just you.

          • Dawnmac says:

            No actually I could care less who she ends up with but Damon isn’t a saint and Stefan wouldn’t and shouldn’t be happy for him. That is just all kinds of stupid.

          • jades says:

            The only reason damon had to protect her was because stefan placed his life on the line for damon, when he joined klaus in order to get the cure.

          • Cam says:

            From season 1, Damon has changed and grown, all because of his love for Elena. He doesn’t save her because of Stefan, he saves, protects and teaches her because of his love for her. Recently Stefan’s actions have been so childish that I’ve started to dislike him, and its not because I like Damon, its because Stefan hasn’t supported Elena, he’s just going after his own ambitions which is to turn her human. Which then begs the question, why can’t he love her as she is, Damon does? Stefan keeps being a jerk to Damon, over and over again we’ve seen that Damon isn’t really that bad, that he has integrity, and all we’ve seen from Stefan lately is an obsessive compulsion to find the cure. Neither Stefan nor Damon are saints. Stefan should back off and let Damon be with Elena, it was afterall what he said he’d do in the car to Damon. “If she chooses you I’ll leave town and let the two of you be happy”…. but now suddenly Stefan is totally shocked and upset that they are together and throwing tantrums? He and Elena broke up, so if she sleeps with his brother, then as much as he doesn’t like it, she’s free to do so.

  31. tula says:

    Ok i dont get why klaus killed the hybrids….what does that sacrifice mean? That there is a cure?

    • tigersmurfette says:

      they betrayed him/were going to (try to) kill him. and it has something to do with 12 deaths needed for a witch to perform “expression”. which is needed to break the spell on silas.

  32. savaeva says:

    So now the best what we are supposed to hope for is finding the cure for Elena to become back human. The problem is I don´t want her back human, it would make the whole season pointless! What a progress! Character development? None. I don´t like the SB storyline for many reasons but the fact it makes us “want” Elena “cured” or even “fixed” is the worst.

  33. sls says:

    So as long as the sire bond is in place, as long as Elena is a vampire, we won’t know what she really feels for Damon. Yes they will get the cure. Yes she will be “cured”. I’m not sure she will become human and stay that way or get turned back into a vampire.

    My guess is she will be turned into “something else all together” like in the books (just hopefully not all floaty with a rope tied around her ankle so she floats around like a balloon lmao) She will be “Other”. The sire bond will be broken and then her feelings will get figured out or maybe they will give the triangle a bit of a break (with hopes of a Delena end game).

    On another note, Stefan’s reaction seems a bit dramatic. What did he think would happen? Damon and Elena would just ignore all of their feelings. I could understand that reaction from the teenagers but, dude, Stefan, you’re like 150 years old or whatever…seemed childish to me. I can understand the anger but he looked genuinely surprised which seemed naive.

    Rebekah has someone who cares about her…wonder how long till she turns April into a vampire so she can have an immortal playmate, not that it would be a bad thing. Rebekah just needs some love from somebody already. Feel bad for her and like her character.

    And, oh Klaus, you’re so complex and yet so destructive…you’re really making it challenging for any of the other characters to care about you even a little, mate!

    • Ari says:

      Stefan’s reaction was LOL funny. I just wanted someone to say, “Stefan, you dodged a bullet by dumping Elena. Now go find yourself a girl that has a personality (Rebekah, I’d be cool with that).”

  34. meah says:

    Glad for the return of beremy!!my fave TVD female character is rebekkah and I love the fact she’s coming back..I just hope she and stefan would date.also damon needs a new girl ASAP,while the writers should try and develop elena as a character..
    The stelena/delena/klaroline BS to me is the shows weakest point.I suggest they stop the love love triangle for a year,am so over it..

  35. Anon says:

    I actually enjoy VD more with only a little Bonnie, for me a little goes a long way. I do wonder if Stefan could have done what Damon did….probably. Didn’t think it was Caroline’s place to tell him about anything but it made sense from a character point of view and she is his friend. In the episode before this one the witch made it clear that a bond only happens when the feelings are there before transition, we all know she has feelings for him but how deep do they really run. I do hate the whole sire thing but I am enjoying the show and if I am honest, its a good story however annoying I find it that they can’t just let Damon and Elena have something clear and real.

    • Elise says:

      Don’t kid yourself, Stefan would not tell Elena to forget him and never think of him or see him again. Stefan is really good at playing the good guy when he has the girl. But it’s easy to be the good guy when you have the girl. Now let’s see how he handles not having the girl. So far? Not doing so hot. The thing with Jeremy was horrible. The fact that he would expect his brother to actually make Elena forget him and never think of him again just shows how utterly selfish he is. He knows how much Damon has been through with Elena. He knows how much Damon loves Elena, but he expects Damon to make her forget he even exists. That is low down. We’re not talking about losing a romantic relationship, we’re talking about him trying to force Damon to lose any kind of relationship with Elena period. It’s just wrong. Stefan basically doesn’t care about Damon’s feelings at all…all he cares about is himself.

  36. Sara says:

    I’m bored with the sire bond already. As long as Elena is a vampire no one will have any idea whether her feelings are real or not. Tedious and dull. I’m not looking forward to having it drag on and on and on. We all know she’ll be back with Stefan by season’s end. New plotline desperately needed.

  37. S says:

    Elena getting the cure would not only be predictable but stupid too. Why does Elena need this cure so much? all the others had to deal with becoming a vampire but yet they think Elena can’t? and if she gets the cure what a waste! she is so much better as a vampire well at least in the last few episodes she has been.

  38. Anne says:

    Really hate this sire bond crap. I think Damon deserves a chance to be with Elena. If they don’t get together then she should stay single. If she gets cured and goes back to Stefan, I’ll……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. M says:

    Speaking of The Society of Orphaned Children…How are these teenagers making the mortgage payments on such nice homes?

  40. So many Questions says:

    If Shane was going to have Klaus kill the hybrids anyway, why did he need to have “his tweleve”? If someone can explain that, it would be great!

  41. Lambsilencer says:

    Since there are some avid fans here, I’m sure someone can answer me a question that keeps bugging me since watching the episode.

    Hayley was supposed to un-sire 12 hybrids for Shane, and I get that she had to make sure Klaus wasn’t buried, otherwise the hybrids would be free to leave to wherever they want.

    What I don’t get is why Hayley went to Klaus to tell him about the un-sired hybrids so he could go off and kill them all. Was Atticus telling her to do that? All I remember is him telling her that he needs the 12, but nothing about them being killed. Did I miss that? What sacrifice was Hayley referring to when telling Tyler the truth about her plan? Yes, the hybrids, but why?

    Thanks for any help. :)

    • tigersmurfette says:

      the 12 sacrifices were needed(also for the witch conning damon back in ’42) for a witch to tap into darkness for their “expression”. shane needed the deaths so bonnie can get enough juice to break the spell trapping silas, and also supposedly, the cure.

      • Lambsilencer says:

        Ah, yes. I knew I was missing something. I completely blacked out on the whole “expression” thing. Thanks!

      • Mikael says:

        I don’t understand why they needed to be hybrids though. It seemed like in Damon’s case, 12 humans were sufficient. Do hybrids create more power, which the spell needs?

        • Rachel says:

          Well remember that there were already 12 HUMAN sacrifices, with the pastor killing himself and those 11 other people for “Professor Shady”. I guess the 12 hybrid sacrifices are more powerful because of there immortality? Not sure exactly why, but I guess we’ll find out later in the season

  42. Whitney says:

    Clearly the sire bond isn’t going anywhere anytime soon so I’ll have to embrace it. I think it explains why she jumped so quickly from Stefan to Damon. The first episode of the season she was professing her love for Stefan and now it’s just gone?

    • It has been super quick. When she made the comment about the lake house memories of Stefan being distant, I was a little taken back. I honestly don’t ship either side of the love triangle, but I’m not a fan of how quick everything is moving and do believe it’s part of the sire bond.

  43. mac says:

    Can we just bring Elijah back ? Got the feeling that we need him now more than ever

  44. Elle says:

    Thank you Julie! First the sire bond thing, then it gets broken, oh wait it’s not really broken, oh wait it’s related to the cure!!! You sure do like playing ping pong, but it’s boring to me! Goodbye TVD!

  45. S says:

    You have to realize even though Elena chose Stefan before she still had those feelings for Damon. I think Elena will always love Stefan but she’s not in love with him anymore kinda like she was with Matt. She had a hard time letting Matt go and the same happened with Stefan. Sire or not. If Elena is truly falling in love with Damon it makes perfect sense that Stefan would become just a memory for her…. How many people are going to make a big deal over an ex anyway if they’re into someone new? only reason she is is cause he’s Damon’s brother and she feels bad about it and questioning it cause of the lame sire.

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  47. nightmagic says:

    Klaus needs to show more redemption before i ever accept klaroline .because i do love their banter but elijah deserves love alot more than him .Damon has done nothing to be ashamed about he has treated elena with absolute respect .Stefan broke up with elena so he has no rights to be upset .

  48. nightmagic says:

    i think the delena scenes were fun and touching !! especially Damon on the outside watching Elena with jeremy and happy she was so happy .proof he wants her to be happy and only ever has wanted the best for her .

  49. Morgan says:

    Great article! I hope Jeremy and Bonnie get back together though. Isn’t it sort of telling that he is using her as his love focus or whatever?

  50. Naazneen says:

    So…. On step forward, once every 5th episode, then 1000000 steps back immediately after. Do the writers even know what they’re trying to do with Klaus and Caroline?! Ridiculous!