Golden Globe Nods: My Snappy Judgments

Megan Draper (Jessica Pare) and Don Draper (Jon Hamm) in Mad Men Season 5, Episode 1Golden Globe nominations were, as per usual, a decidedly mixed bag. For every inspired nod (congrats, Connie Britton!) there was one that had be scratching the skin off my scalp (Smash?!). So without further adieu, I give you the good, the bad and the downright ugly from this year’s list.

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I’m Super-Ecstatic About:
* Nashville‘s Connie Britton making the cut for best drama series actress.
* Girls snagging a best comedy series nod. Ditto the show’s leading lady and main creative force, Lena Dunham.
* USA’s sublime, short-lived Political Animals sneaking into the best movie-miniseries list.
* Max Greenfield snagging a supporting actor nod for New Girl.
* Sherlock leading man Benedict Cumberbatch’s nod for best actor in a movie/miniseries. .

I’m Rolling My Eyes About:
* The hilariously uneven Smash for best musical or comedy?
* The frustratingly bombastic Newsroom for best drama series? Over Mad Men? (Regarding the latter’s snub, perhaps the HFPA shared my hatred of Megan?)
* Nashville‘s Hayden Panettiere for supporting actress? Over Dexter‘s Jennifer Carpenter? And Homeland‘s Morena Baccarin?
* The Globes’ infuriating tradition of lumping every single genre in the supporting acting races. Enough.

I’m Super-Pissed About:
* No love for Community. Ditto Happy Endings.
* No love for the superior American Horror Story: Asylum (save for nods for Jessica Lange.)
* No love for Parks and Recreation (although Globes co-host Amy Poehler managed to squeak in.)
Happy Endings getting bubkes.
* Sherlock getting shut out of best movie/miniseries race.
Sons of Anarchy‘s criminally underrated ensemble getting screwed.
* No best drama series nod for The Good Wife? Or The Walking Dead?

Okay, that’s my two cents’ worth. Now it’s your turn. Post your own snappy judgments below. And click here to view a list of all the major nominees.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. V says:

    “No love for American Horror Story: Asylum.”

    But Jessica Lange scored a nomination for AHS: A?

  2. i’m super pissed about SOA too! it’s probably too awesome to get an awards!

  3. Emily says:

    I’m pissed that Game of Thrones isn’t anywhere in there.

    • Olive says:

      Agreed! Newsroom is a mess yet it earned a nod over GOT. God, do they even understand how much effort is put into making that show happen. F**k the Golden Globes.

    • Leah says:

      1. Drama Series – No Mad Men. No a lot of shows, really — let’s be real here: if we were going to knock off a awards show staple due to a more criticized S5, there were plenty of choices better than The Newsroom.
      2. Supporting Actors – In what crazy world does Jennifer Carpenter’s KILLER WORK on Dexter not get nominated? You don’t have to like the show to see that what she’s doing is insane. And where’s Aaron Paul, Peter Dinklage, and about a million other more deserving actors?

      Good to know the shows that are blacklisted are still blacklisted, and the foot in the door GoT had for knocking down the sci-fi/fantasy show barrier has been slammed shut. It’s easier not to care.

  4. So sad bout Scandal not getting any noms.

  5. Kate says:

    Congrats to Max Greenfield and Zooey Deschanel, but I thought Jake Johnson is this season’s mvp. Can’t understand why SMASH and BIG BANG THEORY (and even episodes) are there, while Parks and Recreations is out.

    • Curly Girly says:

      ITA about Jake Johnson. Last season was decidedly Max Greenfield’s year, but this season CLEARLY belongs to Jake Johnson (Makin’ lemons out of lemonade since 1981!)

    • Sam, Ph. D. says:

      ugh big bang theory. i watch it for a quick laugh or two, but it’s not quality tv. at least not anymore. i feel like sheldon & co should time machine themselves back to their first 3 seasons – then, they’d deserve all the accolades!

  6. No love for the show Sherlock. But excellent news for Benedict Cumberbatch!

  7. PISSED OFF says:

    I’m pissed off about the snubs for Glee and American Horror Story!

    1. Smash – are you f*cking kidding me?
    2. Modern Family – omg AGAIN! ENOUGH! The jokes are cheap and it’s not even that good.
    3. The Big Bang Theory deserves to win.
    4. Of course both the hosts of the night are nominated…. like that wasn’t fixed.
    5. Sofia vergara is over-rated. She is constantly nominated (why, I don’t know) for everything but never wins. She does NOT deserve her nods.
    6. Zoey D form New Girl…. mmmm really?

    This year… is kind of a drainer. The nominee’s suck…

  8. Amanda says:

    What the fudge on SOA!!!! WHY wont they give them anything here. Its amazing.

  9. Jake says:

    I’m just glad to now know the spelling of “bubkes.” Thanks! (Oh, and I agree about the “Happy Endings” snub!)

  10. Claire says:

    The link brings you to the 2011 list of nominees. Just thought you should know. :)

  11. jsswite says:

    Again, nothing for SOA or Justified? Getting used to it. Same old,same old.

  12. Jake says:

    Dear PISSED OFF:

    Talk about great comedy. Your comments about “Glee” being snubbed and “Modern Family” being “cheap” and “…not even that good” have me laughing hysterically. Thanks for the laughs this morning. Great way to start the day!

  13. Zak says:

    I’m glad Newsroom got nominated over Mad Men. To me personally it’s a better show.

  14. cat says:

    I guess John Noble has been snubbed for so long that nobody cares any more, not even TVLine.

  15. iMember says:

    WHERE IS EMILY VANCAMP AND MADELINE STOWE FROM “REVENGE” Ugh, they’re absolutely killing it this season! Same goes for Monica Porter on Parenthood!

    • Dave says:

      On behalf of majority of people here ( I think) revenge is terrible this year. They should change the title

      • Not sure if its a majority, but I agree. Still, I think Madeline Stowe continues to be wonderful.

      • iMember says:

        I think a majority have been enjoying this season as much as last season, if not more based on how strongly the ratings have been from year to year. HOWEVER, the show aside, it’s Emily VanCamp and Madeline Stowe’s performances on the show that deserve some attention. They’ve been really, really good this season, especially Emily.

      • aciel says:

        i think that this season is just as good as last season i think that its just you thats thinks its terrible

      • nick1372 says:

        I have no idea what you’re talking about. Revenge is MUCH better this year.

  16. RyanC says:

    I thought both Lily Rabe and Sarah Paulson were the stand-out performers this year. Sad that neither of them get a nod.

  17. Nina says:

    Why does the HPFA hate Parks and Recreation? Seriously! Actually, that goes for any awards show. Parks is always being snubbed! It’s easily better than TBBT! But, I have to say I’m so happy for Benedict Cumberbatch and Max Greenfield!

    • Ari says:

      Why does every awards hate Parks & Rec? It’s just a bit of a joke now isn’t it? I wish they would stop nominating Amy because you know they aren’t going to give her the award even though she’s earned it a hundred times over. As Ron Swanson once said, “Awards are stupid…but they’d be less stupid if they went to the right people.”

  18. Eric says:

    Seriously, no Mad Men for drama series???!!! This is ridiculous!!!

    • Parker says:

      I know! This was an excellent season of Mad Men (regardless of the online backlash) and Christina Hendricks and Jared Harris, in particular, were fantastic. On the comedy side, snubbing Parks & Rec and Community for BBT and Girls is ridiculous. P&R has never been funnier and Community is the most innovative comedy on TV. And nothing — yet again — for Parenthood? Why are the best shows always ignored?

  19. Cindy says:

    Parks and Community have been snubbed, as usual. Not cool not cool not cool.

  20. gennytv says:

    No Parenthood???? WTF…

  21. Liz says:

    Games of Thrones??!! All the cast is amazing!
    What about Denis O’ Hare??
    Ellen Pompeo?
    True Blood?
    Once Upon a Time?

  22. Saint Alicia says:

    Mad Men was definitely robbed, though can’t say I feel bad about The Good Wife being overlooked. Sure these nominations (allegedly) apply to the prior season of work, but in light of the sh-t show TGW’s rapidly devolving into, they deserve to be snubbed. Maybe tptb will learn something.
    Happy for Archie and Julianna though.

  23. Mick says:

    Southland didn’t get love either?

  24. Lauren says:

    I truly don’t know what those guys on Parenthood have to do to get nominated. They, along with everyone on Parks & Rec who isn’t named Amy have got to be the most underrated cast on TV.

  25. HeatherC says:

    Super stoked about Connie Britton’s nomination!! =) Nothing else really strikes me one way or the other (most of the shows I watch aren’t on these lists) but I’m thrilled for Connie. The Mad Men snub did strike me as odd but were they even eligible for this round of awards? I can’t remember when they aired last and if it fit into the time frame for this show. I don’t watch it so I don’t care either way but that one being left off did make me pause.

    • Rebecca Parker says:

      They must have been, as Jon Hamm is nominated.

      The Best Drama snub is a crime. Also, Jared Harris and Christina Hendricks should have been nominated. Stupid Supporting Globe categories.

  26. shadoka says:

    Nothing for Bobby Cannavale? Really?

    • Bob Clabeaux says:

      Totally agree! This guy knocked it outta the park. One of the best performances I have seen… ever! The guy was fantastic.

  27. schu says:

    No parenthood or happy endings is unfortunately not a surprise for me, but im still very disappointed, both shows deserve so much recognition

    • Kim R says:

      I so agree about Parenthood. My wish is that they would put network with network and have seperate awards for cable. The best in both realms are great but network TV has much more limitations in what they can do. I feel it is just unfar to judge them side by side. It is like judging a competition where one team is only allowed to do push-ups but the other is allowed to also do uneven bars, the balance beam and floor. :)

  28. Sarah says:

    Hayden deserves her nod more than connie

  29. Fabian says:

    No Parenthood. No Happy Endings. No Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23. No Parks and Recreation. What is this madness!!?

  30. HHH says:

    somehow i am thrilled hayden got nominated.. i love her in nashville. i really do.

  31. anna says:

    It’s funny that Mad Men can’t win anything anymore now that Weiner’s obsession with Megan has taken over the show.

  32. MASH says:

    NO Love for Jonathan Bank and Zachary Quinto

  33. Alexis says:

    Where is Aaron Paul’s nominations for Breaking Bad?!
    The Globes need to fix their supporting acting TV categories ASAP! It’s a mess…

  34. Astrid says:

    Not Modern family again?
    I’m glad Downton abbey is nominated again! I hope they will win.
    I do think Elizabeth McGovern deserves some recognition for her amazing performance as Lady Cora Crawley. But I guess this won’t be the year :)

  35. William says:

    I feel like Kerry Washington should’ve been nominated for Best Actress in a Drama Series. She portrays Olivia Pope perfectly on Scandal with the charisma, the facial expressions, the sassiness, just everything! *sigh*

  36. Melina says:

    No nomination for SOA… That’s ridiculous!!! People need to get it together!! SOA is the best show on tv!!

  37. dude says:

    If anyone from Nashville deserved a nod, it’s Hayden Pannettiere. Juliette Barnes IS Nashville. I love Connie so I’m happy she’s nominated just because she’s so awesome but her character is awful and she hasn’t been given any material that deserves any recognition. The childish country singer stringing along her first love like a high school girl or the lonely, troubled starlet trying to control her drug addict mother and deal with losing her career? I’m sorry but that “dried pancake mix” speech alone makes Hayden worthy of a golden globe win, nevermind nomination.

    • Riana says:

      I agree but I wish Chip Esten had been nominated, solely because I think it’s his best work ever.Maybe he’ll get Emmy love

  38. Alrisha says:

    At the end no matter who is nominated, all the same people is going to win again, like every year. Very predictable, never recognition for great show that going out the ordinary (TWD for example). The Golden Globes should take notice of the shows that made great overseas (no Modern Family, that show is to american). Smash, really? and great to see finally no more overrated Glee, that show s*ck from the beginning.

  39. Josh says:

    No love for How I Met Your Mother either? I mean the show has seen better days but it’s still better than most. Also I understand that Parenthood is kind of nebulous as far as comedy or drama goes and that confuses the awards people who like everything pigeon holed but if Peter Krause doesn’t clean up at the Emmys and next years Globes it’s gonna be pretty annoying.

  40. Ginger says:

    I just can’t stand that there’s nothing for John Noble or anybody on Fringe, for that matter. The acting has been so intense and so emotional this season; it deserves better.

    • christeeny says:

      Agreed! I’ve come to expect that Fringe will always be snubbed at these types of awards shows, but I still feel so disappointed–especially when we’re getting such outstanding performances from the entire cast! John Noble never being nominated is a travesty, in my opinion. He kills it every week.

  41. Kaycee says:

    I think Naya Rivera NEEEDS a Golden Globe. Her performance on Glee has always been consistent and arguably the best, the ‘coming out’ scene last season was heartbreaking and so was the Brittana break-up.

  42. Jill says:

    I can’t believe that no-talent hack Lena Dunham stole somebody’s slot.

  43. gm465271 says:

    So happy for Glenn Close but also REALLY wanted to see Rose Byrne in the supporting category. Both actresses were amazing in the final season of Damages and Byrne had several strong episodes worthy of being an awards submission tape!!

  44. dan says:

    New Girl, really? I guess I’m just not hip enough. There’s at least half a dozen sitcoms on tv that are better. Like Raising Hope, Happy Ending and heck even The Middle is better than that show. I think everyone should get over the Glee snub. That show jumped the shark and will be off the air sooner than later.

  45. CJ says:

    My biggest issues:

    No love for Parenthood, Southland, or Parks and Rec. Give me a break, already.

  46. alwayshappy says:

    It’s a shame that some very decent ( and in my opinion superior ) drama shows are being overlooked. The Good Wife. Parenthood. Fringe. Damages. And while I understand that Grey’s Anatomy was overlooked I’m dissapointed the voters still don’t acknowledge the great work Ellen Pompeo is doing on that show.

    Instead they keep nominating the same shows each and every year. Same with actors/actresses. It’s like a cable competition. Boardwalk Empire isn’t that great ( imo ), and same goes for Breaking Bad, Modern Family, Smash and not to mention Nashville. Connie Britton I can understand if I tried my best ( but I still think Ellen Pompeo and some other names ( Monica Potter? ) would be more worthy of the nomination ) , but Hayden Panetiere? LOL.

    Also, I’m missing nominations for ”The Closer”, and ”Bones”. Kyra Sedgwick and Emily Deschanel should have been nominated. Same for Rose Byrne for Damages.

    I’m happy for the 2 Good Wife ladies, for the Downton Abbey nominations, and the Big Bang nominations. Same for Homeland. Happy Glenn Close got her final nomination aswell.

    • keja says:

      I’m not her biggest fan, but if you don’t think Hayden Panetiere deserved her nom then you’ve haven’t been watching Nashville. The girl has been killing it every single week. It’s been rather amazing to watch, actually. Didn’t know she had it in her.

    • Dan says:

      “Breaking Bad is not that good.”

      I stopped reading there.

  47. liliana says:

    I am done with these awards, same shows every year, not excited to watch! I only interested in Benedict Cumberbatch! I hope he wins!

  48. Mike says:

    Instead typing out a giant rant about the non like I do every year I’m just going to say I’m dissapointed that two overrated and frankly unfunny comedies, BBT and MF got nominated like they always do, while the great Parks, Community, and Happy Ending got snubbed again.

  49. Eliza says:

    1. “Call the Midwives” – an excellent show with stellar acting, writing and production values. Michael – is there an eligibility requirement that excluded this show or just poor judgement?
    2. Sandra Oh – she’s been nothing but excellent and has some very tough acting challenges. I know that the tendency is to go with the new shiny show, but there is some great acting being done on established shows also. Whether or not you like the show, Sandra Oh is wonderful on it.

    Yay for Connie Britton’s nomination.