Glee Recap: Snow More Drama

puck jake glee“Does this involve the glee club singing a Christmas song in the auditorium with snow falling on an elaborate winter scene?” hissed Sue Sylvester, sworn enemy of New Directions, in Glee‘s final episode of 2012.

The answer, of course, was a resounding yes — both in terms of the final scene in Sue’s story arc, and the overarching theme of the episode entitled “Glee, Actually.”

If you were too busy attending the first (and last) meeting of McKinley High’s Mayan Apocalypse Club, here’s what you missed on Glee.

* After slipping on a patch of ice and suffering a facial laceration, Artie lamented his wheelchair-confined life. But as he napped in the nurse’s office waiting for his mom to pick him up, he had an It’s a Wonderful Life-esque dream sequence (featuring Rory the Christmas Angel and a twist where Quinn “died of a broken heart” post-paralysis) and realized his chair was a part of who he is — and the confident, happy teenager he’s become as a part of New Directions.

* Burt Hummel made a surprise visit to NYC to share news of his (very treatable, early stage) prostate cancer with Kurt. He also brought along a large, awkward Christmas gift in the form of Blaine. And while the two engaged in a warm duet on the cold NY ice, I’ve got to say Kurt never looked completely at ease in the company of his cheating ex-boyfriend. To make matters even more complicated, Blaine dropped the bomb that he wants to apply to NYADA. “Would that be okay?” Um, what did you expect Kurt to say in front of his dad, and put entirely on the spot? Also, from a selfish perspective, Blaine Warbler kinda put the kibosh on the Burt-Kurt dynamic that I adore and genuinely miss this season. So phooey on him — for now anyway!

* Puck brought Jake out to L.A. (via motorcycle sidecar!) but then had to admit he wasn’t living such a wonderful life in the California sun. Dude is lonely! The brothers hightailed it back to Lima, brought their feuding mothers together for a holiday dinner at Breadstix, and formed a reluctantly happy foursome that bonded over pasta and a shared dislike of the absent Puckerman Senior.

* Sam and Brittany, believing the Mayan Apocalypse was nigh, got “married” (not legally, it turns out — thank you Coach Besite for saving the kids from a fate of having their faces blurred out on COPS). But just because they survived doesn’t mean they’re not gonna keep being honest with the people they love! (On the subject of honesty, maybe we could make Sam and Brittany about 15-25% less dumb in 2013? I’m not asking for Mensa, but a basic comprehension of Indiana Jones would be nice…)

* Sue drew Mrs. Rose in the faculty “Secret Santa,” and after overhearing the lunch lady was short on the necessary cash to send Marley for treatment for her bulimia, raised money with the sale of an ill-purchased 7,000 year old tree to give her fellow single mom (and the woman’s wide-eyed daughter) a Christmas tree, some wrapped persents and $800 in cash. And to think they went and paid her back with the gift of song. Man those glee-club kids know how to enrage the Cheerios’ coach, don’t they?

Episode’s Best Zingers
“Talk slowly so I can understand you.” –Artie to the Irish angel played by Damian McGinty

“There’s gonna be a Jesse Tyler Ferguson lookalike contest!” –Rachel, trying to convince Kurt to come join her and her dads on Rosie O’Donnell’s LGBT cruise

“Acting is a pipe dream for you, and your decision to pursue if as a career is both irresponsible and shocking.” –Brittany, coming clean with Tina before the end of the world

“Joe, you haven’t really made much of an impression on me, and I don’t really understand what your deal is.” –Brittany, again dropping hard (meta) truths before the apocalypse

“And you really couldn’t swallow first, could you?” –Sue, after Beiste failed to slow the eating of her lunch to make time for conversation

Letter Grades for Musical Performances
Artie, “Feliz Navidad”: B-

Kurt and Blaine, “White Christmas”: B+

Puck and Jake, “Oh, Hanukkah”: B- (mainly because the boys got Auto-Tuned into submission, but also because the setting was a little absurd)

Marley, “The First Noel”: B (pretty, but oh so brief!)

Sam (flanked by reindeer-inspired Cheerios), “Jingle Bell Rock”: B-

Glee Cast, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”: A- (even though it looked like a Banana Republic flagship store, I can’t be made at it)

And with that, let me turn things over to you. What did you think of “Glee, Actually”? What plot lines worked and which ones didn’t? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Bethany says:

    If they kill off Burt Hummel I swear I will hurt someone. He’s my favorite character on Glee! But I actually liked the episode – even though it was a little strange. It’s Glee. lol.

    • dude says:

      They would never do that and make Kurt an orphan.

      • And make Carole a widow twice. And make Finn lose another father figure.
        (although… I rarely see the four of them together… hopefully the writers don’t forget that these characters are family now)

        • Janey says:

          That’s what made Burt’s Christmas present to Kurt even more inexplicable. Kurt now has Carole and Finn. Burt will also have Carole and Finn to keep an eye on him, so WHY did Burt bring Kurt’s ex-boyfriend to New York and why did Blaine need to say that he would watch over Burt? The whole story line seemed forced and untrue. It seemed like the writers needed a way of killing two birds with one stone. First, a way to fit in the Klaine duet and second, a way of redeeming Blaine a tad by having say he’ll ‘be there’ for Kurt and Burt. All it did, however, was make Blaine look like he was trying too hard to get back into Kurt’s good books and make him seem rather creepy in declaring that he will ‘watch over’ Burt back in Lima when it is obvious that Burt already will be well watched over by his wife and step-son. I felt it made Blaine a little sinister which wasn’t meant I’m sure, but with the unnecessary declaration of self-sacrifice on Blaine’s part, that is how it came across.

          • Lavelle says:

            By bringing his son’s ex-boyfriend to New York, Burt broke the number one rule in A Perfect Dad’s Guide to Perfect Daddom — “Do not insert yourself into the middle of your son’s love life.”

          • kay says:

            I thought it showed how much Blaine means to Burt to confide in him and that Burt cares for Blaine like another member of his family.

    • Sheila says:

      Agreed about Burt. I know it’s TV and all, but please don’t kill Burt!

  2. Bennett says:

    This episode was very lackluster. I like the Marley storyline and that was it. It could have been so much better.

    • Bethany says:

      Definitely. Could have done without the Mayan part too.

    • Russ says:

      I found myself fastfowarding through most of it.

      • KevyB says:

        Xmas songs are so dreadful at this point. If you’re going to repeat songs we’ve all heard more than “Call Me Maybe”, then do something original with them! The only song they did that with was White Christmas, making that the only tolerable song on the entire show.

        As for plot, Kurt’s character has become basically useless. Rachel’s working about three diffferent plotlines and Kurt gets a five-minute “I’m auditioning for NYADA” storyline last week and this continuing Blaine-or-no-Blaine yawniness? He isn’t Tina, give him something INTERESTING TO DO! And why do they only bring Burt on for deep plots? Can’t he just hang out with his son and be interesting? Their best scenes? Seeing the Rockettes, exchanging presents and “watching basketball” together. The worst? “I have cancer! But it’s early!” What was the point of that except for setting up more deep crap down the road? While we’re at it, stop giving Brittany storylines, she’s better at funny lines here and there. That said, getting Puck realistically back into the show is a good thing.

        • Tea says:

          Yes to everything. This episode was just blah. Music is what I watch Glee for and that was just blah. The Marley storyline is not interesting at all. I did like the Puckerman togetherness. Kurt is wasted. I can’t believe another drama for Glee. Burt has “C”. As a whole, a complete waste of time. I’m glad I DVR any more.

        • dude says:

          Kurt doesn’t get interesting stuff because Kurt’s not interesting. He’s Male Tina. He’s Mina.

    • ctemd says:

      at least not as bad as the last 2 years. This at least wasn’t a completely thrown-in stand-alone ep. It maintained some sort of plot line and continuity.

  3. Yolanda says:

    So disappointed. I didn’t like any of it. So bland and put me to sleep.

    • Ash says:

      I completely agree. I was trying to wait out this season, but I think I’m stopping here. I’m sad that I don’t want to watch this show anymore, but I just can’t waste my time with it anymore.

      • Leo says:

        It’s kinda weird and boring that every episode there’s a post like this. “I’m stopping here.”, “I won’t watch anymore.”, “This is it.”. No one cares if you stopped watching. Go on with your life.

        • Ana says:

          Fox and advertisers care. They are paying top dollar for a show that has dropped almost a point from the previous season.

        • Tea says:

          Management of Glee is aware of the responses of its fans. You know they are, with the decline in viewers just this season. Glee is a very expensive show to produce and operate. Many sets, costumes, songs to get ok’s to do, personnel behind the scenes, actors, music and dance personnel for production and performances. Glee has a huge overhead to maintain. The music just this season may not be as popular to purchase as in the past. Glee has many facets of income from music sales, to DVD sales, etc.

        • Ash says:

          Last time I checked, the comments of this things were left open so that viewers can talk about what they thought of the episode/show. If you are tired of seeing people say that they are going to stop watching, stop reading the comments.

  4. di says:

    Watched to see Damian McGinty but was disappointed not to hear him sing

    • Leo says:

      Shout-out to a very brief but enjoyable performance from Jessalyn Gilsig!!! I miss her crazy and wide eyes acts and Fake Baby got mentioned!

    • Adyn says:

      Huge mistake! It’s like the producers didn’t want the audience to become re-engaged with the character because if he had sung White Christmas (the way it was supposed to be sung….the boy’s a crooner with vocals as rich and smooth as the icon who the song is known for—Bing Crosby), the comparisons to the other singers and the songs they performed would have been embarrassing to the nth degree. He is a phenomenal singer!!!! The other songs in this episode were high school choir (pun intended) quality…..mediocre karaoke. Nothing was on a professional level. Frankly, I think they only brought Mr. McGinty back for a ratings booster and to not look like a bunch of congenital liars. They’ve been promising for months on end now that he would return even if for only one episode. The overwhelming positive response to his appearance on “Glee, Actually” has proven that RIB and associates made a huge mistake in dumping him!!! Someone at Glee central has a grudge against him….BIG TIME! One example is the casting director who is pushing Blake Jenner big time (just check his twitter account and interviews if you doubt the veracity of that statement) and apparently spends a lot of time with him outside of Glee, too….doesn’t want him to share the lime-light with anybody else, I guess! When McGinty released his E.P. on 12/12 that has soared to the #5!!!!(congrats to you sir a hundred times over) on the iTunes pop charts, Ulrich didn’t utter one peep of congratulations publicly, yet his twitter feed is chock full of inane congrats and comments about Mr. Jenner and other TGP cast members. Yep. There’s something very fishy going on behind closed doors with the big wigs at Glee regarding this incredibly incredibly talented young man. He’s headed to international stardom in spite of Glee (correction, already was one through “Celtic Thunder” before he was on TGP!) and they ought to be loudly applauding and lauding his success, shouting it from the rooftops…Yet…dead silence…..crickets chirping I believe would be the accurate description of how the Glee machine has supported this young man. Some incredibly inflated egos and nasty nasty politics are to blame, plain and simple. In short, this young man proved that he is a very talented actor and has a natural ease and charm when onscreen in this X-mas episode (same as last year where he actually was allowed to sing and basically blew the socks off of everyone with his rendition of “Blue Christmas”.) To NOT have allowed him to sing was an enormous insult to him AND to the audience who was eagerly anticipating a beautiful Christmas song from him. HE is what you missed on Glee!!! (Should have extended the Artie/Rory “It’s a Wonderful Life” segment throughout the entire episode—it would have been more interesting not to mention it would have supplied that connecting thread between vignettes the episode was in dire need of. Have a very strong feeling quite a bit of Rory/Artie footage was left on the cutting room floor…..:(…..)….This young gentleman would probably be wise to steer clear of Glee as it is a sinking ship that has treated him with utter disdain. As someone stated recently, Glee needs him, he doesn’t need Glee……Class act all the way round.

      • Adyn says:

        Continued….McGinty’s self-titled E.P., “Damian McGinty’, was self-produced!! with his friend and TGP colleague Cameron Mitchell. No huge corporate entity such as Sony, etc. helped him put this E.P. out. He’s done his own marketing and released it through his OWN record label called Walled City Records. It has been close to the top of the charts in countries all across the world. In addition to that laborious undertaking, he also owns and operates a recording studio called “Audio Booth” (with his partner and childhood friend, Oran O’Carroll,…sp.?) which is located in his hometown Derry, Northern Ireland. Unbelievably, he and his partner are only 20 years old! His cover of “Coldplay’s” “Yellow” on the E.P. is a work of art and that’s putting it mildly! He also has a track on the E.P. which was part of an album that he recorded at the age of 13 and won a talent competition with I might add. He was an amazing singer even at that young age. That youthful CD earned him a coveted spot in the chart-topping stage show “Celtic Thunder” which was under the musical direction of the famed Irish producer Phil Coulter ( a musical genius who has been producing, writing and directing for over 40 years earning himself tons of accolades including Grammy nominations, platinum albums and various other prestigious awards.) In short, Mr. McGinty’s professional career was set in motion 7 years ago and he has been put on ice by the Glee machine since his TGP days—- for almost 2 whole years!!! Just imagine what he could have accomplished in those two years! Cryin’ shame that he was forced to put his career on hold and basically tread water for Glee….and for what?! Glee, you have a lot to answer for when it comes to this young man!!!!

  5. Wendi says:

    It felt really disjointed and no overall theme to tie everything together. Wish they would have done one storyline instead.

    • dude says:

      I love the Love, Actually idea but wish thy would have gone with several singular storylines that tied together instead of just several vignettes. I feel like the It’s a Wonderful Life tribute should have been an episode within itself.

  6. D says:

    Yet another Matthew Flopson um I mean Hodgson classic. Can we please just stop letting this man write episodes? No one seems to like them or him for that matter gosh. You’d think they would learn after the flops that were “I kissed a girl” & “Saturday Night Glee-ver”.

    • Adam says:

      I actually liked Saturday Night Glee-ver since it hit the theme of the kids struggling to figure out what the next step is for some after high school, which is Glee’s most poignant theme. The disco aspect of the episode, however, was irrelevant to that.

      • Tea says:

        IMO, that episode made me to stop watching Glee. It SUCKED!!!!!!! I DVR Glee for the music now. And that was meh. Glee is a show for a huge cross-section of the public. Some like and some don’t. Glee has lost many fans over the seasons, Glee-ver and The Makeover and Night of Neglect are just a few of the reasons why. For me the last episode was The Break Up. Music is usually really moving and enjoyable, especially Christmas music. But this with the storyline was forgetable.

  7. really says:

    lol except for the fact that Kurt and Blaine exchanged I love yous in last weeks episode. They’re friends, why wouldn’t Kurt be okay with him oming to nyada. They’re friends.

    • Kavyn says:

      Because they had an awkward break up and are still trying to deal with it.

    • Marco says:

      That doesn’t mean he would automatically be okay with it. Kurt probably was also thinking of how things went when Blaine joined ND, ie he got everything without even trying and Kurt got nothing no matter how hard he tried.

      And the It’s A Wonderful Life part was um… disappointing, especially the confirmation of Artie having become a Blaine fanboy.

    • kay says:

      I agree. I think they will be friends and hopefully Blaine will get into NYADA or if not there some other NY based college. I want Blaine in NY next year. their part of the episode was the only part I liked.

  8. Amy says:

    I hate the inaccurate portrayal of bulimia on this show. A. she doesn’t have bulimia, technically what she has is, “anorexia-purging type”, and B. they are really not showing the seriousness and debilitation of it. Plus she developed it in like 2 episodes because of Kitty, and that’s not how it works. I just hate how they’re painting an inaccurate picture of it and sometimes making jokes about it.

    • Alice says:

      Quinn was able to walk in like 4-5 episodes after a major tboning car accident its Glee they just suck at execution.

    • dude says:

      How long do you think it takes for someone to become a purger? You just start purging, it doesn’t take that long. I’m someone that’s battled an eating disorder and I can tell you, it wasn’t a slow process. It happened pretty quickly. Also, people with eating disorders don’t act like they have eating disorders so when people say “oh, she didn’t mention the fact that she’s purging in this episode, it’s so inconsistent” I think that’s exactly what she would do since most people try to hide it unless they’re doing it for attention. We also do go through periods where we eat normally.

    • murley says:

      girls developing eating disorders under the influence of peers is a lot more common than you might think. a friend in high school became severely bulemic after another girl simply showed her you can throw up after eating. Another friend became anorexic following the example of her best friend and even tried to convert me. I took ballet and lots of girls would show others how to maintain slim frames through purging or starving themselves. I even had a friend tell me about using laxatives. It is a depressingly true fact. I went to an all girls school and might have come across it more than others but it was pretty rampant when I was in high school and you had to be pretty confident to resist the peer pressure.

  9. A says:

    Marley’s story was the only one I really enjoyed. Very lackluster episode but I still love this show though.

    • Leo says:

      Best story goes to The Roses and Sue and Becky. I find myself with a small trickle of tear after their scene with the christmas tree. Glad to see her eating disorder hasn’t been forgotten.
      And I DO NOT GET why so many hate on Marley? She’s really beautiful with a really golden voice and Melissa Benoist portrays her so perfectly. I really love her and would love to see her more in the future.
      Go Marley! You may be the best thing in Glee Season 4.

      • dude says:

        She absolutely is. I honestly adore the entire new cast but she’s definitely the star. She’s so sweet and sincere, it’s hard for me not to love her.

  10. Josh says:

    Kurt and Blaine were the best part of the episode… just waiting for them to get back together… seriously, anytime now would be good.

  11. You can't handle the truth or me says:

    I think all you whiners are too negative for your own good. You probably started planning your hatorade posts last week when the preview was shown. No credibility whatsoever.

    I loved every minute of the Mayan Apocalypse. Heather is gorgeous beyond belief whenever they let her get out of the Cheerios outfit. Just about every line she uttered was a classic such as:

    “I really started liking you when you did an original Rich Little impression, the told me what an original Rich Little impression was, and then when you told me who Rich Little was.”

    I feel sorry for you if you can’t laugh at that because you don’t know who Rich Little is and you’ve forgotten that the Internet can be used for something else other than whining like a 3-year-old who’s told he can’t eat drink from the dog dish.

    • Boiler says:

      Very well said. I continue to really enjoy the show and I also like the new kids. I am guessing a lot of the complainers didn’t even watch

  12. Nils says:

    Yes glee isn’t as good as it used to be, but I absolutely loved this episode. Actually, I like every glee episode…

    • dude says:

      Agreed. I liked last season better but I haven’t hated any episode. I think the weakest were obviously Makeover and The Role You Were Born to Play. Other than that I’ve genuinely enjoyed this season.

  13. Darth Pablo says:

    The last scene should have been of Kurt, Blaine, and Burt. They are talking, than Burt grabs his chest, slumps off his chair, and has a heart attack. Fade to black screen. You hear Kurt say: “Dad? Are you ok? Blaine, call 911” Then the words “Merry Christmas” appear on the black screen.

  14. R says:

    I’m glad that they finally represented hanukkah in this episode but they didn’t do it right (the pronunciation was all wrong!). A simple google of the song on YouTube produces millions of the correct version of the song. It only took 4 seasons after all, but why can’t Rachel light a menorah instead of hang an ornament on the tree?

  15. Get It says:

    Not a complainer, but this episode was kinda….ehh to me. I liked Sue’s part……..oh! Poor Burt Hummel! Why does he keep getting the short end of the stick? He’s a great character. I feel like this episode was choppy, had no flow.

  16. Sue B says:

    Interesting that Burt’s mention of his cancer was treated so lightly…I guess it pales in comparison to fake weddings and cheerleaders.

    • kay says:

      I really only liked the NYC part of the episode. Blaine was so sweet to Burt and Kurt. the ice skating scenes were great and “white Christmas”duet was awesome. you could see just how much Blaine loves Kurt by the look in his eyes during the last scene.

  17. megs says:


    Also, “There’s even gonna be a Jesse Tyler ferguson lookalike contest!” – made me laugh so hard for some reason. Unexpected JTF reference FTW

  18. Angela says:

    I know this is a TV show and all, and Burt’s a fictional character, but damnit, my heart about dropped when I heard him say the word “cancer”. But if it’s early and treatable, hooray (which kind of makes me wonder why we need to have this dramatic plot at all, then, but hey, it’s “Glee”, so whatever). Burt must stay around. He’s one of the most, if not the most, likeable characters on here.
    As for the rest…so. Blaine applying to NYADA? Hm. That should be interesting, I’m sure.

  19. Spikerdink says:

    Had decent hope for this episode…. loved the first Glee Christmas episode, tolerated the second and wondered what they would do this year…. found the whole episode so uneven and choppy. There wasn’t much of a thread linking everything together…. It was almost like it was four different shows spliced together.

    Now, had they taken the Artie “It’s a Wonderful Life” idea and had Sue at its core, I bet that could have been a great episode….

    Loved most of the songs, but the plot lines this year are not drawing me in at all……

    • poetry4life says:

      I think that was the point of this episode. At the beginning of it sue was telling us all about how a typical christmas story where all of the story lines tie together perfectly and I think the fact that the writer of this episode didn’t do that is the twist that was intended to not make it a typical christmas story as it usually is.

  20. thefirstmrshummel says:

    Te Burt Hummel cancer storyline has finally convinced me to take this terrible, depressing show out of my DVR permanently. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    • Tea says:

      It is unfortunately true that this wonderful inventive “comedy” turned drama with a little of comedy has turned many viewers off. Me included. I fell in love with Glee in season 1. Such a clever cross of snark, quirkiness, campiness, delicious wit. Why couldn’t NY be the comedy with many of the grads crossing paths still with the delicious campy wit of season 1 and some of season 2. A show similar to Friends but with music, singing and musical performances. NY doesn’t have the wit and charm as of season 1. Just bullying and conflict for Rachel by Cassie. Nothing new for Rachel to face, she’s already faced these. She needs a competitor in Rachel’s realm of talent- a singer. Rachel can’t dance so why have a competitor in another realm? It is a bore. Kurt going to NY being Rachel’s roomate with real story for himself just makes him a crutch for Rachel. Rachel, Kurt, Finn, Santana were the ones spoken of early as the reutning cast. We all hoped for them to all be in NY. But the writers who own the creative Glee have their own ideas of what story to tell. Of which as of now, doesn’t do anything for me as entertainment. Mixing the old and new characters in 1 show hasn’t meshed well. The new characters don’t give me any desire to stay with the show. It is so difficult to maintain the vigil per week for Glee. I think that moving to Thursday hurt more than helped Glee. Person of Interest is 1 of my favorite shows now. Glee once was a weekly staple, like bread and water to survive. But now Glee is a second or third or fourth choice of TV entertainment for Thursday. TUesday was girls night with friends and my kids. Last year my kids go out with friends and I became the only 1 left who chose to stay watching the show, til now. There are still followers of Glee but die hards who choose to remain to watch how their favorite characters and/or couples turn out. I had my favorites of the show but what was the most important things were story arcs and how they play out. I don’t care for Glee’s story telling at all. Glee is not charming and witty. It is dark and a drudgery full of drama way too much of it.

  21. ggnyy says:

    What the hell happen to Sugar ? Weren’t her and Artie dating 2 episodes ago?

    • Jon says:

      I think they mentioned that after they lost Sectionals and Glee club ended she just stopped hanging out with them but I think she’ll be back in January.

  22. Melanie says:

    I thought this was the worst Glee Christmas episode yet. It was so boring I wasn’t drawn into any of the storylines.

  23. Devon says:

    That was an hour of nothing. Clunky dialogue, choppy execution. It might be a problem of Glee Christmas episodes, I don’t know. The first part, Artie’s dream, wasn’t horrible. But the Mayan plot was awful, Brittany and Sam together are a bad idea, and poor Burt. He needs more than a poor storyline. And I just couldn’t care less about Marley.

  24. Jon says:

    I thought it was a good episode. I liked most of the individual stories except the Sam/Britany one but hopefully the writers will stop making them so dumb. I really liked Artie’s dream I guess I like when Glee does alternate realities like last season when Tina fell in a fountain in Props. Seems like Puck will show up more in the second half of the season and hopefully Quinn, Mike, and Santanna make a couple more appearances. Also hope they bring back Sugar and focus more on the seniors that are leaving ( Tina, Artie, Sam, Brittany, and Joe I think).

  25. GM says:

    I agree that blaine was super unnecessary, I would have loved more Burt/Kurt time. His presence is becoming very annoying, I wish they’d lay off on him before he becomes completely intolerable tbh. less is more, glee.

    • Marco says:

      [i]I wish they’d lay off on him before he becomes completely intolerable tbh.[/i]

      They’re two seasons too late for that.

  26. I’m not quite sure I understand the issue with this episode being “choppy,” especially when it was pretty much set up that way from the start with Sue’s opening monologue. She mentions five different story lines and an attempt to wrap everything up by the very end; and that’s what we got. In terms of the episode being “eh,” I disagree. I enjoyed each story’s segment and thought the final song was a clever albeit not necessarily original way of tying the stories together. I’ve been reading as of late issues with stories moving too quickly or nothing happening at all; seems to me they’re trying to fix different issues but the reality is everyone has the potential to find something wrong just because. Oh well… As someone who still loves this show, I definitely wasn’t disappointed.

    Away from the story lines, and focusng solely on the cast’s singing, I’m more curious to know how folks feel about Glee. Personally, I’ve been enjoying everyone’s singing so much this season and last that it’s getting harder for me to really enjoy some of their earlier ones.

  27. Debra says:

    This episode was boring to me. The only parts I loved was with Marley and her mom and Kurt and Burt, everything else was bland. It was like they took every supporting character without a major storyline and gave them a part in this episode and pushed the leads, Finn and Rachel, to the background after they were a main focus in the two previous Christmas episodes that were better than tonight’s could ever hope to be.

  28. After watching Glee Actually tonite! I had mixed emotions! I was filled with joy as White Christmas curtailed it way in with Klaine moment. Thanks for ending this gay melodrama last episode. As for Burt, it’s sad that he has to have another downer by giving the one man that stole my heart as he accepted his son as he is and love him. Why take him away from all of us?!? Artie’s dream really was at loose-end with me! There could have been more finale on hiw epoch. Bram’s epic has just gotta more stupider than ever! For the past two and half years I never seen Sam be soooo “BLOND”! I can understand this with Britanny but Sam?! Why?!? It’s sweet to see goodness for Marley and her mom! But what eat’s me is the whole bulimia epic. It’s so … half-baked, half-witted, ill-advised, unthinking about the seriousness of this issue! Please Glee writers get the fact right if you’re going to do something like this! The Puckerman’s Guys are cool together! I’m glad Noah coming back to Lima, never could understand why had to go to the Sunshine State! As for the whole epic with Sue Sylvester! Bah-Humbug to her! She still a certified bona-fide Queen of the Bitches and Bullies!!! If someone that needs a refining sphere in their life is her … Give her Cancer instead of Burt Hummel!

  29. Brian says:

    I know I’m nit-picking, but you’re “phooey” on Blaine is rather irrational, given that we have no idea that the writers would’ve even bothered with a Kurt/Burt segment in the first place if they couldn’t use the segment to also incorporate a Klaine duet or additional characters to interact with. I personally really enjoyed seeing the Blaine/Burt dynamic, because it was something we’ve never really seen before, and I thought it was cute, and it gave a lot of insight into Blaine and Burt as characters. IMO, the Kurt/Burt interactions have gotten really repetitive. I like them, but I’d like to see more from them than just “Burt is the best dad ever and here’s how” ad nauseum.

    I’d also point out that Blaine only brought up NYADA because Burt asked him what he was doing post-graduation. I’d also argue that it was actually pretty considerate of Blaine to immediately subordinate his dreams to Kurt’s potential objections, and that no matter how justified Kurt is in remaining angry at Blaine, Kurt really would have no business telling Blaine he cannot pursue a career opportunity, regardless of how awkward it would be. This is assuming, of course, that Blaine actually cares about having a broadway career, which Glee hasn’t actually bothered to address but whatever.

    Overall, I really enjoyed this episode, I found the stories compelling enough, even if I felt they were very contrived.

    • Kim says:

      You got “alot of insight” from the 90 secs Burt and Blaine were onscreen together? Talk about reaching for character development. At most it just showed how much they both care about Kurt (which we already knew). And seeing as how there have been plenty of Burt and Kurt scenes without Blaine around I’m sure they would still have sent Burt to New York even without the tag along.

      • Leslie says:

        The Burt and Blaine scene together over a bet about Kurt’s short attention span on watching basketball (or any sports) was the funniest part of the episode, as well as very endearing. It just shows how much they know Kurt so well. As much as Burt loves Kurt, he probably welcomes Blaine’s presence and being able to share other interests with Blaine which he couldn’t do with Kurt (as in the love for sports). You can tell that there is an existing bond between the two, strengthen by their love for Kurt.

      • Marco says:

        Uh… when did Blaine show actual genuine concern for Kurt? Every single time it seemed he did he had actually a selfish end in mind.

        • Angela says:

          I do t understand these comments. How has Blaine been selfish with Kurt? He gave up a solo to sing a duet with him at Regionals, he left Dalton to be w/ Kurt at Mckinley which Kurt wanted, he went to prom w/ Kurt despite his own reservations and painful experiences with school dances, I’m pretty sure he would not have taken the lead in the musical without Kurt’s blessing, and he encouraged Kurt to follow his dreams and go to NY. Is Blaine perfect…heck no. But I think it’s clear his character sincerely loves Kurt. Also I agree about the Nyada situation. Kurt has no control on whether Blaine pursues Nyada or not. Despite a break up an ex should never control a decision of how to proceed with a career. If Blaine wants a career on Broadway, which has been alluded to in the past, then he should be able to audition for Nyada. I mean he still has to get in before this is even an issue for Kurt. BTW they are clearly attempting to be friends so why would Kurt not want to see someone he loves not pursue his dreams. That would be selfish of Kurt and don’t think in his character. Plus you can’t tell me that they hasn’t discussed plans of Blajne auditioning before their breakup.

          • Alexa says:

            It’s so refreshing to read smart and thought through comments like yours on this site. It seems that some people are so blinded by their hatred of Blaine they can’t even see what’s right in front of them.

            Burt brought Blaine to New York – Blaine didn’t beg him to take him or flew up on his own, so if anyone is to blame for making Kurt uncomfortable it’s his dad for not checking Kurt would be okay with it. And NYADA – none of Kurt’s business. And to those who think Blaine would steal Kurt’s spotlight ‘again’ – you are aware that Kurt would be a semester ahead = not sharing most classes.

          • kay says:

            I agree with your observations. Kurt had planned on seeing Blaine in Ohio over Christmas before he received his NYADA acceptance letter so I did not feel he was uncomfortable at all with Blaine being there. I hope they can work through this and save their friendship because they really do seem to care about each other. I believe in forgiveness and second chances. Kurt may not want to resume a relationship with Blaine but I do not think he would reject him as a friend.

    • Brian says:

      I can’t tell if you’re an insane Klainer or just totally obsessed with Darren Criss/Blaine Anderson. But his appearance in NY was awkward. It disturbed the flow between father and son. Plus it felt umcomfortable that after the huge cheating betrayal a few episodes back he and Kurt were ice skating along like nothing happened.

  30. Youyi Lin says:

    Hey DO you guys think that Kurt looks like Emily Deschanel from Bones?

  31. mark says:

    All I can say is that this was soooooo much better than last years Christmas episode! Good job Glee :)

  32. dude says:

    This wasn’t my favourite Christmas episode but I really feel like it was the funniest. It had so many funny lines. The Marley story was definitely the best.

  33. If Brittany and Sam are going to be honest with the people they love. They should be talking to Santana and Mercedes. This whole Brittany and Sam (refuse to use a ship name cause they don’t deserve or rate one) story line is so insulting on so many levels. Neither one of them could find love unless it was with another blonde. And the pace of which this all happened come not even “but it’s GLEE” covers this disaster. All they are doing is destroying Brittany’s and definitely Sam’s character and the writers do not seem to care. Whats most sad and frightening is that I think they believe they really are writing a quality script how sad and pathetic is that. The tumblr stories are better and they are not getting paid. Oh well until GLEE corrects itself I will not be devoting an hour of my life that I cannot get back to this hot mess of a disaster that they are perpetrating as GLEE.

  34. Jasie says:

    The snippet of Jessalyn Gilsig as Terri was disappointing. I had really hoped there was going to be a storyline there.

  35. Alissa says:

    Why didnt they expand on Arties story line with the “what could have been?” I swear Glee comes up with a good idea and then they screw it over with bs.

  36. Samantha says:

    Probably the worst of the Glee Christmas specials. It did not feel like Love, Actually, it just felt disjointed. The stories didn’t overlap and all and weren’t even in the same time period for half of them (Kurt’s was Christmas, all of the others were before Christmas break). Kevin McHale was amazing at the beginning and Klaine’s duet was nice. Other than that, pretty lackluster for me this year.

  37. Carmen says:

    Found the episode uneven, but was glad to see Kurt get more air time than usual and Burt back. Despite the apparent emotional restrain between Kurt and Blaine (or was it between Chris and Darren?), I enjoyed watching Kurt, Burt and Blaine relate as family in what I thought were warm, down to earth, lovely domestic scenes. Very sweet and hopeful, especially since Burt engineered them all–evidently acknowledging the deep love and friendship between his son and his ex-boyfriend without actually meddling. I’d like to see Burt survive his cancer (he’s such a beloved character) and live to see his son succeed in his chosen career, marry happily and even make him a grandfather. I’m not thinking only of romance here but of young gay characters forming stable, loving and enduring relationships with the full support of their families–despite the inevitable challenges life throws their way–individually and as a couple. They exist in real life ( I know a few) and I for one, think we need to see them on the screen as well.

    • AJ says:

      “I’m not thinking only of romance here but of young gay characters forming stable, loving and enduring relationships with the full support of their families” LOL and in what universe does this happen…..1/100,000,000.

  38. Kellie says:

    So Can I assume, Puck’s little sister had dinner by herself at home, while her brother & mother where eating with the other puckerman & his mother?

  39. Jessica says:

    I’m probably referring to the original cast members of Glee when I say this, but I wonder if they are equally as concerned about the show’s direction now…I’m hinting towards yes.

  40. Emily says:

    Did anyone else notice that the timeline made no sense throughout the entire episode? The stories weren’t bad they just didn’t match up. At one point Jake was in LA and Lima at the same time..

    • dan says:

      Each storyline started before Christmas and ended on Christmas. It was a little confusing at first (ie: Puck and Jake in school after Kurt/Blaine/Burt were celebrating Christmas eve), but then I realized that each story was starting on its own timeline and ending on Christmas.

  41. Quinn wouldve still been a Cheerio if Glee Club never happened, no wonder she was heartbroken… who knows if that broken heart led to taking her own life. Her mobility is what made her a Cheerio and without that it wouldnt work

  42. I haven’t seen the episode yet (and it sounds like I’ll be skipping it) but this frustrates me – Glee is good at the drama but that’s not why people watch it. It’s an escape for people, a 40 minute bubble for people to lose themselves in the music and the laughs. It’s missing that lately.

  43. Malia says:

    Shouldn’t Blaine have already applied to college by now?
    Sam does impressions of Elvis Presley, James Earl Jones, and Taylor Lautner, but he’s never heard of Indiana Jones?
    If Quinn died of a “broken heart” at some ambiguous time, her wheelchair would just sit in the middle of the hallway with a rose on it?

    • Malia says:

      Why doesn’t anyone care that Kitty intentionally drove Marley to her eating disorder?
      Why is Rachel holiday-bipolar and continue to alternate between Christmas (‘O Holy Night’) and Judaism (‘I know you don’t celebrate Christmas, but here’s an ornament! Yay!’)?
      Why is Burt Hummel, arguably the most likable character on the show, the one who appears the least often, and only when something horrible is going to happen to him (his kid is teased for singing a female part, his kid is physically bullied, he has a heart attack, his kid leaves him to go to New York, he has prostate cancer, etc.)?

  44. So Sam’s finally “marrying” one of his ND fellow, yes?

    Remember when he gave promise ring to Quinn, to save themselves for each other until they’re ready to be husband and wife?

    Remember when he asked Mercedes who would she be marrying one day (Mercedes was still with that football player)?

    And does anyone remember that he briefly dated Santana after Quinn betrayed him?

    • dcl says:

      LOL well Brittany was obviously the logical choice. I mean, if he asked Tina ( was she even in this episode? I was skipping ), she would probably punch him, Marley vomit on him with her “bulimia” and then theres Kitty. She’d probably lecture to him about bible and hit him over the head with it or use that whip of hers from her hero costume.

  45. dcl says:

    Has anyone asked themselves what the hell is Finn doing at the school when the glee club is no longer?

    This episode was so pointless, so blah. The only parts I liked about it is when Burt was in it. Thats about it. Yeah Klaine scenes were cute, but c’mon. I am disliking the whining about it. I even skipped the parts with Brittany and I love that character!

    The Mayan plot… seriously wtf?

    Who ever wrote this episode, please find a new profession!

    10 episodes into the season, I still dont care about new kids.

  46. ano says:

    i watched it and as usual NY storyline was the most interesting part of all even though kurt is not my favorite character but i really enjoy his scenes especially with Burt. also, don’t you think you give grade to have yourself a merry little christmas a little too high, Slezak? while marley did a good job with first noel, i thought her part in HYAMLC the song was really bland.

  47. briantuft says:

    Every week it just seems to get worse for the kids in Ohio. Repeating the same story lines, learning the same lessons, and just changing duet partners. The scenes in New York were the best part of the whole thing and I don’t understand why they don’t focus more on Rachel and Kurt. Have the other kids pepper into that story. And that’s coming from someone who never counted Kurt or Rachel as their favorite character. The story is just much more appealing. This particular episode felt disconnected and hastily slapped together.

  48. Nikki says:

    It took me a bit to realize the storylines were not happening at the same time – call me dumb. I was like why the heck are they still in school but in New York it’s Christmas?? Liked the Marley story even if it was a little cliche. The Sue bits were good. I laughed for a good 5 minutes to the Marley and Me reference even if it was a cheesy joke. And DH even laughed when Sue asked if it involved them in the auditorium and singing a Christmas song.

    Weird to see so little Rachel and Finn. Loved seeing so much Puck – with him moving back hopefully that means we get to see him even more!

    Still not as heartwarming as the episode two years ago though with Besite as Santa Claus.

  49. Abril says:

    Kevin McHale is an amazing performer, he should be singing a lot more but instead get’s ignored by making him most of the times the director of the musicals of tv programs. They don’t know or don’t bother to write for him except for things like this. In a way it felt a little like back when Tina dreamed of being Rachel and the lesson was something that felt not like “be happy being yourself” but “be happy being on the background. The stability of the universe depends on that”. I’ll try not to think about how they killed Quinn. Mayan Apocalypse: no. They completely erased Santana from the universe it seems. I actually kind of liked the Hanukkah Puckbrothers. The part of Marley seemed like an inside episode filler. I don’t know how they achieved that. A fast 1,2,3 closure for a storyline that didn’t work. And then we have Burt and Klaine which is the one I liked the least. They actually made Burt have cancer in order to present Blaine in a more favorable light? How can one still be angry at Blaine when Burt keeps in contact with him and actually tells him first such delicate news before his son, when he has them meet in an ice rink and seems happy of seeing them hug. I wanna think Burt doesn’t actually know why they broke up because if he does they have destroyed him for me. And all this staging feels so blatantly manipulative that it has the opposite effect and I agree Blaine has no place in the Burt-Kurt dynamics. But that was not enough. Blaine says he’ll keep an eye on Burt for Kurt but just for half a year, then he is coming to NY to apply to the same school Kurt is and while the episode closes there he is staring longingly at the ex-boyfriend he cheated on but then realized he can not be something to. Maybe I’m the only one but Blaine is giving me such strong stalker vibes right now.