Beauty and the Beast Preview: Will Cat Go Public With Her (Literally) Top-Secret Fella?

Beauty and the Beast SpoilersThis Thursday on the midseason finale of Beauty and the Beast (The CW, 9/8c), the wedding of Catherine’s father may evolve into a “coming out” party for a certain preternaturally pretty detective and her very secret gentleman friend.

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“We’re trying to approach it from that relatable place of Catherine (played by Kristin Kreuk) just being a regular girl in the city, and all the pressures to couple up” for an event, executive producer Sherri Cooper tells TVLine. “We have all dealt with going to weddings by ourselves, but what do you do if there’s this guy in your life who’s supposed to be living in the shadows? What if you happen to be in love with a beast?”

Indeed, “regular girl” Cat, to fend off the other bridesmaids anxious to land the daughter-of-the-groom a date, “folds and lets slip that she does have someone in her life,” Cooper previews. “And now she’s got all this pressure to produce this person. So who is she going to bring?”

Raising the stakes are two things: One, that Vincent (Jay Ryan) of course really should not be out and about. But more pressing is the fact that Bridesmaid Up!Evan is at the wedding, freshly curious about the “new intern” (that would be JT) Tess saw in his morgue last week.

“Evan knows there’s some guy who was snooping around, and he’s going to do everything he can to ID him,” says Cooper. “So the question is: Does Vincent show up to the wedding? Does JT show up? Who is Catherine going to bring, and is Evan going to see the guy who was in his lab?”

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Not to undercut the drama Cooper’s drumming up, but as seen in the above and other photos from the episode, Vincent does suit up to show his beastly, beastly face at the party. But is it just for a quick hello? And if spotted, will his presence raise more questions than Cat is able to answer?

“It’s all about the risk that they would take,” says Cooper. “Can this relationship go public? How far is each of them willing to go?”

To which we (and presumably many “Vincat” fans) must albeit rhetorically ask: What does it mean that these two are willing to risk so much to spend time together? Will it lead to a satisfying (read: shteamy) payoff at some point during Season 1?

As the drama’s freshman run forges on, “Things are going to heat up romantically,” Cooper assures fans.

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  1. Susie says:

    Finally some love for one of my favorite shows!

  2. Renee says:

    I’m really looking forward to this episode. I’ve just been thinking the whole Vincent going to the wedding was an advertizing fakeout. You know how they combine clips and make you think one thing, but the actually show is nothing like that. I still think that actually, but that’s OK I’m along for the ride anyway. At least Vincent is no longer losing control and “beasting out”. Would have been bad at a wedding. :-)

    I’m loving this show. Sometimes not too fond of the crime of the week, but everything else is terrific. Jay Ryan is so hot and I still love his voice.

  3. Jay says:

    Watch tonight episode people! It’s going to rock so hard…Kristin & Jay make a very beautiful pairing.Probably the best looking one on TV.

  4. sharie says:

    Definitely an underrated show that has improved by leaps and bounds. Vincat have crazy chemistry and I love their scenes!!

  5. Jane says:

    Great show, but it the show won’t get another seasons. The actors are just ok and the CW gets rid of shows with good fan bases all the time… Secret circle anyone.

    • Jay says:

      TSC sucked, it was made for kids and some of it’s rabid online fans just gotta let it go already! Move on!instead of keep trolling the internet.FYI, Beauty has better international sales than TSC and it’s cheaper to produce,it has better chance of renewal.

  6. Jared says:

    BATB is one of my favorite new series of the Fall. This episode looks great. Can’t wait to watch tonight!

  7. Tina B. says:

    Who cares about this show! Seriously this is the show that got more promotion and a full season pick up and Emily Owens MD gets cancelled. Get it together CW! You almost got Nikita cancelled with your stupidity!

    • Renee says:

      You must care. Why else would you click to read about it and comment on it? When I don’t care about something I ignore it completely.

    • mia says:

      I enjoyed Emily Owens….but B+B is a better show. It surprised me, I was expecting Emily Owens to be leagues about BB.

  8. M says:

    *paroxysms of delight*

  9. AT says:

    Thanks for the article. Really looking forward to this episode. After watching a clip online, it looks to be a pretty romantic one.

  10. mia says:

    *fangirl flails her arms dramatically* SOOOOOOOOOO excited. I hope Vincent does go to the wedding with Cat….not only will it make my shipper heart happy, but it will add some danger to the show. As they continue to see more of each other, their safety is going to be even more at risk. That good for a show.
    And my goodness I hope the CW renews this. PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE. I will officially forgive you for Hellcats and Ringer if you do :)

  11. Regina says:

    Love Love Love this show! I really hope it gets a second season! The chemistry between Cat and Vincent is amazing!!!

  12. claite says:

    I like Vincent and Cat but I love to see Cat with Evan !!

  13. Pam Harrison says:

    This show is totally awesome it’s the perfect romance