Private Practice Series Finale Date Revealed

Private Practice Kate WalshAttention Seaside Wellness patients: You’re going to want to book those appointments by Jan. 22, 2013.

That’s the date ABC will air the final episode of Shonda Rhimes’ Private Practice, TVLine has confirmed.

The episode, titled “In Which We Say Goodbye,” will bring the Grey’s Anatomy spin-off to an end after six seasons.

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As previously reported, original cast member Audra McDonald will return for the last episode — which also likely will serve as an uplifting swan song for Kate Walsh’s series lead, Addison.

“The character deserves a happy ending,” Rhimes told TVLine in August. “We’ve watched Addison from the beginning. She started out as one of the most hated characters on Grey’s Anatomy and has grown to be this person that we really love. That character’s journey, I think, deserves a happy ending.”

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  1. Lauren says:

    I’m going to miss these characters! Especially Charlotte and Addison. I hope they show up on Grey’s from time to time. Charlotte could be the new chief!

  2. Tess says:

    My fave character will no longer appear on my screen weekly after this. Sigh. I’ll miss you dearly, Addie.

  3. Kenzie says:

    Addie and Jake series finale wedding!

  4. Tina says:

    I at least hope we still see Addison from time to time on Greys. She’s always been a fave of mine, and would it be asking to much to see Amelia from time to time to visit Derek(though so far I enjoy Lizzie more).

  5. I wish Shonda Rhimes had given this show the thought it deserved, instead of always pushing it aside. It’s been one of my favorite shows. I adore it in every way. Weirdly, I’m glad it’s ending. She can’t hurt my favorite characters anymore.

    • Tina says:

      Yeah, odds are if it was not ending, Addison would get killed off instead. thats what happens when anyone wants to leave ShondaLand.

  6. martina says:

    About time! This show should’ve never happened, Addison should’ve stayed at Seattle Grace! Hopefully we’ll get to see her there again.

  7. It's over says:

    Feel bad for PP fans. Tried to like this show but could never get into it. The actors were so much better than the writing and story lines, IMO, which I realize means nada. I am ready for Body of Proof which I hope does better in this time slot.

    • Imogen says:

      Amen. Shonda Rhimes could’ve done much better with the show, but she had to ruin it with pathetic writing.

      • lynsey says:

        id like to see you write an episode write it post it here and ill read and judge it. dang apparently you watched it anyway!! hater

  8. Linderella says:

    After the beautiful episode shown last night, my vote for favorite PP character is Sheldon. Brian Benben did such a wonderful job channeling TVs best psychiatrist and delivering a knockout performance. I realize the Kate Walsh ship has sailed, but a show that included Benben, KayDee Strickland, Paul Adelstein, and Caterina Scorsone is one I would put on my DVR calendar right now!

  9. april-ann says:

    Aww, I will be sorry to see this show end. I like it better than Grey’s, but do hope some of the characters will turn up there. Last night’s ep was superb. Maybe I’d be happier about it ending if they did what GG has done: make it suck sooo bad that many fans don’t care at all about it ending.

  10. Emma says:

    I’m going to miss Private Practice so much, no more Charlotte and Cooper :'( Hoping we’ll get to see Addison and Amelia because I really love her, over on Grey’s sometime.

  11. Danielle H says:

    What I can’t figure is how many episodes are left?
    And omfg how amazing was the incredibly underused Sheldon last night. I covered my mouth when they found that girl… great tv!

  12. mar says:

    But like I need Amelia to survive.

  13. Daniela says:

    No!!! I can’t believe all of my favorite shows are ending! I will miss Kate Walsh(Addison) in my tv screen every Tuesday night. So sad.

  14. tvaddict says:

    Bring Addison back to Seattle Grace!!!!

  15. A says:

    8 seasons with Addison on both GA and PP. I’m really gonna miss this awesome character. Hope she and Amelia will still guest on Grey’s from time to time.

    • lynsey says:

      I know I feel ya that would be a good idea to see like the shepards go to Amelia’s wedding. oooh good one and some of them are there to see how they are doing? I am worried about greys anatomy people have loved that show for years she has to do it justice.

    • lynsey says:

      I had no idea there was not warning or anything well for me anyway I just watch them online after the day they air and I wait all week for them. I wish she would have them all airing at different times so I could have something to look forward too all week! she went out with a bang though. it was good the ones that disagree were too critical it was good. not her best work scandal and greys anatomy really are good shows. I feel like she is losing interest with GA and that can’t happen it is too intense of a show! but she has killed people made wrecks happens had mass murders near deaths crazy dreams weddings limbs gone i’m worried she is tapped out but at the same time its SHONDA she better deliver like I know she will!! scandal is the bomb though oh my gosh! I know pres fitz is gonna be soo mad at her for defiance & I want Edison gone! he aint even cute!!! she is gonna be with someone better if not the president come on!!
      AND I love her loyalty to her people merediths mom is in scandal and so is her dad! if u get on her good side you have a job in shondaland forever! in one life or another!! LOL

  16. Ana says:

    Last night’s episode with Sheldon was the one I was least looking forward to because I really don’t care for the character. But wow, it literally made me cry. Not tear up. Actually cry. This show could have continued but Shonda killed it with the move to Tuesdays. She wanted to prop up Scandal, which I have to say is a phenomenal show, at the expense of PPP. That’s her new baby and it is obvious that’s where her energy is. It feels like she’s more invested in Scandal than even GA. I mean, she’s the boss. How is it that Scandal gets the superb writing and GA is still uneven and inconsistent in that department?

  17. James says:

    Abc should really give this final show a boost by airing it after greys.

  18. Bobbi says:

    I am sorry to see this show end but it didn’t get the attention it deserved from its creator. There are some terrific characters and actors on the show but the plots were really lacking. This last season has been the best season, sadly enough.

  19. DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

    People hated Addison on Grey’s Anatomy? Then why did she get a spin-off? I LOVED Addison on GA… it’s Private Practice that I haven’t been able to watch X)

  20. Shaun says:

    Addison has really trashed up this show.So weak minded.My mom thinks she’s ridiculous,lol.

  21. Sharon says:

    Addison is NOT the reason I watch PP. I love the other characters, Cooper, Charolette, Sheldon & Amelia. Why?? :(

  22. Tracy says:

    Private practice is so much better then Greys. Stopped watching that show 2 yrs ago because the storylines got so bad. This show could survive without Addison. How about a spin off without her?

  23. Samantha says:

    Please don’t end it

  24. imperialcoins says:

    Really? I TRIED to like the show, I really did. But it was HORRIBLE. Horrible acting, horrible stories and horrible attempts at moral/social lessons that promote promiscuity. I am glad it was cancelled… It glamorized poor judgement.

  25. Natalie Skurrie says:

    This is one of the best shows ever, the characters and their story lines, I will miss greatly! A show with such humor, real characters, love and thoughtfulness for every storyline! I will miss these characters greatly!

  26. Linda Tague says:

    I’m So SAD to see this go ! It’s like family members moving far far away, or dying. Why oh why don’t they leave on the programs we like ?? I don’t get it.
    I still miss Brothers and Sisters, and others also.
    they keep having new ones. The new ones I’ve tried, i don’t care for, so lately, don’t even try to watch them.

    • Angela White says:

      I am with you!!! Brothers and Sisters was a Sunday night ritual. It was sort of like the wrap up of the weekend before the work week started. i feel like throwing a full on temper tantrum. I want my shows back!!!

  27. Angela White says:

    I had no idea the show was coming to an end. I was playing along with Viggle and they took a poll on how i felt about the show ending tonight. OMG. I am very sad about this… I don’t think my husband and i have missed one single episode the entire 6 seasons. I am going to miss all the characters… There is still so many more story lines left unwritten. Wahhhh!! Lol

  28. Natalie says:

    I am sorely disappointed that bc Kate Walsh decided to go..the series went many characters on the show have many more stories even without her. I know..its a show…but the others on this show could have carried it with or without kate walsh staying. Boo to Shonda and ABC for letting this one go…I will def NOT watch scandal..bc of the lack of heart shonda and abc showed private practice. . So sad..♥ xo Private Practice. ..

  29. Katie Laubender says:

    Sad to see the show end. I didn’t really care for Addison’s monologue but I loved that Violet named her new book Private Practice. It kind of made you wonder if the whole show was based on a real book that’s out there, similar to the show Bones. I will miss Charlotte and Cooper and I felt like their story didn’t get the neat and tidy ending like the others. Same with Emiliya. So much of this season was about them and then they get 5 seconds in the finale. Anyway, not gonna watch Scandaland I’m only finishing out Grey’s out of loyalty to the characters. Hope some new great shows come on that aren’t even touched by Shonda.

  30. Karen Kaye says:

    Great season finale. I am sad the show is coming to an end.

  31. lynsey says:

    ive been watching this whole time and i’m glad the show got made a lot of people come and go from her shows its sad not everyone can have their life thoroughly explored. id like to see Amelia or violet poor violet she got the short end of the stick.. glad it ended with sam having someone. never like to see it end. I feel like the end of greys anatomy is happening too. makes me sad why cant stuff go on forever like ER or law and order (somethings) there are enough stories to be made. scandal is good though! she is the boss of primetime tv! wish there would be another spinoff but everyone has their own opinion and I guess the stories get hard to come up with to keep us hooked! but she had ME at hello!!

  32. Jean says:

    Best show on tv to me I really miss the show hAted to see it enc. really really sad to see it go!!!!