Exclusive: Hart of Dixie Is Heading for a Wedding! But Which Couple Is Tying the Knot?

Hart of Dixie Season 2 SpoilersHart of Dixie‘s winter finale gave fans the greatest gift of all: a real, romantic relationship for Zoe and Wade. But will the twosome be ready to say ‘I Do’ in the new year?

That we cannot tell you, but we can reveal exclusively that a pair of Bluebell staples — “people we know” well, shares showrunner Leila Gerstein — will tie the knot in a special spring installment of the CW charmer.

“Some of our characters will be having a wedding in Episode 16,” the tight-lipped Dixie creator tells TVLine. “There’s a big proposal in Episode 15 and then a big wedding [the following week]…. It will be very fun.”

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So, which lovebirds are thisclose to walking down the aisle? We’re breaking down the likely — and unlikely — suspects below, and (we think) eliminating one potential couple from contention.

ZOE AND WADE | It took Zoe quite awhile to recognize Wade as her boyfriend, but now that she has, what’s to stop her from locking down her studly man for good? Wade’s already been married once, so we know he can settle down. And the doc herself is known for making big, bold moves — maybe one of them will be tying the knot with her new-ish guy!

GEORGE AND TANSY | This relatively new duo laughed off an engagement this week, but perhaps the time to wed will finally be right in a few months time.

The Big DayZOE AND GEORGE | The stars have yet to align for Bluebell’s Golden Boy and pint-sized doc and now they’re both happily in other relationships. But this is Hart of Dixie, which means at the drop of a hat, Zoe and George could find themselves dumped and depressed — and married to each other!

GEORGE AND LEMON | While unlikely, it’s not completely outside the realm of possibility that these longtime loves would find their way back to each other. They’ve certainly softened toward one another in recent weeks, and you know what they say: You never truly get over your first love. Hey, they’ve already planned one wedding, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to pull off another on a whim.

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LEMON AND LAVON | These former flames are on the outs for now — but come on, they’re obviously meant to be. Speaking of, Lavon must still have that mega-watt engagement ring handy, right?

Sparks FlyLAVON AND RUBY | Go ahead and count this now-ex-couple out of wedding running. Gerstein tells TVLine that Golden Brooks’ Ruby “is gone for awhile,” so it’s doubtful she’ll be the blushing bride. That said, “she may come back” later on, so perhaps there’s still hope for these two down the line.

BRICK AND EMILY | Who’s to say Brick won’t rekindle his romance with the one that got away — and just in time for a spring wedding?

ANNABETH AND A MYSTERY MAN | It’s only a matter of time before our favorite scene-stealer winds up with a love of her own. So, maybe Mr. Right will pop up soon and sweep Annabeth off her feet and down the aisle. (Might we suggest Travis Van Winkle’s newcomer Jonah Breeland?)

WANDA AND TOM | As much as we’d love to see one of Dixie‘s main players get hitched, don’t these two seem most likely to say ‘I Do’? The odds appear to be in their favor: they’ve been together longer than everyone else in Bluebell; they’re beloved enough characters to warrant a wedding, but not major enough to alter the fabric of the show (and its many love triangles) by marrying; and they’re so darn cute together, it would be “very fun,” as Gerstein promised.

Which Bluebell duo do you think is getting hitched? And who did we forget? Hit the comments!

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  1. Sianicle says:

    I really do hope it’s Wanda & Tom. They’re a great couple & it’d be wonderful to see them married.

    • eyesinkpop says:

      I loved Tom and Wanda…hope they get married

    • Patti says:

      Can’t stand Zoe with Wade!! Good grief! George is the man for her! Hope the writers get it right. A girl like her would never settle for Wade–! I’m go sad she is dumped into a “hump fest” with Wade week after week. Makes me not want to watch any more.

      • George is an absolute Hound Dog!! And a Cad, and a Scoundrel! He engaged himself to Lemon, and then Flirted the whole year with Zoe, then told Zoe that there was no future for them, and then left Lemon at the Alter! How could any woman who wasn’t otherwise mentally deranged love a man like that. A complete Dithering Idiot is the least that can be said of him!

      • The best thing for George to happen would be to get run over by a truck! Then maybe someone could finally feel sorry for the Catamite that he is!

      • Dee says:

        First of all this is the CW and sex is a part of that. Get over your Brady bunch ideas about this show. Yes, there is a little more fun to it than maybe some of the other shows on the CW. I personally would like to see MORE sex between Wade and Zoe. They belong together. He makes her more spontanious and fun and not so serious or superior, and she brings out a sweetness and a more gentle side in him. He is actually a good guy but doesn’t let anyone in or see it really. Lavon knows how he is. Sure in the beginning he was a little immature and needed to grow up, but I think he is doing that and Zoe is the reason. I think they are what each has been looking for all their lives without knowing it. I love them together. I wait for their scenes together, whatever they are.
        If you want boring dr and lawyer, look outside you see it everywhere. I do not want everyday life on TV, I want entertainment and escape and love and lust and romance… George and Zoe are so so so boring and not a place I want to go or watch.
        I watched the pilot again and when George pulls her out of the mud and comments about her “well toned ass” he sounds like a cocky jerk…not at all appealing.
        Give Wade a break—his mother died when he was young, maybe 9 or 10, he has had to raise his younger brother, take care of his drunk father, and raise himself. He is so derserving a good life like Lemon commented when she was pretending to be Jolene….”she felt he would have a life as big as his heart and he deserves someone way better.”

        • Amen Sister Patti, Amen!!!

          • Ooops! I meant Sister Dee, not Patti!

          • Dee says:

            Hey, how do you feel about the episode on Tuesday where Zoe once again puts everyone else and her own self satisfaction in front of Wade? How about the upcoming promo? I think Wade is going to be fed up with always being LAST when it comes to Zoe’s attention. One can only give and understand so much without any in return.

          • I think that we are in for some soul-shattering episodes! I just hope that they don’t end the season on a sour note like they did with Emily Owens!

          • Dee says:

            I am there with you David! I fear the rest of the season will not be pretty for Wade and Zoe. I am thoroghly discusted when I think of it. I read the spoilers so if you do not want to know READ NO FURTHER!!!

            I know they break up because in episode 18 she wants to go on a date with the howdy dowdy looking Jonah, but Brick puts up road blocks because George is asking him to. Scott Porter gave some things away on the sly when he was on AfterBuzzTV. (this is an on-line show which airs for me 2 hours after each HOD episode–they analyze the show–they all like Wade and Zoe too) Anyway, he said—1) ‘yes, Wade and Zoe are really great on screen together and he gets the opposites attract thing, but sometimes they are too opposite to make it work.’ 2) He likes being with Tansy, but he will get tired of so much crazy in his life.”
            So he will break up with her and Zoe will be free. They have come full circle just like they wanted. YUCK!!!! Also there is a Shakesperean episode and guess who Dash will choose to be Romeo and Juliet—I am going to puke!!!!

          • I think that I want to puke as well! And YES, they CAN make it work if the writers will simply let them!!

          • If they go there, then I think we should boycott the program and see that it is cancelled, before they ruin it beyond redemption!

        • Nicole says:

          I agree with everything you said. Everything. 150%. Well Said.

        • Maria Isabel Antonares says:

          I agree with you…Wade has a big heart just he doesn’t like people to know it…he is a litlle bitter because he had to became an adult before his time because of his family circunstances…love Zade, and I hope this couple reunite despite his mistakes.

      • Ashley says:

        I think hod is the first show to ever get the couples. Wade and zoe are what legendary stories are made, secondary character would definitely be george. Lemon and george actually suit. Lavon deserves better and tom and wanda, well they’re just cute. Loved it when wanda had a crush on Wade!

      • Victoria says:


  2. lisa says:

    It’ll totally be Wanda and Tom or Brick and Emily. Though I’d bet Wanda and Tom, cause I don’t think Brick could get married at the drop of a hat!

  3. Tracie says:

    It has to be Tom and Wanda. None of the other couples listed are even close to getting married.

  4. Sarahii says:

    Tom and Wanda popped straight into my head, before I even read the article. It has got to be them. Any of the other options are not even remotely plausible right now.

  5. Meg says:

    My first thought when I read the title was Wanda and Tom. I wish it were Zoe and Wade, but that is very unlikely.

  6. madhatter360 says:

    Didn’t Wanda or Tom say something in last night’s episode about there being 2 proposals in one night? I took that to mean they were engaged (the other proposal being Lavon’s).

    • Brandy says:

      I think Tom thought George was proposing to Tansy and Lavon to Ruby

    • Starr says:

      i agree with you here…i definitely did a double take when i heard Wanda say that, BUT if no one told her about the mix up, then obviously she would have thought there were still 2 proposals rather than one…so who knows, maybe it is, maybe it isn’t
      (side note: when brick found the ring in the costume, i KNEW it couldn’t be George’s and I actually automatically thought it might be Tom’s…hey, a nativity proposal would have been super cute – granted the amount of bling on the ring should have made me second guess that thought)

    • susan says:

      Wanda was talking about George being the second porposal.

  7. TK says:

    I need Justin Hartley to come back to this show so his character can fall in love with Annabeth so they can be the most prettiest couple in the world ever.

  8. sarah says:

    Lavon and Lemon! Lemon will get the wedding she really wanted!

  9. ollie says:

    i quess tom and wanda are going to be the ones to marry. im just glad zoe and wade are finally a real couple. stinks about ruby i liked her realionship with lavon and friendship with zoe.

  10. Kiz says:

    I think it’s Wanda and Tom, they did say 2 engagments, it has to be them. As much as I would love love love to see Zoe and Wade get married :-)

  11. GeoDiva says:

    Even before I read the choices, I was going to guess Tom & Wanda. It is way too soon for all the other couples.

  12. Leena says:

    Tom & Wanda were my first thought, as well. I’m super happy that Zoe and Wade are officially together, but if they were to get married now it would be so untrue to Zoe’s character and obviously just paving the way for divorce or annulment drama. Especially with only a week to plan the wedding.

  13. Beth says:

    I loved last night’s episode! Zoe verbalizing what she felt for Wade and not even thinking about George. I like Lem

  14. ggny says:

    Brick and Emily obviously

  15. CJ says:

    I think it’ll be Wanda and Tom or Brick and either Emily or the girl George caught him with.

  16. Ella says:

    Wanda and Tom was my first guess. Zoe and Wade are by far everyone’s favourite but they are nowhere near ready to get married. As for Lavon, he needs a new love interest. There is zero chemistry with Lemon and Ruby was even MORE annoying than her, which takes some doing.

  17. onlyakb says:

    yeah I think is Wanda and Tom, all the others would feel extremely rushed!! and Wanda and Tom are so adorably cute!!

  18. Magically Suspicious says:

    I think it will be Lemon and Lavon. I do like George and Tansy together, but I hope they don’t rush it along. And it would be a serious disservice to Zoe and Wade. They are hot hot hot and I hope they get plenty of time to monkey around and be sexy before they start throwing them problematic plot twists.

  19. Ruby says:

    Ruby is the only character I have not liked on this show, and I’m pretty easygoing (ie, not a hater.) But the actress’ put on “sexy voice” is so fake and she just rubbed me the wrong way.

    • Natalie says:

      I agree. I hope she stays away for more than just ‘a while’. I hate her character and I really don’t dislike anyone on the show(except her of course). I’m rooting for Ruby to stay in Dallas…good riddance!

  20. lali says:

    I don’t know why I’m already excited since we don’t even know who the bride & groom will be yet. I just love this show and know they’ll put on an awwwww inducing wedding. I agree that it’ll most likely be Tom & Wanda.

  21. Lori says:

    I stopped watching Dixie earlier this season because I HATE Zoe with Wade! It’s the most unrealistic pairing on TV! It’s a shame because Dixie used to be one of my favorite shows but this season has left me cold. I keep checking the spoilers to see if anything looks like it will change for the better but as long as Zoe is with Wade I won’t be watching!

    • Keenan says:

      Good Riddance

    • PW says:

      Give me a break!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dee says:

      Why is it so unlikely. Opposites attract and now she is in Alabama–they have a something in common. Who wants BORING totally realistic TV. I want couples who have chemistry and Wade and Zoe have it in leaps and bounds above all the others. I am not sure which show you were watching, obviously not the one everyone else was. But I do agree with all the others, I think Tom and Wanda will get married.

      • Blair says:

        How do you as well as others know George & Zoe will be boring? They haven’t even explore that relationship, therefore, you guys can’t assume George and Zoe will be a boring couple. I like Zoe with wade but I prefer George and Zoe. Why???–because the way they look at each other and the way George is with Zoe. Even though the show hasn’t explore what George and Zoe’s relationship would be like just the way they look at each other in season 1 and in this week’s episode, it makes me want to fall in love with them two. There’s definitely sparks there but neither one of them wants to admit it.

        • They have in fact explored their relationship last season on the trip to New Orleans! Zoe has had plenty of chances to be with George if she wanted to be, but she doesn’t! She prefers A+ sex with Wade, over inane conversations on Woody Allen, Sushi, and brands of expensive shoes!

          I’ve yet to see a electricity in ANY scene between she and George, but I can feel the heat radiating off the walls in every scene she’s in with Wade!

        • Dee says:

          Yes they do have looks between them but those looks are the looks teenagers give each other when it is just that immature puppy love. And they have admitted their feelings before. I’m just saying that with George’s personality and Zoe’s the two don’t have any WOW about them. Wade brings out of Zoe a more relaxed side of her and they actually have fun together. That opposites attract thing is real you know, who wants to date someone just like you and has the same interests as you—what is there to discover or explore that you haven’t already. Don’t worry you will get your wish because Zoe and Wade break up in a few episodes. ALL the Zade lovers will be miserable! That definitely includes me. What’s the point of watching, I mean I like the ther characters but I wait for any and all Wade and Zoe scenes.

    • Linda says:

      I agree!! I don’t like Wade he is too skinny and George is a hunk! Zoe and George, Lemon and Lavon Yeah!!

        • Dee says:

          Totally agree that Van Winkle should be with Annabeth and NOT Zoe. I love Zoe and Wade together. Love your comment about “While you were sleeping”. That would be a great moment for Zoe to choose Wade over George. Hope the writers and the creators don’t mess this one up. Wade and Zoe are electric with great chemistry. I wait for their scenes, even the smallest of interactions.Can’t wait to see where they go.

    • Go play in rush hour traffic!!!

  22. Natalie says:

    I really hope Zoe and George NEVER EVER get together. Talk about a boring couple…Zzzzz. I absolutely adore Zoe with Wade. It’s such an unlikely pairing that it really works! I love that ‘opposites attract’ thing. And c’mon, they have great chemistry! As for the wedding, seems like Wanda and Tom are the most likely couple…and I can’t wait…I love those two!

    • Dee says:

      You are so right Zoe and George are snoozeville!!! I too love love love Wade and Zoe together. They do work–opposites attract and their chemistry is unbelievable. I think Tom and Wanda also–they are very cute together.

      • Aside from ZADE, another couple that I completely ship is CASKETT! I just love Stana Katic, and she and Nathan Fillion have the same intense electricity on screen as Rachel Bilson and Wilson Bethel! And Stana and Rachel do share a more than passing resemblance!!

        • Dee says:

          fSo agree with you there too. Love Caste and Kate. They are so good together. It took long enough for them to get together but it was fun getting there.

          • Not nearly so long as Hanson Hart took with Booth and Brennan! It is both B&B and the intermable time it took to get each together that I no longer have any patience whatsoever for any more love triangles! I say, get on with the story, and find some other means to create interest!

          • Dee says:

            Intersting point. I agree that was an unbelievable amt of time but generally it doesn’t take that many yrs. It does frustrate me, the waiting for your favorite couple to get together, but I do like some build up like Zade. Thank goodness that didn’t take too long. I do want to watch their growth. That will be interesting and fun. Please writers and creators don’t mess this one up.

          • Which is why we are mounting a campaign over on the Hart of Dixie IMDb board to make sure that Leila Gerstein doesn’t mess it up! Come join us there: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1832979/board/threads/

          • Dee says:

            Will do Thx for the website

  23. Jody says:

    agreed with all of the other fellow Wade and Zoe shippers. they have absolutely amazing chemistry!!! I am so happy that their relationship is official!! so I also do not know what show you are watching either.

  24. leslie says:

    I think Brick and Shelby getting married would be awesome. Brick needs a little fun injected into his life! However, it’s probably Wanda and Tom. And LOVE Wade and Zoe finally really together! <3

  25. Flo says:

    That last episode left me wanting more because I was soooooo happy that Zoe and Wade are moving on to the next chapter of their relationship. I love them together and hope they get more romantic and stay funny. There’s plenty of cliff hanging drama with the other couples on the show. Zoe and Wade really make me smile and there is too little of that on TV.

  26. I am NOT liking this latest news from Leila Gerstein!! And know this, anything interfering with ZADE will NOT be taken quietly!!

    “You may end up trading Zade for Jade, if Travis Van Winkle catches on as Lemon and Brick’s cousin — and Wade’s potential competition for Zoe — Jonah. “He is a really fun character — a conceited, arrogant Southern boy,” teases exec producer Leila Gerstein. “You can think of him as a young Brick Breeland. He gets in Zoe’s face, and there’s conflict ahead.” And even further ahead, potentially romance. But, Gerstein swears, “There won’t be anything like that, certainly, for awhile.”

  27. emily says:

    Van Winkle might be a good contender for Annabth not Zoe. I do think the writers will give us George and Zoe together at some point. After all these feelings need to be addressed. But I’m hoping for a ‘While you sleeping’ Sandra Bullock moment. Call it a revelation. As she declares her love and someone says we know dear looking from her to George. Zoe shakes her head ‘no not him, HIM’ and points to Wade. Yeah bi, Wade and Zoe fan! I love how Zoe said she really liked him at the end of season 2. Gives a chance for these two to grow

    • I would prefer that George get run over by a truck before they EVER put him with Zoe! ZADE, ZADE, and only ZADE!!!!

      • Dee says:

        Sorry, my comment was in reply to emily but I posted it incorrectly to you. I did love your comments about the person who likes Gorge and you told that person to go play in traffic. I agree with you. Zoe and Wade all the way.

        • I live in an active war zone, I’ve seen death and destruction up close. I’ve had Hamas rockets explode over my house! Watching the love develop between Zoe and Wade is one of the few things that keeps me sane! I’ve seen enough angst in real life, so the idea of willy-nilly throwing other idiots into the works just to artificially create some more makes me ill!

          • Dee says:

            I am sorry for your situation. I can not even imagine the terrible things you see. I do agree life is so hard, and even harder for some than others, but we would all like to escape and watch a beautiful love develop and see it grow—and the fun in seeing them finally figure it out themselves when we could see it a mile away. I can’t wait for the new episodes to start!!!

      • Nane says:


    • Dee says:

      Totally agree that Van Winkle should be with Annabeth and NOT Zoe. I love Zoe and Wade together. Love your comment about “While you were sleeping”. That would be a great moment for Zoe to choose Wade over George. Hope the writers and the creators don’t mess this one up. Wade and Zoe are electric with great chemistry. I wait for their scenes, even the smallest of interactions.Can’t wait to see where they go.

      • While you were sleeping is too lame! It should be something much more dramatic, like a dream sequence where Wade and Zoe dream that he is Ivanhoe, and she is the Jewess Rebecca, and he rides in (like Robert Taylor) and rescues her from being burned at the stake as a witch!

        • Dee says:

          Interesting take —I like that. He needs to come in and save her because I am not sure if she really appreciates him totally and what he does for her.

    • Van Winkle is NOT nearly as handsome as Wilson Bethel either! How could any woman in her right mind prefer him over WADE ever?!

  28. Judith Constantino says:

    Tom and Wanda for sure this year. There is too much story to tell yet for Zoe and Wade…and I’m loving the journey.

    • Dee says:

      I am with you. Love where Zoe and Wade are going. I think there could be some really fun and interesting scenes and predicaments for them. My Favorite Couple on TV. AI only hope it lasts for a long time. Can’t wait for the episodes to start. And yes, I agree Tom and Wanda.

  29. Flo says:

    Whoever the writer was for last night’s episode (1/15) – keep it coming. Zoe & Wade are wonderful together and I love all the interactions with advise giving friends. I’d like to see something good happen for Lemon, but I guess every character can’t be happy every week. As long as Zoe & Wade keep communicating, while still being playful and laughing, I really look forward to this show. Last night was the best yet.

    • Dee says:

      Totally agree with you Flo. Zoe and Wade were so good together. Been waiting a long time for this episode. Loved the entire episode, I was laughing the whole time, so entertaining. I agree with you about Lemon but as long as Zoe and Wade stay together I will be happy. Love Wade in a towel but my favorite scene was when he came in to talk to her after their fight. He was so sweet with her and I realized he actually read the diary to see what it said to know about the last page. Love this show!

  30. Carme Torras says:

    I prefer Zoe with George, and I hope the writters will be agree wih me and we will see both together very soon. I think George is perfect for Zoe and viceversa. They match completely. I love this show and I am looking forward to seeing the next episode!!

    • Dee says:

      They do match and that is why they DO NOT WORK. Look outside and you see that everywhere. I want to be swept away in tv and movies. I want the passion and excitement Wade and Zoe have with each other and give to the show. This is a show to entertain, not to give you what you see everyday of your life. I hope the writers get it right and keep Zoe and Wade together. They won’t because, well, it is the CW, and they need to give us drama. But I believe if the creator, Leila Gerstein, has any sense and reads the comments and the blogs, she will see that most people (and that means way more than 50%) want Zoe and Wade together. They just sizzle together—total chemistry!!! Love them and hope they are end game.

  31. Flo says:

    Last night was another great episode. I look forward to whatever Wade & Zoe are going to deal with every week. I got used to things starting, or ending, or both with a bedroom scene and Wade shirtless. He is such a hunk and has been developed into a much more complicated personality to go with it. I’m not sure about Lavon & Anabeth, but I’ll wait and see. I think Zoe & George can be good friends, which is where they belong, and I’m happy they put to rest the idea of being romantically involved. Both are with people who make them so much more interesting. Zoe and Wade are my favorite TV couple both with the interaction and the total sexual magnetism.

  32. Mare Nostrum says:

    Pues bajo mi opinión, Zade son perfectos en la cama pero en el resto de su relación dejan mucho que desear, Wade no sabe como llegar a Zoe en determinados momentos y eso lo complica aún más cuando Zoe vé en George a la persona perfecta para compartir su vida en todos los momentos. Wade tiene que estar a la misma altura social que Zoe para encontrarse asimismo en igualdad de oportunidades. De cualquier manera cada vez que no entiende a Zoe lo paga teniendo sexo casual con otras mujeres es acaso este tipo de relación deseable para las mujeres. Solo espero que Wade deje a un lado sus frustraciones infantiles debidas a la vida que ha llevado y sepa manejar su relación con Zoe con madurez y control de su vida él necesita hablar con Zoe acerca de sus sentimientos reales y si realmente está enamorado de ellla demostrarselo en todos los aspectos, aún espero el momento que se digan ” Te Quiero”.

  33. Mare Nostrum says:

    Well in my opinion, are perfect Zade in bed but in the rest of their relationship are very poor, Wade does not know how to get to Zoe at certain times and that it further complicated when Zoe sees in George the perfect person to share his life at all times. Wade has to be at the same height to meet social Zoe also equal opportunity. Either way whenever you do not understand what pays Zoe having casual sex with other women is perhaps this relationship desirable for women. I just hope that Wade set aside childish frustrations due to the life he has led and knows how to handle his relationship with Zoe with maturity and control of his life he needs to talk to Zoe about their real feelings and if he really is in love with ellla prove in all aspects, I still hope the time that say “I love you” I’m sorry for writing in Spanish above.

  34. As of episode 13, George/Lemon, Lavon/Lemon, Lavon/Ruby, Brick/Emily are former couples that could rekindle but each one besides Ruby/Emily are in another relationship. Wade/Zoe, George/Tansy, Wanda/Tom are the couples that are current. Zoe/George are not in a relationship yet. AnnaBeth/Mystery Man is unknown.

    Zoe/Wade – that would be a stretch since their relationship has just started and both are wanting baby steps in a relationship. The wedding would have to have a extra benefit (monetary for them or they are drunk).
    George/Tansy could be, but George might want to continue dating
    George/Lemon, Lavon/Ruby, Lavon/Lemon, Brick/Emily would be difficult because there are major resentment.
    Wanda/Tom are the biggest candidate due to their level of relationship and storyline status. I also like the AnnaBeth and mystery man because it could be AnnaBeth and Lavon but that would be also a quick turn-around.
    I think the George/Zoe one would be way to quick since they are not in a relationship and then get wed. This most likely will happen if there is a season four or five as a series finale.

    • George needs to die a VERY SLOW and VERY PAINFUL DEATH so as to permanently clear the way for Zoe and Wade!!!! Enough talk about Feckless George and his inability to ever really commit to ANY woman! -EVEN Zoe when he had the chance in New Orleans! Every time, he gets up to the line, and then chickens out!

  35. Judith Constantino says:

    Love this show. Zoe and Wade are wonderful together, working at being a real couple with all their trials and tribulations. Iloved how he is so trusting of her and willing to accept her. The writers are making Wade grow up which is a good thing…he’s more than a gorgeous hunk (but he is that)…he’s good to his father and loyal to his friends. I’d like to see more of Earl, and how about his brother Jesse coming for a visit. Tom and Wanda probably will be getting married and that will be fun.

  36. Maritza Rodriguez says:

    Those people who love Zoey and wade are crazy. They never talk or have anything in common besides sex. George and Zoey have undeniable chemistry everytime they are together u can see it. Zoey and George may be seeing other people now but they most definitely belong together. Wade is a non factor compared to George. And van winkle is way better looking than wade. wade may have a nice body but I’m pretty sure if they let George take off his shirt in a while you’d see his body is sexier. Zoey and George all the way.

    • First of all, Zoe is spelled Z-O-E, and NOT with a Y! Second, they talk all the time, but it would seem that YOU at least haven’t been listening! Where were you when Wade told her to either change her picture, or change her life!? Where were you when Wade told her that Brick’s problem was lack of sex?! Maybe you didn’t see that discussion between them in bed, when Zoe told him back that what was meant to be would be!
      They’ve had lots of discussions, but it would seem that the only conversations you heard were the ones she had with George, where they discussed such weighty issues as the different varieties of ….Sushi! -or where to buy pizza at 02:00 in the morning!
      And frankly, Van Winkle looks like a mangy DOG!!!!

    • Dee says:

      Look up Howdy Doody on line and you will see the resemblence. I think it was a show from the 1950’s, before my time but I have heard of it. Wade is so gorgeous compared to Jonah and George couldn’t hold a candle to Wade’s body. (That means George is no competition for Wade in the body department.)
      But back to the very important issue at hand, Wade and Zoe or George and Zoe. I agree with David, what show are you watching. Wade is always so in tune with her and understanding–you see it in the looks he has in certain situations or in conversations. He is very aware and can read people very well, epecially Zoe. He just gets her. Just because we don’t see all the conversations between them does not mean they don’t have them. There are inferences throughout the shows that suggest they do, besides the obvious ones we know about.
      George and Zoe, yes they have ALOT in common but so do I with my best friend and I definitely am not in love with her or want to marry her. Yes, they talk about all kinds of things but that does not mean it is anything else but friendship. That is all I see between them, even if Zoe is so foreign to relationships that she can’t see that yet—she will. They talk about the movies they like or the restaurants they like…nothing important or from the heart. You want to discover new things about the other person, not know everything because they are just like you——-B-O-R-I-N-G !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The writers and creators have to see that and the fact that Wade and Zoe are so spectacular together wether they are fighting, talking, kissing, or whatever….They just work. Take your head out of the sand and open your eyes.

      • While I’m a guy, and frankly think that Zoe is one of the cutest things ever, I really really really think that the SHOW is absolutely MADE by WADE!!!! I just loved the armadillo trapping episode, especially the confrontation in the woods! And Wade and Zoe with Crazy Earl in his cabin! And then there was one of the most powerful scenes ever, when Wade was talking with Crazy Earl in the church, for the Christmas Special! I’ve watched that scene SOOOOOOOOOOOO many times!!!!!

        NO! I’m purely ZADE all the WAYed!!!!!

  37. Flo says:

    I’m so disappointed that HofD is not doing a wonderful romantic Valentines day episode when Wade & Zoe admit to being madly in love !! That would have made my week.
    I just hope the folks running this show don’t blow it. It doesn’t have to follow the formula for every sitcom where the principal characters change partners all the time. Can’t we have one delightful happy, growing together couple going thru all the things couples go thru and coming out good afterwards. This was such a terrific show for about a month.

    • Dee says:

      Unfortunately I think the creators and writers are going to blow it and break Wade and Zoe up. I don’s want that to happen because I love this couple and I think there is so much more they can be with each other—including endgame. They have to be. I do agree with you—why can’t we have one delightful happy couple (Wade and Zoe) growing together and going thru all things couples go thru. They can have lots of ups and downs but need to come out good. I am very sad, too!!!

    • Pity that they haven’t yet learned from the success of The Andy Griffith Show, and avoid such lunacies! There is much resemblance between Bluebell and Maybury, that one could almost think of them as one and the same city! Still much potential that they are not tapping into because of their constant need for useless angst!

  38. Sam says:

    You all are crazy if you think Zoe and Wade should get married. They have nothing in common. Only sexual chemistry. Marriages don’t last when just based on sex. I am shocked they have lasted this long together. Same for George and Tansy!

    • Excuse me, but you are the crazy one if you can’t perceive that there is much more involved here than just sex! -both crazy and shallow!
      Why exactly do you think that they have such sexual chemistry in the 1st place? Because it is indicative of a much deeper spiritual bond between them. Both of them are orphans, with a parent that causes them deep embarrassment and shame. Both of them have grown up in a world in which they don’t entirely fit! And Both of them have a deep craving to change their lives for the better!
      Also, both of them have never been in a true relationship before, in spite to the fact that they’re now in the 3rd decade of their lives, but wish for that to change!
      Truthfully, the points of contact between Wade and Zoe are on a much more serious level than any of the superficial interest that she shares with any of the other men in her life! -especially George! Truly, if sex is NOT the basis for marriage, then even more so is a mutual love of New York, sushi, foreign films, or pizza at 02:00 in the morning!

    • Just sex is what transpires between a prostitute and a John! It doesn’t involve any emotion beyond the momentary gratification, and is almost akin to mutual masturbation!
      What Zoe and Wade have is much more complex than that, and always has been! -even that brief hookup in the car in the pilot! A John on all accounts would NEVER stay up all night and cook gumbo for his Hoe!

      • Dee says:

        Love the way you think David—Just when I think there is nothing more to say on the subject of Zoe and Wade, here you come with such meaningful and insightful inspiration. You give me hope even if the writers and creators don’t. You so hit the nail on the head with this comment and the one which in reply to Samon Feb 18. Keep it coming. Wade and Zoe are the only thing that makes sense. Why can’t those few people see it. I guess they really don’t look too deeply into people. So sorry for them.

        • Things are going to get darker for ZADE in the coming episodes, but I have a feeling that by the season finale, there is going to be a very brilliant sunrise! Thus the old adage, it’s always darkest before dawn!!

  39. Flo says:

    I give up – that’s it for me. The writers took a great show and totally obliterated all the fun and joy. I have enough disappointment and sadness in my own life and don’t need to watch more on TV. I’ll find something else to watch.

  40. Don’t give up yet Flo! I think that this just might be a case of Darkest Before Dawn! Wade will yet rise again, and like Lochinvar, ride in from the West and claim his Zoe Bride!