The Voice's Melanie Martinez on 'Toxic', Xtina Critiques and Weird Onstage Talk of Her Ex

melanie martinez too closeMelanie Martinez’s first crack at covering “Toxic” started as a joke. “My friends were like, ‘You should learn a Britney Spears song’ — because I’m so different from that,” recalls the 17-year-old contestant on Season 3 of The Voice. “So I started singing ‘Toxic’ one day, did different little things to it and that’s how my version came around. It was kind of a random process.”

Melanie used that ehtereal, stripped-down rendition of Spears’ danceable pop hit for her Voice Blind Audition, and made a memorable first impression on the coaches and the viewing audience. “I’m really happy that was the first song that introduced me as an artist on the show,” she explains.

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TVLine caught up with the Top 6 finisher to discuss her approach to song arrangement, her response to tough criticism from Christina Aguilera, and her plans for a post-show career.

TVLINE | Aside from “Toxic,” your other big song rearrangement was the White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army.” Where do you begin the process when you’re “Melanie-izing” a song?
I always try, when I’m singing songs, to interpret them the way that I would’ve arranged them. I think about the melody first, and then I pull out my guitar and start singing it. And [in my mind], I just thought the song went like that.

TVLINE | There are whole chunks of the original with no vocals.
Exactly. At first, I came up to Adam with the idea of singing “Seven Nation Army,” and immediately he didn’t think it was a good idea because most of the riff is instrumental. So I said, “Let me just give it a try, because I’m going to sing the riff.” And that’s what caught him and made him say yes to the song.

TVLINE | I want to ask you about your performance of “Too Close.” The pre-performance package included a mention that you were going through a breakup, and when you finished singing, Adam and the other coaches started making comments about the situation, about how you were getting the last laugh on your ex. To me, it was the most uncomfortable moment of the season. You looked like you wanted to turn to dust and float away.
Yeah. I mean, Adam was just trying to be a big brother — and I really am thankful for that. But it was difficult because that made it seem like I was the victim. The coaches were saying all this stuff, but I was the one who kind of ended [the relationship]. And that was what the song was clearly about — moving on. You’re too close to love someone, and you have to let them go. That’s exactly what had happened, and I guess it was just flip-flopped on TV.

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TVLINE | When you first started singing “Too Close,” I didn’t even recognize it was Alex Clare’s hit. Did you ever have concerns about changing a song so much that people would be turned off?
I wanted to do “Too Close” mostly because of the words and how they related to me. But I think that when you change a song you shouldn’t change out the melody too much: It’s more about reinterpreting the arrangement of instruments and the music. In that case, I just wanted to strip it down and to make it less electronic, so that people could really hear the words of the song and feel the emotion around it.

melanie martinez the showTVLINE | For Top 6 week, you had two songs to cover. On Adam’s choice — Lenka’s “The Show” — I felt like the staging overshadowed the performance. Were you comfortable with all those props and people carrying them around you as you sang?
Adam chose that song to show a different side of me, because I’d been doing all these somber songs for a few weeks. But I’m not necessarily a happy singer. That’s not who I am as an artist. So I think that’s what kind of made me get off the show. [Laughs] That wasn’t who I am, and people need to see the real you. And the real me is this deep, kind of somber person. I can’t really help that.

TVLINE | And in terms of the actual staging, at one point, there was a guy rowing a cardboard boat about a foot away from you!
[Laughs heartily] I know. Actually, there was a lot going on, but it was really fun. I mean, I can’t deny that it was totally the most fun experience that I’ve had on the show.

TVLINE | Things seemed to get even weirder during your feedback from Christina Aguilera, when she huffed that you weren’t even looking at her.
Oh, well, I can explain that to you very well. I was actually about to cut her off — because she kept talking about staging and stuff, and that was her only thing that she had to say, was about staging. I mean, I always appreciate her critiques, but I was looking at Adam, because he was about to cut her off, too, since she was giving credit to [Jerry Slaughter for the set concept] when it was Adam’s and my idea. I just wanted to…make that clear. Yeah. [Laughs]

TVLINE | A lot of your fans felt Xtina was particularly hard on you, that she seemed to go after you in almost a personal way. Did you feel that, at all?
Yeah. I mean, obviously we’re all really hard on ourselves in general, so when someone else is being hard on you, we feel it immediately — like she is putting us down. But really, I’ve definitely taken her advice to heart, and I’ve definitely tried to make myself into a better artist because of it. It definitely motivated me to do better, all the negative feedback that she’s given me. And I do believe that’s why I made it this far, which is a great accomplishment for me.

TVLINE | Not to harp on Xtina, but on Top 6 night, she also suggested — in great detail, and singing snippets herself — that you should be tackling Fiona Apple. And the next night, on the results show, you did a duet of “Criminal” with Nicholas David. Were you already aware at that point that you were performing “Criminal,” and if so, do you think she did, too?
We’d already known for a week that we were doing “Criminal,” so it’s really interesting how she said that. I have no idea if she knew or not, but it kind of made it look like she chose the song for us, and she did not. But “Criminal” had been on my list for the whole entire season, and so had “Little Red Riding Hood,” the other song that Christina sang to me. I’m just glad that I got to do it as my last performance on the show, especially with Nicholas, because he’s someone I really admire as an artist.

The Voice - Season 3TVLINE | So back to Top 6 night, on “Crazy,” were you actually playing that mini-piano, or was that on stage just for effect? And what was up with the mannequins?
I think the strings in it were cut, so it was more for staging purposes. [Laughs] And the mannequins. [Laughs] Yeah, they were awesome. The mannequins were not my idea, but I thought they were super-creepy, and definitely fit the mood.

TVLINE | I felt like in a sense your approach to that song wasn’t a remembrance — I remember when I lost my mind — but rather, from the point of view of a person who is still very much crazy.
Yeah. Absolutely. That’s definitely what I was going for, just to kind of represent the essence of the song. I thought that I could show people a different side to the song.

TVLINE | So what’s next for you now?
I’m planning on putting out my own original work. I’m happy that I don’t have to do covers anymore, because that’s not what I do. I write a lot deeper stuff. I’m just excited to move on with my career and touch people’s hearts. That’s what my ultimate goal is, and I’m glad that I got to do some of that on the show.

Were you a Melanie Martinez fan this season? Did you think she should’ve made the Top 4? And which of her performances was your favorite? Sound off in the comments, and for all my Voice news, interviews, recaps, and exclusives, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. gailer says:

    XTina should realize what it’s like to be a high school kid. Nice job Melanie!

    • bbl says:

      I think it would do these artists and the show good if there was a little more transparency in what gets shown/portrayed on screen. Too often it seems that opinions are formed — and contestants put through/sent home — based on superficial things and sometimes misinformation. Most of the coaches seem to do a good job staying neutral about all of the contestants, but there’s always going to be some bias when the coaches themselves are effectively competing as well. Show more of the behind-the-scenes, more of the process, more of the contestants growing as people and as artists. Like X Factor, I think the title of this show is a bit misleading.

    • Xtina was in the national spotlight long before she was Melanie’s age. And I don’t think is was all puppy dogs and rainbows. She worked really hard to get where she is, and that kind of fame and work and lifestyle derailed a lot of people…look at Brittany’s meltdown. Melanie needs to grow up, she’s not 5 she’s 17. She should at least have listened to the other people on the show who have stories of labels chewing them up and spitting them out. Fame isn’t easy.

      • teatime says:

        Melanie said she listened to the critiques and improved because of it. So I’d say she is grown up in that regard.

      • Temperence says:

        And Christina was inappropriate enough at times this season that they literally did not go to her (they just went tothe three guys) for critiques of the artist’s performances for whole episodes. They’d talk to her for her people, and then they showed just the three men for everyone else. She really gets her broom out (maybe 2 or three) sometimes.

    • Meow says:

      Provided Xtina is still trying to live the life of a highschooler…

  2. Lana says:

    She should have made the Top 4. She’s much more of an artist and a much better singer than Trevin, who should have been gone weeks ago.

    • Kyle says:

      There were people who went home in the battle rounds who are better than Trevin.

      • Temperence says:

        Agreed. Totally agree. I like the kid, and it’s fantastic that he’s been shown that the inexcusable behavior of that teacher was total nonsense, but he did a series of nearly random songs, and paired awful eprformanes with really good ones when everyone else was doing a very good one and a great one. A couple times, I hate to mute his songs – the arrangements or his voice n it just had to go. He’s really good at some types of music, though (he’s not at all versatile).

        • Grace says:

          Anyone who doesn’t think Trevin has a good voice is either not listening or just jealous. He had by far the strongest voice in the competiton and should not have gone home. I’d like to see Terry or Nicholas try to sing some of the songs that Trevin did. There’s no comparison.

  3. Lisakay says:

    Great interview! I thought Melanie was great on the show, even if she’s not to everyone’s taste. I can see how she’d be an artist who sings her own stuff best. I look forward to hearing her original material someday.

  4. Jason says:

    She was my favorite!

  5. Brandon says:

    I’ll be buying her stuff as soon as it’s out!

  6. Mary says:

    I LOVED LOVED LOVED Melanie!!!! Cannot wait for her work…will definitely be buying. She’s one of a kind.

  7. screan says:

    Thought she was fantastic. Wish she had lasted til the finals- I always looked forward to her songs. No karaoke. I thought Xtina was really rude to her.
    All the best to you Melanie!

  8. tigersmurfette says:

    while i dont really watch the show. the xtina nonsense kinda serves a point. you are going to encounter a heck of a lot more negativity in that business so get used to it. either has an opinion and the majority isnt nice. so people need to stop harping on her about how she does her job. cuz that is her job.

    • tigersmurfette says:

      whoa. spell check lol. everyone* not either. i shouldnt multitask while making a post.

    • Hannah says:

      It’s different when only Melanie (and to certain extent Team Adam in general, because Amanda got it too) gets treated that way, and everyone else gets off scotch-free, like they’re completely flawless.

      • Artlight says:

        Except it wasn’t Team Adam in general really, it was only Melanie and Amanda. Xtina liked Brian, Lauren and Josselyn (though in her case it was to be expected because she used to be in Christina’s team) and said so quite a few times.
        IMO while she could have been more polite when critiquing them at the end of the day it is her job and if Melanie and Amanda aren’t ready to face tought critiques then they just aren’t ready for the music biz

        • Hannah says:

          My point is that Amanda and Melanie got it worse, and they handled it just fine. Joselyn was a pitch nightmare in “Give Your Heart A Break,” but she got the “you’re such a great presence on stage” praise. Amanda never got that despite OWNING it every time.

    • Aaron says:

      It wasn’t because Xtina criticized her that bothered me. It was because it seemed that Xtina decided that women should sing like herself raunchy and loud. And, because Melanie sang differently, she didn’t fit into Xtina’s mold and was criticized for that more than anything else.

      • Tom22 says:

        Yes. But I’m not sure I hold that against her. I only wish she was more clear at expressing that those things are what she values .

        • dj says:

          It does seem like Xtina only likes female singers who remind her of herself. I still can’t believe she let De’Borah get away.

      • Naureen says:

        While I definitely agree that Christina showed a definite preference towards people who sang in her own style (that is to say, big brassy belting) this year, I don’t think Melanie was criticized just because she sang differently. Xtina liked Dia just fine in S1 and Lindsey Pavao was one of her semi-finalists last year, after all, and they both had quiet, sweet voices similar to Melanie’s. I liked Melanie and I think she came up with some great cover arrangements, but I will admit that she didn’t have as much technical prowess as Dia and Lindsey (especially in terms of breath control), and that seems to be the first thing Christina looks at pretty often.

        If anyone got unfair criticism for not fitting into Xtina’s mold, it was Amanda Brown.

  9. Wow, that interview pretty much confirmed everything I thought. She needs a tougher skin and a heckuva lot less entitlement. She ain’t that special, Xtina never said anything that wasn’t true, and she was totally not respectful. Xtina may be a self-absorbed diva, but she earned that role, and she is paid a great deal of money to play it.

    Why dress like a cute little kid and pretend to be cutesy if that’s not how you want people to see you? Total MPD disconnect. Creepy. Good luck dealing with Adam as your label if you couldn’t even respect him when cameras are rolling and everyone is on their best behavior. Or how about an audience that is talking and drinking through your set? Gonna crawl back under a table and hum to yourself? Good luck, kiddo.

    • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Someone sees to think they are a really special flower. I’ve got news for her, I doubt she will see a lot of commercial success if she enjoys being “creepy”. And those are her own words. And at 17 she seems to think she knows more about success than the 4 ultra-successful people sitting across from her. Good luck with that. And that silly half and half hair thing.

      • KiP says:

        Thank you! I wasn’t the biggest fan of what she did as an “artist”; basically she just made every song softer, slower, and more acoustic rather than amplified or production heavy. But I could have chalked that up to a difference in taste if it weren’t for her obvious sense of entitlement. Yes, it’s unfair for Christina to pick on her, but that happens. Take that as an opportunity to show that you can take it. Be diplomatic and don’t throw your coach–who SAVED you when you didn’t get enough votes–under the bus for your elimination. She is certainly a unique young woman and should be proud of that, but shouldn’t act like she knows more about “depth” or “artistry” than everyone else.

        • Tom22 says:

          I’m not really sure where people get this “sense of entitlement” thing from. “Hey, thanks but I’ll do it my way” is an american virtue…. Daniel Boone on the frontier.. the mountain men and gold rush prospectors …. Teddy Roosevelt to a degree.

          Go out and do it your way and don’t care about what others think. Being self-confident to march by the beat of your own drummer doesn’t mean you think you are superior.. it means that you value yourself and let others value themselves by their own terms.

          Entitlement is an expectation that someone else owes you something, not that you must cow-tow to someone who’d been successful at things you don’t aim to do.

    • Oman says:

      Melanie Martinez Is AAAWWSSOOMMEE!!!

      And TVWILLROTYOURBRAIN, I don’t appreciate you dissing Melanie. And Xtina just has to get used to singers being more talented than her.
      AND Melanie WAS respectable to Xtina EVEN when Xtina was dissing her.

  10. Linda says:

    M M you where my absolute favorite , will buy everything you do. Next was Nic David. You both had the most unique sounds and personality. Would also like to see more of your art. Peace Linda

  11. syb says:

    I did miss her last night. Other than Nicholas, there are only contest singers left and I’m getting bored. Melanie was a nice bit of smoked salt to that musical caramel.

  12. Hannah says:

    I will admit that Melanie’s live performances were technically flawed, but she by far has the best collection of studio recordings this season. I’m waiting until the end of the season to choose which ones to purchase, but so far I’m really only having trouble narrowing down Melanie’s list.

    • Hannah says:

      *I meant to say her live performances were OFTEN technically flawed – don’t want to imply that she always had technical issues, because she didn’t.

  13. jamie says:

    Melanie was also my favorite and her style is beyond anything the ordinary music industry can understand. I hope she stays true to her artistic style, and not sell out or compromise who she is. I think Christina will never understand or get someone of her style because she is so incredibly unique and so amazing. I am excited to see how she develops as an artist and I will buy her music.

  14. joseph says:

    My favorite was cough syrup. And I can’t wait to get her first album I know its gonna be amazing.

  15. Puhleaze says:

    Did she really have the nerve to blame Adam “for getting off the show”? Wow. Talk about ungrateful. When given the choice he actually saved her with his coaches save and was clearly in her corner all season long. Stay classy Melanie!

    • Tom22 says:

      Common, you read all the compliments she gave adam and you leap at the one thing she didn’t see eye to eye with as in gratitude? She even explained herself and the explanation had nothing to do with adam and was all about what type of song she connected with. She was also pleasant about the staging (which I guess she was very much part of) that has been universally panned as very distracting by those who liked her. Certainly she would have gotten more votes without that song (I know my daughter would have voted but didn’t because she thought the staging was really lame)… but we have no idea how many or if it would have made a difference.

      Also, I don’t think any big city people regard an off handed joke (which is what we would call that “why I went home” thing) rude. We feign exasperation and exaggerate a bit more as a humorous and playing with trouble meme.

  16. kelly says:

    Melanie was my favorite on the show. I happened to stumble upon The Voice one night and her performance is what got me interested in the show! I was very surprised to watch it this week and see that was she was gone. I am no longer interested in watching the show. Good luck with your music Melanie!

  17. dj says:

    After reading the comments, it’s so interesting how everybody gets something different out of the interview. I think Melanie sounds mature and down-to-earth for 17, not entitled and bitter. I miss her on the show. She was always interesting and entertaining. Sometimes her vocals were not spot-on, like on “Crazy,” for instance, but her approach was unique. I hope she goes on to have a good career.

    • MC says:

      Yes. I think she explained everything weird that happened. I’m not sure how anyone gathers that she’s not tough enough for the business. Poor reading comprehension skills? How many 17 year olds are so dedicated to their craft and have already mapped out a unique career path for themselves in music? Hmmm, not too many.

      • How many 17 year olds live in fantasy lands where they are super special and all their dreams come true? A whole lot…most 17 year olds, in fact. Few are right. And few have the drive and toughness and talent to make it happen. The Voice isn’t ready-made fame–it isn’t American Idol, stand in line and get your chance at 15 minutes. And the fact that she hasn’t paid her dues and doesn’t even understand what those dues will be showed on camera and shows now. She has to learn to play the game.

  18. Laquanda says:

    Melanie Martinez is a pathological liar. Regarding Christina, she gave a very different response when she was interviewed by Access Hollywood as to why she was looking away. (Look up: “The Voice: Why Melanie Martinez is apologizing to Christina Aguilera) She also admitted that Jeri Slaughter, Christina’s long-time choreographer (which is why Xtina was praising him), WAS part of the creative thought behind the production. Furthermore she wrote a diss song about Christina and shared it with her fans on Ustream, then denied it was about her when confronted on Twitter. She lied and said it was about some bully from high school. It’s so obvious that, much like Tony Lucca from Season 2, she’s trying to use Christina for attention and future record sales.

  19. Tamis says:

    First of all, Christina was just being honest and it’s called a critique. You can absorve and accept that to improve yourself or you can go act like a child and say this kind of thing to get attention. I don’t think Christina gets paid to not be sincere when she has to. Listen to her albuns, you can obviously see she worked hard to be where she is today. It’s clear she was more mature when she was a kid working at The Mickey Mouse Club than you are right now. Learn about critiques, honey! And Melanie, you’re acting like a child since you were interviewed after the show and totally lied about this situation. I’m 17 years old too and I do know the difference between a constructive critique and bad critique. And yes, there were a lot better people on the show that deserved to stay even tho I do think she’s great! And to those of you saying Christina doesn’t understand her style, don’t forget Lindsey Pavao from season two.

    • Temperence says:

      Nah, Christina’s on her broom enough that there were literlaly two episodes where the producers refused to let her comment on anyone but her own people. They just skipped her for everyone else. And obviously, the excellent Melanie and the incomparable Miss Amanda Brown didn’t care for her one bit. I’m with them – Xtina needs an attitude adjustment during her break next season.

      • Will says:

        You must be dumb. They occasionally do that to all the coaches due to time constraints. Pay attention and research before opening your pie hole.

      • Tamis says:

        I’m a huge fan of the show and I’ve never missed an episode since the first one. Look, it’s not hard to see that the first artists always hear all the coaches’ coments and because of the lack of time, they skip one of them alternately. No matter what, they always skip one coach at the end. And I’m sorry, even The New York Times has written recently an article about Christina executing her excellent job as a coach on The Voice. You probably don’t like Christina and you don’t wanna admit that, I got it.

  20. MoonDance says:

    Melanie is one of my faves from this season and I look forward to purchasing whatever she puts out. She’s adorable, unique, and refreshing.

  21. Kit says:

    I love how the MEHlanie fans are completely ignoring the fact that she gave a different account of what happened to Access Hollywood. She’s just trying to gain publicity using Christina’s name.

  22. Bob says:

    Sounds to me like there’s another Taylor Swift in development on the show. Writes songs about relationships ending. Guess if it works for Swift, it can work for her.

  23. Leah says:

    LOVE this girl. I don’t care what anyone says or thinks. Watch her YouTube work, she’s INCREDIBLE, and the show did her NO justice. Glad Adam signed her, waiting to hear more of her original work. She gained a fan <3

  24. peacekeeper says:

    I do not want to judge the technical validity of Christina’s negative feedback towards Melanie through the show. However, this part of Christina behaviour: “Well, she’s NOT EVEN looking at me…It is Ok!” criticising the normal flight-reaction of a 17-year girl in front of a large and national-wide audiences is an obvious case of bullying behaviour. It is shameful to defend this type of bulling behaviour from a grown-up pop singer.

    • Tom22 says:

      Yeah.. and if she were sobbing like an idiot like people do on idol or other shows it would be ok..

      I’d much rather have someone look away when they don’t agree, and I would actually even rather have someone get mad than cry.

      People should never sit there and take things they don’t agree with without giving there opinion back and cutting off the other person if they’re being inaccurate.

      Alll people should stick up for themselves.

  25. peacekeeper says:

    Melanie first reaction to Christina in Access Hollywood and saying that her behaviour to not look at christina was wired is the first reaction of a victim (taking responsibility on oneself as opposed to expressing the fact that it was difficult for her to tolerate unfair and biased treatment of the judge). I am happy that Melanie was able to come out of that self-downing mood and express bravely and frankly her opinion in this interview. I think she was still very polite to not trash the bullying and biased judge in this interview. Adam was not able to defend her girls in front of Christina. It is obvious that Melanie is very creative and her intellectual and artistic ability is far he higher than her age. I found her works is very special and I will buy her works . I am tired of copycats and screamers! As her voice is unique her fans are unique.

    • Seriously says:

      Except that Melanie is completely shady and a liar beyond that situation. Maybe you’re not aware, but as was mentioned earlier, immediately after The Voice she wrote a diss song about Christina and shared it with her followers via a live performance video on Ustream. Melanie and her mom were asking everyone in the chatroom to guess who they thought it was about, and when everyone was saying “Christina”, Melanie said something along the lines of ‘people are so smart.’ Then they said not to spread it. When confronted by Christina fans on Twitter, Melanie completely denied that it was about her and sort of lashed out at everyone. She made up a story that she was talking to her cousin in chat and that the song was about a high school bully. Yeah, right. That doesn’t even make sense. Since when is “people are so smart” referring to only one person? She just wants press.

      • peacekeeper says:

        Even if what you said is true, i think it is impressive that she wrote that song since this way she is trying to be nice and not trash back Christina publicly. Instead, she uses her hurt and pain to create a song for us . This is the best way to heal, isn’t it. Good for Melanie to do so. In fact you and Christina fans are trying to spread the word. I did not know it! Anyway, people do not care why a song writer writes a song, they make connection between the song and their life. So you should not bother yourself, seriously. Hello!

  26. kelly says:

    I watch the show. when the now started doing toxic I was hooked. she is intoxicating. We are starving for originality. Something that is not stamped from a cookie cutter. Her personality is as sweet as her voice. She is young, but will be very successfully. Good work dad! I will buy her music.

    • Brooke says:

      She “will be very successfully”? “Good work dad”? WTF are you talking about?

    • Tom22 says:

      Kelly celebrates anyone that dares to be different.
      Brooke would prefer someone who knew their place and stuck to the herd unless they were good enough to lead the herd and regards people who neither lead nor follow as suspicious and dangerous.

  27. Hold up says:

    I think people are twisting Christina’s words to make her seem like a witch. All I see are a bunch of bandwagon jumpers who don’t bother investigating beyond what they read in an article or see in a video or on a show like The Voice. Bashing Christina is ‘the cool thing to do’ nowadays. The general public never sugarcoat anything they say about her, whether it be about her weight, choice of outfits, etc. And let’s face it – there’s ALWAYS a huge overreaction and backlash over any and every perceived critical comment that Christina gives. Meanwhile, Britney and Demi can constantly tell contestants on X-Factor that they’re boring or that they “need a new teacher to teach them how to sing” or that their contestants have “more talent in their pinkie fingers” than so and so judges contestants and it’s never a big deal in the media or with the public. If you go back and listen to the infamous “She’s not even looking at me…it’s ok” comment directed at Melanie, Christina didn’t even say it in a mean way! She said that because she knows it’s ALWAYS awkward when she gives this type of input and was trying to be comforting. But as usual people twisted it to mean: “Bow down to the queen and give me the attention I deserve!” So stupid. And Jeri Slaughter WAS one of the people involved in the creative aspect of that performance. Melanie even named him off in an interview. It wasn’t just her and Adam! But the whole reason Christina even kept talking about Jeri, is because he is her long time friend and choreographer who was brought on to the show to help with such things.

    • Tate says:

      Xtina, is that you?

    • Carlie says:

      “Hold up” is the same person as several above who defended Christina. Look at how “Jeri Slaughter” is misspelled in every single post. Get a life.

      • teatime says:

        Interesting. I noticed I did not recognize a couple of the names that posted here to defend Christina. It seemed odd to me. These contestant interviews don’t usually have any heated discussion and I expect the comments to be mostly from fans who have posted under the regular articles about the show. Yet for some reason there is all this talk conversation here about Christina when I really did not think Melanie said anything offensive about her in the interview posted here.

      • Hold up now says:

        Um. That’s how his name is spelled.

  28. Charlie says:

    I love melanie on the voice, she was the most artistic among all of them. Honestly for me, she seem to have the most potential on having a successful career among the other contestant. But the one answer she gave about adam song choice might sent her home, I thought was pretty rude especially with him signing her to his 222 record label after she got eliminated. I actually like both of the song she performed and thought both song suited her voice. Nevertheless, I will try to support her any way I can.

    • Tom22 says:

      It was a joke on the same order that Adam’s comment about beating up her boyfriend was a joke. I’m sure that Adam took it that way. Clearly if she had sung better songs she might have had a chance to stay and the ones she sung got her sent home. Blame is shared all around but she didn’t single out Adams role in song choice as the ONLY reason, but perhaps enough to make the difference. The world aint black and white and discussing the pro’s and con’s doesn’t mean you’re fixated on the cons.

  29. Slatina Whorinova says:

    What a pretentious little twit. Calling herself “deep”. Blech. And then saying that doing covers is not what she does and she’s more into “deep” stuff. Get over yourself, you one-trick pony! I, for one, am ecstatic that I don’t have to sit through her heavy-breathing through another otherwise great song!

  30. Clayton says:

    To me, Melanie made the show really worth watching this season. There were many talented artists, and many great performances, but Melanie was the artist I looked forward to hearing each week. Way to take past hits and make them new and fresh! Looking forward to your first CD!

  31. Big Cheekz says:

    melanie was hot. christina is getting too old and fat and her costumes are more ludacris than cee-lo’s. whoop that trick, melanie! looking forward to ur new cd. adam is still crap. he musta got kicked in his privates to sing like that. bring back Goodie Mob! this show is str8 racist. jeri slaughter? no, sargent slaughter was kool. no doubt no diggity. peace.

  32. DavidLovesMelanie says:

    I can’t believe I’m so Melobsessed!

    • Oman says:

      I just met Melanie Martinez in Charlotte and she is the nicest person you could meet. :)

      • DavidLovesMelanie says:

        You are one lucky Oman. I knew she was in Charlotte last night but I’m in Arizona. So I’ll have to wait, probably a long time before she performs out here.

  33. Anna says:

    I don’t claim to know exactly what was going on, but to me it seemed as if Xtina was a little jealous. I mean sure when she was 17 she was making music, but she hadn’t really hit that point where she could be considered a real artist (in my opinion) and Melanie already has.

  34. F Christina! When is Melanie coming to California?