The Voice's Amanda Brown on Grace Potter Covers, Distracting Dancers and 'Dream On'

amanda brown voice nbcWhen Amanda Brown covered both Aretha Franklin and Whitesnake for Top 6 performance night on The Voice, her coach Adam Levine raved about her versatility. But the 27-year-old former background singer for Adele says she hopes to to make it par for the course to fuse soulful vocals with edgy rock sounds as she embarks on her post-show career.

“It’s funny: Two of my favorite artists are Tina Turner and Prince, and either of them would be able to pull off ‘Natural Woman’ and ‘Here I Go Again’ back to back without anyone questioning it,” says Brown. “Those songs represented me — and I want people to prepare themselves for a mesh of those worlds with regard to my original music. I’m not saying I want to complicate things, but I like the idea of challenging mindsets and challenging contemporary thoughts about what music should be.”

TVLine caught up with Brown to discuss her entire Voice “journey” — from her Battle Round against Trevin Hunte to her epic “Dream On” cover to Blake Shelton’s Top 6 results-night prediction that she’d be going home.

TVLINE | I’m not going to lie: I was ready to call 911 and report a robbery the night you were cut from the competition.
[Laughs] I guess a lot of people thought that I was one of the contenders for the win, but I really didn’t have any expectations. I never imagined I’d make to the Top 20, let alone the Top 6, so I’m happy. And now I’m ready to go and make some music.

TVLINE | Well, it’s good that you’re taking the classy approach. Leave it to lunatics like myself to rail against the outcome.
[Laughs] Well, that’s why we have people like you. You do all that for us.

TVLINE | So let’s talk about your Battle Round performance of “Vision of Love,” which is where most people first realized what a great vocalist you are. Did you realize going in that Cee Lo was thinking about you as cannon fodder for his front-runner Trevin [Hunte]?
I wasn’t aware of Cee Lo’s thought process until Trevin and I both got into the rehearsal room for the first time with him and Rob Thomas. I felt very confident with that song because I grew up listening to Mariah Carey. Cee Lo heard me sing it, and he was like “What? I had no idea you could sing like that.” So it was a bit of a bummer to hear that he was throwing me under the bus, that I was going to be tossed aside after my battle with Trevin. But then the other coaches got to hear me sing, and I ended up having the opportunity to get stolen by Adam. We developed an awesome relationship, so it all worked out.

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TVLINE | A lot has been said about “Dream On” being the big moment of Season 3, but to me your rendition of “Paris (Ooh La La)” from the Knockout Rounds was right up there with it.
Yay, I’m glad you said that! I’d never performed the song before, but I’m a huge Grace Potter fan. The first time I saw her was at Coachella this past April, and I instantly fell in love with her voice and her music. I felt like “Paris (Ooh La La)” would not only showcase my vocals, but give me a chance to have fun on stage; that’s usually the deciding factor. I like to feel the music in my body, so when I hear a tune and I have an initial, physical reaction to the music I usually know “Okay. This is the one.” I feel like it’s 10 times easier for me to move while singing than have to stand completely still and sing.

amanda brown dream onTVLINE | Your first live performance of the season — “Dream On” — was incredible. Nowadays, we don’t see many mainstream black female artists doing rock music. Was it your intention to declare to the world that this was your genre of choice, or did it just happen to be on your list of possible covers and it got cleared that week?
Song choice can be a bit difficult when you’re on this kind of show. I’m an alternative artist, and some of the music that I wanted to perform wasn’t really the best choice for this venue. I had to choose music that would be popular, that people would respond to in the context of a competition, but I also had to do music that I enjoyed and that represented me as an artist. “Dream On” is a song that I’ve been a huge fan of for a really, really long time and it fit how I see myself as a soulful, edgy, alternative artist. It literally was a dream come true for me to cover it.

TVLINE | You followed that up with Florence + the Machine’s “Spectrum,” which felt like a step back in momentum. I heard rumors that you were sick during that performance. What exactly went wrong?
I was actually really sick that week, but you have to be able to perform despite whatever you may be feeling. It probably wasn’t the best song [choice] for me, either. And adding to that, I was standing on top of that [tall pedestal] and really couldn’t move. So yeah, there were a number of elements that came into play during that performance that really didn’t showcase me in the best light. But at the end of the day you live and you learn, and I felt really honored to make it through even knowing it wasn’t my best.

TVLINE | One thing I noticed was that after “Dream On,” you were always positioned at the beginning or middle of the telecast. You never got the end-of-show pimp spot. Did that bug you? Did you ever feel like “Hey, when do I get that advantage of performing toward the end of the show and being closest to people’s minds when voting starts”?
It didn’t bug me. We work with the producers, and a lot of times it comes down to staging, and how long it takes to move certain sets from one spot to another. Plus, I also feel like opening up the show is a huge thing, too. It’s the first thing that people see and it sets the tone for the rest of the show. I feel like that’s just as much of an honor as being able to close the show.

TVLINE | All right. So I’m the only one in this conversation who’s hanging on to conspiracy theories! [Laughs]
I try to stay very positive, so that’s what you’re going to get out of me. [Laughs]

amanda brown starsTVLINE | Okay, let’s move right along to Grace Potter’s “Stars.” To me, that was a risky move, tackling a song that a lot of the audience had never heard. Did you and Adam debate the pros and cons of that choice?
No, we didn’t debate about it at all. It was off of her new album, and I hadn’t heard it yet. Adam played it for me, and maybe a minute or less into it, I’d fallen in love with it. Honestly, as soon as he said “Grace Potter” I was ready to say “yes,” but then I drew a personal connection to the lyrics and the music, and to me that rules over anything else. I know it’s a huge competition, a national platform, but at the end of the day the most important thing to me is doing music that I really feel passionate about. And it ended up being one of my best-selling songs, so it’s a decision that paid off.

TVLINE | Speaking of daring choices, you and Adam reimagined “Someone Like You” as a booming rock ballad — and adding to the pressure, you used to sing background vocals for Adele. How did that rendition come about?
I only wanted to do that song if I could change it up and make it a little bit more my own. The first couple of ideas we tried didn’t really work. So the band just started jamming in rehearsal, and I tried to go with my instincts [vocally], and eventually it formed into the final product. Again, I get a feeling in my body about whether or not something is going to be right for me, and I definitely felt that in the rehearsal — once we got the arrangement right. As for Adele, she is such a cool, cool woman that I don’t think she would’ve been offended in any way.

TVLINE | I didn’t feel like the judges’ feedback really acknowledged the creativity and fearlessness you’d shown.
There are always going to be people that maybe aren’t as enthusiastic about what you’re doing, but if it feels right for you, you just have to go with it.

TVLINE | In my humble opinion, the iTunes version of “Someone Like You” didn’t capture the rocking sensibility of what you did on stage. Did you have to record it before you’d fully finalized the live arrangement with the Voice band?
I really can only say that I went into the studio, did a couple of takes, and that’s as far as I was involved in the iTunes recording. We don’t have anything to do with what happens to our vocal after that or how the music is mixed. I’m not a huge fan of that. I’m used to being hands-on in the studio, so that was really a difficult aspect of being on this show. But there are so many people who work on The Voice, and so many parts to what we do, that I understand their method to the madness. It has to be that way.

TVLINE | Those tumblers in the foreground during your Top 6 performance of “Here I Go Again”…I felt like they were very distracting, and may have hurt you in terms of voting. Were you digging them?
I love [The Voice Performance Producer] Jerry [Slaughter], and we both discussed certain ideas. It’s just hard because every single time I did a rehearsal or sound check, I was seeing [the tumblers] from the perspective of the stage, and it felt great. But I was not seeing it from the audience point of view. I know some people didn’t love the dancers, but I totally stand by Jerry and the initial dream that we had when we were planning the performance. Don’t forget, some artists get to put together tours, and they go overseas to Europe and they test out all of their ideas, and then they come back to the U.S. and all the kinks are worked out. It’s rough when you’re performing something for the first time and all of your ideas are out there for scrutiny.

TVLINE | Okay, so here’s a question you may or may not want to answer. The night you got eliminated, Blake Shelton was asked about whether he thought America was going to save you or Nicholas David, and he said something about how America responds to uniqueness and originality, and therefore would pick Nicholas. That upset me. I found you totally unique. When was the last time we saw a black female artist rock out on a reality singing competition? How many contestants would be daring enough to tackle song choices like “Spectrum” or “Stars”? Plus, you completely reinvented “Someone Like You.” In light of that, I was wondering how you felt about Blake’s comment.
I didn’t really feel anything about it. Blake was asked a question and he answered it, and good for him. It’s a difficult question, especially when two people are standing up there waiting to find out if they’re going to go home. That was his opinion and he’s definitely entitled to it. For me, I try not to think too much about what other people think, and at the end of the day I can only be myself.

TVLINE | On that note, what can we expect from you in the future, musically speaking? I hate to ask something like “Who are you going to sound like?” but what artists might you end up alongside on an iTunes playlist?
I definitely don’t like to compare myself to anybody. I am a huge admirer of lots of people. Grace Potter is definitely one of them, and I feel like she breaks the mold in a lot of ways. She’s this soulful, edgy female rock artist that writes her own music and is really dynamic live on stage. So I would love to be in the company of someone like her once I release my original music. That said, I’m inspired by everyone from Tina Turner to Paul Simon to early Mariah Carey. So there will definitely be hints of that in my original music. You might hear anything from live African drums to a killer electric guitar part. It’s going to be more on the experimental side but it’ll be fun. I certainly hope people enjoy it!

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Were you an Amanda Brown fan this season? Did you think she should’ve made the Top 4? And which of her performances was your favorite? Sound off in the comments, and for all my Voice news, interviews, recaps, and exclusives, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. Eric says:

    Amanda should still be in the competition, and she should have been the season 4 Winner!!! I was done watching the Voice when she got eliminated!!! My favorite performance for me was, Stars. I love grace potter and the nocturnals as well. Her rendition of Stars is already one of my most played songs on itunes!!!

    • Brian in Valdosta says:

      I concur wholeheartedly: Amanda was my favourite by far. Her rendition of ‘Stars’ made me sit up in my seat and cheer out loud. It remains the only song I have ever downloaded from iTunes. Ever. In the first two days that I had the song I listened to it over and over, singing my lungs out right along with her.

      Yes, I truly thought she would win this. I envisioned it being another showdown between her and Trevin Hunte, actually, with Amanda taking the prize.

    • Temperence says:

      Yeah, my interest really ended with Amanda’s elimination. Other than Cassadee, the top 4 is not the four I’d pick in a million years. I like Trevan, but he just murders one of his songes each week (in the deeply bad way), and then does decently on the other. He’s not ‘there’ yet. Amanda is the real star of the lot, and she can sing Stars to me anytime (and I’d pay).

    • Jim Striegel says:

      I agree…done with the show! The coaches should have some input in the outcomes.

      • Lydia's Bones says:

        You’re kidding, right? In Season 3, the coaches chose all 64 finalists in the blind audition rounds. Then, the coaches determined all 40 winners from the Battle rounds (including the “Saves”). The coaches then selected the 20 singers who won their Knockout rounds. From there, American selected 8 of the Top 12, and the coaches chose the other 4. THE COACHES HAD MASSIVE INPUT THIS SEASON. A little too much, according to some. I love the fact that after the Top 12 was announced, it was totally up to America from that point on. You can be as angry as you want that Amanda didn’t advance any further than she did, but the fact remains that American simply liked other singers better. And I have no problem with that.

    • tony says:


    • Janice says:

      I hear music and know when its a HIT!!! Amanda’s voice on The Voice was a Hit! and Mr. Green was hit on the head by a flying cat with fur cause he was’t seeing straight through those cat eye classes and the hairy beast he is trying to make into a song bird.

      There is no question that Amanda Brown was nothing short of uniquely refreshing and the next big thing in music!!! No country cronner or tiger strip can even come close.

      JW Speaks

      • Darslow says:

        If Ceelo hadn’t turned around for Amanda, she wouldn’t have made it that far. So, why you’re trying to throw him under the bus, think about that first. And just so you know, Amanda was my pick to win this whole thing. I never really thought Trevin was that great. So when Amanda was eliminated, I think the voice from the point forward was nothing more than a popularity contest, with the exception of Terry. I think he’s a pretty solid rocker. Not as good as some of the legends he covers, but good enough to be in the industry. Anyway, I’m following Amanda like a hawk to see what her next move will be. I seriously think she can be the next Tina Turner.

    • I lost interest in the voice after Amanda left as well. I was sure she was going to the final.

    • cm says:

      Me too!!! I don’t want to watch it anymore! they want cassedee pope to win!

    • Sasha says:

      I agree Amanda Brown should have won this competition. She is the most interesting by far, with the most powerful voice besides…

    • Linda Aktar says:

      When I heard Amanda sing Spectrum I immediately downloaded it on ITunes hoping to boost her votes. The pivitol song for me was Stars….I’ve blasted it in my car and even cried to it, it just had that effect on me. Agreeing that when she was eliminated the show became monotonous. Looking forward to buying a concert ticket to see her in NYC in the future!

  2. Alienate says:

    Yes, Amanda was robbed. I’d like to see how long it takes for some smart music exec to sign her to a label.

    • Jay says:

      Great questions! There’s only one thing in mind that needs an answer. How does she feel when all three coaches are so hyped up every time after she performs on stage except of one, Christina Aguilera. She’s too cold to Amanda and that sucks. Seriously I need an answer. Please TV LINE.

      • Darslow says:

        Christina was just being an A-hole to Amanda the whole time. I think she was jealous.

      • i’d rEALLY LIKE A REPLY ABOUT CHRISTINA’S BEHAVIOUR toward amanda too . for someone who’s meant to be all about the voice on a show called the Voice she showed a very negative attitude to amanda ALWAYS . and came across as an absolute bitch – why?

    • Trent says:

      I just hope that music execs can move past the all style/no substance types like Minaj and see the potential in someone like Amanda. She is a fantastic vocalist and performer with a unique style. She was my favorite by far on The Voice this year and absolutely should have been in the final. Michael, great interview!

    • Darslow says:

      She will be signed and will slay the competition.

      • THAT’S what i’m hoping , and hope she gets the chance to develop well , some good support , some gooood musicians , good songwriters – love to hear more more more of her rocking out sound , sOOO much better than juliet simms last year in terms of what they could do with rock. love to see amanda tackle grace slick material

  3. Sam says:

    Great interview! The questions were the exact same thoughts running through my own head and Amanda comes off as a very humble and genuine person.

    I also disagree with Blake that Amanda isn’t “unique”, what a dumb thing to say… she unique and was also definitely the biggest risk taker in the competition – unlike his precious Cassadee who is too scared to leave her tiny little comfort zone.

    • Joe says:

      I agree that was a great interview and Amanda was robbed. Should be the Winner, without question!!! So looking forward to hearing everything you do! Have searched around the internet and found some other songs/videos Amanda’s done. It is an amazing thing to have someone be able to get inside so many different artists and constantly pull off every song she puts her mind and voice too. I love to hear that she doesn’t want someone to put her into one vocal style etc., so tired of the mindlessness of artists on the radio, it is time for a change!

    • dave . . . says:

      still cannot believe amanda got voted off. sorry america, but for the 2nd time in a month you got it wrong. cassadee dope, the bubblegum pop princess with the bland, generic, ho-hum, no-risk-taking conservative voice should have been the one going home. it’s called “the voice” people, not the pretty teenybopper debbie gibson-tiffany wannabe. cassadee is a female justin beiber. while amanda is in a class by herself. who in their right mind watched them singing that duet of “breakaway” and even thought that cassadee was a better singer than amanda??? puh-lease!!!

    • Rhonda says:

      When Blake referred to Nicholas as “unique”, I believe he was searching for a “kind” way to describe Nichoilas’ appearance. He was saying that America would vote for him because of the way he looks. He did not seem happy about it either. I have felt the same thing would happen and I do believe it will unfortunately. Amanda should have won!!!!

  4. Beckstle says:

    That has to be the dumbest comment ever by Blake – and I like Blake. Seriously? Nicholas is winning because he ISN’T original or unique. He’s a throwback to a earlier music era. Yes, it’s a great era and a great sound, but original and unique? No. In fact, the four finalists are ALL throwbacks to some other sound. Even Cassadee is like Lilith Fair circa 1997. The artists with originality got sent home last week. However, the thing that gives me hope is that it’s not like the music wasn’t selling or didn’t have fanbases. Amanda is on the road to becoming a legend in the music industry, while those left…sure, they’ll all do alright, Trevin with some more work could become the next Luther Vandross – since his death there’s been no one to even begin to fill his shoes. However, last I checked, Bon Jovi, Michael Bolton and Avril Lavigne were all alive and well so….

    • But you know what Nicholas’ (and Cassadee’s and Terry’s) voice sounds like. If it came on the radio, you could pick him out. He has his own identity. Amanda didn’t. She had a bunch of different sounds depending on what she was singing. That’s what Blake was saying, IMO.

    • Temperence says:

      Yes. I have a great appreciation for Nicholas, but he’s great at singing certain types of songs from people that we can name (and that’s cool – we need people to carry on those traditions and occasionally make new songs in those genres). But Amanda is a million times more unique: Vision of Love to Spectrum to Here I Go Again and back to Stars. Oh my! R&B, alternative, rock, hard rock, and alt-county all in the same gal. She should have been the winner.

    • Veronica says:

      EXACTLY how I feel! Nicholas is BOGUS and is not an original by any stretch of imagination. He actually made most of the songs, which were R&B, horribly. When we want to listen to R&B, we go to the source. If your going to do a re-make, well, it’s a challenge most can’t hold up to. I’m done with this show for this season….if they go back to their original format of voting, I will watch, othewise, BYE-BYE!!! They had an original approach to the show, but it’s being lost now~

  5. Sam says:

    My fave performances were Dream On, Stars and Someone Like You, but honestly I loved everything because she’s also an incredible performer!

  6. Terry says:

    I second your conspiracy theory. I’m convinced the producers decided to put their money on Cassidee Pope after Blake Shelton gave her his hit song (talk about an unfair advantage!) and then shaped the show to eliminate her only competition in Amanda Brown and leave her to win against 3 very niche singers. Amanda is just too nice to agree with us.

    • Hannah says:

      Cassadee has gone near the end of the show every single week.

    • Allie says:

      I agree. I feel like this whole season was geared towards marketing Cassadee. I really thought there were many times she should have gone home. She totally sucked in the knock-out rounds singing Payphone. She is just a barbie doll wannabe that sings what her coach tells her. Her genre isn’t even country and it is like Blake is pigeonholing her to be a country crossover artist. Plus when I read what Wikipedia says about her band Hey Monday, it really pisses me off that she is there. I just feel like we were duped by the show….

  7. Doug says:

    The voters got it WRONG! Amanda is very unique! I agree with this article 100%! I would have mentioned Christina’s treatment of Amanda after nearly every performance (When Carson asked for her opinion on Amanda’s performance, it was always a little negative.) which really turned me off of Christina….

    • jaydub says:

      Agree completely and glad to see it wasn’t me imagining Christina was reacting negatively at almost every opportunity. Amanda was a class act on stage and in the interview as well. I hope we see and hear much more from her.

      • Elliot discuillo says:

        absolutely. make some music Amanda. would love to have a picture with Amanda autograph.

        Amanda if possible please contact me.

  8. Brian says:

    Still so bitter about her getting sent home. However, because of her performances I have found a new favorite band in Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. I hope Amanda Brown releases an album eventually. I would likely purchase it.

  9. jimbo says:

    Amanda should clearly havd gone on to the end. She is already a star and I am a fan forever. I, too, was disappointed by Christina’s comments. For other artists she praised doing somethin new every week. For Amanda it was a criticism. You can’t have it both ways. Amanda is not only unique, she is a greata singer in the same range as Adam Levine mentioned after “Dream On”.

  10. Mainegirl says:

    Amanda has a huge career in front of her now. She was my favorite contestant. Thanks so much for the interview!

  11. If she’d been consistent and tried to keep doing the R&B/rocker thing, then it would have been saying something about how she was “unique.” But she didn’t. She did it twice. And she shrieked alot. So, frankly she isn’t that good at. CeeLo has bizarre comments sometimes, but rock music is sung in straight lines with clear melodies. And people who like rock, don’t usually also like R&B, because they don’t like cursive singing Xtina runs. If she can do something interesting in the future that makes it all fit together, good on her. But until then, she wasn’t a very good rocker, she couldn’t find the actual beat on Dream On with both hands and a map. And those are deal breaker things for this rock fan.

    • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

      I think TV rotted someone’s brain….

      • Tash says:

        I concur!

        • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

          Hey, it’s me.

        • 1xaipe says:

          You’re the one who posted that as your “name” & then made one of the most idiotic comments ever. Amanda’s rendition of “Dream On” was so completely pitch-perfect that the original could have been played along with it & it would have been nearly impossible to detect the difference. Amanda had MASSIVE range & not only had a huge dynamic range in terms of octave range, but she had vocal power throughout that range like very few have–Whitney, Jennifer Hudson, (sad to say) Christina. There just aren’t very many comparisons to what she’s capable of, & Cassadee is just an Avril clone with next to no creativity or range, either vocally or creatively. She’s a complete dud & will be as completely unsuccessful as any of the previous Voice winners. America votes for the idiots in these competitions, but very few ever amount to anything, including & especially the winners. Jennifer Hudson barely made the top 10 of her “Idol” season, which was won by Fantasia Barino (if anyone remembers that name at all). Hudson went on to win Grammys, Academy Awards for her incredible acting & singing, & will probably win a Tony for a Broadway show long before she’s done. Amanda Brown will be remembered long after the rest of the idiots from that ridiculous competition are forgotten. In a show called, “The Voice,” having a winner like Cassadee Pope is a slap in the face to people who really can sing. Blake put her in a box & kept her there to make sure that her “fans” would continue to vote for her, not because she was the best contestant but because she did the same crap week to week rather than take any real chances. He did that once with Terry, brought him out of his box, & he almost lost him. Blake played for “the win” rather than to showcase any potential “talent.” His team had very little actual talent, however, so he had to play to whatever strength he could find. Once he realized that Cassadee had a “popularity factor” like Avril, he pounded that down our throat. It also didn’t strike me as coincidence that Adam’s contestants were eliminated after he (rightfully) bashed “Honey Boo Boo” as the downfall of American culture, a statement for which he was trashed by the 1% of loudmouths…er, American population… who actually watches that drivel. It’s ludicrous. I’m done with that show just like I’m done with Idol seasons ago & have never watched any if the other “reality” singing/talent competitions that have come along. The only reason I ever watched The Voice was for Adam & Cee Lo, the latter if whom is on hiatus for season 4. I’m out, period. I’ll never watch another one if these idiotic “reality” shows again. They’re all based on the worst of American culture, yet these idiots end up becoming celebrities simply because they acted the fool on television. It’s the stupidest thing ever! I’m just totally done with it all. I hope MTV eventually fails & that all these ridiculous shows eventually get so mundane that the viewers realize that once they’ve seen one they’ve seen them all. Maybe someday we’ll actually see the return of good, story-driven television. For now, I’ll have to stick with USA, where story & characters are welcome!

    • Ada says:

      Wow!!! Did we watch the same show–Artist? Really??? Music needs to become a core class taught in grade school. Well taste cannot be taught, but music basics I am sure is very teachable.

      • Apparently not. She did not maintain a consistent voice. Aretha Franklin to Whitesnake says it all. Pick a genre. Go back and listen to Stars and then put it next to Grace Potter’s version, Potter keeps a consistent tone in her voice the entire time–mournful and a bit country. On the low sections, Amanda does something similar you kind of feel the emotion, but when she goes up for the high “stars” her tone completely switches and is all sugar and gospel music. And none of that sounded like what she did on either Aretha Franklin or Whitesnake or anything else. Being able to change your sound is a good thing, Broadway singers can do it. But there is a reason that Broadway singers (who have fantastically trained voices) don’t crossover to mainstream with any frequency. Xtina was right, you never knew who she really was. Versatility kills you if you are trying to construct an identity–we don’t care about all the different things that you “can” do (relatively speaking because I don’t think she could rock, obviously) we want to know what you will do when you get your own album and stop doing covers.

    • Allie says:

      You clearly are not that bright. Rock music actually has it’s roots in R&B and the blues. Amanda did an amazing job with Dream On. She might not have won the title but she is The Voice of season three.

    • Knows music says:


  12. Aaron says:

    Amanda Brown, will you marry me?

  13. Antonio Muse says:

    AMANDA BROWN IS THE TRUTH! I was on Trevins bandwagon but with every performance Amanda has drawn me to her like a moth to a flame. SHE IS AMAZING! I was one of those lunatics that cursed the show when she was eliminated. You can check the voice Facebook page(Im D Antonio Muse) lol. But seriously America got it wrong! This show is called the Voice and Amanda was The MOST VERSATILE, SEASONED, POWERFUL SINGER ON THAT STAGE! I think if most people were to turn there backs to the tv, close there eyes and actually LISTEN like the judges do in the beginning of the show there would be NO WAY that anyone can say AMANDA BROWN didn’t deserve to still be a contestant! This is not a popularity contest, if talent like this gets voted off then they need to change the name of the show from the VOICE to the CHOICE. I’m a fan. I am checking for AMANDA BROWN! Wherever she is Ima try to be there. Any music she makes I’m buying and spreading the word cause Amanda Brown IS THE VOICE

  14. B Shaap says:

    no amanda…no more the voice for me

  15. David says:

    While I believe that Trevyn had a good night last week, I still think Amanda deserved to stay instead of him.

  16. Sheila says:

    Remember!! If you don’t want itunes sales dominating the voting process—if you don’t think the dollar should rule a talent competition—DO NOT WATCH THE VOICE!!! If you want originality, then vote against commercialism, by refusing to watch!

  17. Jamey says:

    I agree Sheila. After the last Voice, I am done. Thought this show was different but it was not. I really liked Blake but see him no different than Christina, though he knows how to make seem all “country stupid”.

  18. Frances says:

    Great interview! Amanda was my favorite this season, and after her elimination, the show just isn’t that interesting. My favorite performance of hers was Grace Potter’s “Stars”. I can’t wait to see what her original music sounds like.

  19. dj says:

    I really enjoyed Amanda. The competition isn’t the same without her, and I miss Melanie, too.

  20. tracy says:

    I love Amanda, and can’t believe she is off the show! Her voice won me over weeks ago, and she just keeps looking more and more gorgeous. I loved her performance of Natural Woman.

  21. Rich says:

    Amanda Brown has the best voice and style of anyone I’ve seen on these type of show. In my opinion people pick their favories early and can’t be swayed even if someone is clearly
    better than their choice. What ever happened to fairness. Take a listen to x-factor’s
    Carly Rose Sonneclar. Only 13 she might be better than all of them but the public
    possibly influenced by some judge or judges won’t let her win because she is TOO Good
    and not ready to be outrageous on stage. Compared to most singers she will sound
    different which will not sit well with the country that is used to the height of mediocrity.
    Also, what would the record company do if she was better than all their artists. They wouldn’t know what to do because they themselves are mediocre and don’t want to
    turn off the money for REAL talent.

  22. HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

    This was SUCH a weird interview! It almost sounds like you were interviewing her as if she hadn’t won Season 3. Which she did. Of course, duh.

    • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

      Anyway she was the most awesome contestant of the season (although some others were pretty cool too). It was refreshing to see the right one win for once. I thought the “Let The Right One Win” was a horror movie, but thankfully I was mistaken. So great and man did she ever take down the house with her performance in the finale!! Sooo glad we all got to hear that! Can’t wait to hear what she does next!

  23. Marcus says:

    I don’t want to sound cliche, but I LOVED Dream On. When you listen to it thirteen times a day and still get chills every single time, you know that you are in love with it. Watch it with some headphone, and I promise you will hear every note. She sounds like a Rock Goddess!

  24. db says:

    No point to be mad at Blake. he guessed correctly. I think he was thinking quirky not the word he used. Amanda if you read this….you were great, beautiful, and awesome. Go make some edgy music…I hope to hear it one day. Mike you have the best job in the world. lol….

    • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

      I think he was seeing that two were not on itues top 10 that week and didn’t get 10x multiplier and that Nick was not one of the two and Amanda was.

  25. DA-PA says:

    Hands down, Amanda was the truth! I don’t think we hafta debate that or sound bitter in our comments. The show was obviously rigged like someone said above for Cassidy pope. She couldn’t stray from a very small comfort zone. If the world wants another Avril Lavigne, they got it. Melanie was better than Cassidy. Email the VOICE producers and threaten to stop viewing unless they do a special performance from Amanda Brown. We can do it. I’m sure the viewers ratings dropped already. I didn’t know there were so many other Amanda supporters out there. Keep speaking up!

  26. Patricia says:

    I didn’t see the final results until yesterday. I was so sure Amanda would be there that I didn’t watch the results show. My girl was surely going to be there. I was stunned to learn she was gone! Melanie I expected.d She was vulnerable, but Amanda had nailed everything. Based just on performances last week, I’d have sent Nicholas and Melanie packing. That hurts because I adored Melanie too, but she didn’t sing as well and neither did Nicholas, I thought. I don’t think the show is rigged or believe in conspiracies. The public opinion is often pedestrian its mindset and that’s exactly what showed up in the results. Boring and uninspired. Like other Amanda fans, I debated watching the show because I’m no longer invested. They are all great singers, but the very best left with Amanda and the most unique left with Melanie.

  27. Samantha says:

    Great interview and I’ll definitely be buying your cd Amanda!!!! Love you!

  28. Rick says:

    Amanda is the star of this season’s The Voice. It’s ridiculous she was eliminated. I can’t wait to buy her first CD. When will it be out?

  29. Elliot discuillo says:

    I thought Amanda Brown was an is awesome. the way she sings and moves she is indeed a star. I enjoyed every performance and yes I listen to dream on every day and it does makes me want more. I will buy her music and would love to see her in concert.

    Amanda you are truly the winner. congratulations on your bright future.

  30. Elliot discuillo says:

    I agree xtina did always give Amanda Brown negative remarks I think she was jealous of Amanda talent. I really felt she was the true winner. And it was a mistake for her to lose, now I don’t care who wins. Good luck Amanda in all your future endeavors.

  31. sharrelgoh says:

    Hey America , what were you thinking of when you voted the best singer Amanda out????Crazy…I can’t get over it that people like Nicholas get to stay instead of Amanda. I don’t think Cassadee’s nor Terry’s voices are better than Amanda’s either. She is not only a great singer but she gives the chills when she performs on stage. Your money worth. Well, my respect for Christina drops every week. Wish I didn’t know her this better and would still like her songs. From her speak up each week it is obvious she is jealous and not genuine. I do hope some smart recording companies will vie hard for Amanda and be quick because she already won so many fans over… Amanda the next great singer to be reckoned with.. She is perhaps too good to be on The Voice. I want to buy her cds and watch her shows.
    Only pity I couldn’t vote from my country. Thank you for this great interview. The questions are the same as in my mind. I am still in shock and so I searched to find how others feel …which I rarely do..

  32. Samuel Berkowitz says:

    I don’t think you are a conspiracy theroust but I must agree after she rocked the show with dream on she was treated differently I think they realized that she was head and shoulders above everyone else as far as Blake Shelton he didn’t want her to go on he would like to see old new cascades pope or terry win I think all the coaches was scared of her talent Amanda should have and would have one this but was not given a fair chance

  33. Tash says:

    I no longer watch the voice… It’s not about the singers or their voice anymore it’s become all about the money… Money is fine but it shouldn’t compromise the essence or the integrity of the whole reason or should I say the supposed reason for the show… Also it’s become all about the coach… I’m quite sure Blake’s team takes the top spot… It’s all about an alliance… I’m not saying that that’s bad but that undermines everything the show stands for/supposedly stands for… The voice is tainted now and I foresee its’ demise in the very very near future

    Amanda Brown has die hard, very loyal, smart (only an idiot would miss the genius of Amanda) and enlightened followers I foresee a very bright and stable future her…

    More power to her and thank you for doing this interview with her…

  34. Tash says:

    Xtina owes Amanda and Melanie an apology… She treated them like poop… She was very condescending and bullied them… I understand that people in the biz should have thick skin but that should never be something an established person like Xtina be doing to ordinary people like Amanda and Melanie… Who do you think you are Xtina? Who do you think pays your bills? It’s ordinary people like us… I am no longer a fan of yours… Who cares if you can sing you’re despicable and ugly… You go against everything that I stand for!

  35. Tash says:

    Justice will be served… Amanda will be even more successful and famous… I will support her for as long as I live… God speed!

  36. Katie B says:

    Love Amanda and she should have won. I have also lost any interest in The Voice since she left. I really think that she was not so much voted OFF, as much as people didn’t vote FOR her because they thought she probably had the votes to win in the bag. People vote for the underdog many times- I think all of the picked-on, bullied, kids of the world are out there voting for Nicholas and Trevin because they can relate to someone who has never fit in. Amanda was (is) perfection, and maybe they all thought that she didn’t need as much help. Does that make sense? Because her leaving the show made absolutely NO sense to me. In the end, I think she may be better off, because I can’t remember what has happened to any of the winners of The Voice after the show. So, she can move on in her own direction!
    BTW, I LOVED the performance of “Spectrum”. I also think her song choice on the very first show of “Valerie” was not great; thinking back, only CeeLo turned for her- she is so much better than that song, even though I loved her from the first moment she sang!!
    And Christina….I can’t even look at her anymore- she made a complete fool of herself by her negativity.

  37. Art says:

    I cannot wait to hear her LP! She was soooo robbed! Last nights episode was so bland…Amanda and Melanie were the two I was rooting for, but of course…I wanted Amanda to win! In my heart she already did!

  38. Brent says:

    I haven’t watched it since Amanda left. She truly was the only contestant that I would, personally, continue to follow their career.

    After her performance of Stars, it told me a lot about the judges. The fact that Adam was the ONLY judge who seemed to have a clear understanding of who Grace Potter is….well, sorry…that proved what a musical bubble they live in. Amanda, like Grace, is PURE talent.

  39. Herbert Otto says:

    Thanks for the great article – interview with Amanda Brown.
    I am one of the lunatics – who still feels Robbed – a week after Amanda was cut.
    Amanda’s voice has great range, control and quality.
    I will be a life-long fan and supporter.
    I’m anxiously awaiting her first CD.

  40. Veronica says:

    I’m so upset about Amanda not being on the VOICE! Clearly she should have been in the two remaining finalists. I had to google her to find out what she plans on doing now. Girl, keep on going because you have IT!! I will definitely be looking for your first CD! I’m so disappointed in the VOICE I’m not watching it anymore this season. They may have lost me period…this is serious!!! I recommended on the VOICE FB page that they get back to letting the judges select the finalists along with America’s vote. But not let the general public make that decision as they have issues with things that doesn’t have to do with singing at all. So, I’m personally disappointed and thanks for having this page for me to bent my nasty-gram!

  41. R. S. Rich says:

    I hope someone realizes that when Amanda left, the TVs went off all over America to another channel. Anything was better than watching The Voice without her. We are so glad she will make her music, her way despite the slap of the tastesless and utterly incapable masses — the same ones who like to punish the true achievers for doing what they can’t do themselves. Amanda is the Howard Roark of music, and seems to know it.

  42. goglo says:

    An amazing artist that will never be in a cookie cutter mold. I love her voice, swag, stage prescence and above all the gift of getting to know her through the small glimpse that was shown on stage.

    Hopefully one day Xtina will apologize for her attitude towards Amanda.

  43. Amanda was by far my favorite artist on the Voice season 3. She made me sit up in my seat week after week. Her interpretations of her music was always original, gorgeous, and dead on. Even Spectrum sounded better than the original. I got chills from Dream on to Someone like You to Natural Woman. She is simply the real deal. I too envisioned her in the finals. Though I didn’t see her with Trevin in the finals. My thought was that he’d be voted out in the semi finals. Beautiful voice, but still has some room to grow and Ceelo obviously is going to manage his career from here on out. I saw Amanda battling out with Cassadee Pope, due to Cassadee’s popularity and interesting interpretations of songs, particularly country ones. Either way, Amanda coming in the Top 5 just means she’ll be the Jennifer Hudson and Chris Mann of Season 3. This child is going to be a star. Mark my words!!! and I’ll be there buying her cd’s and going to her concerts. <333 I would love to hear who veteran singers like Paul McCartney, Diana Ross, Melissa Etheridge, and Mariah Carey would choose in this competition. I have a feeling it would be Amanda.

  44. Carmen Alvarez says:

    First i want to say that wholeheartedly I think Amanda Brown was robbed. She deserved to win this competition hands down. She was the most gifted and versatile vocalists in the Voice!!!! She can sing and out do all of the remaining contestants left!!! In addition by far, she is polished, transparent, talented and the most humble!! Beyond a shadow of doubt, she is the full package for America!!!!!!! The Voice really really got it wrong!! Then again,so did America!! She will always be the real Winner in my eyes and in many, many people i have shared these thoughts with! So please someone hurry and give her a record deal!!!! Thank you

  45. Morella says:

    Amanda was THE VOICE if what the program the voice is about. America got it wrong this time, she should have never be eliminated.

  46. Knows music says:

    The pitchy ones should be gone… Terry and Nicholas. Keep rocking Amanda. You are the truth.

  47. Tiff says:

    Amanda was absolutely my favorite for the season. I’m still missing her. Hope she makes a record soon – I’ll be first in line to buy it.

  48. Janie's daughter says:

    She was my favorite. Amanda has a superb voice, polished stage presence, and terrific interview skills – I think and hope she’ll go far.

  49. Ben says:

    Its good to see that I’m not alone in my opinions on how Amanda was robbed and mistreated. Unlike most of u commenting I’m not a music fan and yet Amanda has managed to move me in a way that so few artists have ever been able to do. From the time she sang the first duet with trevon I’ve been a fan and not just because of her astounding voice. Throughout the completion Amanda has proven to have the classiest of personalities that comes across as completely genuine. People like Christina could learn a lot from a Natural Women like her.

  50. Brenda Gibbs says:

    I am so happy to see there are so many fans of Amanda Brown who feel as I do. The girl was robbed. I quit watching Idol because it was only a popularity show. The VOICE has now become the same thing. Cassadee Pope is a pretty girl but she is just an average singer. She won based on popularity and because Xtina jumped on the band wagon and kept saying she was a super star. Xtina should be ashamed of the way she treated Amanda Brown. I could not believe the comments that came from. She showed her true colors. Amanda, like Blake said, is a world class singer. He knew it and so did witch Tina. If the judges cant be honest the integrity of the show is lost. As far as the audience voting, people are fickle and vote for any reason except the right one. The VOICE will be over soon if the majority control of votes cannot be in the hands of trusted and honest judges. Amanda you’re awesome. Release that CD so I can buy it.