Glee Casts English Actor as New Love Interest For Kurt - Is This the End of 'Klaine'?

Oliver Kieran-Jones Glee

Looks like Rachel will be able to pass her Intro to Hotties textbook to roommate Kurt come January.

Glee has cast British actor Oliver Kieran-Jones to play the new head of the glee club at NYADA and a potential love interest for Chris Colfer‘s incoming freshman, Kurt.

The actor’s most noteworthy credit stateside was an arc on Showtime’s Episodes.

VIDEO | Glee First Look: Kurt and Blaine Enjoy Christmas Reunion in New York

Jones’ deal calls for him to recur during Glee‘s current fourth season with an option to become a series regular in Season 5.

The news was first reported by our sister site, Deadline.

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  1. Ana says:

    Head of the choir? Doesn’t that mean he’s a teacher? So older guy with a young guy…yukk…

    • cj says:

      Ugh, yes, thank you Ana. Today I would like to be your friend, Ana, because you are right 100%!!

      • upto I saw the paycheck 4 $7814, I have faith that…my… father in law was like they say actualie receiving money parttime from their computer.. there friends cousin has done this for less than seventeen months and a short time ago repayed the depts on there house and purchased Mitsubishi Evo.
        this is where I

      • Ed Craft says:

        Really, Ana and CJ? So tell me, how many young, skanky women hook up with older men? Surely you both would know.

    • kavyn says:

      It’s probably more like how Blaine lead the Warblers or Rachel/Finn lead ND.

    • Liz says:

      It says choir CLUB, and college clubs are often ran by students, not professors.

    • David4 says:

      And kurt is older than blaine…. so…. what’s your point?

    • TheBeach says:

      Sorry but Kurt is probably 18 and this guy is early 20s. What’s that, a whole 2, 3, or 4 years? This is certainly no May-December romance. The age difference is no big deal IMO.

    • K says:

      seriously??? do you know how rare it is for someone to always date someone exactly the same age as them? i have date guys as much as 5 years older then me and 2 years younger then me, never the same age though. what is so yuk about this?

    • shoosh says:

      exactly he looks very old to kurt

    • Tg5117 says:

      Ok let’s get real here guys RYAN MURPHY LOVES KLAINE I’m serious of corse klaine is forever but on the others hand (and this is coming from a klainer) I think kurt should have another romance and see if this guy is really for him plus if the guys 20 he is NOT a teacher chill out. And Shelby is like fourty and had sex with puck so I’m sorry but that’s worse than what? 1 or 2 years difference geez!

    • I'm a gay virgin nerd. says:

      Does anyone even know how old Oliver is? Chris is 22 and he looks like an 18-year-old and Darren is 25 and balding. If I was a klainer I wouldn’t be conplaining about Oliver’s age.

      And Oliver actually seems like he could keep up with Chris’ acting.

    • Ryan says:

      He’s a student not a teacher university clubs don’t need to run by teachers and Kurt was older then blain so don’t yuck!

  2. Bennett says:

    Finally someone for Kurt to hook up with besides Blaine.

  3. Sara says:

    Finally someone for Kurt to be with. Things are looks up for Kurt.

  4. Alice says:

    Whats up with Glee wanting students to hook up with teachers?

  5. Alice says:

    Wait a minute NYADA has a glee club? Why haven’t we seen Rachel in it yet?

    • CJ says:

      This show seems to be based on the idea that EVERY school has a Glee club. I had heard the term “glee club” before, but assumed it meant a regular choir (you know, robes, generally old-timey music, no dancing around, no singing licensed current Top 40 music, etc.). The first I ever heard of a group like these “Glee Clubs” the show is about was in the movie American Pie. I’ve still never heard of one in real life.

      • Hey says:

        You don’t hear about them often because they’re extremely expensive to maintain due to the fact that they receive no funding from the schools they’re held at. My high school had a glee club around 8 years ago that had to be disbanded ’cause the prices of popular music, costumes, and other necessities left the students paying around $900 to be a part of the group. It was too expensive.

  6. Wendi says:

    Where did it say he was a teacher? It said he was the head of the Glee Club so maybe there star.

  7. Olivia says:

    EWWW. He’s old for Kurt. And not too hot either. Midgame Roadkill.

  8. tirpse says:

    Not impressed.

    • Tom says:

      Me neither. They could at least have hired something in Kurt’s league, so that this would seem like it could actually lead somewhere, but alas.

  9. Tim says:

    Good luck

  10. NOPE says:


  11. Kris says:

    He looks really old. Whatever, I’m still rooting for him to work things out with Blaine.

  12. CK says:

    I <3 Klaine. :(

  13. Damned watching english show i know the guy, he’s good
    But Klaine FOREVER so i’m not worried

  14. Amy says:

    I’m gonna say that’s a downgrade.

    • Terry says:

      Hardly. As long as he has a pulse and eyebrows that aren’t the size of welcome mats, he is already a huge improvement.

    • Joey says:

      I concur.

    • ladylilly says:

      considering this guy can actually act, it’s an upgrade.

      • Em says:

        You’re an idiot if you think Darren Criss can’t act.

        • anion says:

          He’s not good seen at the same time with Chris subtle style. Not good at all. Darren hardly adapts to him. Hopefully these two can have better scenes.

        • Ryan says:

          If you think he is a good actor, maybe try re-watching the Lima Bean Scene in BIOTA, Fighter scene in Big Brother, the Office scene in DWS, the Battery Park scene in TBU & the audition scene for Grease. Darren’s acting was terrible in them and they’re just the scenes I can name off the top of my head.

          He’s a poor actor, made even more obvious by the fact that he acts opposite Chris Colfer, Lea Michele & Cory Monteith most of the time.

          The only thing he can do well is look like a kicked puppy, which is apparently enough for delusional fangirls to label him a good actor.

          • para says:

            That’s sooo mean!!!! I love Darren Criss , he is a natural performer!!

          • Elly says:

            ^THIS. I completely agree.

          • Adi says:

            You are so mean. I mean, seriously? That’s what you do in your spare time? Insolt Darren Criss with saying things that aren’t even true? Darren is a great actor, and I’ve seen him in a few other shows and he’s a wonderful actor. He is a good person, and I would love to see you even trying to do what he did and what he does. ’till then, get a life.

          • Leslie says:

            Unless we’re watching two different shows, I couldn’t see any blatant acting problems in those scenes. Don’t even mention the most recent scene, the audition scene for Grease. If you didn’t get that that scene is supposed to be played out by the actor as melodramatic and over-the-top to be followed by Artie’s line of Masterpiece Theater caliber, then you shouldn’t be critiquing the actor. He played that scene up to par for the next line to make sense and it came out as it was intended to be.

            Actors have different approaches and strategies to playing scenes. Obviously, his approaches/ strategies didn’t match your expectations. So what? If you are a well-regarded critic backed by extensive credentials, then I might listen to your outrageous claims. Otherwise, you’re just a hater imposing your own hateful views on other people who just wants to enjoy the show and appreciate the actors for doing their jobs.

        • Adi says:

          Couldn’t agree more.

    • Tom says:

      Oh, it’s a downgrade alright. It’s the most obvious downgrade on the show, I would say. Hopefully the angle will be that Kurt is charmed by him being older and prominent at NYADA – but that he’ll soon find out that he’s not worthy of the Hummel divinity.

    • DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

      Agreed. Blaine gets a lot of hate, but he’s a talented singer and he’s adorable.

  15. Tara says:

    This is NOT okay!! He is suppose to get back together with Blaine and live happily ever after!!!! This better be just a one episode thing and he realizes he is always meant to be with Blaine or else I am going to be really upset and cry a lot!!

    • ladylilly says:

      maybe Blaine shouldnt have cheated then.

    • Georgette says:

      Maybe banging a lighthouse wasn’t the way to go then? Sorry but Kurt has a right to move on if he wishes.

    • David4 says:

      Yes because EVERYONE marries their first boyfriend and live happily ever after.

      Get real.

    • SCM says:

      Sing it sister!!!! They need to get kurt and blaine back together <3

    • Marco says:

      Maybe Blaine shouldn’t have cheated AND BLAMED IT ON KURT, LIKE HE ALWAYS DID WHENEVER THERE WAS A MISTAKE IN THE RELATIONSHIP. Kurt should never, ever, EVER get back together with Blaine unless he’s a secret masochist.

      • Forever_Klaine says:

        OK I was ignoring this threat but come on! He never blamed it on Kurt, if he blamed it on Kurt, he would have been angry for 3 episodes rather than depressed. He was confused. Kurt NEVER apologised for the flirty text messages he sent to Chandler, and NEVER told Blaine he was texting him. Blaine made a mistake, went to New York, and told Kurt. Yes he screwed up but he was honest afterwards. Blaine has supported Kurt so much through the last couple of series even when Finn was hating on Blaine, because he was jealous. Did Kurt ever step into to help Blaine? NO!

        They have both made mistakes, Blaine’s just happens to be the worst but they have helped each other so much and KURT wouldn’t even be in New York this year if Blaine hadn’t had shoved him out the door. This is why I shouldn’t read forums.

        • poetic says:

          I hate to jump in but Blaine did say he cheated because he felt lonely. He should have expected some distance when he pushed Kurt to go to NY. Also, why should Kurt apologize about the flirty texts when Blaine constantly talked to Sebastian which he knew Kurt wasn’t comfortable with. He didn’t tell Kurt about them talking either. That whole thing about Blaine still supporting Kurt while Finn hated on him, the same can be said about Blaine not saying anything when Sebastian always flirted with him. I agree both have made mistakes but Blaine has made many more than Kurt.

          • Trey says:

            Blaine told Sebastian right away that he had a boyfriend that he cared a lot for. Kurt NEVER told Chandler he had a boyfriend at all. Kurt also DID know that Blaine and Sebastian talked because he was the one who said it..he said, “You used to text Sebastian all the time. You would call him even!” So he obviously knew they were talking. And although he wasn’t comfortable with them talking he at least knew about it, and the texts were “family friendly”. I love Kurt; he’s one of my favorite characters, but I’m just saying Blaine didn’t make as many mistakes as you just said.

  16. ladylilly says:

    He has stage experience in shows with Kevin Spacey and Ralph Fiennes? Thank god! Chris will finally have a love interest who can act.

  17. V says:

    GORGEOUS. So much more attractive than Blaine.

  18. Andy says:

    Yes!!! Life is really looking up for Kurt!

  19. Alex says:

    No thanks, I’ll stick with Kurt and Blaine.

    • Lily_Girl says:

      I’m with you! Klaine forever!

    • AJ says:

      Same. Even if they don’t end up back together, they’ll always be the true love story for me. Like Willow/Tara, who was Kennedy even.

      • Kay says:

        He is probably going to be a rebound romance. It won’t last. Kurt will finally realize how much Blaine means to him and they will find their way back to each other eventually. At least I hope so.

        • erin says:

          I really hope not. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Darren Criss. I just hate Blaine, and that is 100% the writers’ faults. Blaine goes from utter perfection to cheating with some random from Facebook. Why? He was lonely? Kurt was gone a month, TOPS. And Blaine pushed him to go. I just don’t get how Kurt (or the viewer) is supposed to forgive Blaine for that just because he makes a few kicked-puppy faces and sings a few sad songs.

          • poetic says:

            I agree. I’m not a fan of Klaine ending up together. Blaine is a nice enough character but he’s made a couple of mistakes that you just can’t overlook and forgive. I hope this new guy at least shows Kurt that there are plenty of fish in the sea.

      • DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

        Ugh, Kennedy. I just threw up in my mouth a little!!!

    • Joey says:

      Same here.

    • ladylilly says:

      Too bad Blaine didn’t feel the same until after he slept with another guy.

  20. TR says:

    I think you’d have to be fooling yourself pretty badly to believe Klaine are really over.

  21. Marcus says:

    Finally, Kurt gets a decent looking guy in his life.

  22. Kira says:

    This dude looks older than Mark Salling and Cory Monteith.

  23. Stefanie says:

    Oh, yes. If Kurt has to date someone else, I want it to be an older man. Keep the accent, too!

  24. LC says:

    He seems to old. But yay at Kurt getting a new love interest. Time to move on from cheating Blaine. I’m all for Kurt finding some new love interests!

    Also NYADA Glee club? Wuuut? lmao

  25. Sandra says:

    Very nice!

  26. nope says:

    literally throwing up

  27. Jamie says:

    I love how the writers said that they think characters are more interesting single, yet conveniently Santana is the only one who that’s actually going to apply to.

  28. Kalee says:

    Holy Hell, Glee, you need to stop adding so many guys to the show. It’s already crowded enough as is.

    • Glee is sexist. says:

      While Santana remains the loneliest lesbian in America.

      • Caitlin says:

        Santana has had more than enough love interests throughout the show. I personally think it’s good that she’s finally focusing on herself with a storyline that isn’t entirely centered around her sexuality or being the typical bitchy cheerleader that sleeps around.

        • ladylilly says:

          Santana has 1 love interest. Guys dont count since she is not attracted to them. Those were miserable experiences for her judging by her comments. Santana has had many sexual experiences, but only 1 love interest.

        • Alex says:

          No. Santana is Brittanysexual and it’s annoying.

  29. Taylor says:

    I wish they wouldn’t waste their time on roadblocks to the inevitable Klaine reunion and just let Kurt be single and figure his stuff out for awhile.

    • Bring Klaine Back says:

      The writers are terrible and can’t write anything but “romance”. I would hope that Kurt goes on a date with this guy and realizes that he’s not over Blaine. And maybe this guy could be his friend in NYC, an older mentor type to help him get acquainted with the city. Gay guys can be friends, Glee! But not Kurt and Blaine. They’ll never be just friends.

    • Alex says:

      Yeah, I agree with this. It’s a waste of Kurt’s screentime. Rachel’s too with Broady. We should see thm actually doing stuff like her audition that was a throwaway line instead of still more boys.

  30. Amanda says:

    Cue the irrational hate from Klaine fans before this guy even breathes the same air as Kurt. Just like Finchel fans with Brody now Brittana fans with Sam.

  31. RyanT says:

    Anyone but Blaine. So this is good.

  32. Dev says:

    Niiiice :D If he can act I’m all for it :) (plus an english actor? bonus!)

  33. Tai says:

    I’m moderately excited for this but lol @ NYADA having a Glee club too. Of course.

  34. AJ says:

    I’ll be tuning back in to Glee once this storyline is over.

  35. Here’s to the relentless whining from Klaine shippers for the next few months… Side note – this guy looks a little older than I’d expect.

  36. sandra says:

    I´m looking forward to him, because i know Kurt will realize he loves Blaine ! Klaine is eternity <33

  37. Heyer Chick says:

    Well, the prospects for Glee are looking up :) Good-looking and a capable actor for Chris to work with. Looking forward to this. And so happy they cast a fellow Brit.

    • Leslie says:

      I don’t mind Kurt having a new love interest but having to outsourced the role??? Really necessary?!! Casting dep’t couldn’t find somebody here in the US?? I’ll bet there are a lot of capable actors in the US who could easily fill into that supporting role. Not to mention, the casts are already loaded with so many guys with absent or minimal background storylines.

      • Renee says:

        What problem do you have with people from other countries? Stop being such a redneck and get your head out of your a**

        • Leslie says:

          I don’t have any problem with people from other countries; my statement is purely economics, given that there are a lot of very capable and yet struggling actors here in the US. But no, the show needs some media glitz and applauding/celebrating the coming of a “Brit” guy to the show. Are ppl supposed to watch the show because Kurt’s new love interest is a Brit actor, which solely hypes up Kurt’s prospect and validates its pairing?

          • F. Dillinger says:

            You just like complaining.

          • Trey says:

            Umm, I’m pretty sure they cast people who fit the roles best. Sorry you don’t agree with the fact that he’s not American. I think he’s going to be awesome and I’m very excited to see him when Glee comes back.

  38. KS says:

    The Klainer in me weeps, but I really want to see Kurt get pursued for once. And then hopefully down the road Kurt and Blaine will find their way back to each other.

  39. wendy says:

    Yay!!! Finally! It’s about time they address Kurt Hummel’s hotness. Time to move on from his whiny, attention seeking ex. Everyone’s an upgrade tbh, but I have to admit this guy’s attractive, and guess what… he can act!!

  40. Sean C. says:

    NYADA has a glee club? Isn’t the whole school about performing arts?

  41. AJ says:

    I’m kind of whatever about this, since the guy is older than I’d have wanted for Kurt’s new LI, but I’m sure that Klaine will get back together eventually. And wow, a Glee club at NYADA? This is sudden.

  42. Ali says:

    Is it just me or does he look like Neil Patrick Harris?

  43. Mike says:

    LAMDA graduate with non-stunt casting stage experience? I’m totally ready for this.

  44. Ann says:

    So obviously midgame.

  45. who cares about Not-Paul? says:

    Let me know when Kurt and Blaine get back together. I’m not watching the show until that happens.

    • Hollyoaks_JohnPaul&Craig*-* says:

      I’m on your side :) I don’t want watch Glee too until Blaine and Kurt going back together.. (but every episode I look what is happened between them :)

      Greeting from Germany

    • Sam says:

      I agree, I don’t know if I’ll be able to watch it … I might just skip the parts where Kurt’s with this guy, It’s too sad.

  46. Rory says:

    Why is Kurt going to date Gordon Ramsay?