Castle Exclusive: Gina Torres on Board for Show's Latest Firefly Reunion

Castle: Gina Torres in Firefly ReunionAnother shiny Firefly reunion is headed Castle‘s way.

TVLine has learned exclusively that Gina Torres, who played Zoe to Nathan Fillion’s Mal on the short-lived, much-loved Fox sci-fi series, will guest-star on the ABC drama as Samantha Foster, a successful fashion mogul who comes off as ruthless and fierce on a Real Housewives-esque reality show. But get this — she may be even more devious when the cameras aren’t rolling.

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Torres will appear in this season’s 14th episode, “Reality Star Struck,” which would seem poised to air during February sweeps. (Castle resumes Season 5 on Jan. 7, with the episode “Significant Others.”) Previously, Firefly‘s Adam Baldwin guested on Castle, in an April 2012 episode.

Since her time aboard the Serenity, Torres has enjoyed runs on series such as 24 and Alias. She currently costars on USA Network’s Suits as Jessica Pearson.

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What do you think of this piece of Castle casting? What in-jokes/Firefly nods would you work into any Fillion-Torres scenes?

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  1. Matt says:

    Have to fit in a “Yes, Captain” somewhere.

  2. Alichat says:


  3. Liz says:

    She was also in one episode of Bones.

    • madbengalsfan85 says:

      She was? Wish I remembered that episode…although I did see Gates in an episode of Bones

      • Angicle says:

        In the Bones episode referenced, she played a elf-absorbed employe who ended up being a murder victim during the episode.
        I love her current role in Suits. It fits her so well.

        • Amber says:

          Actually, she played a rich-high-and-mighty doctor who was having an affair with a “manny” and was suspected of murder because she was a pilot and they found fuel on the victim. She was never killed, but got cleared later on when they discovered one of the “manny’s” kids did it. Episode is called “The Bone That Blew.”

        • bobbi says:

          l love her in Suits. Yes!!!!

      • Ru says:

        It was called The Bone That Blew
        Brennan and Booth investigate the remains of a bodyguard of two children who attend a high security school for the children of important people. Also, Cam hires Brennan’s father as a teacher which causes some conflicts for Bones. (from IMDB.com)

      • asdf says:

        The article ought to have noted that she was a villain on Angel as well, where she crossed swords with David Boreanaz. Obviously that would be the tie-in to Bones.

    • Alan says:

      wow she is a working actor. big deal, im fairly certain most people have passed through bones at some stage after so many seasons on air

  4. Alyssa says:


  5. Shiny!! There are so many great Zoe moments that I’d love to see referenced. One of my favorite Zoe quotes is “Sanguine. Hopeful. Plus, point of interest, it also means bloody.”- I think that could work well in a murder investigation.

  6. Dani says:


  7. Sammy says:

    I think Gina is a good actress and I’m looking forward to her guest stint *but* as it pertains to this whole “Firefly” thing … I just don’t get the fascination.
    I hear people say what a great show it was and it has a loyal following … obviously it didn’t have that big of following since it was canceled after a dozen or so episodes … or did the fans come after the cancellation.

    *Shrugs* I don’t know, I’m just over the assignation and pimping of this show.

    PS: I’m a fan of Joss so that’s not the issue, in fact I think Buffy was his best TV project (well season 1-3, that is)

    • leah says:

      I feel sorry for you

    • CassieGenc says:

      It had a HUGE following. It was cancelled because of differences between Joss Whedon and the head of station it was airing on. They dropped it after Whedon gave them an earful because they kept pushing it to different time slots and airing it out of order.

      • Steven says:

        ^The shows ratings were also awful. You can’t blame it entirely on Fox. The ratings just weren’t there.

        • Firefly was aired out of order, repeatedly changed time slots, was often preempted by other programming so that it never gained traction, and received little in the way of promotion, especially considering it was “the next big project from the creator of the hit show Buffy.” Fox has put more effort into other shows and cancelled them for less.

          • really says:

            If we were on another certain website that usually post a fan “bingo” card for whatever reasons a show gets for the low ratings, you would have won the game. It’s not entirely Fox’s fault.

          • Britta Unfiltered says:

            I think you are right about the promotion problem. I barely knew anything about Firefly when it was airing, plus I don’t really think it was on at a time when Fox was even that popular of a network. Wasn’t this the days when the only thing Fox had going for them was The Simpsons? My very first exposure to the show was being taken to see Serenity at the theater by a date who was really excited about it. And I fell in love! With the movie that is. When I heard it was a show I had to immediately go find and watch all the episodes. I think much like Arrested Development, most of the fans discovered it after it was off the air. Sammy, I hope one day you try the show out. Maybe you would like it?

          • Ken says:

            how do I give this comment a thumbs up???

        • Alan says:

          fox didnt exactly do it any favours with the way it was scheduled and aired out of order, not to mention the extensive meddling by executives with regards to the storytelling

        • Tracy Burns says:

          Yes you can blame the network. Firefly is one of the most downloaded shows and DVD sets purchased, ever and it was soooooo terrible they made a full length feature film that scored a huge returns at the box office after that horrible show was cancelled by Fox.

      • tahonia2 says:

        no, that was Angel that Whedon argued about the time period and when he demanded an answer as to whether they were renewed, he was told No. Firefly didn’t have much of an audience, but it has grown with the DVD’s and has an avid following. I really like the character of Mal better than Castle, although Castle is a great role, too.

    • Paul says:

      A lot of it is that the show WAS a bit odd, but it was also shafted by Fox. The pilot episode wasn’t the true pilot, it was given a crappy timeslot, just several factors going against it. The fanbase it has acquired since it’s cancellation seems to lend credence to the fact that it could have been a VERY successful show with less executive meddling.

    • Shiny Guy says:

      Watch the show and you will understand. Besides FOX has horrible history of killing shows before they reach their potential. Family Guy being one of the lucky ones that made it back. They also made the mistake of airing the episodes out of order which confused the heck out of a lot viewers.

    • Amanda says:

      Have you seen Firefly? It’s well worth a watch, especially if you’re a fan of Nathan Fillion or Joss Whedon. But to answer: yes, most of the fans came after cancellation, but the fans it had during airing were pretty loyal. Fox did the show no favors, airing it on a Friday and preempting it for baseball on a regular basis. It didn’t even air in the correct order because of scheduling conflicts.
      The fact is, Firefly was a jumpstart for Nathan Fillion’s career and the cast had a pretty special bond, and the fact that it’s even more lived 10 years later is pretty amazing, all things considered. I don’t blame the cast for holding on to that experience. Other actors wish to be so lucky.
      I’m excited to see Gina Torres on Castle, but I’d be most excited to get Alan Tudyk for an episode.

      • Alan says:

        there is also the fact that fillion still considers it his best job as an actor 10 years after it ended

        • John DeMayo says:

          And just this summer, when asked “which misfit crew is Whedon’s favorite?”, Joss responded: You know, I love all my raggedy children,” he said. “But if I could be anywhere, I’d be on board Serenity.” And this is with projects like Buffy and THE AVENGERS to choose from.

    • Pie says:

      Have you seeeeen the show? firefly I mean?

      If you haven’t then of COURSE you don’t understand.

      If you have, then what is WRONG with you?

    • Well Fox did everything it could to scuttle “Firefly.” They didn’t think the pilot was exciting enough, so they played the 2nd episode first. Put it on Friday night, usually where shows go to die. Plus they could have worked in a “What’s in the box?” tease, but let the trailers of River/Summer Glau popping out, ruining any suspense. Have you seen the series in order? It’s pretty good. I was even a boxset bully (Meaning I forced him to watch it) to my best friend and he liked it so much that he bought his own disks. He’s more into music than tv, plus he’s a fan of SMG but didn’t watch Buffy.

      And I’m a Joss Fan, love all he does. Buffy season 1-3 I liked more as well.

      Be well.

    • Dean Jones says:

      The fact that a one-series show is still mentioned so much ten years after cancellation should be an indication as to how big the fanbase is.

      The initial airing didn’t do the show justice – they skipped the pilot and showed other episodes out or order. The also advertised it as purely action-comedy.

      I don’t think even Whedon realised how big the fanbase was until after the show was cancelled.

    • Quinn says:

      A lot of the cult following was made apparent after the cancellation, or there wouldn’t have been a movie.

    • kate says:

      Buffy was amazing. The fans for Firefly did come off a cult fascination a lot of people discovered it after it was cancelled. Sadly seems to happen a lot with Joss’ shows. Also, I think it was on Fox where scifi goes to die. I still miss Tru Calling I really liked that show.

    • Go away…You’re a fan of Joss Whedon and you haven’t seen Firefly and you consider the seasons 1-3 as the best? Oh please…I just pray for you to grow up and see the really great work that Joss Whedon has done.

    • Always a Browncoat says:

      The lack of a following has actually nothing to do with the reason Firefly was canceled. Fox made two big mistakes: giving it the Friday night death slot, and airing it out of order. This led to lower ratings. Firefly was never lacking in fans even when it was on the air. You don’t have millions of people hoping for the possibility of a new season after ten years of being off the air for a show that wasn’t good. You don’t have millions of fans going to conventions just to see this cast together for a show that wasn’t good. It is not the fault of the fans for Firefly getting canceled, it’s the faults of the Fox execs who chose to cancel it and are probably sticking their foots into their mouths every time Firefly gets brought up to them because it’s their fault it was canceled. Don’t you dare go judging Firefly without having watched it. Maybe it won’t end up being your cup of tea, but the show itself is not the reason it was canceled. If anything, the amount of fans Firefly has has expanded over the last ten years, because the more people hear about it, the more fans it gathers. I unfortunately didn’t watch it until about two years ago because I didn’t know about it until then. If I could, I’d go back to ten years ago so that I could discover Firefly when it was on the air and help the ratings so that it wouldn’t be canceled. That is how much of an amazing show it is. If you think Buffy was good, you should give Firefly a shot.

      • Always a Browncoat says:

        *Lack of a following while the show was on the air.

        If you’re such a big fan of Whedon, you need to give his other major creation a shot and watch Firefly in order. The actual pilot episode is a little slow at first. I was skeptical when I started watch it. But I was hooked by the third episode and wanted more (I had it from Netflix and the disc only had the first three episodes).

        As you can see, you are not going to win this argument, not when there’s a slew of Firefly fans who are ready to jump on you for saying it didn’t have as big of a following. The only reason it didn’t was because the Fox execs screwed it over by airing it out of order in the Friday death slot and they didn’t promote it the right way. Personally I had no friends who would have suggested I watch it ten years ago, and I wouldn’t have known to go to Fox on a Friday night and watch a show I was going to end up falling in love with ten years later.

      • Chuck says:

        I have to agree with this post completely! Since when does a network cancelling a show become the acid-test for it’s quality or popularity? I hadn’t heard of Firefly until I saw a Firefly marathon on the SyFy channel in 2005. It was a fantastic show and the ONLY reason I stuck with watching Castle for the first few shows was because of Nathan Fillion. Since then I have also become an avid Castle fan. The movie Serenity was great, too…except for them killing off, (attention: Spoiler Alert!), Book and Wash…but then, I’m the sentimental type.

        • Always a Browncoat says:

          Thank you! I became a Castle fan when season one was out on DVD and I got it from Netflix. I was a little skeptical about it at first, even knowing about the infamous Halloween episode where Nathan is seen back in his Mal costume for one scene. That scene makes my heart melt every time.

    • Curious to know if you actually watched Firefly. It’s true, Firefly’s numbers were really poor when it aired. Although, many attribute it to Fox’s poor scheduling and airing episodes in the wrong order. Firefly didn’t start with its brilliant pilot episode because Fox deemed it “too dark”. And it aired on Friday nights, which we all know doesn’t bode well for any TV show.

      None of that makes the show bad, by any means. I still think its some of the best sci-fi TV we’ve seen in the past decade, even if it only had 13 episodes. I recommend you watch it yourself before judging it, or others. You’d be hard pressed to find any sci fi fan that /doesn’t/ like Firefly.

    • mco says:

      I can understand that you don’t like it or aren’t interested in it but don’t knock it off when the fact is, ten years later, there’s still plainty of people out there who loves it. Comic Con should be a Huge indicator of how much it is a cult.

      To answer your questions, yes rating was poor with an average of 4,5 millions viewer per episode.

      The major mistake that had been done with the show is to run the piot as….the last episode. To compare to Castle it’s like we walked into an episode and we don’t know why Castle is even in the station, why he helps Beckett and who the hell are all whose characters what made them come together and you don’t understand that is the main plot of the show..
      While it can be okay if you’re aware that you’re just miss some episode it make the show look bad if the network say it’s the first episode.

      Thus people weren’t that conviced after watching the train job (twhich was the first episode ever shown). Them, baseball, other events happens and they’re no way to create some sort of dedication for a majority of people.

      Firefly was also huge on characters dev. and that has to be shown in the right order, Otherwise it doesn’t make sense.

      2002 weren’t the right year for the show If now “the hero can be a bat guy or at least a jerk” is a big thing back then, leads being criminals weren’t that big or liked.on network. It was good on HBO (Soprano was already big, The Wire just begun that year) but not so much on network.

      Less importantly, some people were angry that Fox cancelled Dark Angel and refused to watch Firefly in the foolish hope that it’ll help bringing back Dark Angel (ok that was a very small portion of people and I don’t think it had any impacts on rating, it was there).

      And there was the whole Whedon/Fox disagreement that didn’t help at all. But that really is a matter with Dollhouse, but that’s another issue.

      (And If someone was wondering after that, I am quite happy to see Gina Torres in Castle).

    • Kate says:

      I actually had never heard of Firefly until last year via some Castle article! I love love love Castle and Nathan Fillion so it got me curious as to what the whole Firefly thing was about too because I too didn’t understand how a show that didn’t even make it to 20 episodes could have such a huge following even ten years later…long story short, I watched an episode when sci-fy channel had a marathon and ended up watching the whole series!! It’s a really good show and if I had been aware of it back in ’03 I definitely would’ve been a fan! So it’s definitely possible that its been gathering fans over the past ten years!

      • Christy says:

        I did the exact same thing. I kept hearing how good it was and I LOVE Nathan in anything so I tried. SO good!! Just got the complete series DVD so I am working on the commentaries. Oh and SO excited for Gina to be on. Love Adam’s episode.
        Also, I was watching an interview with Jewel Staite (and Adam and Nathan if I remember correctly) where she said that she would like to guest star on Castle….work on that Marlowe…please. I love Kaylee.

        • georgiamadman says:

          I would SO love to see Jewel on Castle. Kaylee was my favorite on Firefly.
          I can remember when Firefly was postponed for an Adam Sandler movie REPEAT. I knew it was doomed then.

    • bobbi says:

      You so do not get the connection. Awesome show. All the actors are great.

    • Cliff says:

      The reason it didn’t get the ratings, was 1: Fox didn’t advertise it fully, 2: they kept playing around with it’s schedule so those who wanted to watch missed some episodes, 3: they didn’t give it the time to attract the following. Yes a lot of fans, like me, discovered it after it was canceled, but if they had done a better job of promoting it and not screwed around with it’s schedule I would have followed. I also believe they were on opposite an already established hit show. The same thing has happened with Terra Nova, I never heard about it until Netflix had it and then was disappointed that it was canceled after one season. Dollhouse, also a Joss project, was the same way. No advertising.

    • Robert Duane says:

      It had horrible advertising so many people did not find it until it was already cancelled or off the air. It is one of the biggest draws anytime there is an apperance at any convention. Keep in mind Family Guy was cancelled and only came back due to dvd sales…..had tv show dvds been as popular as they are now 10 years ago they same might have occured. Was as well written as any of Joss’s shows and had the best cast even according to Joss.

    • Ken says:

      With all due respect … It didnt have a big fan following while it was running? That is what you will base this on? Have you heard of a phenomenon known as Star Trek? Same problem as Firefly yet here we are 40 years later still making movies about it. The cancellation was more Fox’s fault than anything, airing the episodes out of order, switching time slots and so forth. Writing was excellent, acting was superior and the premise was by far the most orginal seen on tv in decades. I’m hoping for a second movie, and somehow (prayerfully) the return of Wash…. Remember, she can kill you with her brain

    • Abi says:

      Does anyone else feel like the reason Firefly has such a cult following is partially due to its early cancellation? Idk I feel like its a quite charming story for a great show (you know, hardly any episodes aired and yet one of the most loved shows ever?)

      Don’t get me wrong I would’ve loved to see more episodes, but I think it ending quickly gives it an accessible quality (even got my mom to watch through the whole thing) as well has help to memorialize each individual episode. Shows like Buffy with 144 eps, I have maybe fifteen that I really connected with. Firefly doesn’t have a single unmemorable episode imo.

      • Alan says:

        sure that contributed but its definitely not the only reason. you are right though, it probably wouldnt have reached the level it has today without the early cancellation, still would be beloved though

      • Ali says:

        Sure, but that’s telling in and of itself. The first season of Buffy was pretty awful; imagine if it had been canceled after the first season. So we’ve got gems like “The Pack” and “I Robot, You Jane” in there. The most mediocre episode of Firefly, in my opinion, was “Safe,” and that’s still miles above some of the s1 Buffy episodes. I don’t think if Buffy had been canceled then, we’d be extolling the virtues of every one of those episodes the way we do with Firefly.

    • DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

      I am a HUGE Joss Whedon fan and LOVE Buffy… never been able to get into Firefly myself. But mine is a lack of interest in *most* space shows and in *most* western shows… so putting the two together isn’t a big attracting quality for me…

      But, that being said, I do love Joss Whedon, and I do love Castle and Nathan Fillion… so I’ll probably try yet again to get into Firefly enough to finish it this time. Just not today.

      I will say, as much as I loved Buffy all the way through, and season three was great, the later seasons were amazing, and I feel like some of his best work was later in the series. For example, Season 5 episode “The Body” is SERIOUSLY amazing television. In fact, it got praised as being one of the best hours of television of all time… (look it up!). :)

      Plus, Anya and Tara are in later seasons… and I love them!

  8. eff says:

    ohhhhhhhh yeaaaahhhhhh baby!! She needs to talk about deathtraps and big damn heroes. Or may be even say “Take me sir. Take me hard!”

    • Jon Culver says:

      That’s the one! “Take me sir. Take me hard.”, in the same deadpan way, is perfection.

    • Sheldon W. says:

      That was my first thought!

    • Jon says:

      “Take me hard” is mandatory. Also, “You know what the definition of a hero is? Someone who gets other people killed. You can look it up later.”, and “At last. We can retire and give up this life of crime.”. These are classics. Also the exchange, “They’re gonna see this comin’. No. They’re not gonna see this comin’.”
      This makes me very happy.

  9. tigercub1961 says:

    Shiny! Zoe and Mal back together.

  10. Ribac says:


  11. Jena says:

    Can’t wait

  12. James says:

    I love that Marlowe does this, he doesn’t have to but recognizes how beloved the show was, its awesome. the second part of this season is going to be more incredible than the first.

    I read an interview with Marlowe talking about this years two parter and Castle’s father was mentioned.

  13. 00Eraser00 says:

    Yes, Captain!

  14. Kyrilin says:

    Mal: I know it’s a difficult mission, but you and I have to get it on.
    Zoe: I understand. We have no choice. Take me, sir; take me hard.

  15. Linda F. says:

    “Big damn heroes,” for sure. And apples.

    • DarkDefender says:

      Apples is already Castle’s “safe word..” And we heard “Shiny.,” during the Final Frontier episode. I’d love to see Big Damn Heroes or yes, Captain… Or any exchange in Chinese. :)

      • Ali says:

        There was actually already an episode in which Castle spoke Chinese, and explained to Beckett that he knew it from a project he did a while ago. But it would be fantastic if Gina’s character spoke Chinese to someone, expecting that Castle and Beckett wouldn’t be able to understand her, and Castle did…

  16. Gail says:

    “Take me captain. Take me hard!” Love to see if they could fit that ;-)

  17. heather d says:

    Alliance Commander: “You fought with Captain Reynolds in the war?”

    Zoe: “Fought with a lot of people in the war.”

    Alliance Commander: “And your husband?”

    Zoe: “Fight with him sometimes, too.”

    easily adapted to castle……

  18. I’d like to see a reference of why he wore a dress that one time.

    • madbengalsfan85 says:

      “Now think real hard. You’ve been birddoggin’ this township a while now. They wouldn’t mind a corpse of you. Now you can luxuriate in a nice jail cell, but if your hand touches metal, I swear by my pretty floral bonnet I will end you. ”

      Couldn’t help myself

  19. Duncmaster says:

    Anyone else think it’d be awesome to have a murderer pull a big reference to (Adelai) Niska!? And the works of Xiang Yu. That torture stuff.

  20. Kitty says:

    Would love to see her ask Beckett and Castle: Do you two think you’re some big damn heroes?

  21. I was being all depressed because I just finished my Firefly rewatch then I go on to twitter and find this!! I’ve gone from being depressed to overly excited!!!

  22. AmySchelle says:

    YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’ve been waiting for this reunion…now all we need is Alan Tudyk and Jewel Staite and I’m an even happier camper!

  23. #Castle #Firefly Morena Baccarin needs to guest star on Castle. Maybe as a past love interest of Castle’s who wants to steal him back from Beckett? @missmorenab @NathanFillion

    • mco says:

      I want Morena, but I don’t want anyone else coming between Caskett…it’s already been done too much and only with women this year.
      However Morena Baccarin without being some kind of Love Interst to Castle is hard to imagine.

    • samraber says:

      For I minute, I thought I remembered that she totally had, but then I realized she guested on The Mentalist. Mixing up my crime shows…

  24. Jon says:

    Sean Maher next PLEASE!!!

  25. Alanapaints says:

    That’s going to be my best day ever.

  26. Mal: “Whatever happens, remember I love you.”
    Zoë: “Sir?”
    Mal: “Because you’re my wife.”
    Zoë: “Right. Sir. Honey.”

  27. martina says:

    I keep waiting for Summer Glau and Jewel Staite to guest star, though!

  28. Keith-a-Rooney says:

    “Always” – she made the reply to him first in Firefly – it would be fitting that she said it to Castle somehow – and Beckett …arched a brow?

  29. Beverly Fleming says:

    I was disappointed when both Firefly and Serenity were cancelled. Loved the life they led, and the adventures. Cast was great especially Nathan Fillion. Love him on Castle too.

  30. Always a Browncoat says:

    Yeeeees! Now we just need Jewel, Alan, Sean, Summer, and Morena. Morena could come on as someone whose dressed up like Inara, maybe a similar past, and is maybe an old girlfriend of Castle’s from high school or something. If it weren’t for Kate, we could finally have the kiss between Mal and Inara everyone has wanted to see (while Mal is actually conscious). So excited for this episode.

  31. Sully says:

    So excited!!! I’ve been hoping she would guest star. I’m more excited about her being on the show than I was about Adam Baldwin.

  32. Don says:

    Cutting apples.

  33. Amber says:

    Agree with all u fellow browncoats – any & all firefly alums would be awesome here. Think river & the “too. much. hair!” line. Or wash & his convo with his toy dinosaurs. Or pretty much anything kaylee would say lol. But i would have a full blown conniption fit if joss were to make an appearance!! Hey, a girl can dream, right? So excited!

    • Ken says:

      Perhaps they should find the Han Solo frozen in corbomite (sp) as well ??

      • Ali says:

        Carbonite is the Star Wars thing. Corbomite is a Star Trek thing that Kirk made up.

        • Ken says:

          gotcha … well there is this rumor that there was a Han Solo frozen in carbonite toy somewhere in the background of every episode of Firefly … sorta like the pineapple in Psych

          • Ali says:

            Aye, that’s true. I’ve noticed it in the kitchen once or twice.

          • Alan says:

            oh gorammit now i need to watch all the episodes again just to find it. also only found out about the pineapple thing in psych a few months ago and that pretty much ruined my life having to go through the episodes looking for one

    • Always a Browncoat says:

      Mal playing with tiny dinosaurs and saying Wash’s lines would be an amazing tribute to Wash/Firefly. Though I doubt Nathan would want to say THOSE lines, so maybe they’d find a way for Alan to come onto the show and say them. :-D

  34. wildchild194 says:

    The only way to make a Gina Torres appearance on Castle any better would be if Alan Tudyk had come along with her!

  35. Rod Hobbs says:

    I liked the Halloween show from a while back, where he dressed up as Mal . And the conversation went
    Daughter “what are you supposed to be ?”
    Castle “I’m a space cowboy”
    Daughter ” Didn’t you do that a few years ago and it didn’t work out”

    It would be fun if the Space TV show murder they had done recently would have had the whole Firefly cast inside and had been based on Firefly instead.

    • Lorry Norton says:

      Not to be nit-picky here, but the way it went was…
      Daughter “what are you supposed to be?”
      Castle “Space Cowboy”
      Daughter ” A…there are no cows in space. And B…didn’t you do that, like, 5 years ago?” (that’s when Firefly had been cancelled)
      Castle (sorry I can’t remember his line here…)
      Funny thing though, on one of the episodes there were cows in space! Ha!

      I would love to hear Gina call Castle “Sir” somehow…

      • Metschenniy says:

        Not to be even nit-pickier, but the conversation went like this:
        Alexis: “What are you supposed to be”
        Castle: “Space Cowboy”
        Alexis: “OK, A.) There are no cows in space and B.) Didn’t you wear that like, 5 years ago?”
        Castle: “So?”
        Alexis: “So, don’t you think it’s time to… move on?”
        Castle: “I like it!”

  36. Alex the Inhaler says:

    Take me sir, take me hard.

  37. Todd Smith says:

    “You wanna leave this room”

  38. Lisa says:

    This is good news.

    You know it is crazy, I first saw GT in Alias as Anna Espinosa, and NF in Buffy as the Preacher. Only saw Firefly in 2009, after seeing NF in Castle. Firefly is definitely all of their best work and I am definitely a Browncoat, just late to the party.

    • Ken says:

      Welcome to the ruckus … And don’t you ever stand for that sort of thing. Someone ever tries to kill you, you try to kill ’em right back.

  39. Cindy says:

    OMG!!!! Love it. Thank you so much. Now I am just waiting for Jewels, Alan, Morena, Zach and Yvonne to do a guest appearance and maybe Joss Whedon too, then my life will be complete.

  40. Jim says:

    You paid money for this, sir? On purpose?

  41. KBecks says:

    Take me sir, take me hard…..

  42. Kelsey says:

    Well she’s got to call him “captain” or “sir” at some point, even if it is completely sarcastically. And of course “take me sir, take me hard” must be worked in somewhere hahaha

  43. Ash says:

    I’d say this news is categorically stunning.

  44. Sarah says:

    The joke I’d love to see would never happen because it’s from the bloopers from Serenity.

  45. dubbz says:

    I didnt even hear about firefly till well after itz cancelation but it waz truely a remarkable show and joss whedon iz a master at hiz craft along with all the actorz from the show.

  46. baba says:

    I have not seen Firefly, but Gina is fabulous in Suits. This will be good!

  47. She was on Angel too. She played Angels son Connors daughter who was born full grown.

  48. Vivienne says:

    Too bad Gina can’t be Castle’s lawyer.

  49. Eliza says:

    This is very exciting! I actually only started watching Castle in the first place because of Firefly and how much I loved it! I only saw Firefly on DVD, after buying Serenity, but to be fair I don’t think it actually ever aired in Australia, or if it did on pay tv only. I heard from a friend who saw Morrena Baccarin at a ComicCon here that she loves it when shows she’s in make a reference to Firefly as its kind of like revenge that its still so popular!