TVLine's Holiday Gift Guide: Grimm Tidings

Choosing holiday presents for your friends and loved ones can be a pretty Grimm proposition, but TVLine is here to help you out!

We know how much you love your favorite shows, so we’ve looked to them for some Christmas inspiration. First up: NBC’s fractured fairy tale, Grimm.

Read through our picks, and then hit the comments with some of your own — as well as your suggestions of other shows with swag you covet!

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KEEP WARM LIKE MONROE… | Even Blutbads can’t rely on their fur to keep them warm all winter, so Monroe’s a fan of this well-worn car jacket. Carhartt’s sherpa-lined Sandstone Ridge Coat ($130, offers a similar look and feel and is as suited to jumping into a melee with bad-intentioned Wesen as it is to hanging back and letting Nick do the dirty work.




… AND KEEP TIME LIKE MONROE, TOO | Ladies (well, Rosalee at least) go cuckoo for guys with big clocks, so why not impress your honey with this intricate timepiece? Monroe’s antique version had quite the pedigree; this newer model ($229.99, is a little more affordable but just as charming.




GET COMFY AND CASUAL WITH NICK | When you’re trying to rid Portland of scary bad guys with sharp teeth and claws, every day is Casual Friday. Throw on a double-knit henley ($34.95, under your leather jacket, and you’re more than ready for a research session with Monroe, a door kicking-in with Hank or a night spent sleeping on the trailer’s couch.




COOK LIKE JULIETTE | Kinda cheating on the guy who loves you, but kinda not — because you can’t really remember him anyway? No worries! Sublimate your guilt and anxiety with a long session in the kitchen, perhaps whipping up a nice chicken cilantro tagine… or maybe just some Christmas cookies. Make sure to tie on something like this vintage muslin floral embroidered apron ($15, because channeling your inner Barefoot Contessa — much like navigating your love life — is a messy thing.



TAKE IT ALL OFF LIKE RENARD | One reason Renard is such an effective captain and such a take-charge royal bastard (what? It’s true!) is his attention to detail. When writhing on the floor as a result of the purity potion, did you see even one hair on that strapping chest? Heck no — probably because the Hexy guy goes completely bare with the help of a body waxing kit like this one ($24.90, Think about it: After you’ve systematically ripped off all your chest fur, strip by strip, vomiting some black smoke is NBD.



GLASS UP THE JOINT LIKE ROSALEE | Grimm‘s resident mix-mistress has an impressive collection of bottles, vials and jars — all neatly labeled (though sometimes Monroe doesn’t read them closely enough). Get your own Spice Shop — or maybe just a friend’s kitchen spice rack — started with these sweet corked numbers ($7.19,

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  1. rachelle says:

    lol! this is incredibly humorous.

  2. Isaac says:

    Is it me or does Nick and Dexter both get their shirts from the Gap?

    • wordsmith says:

      Also Bill Compton and Ollie Queen. Henleys are apparently a must-have for manly men these days.

      • GeekGirl13 says:

        Personally, I’ve always found Henleys a must have for manly-men. And a great article of clothing to appropriate from a boyfriend. One of my all time fave articles of clothing is a winter Henley I ‘stole’.

  3. Tina says:

    Come on you missed out Adalind , Hank and Wu.

    • TV fan says:

      Adalind needs a Grimm of her very own to play cat and mouse with, Sgt Wu deserves a long overdue promotion and Hank s spare key to the trailer to make it official.

  4. Anna says:

    I thought this was supposed to be serious, but as soon as I got to the Renard-one I had to laugh out loud! This is hilarious! Please do this for more shows!

  5. Britta Unfiltered says:

    Haha. This is great. What I really want is Rosalee’s sweater, because that thing looks hella cozy and warm.

  6. kim says:

    Vampire diaries please

  7. How about a cookie mix and baking sheets and spatula for Hank so that he can make his own cookies and know where they came from. Give Wu (or the writers) The Name Book so that he (or they) could pick a first name.

  8. Susana Calderón says:

    Really cool

  9. Jennifer Eggers says:

    My 8 & 9 year old daughters asked Santa for “Bert the farting Hippo”, Abby Schuito’s stuffed animal. From the show NCIS. Santa has heard and I believe Santa will deliver:)

  10. Nick says:

    Haha. Great gift ideas. :D Still missing Grimm, though. March, please come faster!

  11. Muriel says:

    Hah I love this!

  12. Susan says:

    All I want for Christmas are more shirtless scenes. Renard, Nick, Hank…either and all please!

  13. Bernd says:

    Well, at least we now know who is the lowest on TVLines Totem-Pole and has to do the “We need (more) money”-busy-work.

  14. Claudia Costa Chaves says:

    I would actually love to get a Rosalee phial kit from Amazon. It’s both inexpensive and lovely.

  15. Connie wilson says:

    Just want to go to the set and spend time with Monroe and his trains

  16. sirfirchick says:

    Love Grimm, you guys are so much fun. Love Monroe!!! Blutbad rocks!

  17. What? No “Men of Grimm” calendar? ;-( LOL

  18. Rebecca says:

    LOL I love the Captain Renard waxing gift. That’s great. If you love Adalind, get a chemistry set and mortar and pestle so you can cook up your own potions, cotton candy and pound cake or perhaps some of those cute boxers,for all of the Wu fans, and a camera for Hank so he doesn’t have to ask Monroe if he can do it again. :)