Ben Savage: Girl Meets World Born of a 'Lot of Conversations,' Won't Ruin Childhood Memories

CASEY WILSONBen Savage says that after years of Boy Meets World “movie-of-the-week” reunion rumors and the like, discussions about that which would evolve into Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World sequel series heated up in recent months, leading to the pilot news first reported by TVLine in November.

“There was a lot of discussions and a lot of conversations to make sure we were all on the same page about what we were doing,” Savage tells

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Savage says that conferring with costar Danielle Fishel, who will again play Topanga to his Cory, and “making sure… that we felt right about it” played a key role in each of them signing on for the follow-up. He also likes the premise — which will follow the married high school sweethearts’ teen daughter — because it’s “very poetic … passing it off to the next generation.”

But earning the blessing of the original generation that holds Boy Meets World close to their nostalgia-loving hearts is perhaps the greatest consideration.

“[There] a lot of people who are worried that the show won’t hold up… that we shouldn’t do it because it’s going to ruin a lot of their childhood memories. And I totally can understand that,” Savage says. “But we’re … doing everything we can to make sure that this is going to be something special and funny. Hopefully it’ll make new memories for a new generation.”

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Savage, like Fishel (who last week weighed in on GMW via her blog), thus far is mum on whom else might be involved in the follow-up. (Rider Strong aka Shawn, for one, recently shared that he thus far as “no official involvement.”)

“I don’t want to give away too many details,” Savage hedged, “but there’s definitely been discussions about some of everyone’s favorite characters popping up in the show and making appearances.”

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  1. Courtney says:

    Love what Ben&Danielle have said, and maybe the show won’t totally or at all suck.. but I just don’t think I’m interested in seeing Cory as a teacher, and him&Topanga being more background characters to their daughter. *shrug* guess I just liked watching them as kids, and don’t want to see theirs.

    • Britney says:

      I agree, I think the show should be more like another great 90’s TV show. *Home improvement* Remember that one? =D…that show had a nice family dynamic. It was just as much about the kids as it was the parents. Plus, I think a lot of fans of the original show would like to see how the (Boy) from *Boy meets world* Handles life as an adult with a child, and all that come with that. That way we could still have the new and the old cast could coexist together. And see some of our faves! I also think the show should be on ABC or ABC family..

      • Tyler moreland says:

        i know what you mean i wont watch the show if they arent in it as much as their kids but i loved boy meets world and i have the first four seasons at home.

    • Rachel says:

      Love them all but whens the show????

  2. Ram510 says:

    Well like I’ve said before a reunion movie is a great idea and can judge by the response from that if its even worth doing a whole series. Too much time has gone by to just jump right into a series

  3. brigygirl3 says:

    *Faint* Still can’t believe this is happening …………

    • Stacie says:

      It’s something I never knew I wanted, but now am so happy that we are getting and want so very much. I obviously loved the show, but when it went off the air I thought it was time, but now having it come back feels right. And the premise seems like a good idea. I hope it pans out right, but having the 2 leads come back is a great positive.

    • Savannah says:

      OMG I CAN’T WAIT … <3 BMW … :)
      I watched reruns as a kid on Disney and still do on … Abcf
      Ugh I'm so EXCIDED

      • Tricia says:

        I can’t wait I’m 12 and saw reruns on MTV I am super excited about them I love the show I am a huge fan super happy if u hate the idea your a idiot love it can’t wait

      • virginia moreland says:

        Please Please Please do it already! Cant wait totally love the cast of BMW!!!!!

  4. Babybop says:

    I think people will be disappointed if they start watching the show with the idea that it will be a carbon copy of the original. I have faith that it will turn out to be a good show. I’m just glad that kids will be able to grow up with this type of show!

  5. Katie says:

    BRING ERIC BACK!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kristen says:

      This is all I want out of the sequel! I need to know if Eric really did become Plays With Squirrels. My life will not be complete otherwise!

    • gary says:

      come one let be real now… there is no way there are gonna do this show without knowing that Uncle Eric will be around for a few guest spots

  6. I’m still so excited about this and while I know that the show is meant for the younger generation, I’m glad to know that they are trying to make us original fans happy as well. After all, we are the ones who are excited about this and will probably be making up the audience for the first few episodes.

  7. Stephanie says:

    There better be some FEENY FE HE HE HEEENY!!

  8. Allyson says:

    No offense to Disney channel, but I would perfer if the sequel to Boy Meets World air on ABC Family channel if not ABC. To me it will come off as cheesy. As someone who is a big fan of the show in the 90s, I am not sure if the Disney channel is the right fit for the show. Well, I do believe them when they say they are going to honor everyone’s memories of the show.

    • I Heart Chuck Bass (and Damon Salvatore) says:

      I agree. I think it’d be a great idea or them to use GMW as an anchor for a new TGIF, either on ABC or ABC Family.

      • fiyero says:

        Honestly, I never understood why ABC never tried to recreate the magic of TGIF. I still do think that it could work on the Disney Channel, because of shows like Wizards of Waverly Place that didn’t do the whole “high school star becomes pop singer!” thing. I’m just glad we’re getting something – if it sucks, it sucks. BMW’s legacy is safe, IMO.

        • Mikael says:

          I think ABC has sort of created a new TGIF with Last Man Standing and Reba’s new show Malibu Country. All they need are 2 good shows for the 9-10 hour and TGIF will be back.

    • Tyler moreland says:

      i doesnt feel right knowing its on disney

  9. Alex says:

    I loved this show as a kid and I used to like the Disney channel we had in the 90’s. To be honest, the shows the channel is currently producing are bad. Hopefully they’ll get their ‘magic’ back with this one.

  10. A says:

    GMW would seem like a way better fit on ABC Family than the Disney Channel

    • Meg says:

      Actually, I think it’d be a better partner for NBC’s Guys with Kids. I know it’s a different network, but Guys With Kids also has that kind of TGIF feel to it.

      • Ace says:

        The show’s not going to switch networks, though. ABC, ABC Family and Disney Channel are all owned by the same parent company, whereas NBC is not. Personally, I think it would pair well with Melissa & Joey on ABC Family. That show is hit-or-miss in terms of quality, but it’s got that same sort of family sitcom feeling (with bonus 90s nostaligia).

  11. Adam Bramble says:

    i’m So Happy right now :)

  12. A says:

    I recently watched some of season 4 with my pre-teen cousins who had never seen Boy Meets World and we all laughed out loud at everything. It was such a great show that taught amazing life lessons in a fun way. I am really excited my cousins will get their own version for their generation because the shows for their age group right now are terrible and don’t teach anything profound.

    • leah says:

      I have all the DVDs and have started watching them all again from the beginning. :)

      Also, enough with the “it’s on the wrong channel” “I won’t watch Disney” crap!!! Disney, abc, abc family are ALL THE SAME COMPANY!!!

      • fiyero says:

        Yes, but the stuff that Disney airs is very different than the stuff that ABC Family airs. Even if you look at BMW reruns, when they are on Disney, are usually chopped up to take out any PG elements and episodes like the prom night, Shawn’s alcoholism, etc. are never aired. Part of the reason BMW was so great was that it actually dealt with real issues. If it airs on Disney, it probably won’t :(

      • Jocelyn says:

        Thank you Leah! I agree completely.

    • virginia moreland says:

      That”s exactly what happened to our family. We recently became fans of BMW through the reruns. How did I miss that amazing show?!!! My husband and I laughed out loud at everything! I couldn’t believe the life issues they addressed! Just waiting for GMW!

  13. Lynne says:

    If Ben and Dannielle werent involved, I would say absolutely no way to this. But we know that they loved the show as much as we did and I dont think they would do it if it was total crap. I am really looking forward to this, if only for my Mum to complain about Topanga’s weird name again which I always got mad at her about. Lol
    And since they are not saying anything about returning characters, me thinks they got atleast one of the three we all want back (Shawn, Eric and/or Feeny). Ben, Dannielle and Rider all tweeted they got together last week with Will so I’m sure some discussion was started about those two coming back for a spot.

  14. mia says:

    Disney has something unique here in that they are targetting 3 different demographics; there’s my generation who grew up on it, there’s my parents generation who watched the show with their kids (my dad is excited for the new series) and there’s the new kids.

  15. Any info yet if the pilot will be ready for the Fall 2013 TV season? I know Disney doesn’t typically follow network schedules, but I hope in this case they do, at least in the beginning. It will likely do much better that way.

    I also feel like though the show definitely belongs on ABC Family, it’s likely to succeed on Disney because they leave shows on the air for years and years. Guess we shall see, I know I plan to watch no matter what.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      If you follow the link above, Ben says they start filming in February, so that would put it on a pace for possible Fall 2013 premiere.

    • there no word when it will aired al they have said it will aired this year all i know they started filming the show on march 20

  16. cjeffery7 says:


  17. Tara says:

    I agree with Ben that them passing the torch to their daughter is poetic…maybe fans of the original (myself included) should do the same by passing it on to the next generation of tv tweens…I’m just relieved they’ll be watching something a show that attempts humor and real life with the innocence that BMW once has

  18. David says:

    Disney is perfect for it. Anyone who watches Good Luck Charlie knows that Disney makes quality family programming. Plus let’s face it, Disney is a bigger Network than ABC family. The actually ABC is too low brow to put anything like this on their airwaves.

  19. Evie says:

    Okay, I admit I am excited that for a sequel to this amazing tv show that I grew up with however having it being under the control of Disney Channel these days scares me. Everyone knows that Disney Channel has slowly grown more cheesy and stupid filled with lame jokes and even lamer actors. Back when Boy Meets World was airing new episodes Disney had been different. Better even. Now I’m afraid that if the “New” Disney got it’s hand’s on the sequel it would completely transform it be like its recent shows like “Good, Luck Charlie.” Which, personally, is freaking pointless but not as awful as that “Dog with a Blog” crap they call a show. I hope Ben Savage is right and they will be staying true to the old days.

  20. Brooke says:

    You all are crazy! There’s no way this show could possibly ruin boy meets world. Anyone who watched boy meets world has got to be at least 20 years old and girl meets world is going to be a series on Disney so if you can’t handle the sequel then my best advise is to not watch Disney. Let your children, nieces/nephews, or brothers/sisters enjoy the show! If its going to be anything like boy meets world and I hope that is. Its going to be great for our young generation to learn the values and morels they taught on the show!

  21. Rose Lawhead Hayes says:

    I believe this will b a great idea!!!!!! Ben Savage even assured the fans!! AAND THEY BOTH AGREED TO DO IT!!!!!! THAT SAYS SOMETHING PEOPLES!!!!!!!!!!! BOTH OF EM!!!

  22. daniel stamey says:

    I think this is absolutely the best thing for ben savage and danielle fishel because those true bmw fans that actually watched every single episode aired watched these two ordinary people grow up on tv and really reflect on issues that many young people go through and I know that seeing them as parents puttin wat was distilled in them through out many years into there parenthood I think its gonna be awsome and cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Seuss4prez says:

    Shawn, Eric and Feeny need to be involved too! Nuff said.

  24. Sara says:

    I agree that its a great idea to have a spinoff of this show. I do think it should be on abc, or abcfamily. Disney will get rid of what we loved about Cory and Topanga and clean it up a little bit so children can watch it. Its not fair for people of our generation that grew up with this show. Disney doesn’t have any shows worth watching as an adult anymore. They should go back to their old format, and still show shows like BMW and keep the same sense of humor they had as the show progressed. If they are starting it off as a girl in HS then it should be more realistic dealing with drama, and sex and what really happens in HS. Bad move Disney Channel. Put it on ABC or ABCFamily.

    • sara i have to disagree with you disney said there going to keep it like the orginal show was do you really think ben and denielle would join the show if disney was going to make it boring and take away from the boy meets world was i dont think show. and the show is going to start off riley in the 6th grade like boy meets world starts at.

  25. Sooo soooo sooo excited for Girl Meets World! One of fmy fave shows is Boy Meets World :) I watch it everytime it’s on!

  26. Danny Mcnulty says:

    Harley Kiner was here!!!!

  27. Marissa Robles says:

    im excited about this! I used to watch this with my older brother and now I get to have a little bit of Boy Meets World in my generation! ( accept it will be Girl Meets World and not Boy Meets World )

  28. Anna says:

    Thank you Ben Savage for making sure Girl Meets World isn’t a disgrace. I was born in 1999, so I’m not really a 90’s kid but this summer I watched EVERY SINGLE EPISODE on DVD’s with my older sister (Who is a 90’s kid). The show is AMAZING! I learned so much from the show and I’m very happy to hear that Ben Savage won’t let Disney go bonkers and ruin the show. I laughed, and I cried but mostly I got attached to everyone who played any part in the show. Thank you to everyone who had a part in making Boy Meets World and to all that will help make Girl Meets World be equally great. Though I’m not sure that’s possible…

  29. Niki says:

    Haha I feel so old! Reading the post about people loving the show after watching the reruns… I am happy I got to grow up watching the show as it happened… Waiting week to week to see what happens next.

    I honestly can’t wait to watch… And being a mom now… It will be fun watching this with my son. I still can’t believe we are old enough to have Cory and Topanga have a teenage daughter… Where did the time go?

  30. Theresa R says:

    I can’t wait to see Cory being a big kid (just as he was in college) right alongside his kids. My boyfriend has some of the same quirks as Cory in that childish way. Sometimes it’s cute and other times it makes me roll my eyes (much like Topanga). I love them both, either way!

  31. Sonia says:

    I loved the old show but we at least need Shawn, there is no boy meets world without him :(

  32. becca says:

    Any news on live audience i so would love to see it.

  33. becca says:

    When will it air on tv and cant wait.

  34. Kaliha says:

    I’m sooooooo excited but hope Disney channel won’t ruin and downgrade such a wonderful series to a cheesy and corny show

  35. Krista says:

    I loved BMW I’m very excited to see how the GMW holds up compared to BMW. Omg we do need rider back he was was the best. Most relatable. And I want to see if Eric turned in to plays worth squirrels!!!!! Going to miss Feeny!!!!! Can’t wait so exited!!!!!

  36. Hazel says:

    It has been confirmed that “Eric” and “Shawn” will be on the show again. Not as regulars but will be making their appearances!! Can’t wait!!

  37. Claudia Juarez says:

    Pretty sure the show won’t really be about Cory and Topanga , but more about their daughter and her friends . So I don’t understand the whole “sequel concept”, why didn’t they just put another title and make it its own show. It just sucks because now if I bring up Boy Meets World all people think about is the new show, which really isn’t anything like the original. Idk I’ll give the new show a try but i just don’t want to be disappointed. Boy Meets world is still my favorite show :/

    • steven says:

      Claudia let me explain the sequel concept then in a way girl meets world is going to be like the original show was but this time is not about Cory and Topanga anymore is about there daughter riley going threw life Like her parents did in boy meets world if you took the time to watch the previews of the show you would get the concept of the sequel.

  38. Phyllis Richards says:

    Love love Boy meets Girl. I am 70 years old and never get tired of it. If I were 50 years younger I would be looking that cute Ben Savage up. Does he like older women? I will look for other movies.

  39. Dejanay says:

    Are y guys moving to abc family or not cause u guys would get way more mature viewings and alot of ratings i stand with lucaya fans when u ex out lucas and mayas kissing scene if u want ratings move to abc family now