The Voice Top 6 Results Recap: Did the Right Contestants Get Cut This Week?

voice top 6 resultsCee Lo Green declared that he doesn’t view The Voice as a competition, but rather “a coexistence.” Blake Shelton, on the other hand, said he’d do anything to ensure he’d have the last two contestants standing in Season 3. And as for Christina Aguilera, her mind was otherwise occupied with thoughts of a weekend hunt at the My Little Pony Game Preserve, where she hopes to gun down a trophy that can be used as raw material for a breathtaking season finale wig.

Okay, that was some seriously grim imagery, but still not as stressful as The Voice‘s Season 3 Top 6 telecast — where there was seriously no telling who might get the axe. (You: “Well, not Cassadee Pope; otherwise Blake would break his contract.” Me: “Good point!”)

But yes, I’m delaying the inevitable…Top 6 eliminations…and might I suggest a 911 call to your local authorities, because somebody got straight-up robbed by America.

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Sent to Safety (in chronological order)
Terry McDermott
Trevin Hunte
Cassadee “Pimp Spot or Something Like It” Pope

First Elimination
Melanie Martinez

Melanie said her Voice experience went beyond what she’d ever dreamed, and in return for her charming exit, got the most awkward TV hug of 2012 from Carson Daly.

Final Two Left in Limbo
Nicholas David
Amanda Brown

Blake, who quite possibly gulped down a cocktail of whiskey and smugness before the telecast, opined that “America tends to lean toward the unique” on The Voice, and therefore he expected Nicholas to survive. (Because, of course, there are just tons of statuesque, vocally mind-blowing black women tearing up the rock-music charts right now.)

His reasoning may have been all kinds of wrong, but in the end Blake turned out to be right. Nicholas survived, and Amanda was left like a drifter, born to walk alone. Adam Levine, however, is not worried. He told Amanda that her Voice experience was but “a small sprint in the massive marathon that is life.”

And just like that, Adam has no contestants left in the competition.

And just like that, the viewing public rejected Amanda, who as I said last night (and I continue to stand by my statement) put together one of the absolute strongest five-week runs — “Dream On,” “Stars,” “Someone Like You,” “Here I Go Again,” “(You Make Me Feel Like a) Natural Woman” — in reality singing competition history. (Yes, hard to belive, there’ve only been five weeks of live shows on Season 3 of The Voice thus far.)

A few other notes on the telecast:

* Anyone else chuckle when Carson pointed out Cee Lo had turned his chair around for every contestant in the Season 3 Top 10, Top 8, and Top 6? (Um, dude, everyone who made the Top 8 and Top 6 were part of the Top 10. Redundant much?)

* The word-heavy verses of “Feel Again” weren’t exactly kind to Trevin. If this duet was a Battle Round, it would’ve gone to Terry.

* I liked seeing two rockin’ chicks — Amanda and Cassadee — team up for Kelly Clarkson’s “Breakaway.” Still, here’s hoping Blake aims for something a little more adventurous for the Season 3 front-runner next week, eh?

* Best duet of the night was Nicholas and Melanie on Fiona Apple’s “Criminal,” though conceptually, I’m not sure who thought it was a good idea to pair up the teenage girl contestant and the full-grown adult dad for a song with such mature subject matter. The part of me that’s turning into my mom went CTRL+ALT+DEL the second Melanie cooed “I’ve been a bad, bad girl.” But the burning question is, did Xtina know about plans for this results-night duet back when she insisted Melanie should cover “Criminal” during her Monday night critique/scold?

With that, let me turn things over to you:

Did The Voice voters get it right? Should Melanie and Amanda have been eliminated? Or should it have been Trevin and Terry instead? (Yes, your honor, that was a leading question.) Finally, is there any stopping Cassadee? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOO! My two favs are 2 of three bottom two, as I had feared. In the end it was NOT, this time, the lowest number of ratings which would have had Melanie safe for sure but it was the new 10x vote bonus thing that did Amanda (and Melanie) in. Now way to overcome one out of three methods counting 10x less than for the other four. Man, damn, had Amanda just had one in the top ten, as she sure as heck should have, she woulda been safe for sure. When Melanie was sent home I suddenly had hope for Amanda (although sorrow for Nicholas) but then I realized it was all about the 10x power votes for iTunes and new Amanda was a goner.

    It is interesting that CeeLo has half of the top 4 in it and he turned around for all of the top 5, something nobody else had and he was even the only one to turn around 25% of the top 8 I think.

    But man, this is getting worse and worse now I can’t even get my favorites into top four on any show, not The Voice or AI or XFactor for each of the most recent/current seasons. :(

    It is cool to see a Nicholas be able to make a top four of a show though. And I do like some 80s rock with Terry. Cassadee has grown on me a bit but does seem a bit generic and really more than that on some songs her voice gets a bit chipmunky toned, although she has been doing a lot better with that than for the first half of the season. Trevin does have some pipes and can out out feeling, although he has been quite shaky outside of power ballads.

    Amanda could do it all. But at least she made it one spot more than Elise on AI, oh well….
    but a few spots worse than Vicci or Juliett :(.

    • ETG says:

      After Amanda’s stellar performances last night, I honestly don’t see how America could not have supported her. I think Terry or Trevin should have gone home instead of her. From here on out, I am voting 100% for Nicholas!!

      • flyer says:

        Trevin should have left along time ago

        • Tiff says:

          WORD. Sorry, Trevin, but you’re just not that interesting anymore. And while I liked Terry’s Foreigner last night, he’s just kind of boring to me. Anyway, this stitches it up – no one can beat Cassadee at this point. Most generic winner ever.

          • Jason says:

            There are two reason Amanda got eliminated before her time,

            1) She is a hot chick. On these reality shows hot chicks always go out two places before they should. So amanda ended up in fifth place. SHe deserved third place but the hot chick factor (the mostly women(not all women but a big percentage of them)fans will never vote for hot chick because of jealousy and because they are more interested in voting for a hot guy. Go through the years of these shows and add 2 places too all the hot chicks that is where they should have ended up. HAley was third she should have been first, Katherine Mchphee was second she should have been first.

            2) Amanda deserved third place and not first because while she is a great singer she does not have a distinctive voice. She sounds like many other singers out there. If you heard her on the radio you wouldn’t know it was her. So while she was a great singer and had great song choices she was doomed from the beginning.

          • Simon says:

            Jason nailed it! Amanda was the most impressive technical singer of the final 6. I personally even preferred her song choices over the others but her tone was not nearly as unique as the others. If I was listening to the radio Nicholas’ voice would be the easiest to recognize followed by Terry’s, Cassadee’s and Trevon’s. I’ve often felt Nicholas could have been booted off during any of the previous rounds because his song choices are so extra old school. I think if he sang something current in the vein of Munford & Son’s or The Black Keys he’d have this thing wrapped up. Unfortunately I have a feeling Cassadee might take this. Technically she’s usually good but her nasally whining tone does nothing for me and I’m sure many others feel the same. Her strong teeny bopper following might be enough to take her to the top. :(

          • noa says:

            Jason- that is some sexist nonsense you wrote and i have to say i’m really offended by it.

          • mrOCD says:

            Amanda’s tone not recognizable? Uh, yeah, right. I think it’s curious you pointed out that Trevin, Terry and Cassaddee’s voices for their “uniqueness” but forgot to list Melanie, whose performances absolutely hinge on her different, unique voice and tone. Terry’s cookie-cutter, bland interpretations, Cassaddee’s copycat vocals (yeh, except for that one performance) and Trevin’s derivative vocal acrobatics are especially not “unique” to me. Nope, Nicholas is the only one who has the unique voice out of the four we have left.

          • TiaGata says:

            @Jason – can you please explain what makes any of the other voices on this show distinctive??? Cassadee sounds like any other white female pop/country singer. The only distinct voice would be Nicolas because he sings sorta soulful for a white guy, but then so did Kenny G. and Michael McDonald…so that means he isn’t that distinctive either…

            Amanda was the better singer hands down when you compare her to the females in the competition, but as America would have it…

          • Amber says:

            @Jason I don’t usually go all feminist, but I find your post to be completely sexist. I’m a straight female who has no trouble voting for sexy females if I enjoy their music. And your hot guy thing doesn’t seem to work well this season at least, because I wouldn’t really call any of the guys left “sexy.”

          • Jason says:

            I said in my post, not all women. But there has to be some reason the stellar singers like Pia Toscano get voted out before Stefano and Haley gets beat out by inferior singers like Lauren and Scotty. Not to mention the travest of Juliet Simms not winning last year when she clearly deserved it! How many men are left on the voice. Three with only cassadee being left. She will get voted out next week. The cute boys and sexually non threatening girls get through all the time. I actually am really surprised that Cassadee hasn’t been shown the door yet.

          • Huan says:

            I completely disagree. She doesn’t have a distinctive voice in the audio version, but I do clearly recognize her voice when she sings live. As her fan, I’ve heard her songs before she appeared on the voice, it’s more different than her The Voice records. I take a shot in the dark that NBC thought it would be better if they make her more generic…

      • Name That Tune says:

        Let’s get real here. These singing competition shows favor males. The Voice has produced nothing but male winners. AI has become a factory for the WGWG (with cute eyes).
        You can be a great female singer, but you’ll never win. Unless you’re on The X Factor and you’re under the age of 20. Pretty much sums up the whole thing.

    • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

      Each time a top female contestant goes out they have had at least one song that night where they really rocked it out :(. Most recently Haley, Elise, Amanda, but many more.

      • Sam M says:

        Can’t even describe how much I love this post….Haley and Elise were my favorites by far on the past two seasons of American Idol and I was so sad to see them go, especially seeing as how talented they were….Amanda I just can’t believe. She was an unbelievable talent for sure, I fell in love with her just like I did with Elise and Haley. No reason to watch the show anymore. If Cassadee doesn’t win…

      • Danny says:

        The difference is that AI was rigged against Haley. I liked Elise a lot, but I think overall she got a fair shake. Same w/ Amanda here. I was bummed to see her go too, but w/ the Voice I have no qualms about the voting or anything being rigged from a production angle.

        I wish there was a way to start other posts on various topics. Like for instance, which elimination from a show was the worst one for ya to swallow? That’s a Q for anyone who cares to respond.

        Mine were Haley and Siobahn. At least w/ Siobahn though, Crystal was pretty much neck and neck w/ her.

        I was also a lil disappointed that Bo didn’t win vs Carrie, but 1) Carrie was also extremely good and 2) It was the last show, so even had he won there weren’t going to be anymore performances from him.

        Anyone else wanna chime in?

        • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

          I’ll agree with that other than Elise got a mini-busing I think. Not at all on the order that Haley did, but they definitely said random junk about her at times and never really supported her best stuff nearly as much as they could have. They definitely did bus her a few weeks. Gave some 100% contradictory advice. And there were the same old people complaining that she didn’t take the judge’s comments well, etc. Sure not on the level of Haley, which was just ridiculous, but it was there all the same. (one weird thing is that at the end you could sort of make out what Randy was telling Elise and it seemed way more positive and totally different and contradictory to what he said in his comments to the show’s audience)

        • Sam says:

          I disagree about Carrie and Bo. I liked Bo Bice, but no one on that season came close to Carrie. She has the career to prove it. Bo was good though.
          My most shocking was Chris Daughtry and now Amanda Brown. Didn’t hurt him and I hope it won’t hurt her either.

          • Darla says:

            Hello Vonzell Solomon! Baby V! She had more charisma than Carrie Underwood. But Simon sabotaged Vonzell, because he knew he’d sell more records with a country star.

          • Name That Tune says:

            So Carrie won in 2005. That’s the last time one of these shows has produced a marketable female winner who has had significant commercial success. Yes Jordin Sparks won, but her career has never reached Carrie’s level.

        • teatime says:

          I would have liked to see Amanda on Idol. She was versatile and interesting. She might have got the same busing Haley did but Haley still managed to get to third and to get a record contract despite the weekly negativity from some judges.
          Amanda did a great job on The Voice. It is frustrating to think of her low downloads this week. It looks like song choice did her in.

        • The Voice Is Awesome! says:


          • The Voice Is Awesome! says:

            My apologies, I am very bummed that Amanda was eliminated. Love her.

          • Randy says:

            THANK YOU!!! ….I was wondering what show these quacks were watching??? LMAO

          • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

            Randy dawg, I thought AI WAS your show! And in case you didn’t notice we all mentioned contestants from The Voice above too and maybe we never realized that The Voice stands alone in the world and nothing else exists and nothing can dare be put into any outside context….

    • TheBeach says:

      Wow…you named Amanda, Juliette, Elise, Haley, Vicci…all are favorites of mine. I guess we’re both going down with the Titanic.

      • Templar says:

        This is just a thought: Maybe your choice in singers [Haley, Elise etc.] just isn’t mainstream. The huge popularity of some of today’s biggest chart toppers completely baffles me. In many cases the “stars” can’t really sing. Taste in music runs the gamut from connoisseur to common sewer with today’s music leaning heavily toward the latter. JMO

        • jewel says:

          Completely agree. Instead of hearing women with fabulous voices like Amanda, Elise, Haley etc., we get Katy, Keshia, Demi, and now we’ll get Cassadee. All cut from the same cloth. I’m so disappointed that Amanda is gone! Keeping my fingers crossed for Nicholas!!!

        • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

          Perhaps, although Adele and Winehouse and so on may not have seemed remotely mainstream but have made it big after a few years of strong backing and pushing and then suddenly they are mainstream now in a sense. Since the show winners haven’t had a crazy track record even with all the extra backing that winning gives you I don’t know that all the winners could be considered mainstream either then. (other than the country singers in the country world)

    • Tom22 says:

      I’m 100% fine with less people finding Melanie worth voting for than the others. I also have 7 of her songs on my phone and really am enjoying them and I’m very very happy about that. I’ll be listening to her down the line.

      Once you’ve been introduced to the country and a fan base, the last few weeks of exposure mean very little except perhaps for a portion of the top-40 crowd of people who don’t know who they like and like to like what other people like.

      Now, I’m not saying that more people don’t like the winner, but a contestant’s staying power isn’t really increased by where they finish.

      In the long run of a career it is more important that the people who Do like you, -Really- really like your performances enough to Want to hear more and more and more of both what you have done and what you will do.

    • mrOCD says:

      Dammit! Two of my favorite evicted from the competition in one fell swoop! How about that? I seem to have a knack for choosing singers that never win. Case in point: on Idol, I’ve rooted for Allison Iraheta, Crystal Bowersox, Haley Reinhart and Elise Testone the past few seasons. On the Voice, it’s been Dia Frampton, Lindsey Pavao, and, of course, these two young ladies. And let’s not even talk about the X-Factor but my S1 wasn’t Melanie (also, the ongoing second season of that show really sucks).

      • gregk says:

        Also thought Allison and Haley should have won AI and they are both always brought up in Comments like these. Carly Rose looks to be a shoo-in on X-factor, but never know, she could join the list.

      • Lml says:

        Yes. Those were some of my favorites. I told my sister that I am going to quit watching these shows since my choices got out earlier then they should. I get invested in them and bam! Out they go.

    • noa says:

      THERE IS NOTHING I DON’T LOVE ABOUT THIS THREAD!! any excuse to be upset over unjust exits like Elise’s or Haley’s (and i’m going to bring up another name that is a little further away- Carly!) is fine by me. and it def makes sense here. why can’t a woman, with more performance and vocal skills than most people who are selling records win these competitions?? i thought the voice was at least a little better than that with Vicci or Juliett being in the finales, but really? Amanda goes out #5?? good thing my experience with Elise made me not really care about anyone anymore. i don’t have the energy to spare after this past AI season. still- this is crazy. predictable, but crazy.

      • mrOCD says:

        Yeah, Carly Smithson was a S7 favorite of mine, too. I’ll throw in Brooke White, too, for good measure. And, of course, there are plenty more. It IS truly getting predictable how these singing competitions treat women. Melanie was very lucky indeed; an exception which proves the rule.

      • jewel says:

        Yeah! I almost forgot about Carly, she was awesome. Someone please explain to me how the fabulous women don’t get the record deals that go to horrid singers like Keshia, Jessie James, Katy Perry, etc…

    • Jamey says:

      I agree that Amanda should not have not have gone! I probably wont watch anymore – not interested in the show now. I read on some other forum that some artists are paying big bucks to make sure they are in the top 10 on iTunes for the times 10 factor on votes. I can see where someone would throw 10k or more to guarantee a million dollar contract. $10 to 40 thousand (over the weeks) for a million. If a family or coach or agent has that money, I can understand that happening. The Voice may have to rethink that scenario though, if true. Terry’s top of the charts did surprise me – so I wonder…

      • tnsmoke says:

        Oh for Pete’s sake. Just because your fave got the boot no reason to try to make someone else’s success on iTune be marred by rumor of cheating!! Terry has ALL of his songs still on the iTunes chart….would cost a lot of money to keep them all on there for 4-5 weeks. Blame America for not voting for Amanda, and quit insulting the remaining TALENTED signers by trying to assume they aren’t there due to their hard work.

  2. ETG says:

    Not sure HOW this happened tonight, but it is ridiculous!!!!

    • Dave says:

      Folks, you wouldn’t be the LEAST bit surprised if you’d have gone to the iTunes store today. The writing was on the wall… Amanda was the lowest-charting singer of the 6. She may be a fantastic vocalist but as we know, the winners of these shows (Phillip Phillips, Jermaine Paul, etc.) are rarely the best singers.

  3. Samantha says:

    I’m a little shocked Trevin made it. He’s good but he seems to falter more lately. REALLY PUMPED FOR TERRY!!! I was sad to see Amanda go but I’m happy for Nicholas. America just didn’t seem to connect with the country!

    • flyer says:


    • Samantha says:

      First off all, frak all of you for being rude. Second, I LOVED Amanda. She was my 2nd favourite and I wanted her to stay (especially over Cassadee); but it seemed like she didn’t get the same kind of love that the others did, personality wise.

      • Tom22 says:

        I’m on your side here Samantha.. the fact that she isn’t still on the show shows she didn’t connect quite as much with the country as the remaining ones. The fact that she was still there does show that she connected with enough to make it through 6 eliminations where the country had a say.

        Your point, (clear as day to me) was that given how strong a voice she has, clearly it wasn’t her voice that was in the way.. .. not as many people were voting for her as much as her voice quality might warrant and YES, if it isn’t the voice I’d pretty much say that it is about “connecting” with people …as that is a very broad word about “appeal” . If she had markedly poor songs assigned to her the “busing” angle might sometimes hold water.. but she had about as good a song selection for her as any of the others had for them ,,,, she wasn’t thrown under the bus, she looked great and sounded great but not quite as many people were crazy about voting for her and buying her songs than those less than a handful still remaining.

        I’d look at the song sales as more telling for her potential future… fans paying money now is a fairly good sign they might pay again in the future.

        • Samantha says:

          I should have phrased my point better (and used the correct word! Sorry I was excited earlier.) but you hit the nail on the head of what I had intended. Obviously people liked her, she made it this far. IT seemed that in the end people connected more with Cassadee, Terry, Trevin etc over Amanda. This was especially evident over the last few weeks when she was called later and wasn’t charting as well. itunes sales are a good indicator of who will be going home because not everyone has money to buy a song or they may not like it enough to buy it. I love Terry but I’ve only purchased one song of his. You are exactly right, if someone will pay for a song now of something that’s already made popular by another artist, it’s very very likely they will for any original music she’ll have. Thanks for agreeing with me and not being a total jerk!

          • Gup says:

            Cassadee’s voice moves me, and she just seems so darn passionate about what she does. I don’t know why Amanda’s fans need to rag her just because she made it to top 4 and Amanda didn’t. Well boo freaking hoo! I agree that Amanda should have been on the top 4, but Cassadee deserves to be there and America has voted and we can’t do anything about that now.

        • Kelly says:

          It’s weird. Up until this week, I think Amanda was one of the highest in the chart regularly from what I can remember, while others like Treven were barely charting. I think that this revealed a flaw in the “multiply votes by 10” method. You have contestants like Amanda and Melanie selling well consistently, but then one week a few other contestants have a “moment” that pushes one of their songs into the top ten, and they are gone. :( When I looked, Melanie had both songs in the teens, and some of her other songs still charting, and Amanda had both songs in the 20s with other songs still charting. It seems like consistency got trumped last night! I’d love to see a breakdown of where all of the contestants have been on itunes every week.

          • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

            Yeah, it seemed like got snakebit this week and it was the one week (along with next) where that makes all the difference in the world.

      • coalby100 says:

        As good as Amanda is vocally, her personality is a bit off-putting, and that’s what the voting revealed last night. When you get down to the final six, connection with the audience has a lot to do with whether or not you stay. My predictions….if I’m wrong about people’s perception of Amanda, she’ll make it big…she has a ton of talent. And if Cassadee goes country, she’ll be a superstar. Any other genre and I think she’ll be a flash in the pan.

    • DJ says:

      Did you mean to say that Amanda “didn’t seem to connect with the country”? Based on the replies to your comment, it looks like people are confused.

  4. S7 Fan says:

    YESSSSSSSSS!!!! Neighborhood boy makes it to the Top Four!!!!

    • S7 Fan says:

      That would be Nicholas!!!!!

      • ETG says:

        Nicholas showed tonight, during his duet with Melanie, just how AWESOME he is!!! I can understand why some people don’t get him, as he is an acquired taste (sorta like Leon Russell). But I am very happy that I’ll get to hear him at least one more week!!

        • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

          It was a good vocal fit for Melanie (although I slower, solo performance would have worked better for her) but it did make it clear my other problem with her is that she didn’t put that deep feeling into it the way Nicholas did.

        • JudyVee says:

          Have been reading lots of comments in this space and finally had to write – because if anyone else has said it, I’ve missed it – that Nicholas sounds like Boz Scaggs! LOVE Nicholas. (Love Boz Scaggs.) Does anyone else think so?

        • TheBeach says:

          Nicholas’ voice has reminded me of Leon Russell from the very first time I heard him. Maybe he should sing “Superstar”

          • coalby100 says:

            I’m a huge Leon Russell fan, and I can’t say Nicholas’ voice reminds me of him, although his musical style certainly does. I agree more that Nicholas sounds like Boz Scaggs, but I think Nicholas’ voice is a bit richer. He’s really grown on me over the past couple of weeks. But y’all bring up an interesting thought….wouldn’t it be awesome if Nicholas covered a song by both Leon and Boz next week?

  5. Samantha says:

    ALSO! I understand that Xtina is going to be “taking a break” next season but I really think it’s time she’s replaced. She obviously can’t get over herself enough to give an honest critique to anyone on any other team. Her teams each season have flopped and she always picks the weaker person in battles. All of the other coaches manage to be fun and entertaining and say something worthwhile at the same time. Plus all of her “comeback” attempts have flopped. If she can’t even get her career going again, why should she be in charge of helping someone else with theirs?

    • jess says:

      I’m sick and tired of the double standards. If Christina is nice, she’s acting fake, if she’s mean, she’s a bitch. Could you imagine if Christina said what Ceelo said about his team last night? How the competition should end already because his team was above everyone else? She’d make headlines of how full of herself she is! Adam is a DIVA but, of course, he can say anything he likes of his looks. I’m so tired of it.
      I’m not even a huge Christina fan…but man, she can never win anyone.

      • Niki says:

        Thank you for saying that. I completely agree with you.

        • Cool Cat says:

          Yes, thanks so much to Samantha. Without her, I don’t think any of us would have realized that America just didn’t connect with the country.

      • Danny says:

        Cee Lo came across as talking smack in a fun way when he said he felt sorry for the rest of the competition. Christina comes across as a bitter and manipulative. I’m inclined to agree with Samantha. If it means anything to ya, I still think Christina is better than any judge on X Factor & galaxies ahead of Randy and JBlow from AI.

        • Samantha says:

          Exactly. Cee Lo was clearly joking and while he does come off as silly and a bit crazy, you can always tell he’s genuine. Xtina is always fake laughing and giving bitch eyes towards anyone who might be better than her.

        • Tom22 says:

          You can be warm but not snarky. I’m not sure it is exactly a double standard with women as I think that there really isn’t an established safe way for women to express opinions. I think it comes down to women aren’t comfortable saying “I” enough. and using self deprecating qualifications while firming stating something as Opinion. Like.. Adam could say. “Dude, you know, maybe I’m just a different kind of guy , and I was squishing pimples when I was your age, but I really like music where peformers just don’ tstick with a mainstream thing they’re good at”.

          Blake can say, stuff like “I must have had 6 drinks on the way over here so maybe I didn’t hear it right’..but you know, what really works for me is XYandZ “… or even more simply finding something nice to say about something limited a person did without any qualification or larger signal to the audience. No snarking like Simon (and Simon is an a hole of a snarker) saying “welll.. .you look fine”. If someone says You look really great up there, or “I like how you hold the microphone” and doesn’t say anything about your singing.. no rolled eyes or crossed arms etc needs to be telegraphed. Criticism that has things to ADD is great and Christina did have good things to say many times… there were just too many backhanded compliments and too little warmth or qualifications of “this is what I (capital I .. impliying others are free to think differently) like”.

          Randy Jackson is an a hole too.. Can’t phrase things in a humble aw shucks way and let his point, not his stature or body language try to emphasize the point.

          Southern girls/women do seem to be able to pull it off better. .. .. that genuine “who am I to know” preceding a comment stated not as a fact but as opinion.. just the way guys do

      • idek says:

        Ditto, jess.

      • Polly says:

        Thank u, my thought exactly

      • Tom22 says:

        She’s been honest about what she likes. I’m not exactly sure what she didn’t see in Amanda but I do think I see a difference in what she likes. I don’t think Christina is fond of syncopation and certain stylings and wants a song sung more straight on start to finish… without juxtopositions in emotion as many songs require, and doesn’t particularly like purposeful blue notes (jazz modulations) interfering with her mentality.

      • vulan says:

        And yet, Chris M has the most successfull career more tha the previous winners or runner ups… Uhmmm…that says it all for me.

        • Sara says:

          That is actually a really misleading statistic. Dia Frampton’s album debuted higher than his on both the Heatseeker and the top 200 album charts (her’s were #1 on Heatseeker and #103 on the 200, his #4 and #188). Also Javiar Colon’s album apparently charted at #134 on the Top 200 (and thus higher than Chris’). Furthermore, no one else from his season has gotten an album out yet, but Tony Lucca has been touring almost constantly since the show ended to pretty much all sold out venues and is signed to a label (Adam’s I believe) to make an album when he is done touring.
          So, I really don’t see how anyone could say that Chris is the most commercially successful. It is all subjective, I suppose. He is definitely one of the “success” stories, but I think it is a stretch to say he is the most successful.

          • teatime says:

            Sara, thank you for adding some perspective. I have not had time yet to look into the different levels of success of contestants from The Voice. I know there are several that I find memorable (including both Dia Frampton and Chris Mann) and there are many measures of success. You help me put everything in context.

      • Me says:

        It’s so strange. I LOVE Christina, but watching her on this show has almost turn me off from liking her as a person, I still love her music, her new album is amazing. I don’t think this show is doing anything for her. It’s not helping her at all because a lot of people are being put off by how rude she is to certain contestants. This season it’s Melanie, last season it was Tony, she was SO rude to Tony, and you could even tell that Melanie was feeling it cause every time it came to Christina to talk to her, she almost looked like she wanted to hide behind Carson, she couldn’t even look at Christina much. It’s disrespectful of Christina to treat certain people, who haven’t done anything to her, like that. I think she ALWAYS has something against the people on Adam’s Team. And as for the people that she wasn’t actually rude to, like on her own team, the tone of voice she uses just makes her sounds completely condescending and fake and like she doesn’t really want to be there and doesn’t really care what they just sang. I’m pretty sure she only cared about the fact that Dez was good looking, she was always just looking at him like she could take a bite out of him right there on the stage. And then on the other hand, outside the show, I can’t stand Blake but he’s hilarious and very sincere on the show.

        Every coach at some point has said a version of what Ceelo said last night about his team winning.

      • I completely agree, I don’t get why so much hate against Christina. It’s just because she’s not a wallflower, doesn’t sit in her place, as a woman should… :(

    • Ann marie says:

      Xtina needs to be left alone. She is a human being ; she just has personal opinions just as you all who are hating on her….

      • Tom22 says:

        She’d go a long way if she stated what she observed as an opinion, and qualified her opinion too by explaining what she genearally appreciated in music. Adam for examples says out-right “at the end of the day, some pitch issues don’t matter to me, what is important to me is people’s connection to the song and bringing some thing special to it” . If Christina cast her comment with things like “hey, maybe its just my taste, but what I want to see is a singer hold the notes pure and strong and I don’t want them messing around with old jazz/ blues conventions and diddles and runs in modern music”… well we’d understand exactly what she was saying and she’d have made her criticism clear , seem less biased, and understand that it was her opinion, not a universal fact.

        • Chris Worth says:

          This is retarded. So she should say, “in my opinion” before she speaks? Did you ever take an English class? Of course it’s her opinion she’s speaking them not reading them out of a book.

          • T Martinez says:

            The problem is not that she doesn’t say, “in my opinion.” It’s that her opinion is CLEARLY a personal bias and not a professionally-developed opinion. Dez is clearly the best performance of the night two weeks ago with “Feelin’ Good?” Of Cassadee covering Avril — we’re looking at the winner? Blake has the strongest team? Singing FOR Melanie in front of everyone, like “this is how you do it.” All of her “praise” given to Amanda last night was flat and empty. Everything Xtina has had to say during the live shows smacks of voter manipulation and taking out her bias against Adam Levine on his contestants. Completely unprofessional. The show will be better without her.

          • Tom22 says:

            Expository writing is to take a stance an make an argument. Commentary that is an analysis of subjective elements does call for putting that analysis in context, especially in a social type of setting where the contestants are “guests” and the judges both judges and mentors and hosts.

            “in my opinion” would of course be kind of ingenuine if those words come out like a formal and token politeness (which we see so often on idol). I gave examples of how Adam and Blake might do it, and how I could see Kelly Clarkson doing it. Christina s words might be more like “what I like to see”, or “what I value most in in a performer is”. I definitely do think Christina did handle some comments that way, but it would have really helped if she did more of the “hey, this is where I’m coming from” stuff like the three others. There is content in the “where I’m coming from” type thing because she’d say something following that that suggested the angle she valued. And she did do that with her compliments some times.

            I don’t think she was terrible at all either… I’m more explaining what I think rubbed a nerve with others. It didn’t rub a nerve with me… I just thought she came across a little frustrated sometimes that people liked what she didn’t really like .. that’s human enough in my book even if it could have been a bit more positive (I saw it more neutral while those beside her spun their reservations in a more positive way while still sharing them)

  6. gg031 says:

    This show refuses to have a female winner… I can’t believe terry and trevin outlived Amanda

    • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

      It was 100% all that damn 10x iTunes bonus. :( The two who didn’t get it this week went home. Honestly I can’t believe Amanda didn’t manage a 10x bonus this week too.

      • ETG says:

        I’m hoping they will tweak that feature for next season…..

        • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

          One dangerous thing about the 10x itunes thing is that there can be a song that tons of people love and that alone can make it more likely to be downloaded. I get that they hope downloads means more relevance, and last season it would have helped Juliett over Jermaine but then again it could also toss in a lot of random influence of not whether a song was sung well or a good choice for a contestant but simply whether more people like the song, whoever sings it, so long as the contestant doesn’t utterly butcher it.

          • Aria says:

            Completely agree. It’s usually all about the song, and that isn’t necessarily 100% up to the contestants (and mentors even). Plus, what if you’re #11. Sucks for you? Maybe some kind of scaling thing should be used, like if you hit the Top 200 on iTunes, you get 10x(200 – your final charting rank) extra points – right now, though, if one person is #10 and one person is #11, the #10 has a huge advantage despite only slightly besting #11. Kind of sucks. I mean, clearly it’s a ploy to get people to buy more songs as a way to vote so that NBC gets the $$$, but it could be more fair.

      • Vickie says:

        I haven’t thought the 10x iTunes has been fair thus far, but it’s the rules. I thought Melanie should have gone a long time ago…her abilities no where matched the others in the top 6. this week my fave topped the top 10 on iTunes but now for some reason it’s “not fair”. it’s never “fair” when our faves don’t chart in the top 10 but it’s still the rules. when Melanie charted in the top 10 her supporters were happy, it is what it is. it’s a singing competition, we are not all going to agree with each other or these shows wouldn’t work. I hate to see Amanda go, but she will go far anyway. for the most part I am happy with the outcome tonight…but if I wasnt, there’s isn’t much I could do about it anyway…we all have a right to our opinions. This is were we learn to agree to disagree.

      • Me says:

        It’s kind of obvious that Terry sold more on iTunes this week since he was top of the iTunes Rock Chart AND # 2 on the Overall chart. Even if he didn’t get 10 x, if it was just the iTunes votes with no bonus, he obviously would have had more than her. If people didn’t like the performance, obviously they aren’t going to pay money to get the song from iTunes. Amanda has a good voice but I agree with what I saw someone say earlier, that I found her hard to connect with, it was like as soon as the performance was done, the personality was gone. I liked her at first but as the show went on she kinda faded away for me, and I know a few others who feel the same way.

        • Tom22 says:

          good points and exactly how I felt. I loved Amanda initially(and as a man a bit over her age I found her hot as hell and could look at her in that way without feeling like a pervert looking at a 19 year old that way). In the end though I lost interst entirely as she didn’t have a style I felt she brought that would make me listen. I wlll say while I love listening to old rock bands of the 1970s those songs are about the guitars and the band more than the singers to me.. no matter how hard it is to sing those parts … I think guitar when I hear aerosmith or led zepplin.

        • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

          Yeah he’d still have more votes from iTunes, of course, but that is something that might be overcome by regular votes but it’s hard to make up for a lost 30% of the vote. It is a sort of random who it ends up helping on a given week, not totally of course though. There were other weeks when Amanda sold more on iTUnes and would’ve had the 10x and been safe. Not quite sure why it didn’t happen this week, but it didn’t. It might not have helped that people were realizing that they were totally watering down her studio versions and that her last few sounded nothing like her live performances, while some of the other contestants, tuned up and all, sounded better on their iTunes versions. For some reason they took out a lot of the rock and heart and soul of Amanda on some of her studio iTunes versions, a shame. For all you know some people hit the preview, were like ah man not again, why download this when I recorded the more rocked out version live on the show already? Then again if fans were totally dedicated to insuring to made the finals I guess they’d have spent the dollar anyway. I don’t know.

      • Oliver Stoned says:

        Here is my conspiracy theory: Blake Shelton is buying 1000’s of downloads of his artists! Hey, you never know. But I love The Voice. It’s a very entertaining show.

    • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

      Although I think it will quite possibly have a female winner, Cassadee, even though she is a bit more boring than Vicci or Juliett or Amanda. She does have a lot of top 10 10x bonus to toss into the final vote tally.

    • Tiff says:

      Oh, it will have a female winner this year: Cassadee. The most boring, generic-voiced one of the bunch. She’s getting better, but I just don’t care about the music she’ll produce or her voice at all. But she’s so beloved that there’s no way she won’t win.

  7. jwjohnsoniii says:

    I am no longer watching The Voice.

    • ETG says:

      I will still watch, ’cause I am definitely NOT watching the X damn Factor. At this point, I can only hope that Nicholas or Cassadee wins.

    • Lydia's Bones says:

      And jwjohnsoniii, we are all just so thrilled that you are gone. You were dragging all of us down. Don’t come back to this blog!

      • jwjohnsoniii says:

        I love that you comment that I was dragging you down when this is maybe the second post I have made. I am not going to watch The Voice the rest of the season because the rest of the contestants don’t interest me very much at all. I hope Nicholas wins but it will probably be Cassadee who is okay but I feel is overrated. I am definitely not heading over the spectacle that is X-Factor where so many people that have been involved in music for so long seem to have no idea about what could make an artist successful.

        • teatime says:

          lol, I thought it was an odd comment. I tend to glance at screen names even if only to see if they are funny. I have never noticed your screen name before.

    • Jenny says:


    • Karen A. says:

      Nor am I. Can’t imagine how Nicholas is still there, and Amanda gone. Trevin is ALMOST enough to keep me watching, but not enough. What are people thinking!

    • Tom22 says:

      LOL you enjoyed the whole season.. there are only a couple episodes left ! Don’t be silly and fixated on who “wins”. This isnt an atheltic competition.. each week you’re on the show you get exposed to more and more fans who might follow you in the future.

      The second place finisher will have exactly the same exposure as the first place finisher. Those staying one more week but leaving next week will only get one more week of exposure — 9 weeks of performing instead of 8 or something? not much a difference.

      People really should be secure in what they like and how much they like it and give up on the who is better than who thing … comparing people to others that sing the same style or sing the same song is interesting enough discussion for its own right…but comparing different styles of singers and trying to say this Jazz singer is better is “better” than this country singer gets silly very quickly ..
      I’ve enjoyed the show so far.. I like lots of the singers who have been eliminated but for the most part I’ve felt the ones I’ve generally thought a bit better have lasted more weeks than they others….. the closer it comes to the end the less it matters.

      • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

        It can matter a bit in that well look at AI, the winner gets at least full year of much heavier support and at least a few singles dropped as opposed to others who may produce a better album but not get pushed onto radio so much and may not even get any the singles they wrote released and may even only get one dropped on the public and then ditched after a ridiculously short six months…. there are soooo many shows these days and so many being tossed out there it can help to get that extra promotion. On The Voice, you may be right that it doesn’t maybe seem to quite have as much boost. And I just read that second place Juliet is now signed by CeeLo and co and I have a weird feeling she might end up doing better than the winner (and again sure it’s not a contest and maybe top 40 doesn’t matter other than people eventually need to eat or they may quit and stop making more music and you need a certain cachet to get to co-work with certain people so it certainly does help to have all that).

        • Tom22 says:

          I respectfully disagree with you HittheGround. I agree promotion can help and think Haley had the wrong song promoted for you but I don’t agare that the idol machine promotes second songs if the first one fails and I don’t agree at all that the winner gets to make their own music with the freedom of lower place finishers. They get forced into bland songs like David Cook (or maybe David cook prefer’s bland songs.. hard to tell.
          Certainly a very good and singer with broad appeal, especially in the country genre has been shown to benefit. I sense that the idol machine errs less in picking songs for country artists and that country fans in general prefer songs that fit nicely within what is popular at a given time and sung well in a standard fashion. Why that formula gets lost in rock but works in country is hard for me to say…but it doesn’t mean that the same artist will sell their second and third album when they are not so fresh.

          Look at season 5 though. 6th place finisher Kellie Pickler has made a nice career for herself based on her own moxie and personal appeal. I’m not sure she would have been better off winning because her personality wouldn’t have shined if she was the “blessed one”. Chris Daughtry is (or was before country hits by Scotty and pop success of a song he didn’t like by Phillip Phillips 4 and 5 years later) the third highest grossing idol and he finished 4rth. Elliot Yamin is having decent success in the Niche he is good at and really had no chance of broader appeal promotion or not. The second and first place finishers that year, McPhee and Hicks really basically fizzled compared to those three. I agree that winning has helped Tayolor Hicks byt giving him a certain stamp of notoriety in that I regard a fairly run of the mill compared to stars, even though he his far above the quality of your average wedding singer. The promotion didn’t help him sell records terribly well but winning does seem to have helped him find a job doing what he is good at (entertaining event type crowds) in Las Vegas, and looking bigger in a Las Vegas mentality because he “won”.

          My take away is still that winning does very little help to a truer artist beyond a little extra money the first few years in a way that can endanger long term identity. To me its more like winning a lotto ticket with a jackpot of a level that won’t make you permanently wealth… less than investment bankers make in a year… its not going to make and artist.. and it is rarely based on pure skill.. more on popularity with the masses than it is respect among musical “peers”.

          We know that going in. We know it isn’t going to be a “talent’ thing after we get down to 5 or 6 competitors… so, why expect it will ever be and get mad when once again mainstream appeal triumphs over unique types of excellence.

          Knowing that.. feel like your favorites have “won” if they have made it to the point the get exposure and just find it a curiosity like who wins a game show, who gets the final couple spots.

          That way.. I can enjoy the competitions without any bitterness or disappointment of accepting the reality that “broad mainstream musical tastes” are not in line with my preferences in more nuanced niche types of music.

          • teatime says:

            @Tom22 I have to correct your speculation about sales figures regarding Daughtry and Scotty. For sales, Daughtry is firmly in 3rd place behind Kelly and Carrie. Scotty is in about 10th or 11th place. Studdard, Aiken, Barrino, Cook, Pickler, and Sparks have sold more than him. I believe Hudson has recently jumped into the top 10 as well, which would put Scotty at 11th. If Phillip’s album goes platinum he will probably jump ahead of Scotty and maybe others.

          • Tom22 says:

            Teatime.. You’re right.. I should have goggled that first rather than typing dim memories of recent promotional press releases on things like “first week sales” probably. Also David cooks first and second album sold well, not deserving any slight. Adam lambert is making big money fronting for Queen internationally , but kris allen sold a fair number of his first record and had mega single downloads … so many different ways to count things (oscar, acting roles, albums, duet singles.. diet company spokespeople, radio play, song downloads vs album purchases etc)…can’t mention everyone…but googling about it provides interesting results… Forbes article on earnings in the 2010 calender year was interesting especially.

          • teatime says:

            I need to make a correction. Scotty’s new Christmas album puts him firmly into the top 10 ahead of Pickler and Hudson IMO. I was responding just in terms of sales and not acting success, etc. But I was referencing what was true a couple of month ago when Hudson’s new album jumped her into the top 10. I did not realize Scotty’s new album has sold over 200k and is still charting. It is getting really murky to rank the lower half of the top-10 in terms of sales given the differences in albums vs singles vs EP’s especially since Scotty has sold far fewer singles most of the top 12. But suffice to say Scotty is ranked higher than 10th and is currently selling new music.

          • teatime says:

            The above should read that Scotty is 10th. He is still behind Pickler but he has an album currently charting so he might gain on her soon.

      • teatime says:

        +1 Tom22

    • jaxguy says:

      When America stops picking the winner of these shows, I’ll watch again. Until then I’m finishing XFactor and wrapping up these time wasters. I don’t care who wins now so I won’t be watching after last night. The winner will just get crappy material for their first record and it will be a huge flop and they will sail off into obscurity. At least Amanda has a beautiful voice that could have been geared to the few of American’s who have decent hearing and decent taste. Maybe we will crown another Javier or Jermaine who are gigantic flops.

      • teatime says:

        I stop watching a season when I do not expect good performances from anyone left. I do not stop watching because someone I like better has already gone. I won’t stop watching a show because I disagree with a winner. I stop watching if I don’t think any performances are going to be that good. The Voice has introduced me to a number of memorable singers. That is what I am looking for.

        • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

          I stop watching (or more truthfully, watch a lot less, but maybe don’t entirely quit) when a show utterly blatantly tries to bus good contestants, especially if they do it in a mean spirited, damaging way but who cares because it makes drama (see Idol) or if something starts going totally off the rails and makes you feel like you need a bath (X-Factor at times).

          Some of the judge’s decisions have annoyed me at times on The Voice and the outcomes of the finale shows have annoyed me a lot but since there isn’t total 100% busing and they don’t seem to try to break contestants for cheap ratings and such I still continue to watch it full force.

          Having Amanda not even make the finals is making it a bit rougher and more disillusioning but there are some good ones in the finale all the same, and as I said they don’t do so many blatantly horrible things as the other two shows do at times so I will still watch next week (although I am somewhat bitterly disappointed that the best, or at least one of the best four for sure, singer can’t even make the finale on this show now, we seems like one step back from the first two seasons, but oh well).

  8. Alex says:

    I am so happy Melanie is finally gone. Sad to see Amanda go.

    But Michael why do you hate Christina so much?

    • Mary says:

      Probably because she is rude, obnoxious and thinks she is gods gift to the world. Personally I never cared for her and she just grates on my nerves. Glad she is taking a break.

    • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

      Yes I hated Melanie too. I hated to see Amanda go, but I like Nicholas so it wasn’t a big deal. Still, I would have preferred Trevin gone over Amanda.

      • Antonia says:

        Sorry I too liked Amanda but why so much hate torwards Trevin because he can sing? Not many people in this world can really sing like him!!!!

        • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

          Well I will be honest. Black dudes belting out songs won the last two seasons and neither of them are any good or have any appeal commercially. People aren’t going to keep watching this show and keep it alive if it can’t produce a commercially viable singer. That was Amanda and she is now gone. Cassadee has a lot of fans but she won’t win. Nicholas will suffer the fate of Melani eventually but maybe people like his odd style more than I think. I love his style personally. Terry is going to end up in a band if he isn’t already. I fear that Trevin will win now that he survived more than one horrific performance.

          • teatime says:

            This is one of the highest rated shows on television. It does necessarily matter how many singles the winner sells. Sure, a popular artist would bring automatic attention to the show. That publicity would help the show and could increase the talent pool. But people watch it because it is entertaining and not because someone who used to be on the show has become super famous.

          • teatime says:

            That was supposed to read:
            This is one of the highest rated shows on television. It does NOT necessarily matter how many singles the winner sells. Sure, a popular artist would bring automatic attention to the show. That publicity would help the show and could increase the talent pool. But people watch it because it is entertaining and not because someone who used to be on the show has become super famous.

          • IchooseNicholas says:

            Reality singing competiton shows are TELEVISION entertainment. Once the season is over most viewers don’t even think about the winners/contestants ever again, much less buy their music. Producing a commercially successful singer is not the goal. The ACTUAL goal is to produce a commercially successful television show.

        • jaxguy says:

          Because he epitomized everything wrong with SOME not all young singers. And I’m telling you was NOT very good. Yeah he hit notes and all that but it pales to several other reality singing show versions. It was showy but that’s it. I love the song and I think it’s a great showcase for a big voice, but his take on it was average. Just vocal acrobatics. He did a couple of songs that were quite bad. Walking on Sunshine was terrible and even his duet with Terry was underwhelming. I’m not a big Terry fan but he was great and Trevin wasn’t.

    • Tom22 says:

      why would you be happy that anyone “go’s” .. be happy that people you like are still there…. does it really bother you if some people like things you don’t like and need that reminder that there are differences of opinion removed from the equation?

  9. Alexandra says:

    Sending home Amanda shows that talent matters least. Done. Have fun, America!

  10. UGH. Of course Amanda gets sent home. Why would America vote for a great voice? -__-

  11. J says:

    I’ve been watching the show from the UK. Now that Amanda is gone I’m no longer going to stay up until stupid a.m. to watch. There’s no way she should’ve been eliminated.

  12. Kristina says:

    Yeah, Amanda should have made it to the final two. But those iTunes sales proved to be right…

  13. stacy says:

    Wasn’t a surprise if you were paying attention to the iTunes top 10. Amanda and Melanie were the only two contestants not in it.

    • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

      I bet without the 10x bonus Amanda might have survived it.

      • Not Jana says:

        The 10x iTunes bonus for a song making the top 10 is not as big of a deal as you might think. After all, the other voting methods are free and you can vote those ways 10 times each. Who downloads the same song 10 times for $12? Plus it’s only for songs that make the top 10. It may give an edge if the other votes are close, but it’s still probably the least amount of votes the singers get.

        • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

          It is a big deal say you get someone putting in 10 votes for someone on two methods so you have a 20 there and then they download the song so you have a 21 score and then imagine the same only they get 10x itunes bonus then they get a 30 score! They are wayyy ahead in total votes then. Once it gets down to only a few left and the voting may be close it is hard to have to overcome basically getting a zero score for 30% of the vote total.

        • Vickie says:

          Good point!

          • Vickie says:

            Good point “Not Jana”…I don’t have an iTunes account and my fave got thru. we can bicker the point but it’s moot. Regardless of how you vote, or whom you like, none of us are going to be happy the entire time. we like who we like…and noone is wrong, it’s or choice. none of this bickering.Is going to change anything. the bottom line, they all will have promising careers whether they win or not. I would be sad if my fave didn’t win, but that’s how the cookie crumbles sometimes….I don’t lose sleep over it.

    • JAO says:

      Not correct. Melanie was number 2 on the Alt charts.

      • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

        I don’t think you get 10x bonus unless you are on the main overall top 10 on itunes though. If sub-charts counted then it would be really dicey since it is a lot easier to top 10 in some genres than others.

      • Hank says:

        alt charts don’t count for the 10x, it has to be overall.

    • Yes, really don’t get why was everyone so surprised. Checking itunes top 100 at 12pm the results show day told us already how stays and how goes. Seriously?

  14. SB says:

    I am happy and mad at the same time. I seem to be on the the few that read these recaps who loves Trevin so I’m excited for him! He killed “And I’m telling you” last night. I can’t wait for next week. At the same time I want to boycott the rest of the show for Amanda not making it. How could AMANDA not be in the top 4! Sorry, I’d take Amanda over Terry or Cassadee!

    • flyer says:

      No he did not Jessica Sanchez killed it on A.I. anyway he sounds like a girl

      • Tom22 says:

        She feels like Trevin killed it. She’s entitled to her preference, and I think from an earlier post of hers I understand what she values most and why she holds her preference for his performance

        I went and listened to all the versions twice over by various singers and later tonight walking the dog, Jessica Sanchez’s was the one that kept ringing in -my- head. Yes, she might have been acting rather than feeling a bit more, but she got the range of emotion right.. the song vacillates between anger and sorrow and hope and frustration phrase by phase , verse by verse, with the combination of those emotions at any time waxing and waning. Some people don’t like that kind of complexity. Also, that style of song is all about cadences to me …. rat tat. tat tat tat.. or think Shakespeare, iambic pentameter… when a song just goes along in 4-4 time with no playing with triplets within a syncopated beat or poignant pauses between words its just way to flat for me…BUT .. that isn’t what all people like..

        I respect other people might value a pure sustained note more than a modulation, and not like to be surprised with what they regard are unnecessary pauses within a flow of words .

        – part I (personally) like best in Jessica’s performance… the rhythm and gradual broadening of warm of the tonation(not the pitch) in the last note in “” I yearn to be Free” its and escalating wave that broadens at its apex.. like a rocket shooting then a firework exploding at the top and radiating down.

      • SB says:

        I haven’t watched Idol since season 3 so I have no idea how she sang it. Ironic as I may not be watching The Voice after S3 either. Regardless, I enjoyed Trevin performance but in the end to me no one will best the renditions from either of the Jennifers.

  15. Hate_The_Voice! says:

    Hate this show. This show is all about weirdness. I wouldn’t download music from any of the remaining “artists” if it were free!!

    • Lydia's Bones says:

      People like you belong on a sofa in front of Idol, where nothing different or unusual or artistic comes your way. You are safe from the “weirdness” there!

    • Me says:

      I’d rather be weird, then be considered “normal”. It would be a boring world without a little “weirdness”. ;)

      • Tom22 says:

        +1 “me” .. being “normal” or “mainstream” is an insult to me, and I’d regard it as an insult to those I like. If 80% of people “got” what I liked, chances are that particular thing I liked was kinda cheesy

  16. Paula says:

    I think Melanie was a right choice to go home, but not Amanda. That duet with Amanda and Cassadee tonight showed how weak Cassadee is compared to Amanda. I’m really disappointed that Amanda left instead of Cassadee.

    • Ash says:

      THANK YOU. Why didn’t they do that sooner?

    • Sara says:

      So very, very, very true! I mean, I always thought Cassadee was a weak singer, but that was a little bit startling how she was completely unable to sing with Amanda and stay even remotely in tune.

    • njm says:

      Looking around, and in the opinion of my ears, Cassadee more than held her own in that duet. Kelly Clarkson is definitely more in the wheelhouse of Cassadee, and it showed. Amanda sounded out of it, and well below the register. I don’t blame her…she acted all show as if she saw the writing on the wall.

      • Mary says:

        Wow do you really think Cassadee held her own? I guess I heard differently than you. Sorry Cassadee doesn’t come close to being like Kelly C. her voice is too weak.

      • Sara says:

        Cassadee held her own? That was perhaps the worst she has ever sounded, and that was mainly because she was singing with someone with actual talent. Sure, she held her own, as much as someone with that weak of a voice can hold out against a powerhouse singer. Unfortunately for her, her lack of control really showed tonight. Luckily for her, it means absolutely nothing to the competition since it was a throw away duet.

        • njm says:

          Just so no one thinks I’m totally alone in this, looking at the Google News Feed reviews up so far, only a handful have actual commentary:
          Alice @97.3 : “Amanda has a powerful voice, but this one was made for Cassadee’s timbre. She owns it, effortlessly.”
          HitFlix: “Brown does a fine job here, but it’s Pope’s wings that are spreading tonight.”
          BuddyTV: “This doesn’t really fit Amanda’s style. It’s decent for Cassadee as it highlights some of her country twang that Blake desperately wants to drag out of her. Maybe it’s just me, but neither of them sound particularly good. I feel like they’re phoning it in.”

          I am sure some sites will update saying Amanda killed the duet, but none have said so yet. I don’t know…you all seem to have an auditory bias. That, or only the pro-Cassadee sites post early…

          • njm says:

            I should note that the song was written by Avril Lavigne for Kelly Clarkson, so it is no wonder people feel it fits Cassadee better.

      • Sara says:

        Further, any time during that song that Amanda sounded off was because she was trying to dumb her voice down to stay in tune with whatever was coming out of Cassedee’s mouth.

      • teatime says:

        I could not help but notice that Cassadee was singer her second Kelly Clarkson song in the past few weeks. That came on the heals of her singing her second Avril Lavigne song last night.

      • Hank says:

        I agree, Amanda did all right but she sounded like she was holding back. Cassadee was belting high notes and pulled it off. Even her lower register which can sometimes be lacking was well executed. I was surprised to see Amanda leave because she is a good singer, but so is Cassadee. When everyone on the show is good, people vote for who they connected with the best, and that was Terry, Nicholas, Cassadee and Trevon.

    • S7 Fan says:

      *ducking* listening to Amanda and Cassadee sing side-by-side made me realize why I like Cassadee better than Amanda: Amanda has a generic-sounding voice. Very good, but nothing distinct. Cassadee’s tone, on the other hand, is sweet and individual-sounding.

      • Glynn says:

        Riiiiiiight . . . . Avril . . . er . . . Cassadee is EXTREMELY unique. By the way, for someone so generic, can you name another female rocker who sounds like Amanda? No? Thought so.

        • Hank says:

          Amanda is unique, but so is Cassadee. She’s from the same genre as Avril, so they have a similar sound, but no one has as high a voice as Cassadee does, and she can hit notes that no one else can (Behind These Hazel Eyes, Stand). Amanda did well in Dream On, but that was more screeching than singings. She’s good and I like them both, but I don’t understand why everyone is comparing the two. They’re different singers with different genres. Also, Amanda never established her genre. She said she liked American rock, but than sang Florence and the Machines and Grace Potter. It was confusing when trying to relate to her, something Christina has said, although she didn’t do a great job at saying it. You may not like Cassadee’s genre, but at least you know what it is. Being able to pull off more than one genre is a gift, but for Amanda, it came off more confusing than impressive. Maybe that’s why she got voted off.

      • JMH says:

        With all due respect, you spelled “Amanda” wrong. She completely overpowered Casadee. I couldn’t even hear Fauxvril Lavigne.

      • jaxguy says:

        We have given up on great singing for different and quirky. But different and quirky go out of style or become tiring quickly. Great vocals always hold up over time and if someone is smart they will give Amanda a contract. She will have the longest career of maybe anyone on this season.

  17. Denise Quint says:

    Hell no, Amanda should be in the top 4. Period. End of discussion.

  18. Jobless says:

    Absolute travesty that Terry and Nicolas made it through over Amanda, but you could see it coming a mile away.

  19. BummedOut says:

    Yep. The best singer by far (Amanda)was voted off. Looking forward to her career…like Daughtry on AI.

  20. Amy says:

    I was shocked when I saw that Amanda was eliminated, but I sincerely believe that she will have a career after this. She was on the show long enough to not just have one great moment, but many great moments, and prove that she is a talented singer and performer. I wonder if her leaving can at least partially be attributed to people assuming she would be safe – assuming that they didn’t have to vote numerous times via the different voting methods.

    • Vickie says:

      This is just an opinion, my opinion, but I don’t think Amanda interacted with the audience enough… I felt like she lost a lot there by not having more of a connection. I think she ha a wonderful voice. This is why we have so many genres and different types of singers cause we like what we like. we have a right to like who we do, that doesn’t make us wrong or stupid or deaf, it’s or opinion and out choice. someone has to win and someone has to go home. in the end, they will all have great careers.

      • jaxguy says:

        All it means is that America doesn’t know what a great singing voice sounds like and that is not an opinion, it’s a fact. Just look at all these shows. Most of the time an average talent wins. (and ends up flopping on the charts. Not all but most.) And the connection to the audience? Most of the people who vote would never go see any of these contestants in concert so why should that matter?

  21. AlyssaGs says:

    Are people just voting for coaches at this point? Or was it mainly the top 10 itunes bonus?

  22. Ash says:

    Not even close. So what else comes on Monday’s at 7 and 8? Because I definitely won’t be watching any more Voice this season. I kind of hate America right now. And by America I mean all the drones that voted for and bought the music of one Cassadee Pope. I can’t hate on the other three, as they’re all great voices. Cassadee? *hums One of these Things is Not Like the Other*

  23. booitsbritters says:

    I really have no idea who the voting public is for the voice. LIKE HELLLO, WHY IS AMANDA NOT IN THE FINALS. AND JULIANNE SHOULD HAVE SEASON 2. The people that should stay always get kicked off too early and the people that should go always stay too long ie. CHRIS MANN (S2) & TREVIN HUNTE. It’s weird that the season they change the rules to let anyone from any team get eliminated is the season where it would have been nice (well, maybe not for Xtina’s team..)

  24. Alexandra says:

    Where is the show where a lesser male singer doesn’t trump a better woman?

  25. dj says:

    I loved the poetic justice of the contestants being able to mimic the judges, especially when Melanie got to immitate Christina. That segment ended way too quickly for me.

    Sad but not shocked that Amanda didn’t make top 4. My favorites seldom make it to the finale. I’m glad Nicholas is still in it.

  26. Lost my Top 3 (Dez, Cody and Amanda) all in the same of two weeks. This show blows this year. I’d almost prefer the old voting method because we likely would have had Dez/Amanda/Cass (who I like) and Trevin.

  27. HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

    Ugh NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO yet another best of the season bites it early and this time, the earliest ever for The Voice, which had at least been getting them to the finale the first two seasons. :(

  28. MB says:

    I am so sick to my stomach. I can’t believe Amanda is gone. I liked Melanie too but was more acceptant of her going than Amanda. She had the best voice and was great at whatever genre she preformed. I am so confused.

  29. courtland says:

    america..proving once again we dont music to be an art form…

    america: i got an interesting idea….lets take all the interesting and artistic people in the music industry and PUSH THEM SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!

    me:Fraaaaaaaaak *facepalm*..

    .i guess ill watch the finale for nicholas but come on….predestined winner cassadee lavigne…i mean…cassadee pope, is going to take it..ughh

  30. chessguy99 says:

    Somehow, I think Adam’s song picks sunk both his contestants. The Show was to obscure of a song, And, Here I Go Again just has nothing for an accomplished vocalist to work with, very generic rack song.

    I think the whole script of the season was to have a Trevin/Cassadee finale. I guess we’ll have another irrelevant winner in Trevin, and another former Wraped Tour band front girl runner-up. This show is getting as repetitive as Idol.

    • bbl says:

      I was actually surprised more people didn’t download Amanda’s Whitesnake cover. There is, still, a good many people in the country that still listen to ’80s rock, like AC/DC, KISS, etc. and I think that’s what’s been keeping Terry around for so long.

  31. Sam says:

    Honestly it should have been Trevin and Cassadee… Trevin was good last night but BORING most of the time. Also, Amanda is WAY better than Cassadee.

  32. MuzzikLvr says:

    So sad about Amanda. Have loved her from day one. Expected Melanie to go and thought for sure it would be Nicholas or Trevin joining her.

  33. jacqi says:

    ugh. nicholas should have went home over amanda. but the winner is gonna be Trevin Hunte or Cassadee Pope.

  34. Kristen says:

    Anyone who says Amanda didn’t deserve to be in the final 4, go watch her performance of Dream On. She’s incredible. Though I’m not completely surprised she didn’t make it through. American almost always gets it wrong.

  35. Anna says:

    ‘The Voice’ is off of my DVR. I sincerely don’t care about any of the remaining four.

  36. Linda says:

    I guessed correctly on the final four. I’m a huge Terry fan, Trevin has been great almost every week, Nicholas is just “different” enough and Cassadee has the young vote. Amanda killed it last night & I think she’ll go on and have a good career. I’m Team Blake all the way now!

    • Vickie says:

      I agree with you Linda. it’s my opinion and we all have them. I’m not sure why there is so much hostility. they will all have great careers. I would have been sad to see Terry go but if he’d did I wouldn’t be mad at the world…I would have supported his career after the voice. they are all winners.

  37. Brant says:

    Seriously! The 3 of the final 4 are the artists with the least amount of personality and zero range whatsoever! Everything they sing sounds exactly the same there is NO reason to watch anymore! Good luck Trevin!!! The final 4 should have been Sylvia, Amanda, Cody and Dez. I thought for sure Sylvia or Amanda would have won the whole thing! “America” has really poor music taste but this should be no surprise look at Billboard Hot 100!

  38. Snow says:

    No! Why Amanda?!!?!? I get that it was Melanie’s time, but I didn’t want to see her go. Nobody can say that it was Amanda’s time to go.

  39. Danny says:

    I respect whichever decision the voters make. There’s limited voting. I tunes sales are figured in. All in all I think America for the most part is getting it right. A few times someone I wish had stayed got zapped. All in all though, I think things are pretty much spot on.

    Also, I like how it doesn’t seem like the Voice is pimping one contestant over another. I think each contestant has an equal shot- at least from the production angle. If Cassadee has more of a built in fan base, then so be it. At least it’s not the producers shoving a country guy who sang so/so down our throats over the best singer a show has ever had.

    It’s also nice that overall, there doesn’t seem to be the venom towards the contestants you are NOT for that there is on Idol. That’s probably because most people realize the voting is fair.

    So I tip my hat to a terrific season of the Voice. This is my first year watching it. It won’t be my last though. I’ve enjoyed this season of the Voice more than any of American Idol except my first one (season 4 w/ Bo & Carrie).

    • Davey says:

      What show are you watching? They have been pushing Cassadee and Trevin from day one.

      • njm says:

        And they pushed Dez, and others as well. America happens to vote for who they want, and they are not lemmings despite the opinions of some jilted voters. People did not connect with Amanda for whatever reason, even if for one night. She’ll go on…but blaming it on ancillary factors seems petty.

      • Aria says:

        I agree with Davey. Although I have to blame the pimping on the judges rather than the producers (assuming my impression is correct that the judges are coming up with their own critiques and aren’t being manipulated behind the scenes). Everyone praises Cassadee and Trevin all the time, and she is never called out for pitch issues or shriekiness, while others have their flaws highlighted. Trevin’s “Scream” was pretty universally panned by the blogosphere, yet the worst thing said about him was Adam saying it wasn’t his favorite moment (which was immediately reversed anyhow by Christina saying it WAS her favorite moment). Cassadee has gotten better lately, but early on in the live shows, she was all kinds of pitchy. Meanwhile, Amanda has been flawless pitch-wise every week, with “Spectrum” only faltering because it wasn’t the best song for her voice, yet she has never gotten the kind of raves that these other two have gotten.

        • njm says:

          Never? The judges did seem rather laudatory of “Dream on.” Maybe you meant lately…but there’s no need for hyperbole.

        • Danny says:

          I see what you’re saying about the judges. I’m thinking of the production angle. Like on AI a few years ago Haley drops 1 F bomb & it makes tv. Scott gets like 18 tries to make that basket from the house & that’s what makes tv. That’s the angle I’m referring to.

          The judges are of course going to push their own singers. Then who they like the best (or dislike the most) is sort of their opinion. All in all I think the Voice is fair. I’m for Amanda. Or was until she got voted off. It seems like all my favorites are getting zapped. Nelly’s Echo, Deborah. Message in the bottle was EPIC. I still have it on DVD & play it a fair amount. Then Liz Davis, Michaela, and a few others who I’m not recalling their names at the moment.

          I just think that w/ this set up, when someone is voted off, or back when it was the judges decisions, I have no real qualms. I’m sorry to see them go, but don’t feel like a fix is in against someone.

          • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

            Speaking of production, on thing I found interesting was that when Haley actually first received word of what songs she had been given for top three, she standing outside in the rain, inches or less from fans and she was smiling and saying she couldn’t believe they came out in this weather for her and how grateful she was and there were throngs of fans all around her and way, way beyond. But they never showed that on the show. It only aired on the local TV station covering the event. Then after that, for who knows what reason, they re-shot the whole thing and had her pretend that she was just hearing the news for the first time. This time she was in a fancy limo, all alone, no fans around shaking her hands, no humbly thanking everyone, almost like they wanted to project her at the icy mean lone diva or something. I mean who knows, maybe she was afraid she looked bad in the rain and requested the re-shoot herself, but it kinda seemed like a production trick to me. Because then they showed the other two contestants similar scenes totally differently, so it seemed all rather suspicious. And the way they pretended Scotty was the pure little Christian boy and played up the whole mock GaGa horror and hid all of his swearing but made sure to show all of Haley’s etc. Anyway whatever.

      • Danny says:

        No matter who gets voted off someone’s going to be unhappy. I was for Amanda. In previous years on Idol I was also for Haley and Siobahn. All I’m saying is this one doesn’t bug me like those did. Being for Amanda, I’m disappointed. I haven’t seen where Trevin & Casadee have gotten extra upshots from the production angle. I know Casadee has a built in fan base, but everyone knew it going in. The Voice allows people who’ve already had a career.

        I think Amanda will be fine.

        • PB says:

          Look, this is no place for rational thought and level headedness. We need overwrought emotion, churlish pouting, and dramatic hyperbole. If you can’t post in a childish and myopic fashion, please just don’t post. I mean it was obvious if you don’t agree with my opinion, then you don’t have it right!!! My opinion is fact!!! ;) I like Amanda too but all are strong singers and have their audiences.

          My fave left is Nicholas but I don’t think he will win but he is blessed with the best tone of the bunch. Cassadee has the look and she is extremely strong at picking her material, which is an absolute must in any competition of this nature. She has consistently chosen material that highlights here voice and will minimize any pitch problems she has. Very strong singer but I’m thinking perhaps her experience has allowed her to flourish. Love Terry, just don’t know where he can go with his song choices. I think he needs to chose something either very classic (Stones, Who, etc) or something current. I love the 80’s but I think he’s got the 80/90’s genre covered. Trevin is not my favorite. His tone sounds a bit too much like shrieking to many, but his Hudson cover was incredible. He’s either extremely good or very bad to me, but that’s just like my opinion, man. I’d love St. Nick to win but ultimately I think Trevin or Cassadee will win.

      • Hank says:

        They have been pushing Trevin, but Cassadee not so much. They didn’t even show her Battle Round. In fact, besides Lorren Allred, she was the only one on the live shows to not have her battle shown. If they really wanted to push her, why would they skip that? They also gave her just as much attention as the others, and didn’t even put her in commercials ever until Over You made number one. She earned all the buzz she’s been getting, The Voice didn’t give her that much.

  40. JVC says:

    Dang it, hate the itunes rule. I mean it should be counted it votes, but multiplied times 10? Really? And Blake, name 5 black women dominating the rock charts right now to back up your claim how unique nick is. Also, i always though Amanda’s songs belonged in the rock category of itunes instead of pop. Well now that she’s gone, I am just rooting for cassadee to win. Please for the love of all that’s holy, don’t let Trevin win. It should’ve been him going home, not Amanda. One thing i don’t think the other coaches ever acknowledged is that Amanada took risks, and proved she could sing anything. Where as trevin sticks to over the top ballads, terry sticks lead man of a rock band of songs more than 30 years old, and cassadee is constantly doing the angry rock chick songs. They just didn’t want anyone from Adam’s team to make it far. Oh well.

    • njm says:

      I don’t understand this criticism. If there were five artists dominating the chart then Blake might concede that America wants an artist like Amanda. I would argue the fact that because there are people similar to Amanda out there (not rock-specific, but neither have been Amanda’s performances) NOT dominating any charts speaks to the nation’s lack of interest. That, and the fact that she got voted off.
      No one can deny that she has arguably the best voice on the show, but perhaps her versatility worked against her. She did not have as solid a musical identity as the other artists, and she never really put forward a compelling personal story for people to remember (like, perhaps, Terry and David). That definitely did not help her cause, that is for sure. America is fickle, not fair.

      • Aria says:

        I don’t get why people keep panning Amanda’s style. She has ALWAYS been a rocker, with the exception of last night. “Dream On”? Classic rock. “Spectrum”? Contemporary indie rock. “Stars”? Contemporary rock. “Someone Like You”? Certainly not rock, but Amanda rock-ified it and made it her own. She has ALWAYS been a rocker on the live shows- why do people (including Xtina) insist that they don’t know who she wants to be as an artist? I feel like she is one of the ones who has consistently known exactly what kind of artist she wants to be.

        • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

          I think she said a few times that she really loves to do the rock thing and Adam said that she has said that too. But then on itunes they put her in pop (and they also take out so many of her cool rock edges on her itunes tracks and make them more bland, they blandified some of her studio recordings, a shame).

        • njm says:

          To be fair, I’m not panning her style. I think we are engaged in the tricky art of deciphering “America’s” voting logic. If Rock is an ocean of a genre, then I agree, she’s spent more time in the water than out of it.
          It is unlikely that Spectrum appeals to the same demographic as Here I go again. And clearly Natural Woman was unlikely to appeal to rock fans who not invested in her as a person. For all the criticism of people being risk-averse, other than Terry (who lit up the ITunes chart last night), the risk-averse folks who understood their fan base did the best last night.

          One caveat, I realize Melanie is a bit of a platypus in this logic, but honestly her run in the show was amazing for many reasons.

        • teatime says:

          I agree Amanda has always been rock to me. When XTina made the comment to her about not knowing who she was as an artist that really irritated me. It was one of those ignorant comments judges make to a great contestant that they want to somehow bring down.

        • Hank says:

          Christina was being horrible to Amanda, but she was sort of right. Amanda’s Blinds song was Valerie, which is certainly not rock. You can’t count the Battles, because the coaches pick, but then she sang a rock song for her Knockout. That confused a lot of people, going from Valerie to Paris, but it was still okay. Dream On seemed to verify that she liked rock, but then she sang Florence and then Grace Potter, which are not rock songs, and she didn’t even put a rock spin on them. If you watched the before footage, Amanda originally sang Someone Like You as Adele did. It was Adam’s idea to make it a rock ballad, which proved to be the right move. She chose Natural Woman, and Adam chose Whitesnake. So really, she only sang two rock songs that were her choice. Her genre was never clear and she kept changing it up, claiming it was versatility but it was really just misleading on who she was. I think that’s why America voted her off, because they didn’t understand her.

      • jaxguy says:

        The musical identity thing is overrated

        • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

          I remember once upon a time they used to say that a popular music star had to be able to constantly evolve and change themselves over time or they wouldn’t last long and now it’s suddenly treated as if demonstrating that you could do that means you have the plague.

          • kerry says:

            that’s not true, but when you do so many different styles, no one knows what to expect from you as a solo artist. some form of an identity would be nice, although it’s not the number one thing it is an important factor.

  41. Polly says:

    If u guys love amanda so much, why didnt u buy her records on itunes to help her?

  42. Tim says:

    I could see this coming from the iTunes charts. Amanda Brown generated tons of admiration, but she did not generate a lot of fans.

  43. Davey says:

    With Amanda gone I am no longer watching. I couldn’t care less about the final four. If they hadn’t pulled the iTunes game, Amanda would still be there. But Adam Levine is to blame for not picking a better song for Amanda. Blake wanted her, she should have chosen him. One great thing about no longer watching. I don’t have to watch Cassadee screeching and Christina’s ugly wigs and attitude.

  44. Lois Benton says:

    Giving such a big boost to the contestants who break the Top Ten seems excessive and unnecessary. It’s enough to count the itunes votes at all. If the producers want to tweak the voting, allow, per method, only enough votes as there are places left, for the voter to distribute as he pleases. Or, if producers only want paying voters to vote, only allow itune votes. Of course, the show then could well lose viewers who just watch the show for the entertainment, not the ipod download, and would be offended by the insult of not allowing them to vote

  45. Susan says:

    Thanks, now I don’t have to watch tonight, or ever again. I was so disgusted with Christina’s behavior last night. She has really showed her true colors this season, and they aren’t pretty. No one but a bully would treat a young girl, Melanie, the way she did.

  46. Stacie says:

    I don’t watch this show anymore. I just DVR it and fast forward it. And I don’t know if I can even watch a minute of it anymore. The recaps are the only thing that will give me any knowledge of what’s going on with this show. I am getting to that point with X Factor. But tonight was the final push for me to stop watching this show. It frees up my DVR so that’s a huge positive.

  47. Mary says:

    I stopped watching this show last year, could not stand it was all about the judges and the feud between Adam and Christina drove me nuts. Nothing was on last night so I gave it a shot. Amanda clearly was the best so I knew she would not last. well I was right, we will have a winner that will not be able to sell like the last two, but I bet you the judges will see an increase in sales. The four remaining do not stand a chance in he’ll of being played on the radio, maybe Cassandra if they auto tune her. Well I guess I should of kept flicking through the stations last night won’t make that mistake again.

  48. Chris says:

    I would have never pegged two of the most talented performers standing at the end of the night with one of them going home. What a nail biter. I wanted those two to be standing at the finish line. C’est la vie I suppose.

    I get why it was Melanie’s time to go home. I kept waiting for her to release and let the hair down. Either she’s just not comfortable with that idea (which shows in her quirkiness on stage) or she’s just not… comfortable. She is deeply, deeply talented though and in my eyes it is totally OK to color outside of the lines completely – leave it on the stage with some presence – not just quirky sweetness.

    I think Trevin is a nice fellow with a great big voice. He performed his second set very well last night but I just don’t believe that is the direction he wants to go in musically. For that reason I would’ve rather seen him go home because I suspect he has a ton more growing to do, and will fade from the lime light very easily.

    Very happy Terry made it through. I’ve dug his style from the beginning and he’s hanging in!

    Cassadee is like all the other pop princesses. She comes across as a very genuine person though. You can hear her on the radio and she’ll do well in that genre. I hope she surprises me next week so I can feel OK about her being in this competition still, over Amanda.

    I think Amanda has an amazing ability to embody a song and really just a natural performer with a great voice. I am sure she will go on to pursue this dream and I hope she succeeds. I’d love to hear a black female artist rock the airwaves – real rock.

    Nicholas David = the man with the voice. I couldn’t be happier to see him advance. He did a fantastic job on Criminal tonight. So much soul….. so effortless for him. He is the man.

  49. Shawn says:

    Amanda was robbed just like Jamar Rogers was robbed last season. I’ll continue to watch, now that Amanda is out of the running I am hoping for a Cassade and Nicholas final.

    • coalby100 says:

      Thumbs up, Shawn! I don’t understand all the Cassadee haters here. I think she and Nicholas would be the best finale.

  50. ricky says:

    I hope that Pope goes home soon she just flat out sucks and i hope Nicolas wins because he is awesome.