Exclusive Glee Video: War Erupts at McKinley in Wake of Big Sectionals [Spoiler]

Glee Season 4 SpoilersIf you thought Sue Sylvester couldn’t aim any lower in her never-ending war against New Directions, think again. In the following, very spoilery clip from this Thursday’s episode of Glee, entitled “Swan Song,” the hard-charging Cheerios coach co-opts the show choir’s high-ceilinged rehearsal space for her own absurd uses, and in the process, defaces the plaque commemorating the work of the group’s late former coach Lillian Adler.

But don’t for a second think Sue is going to claim her new territory without a fight — not while New Directions’ interim advisor Finn Hudson is still able to draw air into his lungs.

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Press PLAY below to see Sue and Finn’s battle of wills turn into a battle of bicep strength. Just be warned that what you’ll see will most definitely give away answers about the outcome of last Thursday’s cliffhanger.

What do you think of the latest salvo in the Cheerios-New Directions war? And who do you think will emerge victorious? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. jmo says:

    smh this show.

  2. Rachel says:

    They didn’t even win at sectionals with Finn. I totally predicted that.

    • Chiara says:

      lol do you read spoilers??? Because apparently you don’t.

      • AndMo says:

        Some people (Finn haters) don’t even care about what really happened, they only search an excuse to blame on Finn…

        • Rachel says:

          I am totally a Finn hater. Have been since season 1. But he’s not the reason they lost. He’s inexperienced. What student would take over a glee club for a couple weeks and then win sectionals with a bad song choice? That’s totally unrealistic. Even if Marley didn’t disqualify them I think that they still would have lost. But knowing Glee, they’ll probably make some stupid rule like “since you won nationals, you get a free pass to regionals” just like they “tied” the warblers in season 2 for sectionals.

          • SCN - Once watched Glee for Finn's story, know better now... says:

            I’ve never hated Finn, far from it. But I find him now to be an utterly pathetic character who is just not at all worth the effort of rooting for. I used to get annoyed at people calling him ‘Finn-ept’ and ‘Finn-becile’ (you get the point) but now I couldn’t blame anyone for it. Why would they, when they simply take their cues from the ‘writers’? So while I don’t HATE Finn I blame the ridiculous Will version 2 storyline that Cory Monteith is saddled with, for a start, for making him (Finn) so piteous and pathetic.

          • Bobbie says:

            SCN, you gotta have some patience with Finn’s storyline, you’ll see that it’s an ongoing story for Finn. He’s not suddenly going to get everything he wants, and his fans want for him, handed down on a golden platter (like some other characters I will not name). Some say he’s always going to get treated like his by the writers because Finn is the Sisyphus character of Glee. Others say he’s always getting undeserved “Hero” treatment. I think it’s somewhere down the middle. Finn is the character that the writers use to carry a lot of the show’s drama. That’s why he can never succeed quickly.

          • Nisreen says:

            I am a finn haters 2. I agree with u. But I think the warblers one the sectionals this year because they sang the best songs. Also come on one direction amazing. It was the “new rachel” (she will never be rachel she sucks) THE OLD MEMBERS OF NEW DIRECTION ARE 100 TIMES BETTER .

        • nia says:

          yeah exactly that if there wasnt kitty they may win

  3. gary says:

    this show just keep treating originals Tina and Artie like crap. Seriously they lost at Sectionals? What is Glee gonna become about the Wablers since we know Blaine is a Glee Club jumper and will probably go back now that they moved on

  4. pri says:

    LOL. That “fight” is funny.

    Also, Finn looks so cute in that outfit. *_*

  5. I’m kind of glad about the sectionals result.

  6. Rachel says:

    But I mean how can you expect to win at sectionals when you do Gangnam Style? The warblers performance was WAAAAAAAY better.

  7. Rachel says:

    But how can you expect to win sectionals singing Gangnam Style? The warblers were WAAAAAAAY better.

  8. lindsey says:

    I can’t get the video to load

  9. Sandy says:

    Sigh…I am really losing all interest in this show.

    • octopus says:

      This show jumped the shark so long ago, I’m surprised anybody really cares anymore. First season was phenomenal, second season first half was okay, and the past two seasons….barf!!!

      • Midori004 says:

        The first 13 episodes were great, after that every several episodes kept going down and down.

        • thereasonsy says:

          WORD! It is like they knew what to do with the show for half a season then panicked when the show got picked up for the year. They didn’t take the time they needed between season 1 and 2 and instead did a tour and have been screwing up since. This season is more palatable then season 3 but it has to undo the damage that was already inflicted. Sadly Jenna U. is the true victim in all of this. She is a talented individual who will always be in second place. Besides, Glee will be able to compete in Regionals or Nationals on a technicality or something either due to them being the National Champs OR that Marley collapsed and had a health issue during the actual performance.

      • Sil says:

        I agree. Glee has taken a nose dive to I don’t know where or care. It was my favorite show to watch avidly and eagerly. There are fans here and there who feel and keep holding onto hope the these writers will do Glee justice. The Finn story is ludacrous and just shows what these writers do to a character. They ruined Will season 2. Now Finn is a Will 2.0. This Gangnam Style fiasco was a given, you knew they would lose. I hoped that NY with Rachel and Kurt would be more dynamic and interesting but it is slow and uninteresting. So much potential for NY to be a season stopper and bring in a new crop of viewers to Glee, then have a spin off just for NY. As it is NY is slow and just a much of a waste of time as McKinley. There is nothing else to keep vigil for. Glee is a bomb.

      • RemoTheJerk says:

        Yeah right. I wonder why you’re even bothering to read or at least comment on this article? Hypocrite much?

      • MelindaB says:

        I quit the show halfway through season 2. I’ve seen it here and there since when my daughter watches, and can’t say that I am induced to resume regular viewing. I read the articles now and then and am usually reminded why I gave up on it.

    • julylilly says:

      me too! I was waiting for next ep. and I was very unpatient, but now I don’t care!

  10. Emily says:

    Damn, I wanted to hear Blaine and Marley’s duet. Guess they forfeit and we never do.

  11. V says:

    Of course they lost with Finn as the leader. Finn is dumb and useless. Four seasons of the show has proven that.

    • anne says:

      He’s not dumb and useless, but he is unqualified to lead New Directions and Gangnam Style was a really bad choice.

      • Alice says:

        It was actually good in theory. An ambitious number with a strong dance element to compete against the Warblers. ND did good in their performance. If Marley and Blaine had sung their duet, who know what would have happened.

        • kay says:

          they should never have left the stage. let the medical professionals and Finn get Marley off stage and continue with performance. or stop after the one song. they all left the stage and were disqualified.

    • Mike says:

      He’s got a really good heart and trying his best. I think they lost because Marley fainted. They probably had to leave early and forfeit the competition because of it. And Finn’s story with ND is going to continue for a while longer. This is just their first hurdle.

    • meem says:

      Finn is the only character on this show who ISN’T a one-dimensional caricature.

      • SCN - Once watched Glee for Finn's story, know better now... says:

        The handful of episodes since The Break Up have consistently portrayed Finn as ‘dumb and useless’, at any rate. No point in denying, time to smell the java juice. Frankly, ‘meem’, just about anything would be better than the current situation, wherein Finn is portrayed as THE joke of Glee at every available opportunity.

  12. Stacy says:

    LOL at people blaming Finn for their loss at Sectionals. Did no one watch the episode ending where Marley passed out on stage and think hey maybe that’s why they lose and not because of Finn or their song choice? I like that it gets them away from the old formula. I’m definitely interested to see where they go from here.

    • Sara says:

      I am not blaming Finn for them losing BUT their choice of song with Gangam style sucked!!! Possibly worst song Glee has ever done…even worse than Rebecca Black’s Friday. The song suited nobody’s voice and the dancing was terrible to boot.

      I miss how good Glee used to be

  13. Liz says:

    Marley passed out before they even started their second song. Of course they didn’t win.

    • Mary Ann says:

      why they should have finished there set.

      • emmits says:

        marley and blaine’s duet was their second song, how did you expect them to finish with her on the ground?

        • KC says:

          Oh, I’m sure Blaine would have had a whole bunch of solos ready to safe the day…

        • gum says:

          Rachel was able to pull a solo out at the last minute. But Blaine is no Rachel no matter how hard they try to push it.

          • emmits says:

            And Rachel knew she would have to do one PRIOR to going on stage, not like she pulled it out midset. Even if Blaine came back and sang really quick Schue said in the commercial leaving the stage was grounds for dq.

            That said, since they DQ’d rather than lost, I’m guessing that’ll be their way back in. Or a Bring It On style rule that returning champs automatically go to Nationals.

          • Sil says:

            But if they do go to Regionals because they were last year’S NATIONAL Champs, is just a cheesy excuse to pass go, IMO. All this story line did was make Finn out as a joke and a chump. Something that Glee has always done to Finn and Will. Many people feel he is made out to be a hero or a loser. Just depends on which side characterization of Finn you believe he is.

  14. anne says:

    Zzzzz I only care about Kurt’s NYADA audition.

    • FT says:

      and Rachel’s showcase.

      • Mary Ann says:

        Yes finally some sols from Rachel and Kurt.

      • San says:

        Oh goody more Rachel constipated faces and crying while she sings a song that sounds the same as all the others and she’ll get smoke blown up her spoiled ass even when she’s horrible.

        • to San the the a hole says:

          GTFO,. So tired of people rewriting that she get everything. he works for it she get and it seems to always come at a price. . The resentment from some in this fandom is sad.

          • Muse says:

            Agreed Rachel always works for what she gets and her wins are always bitter sweet. I don’t get this special or spoiled thing for her. She was bullied, the only one to get any type of punishment, she is called out by her so called friends and is one of the only ones ever to have to apologize for her actions and some how that is spoiled or special? I call BS.

        • resentment 101 says:

          Never enough Rachel and her singing faces. Please such an exaggeration it is ridiculous. Just stop going off on Rachel won’t help your fave get more screen time.

        • KC says:

          I think you mistake Rachel for Blaine.

          • DC says:

            Exactly Rachel use to be more pronounce cause Rachel was over the top. Now she doesn’t do it as much, please she has been directed to do that. Blaine is still crazy over the top and his character was never represented that way.

      • Al Bert says:

        What I want to see. Finally some good songs on this show.

      • krty says:

        Yeah Rachel is sing and Kurt is singing.

    • Judge says:

      Anything NY please.

    • Not really says:

      NYC is Zzzzzz to me, at this point. Kurt and Rachel by themselves can’t carry that part of the storyline. So, they have a showcase and maybe Kurt gets into NYADA. Then what? Kate Hudson will leave soon and then Rachel really had no story there anymore except for dating Brody (she can’t remain single on this show lol) They really need to move some other characters up there.

      • yes really says:

        Well of course when Kate leave they will bring in some one else and give her more storyline. She has been single for 6 months now. I don’t think it is boring. I rather see Kurt and Rachel who can actual sing with emotion and have some character than watch the boring new kids.

      • yes definitely says:

        Even Rachel and Kurt doing their laundry would be more interesting to me than watching the 2.0s re-enact old storylines of the original cast.

    • berotli says:

      More NY.

  15. KJ says:

    I just want to comment about how HOT Cory Monteith looks in this scene. I can’t see anything else tbh.

  16. me@hotmail.com says:

    Sorry, but those who likes the sectionals losing is all ridiculous. The main purpose of the show is the show they doing great perfomances in competitions, without that they have nothing to FIGHT FOR. And it has to be like that? With amazing talents like Marley, Unique, Jake and others? If they would lose, at least lose at nationals not at sectionals already. I really liked the Thanksgiving episode, but I’m done with the show after I saw those news about they losinmg.

  17. chiara says:

    Wake up! when marley passed out they stopped performing! so clearly they didn’t win. it is NOT finn fault guys, it’s kitty’s fault cause her made marley stop eatin

  18. Kat says:

    This is ridiculous! ND won at National last year – no way any school would give away their rehearsal room over one loss. And for Sue to keep getting away with this stuff is just absurd! I love Jane Lynch but they need to do something else with her character because this is pointless and unbelievable. Find another highly ranked cheerleading squad and let her fight with the coach or find another teacher for her to fight with but stop using the same old plotlines with differently named characters. Glee became a hit in season one because it was original, fresh and believable but now it is tired, redundent and repetitive.

  19. Kate says:

    Sectionals loss aside since you know they’ll find a way to hand-wave it away later on, am I the only one annoyed that they are still milking this Sue vs. The Glee Club thing? I mean it’s four seasons later and this really should have been settled by now. In fact, they have settled it several times they just keep resurrecting it for plot convenience and it’s super lazy.

  20. me@hotmail.com says:


  21. ethanpetty says:

    If you seriously think it’s Finn’s fault when the crowd was going crazier than it did for any other performance..you’re a blind Finn hater and an idiot. Maybe someone passing out on stage causing everyone to stop dancing and rush over to them caused them to lose? Maybe..possibly?

  22. Cheyenne says:

    wow Sue way to be an adult… oh wait you’re not… you a big ass bully. and had the nerve to say that Finn had hate in his heart… look in the mirror. i also don’t think this is the end of ND’s competition season… i think Finn will pull a miracle out of his back pocket at the last minute

  23. Jen says:

    Pretty sad when a Sue moment that’s basically been done ten times before is still better than anything that’s happened in NYC all season. At least Finn is cute in this scene.

    • fu says:

      ha a FINNcle fan who can’t help but put down NY and boost Finn for no apparent reason.

      • Sondra says:

        NYC was boring until Let’s Have A Kiki happened. But that also depended on an A-list guest star and drag queens. I hope the winter showcase boosts some spark into NYC, because frankly NYC needs some boosting.

  24. Carlie says:

    Yeah, if ND was Vocal Adrenaline, they would just have left Marley lying there like a dead body because winning was more important. But I don’t think ND works that way. They take care of their own. I think that’s why they lose Sectionals.

    • gleerewatch says:

      Actually I think they get disqualified for leaving the stage as suggested by Will in the promo. Sue would just translate that as losing. But yeah ND doesn’t work that way.

      They’ll be back for Regionals mark my words. People are going to want a fair shot at the National champions.

  25. Jperugia315 says:

    It’s funny how many stories you guys and TV guide run on this show that’s past it’s prime ( before u guys get all in an up roar I watched the show up till last year)

  26. kristina says:

    Anyone who thinks them losing at Sectionals is Finn’s fault needs to take a step back. While the song choice could have been better, you can’t deny that there was a good crowd reaction to it. They could have won with that and the other songs. But we’ll never know because Marley fainted and they had to rush off stage, something that probably disqualified them. And look now we have Sue insulting him too harshly and everyone blaming him. Expected of this fandom, I guess.

  27. ashley says:

    finn looks so hot here wow

  28. I love this show, the people who complain doesn’t understand the glee formula, glee is about underdogs right? they need a new obstacle now that they won nationals this year. they achieved that, it was all the choir dream right? the wanted to win nationals now that they are winners, what do you want? a character or a show without obstacles is BORING!!!. K? xo

    • me@hotmail.com says:

      Then tell me, what this new obstacle CAN be? There isn’t any other obstacle unless competitions.

      • A says:

        Well why don’t you wait and find out what the writers have got in store for the show? I mean they wouldn’t have made such a huge decision to have them lose at sectionals unless they had a backup plan. I know Glee has its consistency issues but its highly unlikely they’d make such a decision and not have a plan for the rest of the season.

  29. his hoody omg *_* says:


    that's all that's the comment.

  30. Stephanie says:

    Sue’s “destroy glee” schtick is old, she needs something new to fight for and it sickens me that she would stoop so low as to want to run over ND’s nationals trophy – the one (with her help nonetheless) the kids worked so hard and fought so much for over the last three years to get – and deface the plaque of Will’s old glee coach. I am convinced that Finn will fight to make things right and find a way for ND to continue in competitions. It wasn’t his fault

  31. Lily says:

    So tired of Sue and the fact that the only way they can think of to write her is to re-do her whole “down with the glee club” schtick. Be more creative, jesus. It’s not Finn’s fault Kitty got in Marley’s head and gave her an eating disorder and she passed out because of it. If she wouldn’t have, they would have won. Everyone in that audience was loving the performance.

  32. wilma says:

    So the people who want tits and ass rachel with no dancing whatsoever and a storyline that is absolutely the worse thing written on network television this fall is what you want. This is the world that ryan murphy wrote he destroyed his own show and now i do not care for any of it at all. Hey ausillo when are you going to start with the crap lovefest new york stuff next week because the other sites are beating you to the spoilers. Did you see the and I will generously say dance number in the fame reboot show that was crap. It is almost as if he was told by the network you will get a season 5 no matter how bad the ratings get or how many people quit watching this show. Cory Monteith will survive because he has positioned himself very well as an actor first and that is the saving grace for him. Lea Michelle has stopped acting and is just playing herself which might come back to bite her in the ass. People talk about how actors send an image out to the public but that public image must be rooted in some sort of reality. Do you ever get the feeling that if you do not start a conversation with her with the phrase I think you are amazing that she would not give you the time of day? Do you ever get the feeling she is painfully aware of the camera and sucks up to the people you can help her career? This is not an attack on Lea Michelle it is an observation. I feel that there are two things about her that are truthful, the first one is that she is a very hard working individual and the second is that working on broadway has shaped how she deals with people in general. The one positive thing that has come with exposure to cory monteith is that she has seen how the other half lives and operates and can still be seen as successful. The pr team behind cory need to step up and help him out because this showrunner has not done him any favors at all.

  33. greysfan says:

    I love Glee i really do but this Sue thing has gone on way too long. She made it all right last season then idiot Murphy brings it back again? He needs some creative bullet or something because its a joke.

    To the sectionals thing as much as i hate Finn and its not his fault its Kitty’s fault they lost because of the abuse she did to Marley. Obviously they didn’t finish but now they are underdogs again. This week should be interesting to see how it goes down. Oh speaking of i wish they would put the Warblers to sleep already. Yes they are a great group of singers but i am over it. The show somehow always comes back to them all the bloody time too. Its pathetic writing if you ask me.

  34. Sean C. says:

    How delightful that they deservedly lost.

    Though the Warblers didn’t deserve a win either. I hope the Mennonites won.

  35. A says:

    When will they finally get a proper damn principal like the agreed to do at the end of last season. A decent principal would never let this idiocy happen. I mean Sue goes from helping ND win to torturing them and then back and forth. She’s become so annoying its not even funny anymore. And I actually love Finn as ND leader. It gives the Glee club that sort underdog feel again like the first season.

  36. Marie says:


  37. jm says:

    best glee plot… Losing “Sectionals”. :)
    It was not Finn fault, it was William and the director´s fault. How do they dare to leave a national winner group with a non qualify moron… without experience on leadership…
    We can say everything Finn try, it goes wrong…

    • Stephanie says:

      How is it Will’s fault? He has fought tooth and nail against people like Sue for the kids and Finn is going to do the same. And to say that Finn isn’t a leader is ridiculous, he has come through time and time again for the team (ex: bringing together the original 6, coming up with a set list on the fly at their first sectionals when Sue stole theirs, among others). This is what sets ND apart from other clubs like VA: they look out for one another

  38. Lia says:

    A couple of things: as much as I don’t like Kitty, no one forced Marley to do anything. The clothes she’s been wearing all year still fit but one costume didn’t so now this? Not a well thought our storyline. Two – RB is supposed to be 18 – and not LM – who she has basically become with Kim K makeup. I cannot stand the NY part at all and both Kurt and Blaine are annoying. Not saying ND is much better….I understand that RM could not use a realistic situation for Rachel/Kurt, but this is so fantastical a situation that it totally rings false. Oh well – I wonder if a spin off show would work ….

    • dude says:

      You could say the same thing about all those teenagers who hang themselves after constant, relentless torment from other kids. The kids didn’t physically wrap a rope around that poor child’s neck but they’re still to blame by weakening his/hers spirits to the point where his/her life feels hopeless. Kitty may not have shoved a finger down Marley’s throat but she still manipulated her and prayed on her insecurities. She has a morbidly obsese mother and watching her being routinely made fun of and abused is something that’s greatly affected her so you can’t expect her to look at this with a clear head. Kitty is absolutely to blame whether Marley did it to herself or not. At the end of the day, it’s not something she would have done had Kitty not played her hand.

  39. MC Maine says:

    I feel sorry for Jane Lynch that the writers are once again sticking her with this ridiculous over-the-top abusive Sue. I feel even sorrier for the viewers who have to see this storyline over and over. It’s not funny. Oh, and by the way, it’s no funnier or more interesting making Kate Hudson play a younger, East Coast version of the SAME CHARACTER.

  40. Megan says:

    I don’t like Finn and I do think his choice of Gangam Style was totally wrong, but you can’t blame Finn for the fact New Directions lost. The Warbles were just plain and simple BETTER than New Directions this year.

  41. dude says:

    If they actually did lose, what do you bet that a) they get a free-ride to Nationals as defending champs ala Bring it On or b) some team is DQ’ed before regionals and New Directions gets to take their place? It just doesn’t seem to serve the season if they get knocked out this early.

  42. Anna says:

    Sue makes me sick. She’s a mom now – doesn’t she have better things to do? What’s her problem…?

    • Angela says:

      Yeah, can’t exactly argue with this. I get the show needs its “villain” and all that, but still…
      I missed last week’s show because our local Fox channel was out for some reason, still have yet to catch up on it. All I know though, thanks to my sister telling me, is that apparently some of the characters are going to cover one of my favorite bands/songs-Crowded House’s “Don’t Dream It’s Over”. I’m kinda curious to see how they’re going to pull that off and how it’ll fit into the storyline.

  43. I don’t understand. Didn’t that blonde (drunk) woman (will’s friend) buy the auditorium for the glee club? How come Sue is using it for the cheerios?!?!?!

  44. SCN - Once watched Glee for Finn's story, know better now... says:

    Another episode, and, as sure as night follows day, we (well, those still watching) continue to see Finn languishing in Lima, doing nothing of importance there, pretending to coach the glee club, refusing to grow up. On top of that, we can add another ‘Finn-failure’, another example of ‘Finneptitude’ to the list, with the Sectionals, another manifestation of how pathetic he’s become (but it’s alright, because apparently Finn ‘loves’ ‘coaching’ glee club, which is all that matters – ability to do the job properly apparently is not that important, not when it comes to Finn anyway). We probably won’t see a club mutiny, at least not right away, but then again, they were willing enough to accept the ‘leadership’ of someone who fails at everything he tries anyway, so they can’t complain too much. I used to be someone who watched Glee out of interest in Finn’s storyline, and actually believed that the writers were eventually going to get serious about giving Finn a strong narrative about his future, but I’ve certainly learnt my lesson by now, that’s for sure. I wish the remaining Finn fans would just get wise and realize how much they are being played by the writers.
    I can remember early on in the season when the Kurt fans were absolutely livid that he was stuck in Lima, even though it was so obvious that it would be only very temporary. And look what happened to Kurt after a couple of episodes. And the Finn fans? Well, I know you can’t really compare F and K given the evident bias the writers have always displayed in K’s favour, but pretty much the same people who swore that they would be outraged if Finn was condemned to Lima Loserdom are now actually being the writers’ biggest cheerleaders over this absolute turd of a storyline that is all about turning him into a (supposedly, I’m not drinking any of the Kool-Aid) better version of the mess that is Will Schuester, and will, mark my words, keep him in Lima for the rest of the season, if not longer or permanently. Unbelievable.

    • Sil says:

      You are not alone in your feelings about how Finn is portrayed and moreso this season as an oaf. I have said it too, Will was ruined in season 2. Finn is a remake of Will with the ” so called excuse of a story line for Finn to find himself.” So much potential for Glee to shine down onto its viewers and get praised for such a job well-done. But it IS obvious that the writing for Glee has been going south. Now, I realize die-hard fans of Glee will stick like glue to all the gunk that Glee has been putting out this season, especially. But the general audience and past fans, like me, who don’t care to watch this lind of gunk in the least. Shame on the writers to keep this path of a storyline when viewers are dropping like flies. I just wish the writers would have kept Glee as a comedy and left out all the stupid sick drama and kept the magical formula alive. As it is, it is dead, in m,y book. Finn deserves a monumental story not this gunk.

    • Jane says:

      Except Will is back in January and will take back the club from Finn thanks to spoilers.

      • SCN - Once watched Glee for Finn's story, know better now... says:

        Of course he will, because Finn will fail at running the glee club like he does at everything he tries.

  45. kevin says:

    but why do they lose sectional….there are posibilities of loosing it, first remember on the performance of gangnam when kitty wink that judge his face was so angry, other the judges new about what kitty did to marley so they loose, i prefer to see the next episode besides to been argue, finn do it good psy gangnam style was so goodson and the performance was amazing for me, and yah warblers were better than ND, but they had to know someone wins other loose

  46. kevin says:

    and even for me ryan make this bad… ND was supposed to win sectional

  47. J says:

    I am curious are you all sick of the overly mean Sue Sylvester?? I mean seriously if she behaved like that at a real school she would be canned in a heartbeat. It was funny the first season, but quickly getting old. I miss the swimming coach giving her crap right back to her. I like Jane Lynch, but I think the roll of Sue Sylvester is quickly approaching over done.

  48. gleerewatch says:

    I am so over Sue.
    Though I think this weird that they would release this scene that reveals the loss. Plus Nationals champions. I’m betting they get a buy to Regionals.

  49. Marco says:

    Um… didn’t April Rhodes BUY the auditorium for ND? You CAN NOT pick and choose which scraps of continuity you want to follow, Glee!!!