NBC News: Do No Harm Drama Lands Thursday Slot; Grimm Return Date Set for March

Do No Harm - Season PilotNBC has announced a premiere date of Jan. 31 for Do No Harm, its new Jekyll-and-Hyde-like medical drama, which will air Thursdays at 10/9c.

Do No Harm will thus launch on the same night as 30 Rock‘s hour-long series finale, which will run from 8 to 9 pm.

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As a result of the new drama — which stars Steven Pasquale (Rescue Me) as a doctor with a very dark side he struggles to keep leashed — copping the Thursday spot, Rock Center With Brian Williams will relocate to Fridays at 10 pm starting Feb. 8, where it will lead out of a 9 o’clock Dateline.

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As a result, NBC’s Grimm — which aired its fall finale on Nov. 16 — will now be on hiatus until March 8.

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  1. Amy says:

    You have got to be kidding me. March 8… Good lord, NBC is the worst.

    • iMember says:

      I … I’m actually okay with this. No joke it’s a very long wait, especially after that epic mid-season finale, BUT, NBC seems to be following a Cable-esque formula this season with some of their shows (i.e Revolution being another). Grimm coming back in March means we won’t have any Spring hiatus and it zeroes out any possibilities of episodes airing such as the 2 weeks on, three weeks off kind of thing just to stretch out the season till May. Thankfully, Grimm isn’t strictly serialized, but it has its procedural element and a strong and loyal fan base which is very good. If NBC can give the shows returning in March a good promotional push before they return, then I think it’ll be fine. Grimm is pretty much locked for a Season 3 though should the ratings keep up like it has been this fall.

      Also, I’m looking forward to Do No Harm. So can’t wait to see that.

      • Sarah says:

        I completely agree with the the OP above! It is a smart move, while ABC has all its shows in the swing of things and 2 weeks on 3 weeks off, Grimm will not have time to do that! Great way of looking at it. So when we get it back, it is back! (I still wish they would just make more episodes and have loooonger seasons!)

      • Emily kearon says:

        Thank you so much for not going off air (Monroe rocks)

        • Tina shurtleff says:

          Love grimm one of the most creative shows on NBC. I’m tired of all the long waits for new shows. Seasons use to start in the fall and end for the summer. Wish it was like that. I also luv Monroe!!

          • LT says:

            I love this show. It’s very creative and I love how Nick can see people for who they really are. They need to hurry up and come back on…

      • Rene says:

        I read Season 3 and Grimm. Do you already now more?

    • KirbyM says:

      Agree, the hiatus and mystery about scheduling both suck.

    • Roxanne says:

      WTH? Is there a way we can write to NBC?

      • duane says:

        i agree roxanne since comcast stuck its nose into nbc it seems like they have monkeys doing the programming great shows like grimm ,the cape harrys law etc they take off the air or play games nbc totally ruined the scy fi channel by taking off truly great shows sanctuary,eureka,lost girl people have made thier feelings known nbc fails to listen

        • Susan says:

          Why is Grimm scheduled out so far !! Why do networks do this stuff, have a good show and poof its gone, mybe to never return, are the writer only short term poffesionals, If this show fails to return I may just quit watching anything on this network !! very UPSET !

          • Gail says:

            I know I don’t watch anything on NBC anymore because they never have anything good on anymore. Grimm was about the only thing that I watched on there. ABC and Fox and others not on local free tv are about all I watch. It’s about getting to where you have to have cable or sattelite anymore to watch something on tv.

          • batman says:

            well i have even more bad news if you havent heard 666 has been cancelled. i usually dont watch a new show until the second season. i goofed wont do it again. thats just awful. forget cable i have a dtv box, i enjoy cozi tv, me tv my re tv disappeared. peace n luv. batman

          • lillie says:

            I agree with you Susan i hate when networks do this. They take great shows off the air or have them off the air so long that audiences forget about them or what happened last, then they wonder what happenened to their viewer ship.

          • Pricila says:

            it is so annoying you finally find another good show to watch and 12 episodes later its done.. There were suppose to be 22 episodes to season 2, so they rather make more money and cut it in half….. Seriously making me lose interest in all of these shows. Like , Grimm , Once , The walking dead, AND breaking bad , all losing their rating because people are forced to wait and lose interest… NOT COOL!!!!

        • Harvey says:

          Eureka was scheduled for only the seasons that were played, blame the expenses on the writers, the cool items, and all…and USA which Comcast owns as well as G4 and the Golf channel. USA network has so much programming then over the air shows. Start watching USA for better programming. Also blame the FCC for bad programming as well, goto Europe and see better programming.

    • J says:

      boycott “Do No Harm” and their advertisers.

    • Jabo says:

      You’ve got that right… Now what’s scary is why they put Grimm in a Friday night time slot. Isn’t Friday night one step toward cancellation? Wouldn’t surprise me if that’s what those idiots at NBC are planning to do. They should not keep bouncing a quality show like Grimm from night to night.
      If NBC cancels, I’m sure Fox or another of those smaller networks will grab it up. Hopefully.

      • nick1372 says:

        Actually, Grimm premiered on a Friday. NBC put it there because they probably thought it would fail, for whatever reason (bad screenings, etc.). In the beginning, yes, they wanted to leave it on Friday to die. However, it quickly became a minor hit, with an extremely loyal following. NBC has mostly kept it alone on Fridays, except to move it to Mondays for a few weeks to see if it would become a huge hit if it had a better lead in. That didn’t work out, so it moved back to Friday. I wouldn’t call that “bouncing from night to night”. And as for NBC is trying to kill it, I’d bet any amount of money on Grimm being renewed for next season. They’re not going to cancel one of their highest-rated dramas.

        • EILEEN HOLTZ says:

          Grimm is huge. It’s not going to get cancelled by any stretch of the imagination! It’s one of their most followed shows on line as well as on TV.

        • ann says:

          my husband and i stay home on fridays to watch grimm must admit we watch most on cbs but what is wrong with abc waiting so long it is rediculous dont get rid of a great show with a huge audience maybe they need some different people working to promote their shows

    • Kim says:

      Although Grimm is worth the wait, sucks that NBC is making us wait til March. Seriously!

    • Harry says:

      I think that Grimm is very much a serial on some levels.
      The first episode I every saw was Season 2 Episode 8 or something like that.
      Needless to say, it was very uninteresting.

      Just this week, I downloaded every episode (at my girl friend’s insistance) and watched them all from the beginning.


      Then “Nothing!”.

      If the show survives the so-called hiatus, I may remember to watch it again, and I may not.

      Let’s hope the a better networks picks it up and does something with it. If not, who cares.
      There’s a lot of shows that will get our attention and make us forget that the (makeup artist’s dream) show every existed.

    • Ariel says:

      can’t wait until that date! and i can’t see after starting the school…cuz i’m a senior now. i have to shut down everything such as internet, Tv, cellphone… pls Can you move the date ahead at least one month..? :(

    • Bethany says:

      Haha that’s exactly what I thought! Grimm is my favourite NBC show.

    • batman says:

      at least its comin back.heroes is gone. i think the networks are nuts.get you hooked than disappear. i watch whatever the dtv box gives me.i dont dig being held hostage by crap television.thank goodness for pbs, once upon a time n 666.at least for now.im sure those 2 shows will go like heroes did,poof. lookin forward 2 a grimm return. i wont get xcited till i see it.

    • EILEEN HOLTZ says:


    • nettie bradley says:

      yes i do agree. what is nbc doing? i like new shows as well as the next person, but march 8th, i am waiting to see what will happen next on grimm. hurry up Grimm! :)

      • brenda mari says:

        i totally agree, why are all the best shows canceled or spaced out. my favored show was caned: THE GATES- that was a show that kept you quessn and the end was so puzzling to me like there were more to come but nothing, i’m still waiting .ha ha ha! NOW THE TOPS SHOW:
        GRIMM NO:1
        FRINGE NO:4
        666 PK AVE

    • I AGREE. Get a clue. There IS no Must See TV on NBC and there hasn’t been for years because of 11th hour juggling like this. They had already teased the season return for this week with previews, etc… Not good.

    • m clifford says:

      Do no harm has harmed already, won’t give it a chance since it seems to have knocked Grimm down the walk

    • Pricila says:


    • Sue Moran says:

      The reason I loved “24” was that once the series returned for a new season, it ran continuously no matter what it was up against. I love Grimm. I hate when series come and go with reruns every other week. So frustrating, is there any recourse to this problem?

  2. In other news “Do No Harm” will air its final episode a month later.

  3. Amanda says:

    Wow, are you kidding NBC? We have to wait until March for Grimm now? Though not surprised by this based on the way they treat Community >:( I can’t wait that long!

    • Elizabeth says:

      And how they treated Chuck.

      • Nick says:

        OMG YES, thank you for bringing Chuck up, that plus Grimm, it’s like their completely designing their programming to push their viewers away, I propose … *DRUMROLL* …. a petition! *Massive Comedic Let Down*

        • Julia says:

          AND dont forget the show best friends forever. they only aired 6 episodes and i fell for the show and now its apparently never coming back!!! NBC sucks

  4. Patrick says:

    Ditto. How does NBC expect a serial like Grim to last after almost 3 months of being off the air. NBC is completely lost.

    • It’s no longer than waiting over the summer.

      Though, this creative scheduling that NBC is doing nowadays makes me wonder if this isn’t their new model.

      • Lacey says:

        But the problem with NBC adopting a formula/schedule different from the other networks is that it doesn’t benefit them. While NBC shows are on hiatus you’re going to tune into the other networks. So by the time the hiatus has ended most viewers have moved on and don’t care about coming back. DVR and online viewing may allow you to watch NBC’s returning shows at a later time but those ratings don’t count.

  5. Casto says:

    I hate when they have extended breaks for a show. That’s a longer break for Grimm then it had between seasons, ridiculous.

  6. Petra says:

    Still not sure how I feel about Do No Harm, but I’ll be so happy to see Steve Pasquale back on my TV.

    • Andrea says:

      I completely agree! Steve Pasquale is the only reason I want to watch this show.

    • Nero theTVFiddler says:

      And for the guys, a good reason to watch will be the return to series TV by Alana de la Garza. I think Do No Harm may surprise people – I think NBC will give it time to catch on. NBC has two slots open this winter/spring: Thursday 10pm and Sunday 10pm, and just two dramas to fill them – Hannibal and Do No Harm. Unless we see super-sized versions of Apprentice or Dateline, NBC should be able to give time and scheduling space to both Hannibal and Do No Harm all the way to May.

  7. Midori004 says:

    Revolution has a four month break, and that’s even worse because it’s a new show.

  8. Christina says:

    What!!!! Are you kidding me march really NBC needs to get a clue this is the reason your network is going down hill!!!!!

  9. laura meakin says:

    Oh my god March 8th I wonder what that means for UK viewers on Watch maybe April we’re a few behind as it is but will catch up by Xmas. Oh this is terrible news!

  10. Amilah says:

    Steve Pasquale sucks! I’m not watching any show that features him, hopefully NBC will realize that Grimm is better after no one watches the first ep of Do No Harm.

  11. Ugh says:

    March?! I thought Grimm was coming back in January. Jeebus.

  12. Ryan says:

    Do other networks send their shows on 4 month breaks? Revolution and Grimm…

  13. rharnish says:

    So, Grimm is bumped until March for Dateline and Rock Center?? Seriously?? Thanks NBC!!

  14. Katherine215 says:

    Echoing everyone else, this is reaalllyy stupid. First Revolution, now Grimm. It’s like NBC is trying to fail. They have very few “hit” shows, and these two are two of them – why try to derail your best products?!

  15. Debbie says:

    Why NBC? Have you not learned anything? Is this a plot to get Grimm cancelled? Kripes.

  16. YowzaPowza says:

    I’d rather a show run consecutive new episodes by having it break for a few months than having repeats every three or four weeks. This seems to be what many serialized shows are doing now, which I think is a great idea. The Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy, basically all the cable stuff. Revolution and The Vampire Diaries do it (mostly). So this three or four month wait isn’t a problem for me if they run new episodes for 10-12 weeks consecutively, since I’m used to waiting so long for stuff like Mad Men and Homeland. I think ultimately it’s better as a viewing experience, but may not be so great commercially for new shows like Revolution, people often drop off when it returns. That said, the Do No Harm pilot is mediocre. It’s a very well done show, there’s just no sense of immediacy. Go On should do nicely on Thursday’s. Maybe it’ll bring in some more viewers for Parks and Rec, assuming they continue to air it 9:30.

    • J says:

      I agree with you. 10-12 episodes with no breaks are far better. I can wait as well. I didn’t think I’d say this, but I can’t wait for Revolution after the frickin’ amazing finale. ‘Bass’ Monroe’s phenomenal performance still echoes in my mind.

  17. Alichat says:

    March?!? You have GOT to be kidding me!?!

  18. Blake says:

    This news is Grimm.

  19. raul mermelstein says:

    NBC sucks!!! First Revolution and now Grimm??? 3 months or more in hiatus. They are killing TV shows.

  20. Eliza says:

    I love Grimm. Sad I have to wait until March!

  21. Ashley says:

    No!!!! I don’t want to wait that long for a new episode of “Grimm”. I was going to give “Do No Harm” a try, but maybe if it gets cancelled right away “Grimm” will come back sooner.

  22. r2e says:

    3 MONTHS!! Are they out of their frikkin minds?!! Who the hell is responsible for their ridiculous programming this season?!

  23. KD says:


  24. Kay says:

    Poor NBC. Not known for its intellect or common sense. No wonder everything is a struggle.
    At this rate, they may as well name the half-seasons as smaller full seasons. Like call the rest of season 2 as mini-season 3.

    • Elizabeth says:

      tptb behind NBC and its related channels are morons. This is what they do to shows that they want to cancel–they do it all the time on SyFy and they don’t think people notice. Warehouse 13 got 10 episodes last summer and isn’t getting another 10 until April. Normally, you get 16 over the summer and a new season the summer after. This way, we’ve lost 6 episodes. smh

  25. Kenny says:

    Why do they even need dateline @ 9, its already going to be on Sunday @ 7, after football!!!

  26. James says:

    first off Sean Mother f-ng Garrity is back on my TV screen can only be a good thing. Second, NBC you’re run by Retarded Monkey’s. I fully understand you have a midseason scheduale but this does not mean you take two of your biggest money makers off air for more than 3 months. it would be one thing if you scattered a few episodes in for three months but completely off air is simply ascinine. and this is why your on the bottom of the food chain.

  27. tina says:

    No sad GRIMM fan here. Why o why?

  28. Renee says:

    WTF is NBC thinking? Both Revolution and Grimm off the air for 4 months? Because I’ve got news for them…I’m ok with waiting until after a season is over and watching all episodes back to back…from a DVD. Or just dropping them entirely.

    • helen says:

      I agree. I started watching Castle this year on re runs and really got to like it a lot. But the reruns are so out of order that I decided to order my batch from Netflix. They hardly ever put anything good on streaming, but at least I can see them in order. I wait until an entire season is over and on Netflix, then just watch it the way I want. Cable TV such as TNT is much better for series watching I think. The hell with the Networks, they are too arrogant.

  29. TJ says:

    Yes, we wait for shows on cable but that doesn’t mean we like it! Truth be told, myself & friends have just stopped watching shows because of the long wait between seasons and sadly I think we have a pretty decent attention span. IMHO, a long hiatus IS a risk especially for those people who do not follow tv news and do not have DVRs who just might be your coveted Nielsen numbers… not to mention just plan rabid fans that just feel jerked around.

  30. March? March? At least if they had told us sooner, I wouldn’t have saved some of the episodes. March is just cruel.

  31. nick1372 says:

    ‘Cause you all know better than NBC exeuctives who do this for a living…

    • Behold, the only person who thinks NBC knows what they’re doing. Sure, there’s precedent for serialized genre shows that have always shown stalled ratings returning from a hiatus like 24, Lost and Fringe and some that have been cancelled as a result like The Event, V and Flash Forward. Remember that show The Cape? But let’s all listen to this guy, I’m sure he knows something about NBC that we don’t. Go hiatuses!

      • nick1372 says:

        They DO know what they are doing. They went from the #4 network to the #1 network in a few months. They are the only network up year-to-year!

        • Can you BE any less informed? CBS is still the #1 network in terms of ratings. Don’t mistake the popularity of The Voice and the marginal ratings victories of Revolution (which has bled viewers every week) as an indicator of a complete turnaround. That’s two shows on one night. Sometimes NBC is even outperformed in demo numbers by CW shows. And that is not so much a testament to the quality of CW shows (nothing against Supernatural or Vampire Diaries) but how marginalized NBC’s audience has become.

          Your knowledge on this subject is completely laughable. I am bewildered that you were able to form such an opinion based on so little information or even blind assumption. You would do yourself a huge favor by stifling your need to insult people—who actually have valid, informed opinions—and reading up on a subject and its history before making a comment of your own. It would be some kind of amazing irony if you were actually an NBC executive at least partially responsible for these ill-conceived decisions that repeat costly past mistakes and were acting out defensively by taking the criticisms personally while actually believing that NBC is the #1 network. But that would just be too awesome to be true.

          • nick1372 says:

            I don’t know what you’re talking about. I haven’t insulted anybody on this comment thread. And I think you’re the one who’s misinformed; NBC IS the #1 network, while CBS has not been for years. Just search “2012-2013 Season: NBC Leads Among Adults 18-49, While CBS is Number 1 With Total Viewers Through Week 10 Ending December 2, 2012” in Google. I’d post a link, but I’d get blocked. We’ll see who’s misinformed.

    • PJholiday says:

      Apparently, NBC’s exec’s aren’t doing a great job or they wouldn’t constantly fall behind and lower in all the ratings. Grimm is one of the few shows that I watch faithfully. Take Katherine McPhee off NBC and get David Giancolli back asap!

    • Nick says:

      I would like to point out to Nick1372, umm just look up dude, there have been far more points (and logical ones at that) made against NBC’s management than for it up there ^.

      Also a networks success relies entirely on the people who watch it’s shows correct? OK technically they can get various fundings and things from advertisers but srsly who will advertise on a network nobody watches. Anyway my point is that if you look up again ^ you should hopefully realise that actually what we have here is a large number of UNHAPPY posts by the people who actually watch the show, ya know, the ones who the networks success depends on :)

      Thus if you follow a logical pattern like 2 + 2 = 4 you should (again this is presuming you aren’t mentally defunct) reach the conclusion that THE FANS AREN’T HAPPY, which should again lead you to recognise that THIS WAS NOT A SMART MOVE REGARDLESS OF WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT THEIR MANAGEMENT.

      Thank you and … well actually no, just goodbye.

      • nick1372 says:

        The networks don’t really care if the fans on this site aren’t really happy. All they care about is if they watch. And people have been watching NBC more than any other network this fall. That is bringing them eyeballs watching their ads, and money from advertisers.
        Also, IMO, this WAS a smart move. If Grimm wasn’t on hiatus until March, they would either have to
        A) end Grimm in early March
        or B) strech Grimm’s remaining episodes over the 5-month period between Jan &May. That’s ~20 weeks.
        If they choose option A, Grimm goes off the air for 6 months!!! There’d be a chance people would forget about it all together. 2 3-month hiatuses is better.
        If they choose option B, Grimm is in repeats half the time. Some people would get tired of having to check if Grimm is on, and might change to something that is more consistent.
        Most people on this site are complaining because they don’t have their favorite TV show, not because they think NBC made a bad business decision.

  32. nana says:

    8 March???? That’s insane!!! Do they try to cancel the show?????

  33. Diz says:

    What a joke. When you have a show that is good and people are watching it needs to be on the air. I’d rather the season end earlier and have the new crap debut afterwards.

  34. mia says:

    While that long of a delay sucks, I’d rather have that than repeats every 4 weeks.
    The hiatus will kill Revolution, but Grimm should be fine

  35. Ron says:

    Really smart, NBC – take the highest-rated drama in your lineup and put it on hiatus? Until NEXT YEAR????? After only 12 episodes??? Time for all us viewers to start plucking the feathers from the peacock until it screams for mercy!

  36. rachelle says:

    March? Why does NBC hate me?? I was really hoping Grimm would come back in January!

  37. Nick says:

    We need our Grimm as early as possible, or else the Wesens wil start a revolution on NBC.

  38. GeneralRapunzel says:

    March 8th!!!!!! Nooooooooo. Brilliant. So NBC just won November sweeps and as a thanks to its fans, it is shelving Grimm and Revolution for four months. Sure. Way to kick your audience.

  39. Sandiegh says:

    Bit like Game of Thrones. It feels like one month on, one year off. Stupid really.

  40. Christina says:

    I completely don’t understand what’s happened to our tv shows. I remember as a kid shows started in early sept and ended mid june. They use to have 15-20 episodes  in a season. Now they start in october (if we’re lucky) and have a huge break at christmas and then come back in march and end in may. Are their pay checks that high that they can’t make more episodes? I don’t understand this. Its really ridiculous. The Grimm is one of few shows that started in august and has had 12 episodes. At least in march there’s a potential of having another ten. But its not enough! And 4 months is a long break. This show Touch started last january for the pilot, came back for episode 2 in march, stopped at the end of may, came back in sept for one episode and will/might come back in january. Lol talk about crazy scheduling. I hope we all don’t go through too much withdrawal. 

    • liddad says:

      Your maths is clearly wrong here. 15 – 20 weeks from September onwards would only take you into January/February. The reason shows now start in late Sept to late Oct is actually to lessen the breaks that shows have to take. It also extends the summer period so that summer scheduled shows can get a few more episodes now.
      That’s why this break is actually an exceptionally clever business model for NBC. Instead of having one season broken up all the time so that it lasts twice as long, they’re effectively having a shorter season every 6 months, but not as broken up, so that it retains viewers week-to-week, even if it loses a few viewers over the longer break.

  41. JoyAnne says:

    My age is showing. I remember when a show ran for 39 weeks. The remaining 13 weeks had a show lasting that time. I’ll make a guess that stars did not get the big paycheck s they get now so that system was affordable. $300,000. Per episode for a ‘star’ we’ve been hearing about lately that doesn’t even like his own show?

  42. At this rate, Grimm is going to turn out like Knight Rider, My Own Worst Enemy, and Heroes.

  43. chelac9234 says:

    Perhaps they are trying to avoid the winter weather months? I believe it (Grimm) is filmed on site in Portland…

  44. Anissa says:

    Grimm should not be on Hiatus that long! NBC must really want us to watch other shows on cable, really put a hit show on a schedule like that…we now know what NBC thinks of its fans!!! Losers!!

  45. Debbie says:

    NBC are you folks about to sell out, or go bankrupt???Because making us wait until March 8, 2013 for Grimm to return is ludicrous, idiotic and down right stupid!!! There are literally hundreds of other channels to choose from NBC !!! Get your heads out of the sand!!!

  46. Rose says:

    No. I can’t. I have no life.
    Grimm. Gimme. Now. Those people are made to entertain US, not the other way around. D:

  47. Ron says:

    This is why I don’t watch NBC, as soon as I start to like a show, they take it off the air for no aparent reason or cancel it all together. When they canceled The Black Donnelly’s, which was possibly the best tv series I’ve ever seen, mid season, they lost as a loyal viewer forever. Now Grimm is on an extented leave, I wouldn’t be surprised if they it never comes back!

    • nick1372 says:

      Grimm is completely safe. You don’t have to worry. It is one of NBC’s highest-rated dramas. It’s definitely coming back.

      • tativa says:

        Ha! It can only get high ratings if it’s actually ON AIR!!! Anyone remember Lost? Remember when it went down hill? When they took an extended hiatus and lost (lol) their viewers. After that, they pronounced its imminent death (gave it one more season) due to the lack of viewers. NBC, this is stupid, stupid, stupid. Wait too long and we’ll find somthing else to watch and your show will disappear like the island. Or maybe your characters have also been dead all along…

        • nick1372 says:

          Try checking your facts before you type.
          A) Lost lost some viewers, yes, but every show loses viewers year-to-year. There are, like, 5 shows on the air now that did not shed ratings from last year. Lost was still a hit when it ended.
          B) Lost was not cancelled. It was ended by the creative team. I’d bet any amount of money that ABC actually asked for more seasons, but they were turned down.
          C) Why are we comparing Grimm to Lost anyway? Lost isn’t on anymore. Why don’t you compare Grimm to shows that have went on hiatus recently and gotten renewed? How about Revenge, Hart of Dixie, and Bones? As a matter of fact Bones & HoD ratings got BETTER after the hiatus.

    • looloo says:

      ikr!? omg, i really want to have a face to face chat with the person who decided this. everytime i get interested in something worth watching (and sometimes obsessing over), it goes on a little pause, hoping to get more views and then BAM! “we’re sorry. but tomorrow, premiering in it’s place is…” like gosh! we all know that when it goes on pause, it aint coming back. but for what it’s worth… this show should be kept on :)

  48. Christine says:

    As long as they bring it back!

    • nick1372 says:

      Don’t worry. There’s no chance Grimm will be cancelled.

      • Nick says:

        actually there is a chance of that, i mean we have seen instances before of them having crazy scheduling for a programme and then having it turn out cancelled, think Chuck here for a second, the scheduling was all over the place, so was the number of episodes we could expect per season and they tried 3 (if memory serves but possibly only 2) times to cancel Chuck but ended up bringing it back after fans campaigned to get it back.

        So what we had was a show VERY loved by fans (possibly even more so than Grimm) that they wanted to shut down, and what did they do? They messed with the scheduling. Sound at all familiar, I mean we can only postulate about the ‘wanting to shut down’ in this case but the possibility exists, wouldn’t be the first time NBC had messed with a program they were thinking of closing.

        • nick1372 says:

          Chuck was different. Chuck had terrible ratings. Grimm is one of the highest-rated dramas on NBC, and it’s on a Friday.