Chris Colfer Talks Glee's Thanksgiving, Klaine's Realization and His Big Apple Dreams for Kurt

Chris Colfer Previews Glee Season 4Thanksgiving arrives (a week late) on Fox’s Glee this Thursday at 9/8c, and Chris Colfer has much to be grateful for. In addition to his role as Kurt, who has been transplanted to New York City alongside Lea Michele’s Rachel, Colfer penned Struck By Lightning, an indie comedy that rolls out on VOD/iTunes Dec. 19 (before hitting theaters in January) — and at the time we met up with the actor/author/screenwriter, he was touring the East Coast to tout his novelization of same.

After signing copies for a line of fans that wrapped around a New Jersey bookstore, Colfer spoke with TVLine about the many hats he wears, how Glee is different now that he “commutes” to the Big Apple, his excitement over having a “Kiki” with Sarah Jessica Parker and a realization “Klaine” is about to have.

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TVLINE | Your first book, Land of Stories, came out in July. What’s the experience been like for you, between that, the Struck By Lightning movie and now its novelization?
It’s been so busy, but it’s great to kind of stretch my legs and give light to the passion projects. I have no complaints!

TVLINE | Was the process for getting the movie together easier or harder than you expected?
Oh, it was much harder. It’s funny because I always thought — this was when I was, like, 7 — that my first movie would be hard to get done, but it would be easy from then on. Now, I’m learning that, no, it’s always going to be challenging, because every time a movie gets made it’s really a miracle.

TVLINE | Versus Land of Stories, have you sensed a greater interest in Struck By Lightning: The Carson Phillips Journal, which is a young adult novel? That perhaps there’s a better connect with Glee?
I think it will appeal more to the audience, yeah. Yet Land of Stories was labeled a children’s novel, and I feel like I’ve heard more from adults and teenagers who read it and loved it more than I have so far from kids!

TVLINE | Is there anything remotely autobiographical about Struck By Lightning (which centers on a high school student who blackmails classmates into contributing to his literary magazine)?
There are elements that are autobiographical, but it’s definitely not an autobiography. Like, I was president of the writers club and I was very underappreciated for my overachieving ways. People's Choice Awards Nominations 2013But the lead character, Carson Phillips, is definitely the person I wished I was in high school.

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TVLINE | Just as you’ve grown from an actor to an author and now a filmmaker, do you feel like Glee‘s New York City arc has forced Kurt to grow?
Absolutely. I mean, he had to move away, and that’s always, I think, the most terrifying part about growing up. And he’s had to grow up pretty quickly, because his dad borderline kicked him out. He was like, “I can’t watch you do this anymore, you’ve got to go and make something of yourself.” It’s been fun to kind of grow up in my own way and have Kurt grow up as well.

TVLINE | Because of that, has Glee been more fun for you this season? Or a different kind of fun?
It’s been less hectic for us, because since it’s split up they’re able to schedule us on different days so everyone gets a day off which is nice, rather than having to the eight days-a-week, 25-hours-a-day that we used to.

TVLINE | When last I spoke to you and Darren Criss, you each expressed your wish for conflict in the whole Kurt/Blaine thing. Are you satisfied with the way they delivered that? Was the break-up organic enough?
I think we’re pretty satisfied. It was really just nice to do something else. As much as everyone wants to see them together forever, as actors that would have been so boring for us. We’d have to start saying “I love you” in different languages to spice things up a bit! So I’m really glad they’re broken up or separated or whatever they are for now.

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TVLINE | Now that the actual break-up arc is out of the way, is Kurt going to be a more of an active character there in New York City?
I hope so. We’ll see. I mean, he hasn’t really grasped New York yet — he goes to work and comes home and tells Rachel things. I would really like to see him go out and have fun and meet new people.

TVLINE | As far as you’ve taped, is it still sunshine and roses for Kurt at Or is Isabelle (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) going to start showing a darker edge?
No darker edge; for the most part he’s there and he’s happy, because he and Isabelle have kind of become co-confidants. They just get closer and will even be spending Thanksgiving together. We even get to do a Scissor Sisters’ number [“Let’s Have a Kiki”], and I’ve been trying to get a Scissor Sisters’ song in the show since Day 1! So it was a lot of fun.

TVLINE | And what were you shooting the other day at the Bryant Park ice rink in New York City?
Darren and I were skating to the number, “(I’m Dreaming of a) White Christmas” — because I don’t know about you, but I know I’ve definitely ice skated with all my exes and sing Christmas carols all the time! [Chuckles] But no, it’s a great story [in the Dec. 13 Christmas episode], because they kind of come to a realization that they’ll always be amazing friends, because they were so important to each other.

TVLINE | Does Blaine just show up or is Kurt expecting his visit?
There’s a reason he’s there… but it’s kind of a secret.

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  1. Tom says:

    I REALLY hope the NYC side of Glee gets interesting SOON. Kurt and Rachel used to be my favorite characters but their story lines are are snoozefest right now. And we need more characters there! 2 guest stars and a very pitiful actor as their scene partners? Terrible.

    • Gabe says:

      This really is true. Haha! I do hope that if Kurt gets a new love interest they focus more on acting skills than looks. I feel bad Lea has to be opposite that new guy, he is terrible.

      • Tom says:

        And just throwing a COUPLE of the graduates into the NYC would be 100% better. Even just Santana. I would like to see Santana and Finn trying to live with Kurt and Rachel (even if Finchel stay broken up)… Can you imagine how HILARIOUS that would be?! I just want Glee to be a comedy again!

        • Gabe says:

          You speak the truth! I have been very disinterested this season so far. I was expecting Santana in NY pretty quickly and then Finn to make his way there after the winter hiatus, but both appear not to be the case. Those four together would be hilarious, because of the differences. Right now you have Kurt and Rachel, who basically are the same person, and Brody whom I have no interest getting invested in (not to mention the actor is horrible). I am not even counting the special guest stars because they will be gone soon. Well, I hope they will fix things soon or what little interest I have in the show will be gone.

        • Sil says:

          Completely! Yes! I miss the comedy of Glee. NY is too dramatized and dull with its storylines as is. Please, goodbye, Brody!!!

        • Ha Ha, you must be psychic! Santana is a great addition to NY.

    • ddsfsd says:

      I think that’s what they’re doing right now. It seems like the first half of the season was about trying to get people to like the new kids (and flopping). The next few eps seem like NYC will finally be expanded on FINALLY.

    • Darcy says:

      I agree that the NYC side needs more (and I am not a fan of Brody) but the last thing this show needs is more characters. YIKES! Rachel and Kurt are my favorites but I’ve been disappointed in the stories they have gotten in NYC and I am actually enjoying the McKinley side more (mainly for the current Seniors but I do not dislike the newbies).

  2. Gabe says:

    I really like the idea of Kurt and Blaine being friends. I never really thought they were two characters that were destined to be together forever. Let Kurt get out there and date other people.

    • bamabunny says:

      As much as I “ship” Klaine, ultimately I ship Kurt/happiness and Blaine/happiness. Whether they get married to each other or they end up best man at each other’s weddings. I want Kurt to take full advantage of NYC and Blaine to find who he really is (and God please don’t let it be Finn “teaching him to be a man” or something).

    • Darcy says:

      Really? I have always seen them as destined to be together and a lot of it was because it seemed to me that they were intentionally writing them that way. I think they will get back together at some point but probably not this season (since they are separated anyway) …

      • Lindsey Hill says:

        I’m with you. I totally feel like it’s destiny for them to be together. Even though they aren’t together right now, I know (and so should everyone else) that they are meant to be. plus, we all know that Ryan, when asked about his plans for Klaine, said “eternity.” If that doesn’t mean destiny, then what does?

        • Kay says:

          Well, Ryan Murphy can say one thing and then totally do the opposite. Can’t trust everything that comes out of his mouth. But I do hope that eventually Kurt and Blaine will end up together in the future. We may not see it in the show, but maybe it will be implied when the series ends. Who knows what these writers will do with these characters. In my mind, they are soulmates and are meant to be together.

  3. Jared says:

    I really love Kurt and Isabelle’s relationship on Glee. I just wish we saw more.

  4. Holly says:

    I like Klaine, but I definitely think they need to get out there and date a few other people before reuniting. How can you be 100% certain that your first love should be your last if you break up and DON’T test the waters?? I want to see more of Kurt’s side of the break up. I’m really not a fan of them trying to make us feel bad for Blaine. Yes, his cheating might have been a mistake and he’s sorry, but I shouldn’t be forced to feel bad for him. Show me Kurt!

    • Kay says:

      I really don’t think they will be anything more than friends. I can’t see them getting back together as a couple. I just want them both to be happy.

    • Stef says:

      I certainly want Klaine to be end-game. I’ve always loved Kurt and it took me awhile to love Blaine but I love how he wants Kurt back so bad. I want them to stay close but travel their own routes (new love interest for Kurt!) but ultimately, I want this huge emotional reunion whereas they realize that they are forever…

  5. jmo says:

    i always like kurt and blaine as friends actually.

  6. Jess says:

    Anyone else think the glee cover of “Let’s Have a Kiki” is the WORST song they have ever done?!?! It’s TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!! What have they done to Rachel and Kurt?!??! This is coming from a show that let’s Heather Morris sing more this season that their stars, but even this is worst than her voice!

    • Kay says:

      Jess – I agree. It is not a good song for them. I’m not real thrilled with the NYC storyline anymore. Boring. I’d rather watch the kids at McKinley. Not really interested in or NYADA right now.

    • LHAK says:

      I love Let’s Have a Kiki. I think it’s the funnest song Glee has done in ages.

    • Kay says:

      I give that Kiki is quite strange if you don’t listen to that kind of music but at least on me it has grown quite a bit and the dance seems fun. The only thing I’m still not used to is that Turkey Lurkey appearing aout of nowhere in the middle.

  7. Sandy says:

    I don’t really care about Glee anymore. I am happy to see that Chris is branching out and doing other projects. I saw SBL at Tribeca and really enjoyed it. I’ll have to check out the book.

    • Kay says:

      I’m so happy about that too. I was worried his notoriety would be affected by how little screen time let alone songs he is not getting but he is doing great. Go Chris, conquer the world outside of Glee.

    • SBL and the book are really good. You should also check out his “Land of Stories, the Wishing Well” His 3rd book, second in the Land of Stories series comes out in Aug. Get the audio of him reading in all 3 books and you’ll really have a treat!

  8. Anna BH says:

    really great article! when you mentioned he talked about hats, where is that? I was at the book signing and gave him a hat!

  9. Lainey says:

    Kurt and Blaine as friends makes the most sense to me. As others have said the show just isn’t as interesting anymore. I don’t care for the new kids, and I also think the NY scenes have been horrible. Way to take two of the best characters on the show and screw them up with nothing story lines and for Rachel a boring new LI.

  10. katz says:

    Can’t wait to see Struck by lightning, I get my book in few days. I have heard only good things about it so far!
    I want to see new Kurt love intrest already!! but it looks like show is fast loosing it’s viewers. i’m so sick of new cast and blaine.
    Glee fix it already.

  11. grace cairney says:

    Oh am sad that klaine are just friends but you know if you are truly in love with someone those feeling won’t go away they may be sidlined for a while but they will emerge again only stronger

    • Jason says:

      While the sentiment is sweet, truly loving someone does not mean that you are meant to be with that person long term. I loved my high school boyfriend…but I married the man I fell in love with as an adult.

    • tommymommy says:

      Just so the other side is represented–I’ve been with my husband since high school (over twenty years now) and we are still together. So, long term relationships like this can be successful too. Maybe not for Klaine, but some people.

  12. theschnauzers says:

    I do like the selection for Klaine for the Christmas episode….that duet always shines on the Christmas episodes.

    It’s Christmas, and in five-sic months Blaine will have graduated from high school. So at that point the apparent distance can shrink between Kurt and Blaine. Blaine was never likely to stay in Ohio in the first place, and his big brother Cooper can always come back and push him out of Ohio.

    • Kay says:

      Their duet is the one I always look forward to. They sound amazing together. Their voices blend so well. I just wish Kurt would get a solo too. That would be nice too.

  13. Joe says:

    Not that we need further confirmation…but Klaine is kaput.

    • Kay says:

      Sounds like it from this interview.

    • CA says:

      Yup. I still fault the writers on this. There was so much the writers could have done with this couple when they were a couple other then be lovey dovey. Complete lack of creativity. But more then that — after a period of time it became apparent that even the actors were less invested in the relationship for the very reasons that the writers allowed them to become boring. So bye bye Klaine. I thought there was some hope with Blaine comments at the end of last episode and then the photo of them in NYC but obviously not. Oh well…..

    • Nah says:

      No, they’re not. It’s even more clear from this interview that they are just broken up “for now.”

      • Reality.Bites says:

        Obviously. Ryan Murphy’s tweeted that Kurt and Blaine are “Eternity” and that Kurt will be getting married at 21.

        It’s also part of the way Glee operates – there are short-term romances with guest characters like Shelby, Jesse, Gwyneth Paltrow’s character, etc., but the long-term ones are always with regulars and I don’t see them introducing two new regular characters in order to give Blaine and Kurt long-term relationships.

        So Kurt dates Paul for a little while and realizes the same thing Blaine did – that he wants Blaine to be his one and only. They’re back together either for Valentine’s day or season’s end.

    • Olivia says:

      No, they’ll get back together, end of season most likely. They’ll write a midterm LI for Kurt, to appease all his stans, while Blaine pines away, which will piss off his stans, which will mess up Klaine even more because the writers are idiots but they are not done. It is just bad TV, that’s all, because the writers don’t know how to write a relationship nor do they know how to write a good break up so they threw at them the only thing they do know, which is cheating. Ah, it’s Glee.

  14. Ian says:

    There’s only time now for the NY storylines to pick up in the 2nd half of the season, which hopefully they will. Even Chris isn’t really trying to spin it in this interview like much has been happening for his character, and what he wanted with the Klaine breakup was an exploration and development for Kurt in this new environment. The show won’t stop revolving him around Blaine and Rachel though. It’s so frustrating.
    And the show will never give him serious love interest to compete with Blaine, look at how they refuse to bring back Dave, and Chandler was intentionally a joke. So I’m not expecting his attempt to date going anywhere. I can’t help but feel like this year will just be bided time until they reunite Klaine next season. Why not have just kept them together then? It’s ridiculous.

    • Kay says:

      I’m frustrated to by the fact that Kurt can’t have storylines that just revolve around something he does that does not involve a SL for another character.. I really wish we could have seen him at work, having troubles and triumphs at Vogue. But no, that would involve those lazy writers actually working in developing characters at Vogue other than Isabelle. Instead of doing that and giving believable environments to the characters everyone loved and that they decided should take different roads, they puch though our throats week after week a bunch of uninteresting downgraded copied versions of the originals newbies.

      • Kay says:

        Well, if he tries out for NYADA and gets in, then he would have that storyline to work with. I think the storyline is not very interesting at all.

  15. freekurt says:

    RIP Klaine. Bring on NYC. Hope Chris gets what he wishes and for Kurt to get out there more than he has.

  16. Miss Thang says:

    They should just ship off Kurt and Rachel into a spin-off and leave Glee to the high school kids of McKinley. So tired of these sancitifed duo. Glee has turned into a bore because of Ryan Murphy’s constant pimping of his alter egos in the characters of these two.

  17. Jules says:

    If anybody watches Merlin, i feel something similar of what happened to Arthur and Gwen will eventually happen to these two (at least nobody was banished here – well Blaine got sent back to Ohio)… there’s just too many “Klaine is endgame” signs for it to not be. Maybe not now, but eventually; I adore these two so whatever they do to bring drama in I hope they don’t completely ruin the characters. I have to agree with Colfer on this agree… signing Christmas Carols with your ex is weird….
    I really wish that the overall writing in Glee was better they make it so hard to truly follow the show or to fully support the characters. They make the stories non-continuous, they make their characters exasperatingly exaggerated and while the overarching themes are funny/cute/meaningful they do it in such a way that just makes you want to smack your head against the desk for watching it or the characters for doing it. These “kids” have SO much talent and the writing really isn’t helping them any; most episodes it’s as if I’m watching twilight / Sponge-bob where you have to leave logic at the door. And I wish it wasn’t so.

  18. Coney says:

    I want Kurt and Blaine to eventually get back together, but I love the drama of a couple breaking up. I hope the rumors of Kurt getting a new love interest are true. I miss him and Rachel and hope they start doing more with the NYC side, because the McKinley side bores me and it’s been an overload lately.

  19. j says:

    More NY story please!!

    • Kay says:

      IA. But please not just love stories, I want to see how two of the most driven characters work to make their dreams come true. Please.

  20. Carl says:

    I can’t stand Glee anymore, yet this interview highlight the main reasons why I admire Chris Colfer: he’s smart, confident, mature, with an slightly twisted sense of humour :) and despite how much the writers of Glee are keen into make him portray the “princess of the fairytale / Mary Sue” in that insipid & stupid cheap romance for tweens which is Klaine (and they’ll obviously bring them back together by the end of the season, yaaawn), Chris is on a totally different level: a very sexy, independent and brave man… way more appealing to me as a gay guy; I’m looking forward to watch his movie and any future project he’s involved with.

  21. Maxime says:

    The Glee NYC spin-off would have been so interesting I think ! :)

  22. Ann says:

    Yes, it’s been too strange with part of the cast in Ohio, part in NYC and part missing altogether. It’s not the same Glee and while I’m still recording it, I’m not bothering to watch it right away anymore.

    It’s too late now of course, but IMO you’re much, much better off to divorce a show like that from the normal standard of time. Make each year start off with the kids staying the same age, bringing in new actors only when old actors decide to leave and just run it as long as it will go. How many years were the kids in the same classroom on Welcome Back, Kotter? How many years did the Korean War last on MASH? They developed a good concept and they did not scr@w it up. They rode with it as long as it would take them. It’s all fiction anyway….

  23. Beanni77 says:

    I think the biggest problem on Glee is the huge cast. Season four and we still hardly know much about the regulars that started on season one. Now they want us to “connect” with the newbies? They should have split the cast and done a separate show for the New York crew, which would allow them to focus more on individual characters. They are too big for a one-hour show, and no matter how good/bad we see the writing and story lines, they don’t allow the characters to become endearing before they have to move on. And I also like the idea of Klaine as friends, they don’t really seem too suited to each other. Blaine needs someone like Sebastian who keeps him on his toes, and Kurt needs someone more secure in himself so they won’t be so dependent on each other.