The Voice Top 8 Results Recap: Did the Right Two Singers Get the Boot?

“Vodka. Anything fried. The Golden Girls.” Leave it to Blake Shelton (discussing his pre-performance rituals) to score the funniest zinger of The Voice‘s Season 3 Top 8 results show — no small accomplishment, considering select members of The Muppets gang dropped by to hang out with Cee Lo Green. (Let’s just be thankful Blake didn’t specifically mention pork rinds, or else the most charming member of the show’s panel might’ve been dispatched by a Miss Piggy karate chop!)

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Alas, though, not even the comic stylings of cranky balcony dwellers Statler and Waldorf — who, come to think of it, ought to give courses on how to administer unfiltered criticism to reality-competition contestants — could leave a smile on one judge’s face. Under the show’s new Season 3 rules, the two lowest vote-getters go home every week — regardless of which team they’re on — meaning no mentor is guaranteed to have a contestant in the finale. And that theory was enforced tonight.

Let’s review the proceedings:

Sent to Safety (in Chronological Order)
Cassadee Pope
Amanda Brown
Melanie Martinez
Nicholas David
Terry McDermott
Trevin Hunte

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Cody Belew
Dez Duron

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Whoa! Trevin really escaped the guillotine this week, despite sharpening the blade and then pressing his neck against it with back-to-back stinkers on “Scream” and “The Greatest Love of All.” Terry, too, must be happy to have dodged a bullet, seeing how he’s been slowly retreating from early front-runner status. Cody and Dez, meanwhile, may have been victims of a classic vote split: The guys with the most immaculately styled hair, obvious sex appeal, and crooner-ly leanings were probably appealing to the same fan bloc (although neither one was exactly looking like the successor to that guy from last season Jermaine Paul).

The question now is, can Trevin or Terry break up what looks to be a tough-to-upend final four of Cassadee, Amanda, Melanie and Nicholas?

Before I turn things over to you, a few thoughts on the results-night performances:

* Trevin’s lack of stage presence became all the more evident while attempting Lady Gaga’s uptempo “Marry the Night” alongside dynamic (although slightly dance-impaired) Amanda Brown. I’m not sure the song really fit either of their voices, but you can’t say Amanda and Trevin haven’t got serious chops. (Okay, well you could say it, but you’d be lying!)

* Cee Lo’s “Boca Raton retired lady” sun hat was one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen that dude wear, and I haven’t even gotten to his green, mirrored tank top! Still, while you can never go wrong when you’re paired with Kermit the Frog and “Not Easy Being Green,” I was a little bummed that we only saw a few seconds of a Vegas performance pairing the wackiest Voice coach with the legendary “Mahna Mahna” duo. (Side note: Vicci Martinez, lookin’ fierce! Love her EP, too!)

* Cody, Melanie, Nicholas, and Terry gave quite possibly the best group performance all season on “Rhythm of Love.” Note to the show’s producers: See how beautifully things turn out when you allow your contestants to sit still and just sing, instead of forcing them into highly choreohraphed machinations to which they’d never otherwise gravitate?

* Somebody somewhere thought “I Hate That I Love You” would be a good fit for Cassadee and Dez. Or maybe it was just a bribe to score Rihanna as a future season finale guest? They did what they could with it, though.

Okay, your turn: What did you think of The Voice‘s Top 8 results show? Did the right two people get axed? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

p.s. No new Reality Check this week, thanks to last week’s Thanksgiving holiday. But we’ll be back with a new video next Monday, scout’s honor!

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  1. Samantha says:

    I’m super glad Terry is safe! He’s so adorable! I was surprised Trevin wasn’t sent home tbh.

    • Clifford Alverez says:

      Agree! I didn’t think he did all that well this past week (song choice, not voice IMO), but he is definitely likeable and whenever he looks at the camera he makes the best faces.

    • rockgolf says:

      I won’t argue re: Terry’s adorablity, but he’s proving to be a singer with a very limited range – both vocally and stylistically.

  2. Sam M says:

    So thankful that Amanda got put through, that girl has UNBELIEVABLE talent, just wish the studio version on iTunes was more rockin’ :/ Still my fave though!

    • Stacie says:

      Once I saw Amanda was safe I pretty much fast forwarded through the rest of the show. It serves Christina right for not saving De’borah.

      • ali427 says:


      • Absurdist says:

        Hell to the yes.

      • The Voice Rocks! says:

        Does anyone else think there seems to be a bit of a Xtina backlash due to her previous behaviors? Her new CD is bombing worse than Bionic did and she has zero songs on the ITunes top 90. Meanwhile, Adam Levine is at #1 with 50 Cent. It’s kind of a shame because I really love the song “Let There Be Love” but now I am afraid that her record company will just cut their losses and not release it to radio. And what was Christina thinking by saddling Dez with a Bieber song? I do not understand her judging choices at all, nor her poor treatment of some of the female contestants and Tony Lucca last year…

        • Blivins says:

          Let’s face it… things couldn’t go much worse for Christina. Even in the first two seasons when each coach was guaranteed a singer in the Final 4, Christina’s singers (Beverly McClellan and Chris Mann) always finished in last place. Now she’s the first coach to have no singers left in the competition. Added insults include the failure of her new album and its singles. Christina’s time on The Voice has had exactly the opposite effect as JLo’s time on Idol. People now like Christina LESS after getting to know her better. She’s just a very unpleasant woman. She’s very smart and an amazing vocalist, but she’s also a b*tch and now everyone knows it. No mystery left there.

          • Louie says:

            Isn’t Christina slated to take a break from The Voice next season (when Shakira would take her place) to go on tour? With the dismal outing of her album I think there may be second thoughts on that. Just like Randy Jackson on AI, this show may be the only thing she has going for her right now

          • Julio says:

            Whether Xtina reconsiders her break from “The Voice” or not is irrelevant. It’s already too late. They filmed the Season 4 auditions a few weeks back, according to Blake Shelton on Twitter.

          • Samantha says:

            @Louie It doesn’t matter if they’re rethinking it, no one likes her and I doubt they’d stick her back on the show. There have been numerous rumors as to what a big diva she is and no one has any doubts about that because of how she acts on the show.

          • Tom22 says:

            You’re being way too hard on her personally. Her disspointment and frustration does come through but I believe in a fair and polite enough way. I want a judges opinion to be apparent but done so politely enough.

            The real issue is that viewers and perhaps music buyers are not looking for what Christina values and the style she is superb at herself. Too many people want blues interpetations (winehouse) or more complicated vocale coloring (maroon five, adam). Even the modern power country singers make more use of the “breaks” in their voices, “yodel” intra sylable octaves etc that are different from christina’s preferences.

          • FreeHaley says:

            Although if you listen to what a few of her singers said, they said that working with in person was awesome and that she was really nice to them and called at 3AM, etc. if need be.

          • FreeHaley says:

            And what was JLo’s excuse when she did a sudden 180 and started parroting all of Randy and the producer’s nonsense and giving Haley icy glares each time she hit some great notes and praising some guy to the heaven’s who had just missed literally 3/4rs of all the notes and not in an OK toning way but in a brutal clashing way and then tear some pretty contestant down for no clear reason and with no clear rhyme or reason having to do with musical style? At least on The Voice people know that there might be some gamesmanship by teams.

          • Teeny Bikini says:

            I think her taste in singers is not current. She let go a lot of current and musically relevant singers for her same-old-same-old screeching diva type singers. They were all likable-enough, but De’Borah’s style, look and sound could be on the radio right now. I can’t really say that for any of the outdated singers that she chose. I don’t dislike Christina, I just dislike her decision-making and it hurt her in the end. I don’t care if she’s nice. I rather like that she is a hot mess…. :)

          • Doris Beckelhymer says:

            So true!! I totally agree with you. She is quite the DIVA – and the capital letters are in order. She needs to nice up. She has nothing to proof. She’s so talented, but she’s also very fake, and put some clothes on girl!!

        • JW says:

          I wouldn’t be surprised if her combined over-excitement for her own team and dull, pointed efforts to undercut the others was a factor as well. She is known for providing good critic during the first round, and can do so through other rounds, but this year she really went out of her way to NOT be enthusiastic about Amanda Brown and others. I think it worked against her and her team members.

          • Sherry says:

            You are so right…after Amanda killed it this week I thought Christina finally would say something nice, but her whole demeanor and lack of enthusiasm and backhanded insults (still don’t know who you are?) just prove again this year that she is either incredibly jealous of other talented females, or really hates Adam and can’t bring herself to say anything nice about one of his team. Either way, it shows what kind of person she is, and as talented as she is, after a while people get tired of you when they relate to you only as a nasty witch.

          • Delon says:

            Regardless of how Slezak rates the contestants they are all B+ singers at best , devoid of any star quality. Christina is no Paula Abdul, J.Lo, or Nicole Scherzinger. She can’t go praising average singers with hyperbole like those ladies did. When you are globally renowned for your impeccable singing there are standards that you need to uphold. She won’t call something perfect unless it really is. I’m just wondering how Mariah will judge all those bum notes she’s going to hear.

        • syb says:

          Yeah, I just think she has crummy taste in singers, arrangements and song selections.

          • Doris Beckelhymer says:

            Delon – I’m sure when Christina started out she wasn’t impeccable – come on – give me a break – she’s just jerky. She is jealous – her team lacked and Adam’s team was really good. – and she can praise people when they deserve it – that’s her job – she’s a judge – and these people are not stars yet. They are people who need to get some praise when they do well – and Mariah will be nice – now Nicki on the other hand – may not!!

      • scrutinizer says:


    • Trent says:

      SO happy that Amanda is safe! She is by far the most talented IMO and I want her to win. But I will miss Cody and his Bam Bam…

  3. Elena says:

    Did anyone else love that group performance with Terry/Cody/Melanie/Nicholas? That was my favorite part of the show tonight, and I usually hate those group collaborations. Anyway, the eliminations didn’t really shock me. Terry and Trevin will have to step it up next week for sure though if they want to get in the finale. The other four have been pretty solid throughout (well except for a couple off weeks at the start for Melanie)

  4. Candice says:

    Absolutely livid that Dez is gone. He easily had the most technically accurate voice on the show, and the stage presence to match. Super frustrated. Not only that, but Cody had a great voice and is super fun to watch. Wasn’t happy with tonight’s results at all.

    • Samantha says:

      Cody just didn’t have the power behind his vocals to make it…and as for Dez being technically accurate…I think you need a hearing aid.

      • Absurdist says:

        High five.

      • Candice says:

        No, just a music business graduate, classically trained vocalist, and theatre vet/buff… But what would I know.

        • Tom22 says:

          I think you just are looking for much different things than I am Candice. Cody was fun to watch tonight and was growing on me somewhat from his charm. He has sung some very strong renditions of songs in the past but nothing that brought to me a window into his mind via a personal interpretation.. perhaps Jolene, but then, it wasn’t something I related to or was lifted by in anyway. All of those comments musically apply to Dez and on top of that I never was charmed or intrigued by his personality. Nice kid, sincere, but not with that sense of soul or unique view of the world that I expect from artists that have farther to go.

          • JoJo says:

            Really well said, Tom22. Felt the same about both Cody and Dez, but your words are much more precise and descriptive than I could have been.

    • Jill says:

      I’m in complete agreement.

    • DJ says:

      I agree with you.

    • Niko says:

      Yeah, I have little reason to watch now….

    • Ty says:

      … I think what you meant was the most technically accurate in how well he fills out his pants and that face. There we could agree. I enjoyed Dez, but he should not win. I could have stood some more screen time though.

    • Chrystie says:

      I was really glad to see Dez and Cody gone Dez was the most boring singer of the 8. As for Christina her rudeness only shows she is as tacky as her clothes.

    • Calli says:

      Dez has a nice voice, but it’s hard to get worked up over technical accuracy. His stage presence was fine, I guess, but not to the point that he could command my attention. I’ll be missing Cody, though, he always left me smiling.

  5. rod says:

    “Cody and Dez: The guys with the most immaculately styled hair, obvious sex appeal, and crooner-ly leanings.”

    Come on Michale, you are allowed to say the HOT GUYS

  6. Jill says:

    I’m disappointed about Dez; there is something so earnest & sweet about him.

    I wish Melanie was eliminated instead I can’t stand her voice.

  7. Karen says:

    Trevin seems like a lovely guy, but he should have definitely gone home tonight. I’ve never really got his appeal. I really hope Amanda and Nicholas make it to the final 4…

  8. AnaB says:

    Finally! Now Dez can move on, either guest star on Glee or Smash, maybe become a Calvin Klein ad model… I’m kinda sad for Cody though, I liked him!

  9. Lori says:

    If it ends up being Amanda, Cassadee, Melanie and Nicholas I will be fine with any of them winning.

    Best of the night, the Cee Lo MUPPET!!!!

  10. Davey says:

    Trevin should have been sent home. But he has so many sob stories. Terry needs to pick a better song next week, something British would make sense. He’s actually a better singer than Melanie and Cassadee.

    • Tiff says:

      Agreed on all of these points. Terry is all about song choice, and so is Trevin. Honestly, I don’t understand Cassadee’s appeal at all – I find her kind of boring, but I’ve resigned myself to the fact that she will definitely be in the finale, if not the winner. My pick to win is Amanda Brown.

    • shirl says:

      you sure got that right!!! thank you…….i dont care if terry is irsh or??? terry needs to take this all the way!! we need are classic rock back..he sure has the voice for it. these days its all rap,pop,country. lets go terry!!! bring classic rock back

      • teatime says:

        Terry is not going to bring back classic rock. He needs to perform something more current.

        • Marianne says:

          YESYESYESYESYES!! Thank you. “TERRY IS NOT GOING TO BRING BACK CLASSIC ROCK.” It’s CLASSIC ROCK people. It’s “oldies”. I wanted him to “perform something more current” too – – but NOT a Blake Shelton song. When Terry opened his group performance (Rhythm of Love) I immediately thought – I would have liked to hear Terry have a song like this. Maybe he should do something UK – – hint, hint – James Morrison or Ed Sheerhan. He could do Bruno Mars – like Grenade. So many I can think of. .

          • FreeHaley says:

            Adele and Winehouse brought back and even older sound so…. wouldn’t it be refreshing to have some 70s/80s classic rock and pop rock into the mix?

    • TheBeach says:

      I like Terry’s voice too. I just wish he had more personality/stage presence. If he wants to rock, have him watch some tape of Jagger, Tyler, Rose, etc and get some showmanship.

    • Snsetblaze says:

      I’ve been waiting for Terry to do something from a British (or Scottish or Irish or Welsh) band. I’d think he’d do a great job on “Wonderwall”.

  11. Nina says:

    I love X-tina, and it sucks that she has no one left. butttttt, Dez just wasn’t the best singer, he was all looks, imo. so, I’m not mad he’s gone. Never got into Cody, either. At this point, just rooting for C.Pope.

  12. I Hate Trevin so much. He’s so boring and annoying with the same discurse every week. Please, send him home, America!!!

    • Jan1 says:

      I hope you meant that you wish Trevin would be voted off. You don ‘t even know Trevin.

    • Joe says:

      Trevin may look like a man, but he’s still a teenager and basically a child. Take it easy on him. I don’t think he should win, but it’s not like it’s his fault alone people are getting voted off.

  13. abbyevan says:


    • lol if you think Trevin has a better voice than Dez.

    • Jill says:

      No need to scream. This is a comment board for people to voice their opinions.

    • SaM says:

      So just because they were good looking does it mean that their voices were inferior? You can have either looks OR the voice but not both? IMO Trevin and Terry should have gone… every week we have to hear THE SAME OLD kinda thing from them, Dez and Cody (especially Cody) at least gave us a variety of performances.

    • white lancer says:

      I’m actually in complete agreement (though I could do without the Caps). Dez was the worst vocalist in the top 12 and second worst in the top 20, and while I’m glad Cody made it this far he hasn’t really been focusing on the vocals recently. I wouldn’t have minded losing Trevin or Melanie but the results were pretty much perfect IMO.

      Also, lol @ thinking Dez has given us a variety of performances. No matter the genre of song he picks, he sings it all in the ‘crooner’ style.

    • gailer says:

      lol but Cody has the best voice on this show, Dez was Disney.

      • Jessica says:

        People saying Cody had the best voice. Are you tone deaf?!? He might have been an ok performer but vocally he was lacking definitely not up to par with some of the others left!!

  14. Aria says:

    Amanda and Melanie are safe, and the two weakest vocalists are out. While I did really like Cody, I think America got it right.

    • Niko says:

      Are you HIGH? Melanie is the WEAKEST. Let’s see how she can pull off sing Beyonce, Queen, Adele etc…

      • kavyn says:

        Well she pulled off Britney, White Stripes and Ellie Goulding, I’m sure she could do her twist on those artists too.

      • Sam says:

        I’m SO over Melanie… she stopped being cool and unique like months ago (her audition was her PEAK)

      • ETG says:

        No, she’s not. And, just WHY would she sing Beyonce, Queen, Adele….. this is NOT American Idol, where they have theme weeks. She will continue to do alternative, where she belongs. If America continues to like her, she will stay; if not, she will go.

      • Aria says:

        1. That was kind of obnoxious. Just sayin’.
        2. Looking at the overall package, Melanie, Cody, and Dez are probably three of the technically weaker singers in terms of pitch, range, etc., but Melanie’s artistry puts her above the other two, in my book. She knows who she is and what her style is, whereas the other two were sort of all over the place.

        • Niko says:

          It’s called The Voice. Not The Most Stylish. Melanie is a ONE TRICK PONY. Dez will be Dez. But Cody is the most versatile, even more so than anybody on Team Cee Lo. Cee Lo probably should’ve picked easier songs for him.:/

          • Aria says:

            Right, it’s called The Voice. And if you were locked in a dark room and heard various people singing. Melanie’s would be instantly recognizable. It’s not called The Technical Voice… if it were, America wouldn’t be given the opportunity to vote. You’re clearly against Melanie, so nothing I say is likely I change that, but that’s what I think.

          • Orange says:

            Dez is a one trick pony, riding on the residues of boybands and the usual teen fodder of cute guys with voices autotune can work with. Melanie is an actual artist. She may not have the octaves but at such a young age, even Xtina can’t match her level of artistry. Xtina is a singer, not an artist. Artistry is what sets apart say Madonna from JLo – 2 artists who achieved huge success with mediocre vocals and a lot of sex appeal. Good riddance that Dez is gone. I’m sad to see Cody go though.

          • Niko says:

            And why would someone lock me in a dark room? :)

            Btw most of the contestants have distinguishable voice, esp. Nicholas& Trevin

          • Lara says:

            I have never got the “one trick pony”. I get what u mean by it but i do not think it applies. Can u imagine Paul MCartney rapping? or Madonna attempting a Beyonce song? Or Will.I.Am singing one of Whitney’s balad? Or Nicholas David singing a Bon Jovi song? That would be a train crash! Cody was best when singing George Michael or Jolene…that’s the style that suits him the best and should have sticked to it. Dez was trying too much of everything by wrongfully attempting to show range and variety but ended up with the audience confused about his identity.

          • Calli says:

            Actually, there are some Bon Jovi songs that Nicholas David could to quite well. He wouldn’t sound like Jon, of course; he’d sound like Nicholas doing a great song.

          • BOOYA says:

            Cody is not versatile. He’s a big power bottom

          • Madriley says:

            Oh my!

        • Marianne says:

          And . . . . . she’s only 17. Props to Melanie.

      • niks says:

        Lol. She doesn’t need to pull Beyonce, Queen, Adele etc. That’s the problem with you reality viewers, who just don’t understand music. We already have Beyonce and Adele, thank god for that. Go buy their music and listen to it. Melanie just needs to do her thing and she will sell records.

    • FreeHaley says:

      Melanie is kinda weaker vocally than either of those two though. You could say she makes it up in style but then you could say so did Cody. In the group number she didn’t really seem to carry it quite as well as the other three. I do get that you can be just a tone or a unique or both sorta singer but she just doesn’t quite pull it all off often enough for me.

      • Niko says:


        Thank you FreeHaley,

      • David says:

        Agreed. I thought Dez was much better than her last night. I think she got sympathy votes for her weird treatment by the judges. Dez, OTOH, was shunned for his overhyping mentor.

      • mrOCD says:

        She doesn’t just make it up with just “style”, she uses that so-called “weak” instrument of hers in a way that makes her easily compete with any of the other vocally dynamic contestants in terms of artistry and emotional maturity. Never mind the nuances of her interpretations. I don’t understand all this “Melanie is the weakest singer” nonsense… is power and range all what these people are looking for in their singers?

        • FreeHaley says:

          I don’t I just feel that the artistry and emotional maturity isn’t quite as astounding. Feels a little more like she is thinking out the emotions at times rather than feeling them. I don’t know I have nothing against unique and/or tone singers, something about her just isn’t enough of that on most weeks so far to get me excited enough to not care about the rest, with some others of her sort that has been more the case. Maybe she will win me back the next two weeks.

          • mrOCD says:

            And that’s fine, of course. If you don’t think she’s that good at what she does (rather than what X person does), that’s fine.

      • Tom22 says:

        To Me, the mark of a worthy Contestant(AI, Voice, Xfactor) is their record of performing songs that I want to hear more or as much as the originals . To a degree that has to do with the type of song but I’ve got a fairly wide taste so that is less limiting. If Terry can sing a rock song flawlessly but I’d still rather only hear the Sting or Freddy Mercury , or Page/Plant version he’s gone absolutely no where with me… done nothing. If he put enough twist on the song that I’d alternately pick one or the other on a playlist 5 months from now, thats great enough.

        I know that I like that Nicholas David rendition of Lean on Me everybit as much as the Withers or Ray Charles or other verstions I can find on the net. I like his performance more in terms of a flavor of the song that I want to hear today in my car or walking the dog but I’m not going to say he’s better or worse than the originals.. music has a context and within the context and time of those performances I hear on the net, the originals were probably better.

        I don’t even know that seven nation army song very well but I loved Melanies performance of it. I have it on my smartphone and listen to it frequently.. sometimes a couple times in an hour. I couldn’t care less if it got breathy hear and there or if she missed a note … someone singing it stronger and clearer would not have made it more intersting or enjoyable and certainly wouldn’t have me playing it to myself.

        I did love Cassidies (how does she spell that) cover of “over” and while its not my style of music exactly it was interesting and differenent enough from the Lambert versions that I’d find myself choosing Cassadies … and do have it on my phone and enjoy it.

        As far as voting .. I vote based on performers best performances to date.. ignore the poor ones unless they start to show me I can’t hope for more from them again. A contestant with a handful of covers that I’d still listen to a year later instead of other covers of the same song is the contestant I want to win.

  15. Al says:

    I am not surprised at all that Trevin stay over Dez and Cody because he has a bigger fan base than either. Dez suffered from being on Team Xtina as a lot of people did not approve of her behavior last night. Now, what is the point of her even giving any critics after the performances? Michael you forgot to mention that Cody had two bad weeks also so if it was between Trevin, Cody, and Terry, Cody would be going based on fanbase and I-Tunes sales. I am not sure why you are surprised.

    I also still have Trevin number 4 in the group of 6.

    1. Amanda
    2. Cassadee
    3. Nicholas
    4. Trevin
    5. Melanie
    6. Terry

    For a long time it looked like Amanda, Cassadee, Trevin would be the final 3 but Nicholas is making a strong push, and I am not sure who all these people that are buying Melanie’s music on I-Tunes but I guess I underestimated people who would buy her stuff. I do think that Trevin leaving would actually help Amanda. If the final is just two people, I like Amanda over Cassadee because she will have everyone else that is not a Hey Monday fan.

    • Nina says:

      What did Christina do last night? I didn’t watch the full 2 hrs.

      • Lori says:

        She wasn’t happy with anyone’s performance but Dez.

      • Kathy says:

        She was brutal to Amanda last night. She felt that Amanda did not reach her potential on her song. She gave snided remarks to almost every contestant and then beg America to vote for Dez. Ugh, it was embrassing

        • Nina says:

          oh wow, did not know all that. i understand grasping at straws to keep her only artist on, but yeah, no need to talk down to any other artist.

          • Sam says:

            Carson didn’t even ask her for an opinion on the last two artists. It was really a shame that she was acting that way. What a turn around tonight though…someone must have said something to her.

        • Orange says:

          Xtina is always brutal to contestants she feels threatened with, she’s particularly brutal with contestants from Team Adam. She’s a necessary evil though, the other coaches are so charming and likeable so she serves as a nice foil to them.

        • The Voice Rocks! says:

          Does anyone else think there seems to be a bit of a Xtina backlash due to her previous behaviors? Her new CD is bombing worse than Bionic did and she has zero songs on the ITunes top 90. Meanwhile, Adam Levine is at #1 with 50 Cent. It’s kind of a shame because I really love the song “Let There Be Love” but now I am afraid that her record company will just cut there losses and not release it to radio. And what was Christina thinking by saddling Dez with a Bieber song? I do not understand her judging choices at all, nor her poor treatment of some of the female contestants and Tony Lucca last year…

    • FreeHaley says:

      Looking at votes, Cassadee is going to be super hard to knock off. I think Amanda is at the top but going by voting it seems like she is 3 at best and maybe even 4. Cassadee and Melanie have the most itunes reviews. The last few weeks, including tonight, whichever two had the lowest # of reviews done on their itunes songs went home.

      • FreeHaley says:

        The fact that cumulative started on Amanda’s weakest bomb week and missed her Dream On week has super hurt her vs Cassadee.

  16. Chris says:

    I am going to miss Cody so much! I would totally go see his show because he is fun, entertaining, and I like his voice.

    I am glad to see Terry, Amanda, and Nicholas (the man with the voice) make it through.

    I love the Muppets! Best part of the “show” next to Terry, Cody, Melanie, and Nicholas’s group performance!

  17. Kristen says:

    I would have preferred if Trevin went home over Cody (who has ridiculous stage presence) but I’m very very ok that Dez went home…

  18. Josh says:

    Oh my god the hot guys are out before the hot girl for once unlike GUY idol a girl may actually win the voice please let this happen sucks that Xtina is out already i really feel the screaming teen girls that vote focus on Hot boys Blake and Adam instead of the talent

  19. Kathy says:

    I was worried about Terry’s song choice until Carson said he charted number 1 on the rock chart, so I am glad he got to stay. Dez and Cody were the ones I told someone would be the ones going home tonight. Looks like I was right.

    • Jen says:

      Terry has usually been getting to #1 the rock charts regularly, if I remember correctly. I was a bit surprised this week, although not too surprised, because the top 15-20 spots has been AC/DC since they made their appearance on iTunes. Usually the rock charts are either Altrock or the older classic rock. New classic rock songs can get a decent place, but they’re usually by older groups/newer supergroups. I would really like to see new blood in with the classic rock sound, which is one of the reasons I am backing Terry.

      He is not only working with the sound of classic rock, but he is good at it. He could provably change tempo and still sing songs in with the classic rock sound. I love new songs like “Lies of the Beautiful People”, “Different Devil”, or “One Last Soul” released released, but there’s a fine line between people wanting to hear songs that they’ve heard before. If he wants to do something older then I think “Shooting Star” is a good slow song, but it may be hard to tell the story in the time he’s given.

  20. p says:

    amanda and nicholas are safe. i’m happy. the end.

  21. Titina says:

    So sad that Cody is gone.
    Trevin should have left instead…Damn..

  22. Amanda says:

    How catty is Christina going to be the rest of the season now that she has nobody? Time for me to start watching just for her being unprofessional!

    • Marianne says:

      My guess is she’ll be most positive about Blake’s 2 because I think she has a soft spot (if she could ever) for Blake (over the other 2 judges). She will be a bit more positive about CeeLo’s 2 guys, and she’ll continue to be snarky and brutal to Adam’s girls.

    • GeekGirl13 says:

      It honestly wouldn’t surprise me if XTina were actually missing from some if not all of the last few shows. They’ll have a legitimate reason for it of course.

  23. chessguy99 says:

    Trevin has those voters who go for the church singer type. The same voters that kept Lil Rounds and Jacob Lusk on Idol, well past their times to go.

  24. Sara says:

    I really do not see the appeal in Cassedee Pope, she is so similar to other artists and there is nothing special about her. I would rather have someone like Melanie or Nicolas win because they are so unique and I think that we need more artists like them! Also, I loved watching Cody and I am really upset he left:(

    • ETG says:

      I don’t mind Cassadee but I wish she would stop using the sob story about her dad… it’s getting old.

      • Sam says:

        Cassadee isn’t my fave (go Amanda!), but I’m guessing they don’t get much say so about how they are edited. Probably several interviews done and they keep asking about her dad. Typical of most reality shows to get the storyline they want to show.

  25. jim says:

    terry is by far the best voice and the show is called the voice

  26. RobMF says:

    Unless you’re a woman who is tone def, Dez was absolutely horrendous as a singer. That is what sells in this day and age though.

  27. Owen says:

    Its fun to read some of the other, mostly female, Voice recappers around the Internet. All of them are upset Cody is leaving. I think he might be every straight woman’s perfect cute gay male BFF. As opposed to presumably straight male boyfriend potential, Dez, whose ousting none are lamenting.. So I guess its saying some women today would be happier with a fantasy gay best friend as opposed to a fantasy boyfriend. Which is sorta refreshing.

    • teatime says:

      Maybe, just maybe, some females have opinions based on what performances they like and not on who would be the best boyfriend or BFF. It is something to consider.

    • GeekGirl13 says:

      Actually, I would truly love to have Cody and Dez both in my life in those capacities, based on personality and singing, though goodness knows Dez would be waayyy to young for me. But I’m actually more upset, Dez went home. To me he’s more of a ‘voice’ than Trevin for sure, and possibly Melanie as well, and I have no problem that regardless of song choice he ‘croons’. For me, that’s part of what makes someone a ‘voice’. The ability to take songs of any style, and reshape them to work for them. Just my take.

  28. Natalie says:

    I love Melanie and thought her performance last night was fantastic. I would buy her album. As much as I like Cody and Dez, one of them were destined to go because of splitting the vote. I’m over Trevin because all of his song choices seem a little too safe. If Christina had kept Deborah she might still have a contender.

  29. Davey says:

    I personally don’t like Nicholas’s voice but at least he’s different. But his song choice has been totally uninteresting.

  30. Josh says:

    Good to see the Jealous of Christina will find anything to critize her about haters have won again dez didn’t have the best voice but her being gone shows that jealousy rules ouwt

    • Veronica says:

      LMAO!! Why is anyone jealous of Christina? Because she is a rude bitch with a stank attitude!? Dez left because he was awful and her being a rude bitch last night sealed the deal so tough crap for her. Maybe she should grow up and quit acting like a brat

      • Lorelaisquared says:

        Christina is out because her team wasn’t strong enough against the singers that remained on the other teams. She had the weakest team overall with a lot of girls who looked and sounded alike and she made the mistake of letting her strongest singers (ie. D’Borah) go home too soon.

  31. Golfchicknyc says:

    I am SO HAPPY Nicholas and his yoga bun were saved. I *heart* you Nicholas!!!!!!!!

  32. KND says:

    Dez is out and Nicholas and Amanda are safe…alls right with the world!!!

  33. Maris says:

    I don’t watch the show anymore but I come here after every episode to see if Melanie makes it, so happy she’s doing so well! Since The X Factor was a huge let down letting my favorites go, I might start watching this again to fill my void…

    • ETG says:

      I think the X-Factor has been a total disaster from its inception. Yeah, it may have a $5M prize, but the show is virtually unwatchable.

      • Tiff says:

        Word to the nth degree. I’ve tried for two years to watch the show, and even with fast-forwarding, I find it unwatchable. I gave up after a few auditions and just watched Carly Rose Sonenclar’s performances on YouTube. That’s pretty much all I need. =P

        • Maris says:

          well I’ve always liked Simon, for some reason… and I’m a fan of Demi’s so I couldn’t not watch it but since I didn’t really watch last season I didn’t know what I was getting myself into, but now that my favorites are gone, I have no reason to keep watching it really

          • teatime says:

            One problem with Simon is that his reactions on XFactor are often not at all what they would have been on Idol. On Idol his role was to ‘be honest’ even if it meant being rude. That is not to say he was always right, it is just to say he would give his personal ‘honest’ reaction to the performance. On XFactor his role is to prop up his team no matter what, to sometimes attack and even send home good contestants if they are on a different team, and to pretend the whole show is amazingly entertaining. On Idol he could complain that something was off about all the performances on a given night. On XFactor he would never ever suggest such a thing.

  34. rwfblog says:

    It really surprised me that Dez is going home. His take on “U Smile” was excellent, a complete revamp of the vapid Bieber original. He probably was not going to win, but of the three remaining singers at the end of the show (Dez plus Trevin and Cody), he is the only one I’d be wanting to hear again.

    • GeekGirl13 says:

      I found myself wondering if the fact that he did a Bieber song, so differently than Bieber does it hurt him with Bieber fans that had been voting for him up to that point. I should check to see if the one serious Bieber fan I know watches the voice and see if that was the case with her.

  35. Rain says:

    My ideal top 4 would’ve been Melanie, Nicholas, Cody, and Terry. It was wonderful – and a terrible tease – to see them perform together before Cody got eliminated. So sad to see him go home. Would’ve rather had Trevin leave instead. PS – glad Dez is gone.

  36. So glad Trevin is still in the competition, now he needs to come out next week and blow Americas mind like never before, that’s the moment I’m waiting on, cuz he is being so underestimated by so many haters #PROVETHEMWRONGTREVIN, SHOW EM WHAT YOU’RE REALLY CAPABLE OF, and WHY U HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO WIN THIS THING #TeamTrevin all the way let’s gooooo !!!!!!!

  37. With the right song Trevin can win this whole thing #realtalk

  38. BOOYA says:

    Dez and Cody have nothing to worry about. They have a bright future…. in gay porn. Now, I’d watch that.

  39. dj says:

    I’m happy Nicholas and Amanda are safe. I would like to see one of them win the whole thing. It’s always sad to see people go home, though, and Christina is probably pretty pissed off, but she was stupid to get rid of Jesse last season and De’Borah this season. My theory is either she chooses pop-star looks over talent, doesn’t know real talent when she hears it, or else she keeps the people that kiss up.

    I agree about Trevin’s songs. I hope he gets something better to work with.

    I totally agree about the group numbers. I loved “Rhythm of Love” and didn’t like “Marry the Night.”

    The results shows should only be half an hour. Big waste of time.

  40. Lois Benton says:

    Dez and Cody are probably the weakest vocalists of the Top 8, so the result is fair. Melanie is not as strong a vocalist as the rest now, so she may be up for elimination next, unless she and Blake have some trick up their sleeves. Nicholas is a genius and Amanda is a fine, strong singer, so they are my favorites of the remaining singers. It looks like it will take a large piece of machinery to move Cassadee from her front runner status, but it could happen as the numbers dwindle further, as happened with Dia in Season 1. I don’t think Cassadee is a great vocalist or performer and her music isn’t my cup of tea, but at least she’s a female. A little gender equality would be good this Season.

  41. Phill says:

    im so happy with the rsults! the right 2 went home no doubt about it :))

  42. Absurdist says:

    I’ll say it so everyone an get their booing out of the way.

    I’m a fan of the show, in a very bread-and-circuses manner of thinking. It does entertain me. But I gotta say:

    Watching people getting ego-involved in a televised karaoke contest in which none of us are participating, and the winner of which may well be completely irrelevant in the music industry within a year (I’m being generous, but really, Clarkson and Underwood are exceptions that prove the rule) is as amusing as the show itself. I mean, it’s a little more than a year, and Javier Colon has already been dropped by his label, even with as many rabid fans as he had during season one…

    • Veronica says:

      I swear I forgot all about the season 1 guy! Lol and I love this show. You are correct though on evey point. I loved Cody I thought he was amazing,adorable and at the same time vey talented!!! But it was only because he sang songs I already love. I doubt I would like him as much singing his own stuff.

    • teatime says:

      It’s a nice alternative to all the craptastic artists some would call ‘relevant.’ Some of these wonderful talents even end up becoming absolute superstars, such and Clarkson and Underwood. Awesome.

    • Lois Benton says:

      I don’t think it’s ego-involved (whatever that is, exactly) to root for a favorite and hope that person stays on to entertain another week, or hope that a favorite gets the honor of winning the show and whatever financial benefits may accrue. Success in music is often fleeting and downright fickle, but, at this point, everyone knows that winning a reality show singing competition has no long-term value. It’s true that some fans get very caught up in the show and may take the results too seriously. For my part, I know who I think is gifted and should win on vocal talent and disdain, as a fairness issue, people who win votes because they are physically attractive. Over three seasons, The Voice has proven just how many gifted singers are running around loose in America–and how little vocal talent enters into success in the music industry. But as disheartening as knowing that could be for contestants and viewers, I’m grateful to enjoy the talent and appreciate that in three seasons, no one has won who wasn’t clearly one of the best singers on the show. I can say that now, because, even Melanie, the weakest vocalist left, has a unique voice. And all the others of the Top 6 could be the best vocalist, depending on how you measure them. In Season 1, Javier Colon clearly should have won, because he has the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard. Bryan Keith from this season also had a beautiful voice, but success in music requires good material, lots of promotion and loads of luck.

      • GeekGirl13 says:

        Well said Lois. I have said before, when accused of only watching The Voice for Blake and Adam, that while they are the reason I initially tuned in and still one of my favorite things about the Voice, that I love the show just as much for the truly talented artist it exposes me to that I might otherwise never have heard of. My music lover’s psyche is truly for the better for knowing the music of so many of these contestants from all three seasons, with Xenia, Dia, Lex, Orlando, Katrina, Melanie, Dez, Terry, and Cody coming to mind easily. All are in my iTunes on heavy rotation thanks to this show. And someday, I hope maybe a couple of unknown gifted singers I know will find their way on to The Voice. Goodness knows I pester them to audition often enough.

    • Ed says:

      It is pretty funny watching people get so personally involved with the fate of their favorite contestant. So much of the time, it leads to name-calling, people telling each other they need hearing aids, others claiming expert status, and so forth. I don’t understand the angst…. after all, it IS just a reality show :-)

  43. ES says:

    Although I knew neither Cody nor Dez had a snowball’s chance of winning, I’m still bummed over the eliminations tonight. I liked both of their voices well enough, and they were nice to look at and entertaining to watch perform. Overall, I think this crop of contestants has been much weaker than the first two seasons – the only ones left who aren’t boring, grating, or overhyped (or all of the above) are Amanda and Nicholas. Hope one of those two wins.

  44. NedPepper says:

    I just hope Amanda can knock off Cassadee. Fine with the results. Although Christina will be bitter for the rest of the year. I think she may quit the show and not come back next fall. Let’s see if Shakira can fill the void this spring. The Voice has become THE singing show. I’m not even looking forward to Idol. It already sounds like a train wreck.

  45. chuck farlie says:

    Until Melanie goes home, no the right two contestants were not eliminated. It would have been great if she had left with Sylvia last week.

  46. Bebechez says:

    i am willing to trade Amanda for Terry in the Final Four just because of their group performance!! He’s adorable!

  47. Lois Benton says:

    I wish I could buy the group song Rhythm of Love. That was terrific. And shows why Nicholas is so special. He really anchored that song. He’s like a human tuning fork.

    • FreeHaley says:

      hah @ The Human Tuning Fork.
      and I suppose he really is

    • GeekGirl13 says:

      Me too, Lois! It’s my one frustration with ‘The Voice’ from the very start. They do these great collaborations (though up until last night I haven’t cared for them this season) but don’t let us buy them. I seriously want this one and I’m still dreaming of getting my hands on the first group performance the four coaches did back when the show first started.

  48. jasonboegh says:

    That was a TERRIBLE result! Trevin and Melanie should’ve gone home. Melanie is horrible while Trevin has been really pitchy and/or flat and out of his league of late. America gets it wrong again. Blergh!!

  49. Good decision, makes a lot of sense.
    Dez should have stuck with doing crooner Vegas lounge act stuff, he can do well with those, and Cody murdering Queen was a step too far for the seemingly very nice guy.
    All we need now is Trevin & Melanie to go out & we’ll have a very exciting finale.
    What happens now with Queen Bee Xtina, does she still give “advice” to the performers, or does she go home? (wishful thinking)

    • Was going to write a separate post, but couldn’t agree more with yours. The right two went home, and now it is Melanie and Trevin’s turn. Idol needs to change to this voting system. If The Voice didn’t have it, it would be Dez and Cody for the final — due to the young girl vote.

  50. Vetle says:

    I liked both Dez and Cody, I wanted Trevin and Terry to leave so I have a few sads about that. BUT, I’m happy the girls are through. I need them in the final four along with Nicholas.