Sons of Anarchy's Ron Perlman on Clay's 'Cathartic' Breakdown and Potential Comeback

Warning: If you’ve yet to watch this Tuesday’s Sons of Anarchy, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, read on…

The penultimate episode of Sons of Anarchy‘s Season 5 set the stage for yet another epic finale, particularly for our warring leading men Jax and Clay.

On the SAMCRO king’s end, things quickly began to unravel as an always loyal Bobby seemingly betrayed Jax by striking a deal with Clay: The VP would vote the traitor out of the club but side against delivering upon him the proposed (and deadly) mayhem.

The disgraced former leader, meanwhile, set into motion an exit plan of sorts, one that would save his life — at least temporarily — and reunite him with his one, true Old Lady: Gemma.

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In the end, a distraught Jax took great pains to secure the “beautiful life” he’d promised his family, ultimately making a move that mirrored some of Clay’s darkest moments, while Clay patiently awaited the start of his new life sans the Sons.

Here, Sons of Anarchy star Ron Perlman shares with TVLine his thoughts on the stripped-down Clay and what his current status means for a future with Gemma. He also reveals scoop about the forthcoming finale, which may include a comeback for the controversial character.

TVLINE | After the past two seasons, I never thought Clay could come across as a sympathetic figure. Yet this week’s episode almost accomplished it, particularly in contrast with the extremes of Jax’s behavior —
No, no, it’s just because I’m that good… [Laughs] How could you ever write that in print and make it sound as cynical as I did when I just said it? Trust me, I wasn’t being serious. [Laughs]

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TVLINE | How do you, as an actor, feel about Clay and his current standing going into the season’s final hours?
It’s always been a tightrope walk on this show because clearly [creator] Kurt Sutter is the only one that knows where he’s ultimately taking everyone — and he’s always been the only one who knows where he’s taking us in the interim, while he’s getting us to where we’re ultimately going to end up. So, a lot of this has been seat-of-your-pants stuff. There are certain promises I had to make to myself in order to continue to play Clay and admire the character, because even though I’ve played a wide swath of bad guys or troubled individuals, there’s always something about their wiring that attracts me to them; there’s some sort of deep-seated nobility. Sometimes it’s very buried, and sometimes it’s short-circuited by psychological misfires that create some reprehensible behavior. In this particular instance, it’s a TV series where you haven’t read the whole script and you’re not performing something that you know the beginning, middle and end of; you’re having to reserve judgement.

One of the promises I had to make to myself is that I would never, ever judge Clay, I would only try to understand what his move meant in the moment and what it means in the bigger picture. The thing that I’ve always tricked myself into believing, perhaps, is that ultimately he’s a very heroic figure; he is somebody who’s a born leader, somebody who you can really, really trust in a foxhole. He will make what appears to be completely unacceptable and barefaced, ruthless moves, but in his mind it’s always for the greater good of the family. Having said all of that, there have moments where I’ve been given certain things to execute by Kurt that I’ve had trouble with, and I’ve had to go to him [asking] how I manage to get past my disdain for this specific act and play him in a way that fits into my overall overview of Clay, which is that he’s a flawed hero. So, it’s made for some lively discussions.

But I would rather be having those kinds of discussions with this kind of material, playing somebody as complex as Clay, than pretty much anything I could ever imagine doing in television. It’s always exciting, it’s always challenging, it’s always keeping you on your toes and it’s always forcing you to never become complacent… These guys are really complex and they’re not one thing or another; they’re not good or bad, but a compilation of all those things. You’d be surprised if you really examine people’s behavior and what they’re willing to do — especially when their back is against a wall and their family is at stake; we’re not that far afield [from society]. Having said that, it’s a family story, ultimately, and it’s about protecting the family’s values.

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TVLINE | The scene where Clay breaks down was pretty heartbreaking. What exactly was he grieving in that moment?
Oh man. The reason why he finally breaks down and does it in a way that’s so cathartic and so physical is probably because it’s everything. Whatever he was trying to save is destroyed… Having some sort of a functional relationship with his stepson is destroyed. His standing in the community, which he worked his entire adult life for, is destroyed. He’s now finally been sent into the wilderness; he’s a man without a country, he’s a man without a family, he’s a man without anything. Even though he’s trying to hold one thing — probably the most important thing, which is Gemma — he’s not even that sure about that. It’s just this release. The sins have finally, irrevocably come home to roost, and this is something that even he and all of his cleverness and ruthlessness cannot reverse. This is a done deal. Kurt has not given me that many opportunities to have that kind of emotional release in five years. He was very specific the way he wrote this, that he wanted it to be a violent release of emotion, and I can only assume it’s because it’s a guy who’s lost everything he ever valued.

Sons of Anarchy Season 5 SpoilersTVLINE | Talk a little about Clay and Gemma’s current status, particularly the shift in dynamic in their final scene together. Gemma seems to be genuinely considering leaving with Clay.
I certainly think he’s very unsure [about their status] up until that moment, and I do believe he walks out of that scene thinking that he’s won her — maybe not won her back, but he’s won a round in the big fight and that she’s going to give it a chance… Even though everything else has crumbled, this is the one thing he can build anew and start from scratch, like he says to her: “No more lies. No more chicanery. No more deceit. No more manipulations. Just you and me, baby.” And I think he believes that. That’s what this whole season has been about.

TVLINE | You say Clay’s a broken man, but in his latest dealings with Tig, Gemma and Galen, he seems as confident as ever. Is that just a front?
I’ll leave that to the audience to decide, but all I can say is that you’re getting to see why Clay became as powerful as he did. It’s because he’s a guy, even in the face of abject turmoil and loss, who can come up with a contingency plan, and one that makes him win. That’s why he’s an interesting character to watch; that’s why he was an interesting leader to follow for the club for many years. Whether you like his move or not, he’s a guy who knows how to turn loss into victory on a dime, because he’s really, really bright. He’s got all the moves and a huge amount of confidence in his ability to survive… You get a chance, as the audience, to watch this guy come back, or at least plan a comeback. But we won’t find out until Episode 13 [the season finale] whether that plan gets executed or not.

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TVLINE | The last scene of this penultimate episode strongly suggests that Jax is more than on his way to becoming Clay. Do you see it that way?
One of my favorite scenes of the season was kind of a minor one, but [it] really resonated deeply with me and turned out to be kind of an epiphany as to what Kurt was trying to explore. It was the one where Clay makes some comments about Jax’s leadership to Bobby, and he gets really defensive [and says] that Jax is doing a great job. Clay then said, ‘That’s exactly what I’m saying: He’s doing such a great job, but there’s no way he’s going to not be corrupted by the seat and the gavel.’ It was kind of a warning shot that Bobby doesn’t take seriously, and the audience doesn’t even know if Clay is saying this just to get even or because he’s got a personal beat on what the ravages of power do to a person and the price of it; that you cannot stay who you started out to be. The epiphany for me is that ultimately what Kurt is doing here is exploring the ravages of power; what it does to the purest of men and whether, in one’s intrinsic destiny or karmic wiring, one is able to come back from going to a very dark place or doing things that are truly reprehensible.

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  1. adam says:

    Dont Kill Clay Kill TARA.
    Just Like Lori lolz.

    • K says:

      LOL IKR? At least Clay, no matter how much I hate him, is an interesting character to watch. Besides, I think Drea de Matteo should’ve been casted as Tara, would make her far more interesting, too.

      • Britta Unfiltered says:

        I never thought about that casting idea before, but I kind of like it. Maybe this is just because I saw her on Mad Men first, but I always thought Maggie Siff seemed to have too classy of a demeanor for the part.

        • K says:

          I wish we could retire the word “classy” from the vocabulary, tbh…. but anyway, my main beef with the casting of Maggie Siff is that she has legitimately ZERO chemistry with Charlie Hunnam. It’s just SO hard for me to believe that she would ruin such a promising career out of love, when I never really bought their ~love. Whenever I saw Drea/Charlie in late season 1, I believed that they had a rocky relationship but there was still love and attraction there, but I can’t see that at all with Maggie/Charlie.

          • Naazneen says:

            Chemistry is quite subjective. I think she sizzles with Charlie. Especially in S2, end S3.

          • Kat says:

            Then you’re not paying attention…

          • Olive says:

            Tara has better Chemistry with Gemma. Wheter they are getting along or at odds with each other, I really enjoy their scenes together.

          • Joanna says:

            TARA is a young Gemma, as Jax is a young Clay, only nieve. As it moves along they eventually become more like the people they don’t want to be. More about that than chemistry I believe.

          • Kimberley Smith says:

            Completely agreed K. All the guys in my house and the girl(me), get irritated at the Tara casting. With all the beautiful girls in the peripheral, its impossible to imagine that he would be attracted to her. But, that’s just guys being guys. My problem is more with her acting. Does this chick ever smile, is she ever happy? Is she never without that irritating constipated expression? Sutter should really show her happy, smiling, laughing and SO in love with Jax, in their scenes together, so that we understand why, if she is so miserable, she stays with him. Some days it even seems like she hates him. She IS a pretty girl when she does smile. There is a vast difference in the demeanor and mood Charlie plays Jax around her Tara, as there should be. But she makes me want to scream at the TV!!! I say, give her a laxative, enema or say Sayonara.;)

          • Selena says:

            No one seems to take into account the fact that they grew up together. It isn’t about him being able to get anyone better looking or whatever. It’s about their history. She was headed down the path of small town girl with nothing but a job at Kmart and marrying the guy she had grown up with from the wrong side of the tracks. Instead she went to college became a Dr and tried to change who she was. It didn’t work. Trouble followed her and she came back to the one she knew would save her. As each chapter unfolds she becomes more and more the girl she truly is. She has finally accepted it and now she is making her place. JMHO

    • Pedrotty says:

      AGREED….she’s gotta go…let Gemma take her out, and it needs to be deliberate and not on accident:)

    • cmr says:

      It’s been stated that SOA is based on Hamlet. In that case Tara is Ophelia. What we should be seeing is the slow unraveling of her sanity and eventual suicide. We see this now as Tara self medicates to handle the stress and pain of her life falling apart. Tara will be gone soon enough.

      • H.Houston says:

        Exactly – Tara will take herself out of the picture. I think it will be part of the road that Jax travels to the end. I worry about the boys… I can almost see Nero taking them with all of the women he has around

      • TO says:

        Actually I read an interviewwith one of the characters…I dont remember who, that said Opie was Ophellia…

      • Whitney says:

        No, Tara serves as the role of Horatio. She will be the one to live after everyone else in the end. OPie was OPhelia…

      • marc says:

        I very much agree with this she is steadily becoming more abusive and dependent on mary jane and booze, I foresee bad things for her, which is a shame.

      • Stephane says:

        I don’t know, but Tara ‘s character could change in jail – get her in hot situation in the showers

    • no there has been too many charatures killed off omfg i lost it when Opey got killed he was the best charature on the show who really showed brotherhood. Now that is gone the whole show is about revenge what about what the club started out to be.. about brotherhood! That is the main reason for me to start watching this. I love SOA watch it religously and haven’t missed an episode but i can’t believe all the charatures that are being killed off. Its so dissapointing.

    • Michael says:

      Kill Tara..have you lost your MIND? Ship clay to Ireland to restructure, Jax wants to try to be more “in the family”, contacts Clay and they both have a club, not rivals who eventually consider merging. (not bad huh?)

    • Mark-Az says:

      Dont even think about killing Clay… and by the same token, Tara is SO good for the show.. that I wouldnt imagine the SOA without her. I know people probably expected a big bang of a season finale, but this finale was more of a “stunning” bombshell, rather than an explosion.. Other than Jax`s son being stolen by Cameron, this was one of the best finale`s in SOA history… IMO.

  2. Pat D. says:

    Its sure becoming harder and harder to like Jax as this season goes along, especially after what he did to Wendy tonight.

    • Todd says:

      Agreed. At least the first few seasons you could rationalize that he was a good guy forced to do some horrible things. But what he did to Wendy …. that was just too wrong to come back from.

    • the girl says:

      I’m okay with what he did to Wendy. She threatened his family. In their world, she’s lucky he didn’t kill her. In the everyday life of a business person, for example, what he did would be inexcusable. But in the world of these outlaws, who are essentially members of a violent gang where guns and whores and drugs are commonplace, there has to be a different perspective on it.

      • Pat D. says:

        Oh, I agree, something needed to be done about Wendy, but he did probably the cruelest thing possible for a recovering drug addict—shooting them up after being clean for a long time. There were probably many other things he could have done to get her out of the picture.

        • lillyanna says:

          Like kill her? Because that is what Clay or Gemma for that matter would of done. Jax made sure she could never go after his family again but let her have her life. Jax made a dark choice but he could of gone so much darker, so for me this was the perfect choice. We have seen over the years that Jax does not take well to Tara or the boys being threatened, he has killed in the past for this, so now it would seem that he was almost being nice about the way he handled this problem in their lives. Problem is that Tara can’t see it anymore snd she is getting ready to protect her and the kids no matter what. The whole Otto thing has her really scared and I think it was her final breaking point, so her suicide might just be her taking the boys and leaving but I have a feeling the “Charming” wont let her leave anytime soon.

          • Pat D. says:

            Not saying what Clay or Gemma would have done would have been right either. There are other options besides killing her or making her wish she was dead (which is probably what he accomplished last night).

          • H.Houston says:

            I agree with what you are saying. As much as it is horrible for Wendy – at least he didn’t kill her.

          • kay says:

            he didn’t have to do anything tbh even tig asked him why he was doing it. yes he did it for his family, but i think he got some sort of sick power trip over destroying wendy’s life. she had 0 proof of her claims of kidnapping and attempted murder by the ira. the only threat she causes is her on the straight and narrow path while tara may be facing prison time for accomplice to murder…

      • Caroline says:

        Who is this? There is honor among thieves and Brotherhood is a bond not to be broken! The biker world has its own set of rules and if you don’t follow them you get what you deserve!

    • lucg19 says:

      Am I the only one who doesn’t feel bad for Clay? Not one ounce of sadness. The whole time he was crying I was just flipping the tv off. He needs to die! A slow painful death.

      • keelansmommy says:

        I felt not one ounce of sadness for clay. He started crying and I said aloud “you have no right to cry now”! This has been a long tike coming.
        As for what jax did to wendy… I gotta say I was disappointed in him but was surprised he didn’t kill her. Any love I had for jax I lost after that moment but I also believe she never should have threatened him in the first place.
        I gotta say that I was disappointed with this episode a little. Usually the second to last episode rights a lot of wrongs but this one just left me thinking… what the eff just happened

        • Stephane says:

          lol keelan, the scene was very shocking- he injected Wendy with heroine- a move pimps and drug dealers reserved for hoes- the message was very insulting.

          Now heroine is no small potatoes- a week on it- and it is usually a life addiction – They can’t quit, the drug can only be replaced with generic methadone to counter the sickness associated with heroine withdrawal. What he did wasn’t that bad, she was already an addict and it wasn’t him who turned her into an addict- could you blame him he just paid 500.000 for her and this is the way, she repaid him.

      • Mona says:

        wholeheartedly agree with you

      • Valerie says:


    • Kelly Lynn says:

      I think Wendy got what she deserves, you don’t be an addict and threaten your ex with his kids. She was really stupid for doing that. And I love Jax even more this season, Yeah he’s a little corrupt but what do u expect with him taking the gavel and taking the club in a completely different direction. I think he’s doing an awesome job of it.

    • I dont like what he did to Wendy. But with Jax beig a felon in and out of jail etc . I am sure Wendy get custody. Besides Jax is the one contantly putting his family in danger and will ultimately destroy it.. Wendy just needed to wait…and keep her mouth shut.

    • Cindy Simon Boulahanis says:

      Wendy should have known better the to threaten Jax and his family.

  3. Kelli says:

    Man, Tara and Jax have gotten on my last nerve tonight. I loved it when Tara was her own person back in the day. But now she is so blinded by her love for Jax, she stands by everything he says. “I think Wendy has a right to see her kid, she has proven herself.” “NO!” “Oh, okay baby!” and then “I’m gonna whore out my mom for info and then you have to let her see the kids.” “Yeah, sound good baby!” What the eff? At least Gemma and Clay never pretended to be above it all like “innocent, poor victims.” They are ruthless and they owned it. They didn’t swallow in a self-pity “Oh, everything bad happens to me and it’s everyone ELSE’S fault!” like Jax/Tara do. Whatever, I miss season 1-3. HOPE CLAY MAKES A COMEBACK but I hope Gemma sticks with Nero.

    • Mona says:

      Nice, I love the comment about “ruthless ownership”. I really doubt he’ll do that, but we’ll just have to see Clay just seems to be “bullet proof” lately so anything is possible.

  4. Kelli says:

    Also, new drinking game: Every time Tara says “I’m leaving Charming!” take a shot, hahaha. And ugh, I thought we were over the Gemma vs. Tara drama (next week’s promo was underwhelming).

  5. Trresa says:

    I have no sympathy for Clay I wanted him dead He should be dead I want Gemma to stay in Charming everything would have gone fine if Pope had kept his mouth shut I fear what the Marshal has in store for Tara and Jax I just hope Jax gets him first Can’t wait for the next season

    • H.Houston says:

      I really wondered about Pope’s motivation behind that…. why give that information to the Cartel. I don’t see an upside to that

    • Lily.Jacks.Poppi says:

      I want to see Chibs or Happy kill Clay. I want to see Happy kill Tig in the most painful way possible. And we all KNOW that Tara is DEAD. Question is by who? Either Clay before he flys off to Dublin or the Black dude who is mentoring Jax…. Because Jax could never have the BALLS to kill Tig . Jax deep down inside is a wussy.

      • TaxigodDave says:

        No, the Shakespearian thing would be Tara over-medicates herself and dies, Clay comes back and kills the Calindo connexion, Gemma takes the boys and runs away with Unser and Jax is left mentally unhinged by the loss of everything and crashes his bike in the desert and dies like his father. Tig dies while killing Pope and Bobby goes back to his gig as an Elvis impersonator.

        • Leah Jane says:

          I think Tig will commit suicide. Jax will explain to him why he has to deliver him to Pope, but remember in last week’s episode they talked about getting revenge by proxy. So Jax will want to kill Tig so that Pope won’t be able to torture Tig to death. But Jax won’t be able to kill Tig, and while Jax turns his back on him to think of a “plan b”, Tig will off himself for the greater good of the club. Hope I’m wrong, though, because Tig is my favorite character of all.

  6. Renee Burland says:

    No!!! Clay killed Jax father!!! He should be dead for that! When I started watching I liked Clay. Now, he is bad news! Unless the writers turn it around!

    • K says:

      So? Jax should’ve killed Clay a long time ago, but he is just a wuss tbh. Besides, I can’t stand how Jax and the Sons fandom puts up JT on such a pedestal, like he was some sort of noble God. He was a cheating husband who obviously wasn’t strong enough to be a club leader.

      • June says:

        I agree, JT was obviously weak, but let’s not forget Gemma’s little role in JT’s demise. Jax can kill but he is a far cry from a leader unless Kurt can transform him.

        • K says:

          True! However, we still don’t KNOW to what extent Gemma was involved in his death, so. Jax does know she was involved, though. He has the gut feeling. I’m not saying Gemma is an angel, but the way that woman has been villanized this season by most of the fans has been ridiculous. Sexism runs high in the show and the fandom, that’s all.

      • J. Ratcliffe says:

        I disagree with that, JT already knew about Clay and Gemma. If you want to say someething about cheaters then look at Gemma. That was in the letters. He told Maureen that they would be responsible for his death. JT even told her how clay and Gemma would do it.

        • Chylene says:

          yes but Clay and Gemma happened AFTER he had already began his affair with Maureen and had a child with her, Gemma started carrying on with Clay after Thomas died ( which does anyone know HOW he died and why? ) and after she found out about Maureen. Her and JT grieved differently and lost their connection…Atleast that’s how I understood the chronological order to be. I don’t believe Gemma had anything to do with JT being killed, only the coverup when she found out it was Clay. In some ways I think she was relieved to finally give Jax SOME of the letters, She truly did love JT for many yrs. I think Clay just fit her idea of the head of the club better. I thought for sure when they ended the episode where Jax took his spot at the gavel and Tara came in to stand behind her man that Gemma would have been overjoyed as that meant her grandkids were staying and they would follow in Clay or JT’s footsteps and she would know she would STILL be always protected, but the look on her face was almost contempt of Tara who she loved and jealousy. The writing in this show has been incredible. Having a Harley and riding (backseat, lol ) in runs and always meeting other bikers this show was a no brainer for me but I didn’t get on board until a month ago and I watched on Netflix 4 full seasons in just a few weeks, I was addicted from the very first show. Its crazy. It was an awesome way to come into the show not having to wait a week to watch the next show. Its all still so fresh in my mind. I now hate being caught up and waiting. There is so much potential for this show to go for many more seasons. I also love how its filmed in san Joaquin and Stanislaus county in my backyard. We’ve been thru charming area on the bike going back roads to old sac. References of Stockton, Lodi, Modesto, Merced, Galt. So cool. My next door neighbor is 70 now but has been a henchman since his 20’s and oh the stories…This stuff really does go on under our noses, some of us just live a sheltered life and never notice. This show is in my blood now, LOL!

      • You hit the nail on the head !

  7. June says:

    Jax is carrying too much hate & apparently, like his real father John Teller, feels too much with his heart. Tara has lost her self & needs to regroup. Jax needs to stay far far away from Pope. Jimmy Smits I like in this. Chinese guns too? Seriously?

  8. happy says:

    Jax doing bad things for a good reason,but i am getting tired of Tara…Clay and Tig both need dirt naps. They set to many things in motion that got all the wrong people killed..Opie wife,Popes daughter,almost Tara,Piney,then ultimately my cat Opie..all they actions lead to this list

    • Cindy Simon Boulahanis says:

      I don’t think you can blame Tig. He was 1. following Clays orders and 2. He didn’t mean to kill Popes daughter, he was after the people who he thought shot Clay

    • valdar says:

      everything goes back to Clay engineering Opie’s execution which ultimately ended with Donna’s death. Ope losing his way, Tig being manipulated all to hell, Pope’s revenge plans, Eli’s wife’s death, Piney’s death, Opie’s death…..best fix would be to hand CLAY over to Pope insted of Tig

  9. Pedrotty says:

    Whatever you do!… Please don’t let it end like Twighlight (where everyone gets what they want and lives happily ever after)THAT SUCKED….BAD!

    • kees says:

      There is NO WAY Kurt Sutter will allow that to happen. It’s going to get much more complicated & interesting with an OH my God element thrown in for good measure. This isn’t a ‘ride off into the sunset, puppies and rainbow show’ it’s going to be a jaw dropper for sure!

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      A comparison of Twilight to Sons of Anarchy…I think this has got to be a first. ;) I don’t think you have anything to worry about with the two stories ending the same way.

    • H.Houston says:

      In my head all I can hear is “Let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor” —- It would not surprise me at all if Sutter killed off almost the entire cast at the end of the show

  10. Ashley says:

    Tara needs to go but it’d break whatever heart Jax has left

  11. K says:

    Ok, I’m still a bit confused about one scene. There is one moment where Jax tells Gemma to “sit down” and she does. But we never hear what he had to say to her? What do you guys think it is? Do they have a more legitimate plan on how to knock out Clay? Because Gemma has clearly chosen Nero.

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      I’m glad you posted this, because I was just sitting here totally bothered that I couldn’t figure out what was going on in Gemma’s head in that scene with Clay. I figured she had to have some kind of end game in mind. And you’re right, we never got to hear what Jax said to her, so that has to be the connection. Jax must be pimping out Gemma again for some ulterior motive.

      • K says:

        Exactly, she has to have some ulterior motive to still be sticking out with Clay when she’s so obviously there for Nero. So my guess is that Jax is still pressuring her to get some more scoop out of Clay (but what else could he possibly need? Just kill the guy already!) But now Gemma knows that Clay wants to leave and knows where and what time he’s leaving so maybe she sends that info out to Jax? But I still don’t understand how it would all go down. Ron Perlman said that the Gemma/Clay ending is going to be really painful so I think Gemma will not meet up with Clay before he leaves, Clay goes looking for her and finds her with Nero, Clay shoots Nero, and then Gemma shoots Clay? Or maybe Clay is trying to shoot Nero but hits Gemma instead? Idk why I even have this gut feeling that Gemma isn’t really on the clear here…. We’ll see (just watch me be completely off lol).

    • H.Houston says:

      Remember what Pope said to Jax that made Jax say “Death by proxy” — I have a feeling that Jax knows the best place for Gemma is with Nero… and I have a feeling that Nero is going to help with the “proxy” part

    • Sherry says:

      I remember it as them sitting down, then the boys come and tell them that the club is on lockdown and they have to get back to the club…and Clay ends up going with them. Thats why there was no conversation

    • Cindy Simon Boulahanis says:

      I hope Gemma has chosen Nero. Not sure why she is still with Clay, he is out of the club, they (Bobby) voted not to kill him, Jax knows the truth (except for Gemmas part about JT)

  12. Kimber says:

    I don’t like Clay but he def keeps it intereting. Tara is too whiney. Gemma is way too co-dependent but she is defintely better with Nero!!!
    Oh & with so much attention given to the birth certificates (like how Clay wanted to make sure those were kept safe when the Nomads “stole” it during the fake home invasions & just how it’s been references several times) I’m wondering if maybe Clay is actually Jax’s bio father.
    It would be an interesting twist and wouldn’t be surprised besides would explain the loyalty she’s shown to Clay over JT (Jax’s ‘dad’)

    • J. Ratcliffe says:

      The thing about the birth certificates was just gemma trying to get clay to inadvertly tell on himself. JT is Jax’s dad although that would be a good twist I don’t believe that will ever happen.

    • Leah Jane says:

      I agree with you. You don’t keep referencing the birth certificates over and over again and them not mean something. It’s a foreshadow of something to come, just don’t know what.

  13. Afuu says:

    This is my favorite season so far, jax as the president is something I’ve been waiting for since season 1. Clay is a coward manipulative scum bag who deserves to die, he killed jt, Donna, piney, tried to kill Tara, beat the tar outta gemma and jax has every right to cut his little head off, I can’t wait. I’m surprised he hasn’t already. Let’s be frank about a few things people don’t agree too bad whine about it its the internet: kill Wendy can’t stand her junky self. Kill juice he’s a rat. Brutalize clay and watch him drown in blood. Find zoebell and kill him, his debt ain’t settled. Kill gaelin he’s a spoiled Irish snot. Kill the Mexicans they have no respect for samcro. And jax is doing with Wendy what everyone should do PROTECT YOUR FAMILY. Tara is a good ol lady she supports her man killing her would be stupid and pointless. Gemma messed up and when u mess up u gotta make up for it, stop hating on jax just because he isn’t weak. Seeing clay get his ink blacked out was most satisfying, now kill that clown. When your king heads must roll to keep everyone and everything in order part of the gig. And eventually after jax is big enough/done using pope.. kill him. Can’t wait til next week!

    • K says:

      “And jax is doing with Wendy what everyone should do PROTECT YOUR FAMILY” NOPE! Abel IS Wendy’s family and she is also trying to protect him and she is far more stable than Jax and Tara are right now. She has earned that right. What Jax did is UNJUSTIFIABLE. Stop being so blinded by his so-called “badassery”

      • Afuu says:

        Go watch fullhouse or Barney its more your style. Jax is a strong American, willing to do what it takes, he has a sack, he’s real, he’s an outlaw not a boy scout. Wendy has no legal rights and she almost killed Abel, she is boring and annoying. She’s a dumb junkie whore.

        • Leah Jane says:

          Barney and Full House sound more like your speed with their stupid plot lines that go nowhere. Pope is too connected for Jax to kill. Revenge by proxy – he’s going to have to get Pope’s own men to kill him or Pope’s entire organization will come after the club. And if all you’re interested in is killing and violence, go play a video game.

        • Mona says:

          There is no need to be a hater or flamer of the one commenting in this forum. Discussion of the characters is fine just personsonal judgement isn’t really needed here (as far as your comments go).

      • so if you were in his place you would just let her take your kid.. I for one can say honestly I would have done the same thing or far worse had that been me

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      You scare me, Afuu. You really scare me. Can’t say I’ve ever seen anyone get off on violence in quite the way you do.

      • Afuu says:

        Violence is natural. You think we became top of the food chain with hugs and kisses? No.

        • K says:

          WHAT is this comment, omg. Hahahaha. There is NO NEED for violence to get on top? You can do other manipulative behavior before. Violence is for cowards.

          • Afuu says:

            Violence is for cowards? Okay, your obviously some grandma or mother. Sorry if I offended you maam. Btw that was the dumbest statement I’ve ever heard, clearly you live in candyland where everyone sings and holds hands.

          • TaxigodDave says:

            The vast majority of the world decides by violence, whether it’s some tinpot dictator wanting more power or it’s a junkie who needs a hit or it’s a guy like Romney who inspires rich gits to keep everyone else in their place. You don’t need to whack someone to be violent, most violence is coersive and mental. That’s the way of the world and to deny it does yourself a diservice.

  14. Singingal says:

    Pretty sure JT is jax’s dad if you dig into the SOA mythology. Gemma comes back to charming with JT and he realizes what a great place it would be for the MC. She was like 18? Pretty sure she was deeply in love at that time.

    As an aside, Ron Perlman is such an intelligent, well-spoken man. You can tell he really thinks out the way he plays a scene and a role and it just makes me respect him as an actor all the more. What a great interview!

    • lisa Barton says:

      yeah but there was the brother thhat died and gemma and clay admitted when jt was with maureen they were already together

  15. Britta Unfiltered says:

    Yeah, so…tonight was one of those episodes where I have to hate myself for watching this show. Those episodes happen every once in awhile. I’m trying to be okay with the ending, because I know this is supposed to be Hamlet, and Hamlet didn’t exactly treat the women in his life very well. If I’m remembering my high school English class correctly, then Ophelia actually killed herself because Hamlet drove her insane by being kind of a d*ck to her. Right? I think? It’s still really hard to watch though and sometimes seems to cross a line into being just a little too disturbing. Wendy was the voice of reason, and Jax bullied her, physically hurt her, and then ruined her life so she wouldn’t get in the way of what he wanted. That’s…ugh. That’s some pretty major rage to hurt a woman like that. There is absolutely nothing heroic about Jax anymore. And I know women that watch the show who still think he’s so hot and awesome and want to do him. Those women make me sad. He’s just a big vengeful ball of violent rage at this point. I’m not entirely sure why I continue with this show as I lost sympathy for him a long time ago. I pray for his death in the series finale because he deserves it at this point. I think I only watch now because I am very interested in Gemma. She’s become a lot more complicated and isn’t quite the pushover with men that Tara seems to be.

    • K says:

      I agree with you. Jax crossed a HUGE line when he beat down Ima in season 4. Lost tons of respect for him there. What really scares me the most is that Jax has FANS WHO APPLAUD THIS BEHAVIOR. I’m a huge Gemma fan, but I can tell whenever she’s going completely psycho and overstepping her boundaries and I call her our on her ish, but this year I’ve seen a side of this fandom I really wish I hadn’t (with the constant defending of Jax yet totally calling out on Gemma– huge double standard here too btw). I’ve come to a point where the main reason I’m still watching this show is for Katey Sagal, but even Gemma got on my nerves early on in the season (she’s winning me back, though. She’s been great with Nero in these past 3-4 episodes). Anyway, back to Jax/Tara, it’s also completely gross to me how Tara has stood by his side. She is so BLINDED by love. I never liked Tara, but at least I used to respect her. Not anymore after she lets Jax walk all over (when she wanted to reach out to Wendy and Jax shut that down immediately) and when Tara basically co-signed on Jax pimping out his own mother (which is completely unrelated to the car crash. That is not the way for Gemma to prove herself and for Jax/Tara to use the love she has for those grandkids was disgusting and no better than any of Gemma’s past actions yet Tara thinks she is so much better than her. Sweetie, no). Yep, Gemma’s downfall was a bit frustrating to watch but it led to a continuous complex and interesting character so I’m sticking out for her. I hope she is the one who kills off Clay.

      • the girl says:

        It is ridiculous that we are talking about a show based on outlaws and yet complaining that they act like outlaws. No one applauds their violent behavior. The truth is the violence is to be expected – it is part of what is necessary to have a true depiction of the MC. Real life MCs are way more violent and WAYY more sexist than what we see on Sons. Anything less would be unrealistic and watered down. Furthermore, I think we can agree that one thing Sutter is looking to accomplish is to demonstrate how easily one can make (what appears to be) bad decisions in trying to further (what he believes to be) a good agenda. In the MC, a bad decision is not eating that fourth slice of pizza and ruining your diet – the bad decisions they deal with are guns, drugs, women, murder, etc. It’s not about approving or accepting their behavior as legitimate; it’s about recognizing that their starting point is not the same as ours (i.e. anyone NOT in an MC) and therefore their direction is going to be wildly varied from what we would consider normalcy. Honestly if you can’t get that this isn’t the show for you.

        • K says:

          “No one applauds their violent behavior. ” UM, just go on Twitter, search for the SoA tag, and see for yourself. The fandom is gorss.. Like I said before, it’s okay to be a fan of this show. Hell, Gemma’s outlaw ruthless behavior is what got me hooked, BUT I NEVER APPLAUDED IT or put her on a pedestal like some fans do with Jax.

        • you hit the nail right on the head with that…glad someone else see’s it too

        • Doc M says:

          Great observations! I think all of their motives and actions have to be considered in the context of their world ie. the outlaw mc world.

      • I’m thinking she will be Jax’s proxy.. she’ll go with Clay ..kill him and come home to Nero..bye bye Clay you get what you deserve

    • Lisa Barton says:

      I agree 1000 per cent I almost hate jax now and yeah can’t wait to see what gemma does maybe it’ll come down to her haveing to kill jax next season

    • Jamie says:

      It’s his character !! I do not understand people bashing him like this is how he is in REAL LIFE !!!! Give me a break people !! I love this show but it is just that a TV SHOW !!

    • Leah Jane says:

      I don’t think Sons is going to follow the exact plotline of Hamlet down to the tee. If so, what would be the point of watching as we could figure everything out. I think it’s just a loose adaptation.

  16. Jerrih says:

    I think Tara is doing whatever she feels she needs to do to get to her endgame–they will think she is going to Oregon but I think she is gonna disappear-either on her own with the kids or the Marshall is gonna arrange it. I used to think the birth certificates would show Clay as Jax’s or Tommy’s father but I think JT wouldda handled that prior to his death. I think we are gonna find out JT is not Jax’s father and some unk or Unser is. I hope Jax sics Tig on Pope and then he has to take out Tig earning 5 mil and becoming partners with Pope’s #2, because after all, Pope killed Opie………….

    • H.Houston says:

      that last line is iffy…. although Pope ordered that one Son die — ultimately it was Tig that was responsible (going off of Clay’s words) — it would be an interesting twist but I think Tig is going bye bye

  17. @the girl, Very well said, Thank you!!!

  18. Nancy says:

    I watched every single second of last night’s episode, but I don’t remember Clay crying… where did I miss that?!

    • H.Houston says:

      He goes into the office, the one where Gemma usually does the paperwork…. he sat down and said he needed a minute and Gemma and Unser (I think it was him) stepped out… as soon as they did he broke down

  19. H.Houston says:

    Body count for the season finale — I think we are going to finally use Tig and Jax is going to tell him exactly why he hates him and kept him around, I think Clay will be heading out as well but Jax won’t be the one that directly kills him — I think it is going to be Nero that does it — I don’t think that Gemma will fall at this point because she still needs to be outted for her role in JT’s death — Otto may actually die this season — I think Wendy may actually kill herself after what Jax did to her. I agree with another poster, it is possible that Marshall maybe Tara’s way out of Charming — But the one big surprise that I can see coming but may not happen — I am not sure Bobby is going to make it, Jax had a conversation earlier in the season with Chibs about how he didn’t think that Bobby was going to be able to hang with everything that needed to be done to get the club clear.

    • Jack S. says:

      With the way the bad guys seem to always die or leave town in the finale, I think Pope is on his way out. His #2 Guy Jax was talking to when he met Pope at Charming Heights, he wanted to know if he was patient or loyal…Pope has a multi million dollar bounty for his killer if Pope is killed. Jax knows that, so wouldn’t be surprised if Tig or Juice take the fall, making Pope #2 in charge. All I know is its gonna be a hell of a Finale and a long 9 months till its back on again next year

  20. Mike says:

    What I am seeing is Jax clearly turning into his fathers! JT and Clay! Writing a book to his boys; losing control. Sure the MC took a turn and he’s trying to lead them down the righteous path, but in the end there’s only one real way to get out of running guns and drugs and that will be at the cost of SAMCRO. Once you’re a 1%er…..games over.

  21. Mickey says:

    This is a TV series and Clay is one of the best bad guys in the history of television. If he dies it would be like killing the Joker 45 minutes into a Batman movie. It just wouldn’t make any sense and this show is too well written for them to let that happen now.

  22. brad n says:

    all this intregue and shock producing scenes to show who is the most violent or crazy, how about showing some more about the characters lives…We have so many new cast that we know so little about…How about some story line on hap or shrek who breesed through probation and we dont know anything, about where he is from…How about a little more about the charactures and lives or how they got there, instead of all the “who can shoot who in the forehead first.”…..

    • H.Houston says:

      I was saying something similar on another thread Brad. It is not all bad all the time and I am disappointed at them for writing the show like that

  23. Lindsay says:

    Ok so alot of u have opinions about difff characters on the show which u are entitled too but personally i love jax and tara and there two bboys i could care less wat happens to the rest of the characters its a n amazing show and i never want it to end!!

    • Mickey says:

      I agree with you that I never want it to end, but Tara has always sucked!!

      • H.Houston says:

        Tara just really isn’t one of them… that is the probably. I think someone else mentioned it as well. She is a tangent from them. That is why she didn’t know what Otto was going to do with the cross

  24. Michael A. Randazzo says:

    Can’t you guys see what happening, after Jax brings Tig to meet with his final moments everything goes wrong. Tig gets shoot, (not Killed) as he escapes they kill Jax. Clay never leaves,nor does he return to the club house. Gemma ends up Neirro. Bobby and Chebbs try to figure out what direction to go in when Tig returns and tells the rest of them that Jax betrayed him and ended up murdered by one of Popes crew. Chebbs doesn’t believe Tig at first and then they agree to meet at warehouse and attempt to finish off Popes crew when everything goes totally wrong. In the meanwhile Eli is stalking clay waiting for the right opportunity to revenge the lose of his wife….. JUST KIDDING YOU KNOW THEY CAN”T KILL JAX ! THEY MIGHT LOSE ANOTHER MAIN CHARACTER BESIDES TIG, I hope it isn’t Chebbs, as much as I have a hard time understanding what he is saying, he is one of my favorite characters. M.A. R——zo

  25. Jack S. says:

    Great season so far. Jimmy Smits was a great addition this season, he is a bad ass. I think he is hiding something, maybe working for the feds too. He is too damn convienent, always bailing these guys out.

    • Pat D. says:

      Much better than his hammy turn on Dexter. In his defense, I think the character of Miguel was poorly written on that show.

  26. Mickey says:

    Maybe a stupid question but I thought last night’s episode was supposed to be 90 mins?

  27. Donna R. says:

    I never have a problem understanding Chibbs……

  28. Olive says:

    The minor thing that has irked me the most about this season is Jax shouting all the time. Every episode he starts shouting for some reason. He doesn’t really compose himself well as a leader.

  29. Mike says:

    What about Dave Navarro making an appearance as one of Nero’s crew. Nero little varto. I think that was a little comical if you ask me.

  30. Kimberley Smith says:

    Clay and Gemma are my favorite!! Perlman is a seasoned and exceptionally talented actor. As Kurt Sutter says “You think you want him dead, but you really don’t.” If you are interested in the story and not just a silly female that wants to look at Charlie, you have to want Clay to stay around. Still waiting for the “Jaaaaxxxxxxx, I am your Faaaathaaaa” moment. LOL

  31. Bill says:

    Jax had his talk with Pope. Pope basically told Jax that whatever happens to Clay has to come out of left field since it was voted against to kill him. I think that is what the scene was about when Jax wanted to talk to Gemma…just my opinion though. Great show either way.

  32. JP says:

    As horrible as some of Clay’s actions have been and as much as I would normally want to see him get the boot…I just love Ron Perlman. The guy is so genuine and likable in every interview I’ve seen. He is an incredible talent and to be able to pull off that kind of character while still having some nuances of something underneath should earn him an Emmy. Hunnam is a great actor as well but I think he gets an easier walk with Jax in that he always has the audience rooting from him because they are privy to his introspective, not to take anything away from Hunnam but Perlman has to try and present all of those same subtle and not so subtle motivations through his acting and not through a monologue.

    Simply put if you hate Clay or you are conflicted with Clay then Ron is doing a fantastic job. The story of course has something to do with this and there is more to it than a few savage moments. It is the type of story line that needs to be examined over it’s entirety and not episode to episode. While it isn’t quite up to snuff with the Shield (Not much has been recently.) it has an entertainment value present with the serious drama in a mix that is very original but sometimes overshadows the fact that there is a deep and meaningful story being told underneath as well. I’m glad Ron pointed some of that out in his interview. Like some others I am not completely satisfied with everything that has conspired this season especially with characters such as Pope. Still, I would love to watch Clay’s story continue to unfold until the end of the series. I’m putting my faith in Sutter to make a great story out of it whatever may happen. I’m sure it will be a fun ride.

    By the way, I see some comments about best villain on tv and I think that nod might need to go to Walton Goggins’ Boyd Crowder. If only because Clay isn’t truly a villain not when compared to the other characters on Sons. All the members of Samcro have done despicable things. The story isn’t one of good vs. evil in my opinion, at least not in an outward way. It is more about the lines the characters draw for themselves and them struggling not to cross them, while trying to survive in that environment. Everyone’s line starts in a different place and as the story continues they all have to push that line further towards the edge where it might disappear.

  33. JC says:

    Wow guys this needs to get cleared up. It is a show about a biker club. They are violent anti-heros riding the outlaw one percent % life. It is not warm and fuzzy. The leaders of these clubs are very ruthless, cunning, and brutally violent. When someone who lives out side the law is pushed, threatened, or attacked in any way they respond with emotional revenge or defense. This is true to the life. May not be the soap opera some want it to be but it is a show about outlaws and killers. Men of Mayhem. Not people like most of you. Anarchy look up the definition please.

    • Chris2020 says:

      Perfect and well said JC. Son’s is and Anti Hero story, anything that seems ‘too much’ is about right. In real life criminals are violent and dangerous people. These guys are not riding segways so the show is trying to be realistic about ‘this life of theirs

  34. JC says:

    That being said these are awesome actors on a show that make us feel the good, bad, and the ugly of biker life. Sutter is a great story teller. Ron Pearlman deserves awards for this role. Katy and Charlie are great too.

  35. ShellShifted says:

    In my oh so foggy crystal ball I see Tara and the boys taking refuge in Ireland. Jax will die and Gemma will face an exile so horrific it will rival that island where Mackey was ultimately marooned.

  36. ken says:

    Tig will kill Pope in a very unusual way, and then chop off his head. They probably won’t do it by fire, but some approprate way. Clay will get killed or commit suicide. He is really evil and needs to be taken out.
    Tara will be cleared, and her and Jax will go to Oregon.
    Wendy will be killed.
    This will be a good episode.

  37. Big Tex Me says:

    …and they’ll all go to heaven in a little rubber boat.You gotta be kidding me.I hope Wendy goes back to being a slobbering junkie whore.Tig is the most manipulated guy in the whole series.I would love to see him cut off Pope’s head and regain some dignity.I hate to see Bobby go but I think he probably will.Sutter has has scratched at the sufface of the violence in outlaw clubs,but I think he has missed out on the similarity between law enforcement and outlaw clubs adherence to a code of ethics built upon violence.

  38. Kimberley Smith says:

    Don’t kill Clay or my Husband will quit watching, he Likes His Character! and Ron Perlman!

  39. Morgan says:

    I absolutely love this show and we would be so upset if Tara is killed. I don’t think Wendy would make a better Tara than Maggie siff and as for the two of them not having chemistry have you ever seen and episode of soa all they have it chemistry. I don’t think Tara is gonna just disappear she may want what is best for her and her kids but she would never leave Jax behind she loves him too much. I hate clay and what he is doing an think he should be killed off. And as for what Jax did to Wendy I don’t condon it but he did what he thought was right and the only way to keep and protect his family because who knows if Wendy got Abel what could trigger her turning back to crack and then what Abel is stuck with a junky mom and it would confuse the hell out of him because he’s little and Tara is the only mom he knows as mommy

  40. Morgan says:

    Talking about chemistry I meant Charlie and Maggie or Jax and Tara

  41. Betty says:

    I dont understand why all the bad feelings toward Tara. I like her she kind of keeps a balance in the “club life” As far as Clay! Really where would the show be without him? He”s the guy you love to hate and the bad boy every woman at one point in their lives wants or wanted. I think he is an awesome actor. I don’t like his character….BUT I’m sure that was very intentional in Kurt’s mind!! Great show!! LOVE Tig! Great off the wall kind of person makes me laugh and keeps me on edge because you never know what he will do next.

  42. StacCrabtree says:

    I think that Clay is going to take Tig to Ireland with him.