Dancing With the Stars All-Star Finale: Did the Right Couple Take Home the Mirrorball Trophy?

Dance WearAfter 10 weeks of triumphs and tears, shockers and silliness — highlighted by this week’s history-making, truly fabulous, all-female finale — we’ve come to the end of Dancing With The Stars Season 15.

And as our cast of leading ladies — Shawn Johnson, Melissa Rycroft and Kelly Monaco — assembled for one last spin around the ballroom, it was hard not to be impressed at how they made it to the bitter end of DWTS‘ first-ever All-Stars installment, which overflowed with freestyles, team dances, tricky trios and a final high-risk instant dance. Whichever couple came out on top, there was no denying they’d be taking home the hardest-earned Mirrorball Trophy ever. (No wonder this year’s model is extra blinged-out!)

Of course, no season (or results show for that matter) of DWTS would be complete without a little unnecessary fluff — was it really necessary to squeeze every single All-Star into the show for a series of frenzied (and at times less than stellar) dances, or to resurrect Dance Center (even if the third segment was kinda funny)? — but in honor of our new Mirrorball champion (see below) let’s focus are a few of the highlights of this very special season finale:

Whoopsies, Cushioned | Some may consider these as lowlights, but what fun would live television be without some oh-so-obvious snafus? First, poor Tom and Brooke got tripped up (and tongue-tied) early on in their Dance Center intro by an errant dancer (“We love live television!” quipped Brooke, ever on top of things), then some malfunctioning “very expensive” glittery ball props put a damper on the drama of the Instant Dance selections. Heads will roll, people!

Adorableness Alert | Drew Lachey was joined by special guest (his cute-as-a-bug dancing daughter) Isabella, who stole the show (and Tom’s heart) from dad and pro partner Anna Trebunskaya in their Beyonce-inspired return to the floor.

Instant Dance Mania | Girl fight! In their last ever competitive dances to complete the judges’ scores, our trio of fearless females totally brought it — and how! Kelly and Val’s high-impact jive (“You have the energy of two young randy rabbits!” summarized Bruno) landed them a 28.5, while Melissa and Tony’s sexy samba seemed to garner mixed reactions from the judges (though Len gushed, “You have been my greatest pleasure to watch”), but also earned a 28.5. Finally, Shawn and Derek’s cha cha was chin-credible (“…a star-studded performance” said Carrie Ann) and notched them a perfect 30.

And now, without further ado, the ultimate moment of truth — the All-Star results! And the Mirror Ball trophy goes to…

Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovskiy

Shawn Johnson and Derek Hough
Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani

“Now they have won two/too!” exclaimed Tom, his homonym leaving the final two couples briefly uncertain of the outcome. (In other words, had Melissa and Tony won too, or had Shawn won two Mirrorballs?)  But then he clarified…

Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani

The overwhelming joy, rapturous applause, and eye-popping reactions throughout the ballroom – not to mention the blinding blizzard of confetti – got in the way of Tom landing a parting quote from a totally overjoyed, disbelieving Melissa, who finally grabbed that long-awaited statuette. But her tears of joy said far more than any speech ever could, well done Melissa! As for Tony, he might not have verbalized it, but we’ll do it for him: It’s about freakin’ time!

And with that, it’s your turn. Did the right couple take home the grand prize? Did you shed a few joyful tears of your own after Melissa and Tony’s breakthrough win? Or were you crying tears of sadness/outrage that ballroom dynamo Shawn was denied her second win? Were you shocked that Kelly and Val didn’t make the final two? And lastly, do you think Melissa was indeed the best dancer this season? Sound off in the comments! –Mitch Rustad

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Amanda says:

    SO ECSTATIC! That’s who I wanted to win! I wanted either her or Gilles and yay!

    • KCC says:

      Yes!! Absolutely!! We voted for Melissa and Tony!! Congrats to them both!!

    • Kim R says:

      I think it all played out how it should have. So happy with the results and the placings of the couples. :)

      • Lena120 says:

        I’m happy they won too. But I’m more excited about Tony FINALLY getting the trophy. He’s been on the show since day one and I feel like he always got the shaft. So him winning the all-star season is just sweet! I know some people wanted it to go to Derek, but I stopped being a fans of his a lonnngg time ago. It seemed like he always had a competitive edge when it came to his celebrity partners, which wasn’t fair. So proud of Tony!

        • Lilly says:

          I completely agree, Lena! I’m thrilled for both Tony and Melissa.

          BTW, TVLine, I heard Tom say it as (in my head at least) “And now they have one, too.” As soon as I heard that, I knew Team Tony won.

    • Linda Parmley says:

      Shawn and Derek were clearly superior. After all this time I cannot get over the fact that the judges picked the cry baby Melissa. She clearly was not better than Shawn. I felt Dancing with the Stars was fixed and last Season proved that it is.

  2. Giny says:

    I think Derek and Shawn should have won….but I am so gosh darned happy Tony finally won. I’ve felt so bad for him and some of the partners he’s had *cough*Kate Gosselin*cough* And Melissa certainly is far more deserving of a win than some people that have won in the past.

    • oddsR says:

      Absolutely the wrong person won! Tony and Melissa are sleep inducing dancers. Same ole same ole all the time. For some reasons the judges stacked it in Melissa’s favor. Bachelor rehab alert! Unfair advantage Tony and Melissa did not have to adjust to new partners when Shawn and Kelly did, the producers of DWTS are sorta DUMB! They tend to P.O. the viewers in favor of their own rewards. That is why DWTS has dropped ratings from 27 million to sometimes as low as 11 million or on Tuesdays sometimes even 8 million.

      OH WELL DWTS show’s loss and more time to do other things.

      It seems to be in a rut now that a NEW PRO gets a trophy each season instead of the best dancers.

      I am slowing closing out DWTS minutes I sit to watch. Each season I watch less and less until soon I can tune it out completely.

      • guest says:

        Agree with everything you said oddsR. The wrong couple won. Tony and Melissa’s win will go down as a symphony/pity win. I mean “We never won before, so please award us” is the wrong reason to win. Its a competition like the super bowl, not award because they never won. Too bad America fell for it. Shawn and Derek were the definition of what a All-Star is all about and the true winners. What do you think we will all remember about the All-Star season or re-watch on youtube? Yep, Shawn and Derek’s dances. Congrats to all the finalists.

        • Mary says:

          Sorry I disagree, Shawn and Derek consistently broke the rules, should not be rewarded and although I enjoyed their last dance with the fab five, I thought it was more gymastic than dancing.
          I have to say I watched the Fab five more than them. I thought all three deserved to be in the finals and I am not disappointed that Melissa won. Maybe they received some sympathy/pity votes but I actually thing they won due to the dancing.

          • guest says:

            Sorry but I disagree with you Mary. Melissa and Tony won clearly from the sympathy/pity votes of “we never won” and the judges being soft on scoring for certain couples while harder on others. Apolo and Shawn were scored more harshly than Melissa all season long. I will admit Melissa is a decent dancer, but if you look over the dances this season, Melissa had more lifts over all and her legs were wobbly than Shawn lifts and tricks who had a stronger technique. Derek and Shawn will be remembered as one of the best teams in the show’s history. Hell, first thing they said on GMA this morning was that Melissa winning was a big upset. To me, that was VERY telling.

          • robinepowell says:

            Mary, I agree with you 100%. :) I think Melissa and Tony deserved that trophy and they worked hard for it. Shaw won it in season 8 and Derek was won three already.

            I don’t care if this is his last season (though I don’t know why he says that), let someone else be in the spotlight for a change. ;)

            A lot of people feel Derek is the judges’ golden boy, because he seems to get good scores.

          • guest says:

            and that is the reason why they won robine, because they had not won before. Its called the sympathy/pity votes. Yes, Melissa and Tony worked hard for it, but so did Shawn and Derek and Kelly and Val. You want to call Derek the judges golden boy, but he was scored way harder than any other couple besides Apolo this season. Melissa was scored more softly. The judges tend to do that for couples they don’t expect to win. Bristol is a prime example.

          • brooklen says:

            I’m sorry but you are a complete and total IDIOT!! The show is fixed!! They had that whore Melissa and the totally wimpy Tony picked from the beginning of the show!! People like you should be ashamed and hang your head in shame!! Melissa and Tony faked injuries to get sympathy votes! They disgust me and until dancing with the stars gets new judges and can judge without bias then people are going to turn it off and start watching Monday night football!! All in all this is a B.S. win for Tony and Melissa and they should just admit that the show is fixed!! Also ask yourself why they do not show the public’s vote? Only reason is that it is FIXED!!!

          • Mary says:

            @Brooklen: Calm down, take your medication. It is only a realty show not a matter of life or death. I am sorry people disagree with you however please show more class than name calling.

          • Michael says:

            So there are conspiracy theories for this show too? Some of you people need to get a life.

          • Brandon says:

            u suck

          • Diana says:

            I totally agree with you Mary!

        • Darlene says:

          I agree. We will never remember any of Melissa and Tony’s dances but will remember all of Shawn and Dereks. Len said from beginning they wanted the couples to do things that were never done before on the show and that’s what Shawn and Derek did. I don’t know what show people were watching but they broke the rules only in quickstep dance. Please all u people saying they broke them all the time tell me what other dances they broke the rules??? Even the judges said there wasn’t a dance that Shawn cudnt do. She didn’t do much gymnastics only in quickstep! Derek got told by Len tired of them using props then Melissa and tony used a picnic table and whatever else the same nite and nothing said to them. Tiny and Melissa begged for votes- any chance they got they said we r the only ones who didn’t win- got sick of hearing it! Their freestyle– all lifts and no dancing. The best dancer supposed to win not the one who never won before- and they got it wrong. Monday night tony said it took me 15 seasons to win and it was worth the wait-he slipped. Oh by the way- Melissa’s manager is a producer of the show! Now tell me it’s not fixed!!!

      • brooklen says:

        No Doubt!! Shawn and Derek won that competition hands down! This show disgust me! I for one will no longer watch the show and I hope others will follow! Melissa and Tony should have finished in 6th or even 7th place there were so many dancers that blew her away!! Derek and Shawn, Kelly and Val were so much better then Melissa and tony! Melissa and tony should come out and admit that the show is rigged and totally fixed to save face and keep people from turning on them and absolutely hating them!! from Their fake injuries to Melissa’s totally fake smile and absent personality they were both disgusting!! Also the outfit that HO BAG Melissa was wearing last night should have been edited for primetime tv. This is a family show and that outfit was totally gross!! All in all the American public no who won and I believe this is the beginning of the end for Dancing with the stars!!

      • Angel says:

        I’m not sure what show you were watching but all three of the woman deserved to be in the finals. Each was a great dancer in her own way. Shawn relied heavily on her gymnastic ability, Kelly relied heavily on her chemistry with her partner, and Melissa was known for her technique, frame, and lines. I would have been happy with any of them as a winner. However, I was rooting for Tony and Melissa to win. I enjoyed watching them all dance, but Tony and Melissa’s style of dancing was more appealing to me. In addition, I believe Tony was far passed due for a mirrorball trophy. He is what every pro on that show should be: He always puts his partner first, showcasing her and not himself. He doesn’t rely on dancing shirtless to get an advantage or out-dancing his partner just to strut his stuff.
        That said – there were no unfair advantages based on the couple pairings. Some of the couples had their original partners, some didn’t. Two couples made it to the finals with a new partners and only one couple had her original partner. If the unfair advantage were true, then all the finalists would have been couples with their original partners.

    • Tess says:

      I echo your sentiments. Based on the dancing last night and tonight, I really thought Shawn had the edge. Derek’s choreography was far better and they were much more entertaining overall (and I’m not even a Derek fan by any means). I’m happy for Tony though, in some ways he is beyond deserving for all he’s been through on the show over the seasons and all the bad dancers he’s suffered through, and Melissa is certainly a competent dancer – I just wish that I had felt like at least one of their three finale dances was more of a wow than Shawn’s so that in my mind I could say, yes the best of the best won this. I sort of feel like they won more on the support the underdog that hasn’t won before sentiment than the quality of their finale dances.

      • Mary says:

        Shawn dances were more gymastic than dancing. Yes they were entertaining but they had very little dancing in it for me. Personally I didn’t care who won because I honestly believe they all were worthy of the win.

  3. erin says:

    SO happy Melissa & Tony won! I love Shawn & Derek as well, but I think the trophy went to the right couple.

  4. CB says:

    Should have been Shawn & Derek. They were clearly superior but the judges fixed this one.

    • oddsR says:

      Yes they did and it will come back to bite them on the butt! People will begin to tune out in favor of watching other shows less biased.

    • dena says:

      i agree it was fixed, i have talked to alot of people who were not able to vote, constant busy signal, i find that interesting, i truly believe DWTS producers, someone messed with the phone voting, edging out Shawn, THIS IS MY LAST SEASON of watching, i wouldnt watch if they brought Elvis back to life and had him on.

      • Diana says:

        this it to Dena. i am glad melissa and tony won. i liked shawn too but feel her dances were more gymnastics than dancing. and i also had a hard time getting through voting for melissa. couldnt get through at all on the phones for her, so quit your bellyaching that it was fixed. the people voted and the right person won!

        although all three were good. Giles should have been in the finals instead of Kelly though!

  5. Irish Man 12 says:

    I was and still am a full-fledged supporter of Shawn, but Melissa did deserve the win based on what should have been the original intent of the all-star season; to showcase the best dancers who fell short the 1st time. I have no problems with Melissa being the All-Stars Champion


    All in all, a great season with a very satisfying end.

    • oddsR says:

      IT WAS TOTALLY UNFAIR! Melissa didn’t have to adjust to a new partner like the other dancers did. Shawn had to make a big adjustment this season to change partners but no MELISSA got her same partner.

      The judges are biased, the voters THINK they choose the winner but NO DWTS chooses the winner.

      • Britta Unfiltered says:

        I’m guessing when you’re not sitting around lamenting the great DWTS conspiracy , you’re sitting around watching a lot of 9/11 conspiracy tapes.

      • Luke Nutley says:

        You mean like Kirstie and Bristol and Emmitt who all got their previous partners from seasons past as well? If you’re going to chastize Melissa for getting the same partner this season, be fair and do so for ALL that got the same partner otherwise you come off like a sulky little baby picking and choosing your facts.

    • robinepowell says:

      You’re right with everything you said. ;)

  6. LC says:

    So glad Melissa and Tony won. They definitely deserved that trophy. I thought they were entertainingly consistent throughout the entire season and they put so much hardwork and passion into their dances that was captivating. Very happy with the decision. Shawn and Kelly were amazing too. This was one of the best seasons DWTS has ever done. So many great competitors and dances.

  7. BOOYA says:

    Melissa Rycroft is a star? Really?

  8. Joe says:

    Did the Right Couple Take Home the Mirrorball Trophy?

    Absolutely not. Shawn or Kelly should’ve won.

    • Luke Nutley says:

      A lot of people got turned off by Kelly and Val CONSTANTLY reminding everyone that they’re banging each other. This is Dancing with the Stars. Not Schtupping with the Stars. Both lack class and maturity.

  9. Liz says:

    I am so very very happy that Melissa and Tony won! I really wanted them to win.

  10. Sarah says:

    In short: NO

    That is all.

  11. Ashley says:

    Shawn and Derek should have. They were clearly the best dancers. Those two are brilliant. The wrong couple won.

    • CA says:

      It isn’t about who the BEST dancer is…but who is the favorite….last night Melissa and Tony were voted as the favorites.

      • guest says:

        You are dead wrong CA, the only reason Melissa and Tony won last night was because you and others fell for their pity party story of “We never won” that the show storyboard for their favor. Shawn and Derek were favorites too and you can’t deny that since they placed second. Shawn and Derek also trend on twitter multiple times while no other couple have and all their dances have more views on you tube than any another couple.

        • Guest too says:

          I do not believe CA is dead wrong, it is obvious they were the favorite due to the fact they received the most votes. If I remember correctly Shawn and Derek did trend on twitter but a lot of the comments were that was a gymastic routine not a dance routine. It is just a TV show, I find it ironic that everyone also takes it so personally when their favorite doesn’t win. Truth is nobody knows why people vote the way they do.

    • Luke Nutley says:

      Gymnastics is not dancing, dear.

  12. N says:

    Yay Melissa!

  13. Angela says:

    Totally fine with that outcome :D. They both seemed so happy, and they worked really hard for it. Congratulations, Melissa and Tony! And congrats to Shawn and Derek and Kelly and Val, too, they earned their spots in the finals and making it that far is pretty impressive in and of itself.

    As for the fluff moments, eh, all reality shows do this, I’m used to it, and it was fun to see some of my other favorites from the season again. And the “Gangnam Style” group dance will always be one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen on this show.

  14. diane says:

    Happy for them!

  15. Cheryl says:

    I really think that Shawn and Derek were the best dancers, and as this was Derek’s swan song for the show it would have been a great way to send him off. But if it wasn’t them, Melissa and Tony were definitely my next choice. Not only because Melissa is better than Kelly, but because it’s ABOUT FREAKIN’ TIME Tony had a winning partner!!!

    • robinepowell says:

      Cheryl: This what I don’t get. Why is Derek saying this is his last season? I read an interview where he said he might leave DWTS, but if the producers want him back, he’ll come back.

      Yet, Monday night he’s saying it’s his “last season”.

      Very strange.

  16. Canadian-JBS says:

    While a part of me is thrilled for Tony, one of the sweetest guys in the world, I can’t be happy about this win. Shawn & Derek, week in & week out, delivered routines & performances that the rest of the celebs could only dream about. This season was just wonky-from the even-more-erratic- than usual judging to the crazy challenges thrown at both the celebs & the pros. Bristol Palin was a spoiler early on, causing better dancers to leave before their time (Drew, Joey). As much as I love Emmit, he definitely should have gone before Gilles, who earned the ire of certain viewers for simply wanting to win. And Kirstie (whom I adore) was still in the mix probably long past her deserved departure date.

    It is a mystery to me why viewers found no prejudice with Melissa’s never-ending lifts (which were not always executed nearly as smoothly as the judges’ scores showed) but then were upset that Shawn threw in “tricks”. Her gymnastics-influenced moves flowed a lot better into the amazingly choreographed dances that the incredible Derek never ceases to create than most of the moves that Melissa gamely tried to incorporate into her routines. And Shawn never got enough credit for the amazingly accomplished dancer she became. The “Titanic” routine she did with Derek was as passionate & beautifully artistic as anything Melissa has ever done, but Melissa could not have pulled off any of Shawn’s dances.I’m sorry, but of the 3 remaining dancers, Shawn was truly the best of the best. She should be rightfully holding that goofy Mirrorball trophy & it feels hollow & a little sad to me when the best doesn’t win. But Tony’s joy at finally getting a win sure was great to be behold,

  17. Sue says:

    If the question were did the right star win, I would say hell no, I still don’t consider Melissa Rycroft a star, she is famous for being dumped, but the best dancer did win, Melissa is really nice and Tony deserved a win.

    • oddsR says:

      It is not that poor Tony has never won a trophy it is the FAIRNESS of the competition. The producers and judges are biased and choose the winner not the viewers.

      • Move on says:

        GET OVER IT – I agree the scoring was not always the best but it is obvious viewers vote got them the win. There was only 1.5 points difference going into last night. Shawn and Derek thought they were above following the rules and I believe it hurt them. Just because you don’t agree does not mean it wasn’t fair.

  18. sarah says:

    So happy that Melissa & Tony won!!! after 14 seasons it was finally Tony’s time to win the mirrorball!!! Team TCroft!!!

  19. Linda says:

    “Did the Right Couple Take Home the Mirrorball Trophy?”


  20. soxfan says:

    Yes, the right couple took the mirrored ball trophy home – without a doubt. When Len, of all people, wants to give a couple an ELEVEN – that told me everything right there – I do not recall ever hearing him say that before … I could be wrong. Loved Val & Kelly and Derek & Shawn were equally as great. So now Val is the only one without a trophy … that is what next season will be all about. Congrats to Melissa & Tony!!!! So happy they won!!! :-)

    • Joe says:

      Len has the hots for Melissa. Thus she won. Total bias.

      • Luke Nutley says:

        Kelly’s snide homophobic remark against Bruno (arguing with him that “you were too busy looking at Val’s crotch” to appreciate her moves) didn’t go over well with the gays. That and the fact her racist old bigot of a co-star from General Hospital was in the audience every night getting plenty of face time didn’t do Kelly any favors either. Now Kelly can go back to calling the paparazzi to come to her house and watch her wash her car in the front yard like a porn star in her stilettos and short shorts.

        • Steven says:

          First off Kelly’s comment was not “homophobic” and as a gay man I laughed. As for her “bigoted… racist.. co-star”. Who the hell was that? The only person I saw in the audience was Nancy Lee Grahn who is anything but bigoted and racist.

        • disbelief says:

          Wow I guess your name said it all.

        • Practice what your preach says:

          Who is showing lack of class and maturity per your earlier statement.

          • Luke Nutley says:

            A question mark belongs at the end of a question and it’s “you” and not “you’re” in your handle. It’s hard being snooty when you’re posts are littered with grammatical and spelling errors.

    • KCC says:

      I teared up a little when Len said that he wished that he could give them 11

  21. Scott says:

    So Happy Melissa and Tony won!! Very well deserved win!!

  22. robinepowell says:

    I am so happy they won!!!!! After all this time, Tony finally got a chance to shine in the spotlight and with his second time around partner Melissa.

    The two of them deserve it. :D

  23. Ella says:

    No, I don’t think so. To me, DWTS is about the non-dancer learning and growing through the process. That’s why I voted for Kelly, who is the epitome of what the show is about. Melissa is a former professional dancer and she already had a leg up on the competition. So did Shawn to some degree being a gymnast. The judges clearly has their favorite and Melissa could do no wrong in their eyes. They continually gave her higher scores than she deserved. It was clear last night, with confetti raining down on Melissa & Tony after their dance that ABC was trying to influence the vote. It was also clear tonight when Melissa’s picture was much larger than Kelly & Shawn’s that Melissa was going to win. Did the professional dancer win? Yes. But that’s not what I thought the show was about.

  24. In my opinion, Shawn and Derek were the better duo; but I really am happy for Tony. He finally got his trophy. To me Shawn’s the better celebrity dancer than Melissa (in my opinion) BUT in the end, I can’t be upset. This is a long time coming for Tony.

  25. Andrea says:

    So happy for Melissa and Tony!!!! I voted for them all season!

  26. Stacey says:

    Sucks! So much manipulation. The fact the Samba was a choice. And guess who got it. Melissa! Who did the same dance last night. And the ball was malfunctioning, before she picked. She was overscored for weeks. And tonight’s dance was overscored. There was visable errors. It wasn’t worthy of a 9.5. And weeks of drilling it into viewers heads that Tony had never won. Melissa had lost last time. And a double standard was presented with all lifts Tony and Melissa did this season, and yet Shawn and Derek got dinged for it! ABC wanted Melissa to win! They got it. Don’t surprise if they announce that Melissa gets a job with ABC in some form very soon!

    • bobbye says:

      Agreed. The show is cleary manipulated by the producers. Tony is annoying. Shawn has become an amazing dancer and by far delivered the best entertainment all season. ABC clearly has plans for Rycroft. As Patrick Swayze (RIP) said years ago, the show is fixed. Ever wonder why they never divulge the actual voting results? The focus should be on the star – which Shawn certainly is, not which pro hasn’t won. Shameful!

    • guest says:

      Agree, could not have said it better. Tony and Melissa’s win was a symphony/pity win.

    • texasred says:

      I thought Melissa Rycroft already worked for ABC. She has done reporting for Good Morning America for a couple if years. Of course General Hospital is an ABC soap as well.

  27. VM says:

    A disgrace that Tony for sympathy vote. No one counted the votes. Shawn and Derek should be the winners. How could you betray your audience like that? Horrible

  28. JDuro says:

    So happy for Melissa and Tony. Very deserving. Loved Melissa for a long time dating back to he time as a DCC and I’m glad Tony finally won after having so many bad partners. Also very glad Derek didn’t win again.

  29. april-ann says:

    Yes the right couple took the trophy, YAY!

  30. oddsR says:

    Those balls were open already they knew what they were choosing before they choose them. The judges rigged the scores and the producers gave Tony his same partner so no adjustments there.

    The show is STUPID!

    It makes people mad. If USATODAY says nothing is wrong with the show that honesty and 3 new judges can’t repair then it is B A D!

  31. oddsR says:

    Everytime Melissa would say BUT I DON’T KNOW WHAT WINNING FEELS LIKE! I wanted to put my foot into her mouth!

    That is no reason to win!

  32. Keith Kelley says:

    I think what Tom actually said was “Now they (or you?) have ONE too,” thus alluding to the fact that now Melissa and Tony have a trophy, as Shawn and Derek already had one. Or at least that’s what I heard and realized Melissa won right before he said it.

  33. oddsR says:

    So now Tony and Melissa have lost many friends and fans from the unfairness of their win!

    When a win is honest it is ok but when everyone sees that it is biased they make themselves enemies!

  34. Dancing Brenda says:

    Clearly, Shawn and Derek danced the best tonight. But the show wanted to award the trophy to Melissa and Tony, so they did. I like them. It’s fine. But on athletic skills, it was Shawn and Derek.

    • Mary says:

      You hit the nail on the head. Shawn and Derek were the top for athletic skills; however, this is a dancing competition and for me most of their routines played to Shawn strength gymastic not dancing.

  35. KCC says:

    Shawn and Derek broke the rules, they were basically like: we’re so good, we don’t need to follow the rules. That was a major turn-off.
    Val and Kelly had amazing chemistry and Kelly improved over the season, but so did Melissa. Of the two, Melissa was the stronger dancer.

    • Kel says:

      This, exactly. Shawn and Derek’s blatant disregard for the rules is why I stopped voting for them.

      So happy for Melissa and Tony!

    • Tahitigirl says:

      Finally, a voice of reason! Yes, Shawn is the best athlete, but Melissa was the best dancer. Up until Monday night, I would’ve been happy for a win for either pair. But when Derek made the decision to redo a highly criticized breaking hold dance, planning on the audience vote to make up for low scoring, they lost me. That was their chance to redeem themselves with the judges and instead they threw it in their faces again. Without that, I think Shawn would have won.

      • Luke Nutley says:

        Derek has a habit of giving the finger to the judges. That and slumping all sweaty over his partners like some sleazy pervert.

    • KD says:

      I agree!

      So happy for Melissa and Tony!

  36. Ashley says:

    I’m glad Tony finally won but this season belonged to Shawn and Derek. That mirrorball trophy should’ve been theirs.

  37. Daniel says:

    Team TVLine, Tom said, “Now they have won/one too,” not “you’ve.” Pretty clearly meaning Tony and Melissa, whichever way you take it.

  38. Jenna says:

    I voted for Kelly all season, so while I am upset she didn’t win, I am happy Melissa and Tony won. The judges were biased to Shawn and Derek the whole season. On top of the fact S & D blatantly broke the rules and didn’t care was disrespectful to everyone…especially Kelly and Melissa.

    • Sarah says:

      This idea that the judges were biased toward Shawn and Derek is so ridiculous. Personally I would agree in the case of one judge – yes, Bruno was wildly enthusiastic about almost all of their performances. But Len was I explicable harsh with Shawn and Derek and very lenient and forgiving with Melissa and tony. Carrie Ann seemed neutral to me, not biased in favor of either couple. As far as breaking the rules, it made for some incredibly memorable performances after 14 seasons of repetition so I rely didn’t mind it.

  39. tanner15 says:

    Should have been Shawn and Derek!! Best couple all season! :(

  40. askmeificare says:

    1-The final dance is the only way that abc fixes the show – and shawn got more points.
    2- Yes, Melissa is NOT a star – she was just cross-breeding for abc so bachelor fans would watch dwts (season 8)
    3- the only person who should not have been on this season is pamela anderson – everyone else made the finals previously.
    4- I am so happy Tony won!!!! Of the 6 people on that stage – he was the one i most hoped would win.
    5- If you think it’s fixed because you personally don’t know anyone who voted for melissa – I don’t know anyone who votes republican – but george w did get elected in 2004.

    • Couldn't resist says:

      Thanks to his brother state Florida.

    • Luke Nutley says:

      1 – How do you know? You don’t. You’re just belching drivel.

      2 – Melissa was a last minute replacement for someone who dropped out due to injury in her first season so it was less about getting Bachelor fans to watch the show as getting SOMEONE to fill the slot.

      3 – The problem with Dancing with the Stars is the lack of, um, stars. Without Pamela (or Kirstie), there would have been zero stars this season.

      4 – Agreed.

      5 – Perhaps that’s because you live in a liberal brain dead bubble as your ilk tends to do. Woe is you.

  41. dancingisfun says:

    So I wanted TONY to win… and if it was with Mellissa so be it.. NO she is not a star but at least she is a talent.. BRISTAL?? was NOT a star. Anyways I am glad they won.. Tony deserved it after haveing alot of the WORST dancers to dance with so GIVE it to him.

  42. Sara says:

    Meh. I would have much preferred Kelly or Shawn but I’m not angry over Melissa winning. There’ve been seasons where I’m downright pissed off about who won and while I did not like Melissa all that much, she is a very good dancer. And I’m really happy for Tony too. I think he was more excited than she was!

  43. Britta Unfiltered says:

    Those pesky homonyms. :) I’m overjoyed Melissa and Tony won. I didn’t even watch. I don’t think it even got recorded because I was so convinced Shawn and Derek were going to win that I couldn’t bear to see it happen. I would have had bile in my mouth had I seen that happen. I do think Melissa and also Gilles were the best dancers this season, I just wanted to see one of them win so bad. Melissa and Tony’s tango was so sexy and amazing, I think that’s what got them pushed over the edge with votes. It was fantastic. I think Tony is great and a really good choreographer and obviously taught Melissa very well this season. I feel so happy for both of them. Maybe I can find it online later so I can cheer with them.

  44. Meredith says:

    I’m glad that long suffering Tony finally got a win, but I gotta admit I think Shawn and Derek were cheated. Shawn was clearly a better dancer and Derek a better choreographer. I’ve always been convinced this show was rigged but this really proved it. It’s obvious why their ratings have plummited.

  45. Bunny hop says:

    Yay for Tony!!! He deserved the win. He worked hard with someone who could dance.

  46. Jam says:

    I voted for Melissa last night and I’m thrilled she won!!! Her freestyle dance was by far the best. Shawn’s was great (love the fab five) but not enough dancing. Kelly’s was a remake of the dirty dancing finale with some add ons. All three woman deserved and could have won but I was rooting for Melissa all season!

  47. AB says:

    I just want to know if Val took home his trophy. Who needs a mirrorball when you have Kelly?

  48. Ballroomditz says:

    While Shawn may have been a more dynamic dancer, I think Melissa had better ballroom technique and was more versatile. With a few exceptions, most of Shawn’s routines blur together for me, all sharpness and clipped motions without the extension of lines and breathing room that Melissa gave her movements. My Facebook feed is blowing up with ballroom dancer friends both pro and amateur who are thrilled that Melissa won. And others are thrilled for Tony, who has always been a solid performer and choreographer, as technically proficient as any of the other guy pros who have won, although not a flashy camera hog. So for those of you claiming you don’t know anyone who voted for Melissa… That doesn’t mean no one did.

    And personally, I was voting for Kelly all season, even though she was not the best dancer, just because I love a scrappy underdog and she was improving every week.

  49. Katrina says:

    NO!!! Melissa should NOT have won and I highly doubt that she really did!! I’ve been telling people for weeks now that she would win because Len was soooo obviously partial to her!!! Shawn was soooo much better than her!! Shawn was amazing!!! But I have noticed over the yrs that when Len is partial, that is who usually wins!! At one time he was giving kirsty higher scores than almost everyone and we all KNOW that wasn’t right!! I really wonder if our votes even count at all!! No one can tell me that Melissa was better than Shawn!! So….whatever…

  50. Katrina says:

    Oh and every poll I have looked at said Shawn should have won….by a big percentage!! Say what u want to but this show is rigged!