Revenge Recap: A Dish Best Served Cold

Just like last season’s “Legacy,” this week’s Revenge turned back the clock – this time, giving us a strong, 2006-set hour that showed us Ashley as an almost-prostitute, the very beginning of Emily’s revengenda and a holiday morsel Victoria had been preparing for quite some time. So let’s get our rewind on and review all the flashback fun that took place in “Lineage.”

PAYBACK’S A BITCH | During Daniel’s first Thanksgiving break from Harvard, he surprises his parents by coordinating an unannounced visit from Grandma Harper. Adrienne Barbeau’s Marion swans into Grayson Manor in a leopard-print fur, playing Victoria’s coldness off as the bratty foot-stamping of a little girl fixated on the past. But in a flashback during the flashback (sounds more Inception-esque than it actually is), we see that Vicky was an apple-cheeked teen beauty whose mother always put her daughter’s well-being far below the importance of having a man around to pay the bills. (Side note: Superb casting in this ep. Marion and Victoria’s younger versions are dead ringers for their future selves.) When recent widow Marion invites her new man friend Ben to Thanksgiving dinner, Victoria uses the occasion to take her mother down in a manner that even Emily would have to acknowledge with a slow clap of respect.

We – and Ben — learn that when one of Marion’s old (and married-to-someone-else) lovers refused to marry her, she shot him… then made Victoria do the same and lie to the police that the man had attacked them. Victoria wasn’t indicted but was sent to a psych hospital for six months, and when she returned home, her mom’s new squeeze couldn’t keep his hands off Vicky’s 15-year-old self. So Marion kicked her only child to the curb and married the dude. A disgusted Ben then breaks up with Marion, who spits that she wishes she’d aborted Victoria back in the day. (Ooh, Thanksgiving burn!) As she leaves the house later that night, Marion confesses that she’s penniless and has nowhere to go. Queen V notes that Grayson Manor has more than enough empty rooms, but none of them will shelter her mom’s daughter-ditching butt. “Vindictive bitch,” Mama Harper snaps. “Oh, I learned from the best,” Victoria replies, sending Marion on her way and ending an exchange so soapy it gives off bubbles.

I loved watching old-school Victoria and Conrad’s interactions throughout the episode (because one of Em’s first takedowns involved notifying Victoria about Conrad’s affair with Lydia, we never really got to see much of them working as a team). But the final reveal, the one that Victoria and her hubby long ago had hired Ben to build a relationship with Marion just so Vicky could destroy her at the dinner table? That is so delicious, I want to serve it up with a side of cranberry sauce and some of my mama’s stuffing.

IN WHICH EM SAVES AIDEN’S UNFOCUSED BUTT | Confession time. I find present-day Aiden a little too slick and guarded, so I was happily surprised that he is such a hot mess when he and Emily first cross paths. He’s tending bar at a Russian-run, New York nightclub that doubles as a front for a human trafficker named Dmitri. Emily hooches herself up and goes there on her first Takeda mission, where she’s supposed to get Dmitri alone and then wait for sensei to come in and do something dramatic (we never find out exactly what that is). In the meantime, though, she runs into a decidedly less polished Ashley who’s “auditioning” to be Dmitri’s next girl. In the ladies’ room, Ashley cries that her MFA in art history “is useless in this town” and talks in a rough British accent that’s much more Sporty Spice than Kate Middleton. Em passes her a wad of cash and a phone number, telling her to find out when Dmitri will be there the next day, text Em that information and then never come back. She does. So Emily poses as an aspiring call girl and meets the Russian baddie in Ashley’s stead… moments before Aiden unsuccessfully tries to shoot him.

Remember how present-day Aiden is looking for his sister? Seems that she is/was one of Dmitri’s ladies. Em quickly puts together that Aiden’s dad, who works at Heathrow, was the means by which Americon Initiative got the bomb on the ill-fated plane; she posits that his sister Colleen’s disappearance a week before the bombed flight isn’t a coincidence. Takeda busts them out but Aiden can’t let it go; he hunts down Dmitri and eventually kills him, against Em’s wishes. As she leads the Brit away, he’s bloody, upset and totally out of his head – seriously, dude has never looked hotter to me. (Do I have a problem? Probably. Diagnose me in the comments.) At the end of the episode, we come back to the present and find Em and Aiden in bed, all afterglowy. He alludes to her getting him into Takeda’s School of People Who Really Need Therapy, and she allows herself a gorgeous, fleeting moment of vulnerability when she says, “You’d better not disappear on me again,” which he answers with a touching, “I won’t, Amanda.” Oh good lord, you know this isn’t going to end well, right? I’m genuinely worried for our girl. (That’s also probably not the sanest thought I could have. Meh. Add it into your diagnosis.) My notes say they then go downstairs, where she shows him her box. Didn’t that already happen? Oh, her infinity box. Nevermind.

BAR BROUHAHA | We finally figure out what’s behind Kenny’s sudden interest in The Stowaway – turns out, it’s not so sudden after all. In the flashback, his dad shakes down dock businesses for “protection” money; those who don’t wanna pay get windows broken, fires started and the like. Jack just wants to pay him, but Carl and another local business owner don’t. So when Kenny’s pop comes down to the pier to collect his cash, Papa Porter’s pal shoots him with The Stowaway’s gun. (If Days of Our Lives taught me anything, it’s that nothing good ever happens down by the docks… and that exorcism is a storyline best left to primetime.) Carl covers for his friend, never – as far as we can tell – letting Jack know that he was involved in a murder. But when we flash forward to the present, it’s clear that Kenny knows what went down. Best thing about the Porter-related flashbacks? Sammy for the win!

YOU DOWN WITH I-P-O? | NolCorp goes public on Thanksgiving Day 2006. Noles has a very brief celebration with CFO and boyfriend Marco before an accountant alerts Marco that Nolan’s Cayman account, which previously held a whole lot of moolah, now holds nothing. Nolan confesses: The money went to the daughter of the company’s first investor, David Clarke. Marco thinks Nolan’s nuts. Nolan fires him. In the present day, Daniel calls Marco… maybe I was wrong, and Marco – not Padma — is the CFO Nolan needs to be worried about?

Now it’s your turn. Could you have done without the Daniel-as-thwarted-poet piece? Was Victoria’s mom everything you wanted her to be? Is there any way Emily can survive Aiden without her heart (and possibly her entire plan) getting ravaged in the process? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Guest says:

    I found myself disturbed by the machinations of Victoria’s Mom more than anything I’d watched the hour before on The Walking Dead…

    • iMember says:

      It was definitely twisted, but I loved it! I loved learning how Victoria became the woman she is now. Learning about Victoria’s past and finally meeting her mother was all worth the wait for this moment. I hope we get to see more of Victoria’s mother in the present day.

  2. kavyn says:

    I was actually kind of bummed there was such a small focus on Ashley. I was expecting the photos posted a while ago to indicate that we would get to see Ashley’s past. The episode was okay, and I loved the flashbacks between Victoria and her mother, but the rest of it I didn’t really enjoy. To be honest the relationship between Victoria and her mother in present time didn’t interest me all that much aside from the bit where Victoria kicks her out.

    Overall the episode felt mediocre to me. I’m tired of Emily’s revenge being bigger than it is for the sake of keep Victoria and Conrad looking like good people. They’re not. Keep them as villains, they’re more entertaining that way.

  3. iMember says:

    This was a really, really, REALLY great episode tonight! It definitely came out better than last season’s all-flashback- episode where in this episode we learned a lot of new things that have to do with the present and how it all ties together. It was definitely a needed episode to bring things together as we head for the mid-season finale next week. I can’t wait for it, and for the rest of the season beginning next year!!! This show. So, so good.

  4. Sofia A says:

    Revenge it’s just Perfect each week.
    And if you find out what is that problem related to Aiden you have,LET ME KNOW.. Because I have the same one!

  5. I loved last year’s flashback, and I thought this episode was Revenge’s weakest yet. I was disappointed by quite a few boring story lines. I understand why SOME of them are important, but I continue to be bored the Aiden-Emily thing, and the Stowaway plot just needs to end soon.

    • tripoli says:

      Yes, agree with you on all points. It was a terribly disappointing and boring episode. Still don’t care about the damn Stowaway plot, so adding a back story to that was useless and a waste of time. Don’t care for Aiden or Victoria’s past with her mother either. This episode did very little to propel the story forward. Just added on to stuff that people are already tried of.

    • snkwa13 says:

      Totally agreed. I thought this was the weakest episode for the entire series. The only watchable parts were Victoria’s back story, the Victoria-Conrad and Nolan-Marco interactions.

      I continue to get more bored with the Aiden-Emily thing. Is it only me who thinks the actor playing Aiden is wooden and unnatural? Or is Aiden supposed to be like that? I’ll stop watching this show if he gets more and more screen time.

      Worse part of this episode was that Emily had zero screen time with any of the other characters who she has great chemistry with … Nolan, Victoria, fauxmanda and even Daniel. I thought Emily was a shadow of herself in this episode. Extremely disappointing.

  6. Nicola says:

    Best Days reference ever! And probably why I have issues with boat docks to this day.

  7. Gerald says:

    It was a boring episode to be completely honest. Much like last season’s flashback episode, it didn’t add much to the show as a whole and it felt like filler. The episode was too clustered with so many parallel storylines. I did like the Victoria scenes, her backstory was quite interesting and it actually managed to add so many layers to her character. Besides, it’s always nice to see Adrienne Barbeau, who still looks great and did a wonderful job. Marion sort of reminded me of Wilma Northup and I hope she comes back as I liked the character. I have to admit it was kind of fun to see Ashley’s not so perfect beginnings…. oh and the bar subplot is still uninteresting and boring.

  8. Lauren says:

    Does anyone else feel like maybe they are just making Aiden a good potential love interest for Amanda only to kill HIM off on the boat?
    Or is he up to something more sinister?
    I mean the second her opened her umm… box to him (the infinity box!) the more I suspected he could become a huge liability. I know he proved himself to her, but it is kind of hard for those of us who were rooting for Jack/Emily and Daniel/Emily to see her cozying up to Aiden after the first season was all about them.

    I feel Ashley is a liability to the Revenge plot also, she clearly hinted at the wedding she knows Aiden and Emily have a history and based on the previews she looks like she is about to find herself in hot water with Queen Victoria. She’s a fun character but I am stoked to watch Victoria take her down.

    • kavyn says:

      Possibly. I think it’s either Aiden or that dude that’s trying to buy the bar. I can’t see it being anyone else.

    • ABC says:

      They’re revealing who dies mid-season right? Kinda like last year. Barry Sloane is said to appear in the last 9 eps of the season and an option to return next season if Revenge gets renewed. Kinda rules him out being the one who dies on the boat.

    • Alichat says:

      Yeah, I didn’t like the look on Aiden’s face when Emily showed him the infinity box. I don’t trust him…..especially since he’s letting Daniel destroy Nolan. And how exactly did Emily put two and two together regarding Aiden’s dad and the flight? I mean, that came so out of left field, I had to rewind the scene to make sure I heard it. And I don’t see how Ashley could know that Aiden and Emily have a history? I don’t recall her seeing them together at the bar, and unless Emily told her something, there has to be something else that happened for Ashley to know Em and Aiden have a connection.

      • tripoli says:

        I always took Ashley’s comment about their connection was simply that they seem to get on and hit it off quite well. Nothing more.

  9. Nicole says:

    Sammy! I cried last season when he died. He reminded me of my dog who looks like Sammy. I wish they went in more detail as of how Ashley went from a almost hooker to working for Victoria.

  10. Siria says:

    I could have done without the Stowaway storyline. Last year, only Declan was annoying, now it’s Jack too.
    Still not warming up to Aiden. I don’t know why, I just don’t like him.
    However, loved Victoria and her own Revenge. Totally disturbing backstory there.
    And any episode with so many Nolan scenes in it, is a good one.

    • Chicago Dan says:

      I FF through Stowaway and most of the Nolan stuff. Yawn. The only thing worth saving at the Stowaway is Amily. Keep her and pair her up with someone new. (Of course, she wasn’t featured tonight.) Anyway, the Victoria thing was interesting – it definitely helped give more of a sense of the character and her motivations. Emanda/Aiden started well, but kind of petered out. Would’ve like to have seen more Ashley/Emanda. For a relationship that now spans six years, there is a lot of backstory that’s missing between these two women.

  11. I loved how Nolan had very different mannerisms in the flashback, it really showed that who he is now (in the way he speaks and walks) is partially because of this breakup with the CFO and it is a defense mechanism.

  12. Jenny says:

    I don’t see why most of you dislike Aiden/Emily. Emily and Jack are childhood friends….and after lying to him regarding who she is how could they be anything? Especially since jack has a baby with fake Amanda. And Daniel well he’s a freaking Grayson. Need I say more? Aiden and Emily share so much in common and they were there for each other at a time they needed someone the most. Plus Aiden knows Emily and all her secrets. It just works!

    • Emma says:

      I agree. I used to like Emily with Daniel last year but I knew they weren’t meant for each other (He doesn’t deserve Ems at all. All different level). Jack has become soooooooooooooo boring. I just can’t stand him anymore. And he and Ems doesn’t have anything in common anymore so I can’t see them as an endgame. Maybe the writers noticed they didin’t have a REALISTIC powerful couple and they introduced Aiden because of this. He’s hot (and I mean it), smart, driven, he obviously is in love with her and they don’t have secret for each other (and in revenge this is almost absurd LOL). team Aiden! <3 (I'm sorry for my english but I'm italian)

      • Me says:

        Your English is better then some native speakers, lol. I agree that Aden and Emily work as a couple. They have no secrets and can truly work together for a common goal. I do think some redemption for Daniel can take place. He has seen that his parents are terrible people and has been working his own revenge angle. It would be possible in the future to loop him in with Emily because he is a Grayson and lacks morals. Jack needs to find a new boat (because we all know what will happen to this one) and sell the bar to sail away with ALL of his family.

    • Beth says:

      I totally agree! Aiden sees Emily as the bad ass she is and not some dumb socialite like Daniel and some mystery like Jack. I really do think he cares about her and that’s why she is so resistant to him.

    • Mary says:

      I don’t like Aiden/Emily together because I find Aiden to be even more boring than Jack. I never bought into Emily and Jack’s great childhood love, it was one Summer not years. Aiden’s only purpose seems to be to distract Emily from her revenge plot. When she pulls out that photo and starts making red x’s again maybe I’ll stop hating Aiden.

    • Bella says:

      Bringing Aiden onto the show was a brilliant move imo. Always liked Jack and Emily but felt something was missing.

  13. Giorgio says:

    It was a really solid episode that gave us the much needed history into Victoria and what makes her and even more compelling character, also liked the Emily and Aiden connection. Nolan’s ex will be a problem for sure……

  14. stef says:

    I know I am in the minority but I can’t stand Aiden. Don’t think he is attractive at all. He’s actually boring and I’m not interested in his story. The sooner he is gone, the better…and get Emily a decent guy.

    • Jason says:

      If there’s more to his “missing sister” storyline–with a big payoff–I’m fine with it.

    • Jessica says:

      Thank God I’m not the only one who thinks Aiden is not attractive. I don’t like him, he has definitely a better role than Jack&Daniel, whose stories have become boring, because he’s kind of a ninja like Emily, but I don’t find him sexy or handsome, I don’t like his accent (usually I like british accents, too bad Daniel can’t use his) and he has basically one face expression. Plus I don’t trust him.
      Last year we had a triangle (the all Emily/Daniel/Jack storyline) with Nolan as her best friend who was always helping her, this year they gave to Daniel& Jack a boring storyline and they almost separate Nolan from Emily. All 3 boys haven’t much screentime with her and I miss that.

    • snkwa13 says:

      I can’t stand Aiden either. Not handsome, sexy or even charming. I can’t wait for him to be written off too… the sooner the better.

      Don’t think Emily deserves a “decent” guy though. She probably deserves a lonely future.

  15. Jason says:

    Barbeau for the WIN. Bring her back…….soon!

  16. Lee Meyer says:

    Although I doubt it very much, Aiden being the body on the boat would redeem this season big-time.

  17. Honestly, I fell in love with this show in the first season. This second season version of The Aiden show is not nearly as interesting to me, as I find him a rather contrived character. I also think the show is trying to branch into too many directions, and many with less then winning results. However, anything involving Victoria and Conrad continues to be awesome. This season, they are the true anchors of the show, much more so then Emily, who doesn’t have nearly as much charisma this season.

    • Mary says:

      The first season was awesome! But this seaon we have all these temporary characters and their revenge plots. Not every side story has to be one of revenge, and there’s just too much to keep track of.

  18. Tony S says:

    Just a thought…Padma could be Marco’s little sister exacting revenge against Nolan.

    • CoryC says:

      Good thought!! I briefly was wondering if Ashley would end up being Aiden’s sister, but I think they had seen each other at the bar that night so I guess I am wrong.

  19. CoryC says:

    I am also not feeling the whole Emily/Aiden thing, it feels more fake and forced than Emily/Daniel did. I did like this episode as it peeled back some of the characters layers so that we can see what makes them tick. How else would we have the background to know who Marco is when he and Daniel start playing fast and loose with Nolan’s company? Can someone tell me though, how did Emily manage to kick out the ventilation grate to rescue Aiden and jump down in those heels and still not have her tight dress ride up to her waist? Must be some darned good double-faced tape they use!!! LOL

  20. nikki says:

    More Conrad and Victoria scenes!

  21. BrianR says:

    I really liked Emily’s dress short and lots of clevage.

  22. sara says:

    Ahh nolan needs to keep his mouth shut about his company and his money!! He is gonna lose everything! But I still don’t really see why the Grayson Global board members would want to have anything to do with anything tied to “terrorist” David Clarke…haven’t they been doing all they can to cut any ties to him? Taking over a comany especially an intelligence one, that he helped start, would look bad in my mind…wouldn’t the public think he used terrorist money to start it up and use the company to help the Initiative? Doesn’t seem like a smart idea…

  23. Andrew H. says:

    Hey Mike Kelly, did you SEE how hot Emily and Aiden are as a couple? If she ends up with the mentally ill Jack Porter, I’m deleting this show off the DVR!!! This show is good but not everyone ends up with a little princess ending. Make some gutsy moves on the show, especially with who dies on the Amanda. Just saying.

  24. Deion says:

    I have faith, Emily loves 4 men. Her daddy, Nolan, Daniel, and Jack, she’s got no room for a 5th. Aiden will feel her sting by season’s end. Mason Treadwell will probably be freed by the arrest of the man that really killed Gordon

  25. Jon says:

    I don’t think Revenge has lived up to last season, but I;m still hopeful. Bringing Jennifer Jason Leigh was pretty useless. She was underused, unless they’re bringing her back for a bigger story line.

    Padma was a bust too. She’s boring and needs to go.

    Didn’t realize a lot of people don’t like Aidan. Easy solution? Have him half naked in 90% of his scenes. I don’t understand why the producers are even giving him clothes.

    Madeleine Stowe is still a joy to watch though. The way she delivers her lines with disgust and utter disdain is a sight to behold.

  26. b-line says:

    could padma and marco be related?

  27. Chester says:

    The writers should do more research on Harvard next time they decide to write about Daniel’s time there. First and most importantly, there is no business major. Harvard College is all about liberal arts and learning to thinking. Training for a specific career is left to graduate school, and the professors in the rest of the university usually look down their noses at the business school. Second, student pledge for the Finals Clubs in their sophomore, not their junior years. Third, given Daniel’s background, it is much more likely that his father was a member of the Porcellian Club, not the Phoenix. Hollywood is full of Harvard people, so the writers should not have such a hard time getting the details right.

  28. Joann says:

    Can Marco & Padma be related and looking for their own revenge against Nolan?

  29. Tyluv3 says:

    I do prefer to see Nolan with Padma and more of their relationship. We’ve seen their relationship grow and genuine sparks between the two. The relationship between Marco and Nolan we have only seen 10 minutes of so i don’t think we can make an accurate conclusion on the two until we get more scenes and background.

    The background story between Emily and Aiden was pretty decent. How the met and got involved with each other was no surprise. I liked their bed scene and when he called emily by her real name (Amanda) i got chills. I seriously believe, asides from Nolan, he is the only one who truly knows her and what she is going through.

    Victoria. Same as always. Loved how she orchestrated the takedown of her own mother. This lady knows no bounds.

  30. Matt says:

    This show is really not reaching half the heights of last seasons episodes, where every show had a shocking jaw dropper and moved the story or ward. This is not t revenge that I used to love

  31. Maggie says:

    I thought this episode was absolutely amazing. Finally Emily can be with someone who knows who she really is. I absolutely loved Victoria in this episode, her mother is seriously the bitchest bitch that ever did bitching!! Nolan awesome, as always, looking out for Ems no matter what. Personally I really like the character of Aiden and I think Barry Sloane and Emily VanCamp have great chemistry. I just keep falling more and more in love with this show!!!

  32. Jessie says:

    Episode was fantastic! Although it could be perdect if the screentime of the porter boys were given to emily it victoria’s story!!
    It is great to see why aidan is that clinggy to emily and why victoria became the cold bitch as she is.

    Can’t wait to see more Victoria and Conrad team up. The orchestrated take diwn of Marion is the best part of the episode. So satisfyingly evil!