Homeland Recap: A Very Close Call

This week on Showtime’s Homeland, Brody resurfaced after his unexpected tete-a-tete with Abu Nazir, Jessica fell back into an old habit and one CIA staffer was seen in a new light.

ADIEU, NAZIR? | The action starts some 12 hours after Brody was picked up by helicopter from the countryside clearing and whisked off to, unbeknownst to anyone, a meeting with Abu Nazir. As such, Carrie fears that their asset is dead — if not physically, then operationally. Estes suggests they move in on Roya, though if Brody is alive, that will burn him in a jiffy.

But their strategizing is moot. That morning, Brody parts ways with Nazir outside a loading dock. “This is where we say goodbye — forever, if all goes well,” Nazir tells his padawan. “I could not have done this without you…. Pray for me.” As soon as the terror lord drives off, Brody races to the nearest storefront and bums a gal’s cell phone to call Carrie and ask that his family be taken somewhere safe, ASAP. Estes warns that, working off the word of a would-be terrorist who’s been off the grid for a half a day, “We need to be extra-f–king-vigilant,” but they agree to pull off Roya for now and get the Brody bunch into a posh safe house that has so many big-screen TVs, son Chris actually gets dialogue (as Dana scoffs, sulks and uses “bulls–t” every other word, until Mike shuts the lass down).

Then, we get our first peek at an interesting wrinkle — that Saul has enlisted Virgil and Max to keep tabs on Quinn. To that end, they sneak into the analyst’s thread-bare apartment where they find a sniper rifle cleaning kit and a picture of a woman with a baby.

TV’S NEW QUINNSPIRACY! | Carrie meets up with Brody, who himself believed he was dead given recent events and last night’s abduction of sorts. Then debriefing with the whole gang, Brody relates his sit-down with Nazir, who decided to “take the fight to the enemy” by sneaking into the States versus “run, hide and be hunted like an animal like Bin Laden.” (Reer!) Brody says Nazir’s new mission is to target a homecoming reunion for 300 soldiers and their families, provided Brody can convince the VP to let Roya cover the press-free event. When pressed for more details, Brody says nothing else happened between the men, though in flashback we see they did pray together. Odd detail to omit.

Estes debriefs Walden (and Brody, for appearance’s sake) on this new threat, says they have a Plan A to grab Roya’s crew before they hit the event; Plan B is to cancel the gathering. As a stakeout of Roya’s place gets underway the night before, Saul tracks down the woman in Quinn’s photo, a cop in Philly, if only to spook her into calling her babydaddy “John” aka Quinn. Quinn then sneaks out of the base camp to meet up with Dar Adul, a legendary black ops chief (played by F. Murray Abraham). Virgil thus deduces that Quinn is “no more a CIA analyst than I’m in the Hair Club for Men.”

Cut back, again, to the mod safe house, where Jessica sneaks out of bed during the night to strip for and canoodle with Mike in the guest room. She slinks back out in time for a morning call from Brody, with whom Dana refuses to speak. Brody promises his wife that the threat will “be over soon” and “we will go back to the way we were.”

BOMBS & BOMBSHELLS | As the surveillance team follows Roya from her apartment building to meet her camera crew at a diner — and after Estes suspiciously sends Quinn off to “liaison with the FBI” — Saul out loud questions, “Who is running this op, you or Dar Adul?” Outside the diner, Nazir’s munitions guy is spied swapping the CBN crew’s camera batteries with (presumably) bombs, so Estes’ team moves in, shots are fired, bad guys felled. But when the man inside the terrorists’ dark SUV is revealed not to be Nazir, Estes radios Quinn to “stand down, we still need him” — just as the “analyst,” posing as Brody’s driver, is about to pop the VIP congressman. Twist! (Is anyone on TV named Quinn who they say they are?!)

What did you think of this week’s episode, “Two Hats”? Since Quinn’s duty, as Estes says, is to kill terrorists, was their plan to simply execute Brody as one, if Nazir had been captured? Is this Estes’ way of covering his behind in the wake of so many questionable calls — including but not limited to keeping a traitor in the veep’s midst? Lastly, is this Quinn twist related to the Season 1 mole, because if so, it doesn’t seem to track. If Estes or Quinn was the mole, why was it up to Brody to foil the Beirut take-out earlier this season?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Alichat says:

    Ok…so now I’m confused. But first…let me get a few things out of the way….Dana. I don’t buy the sudden hatred that has happened over the last few episodes. Do I understand why she’s mad at her father, yes. But what’s with the temper tantrum and refusal to speak to her dad? And frankly, if someone you trust, which I’m assuming she trusts Mike, shows up at the house and says the CIA wants to move you to a safe house for your protection, and oh by the way, it’s involving a terrorist attack, I think the reaction should be “Seriously?” and then go and get my things. While it gave Diego Klattenhoff more to do than be Mopey Mike, I just didn’t buy her “BS” reaction. And, was I the only one who was disappointed when Jessica climbed into bed with Mike? They aren’t really rounding her character out as I’d hoped. She’s still rather one-dimentional.

    Now the confusion….I was happy to find out that Saul was in on the “who is Quinn?” project. But, what I don’t get is Estes and Quinn. At first I thought we were finding out that Quinn is the mole, which would have been disappointing. But then Estes signaled Quinn, and I assumed Quinn was brought in to take out Nazir via sniper shot. But when we didn’t see the face of the sniper taking out the munitions guy, I knew that wasn’t Quinn. So now I’m confused. If Estes is the mole, then Nazir knows Brody has turned. Why keep him for 12 hours, then let him go? Why not just kill him? So, that doesn’t seem to be what’s going on. What exactly is Estes doing having Quinn off Brody? Who is running this op, because it certainly isn’t Saul. And why were they assuming that Nazir was going to be in the vehicle, or anywhere near, the bomb going off? Why would he be anywhere near there? If it all went to pot, he might be caught, so there was no logical reason for him to be there. Why didn’t they intercept the news van some other way? Follow the munitions dude who might have led them to Nazir. All they’ve done now is expose Brody…and his family….to a death sentence by Nazir.

    And speaking of Brody, I know we’re supposed to wonder if he told them everything when he was telling them what happened after the helicopter. But why did he leave the prayer time out of the story? And his conversation with Carrie was odd. Whether she believes him is the only thing he cares about. His reaction when Carrie said it was her idea for Mike to get Jessica and the kids…..it’s like he wants Jessica and Mike back together again. So….I’m confused.

    • Mursal says:

      My understanding is that Estes is calling the shots, therefore he has the authority to bring in a guy like Quinn to serve a purpose and he doesn’t have to tell anyone about it. Carrie is too close to Brody to know about Quinn’s mission and Saul is too close to Carrie. I really like this plot twist. I was wondering what the plan for Brody would be after killing Abu Nazir and now it’s clear. Brody knows too much, there is the risk of him being brought in by another terrorist, and there is still the risk of Brody and Carrie’s relationship in regards to a possible breech of security/confidentiality/etc. Therefore, he must be killed.

      • Alichat says:

        I suppose that’s possible, but I can’t see that it would be sanctioned, and if Estes is in charge from an official CIA stance, then what he’s doing has to be legit. I got the impression we were to believe there’s someone else directing Estes to do this…..and that it’s off book. I always felt that Brody never lives through all this. That he’s killed by Nazir somehow or killed trying to stop something Nazir did.

        • Britta Unfiltered says:

          I have a slight suspicion that Estes doesn’t know anything about Dar Adul. He made the comment about Quinn wearing “two hats” which may be closer to the truth than Estes realizes. I think Dar Adul might be working for the terrorists and Quinn is working for Dar Adul while simultaneously being Estes go-to guy in the CIA. But I have a really bad track record with guessing where this show is going, so I am probably wrong!

          • Josh says:

            I think Estes is behind this, but it’s his own operation. He has no approval and its complete black ops. He doesn’t what Carrie to know because she’s in love with Brody and he doesn’t want Saul to know because he’d NEVER be okay with killing someone who’s trying to make good.

      • Chuck says:

        If Brody gets iced, then how much longer does the series go on? Brody is the central tragic hero to whom ALL the other characters relate. In my opinion, when Brody dies, so does the show.

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      I actually liked that Jessica got into bed with Mike, but that is because I think Jessica and Brody’s marriage is over and basically has been since he came home. They can’t connect emotionally anymore. Poor Jessica has been in love with this other guy this whole time, but she did try really hard to stay faithful and make her marriage work for a long time despite her feelings for Mike, and despite the fact that Brody was so distant and lying to her so much. But the marriage never did work, and now that she knows Brody lied to her about Carrie being involved with him at the CIA, I think she just kind of gave up and accepted that it would never work out with Brody. And Mike has always been there for her, he’s been her hero no matter what’s happening, so she turned to him. I like Jessica, I personally think she’s a great character, but that’s just my opinion, which doesn’t really matter much. :)

      • Andy says:

        I was actually pretty mad when she did that. Not only did she start a relationship with a POW’s best friend, allowing him to be the father figure in the house, but now hes out risking his life for the CIA, she’s making her move in the safehouse provided to her by him?

        I can understand making the mistake of assuming he was dead, but at least get a divorce before you make any moves. She has no idea that he is or was a terrorist, so in her mind he is just doing what’s best for the county again. Tis a shame.

        • rebecca says:

          It’s not like Brody is waiting for a divorce to have an affair with Carrie, so why should Jessica wait? She and Mike are in love and make good partners so i hope they get to be together.

          • Alichat says:

            Yes….because the “he did it, so why can’t I?” argument is always mature. The more the series goes on, the less I like Jessica. It just seems she really can’t handle anything intense or stressful.

        • rebecca says:

          The Brody marriage is over in all but name. What’s the problem?

        • Josh says:

          Brody cheated on Jessica MULTIPLE times since he got home. Why isn’t that a shame. Jessica knows Brody is working with Carrie, knows Brody lied about it…I think she’s fed up with their marriage and his lies. If anyone has a reason to cheat, it’s Jessica.

        • Skeff says:

          It’s such a double standard for people to complain that Jess and Mike are in the wrong here, but not to chastise Brody for banging Carrie multiple times, as well as lying to Jessica over and over again.

      • Patricia says:

        I completely agree with everything you just wrote.

      • Tina says:

        Agreed, completely. However, I don’t fault either one of them. It is hard to go back to” the way things were” after both of them have been through so much.

    • baby books says:

      I agree 100% that their was no reason for Nazir to be in the van. It’s weird that the show even took that direction as if it was a possibility.

  2. Saint Alicia says:

    Re: Alichat, Dana has become increasingly disillusioned with her father as the series progresses. After Finn’s mother said they would “take care of it” (the hit and run death), Dana was all high and mighty because her parents “aren’t like his.” Turns out Brody essentially is. Of course she isn’t aware of all the machinations at work, but she still knows her father is a liar/fraud and that’s what’s pissing her off.
    As for the ep, holy crap! I knew Quinn was a shady bastard but I did not see that assassination attempt coming. I guess it makes sense since Estes said they are in the business of killing terrorists and it would be so much “neater” to get rid of Brody once all is said and done. However, doesn’t Quinn know if he kills Brody Carrie will come after and castrate him?

    • YowzaPowza says:

      Season 3?

    • Alichat says:

      I know she’s disillusioned now, but the kabosh on reporting the hit & run was just a couple of days ago. Her sudden turn is just a little too much I think. I’m wondering if her attitude, and her reluctance to talk to her dad, is more about her wanting to lay the blame for all of this on him, but knowing that she’s to blame. If she hadn’t egged Finn on to drive faster. If she hadn’t pushed him to tell his parents. If she’d just gone to her parents on her own. Maybe things would be different.

      Speaking of killing…I just watched the preview for next week again…..I’m wondering who Brody is choking to death in his office….or if it’s a dream? Whomever it is, they have a wedding ring on. I was wondering if it was the VP. And there’s a dude with his arm in a sling who looks like Galvez, but he was on death’s door two eps ago.

      • comedyfan says:

        I’m guessing some of it still stems from a part of her still believing Carrie’s story from Season 1 — when Carrie barged into the house and got a crying Dana to call Brody to “come home”. She knows all these little details about her dad, and he’s even trusted her with things along the way, to the point where she trusted him going to the police about the hit and run a couple eps ago. With him suddenly backing out of that — with homewrecker Carrie calling the shots, no less — it just sent her in a very quick tailspin.

        While it’s sometimes annoying to watch Dana sulk around like a whiny kid, I can also understand it from a story and character perspective. She’s so sick of all the lying. (Little does she know how close to her dad she is on that issue!)

        • lara says:

          Yeah…but you would think that a 16-year-old would be able to grasp the concept of the CIA, and how lying might be necessary in order to save countless number of innocent Americans from being killed. Also, it’s so stupid to blame Brody for not coming forward about the hit and run, since that would have done more harm than good anyways, according to the victim’s daughter.

  3. Britta Unfiltered says:

    LOL, Nazir’s burn on bin Laden was a little catty, wasn’t it? Reer, indeed. Jessica is quite the little minx. Steamy scene! I also thought it was odd Brody omitted the detail of praying with Nazir. That has been bugging me. But hopefully that is a red herring meant to make us think he has turned back. I just can’t accept that Brody has gone back to the dark side. I don’t want to. I was really pleased to finally see F.Murray Abraham. I’ve been waiting all season for him to appear. Uggh, I hate Estes even more than I did before. I hope he and Quinn die. I thought Saul was an evil genius the way he got the lady cop to call up baby daddy Quinn to flush him out. Best line of the night: “Hey Mike, Dad says hi.” Oh, the awkwardness of it all! I actually am really glad Jessica and Mike hooked up. It’s time for her to move on. Though I can’t figure out what is happening in Brody’s head as far as his two ladies go. He seems to really be in love with Carrie and is having both an emotional and physical affair with her. Their moments together break my heart with their sweetness. But he keeps telling Jessica everything in their marriage is going to go back to being the way it was before? What is his endgame with those two women, really? What does he think is going to happen? I refuse to believe he is playing Carrie. That would just be too cruel of the show to do to me!
    Okay, so…my theory for the future of the last few episodes is that Nazir totally knows Brody has turned and is using Brody against the CIA. The event where everyone got arrested was a set-up by Nazir to test Brody, I think, to confirm where his loyalties lie. Because the mole has to have told Nazir by now, wouldn’t you think? Unless the mole is out of play, killed in Gettysburg? I am really bothered we don’t know who the mole is yet. It is consuming me trying to figure out how it all fits together.

    • Alichat says:

      I am thinking that when Brody said “everything will go back to the way it was before” he meant when he was a POW and not in their lives. I feel like Brody thinks he’s going to die…..but then there are moments in the episode that conflict with that.

      • Tina says:

        That was EXACTLY what I thought! “The way things were” means his family going on about their lives as though he was dead. He’s playing the CIA and Nazir–he gave the CIA Nazir’s people, because he doesn’t want any more innocent people to die, but he still wants revenge for Isa and Nazir. He KNEW Nazir wouldn’t be in that SUV. Brody wants to get to the VP and kill him by himself. I think he figures once the VP is dead, he’ll kill himself or be killed by Secret Service/CIA–or even Nazir. I may be over thinking it, but that’s what I believe.

  4. I’ve always wondered if Estes is the mole. Maybe he is the one who gave the nail to the guy in season one so he could off himself.

    • ben says:

      I know people are really hung up on ‘who is the mole’ but I’m not usre there is any firm evidence that there even is a mole.

      • Alichat says:

        I believe Roya told Brody that Nazir has someone in the CIA. But ever since that Al-Queda guard killed himself with a razor while in interrogation last season, they’ve believed they have a mole in the CIA.

        • B says:

          I have been at a loss about the “mole” thing every time it is mentioned here, either in the recaps or comments. I just don’t remember where this came from, but if it is the razor blade thing…wasn’t that Brody who gave it to the guy? Or at least that’s what I believed. Remember, the CIA didn’t know Brody was a terrorist at the time, so they didn’t suspect he would have slipped the guy anything.

          • Alichat says:

            Actually, Carrie immediately suspected that Brody slipped the guy the razor blade. And I believe Saul wondered too. But it was never proven. Brody passed the lie detector test (I know, not saying much,) so Carrie had no proof. We don’t know if Brody slipped him the razor. Remember this was the guard that used to beat up Brody and piss on his head, so it’s possible he had no love for the guy. Why help him? But there have been mentions of a possible mole since Season 1….by Saul, Carrie, and Estes. Roya told Brody that they got the codes for Estes safe from a friend in the agency. I do wonder if the mole is someone high up in the CIA. When Brody had to break into Estes’ safe, the reason given for Estes needing to be the one to specifically speak to Roya (giving Brody the alone time he needed to break in the safe) was that the Director of the CIA said Estes should handle it. Seems odd that the DCI would weigh in on a simple matter of handling a reporter’s question.

          • ben says:

            Sorry Alichat, I meant no evidence that there is a mole who handed the razor blade over (thus, the need for the person responsible for telling Roya where the codes were to be someone like Saul or Estes that we know well).

  5. Sparky says:

    As well as not telling them about praying together did he actually tell them that he was the one that warned Abu Nazir about the attack in Beirut?? I can’t work out if he is playing them especially Carrie or not. It makes you wonder how long Brody is left for this Homeland world if Nazir knows that he betrayed him. Sucks that we only have 3 episodes left…love this show!!

  6. Eric says:

    PADAWAN* not padwan

  7. Kiki Anders says:

    Will someone please give Jessica a slap. That woman is driving me insane with her demands on Brody. She’s forever badgering him about something and even when she’s told not to ask him about what he’s doing; she still does. And what about saving the marriage; how is jumping into bed with Mike going to help that? As for the mole, will it be someone obvious or straight out of left field? Who hasn’t had the spotlight on them yet?

  8. zxc123 says:

    Why did Brody have to steal those codes from Estes’ office? It’s the one detail that makes me convinced that Estes cannot be the mole. He would have just given them himself. And given that the other CIA officer is somewhat out of play, between life and death, it would make sense that Roya said last week “we lost a man”. But I still don’t know how the codes enter into the plan. I also agree that this could easily have been a test to see if Brody is loyal and loved the development with Quinn.
    This show is spectacular! One week feels like eternity.

    • Steph_Aussiefan says:

      With the safe situation and the codes, I thought the same thing but thought how Estes could have organised to meet with Roya at a time before he had to speak with her in a “Press situation” (meaning for her actual job as a reporter)..Presuming this is true: he could have possibly met with her (obviously we did not see this) to give her the codes or phone her etc. she gave the safe code to Brody seeing if he was loyal enough to the terrorist project to enter the safe and get what she needed from him, even though she could have already known the book in the safe was in there anyway- just for a test, David knew he was in there checking them so he organised enough time to talk to Roya for the press so Brody could write the information down..

      • ben says:

        OK – but if this was a test of Brody’s ‘loyalty’ – then at this point obviously Estes knows very well that Brody is working with the CIA, so you have to assume that Nazir would be happy to allow Brody to live, knowing that he was then going to burn an entire cell. That doesn’t seem likely to me.

  9. Steph_Aussiefan says:

    All i know is, that was one HELL of an episode. No wonder this show won so many emmys! I have had my suspicions from the start about most characters being the mole (obviously except Carrie and the Brody family), Saul at first, Virgil and Max, Galvez, Mike or Lauder for a little while and even Estes but I would not have picked Quinn to be in on something fishy like this, he just seems like he is completely set in his ways at wanting to keep his country safe, but that point when Max and Virgil went into the room and found all his equipment, my fingers are pointing at Estes or Quinn..but the show is so good that it could be none of them and completely surprise us all!

  10. flo says:

    I’m confused, thrilled, and I love it. I really don’t want to know how it plays out, because I’m anticipating the shock from the big reveal, twists, or whatever they throw our way. Like last night’s episode. It was brilliant and I can’t wait for more!

  11. sash fan says:

    Holy Sh*t. ok this settles it. I’m paying for another year of Showtime. This show is awesome.

  12. KenBud says:

    Dad? ………… Dad? ……………………… Dad? ……….. Dad? ………… Dad? ……………………… Dad? ……….. Dad?

  13. b. says:

    Another grrreat episode! So much to digest, I love it! I just thought the whole cease n capture of Roya n her crew was to easy. The exchange of the batteries n bombs; all in the open? Hmmm. I think, like others have posted, that Brody was tested by Nazir! And the Quinn n Estes story may be setting us up for next season. I might be wrong but wow 3 episodes left, hurry up Sunday!

    • Jeff says:

      To me Mike is a waste of time — dull, sanctimonious. What Jess sees in him, Ido not know. It just reflects on how shallow she is. On offing Brody. How were they going to explain? Did they plan to say the terrorists did it?

      • Alichat says:

        Maybe the terrorists. Or a car accident. Or suicide. Or he just disappears completely. My bet would be on car accident, then cover it with the ME.

  14. lili says:

    What’s in Quinn’s apartment? What book is he reading? What’s in the bathroom? What is the last scene really about? Why does Quinn say I’m the best friend you have right now? The vice president seems a little suspect. Is he in on something with Estes, and possibly Quinn?

    • Tina says:

      I wondered that too…this show is SO fun to talk about. One thing you can definitely say–it will always keep you guessing!

  15. valery says:

    I can’t figure it out what brody was writing during the first phone call to carry

  16. jason b. says:

    The whole thing with Quinn and Dar Adul is over the moon. Why did Saul ask for surveillance on Quinn? Quinn is running the op; spying on your boss is not a good career move, and Saul is very much a career man. Unless I missed something, this came out of left field and feels very contrived. Anybody have any explanation? (Other than the writers felt they needed another twist.)

    • Alichat says:

      Carrie asked Virgil to look into Quinn in the episode “New Car Smell.” She didn’t buy that he was an analyst since he said he’d been on the desk at Langley for 6 years, and she’d never heard of him. I imagine Saul wondered the same thing. I figured she or Virgil told Saul they were checking him out, and that’s how Saul got involved.

  17. First off, kudos to Matt for mentioning the other Brody child’s lines of dialogue in this episode. Has a character ever been marginalized in this high-profile a show? What IS the name of the other Brody child anyway? (NOTE: I know it’s Chris or something. WHO CARES. Not his dad, not his mom, not his sister, not Mike… NOBODY CARES. He’s just screen filler at this point. I feel for you, kid.)

    To the episode! I feel like I am the only one who thought the “plan” was rather ridiculous – broad daylight, OPEN SPACE, have a bunch of shady looking guys come out of a shady looking car and do something even more shady with shady looking containers? I expected the writers to put SOME thought into this. Any hint of subtlety. Anything. I just think they’re making these things too obvious. For a second I WAS worried that Nazir would be in the Durango because that seems to be EXACTLY the way the writers of operate: absurdly and without logic. I mean, I won’t even go back to how nobody in the world (aside from the CIA) raised a fuss about a high-profile, celebrity, political knight in shining armor Congressman spends a lot of time (on the phone, in hallways, meeting in parks next to loud fountains) with ONE reporter. And the only reporter in Homeland Washington D.C./Maryland/Virginia. Quick thought: Now that Roya is in jail, where will we get our news from? Oh, wait, DO we get any news in this universe? It’s a universe where the Veep isn’t like the Veep from “Veep” and all the people with big-name jobs (POTUS, DCI, etc. etc. etc…) are blissfully absent from all these big things happening IN THEIR CITY.

    I am in the camp of finding the character of Jessica Brody horribly one-dimensional. 21 episodes in (yes, it has been that many) and she still feels so unpolished. And her jumping into bed with Mike? I know people are championing for that but it just feels bizarre. Sure, not as bizarre as Carrie falling in love with Brody and him reciprocating those feelings but bizarre nonetheless.

    And I don’t understand all this obsession about a mole. It seems irrelevant to me. I did think the Quinn reveal was interesting and well-played – and, oddly enough, something that makes a lot of sense. Look out for hints that those-who-must-not-be-named are gunning after Carrie next. And I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Virgil and Mute Max bite the bullet, too – those two are WAY in something they REALLY shouldn’t have security clearances for. That never ends well.

  18. Eves says:

    That was an AWESOME episode! I’m sure there was a lot more behind Brody’s meeting with Abu Nazir than what he shared with the CIA. I have a feeling that the Roya’s-crew stuff was just a misguidance by Brody and Nazir, just like Walker’s “failed” attempt to shoot the VP in the season 1 finale. The way I see it, it would take a miracle for Brody to remain alive for a new season, since both Nazir and the CIA have lots of reason to waste him. I can’t wait for this season’s finale but I can’t stand the idea of living without this show for 10 months till season 3. Urgh….

  19. Tina says:

    Am I The only one who caught Brody choking the Vice President on the floor in next week’s promo? I think Brody purposefully gave up the big terrorist attack so that he could get the CIA off his back and get to the Vice Pres. himself–free and clear. Just like he told Nazir–he only wants revenge for Isa (sp?), he doesn’t want anyone else but the VP to pay/die. I also think that Quinn is responsible for Carrie’s car crash in next weeks episode… He’s way too involved in all the stuff that is going on. I don’t believe he’s the mole, per se, but I think he’s being told to take her out too. We shall see…

    • Alichat says:

      I spotted that as well. It looks like it could be the VP. It also looks like it could be Saul. He still has a wedding ring on as well, and the hands look like his. But, the arms aren’t as hairy, and the room looks like the one Brody was rummaging through earlier in the promo….which appears to be the VP’s house or office. Plus, Brody still hates the VP, so makes sense that it’s him. I’m hoping it’s a dream because I don’t want Brody to tip over that edge, but I don’t have a good feeling that it is a dream. Also, I like your idea that Quinn is behind Carrie’s crash next ep. That seems very plausible. Take out Brody and Carrie…..then spin a report that they ran off together or something…..trash both their names….cause you know, Carrie is that crazy CIA agent….blah blah etc etc.

  20. ben says:

    Carrie’s always on the verge of a nervous breakdown, Jessica can’t take being in a serious situation without jumping on crying-shoulder Mike while her kids are next door *and then sleeps in*, the daughter just makes you want to slap her… I hope Mike goes at it some time… It would be nice to have at least one likeable girl in the show!

  21. Ed says:

    To put another curveball into the mix, I’m surprised no one has picked up on Saul and his confusing lie detector moment. When asked as was customary about the razor blade he answered no but was then found to be lying according to the machine. Does this not raise the question that he might have some extra curricular motives? His complete desire to care for the convicted woman terrorist and his loss of the main thing that was meaningful to him (his wife) lso poses the question where do his allegiances lie? I believe he has lost patience with Carries antics and has been recruited by Nazir as a man who would not be questioned yet has considerable power within the CIA. Watch this space!

  22. Ellie says:

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