The X Factor Top 10 Results: Did the Right Acts Get Sent to the Chopping Block? [Updated]

beatrice miller cece frey x factorPresident Obama pardoned not one, but two turkeys. (Congrats, Cobbler and Gobbler!) Most major networks scheduled repeat programming so families and friends could gather around the Thanksgiving table (or plot Black Friday ops with military-style precision). But Simon Cowell, dastardly Brit, scheduled an X Factor results-show telecast.

Wait, what is this? A non-animated airing of How the Grinch Stole Thanksgiving? I mean, Wednesday’s performance show was stuffed to the point of bursting (sorry if that phrase made you reach for the Tums) with haunting and harrowing tales from the Season 2 Top 10’s past. (Read the recap here, if you missed it.) How can you make people spill their tears in front of 10 million viewers, then 24 hours later, crush their dreams of a major-label recording contract on America’s favorite eating holiday?

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I dunno. Maybe Simon will get in the spirit of the holiday and hold off on the double-elimination till next week. Maybe he won’t, and we’ll lose Arin and Paige, or Arin and CeCe, or Arin and (God, please, no) Beatrice. Could even be the week to say goodbye to Arin and Tate. (Hello, holiday shock boot!) But since my in-laws’ Thanksgiving meal begins at 6pm sharp, I won’t be home in time to watch and recap the proceedings. So please let this post be your place to sound off on The X Factor‘s Thanksgiving telecast.

UPDATE: Good thing for Cobbler and Gobbler that Simon isn’t President. After a brief Best Buy-sponsored interlude where the Top 10 acts visited a middle school that had been given a new, tricked-out music room, Thursday night’s results-show telecast quickly got to eliminating the week’s lowest vote-getter, Arin Ray. “We’ve all loved you here,” said Khole Kardashian, but we knew and Arin knew she didn’t really mean it.

Then it was time for a sing-off between the second- and third-lowest vote getters. I was sure one of ’em would be Paige Thomas, seeing as how the show’s producers chose to play her jaw-dropping response to the judges’ tough critiques from Wednesday night: “I didn’t sing it to sound good. I sang it to show what I felt.” Dial 1-866-Honey-Pleeeease! I’m not trying to hear this nonsense, and I’m not trying to hear her off-key strangulations of recent pop hits!

But nope, the at-risk singers were CeCe Frey and a trembly-lipped Beatrice Miller. CeCe made a terrible mistake in choosing to cover Kelly Clarkson’s “Because of You.” That would be like me entering a heavyweight boxing match: I haven’t got the size or the skills or the training. And from a vocal perspective, CeCe staggered through the number, getting in a punch here or there, but mostly just trying to maintain some semblence of correct notes and not end up face down on the matt. Beatrice, meanwhile, covered Dido’s “White Flag,” and despite being on the brink of emotional collapse, sounded pretty great doing it. Sure, there were the occasional flat notes, and yeah, you could hear the strain in her voice from the cold Mario Lopez said she had, but there’s a rawness to her delivery and a distinctiveness to her tone that make her a better bet for stardom than plucky but middling CeCe.

Then it was time to vote, and because deep down, Simon and L.A. Reid must know CeCe doesn’t pose a real threat to their front-runners, they chose to oust Beatrice from the competition. So did Demi Lovato, selfishly backing her own horse. Only Britney Spears made the right decision, but it obviously wasn’t enough to save Beatrice, who wept and wept and said “I’m sorry” to her little twin sisters. (At least she had CeCe there to hug her and shield her from Mario Lopez’s robotic “you were great, sweetie.”) (Also: This was not in any way enjoyable holiday viewing.)

I don’t believe for a second that Simon eliminated Bea because, at 13, the competition was “all getting too much” for her, but nevetheless there’s a little part of me that thinks from a mental health and development standpoint, leaving the zoological trappings of Fox’s secondary singing competition might not be the worst thing that ever happens to her.

“That was seriously so heart-wrenching for me!” announced Khloe, back from the break. Boy, I hope Khloe is okay!

And finally, it was time to reveal the week’s voting order.

8. CeCe Frey
7. Fifth Harmony
6. Paige Thomas
5. Diamond White
4. Emblem3
3. Vino Alan
2. Tate Stevens
1. Carly Rose Sonenclar

And with that, let’s get your thoughts. Did the right decisions get made this week? Are you still longing for the return of Lyric145? Is elimination the best thing that could’ve happened to Beatrice? Inquiring minds want to know!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. rod says:

    Cant believe Bea was sent home, i was fine with Cece staying before but now its personal, she needs to GO

    • kavyn says:

      I’m surprised it wasn’t Paige and Cece in the bottom 2.

      • bip says:

        I thought it was gonna be those 2 for sure. Hmmm and notice how every “mentor” now has 2 acts left, how convenient.

        • Stacie says:

          As much as I like Beatrice over CeCe, Beatrice was really way too emotional for this show at this point. CeCe and Beatrice are both very emotional but Bea is 13, and I think this was really too much for her. CeCe and Paige are terrible, so it’s not a shock that the judges kept CeCe over Beatrice. If I was on the opposing team and I could keep CeCe around for awhile I would do it. The more terrible that CeCe and Paige perform is just another week that my contestants stick around. This X Factor season is terrible. Carly is the only one that I care about at this point and that is waning. It’s too bad, I actually think last year had some interesting contestants, but this year is just a mess.

      • Isak says:

        Yeah, I was surprised as well. I have to admit, on a personal level, from what I’ve seen, I really feel for both Paige and Cece, and I really really like Beatrice. Cece gave the best performance of the 3, but Paige certainly gave the worst. Beatrice deserved to stay.

        • kavyn says:

          I get so upset because week after week Cece keeps singing diva songs and she never sings those well. She needs to sing more pop songs like she did in her audition, or hell even another LMFAO song which she also rocked.

          And I’m with you. Paige was not 6th place last night, she was dead last. Worse than Arin imo. I’m also upset Beatrice was sent home.

      • Desi says:

        Ce Ce, go home, get lessons, try again next year!

      • scrutinizer says:

        you’re so right. even poor bland arin was always more consistently on key with his vocals than those 2 glamour train wreck divas. and i’m surprised that after wednesday’s performance diamond wasn’t a bit higher in the rankings. gives me a good indication that the major voting muscle is coming from middle america.

      • CAM says:

        I hoped it would be. I think Michael is right. Simon and L.A. left Cece because they know she’s less of a threat.

    • Desi says:

      Ce Ce should have gone home a few weeks ago, got lessons and tried again next year!

    • cookielove says:

      I don’t know. Bea was a wreck and most 13 year olds should not be subjected to the pressure of this show. (Remember cute little girl last year and her meltdown. Can’t remember her name!) Carly is a professional performer) so that will help her deal with the pressure….

    • Tom22 says:

      It kinda sickens me that there must be a huge audience that actually likes a show full of back stories and sob stories over more music and more insight into coaching and preperation of the musical approach to the songs we will see.

  2. RodMod says:

    The judges (excluding Britney) were full of sh!t tonight.

  3. Jon says:

    When Britney Spears is the only judge that didn’t make a completely f-d up decision, your show has a problem. I’m done with this. Can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’ll watch The Voice instead.

    • FreeHaley says:


      So Demi also voted BEatrice off too along with Simon and useless what’s his face?

      • kavyn says:

        Well to be fair, why wouldn’t Demi save Cece over Beatrice? Simon at least had the excuse of sending Bea home because she looked like she couldn’t handle it. For LA, I have no words.

        • FreeHaley says:

          Yeah you can’t blame Demi too much since it would’ve been a bit harsh for her to not have saved CeCe.

          But LA just proved he is a total cold-hearted, calculating….

          And Simon showed he isn’t a ton better, almost worst, since LA at least doesn’t hide it so much what he does all along, Simon tries to pretend he is better. Don’t believe his not ready BS one bit. He has been playing that game to make sure she never became a threat. And just look to last year, Rachel had the ultimate melt down of them all and yet afterwards Simon was furious that Nicole eliminated her, he totally flipped out and said the judge voting was shameful, etc. He is totally a two faced liar. And don’t forget his needlessly hanging Demi out last week by changing typical show rules and making her go first. He didn’t care a bit about contestants weeping up there either last week when he did that. Gimme a break.

    • Greg says:

      The voice is so much better than the x factor better talent, better coaches, better vibe, and put together much better. I like the music competition shows a lot but I’m almost to the point of not even recording the x factor because I don’t want them to get the ratings

  4. kcostell says:

    MJ referred to letting Beatrice go as “basically a mercy killing” on her blog, which seems about right.

  5. Grace says:

    Based on talent alone, I think CeCe should’ve definitely been the one to go. But, honestly, you could already sorta see this coming (Beatrice’s reaction to being in the bottom) the first week when she said she was soo excited to be through but then devastated to be #10 of 13. I think Simon was exactly right when he said it’s not her time yet. She too young (and not necessarily just her age because there are obviously kids her age who can take it) to handle the pressure right now.

    • Danny says:

      As bad as CeCe is, on talent alone I’d think Emblem3 and Paige should go first. I agree with Beatrice being not mature enough at the moment.

      • FreeHaley says:

        @Danny and yet she sang the lyrics with more maturity and connection than just about anyone left in the show (Vino connects at times too and he is like 3x her age). And yeah she was a bit falling apart here and there but what about CeCe or Paige then?

        • Danny says:

          Hi Free-

          I can’t put a finger on it, but something tells me Beatrice is getting huge amounts of pressure from home too. I don’t think CeCe is by any means the definition of emotional stability, I just think maybe it was getting to be a bit too much for Beatrice. I feel bad for the kid.

          Off the subject, but did ya read where Haley split w/ 19 entertainment? They released her album in May, shortly after this years final show. Way to release it at a time when it’ll get no attention. They boned her from beginning to end to after it was over.

          • FreeHaley says:

            Ah man, I was afraid of that when they never seemed to even bother to release her second single or video. And unless you win it’s hard to get the studio to push and buy you onto big radio enough to get you heard enough to go viral. Heck even Carly Rae and her hit of the summer couldn’t get herself recognized until Bieber covered her and then boom.

            At least some serious artists recognized her talent instantly (see, for just one instance, her invitation to Carnegie Hall) unlike certain AI judges and producers. And I think the judges did damage her a bit in the eyes of a portion of the AI viewing public and it is that viewership that can help get you going viral.

            Yeah I don’t know about the Beatrice thing. They did show one clip where her mom was telling her to not worry about the family and she just needs to focus on enjoying her performance. Who knows for sure. I suspect that she is just a very intelligent, precocious sort of kid (notice how deeply she connects to the songs) and she seems quite nice and empathetic (I forget but didn’t Britney at one point even say she was the sweetest, nicest, most caring contestant she’d ever met or something like that?) and part of me thinks it might just be her nature to put the burden on herself (although certainly she shouldn’t). Maybe she overheard too much talk about financial struggles, who knows. It didn’t seem like her parents were adopting and making a family meant to support themselves by any means.

      • FreeHaley says:

        And if Simon will claim that now then he needed to claim it before the season began and made a 15-16 year old limit.

    • tiffanie says:

      I’m sure bea will be fine cause music is not all she’s got if you see her resume on imdb she has acting to pick her up, she has been voice of molly in toy story 3 & other movies to come so everyone shouldn’t feel sorry that she’s gone. My opinion paige was horrid lastnight

  6. StephanieisoKay says:

    As someone who voted 21 (!!!) times for B last night, I can’t get over the tone deaf CeCe STILL being around after being in the bottom twice.

    Also, her over-enthusiastic hugging and preemptive consolation of Beatrice made it look like CeCe was trying to suck the soul — and singing voice — out of her younger, more talented competitor.

    • BarbL says:

      I don’t know if Bea could have taken the pressure or not–she seemed to be sick this week–but either way, Cowell wasn’t about to let Bea stay around as competition to his groups. CeCe is obviously the worst singer left, and a sure bet to be ousted before either E3 or 5thH.
      Bea could possibly have beat out 5thH if she found her stride.
      Either way, she’ll have a future for herself, I have no doubt.

      • PGV says:

        You are right about Bea being “sick.” She tweeted tonight, “@BeatriceMiller I know I haven’t sounded my best the last two days, I have a hemorrhage on one of my vocal chords.” She still sounded better than the off-key screaming Cece. Totally agree that this was a strategic move on the part of Simon and LA. Keep the weaker singer in an effort to keep your contestants around longer. Makes the show a Sham!

    • Tess says:

      Honestly, the look on Simon’s face said a lot – he seemed to want to send CeCe home based on her performances but probably felt that Beatrice was taking it so hard already just being in the bottom 2 that to make her go through that again somewhere down the line would just be more cruel. I think it’s undeniable that Beatrice is the better singer of the two and that she was more deserving to stay and even sang rings around CeCe while choking on tears – but – Simon’s probably right to be concerned about her well being. She seems to have a lot on her plate for a 13 year old.
      With any luck, CeCe’s back in the bottom next week and finally gets the boot she should’ve gotten weeks ago.

      • bbl says:

        I missed the first few episodes this season, but it seems that all CeCe does is sob and cry. If anyone was cracking under the pressure it was CeCe, who let her emotions ruin her recent performances.

        I’m also taking Simon’s apparent concern for Beatrice’s emotional well-being with a grain of salt; he needlessly tortured Jennel just to get a rise out of Demi before sending her home. Real class act.

        • kavyn says:

          I think you misspelled Paige’s name,

        • nycbarb says:

          Sorry, but I don’t buy CeCe’s tears. Early on, she was portrayed as an over confident, kind of mean diva so I think they’ve advised her to look more vulnerable and “human”. Looks like they’re trying to make her more lovable but, IMHO, it isn’t working. She is loud but not good. She should have gone home the first time she was in the bottom two. I think she got votes the previous week because the judges were so (justifiably) hard on her. Notice they really softened up their criticism of her this week though she was b-a-d. I don’t think it will be long until she gets the boot though.

      • FreeHaley says:

        Total BS. CeCe has been cracking even more than Beatrice. Simon did the same stuff he flipped out over when Nicole and Paula did it last year. CeCe wasa big part of early packages and Beatrice was not and there is your answer right there. Plus Beatrice could be a more long term threat to his 5th harmony.

  7. ed says:

    I am totally in aggreement that Ce Ceshould of went home

  8. blah says:

    I’m starting to dislike fans. Haley had a fan for rhiannon and got voted off, Elise used a fan for No One and got voted off, and now Beatrice used a fan and got voted off. NO MORE FANS!!

    • teatime says:

      You might be on to something there. I know I always think in these competitions that it looks silly when they have the fans on them.

    • Vetle says:

      Elise was voted off after I Want It All and that Jimi Hendrix song, I believe.

      I’m pissed that Bea went home. All my favorites are gone, Lyric, Jennel and now Bea… and I’m losing interest in Fifth Harmony (one of my four). Ugh. Guess I’ll root for Carly, and CeCe because she is an underdog (still sad that CeCe got through instead of Beatrice though!)

    • bip says:

      On second thought… someone get CeCe a fan, stat!!!

  9. Danny says:

    At the very end of the show, did anyone else see that guy from Emblem 3 goose Khloe? It’s almost when the credits rolled. I have it on DVD & it’s tough to tell. Ya see her sort of jump. I know for a fact he’s got his hand around her waist for a moment there right after that. What a crock. I’d like to see her husband, who’s like 6’10, drive that punk into the ground like a spike.

    As for the acts, I knew it wouldn’t happen, but I thought Arin & Emblem 3 should go. I felt that last night. It had nothing to do with what I saw today. Emblem 3 reminds me a bit of Sanjaya, only it’s Simon pushing them rather than Vote for the Worst. Emblem 3 isn’t quite as bad as Sanjaya, but they’re pretty close.

    I figured it would be Arin & Paige who actually went though.

    I felt bad for Beatrice, but I do think that the whole situation was getting overwhelming for her. It’s probably best she goes now. In looking back on American Idol, if someone cries during the auditions, it’s probably better to cut them early. Their emotions aren’t going to get any better as they get closer to the jackpot. These shows won’t do that of course, because they want the drama involved.

    Tate being #2 despite going first is a good sign for him. I figured he’d be about #5 or something. Now the judges- at least Simon & Demi- will start making petty comments about the guy to position their contestant. They can’t just say the guy blows chunks all of a sudden, but get ready for little comments like “ya did well, but I didn’t feel the emotion” to come out a little bit more often.

    • Kamokunz says:

      YOU compare EMBLEM3 to SANJAYA? THEY CAN SING. You douche. They also play instruments (they had many songs prior to X Factor). Their performance was GOOD, of course it wasn’t off the roof, but it was GOOD. I think someone is just being bias and had something personal here. Bitch pleeease.

      • Danny says:

        So they played instruments. That doesn’t mean they can sing. They’re brutal. Sanjaya is the right comparison for those guys. Teenage girls like you who fall for Simon’s BS are the only reason they’re still around. Go pop a zit.

        • kamokunz says:

          Well, you can suck it up when they become the most successful act out of this bunch. Did One Direction have good vocals when they were on? Nope, they were always singing to a backup track. But that also didn’t stop them from becoming stars. Really, that’s how “X Factor” is supposed to be, lame old crappy American Idol can’t be compared here.

          • Anna says:

            Wait, so you’re fine with people winning that can’t sing well? As long as post-show, Simon can auto tune them right up, you’re fine with that? I’m not looking to bash or praise Emblem3 – they have their demographic; I am not a teenaged girl, so really I’m indifferent to them. I find them to be a bit forgettable. Your comment regarding the point of this show is what scares me and saddens me about the direction the music business is going. If this is your opinion, should it even matter who wins? We can roboticize Paige’s lack of a voice and make her the next Rhianna while real singers who don’t want to be auto tuned lack popularity because they don’t sound synthesized.

          • Danny says:

            I don’t care what they do after the show. They’re not gonna get any of my $$$. If you want to spend your money on that garbage, go ahead. I care that the best act wins the show. Emblem3 is not that act. They’re not even close.

            I guess I would also like a little honesty from the judges. I guess that’s like wanting honesty from a politician though. Simon, Demi, and LA could star in a remake of Pinochio. Brittany’s off in space it seems, but I actually don’t think she’s lying. My belief is she thinks every one of those acts are pretty good. So while I’m not even close to agreeing with her, I feel in her mind she’s telling the truth.

          • Didi says:

            I am sure they can sell a decent amount of albums.
            But let’s keep it real for a moment here: It won’t happen because they are good singers.

  10. Stacey says:

    They weren’t going to let CeeCee go unless they have to. She is weak. And therefore they can protect their own groups if they are ever down in the final two with CeeCee. Beatrice had the potential to get better…. if she conquered her confidence issues… CeeCee is just too unlikable to ever be a challenge… Also what did Beatrice in was that it was a double elimination. Also, she’s always been in the back. So it’s not a shocker.

  11. Jack says:

    I PERSONALLY WANT A HEADCOUNT FOR EVERYBODY VOTING FOR PAIGE!! It makes no sense to me. If she truly enters the top 5, I’ll flip out. Cece didn’t deserve to be in the bottom. Like simon said, the pressure was getting to Beatrice. Plus Britney has Carly and diamond, I’m sure she’s fine. Paige must go next week. Emblem 3 should hopefully be on their way out. I just think they’re D-bags.I love vino, but he’ll be in that 3rd position til the end. Those 3 will never change. I hope we get 1 last Cece/Paige show-off, before either of them go.

  12. Mandy says:

    Who really cares who goes home first. Carly or Tate is going to win this thing! I’m shocked that Diamond was so low on the rankings. She should be in the top 4 I believe. This show is racist. All of middle America is voting for that boring Tate Stevens. Why bother entering a singing competition when WGWG will end up winning.

    • kavyn says:

      Tate’s probably going to win since the only way the producers could get Carly to beat Tate was by having Tate perform first and Carly last.

      • Jason says:

        No there’s no way Carly is going to lose! She was only less then one percnt behind him in week two. She then outsang everybody! They put the person last who they think is going to be best of the night! She will not lose the number one position again! She will pick up all of Beatrice’s votes and probably both of Arin’s votes! Each week she will pick up the loser’s votes! Tate will not pick up any votes from leaving acts!

        • teatime says:

          Carly’s not getting my Beatrice votes any time soon. I was voting for Beatrice because I really enjoyed some of her performances and I at least liked the rest of her performances. I liked listening to her voice. I thought she was interesting. I was not voting for her because of her age so my votes don’t go from her to someone else in her age group. Vino is the other contestant I have been voting for. Depending on the performances next week he will get all my Beatrice votes next week.
          Still, you raise an interesting issue about where votes go as contestants leave every week. Some of Beatrice’s votes will probably go to Carly and Diamond. I wonder if a large percent of Lyric 145 votes went to Emblem 3. I wonder if once Paige or CeCe leaves if the other will get a big bounce the next week.

    • Jason says:

      If it’s racist why did melanie amaro win last year?

    • tiffanie says:

      I agree with who cares what order they get kicked off in but the racist thing I don’t. Tate probably gets a lot of votes cause he is older and acts like he’s a very family nice guy, and also he’s the only country singer. Carly is and has stood out from get go and not had a bad or off week cause yes she is that good. I agree diamond is very good also but her paige ceecee arin and beatrice plus groups too, all sing same type of music so votes really split between them to me voting never has been anything to do with any comments judges make except some may vote for bad performances just cause judges put them down, I’ve read people saying they feel sorry or felt bad cause simon etc. Hurt their feelings and also if more populated place where a contestant comes from, more votes they could get. I don’t feel race has anything to do with it

  13. Angela says:

    While I think that CeCe definitely deserved to go, I agreed with Simon’s decision and the logic behind it. As Beatrice stood on the stage crying, I was thinking exactly what Simon ended up saying. It was becoming too much for her and she’s not emotionally mature enough to handle this kind of pressure and disappointment. She wasn’t going to win the competition anyway so why make her go through this week after week? CeCe will probably be gone next week or the week after, so I’m not really sure why it matters what order they go.

    • FreeHaley says:

      Has CeCe looked liked she has been handling it? COme on. Cheap lie from Simon.

      • Angela says:

        CeCe was a wreck but she’s an adult. Beatrice is only 13 and to me there was a world of difference in their reactions. Beatrice is reacting like a child because that’s what she is. At this point it would be cruel to keep her around. She would never win especially when you have the more talented and more seasoned Carly still in the contest and in the top spot.

        • linds says:

          Thank you. Totally agree with both of your comments, Angela. I really think Simon was worried about Beatrice…. and as the mother of a teenage girl I felt VERY concerned about the pressure this young sweetheart was feeling – not only to win, but to provide a home for her parents, and especially her sisters. I’ll admit I’m still a Simon fan, but that didn’t stop me from being repelled by his insistence last week that Demi choose which of her girls she wanted to eliminate. But this one? I don’t think it was about positioning his own team, although that probably didn’t hurt. I think he was truly concerned about Beatrice – and still has Rachel Crow’s painful exit in his head.

          • FreeHaley says:

            @linds- ” I think he was truly concerned about Beatrice – and still has Rachel Crow’s painful exit in his head.”

            And so he goes and does the same thing?? He said zero about how she was not ready and could not handle it. Even after she had the ultimate meltdown he said he was beyond furious they had cut her just because the other judge thought the boy was cuter. He didn’t make one mention about it was just as well since she couldn’t handle the pressure. You are giving him wayyyyy too much credit. And if he cared that much he would have raised the limit.

        • FreeHaley says:

          And yet last year Rachel handled it even worse and Simon was furious afterwards that she was the one that Nicole sent home so there you have it pure Simon BS.

          • linds says:

            @FreeHaley – You might be right; Personally, I loved Rachel and thought Beatrice was even more unique and special, while CeCe self-destructed both in voice and image ages ago. What worried me about Beatrice was the weekly descent into traumatic panic and misplaced guilt that seemed to be overwhelming her confidence and even any enjoyment she was getting out of the journey. This is a brutal business, and Beatrice’s heart – which I think everyone agrees she brilliantly puts into every song – just seems way too fragile at this juncture. Having said that, I predict a stunning career in her future because of that heart and spirit. I really hope Glee snatches her up – she can act and sing and has more ‘X’ than most of the rest put together – but this competition was too much for her, I think.

          • linds says:

            @FreeHaley – in other words, maybe I was just projecting my own concern onto Simon, but I do think he has more heart than he’s given credit for at times – which I no doubt believe simply because he loves dogs, lol.

  14. Owen says:

    As much as I have come to dislike CeCe’s vocals, I have to admit her Save Me song was her best vocal since boot camp and way stronger and more on pitch then poor sick Bea, who has had pitch problems herself, but usually is somewhat better than CeCe.

    • Vetle says:

      I agree, I think CeCe sounded really good on her save me song, which saddens me because Bea was my fave. But if CeCe can pull out another vocal like that, I wouldn’t mind seeing her in the top 5. I’d rather have her than Emblem3, Tate or Paige.

  15. Nicole says:

    I thought f5th harmony should of been higher on the list I thought that they were way better than Paige Thomas and emblem3. Also Thy diamond white should of been in front of Paige Thomas. I thought the bottom to should of been Paige Thomas. Arin had a bad song choice. I don’t like Cece but I thought she was good last night. There something about Beatrice just has rubbed me the wrong way. She was good at the judges house but during the live shows she has not impressed me.

  16. Christine says:

    I thought Beatrice’s save me song was the best she’s done in the live rounds. Cece was her usual horrible self but I knew when it came down to the two of them, Beatrice was a goner. They want Cece around because there is no way in hell she is going to win this and is no competition. She is so painfully flat on the verses and mumbles her way through them, then she shrieks through the chorus like a cat in heat getting run over by a steamroller. The girl is completely tone deaf and her voice is not the least bit pleasant to listen to. Who the hell is voting for this girl? Or Paige for that matter?!

  17. Aida says:

    Come on, America! Cece? Really? I’m from small country and I guess you don’t know where it is, but I can’t vote. I hate it, because I have to watch best singers going home. And Cece.. Ohhhh, whatever, I’m not going to watch this whole thing anymore. The Voice and even Idol is million times better than this.

  18. Vetle says:

    It is so stupid how they didn’t have the first double elimination during top 13 week, then keep it a single elimination this week for the thanksgiving spirit. UUUGHHH.

  19. karen says:

    did anyone else notice that Mario didn’t say Carly’s last name correctly at one point? Towards the end of the show? And then on performance night, KK called Cher Lloyd “Cheryl” Lloyd?

  20. Jason says:

    I think partly they cut Beatrice because she has been saying stuff in the press against the producers and Britney. Her voice was good not great! They have to put an end to this putting 13 year olds in these tense competitions. Didn’t they learn anything from the Rachel Crow debacle last year! Beatrice would have been much better off waiting 5 years! She could get a TV gig out of it but her voice is not ready for a recording contract or live shows! But she did outsing Cher Loyd who lyp sang that whole performance

  21. Louis says:

    Beatrice was the only one that I saw myself buying her music. She is a true artist and I thing this all thing was set up because she was complaining last week with journalists about the bad song choices of the producers. Xfactor just wanted her to be out. Hope to hear her singing soon. I’m done watching this show.

    • FreeHaley says:

      Show is a joke. Never supported her. And man the voters too. I mean come on Paige had a train wreck and she gets two spots higher??? CeCe has had a LOT more troubles too. And how the hell do the jduges save someone who has already bottom two twice before and hasn’t been superior to the other singer the past few weeks and never even had something as signature as Titanium.

  22. bip says:

    There’s something really wrong when a 13 year old is apologizing as though she’s the one responsible for the financial well being of her family. That’s just not right.

  23. teatime says:

    I knew if Beatrice was in the bottom 3 she would be sent home by the judges. I even posted that yesterday. Still, she was taking it hard being in the bottom. The age limit is really low. We saw last year, too, how difficult this pressure can be for the younger contestants.
    Unlike many other young performers, Beatrice is not just good ‘for her age.’ She was not a precocious youngster who was getting a lot of attention because it was surprising that such a young performer could be so comfortable on stage and maybe imitate performers who are much older. Instead, she is a good singer with an interesting tone who when performing seemed to be several years older then she is. I expect she will only be better several year from now when she will still be a teenage singer. I hope this is just a stepping stone in her career that has given her a lot of valuable experience.

  24. Tim says:

    I don’t know why Beatrice never quite caught on with the public. But now that she’s out of the way, it’s pretty much Carly’s to lose.

  25. dan says:

    It was awful watching Beatrice’s reaction to being eliminated from the show. She’s fantastic, though. I hope she ends up putting out an album.

  26. Terri Angelidestcangelides says:

    Simon said it best about Lyric 145 “the show needs the ENERGY of this group.” Somebody please explain to me how Emblem 3 is still on the show and Lyric 145 is gone. These 3 guys are so forgettable, dare I say not unlike 5000 other white boy rap groups! Lyric could sing AND move-Eyepatch is a gorgeous dancer-she oozes rhythm in every move (Michael Jackson would have spotted it in one nano second) and you knuckleheads (sorry) sent them packing!! Now the show is less interesting. And Vino, love your voice, your songs etc. but you’ve GOT to STOP POINTING and start remembering you’re not black!

  27. FreeHaley says:

    Wow, I can’t believe it! What a freaking joke! How the heck do CeCe and even more Paige survive longer than Beatrice?!??? WTH! And since when do they save someone already in the bottom 2 twice already, come on?! Same stupid calculated voting junk as last season. Last season Simon got all PO when Paula and Nicole did that and dumped Drew and he got rid of them and now he does the same thing!

    Sorry but I am done with the show. A show where Paige and CeCe can last past Beatrice is a show and when the judges don’t save the clearly better singer it is beyond a joke. They never even gave her a single more up tempo as she had wanted. And I can’t help but think maybe the two moms didn’t work in middle america. I just don’t get how Paige could miss almost every single note and get two places above her???

    Wow utterly stunned. Once Arin went home I was sure Beatrice was safe. Then was Paige was safe I got a weird feeling but I still thought they have to let CeCe go after that many sing for your lifes and all the great stuff Beatrice has done. Then again Simon and the show always kind of muted her praises. SHe sure didn’t get a feature cut in the early shows. And those are the ones they always seem to try to save no matter what.

    Anwyay I’ve had it with the show. Gonna save some time and just stick with The Voice.

    I didn’t even get to see Beatrice sing one last time since they put the dumb show on Thanksgiving and then football sent it late and my DVR missed the end (I thought I had it set to record Glee just in case that happened, but I guess not) and man cutting someone on Thanksgiving way to give Arin and Beatrice a happy holiday!

  28. JenD says:

    is anyone else completely destroyed by beatrice (who is lovely, but probably not ready) bawling on stage during her elimination while wearing that horrible ‘popular’ baseball cap? i hope someone gets fired for letting her go on stage with that on.

    • Emma says:

      IKR! I was thinking the same thing… what an unfortunate choice of hat… oh dear. But I had to agree with Simon, Bea was just not ready for this… as evidenced by her sobbing on stage last night (at least she didn’t collaspe in a heap like Rachel Crow).

  29. analythinker says:

    BEA deserved to stay (I’m with you, Slezak). I know people tend to say over and over that in a singing competition you need to be able to master every song, even if it’s out of your usual genre(s), but in my opinion, Beatrice was given the wrong song choice, every single week. For me, she’s the kind to be singer-songwriter type like Missy Higgins or Ingrid Michaelson, but I guess Britney doesn’t know that genre (heh) so she didn’t steer her in that direction.

    And, even though it’s supposed to be about the talent, Bea’s outfits on the show were mostly atrocious. Her OWN sense of style is MUCH better.

    I wonder if Britney tried to throw her under the bus (for Carly or Diamond’s sake) with those decisions.

    • FreeHaley says:

      It was the production I think. They never tried to feature her much to start. And those contestants are given help along later. Beatrice was even saying she was worried that they kept making her wear rags (and then of course gets attacked and bullied and worse for daring to say that). And cutting her on Thanksgiving like that in a cruel way after she had done better and they hadn’t even given her a Titanium or what not next week, sad, sad moves by LA Reid and $imon.

    • tiffanie says:

      Brittney has shown and about said from day 1 that beatrice is her favorite and bea will be fine she is an actor and has jobs look on imdb

  30. greysfan says:

    I seriously can’t believe they kept Cece AGAIN!!!! Is it strategic? Not happy Beatrice was sent home. She sung so much better then her in the final showdown. Simon you are an idiot.

    • christy says:

      I agree 100% about CeCe..she has not been good since day one. She is SO off key when she has to actually SING, and when she’s not off key she’s just yelling her songs. Beatrice always did a beautiful job on all of her songs. In all honesty though, I see Carly Rose or Tate or Emblem 3 winning. I too, wish they would have kept Lyric145. They were so much fun to watch and listen to. Don’t know what’s going on with those 5 girls though. They are ok but Lyric145 was better. Way better

  31. Shy says:

    I think I’m ready to abandon X Factor. I feel that they will loose many-many viewers today. There is no one to wait for now.
    I used to wait to see performance of Lyric145. They are gone. I like Arin as a person and always hoped he would improve and be interesting like in American Boy. Now he is gone. Beatrice has grown on me past two weeks. She is gone too. Now I only like to see Emblem 3 and Fifth Harmony.
    I can’t listen to Tate and Vino no matter how good their voice is. The are BORING. All the songs that they sing sound like one. It’s like they sing the same freaking song every week.
    I used to like mini-Rihanna Page. I wanted her so much to survive judges houses. But week after week she disappoints. Weak, very quiet voice and that fact that she always cries for no reason. Page did not live up to expectations.
    And yesterdays results? What were you thinking Simon? X Factor has such low ratings. Every viewer counts. And to let go sweet CHILD Beatrice and leave CeCe – the person who people hate and don’t like, the one who 2 times ended up in elimination place because no one voted for her… She will be on same place next week too. But viewers won’t come back.

  32. diego says:

    Beatrice was the only contestant I actually connected with when she sang. They say she wasn’t able to put up with pression, not like the other teens, but I think she had just more pressure on her. And damn, was she brilliant singing white flag…

  33. RchC says:

    Beatrice ruptured her vocal chords that is why she is going home. Her voice was too damaged to keep singing.

  34. RD says:

    I think it says it all for the public vote when even on this site someone says that they thought Cece’s caterwauling mess was good last night.No hope,obviously.

  35. Linda says:

    I read somewhere last week that someone said that Brittany had all 4 of her contestants left and Simon answered that mark his words, she would soon lose some of her team very soon. Coincidence she lost two this week? Ummmm

  36. Carrie says:

    I really hoped x factor would improve this season, and instead as I watch it I finding myself questioning what is stopping me from changing channels. Is it the hope that Britney will utter more than 5 syllables at any time? Is it the hope that Mario or one of the contestants will ask Khloe to stop pawing at them or that she will stop wearing skin tight clothes ala Kim? last night I watched in the hope that both of Demi’s pitchy pop starlesses would be outed and instead we had Simon pretending that Beatrice was not ready. That kid may have more on her plate than most 13 year olds could handle but at least she can hold a tune and be emotional at the same time. Cece has butchered her songs and Paige cannot hold it together and neither of them have an interesting tone like Beatrice, who could potentially become a star while Demi’s Diva wannabes will never be heard from after they get booted. And am I the only one cynical enough to think that Cece’s evolution into a crybaby is manufactured? She seemed more genuine at the beginning when she was competitive and not there to make friends.

    • Slatina Whorinova says:

      CeCe made the transition to emotional crybaby after Demi told her she might come off unlikeable. Before that, she was a stone cold tough-as-nails bitch.

  37. Slatina Whorinova says:

    It is a mystery why the mentors keep saving CeCe Frey. I mean, she has been consistently terrible since the beginning of the live shows. She cannot hold a candle to Beatrice, even if Beatrice sounds like she smokes at least three packs of cigs a day.

  38. Canadian_JBS says:

    I think it’s become quite clear who the final four will be. However, I personally feel the only two acts who have a chance of success after the show are Carly and Emblem3. Tate, while a good country singer, he would get lost amongst the other, already established, great country singers. Vino is also a really good singer, but it would be pretty hard to market him. Carly is hands down the best vocalist in this thing, but I fear she, especially at her young age, would lose in a battle of what she wants and what record executives want. Record execs would mostly like ruin the beautiful voice she has by having her sing pop dreck. Emblem3 is primed to print money. They’re young, cute, and girls will fangirl over them. However, they, like Carly, could have what is great about them ruined. Their stuff pre-show (original music and covers on youtube) are actually pretty great. They have this style that’s a mix of punk rock, hip hop, reggae, and a dash of pop. It can appeal to not only girls, but guys as well. But what they are doing on the show is not them. I fear that they will be pushed in the direction of generic boy bands. Even though I love them and hope they get contracts, I would rather Carly and Emblem3 not win so as to preserve what great talents they have.

    • Aria says:

      Agree 100%. I’m seeing Emblem3 as the only real marketable force here. Based on overall package, Fifth Harmony, Paige, CeCe, and Tate have a shot but are distant behind Emblem3. Given the kind of music Carly has done so far, I can’t see her as a pop hit maker.

      • Lisa says:

        Tate and Carly could be extremely marketable–moreso than Emblem3. Country is a gigantic genre and generally country artists coming out of these competitions (winners or also-rans) tend to better than their pop or R&B counterparts. This is especially so when you compare male pop contestants with male country contestants. Country music accepts reality competition male stars far more than pop music does (pop fans tend to have a short “love them, then leave them” attitude towards male pop contestants).

        If Carly is marketed towards teens, she won’t do well. If she is marketed towards females aged 30-55, then she could do fantastic. Preturnaturally talented young female singers with grown-up voices tend to sell well.

        Emblem3 may do fine in the beginning, but here in the U.S. we’re really hard on male reality show pop artists. These guys have the added strike that they would be coming off of X Factor, a less popular version of American Idol. They are pretty one-note as far as performances go–they may or may not be good songwriters, but their singing voices are only middling. This fault would be fine (see: Justin Bieber) if there wasn’t already a deluge of new boy bands already coming up the ranks filling the market. While Emblem3 might now want to consider themselves a boy band, that’s how they’ve been portrayed so far on the show. Unless there’s a big change after the show, it’s how they’ll be marketed.

  39. Emma says:

    Tate has this in the bag. He had the death spot and still managed to finish in second place, only behind the act that had the pimp spot. It’s kinda ironic actually because LA Reid was so mad when he got stuck with the over-25’s and now it looks like 2 of his acts are a lock for the top 3!

    • Hannah says:

      I was confused on Tate’s first place ranking on the first results show. Then I realized he is a great singer and the only country singer in the competition. He can work on his stage presence later (and he has). I might not be a fan, but Tate looks like a winner. A lot of people are going to keep him in the top.

  40. Sinclair says:

    There’s something about a 13-year-old having an emotional breakdown on national TV that really put a damper on my Thanksgiving day. And Khloe’s robotic reading of the cue cards almost made my dinner come back up.

  41. Sara says:

    When it comes to STARDOM, Paige is #1. I mean look at the girl, she is a star from top to bottom. Good songwriters, producers and autotune – and she is ready to compete with Rihanna and Gaga. I actually hope for her sake that she gets eliminated as soon as possible, so that she doesn’t do more dreadful performances and ruin her chances for a contract. If she would leave at this point, I think her chances are pretty good. She doesn’t have THE VOICE but she has THE X-FACTOR – and that counts more in today’s buisness.

    When it comes to VOICE, Carly outshines the rest. But I cant see a place for her in today’s market. I cant see what type of a record she would make or what kind of people she would work with.

    • joaqfer says:

      I agree about Carly, and all the rest. I do think Paige is good, and I also think that that’s why CeCe is still around. She might not be likable as a person, but I think she has popstar tattooed all over her. Don’t hate her please, LOL.

    • soundscene says:

      Carly could easily be marketed to adults by producing a record of pop-jazz recordings. Something like what Joss Stone did back when she was a teenager, but perhaps a tad more on the pop side. Actually, something in the vein of Adele. Marketed well and it would sell… a lot.

      If she’s marketed like a tween pop star then she’s sunk.

  42. Margie says:

    Three years from now Beatrice could kill it on Idol. As long as Fox let’s her audition for another Fox singing show.

    • CAM says:

      Hey, they let Arin back on XFactor and back to the live shows. He may have been in the groups last year, but he started out on his own and was put in a group last year.

  43. Cece needsto go. Girl was screaching. I felt bad for Beatrice forleaving. Emblem 3 need to . get out.

  44. Mike Matranga says:

    The x factor show/producers/ and judges have all now also been eliminated by popular choice in the eyes,ears and minds of thousands in the weekly tv audience for conduct unbecoming. Their job is to find new talent…to grow and nurture it…and not to put it at risk! On behalf of many Beatrice Miller fans ….I have to ask you why did the show’s producers let a young 13 year old girl perform last night when they knew she had burst a blood vessel on her vocal chords? They could have switched to a single elimination last night to work around a contestant’s health issues.This kid has a bright future ahead of her and to force her to sing at the risk of permanent damage to her voice makes no sense to me. They should be ashamed and held accountable for this…She was a bright light who connected with the audience and without her …the x factor is now a non-factor.

  45. rwfblog says:

    To the folks who say they wanted Cece and Paige to go home, did you really prefer Arin to either of them? The girls were mediocre, yes, but Arin — with his repeated gaspings for breath — was actually painful to listen to. (Why didn’t someone teach him how to breathe while singing??) I was pretty sure it would be Arin and Cece to go home, and I’ll bet they were bottom two.

    That all said, Beatrice obviously is not ready for the pressure. I don’t know if it is just that particular 13-year-old girl’s emotional maturity, or something more, possibly having to do with her home life. I wish her well and believe she could be a “Disney Kid”.

    • Slatina Whorinova says:

      Well, there was a reason Ellona Santiago was the lead singer in Intensity, not Arin.

    • Slatina Whorinova says:

      Spiky-haired dude from Emblem3 needs to take off his tank top and just perform naked.

    • soundscene says:

      I prefered Arin over Cece. Arin was in tune far more than Cece, whose voice has been so weak and off key in all her live performances that it has become painful to listen or watch. When she gets good reviews from the judges I can only think that the sound in the studio with its echoing and acoustics doesn’t pick up what we hear straight from the mic recording. I can’t fathom why people vote for her. She has maybe one or two notes in her wheelhouse–those high ones she prolongs so she can actually tune them while she’s holding the note. She has no lower register and I can only believe that perhaps she has poor pitch. As in, she can’t hear how out of tune she is while she’s singing.

      Beatrice perhaps wasn’t ready for the pressure and, given that it seems she had vocal cord problems, it may be good she was sent home. I’m just annoyed I will have to listen to Cece next week. It’s getting sad.

  46. Desi says:

    CeCe is still there because Demi has become so attached to her, perhaps personally, because she has a very weak voice and is often off pitch. She should have been gone weeks ago, definitely before Janelle!!!!!

  47. Princess Adora says:

    Booooooooooooo to the X-Factor! First Jillian Jensen, Lyric 145, Jennel Garcia, and now Beatrice Miller. This all reminds me too much of season 9 of American Idol. All the interesting talent sent home too early, leaving not much (if any) reason to watch it at all.

  48. Dave says:

    “So did Demi Lovato, selfishly backing her own horse.” every mentor has voted in favor of their own act in the bottom this season. Why does she only get called out on it?

  49. Sarah says:

    Lol @ “Demi selfishly backing her own act”. That’s kind of the point of this competition.

    • Dave says:

      lol right? “Britney Spears was the only one who made the right decision!!11” lol. And last week when Demi was the only one to make the right desicion there was no mention of it. I can’t with these double standards.

  50. onlyakb says:

    even Paige was surprise to be safe, her face was like, are you kidding me?how?!! anyway I really wanted Bea to stay!
    at the end I thought the judges were trying to level Britney contestants cos till then she had all 4 of them while they had just 2, and in one elimination they got rid of two of hers!!
    Arin, seriosuly it was time to go. Now Bea I really saw her going further in the competition!! is a total shame!!
    and now I can’t believe we have to stand Cece butchering Kelly Clarkson songs! seriously are the judges death or something?

    • April says:

      It is really sad that the judges (or the producers) are making these decisions strategically rather than based on talent. Last week they booted out Jennel (Demi’s only chance at winning) and this week they booted out Bea just so each judge has two contestants left. It’s sad and is really making the show drop in quality.