Glee Recap: It Takes Two to Make It Outta Sight

blaine superhero glee“Dynamic Duets” isn’t going to make anyone’s list of the most memorable episodes in Glee history, but in the spirit of the holiday, let’s just be thankful that we had something other than procedural reruns and pro football to help keep us from fully succumbing to tryptophan comas.

And hey, we got Beiste without a side of Schue, another amusing (and self-deprecating) dig at “Night of Neglect,” and a self-sufficient Finn who’s not just sitting around moping over his on-again, off-again romance with his high-school sweetheart.

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If, however, you got distracted drying your tears after watching Activia commercials, here’s what you missed on Glee:

* Finn got off on a sour note as New Directions’ new advisor, suggesting a “Foreigner” theme (songs by Foreigner sung in foreign languages wearing various national costumes) for Sectionals. Beiste gave her former student some solid advice — “be their hero” — and so Finn put on his tights and cape and suggested a plan B, “Dynamic Duets.” At the same time, he concocted a plan to stamp out bad blood between Ryder and Jake, as well as Kitty and Marley, by forcing them to pair up on homework assignments. When Jake discovered Ryder’s difficulty with reading, Finn took over, got New Directions’ newest member some much needed testing, and found out the kid was dyslexic. Cue a sweet, genuinely emotional scene between Finn and Ryder (complete with a hilariously random shot of a Cheerio strolling by in a neck brace), followed by the New Directions crew full embracing their mentor by gifting him with a superhero tool belt complete with markers, a doll’s head (thanks for the chuckle, Brittany), and antacids (to fend off instances of the “showchoir squirts”). Looks like Mr. Hudson is settling in to the choir room for the long haul, eh?

* Side note: Who else was delighted by Tina’s incensed response to Ryder and Kitty joining New Directions without so much as an audition, and especially her suggestion that Finn call in college freshman Santana to rejoin the club to hit the magic 12-member mark, “Because apparently she’s better than anyone enrolled here”? If she doesn’t get a major moment at Sectionals, girlfriend might want to consider pulling a Yentl and trying on a Dalton Warblers blazer!

* Ryder and Jake began the hour as bitter rivals in their pursuit of Marley. But after getting into a fistfight during their duet on “Superman,” Finn made them sit down and reveal their deepest insecurities (Ryder’s reading woes, Jake’s issues being biracial and Jewish). And since Jake helped Ryder on his path to being diagnosed as dyslexic — loved the comic-book hero edit of the reading test scene, btw — Ryder returned the favor by sticking up for his new pal (along with Becky and the New Directions’ superfriends) in the face of lunchroom bullying. Is this the start of a beautiful friendship?

* Marley confessed to frenemy Kitty that she’s been making herself throw up every day, and while her schizophrenic rival seemed to be encouraging the bulimic behavior, she then pulled a 180, insisted Marley change her hero name from Wall Flower to Woman Fierce, and enlisted her for a rather nifty duet to a Bonnie Tyler classic. Kitty does, however, seem to be having a bitchy influence on the wide-eyed innocent: When Ryder had to postpone their date because of a Saturday morning meeting with a dyslexia counselor, Marley promptly went and made plans with Jake! (Not sure I’m buying that total lack of empathy on the part of Ms. Rose). Meanwhile, Jake sought advice from Puck — lay back, be cool, that’s how I bagged Teri Hatcher, was big bro’s message — and determined to try to stay friends with Ryder while not giving up on his dream of dating Marley. Courting favor with Mrs. Rose (and complimenting her recent weight loss) might not be a bad place to start, bro.

* Last but not least, this week also found Blaine — president of the Secret Society of Superheroes club — going through an identity crisis. After heading to his former stomping grounds of Dalton Academy to retrieve New Directions’ stolen Nationals Trophy — without so much as a mild flirtation with Sebastian (bummer!) — the new head of the Warblers invited Blaine to slip back into his red-trimmed blazer and consider a return to the fold. Sam, however, said Blaine needed to stop punishing himself for his indiscretions against Kurt, and after a day of good deeds (painting over graffiti! participating in a food drive!) Blaine realized he belonged at McKinley. Cue Sam and Blaine absconding with their trophy. Cue their Warbler rivals, totally thwarted. “Blam!” “Slaine!” I approve!

* Hey, where were Rachel and Kurt and New York City? Planning a fall 2013 spinoff series, perhaps?

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Episode’s Best Zingers
“Your name sounds like your parents named you after a cowgirl doll who comes with her own pony.” –Jake, insulting his rival Ryder Lynn

“Last night I teared up at an Activia commercial.” –Beiste, explaining her hormone issues

“My name is Hunter Clarington. I’m the new captain of the Warblers, and I’m not even remotely bi-curious.” –Hunter, introducing himself to Blaine

This exchange, regarding the awfulness of Finn’s proposed “Foreigner” theme.
Tina: “Worse than Funk.”
Artie: “Worse than Night of Neglect.”

“Deal do we have here?” –Finn, after Ryder and Jake tell him he sounds like Yoda

Grades for This Week’s Musical Numbers
* Blaine and the Warblers, “Dark Side”: C+ (this felt a bit like a retread, and lacked the zippy energy of the best Warblers numbers, no?)

* Ryder and Jake, “Superman”: B (whether or not you’re feeling the new New Directions’ story arcs, it has to be said these two are awfully cute)

* Marley and Kitty, “Holding Out for a Hero”: B+ (upgraded a notch for Kitty’s opening split move and subsequent whip play)

* Sam and Blaine, “Heroes”: A- (I’m digging this unexpected friendship, even if the “let’s paint over graffiti” montage was a wee bit ghastly)

* New Directions, “Some Nights”: B (hey, they let Tina sing a line!)

What did you think of “Dynamic Duets”? What were your favorite moments? Are you developing a soft spot for any of the Season 4 newcomers? Sound off in the comments, and for all my Glee recaps and commentary, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. Sam says:

    Gangnam Style for Sectionals? LOL Finn.

    Loved Some Nights, might be my favorite song of the season.

    • S says:

      Best part of the episode was the preview of next week with Santana. That slap between Santana and Quinn looks amazing. I know that the Glee people want to shove the 2.0 kids down our throats but I can’t. It’s not like it’s been 10 years and they are trying to regain some of their glory days by giving us these storylines and characters that we have already seen. We literally just saw these kinds of characters and storylines. I miss the old crew, I miss crazy Quinn and Mercedes and Santana and the old Rachel and Kurt. They made us care about those characters for 3 seasons and now they are just gone. I didn’t sign up for the 2.0’s. I hope the Glee people rethink this and not before it’s too late.

      • fred says:

        I could not agree with you more. The new cast lacks chemistry. I invested 3yrs in the original cast and miss the love that brought them all together. Primarily Finn and Rachele.

        • Ryan says:

          I completely disagree. I think the new cast is fantastic. I absolutely love them. I care about them more than I have the original cast since season 1. Seasons 2 and 3 made me despise Rachel and Finn and Quinn.

          • Phil says:

            Agreed. I love the new kids. The old ones are cool, but I don’t really miss them. Plus, what are they going to do? Bring back graduated kids to sing around high school? blah! Also, Rachel and Kurt are really boooooooring!

      • anne says:

        I’m so afraid it’s going to be too late. I really only care about Kurt and Rachel and group numbers with all these newbies have no magic at all. I don’t see how anyone can care about them at all.

    • Rab says:

      The episode was meanest for kids on thanksgiving to watch, you like, cartoons. the was just awful. Stupid! Beyond the realm of funny! stupid! some Nights was good. Finn is just a freak to think all that for sectionals. Stupid!

  2. Heather says:

    I actually really loved this episode. Glee is at its best when it remembers it’s a comedy and throws in only small doses of the drama. I think all of the new cast are extremely talented in all aspects (singing, dancing, and most importantly acting) and I actually prefer episodes set in Lima as opposed to the New York side of things (I mean how many times can we see Rachel being upset by Cassie and Brody? Girl needs to meet new people there…it’s a big city).

  3. LilAngel says:

    still not caring about any of the new character. Actually, I’m not invested in MHS anymore; I just want to see the NYADA part (Glee without Rachel is a waste of time and talent)

    • anne says:

      I so agree. We should have left McKinley behind and followed all the kids to college.

      • Princess Adora says:

        It’s a dangerous move to make. I can’t think of a single show that got better after following the main characters to college. Saved by the Bell the College Years, Dawson’s Creek, Boy Meets World – all got worse when they left high school. I think Glee’s writers are playing it smart by changing that formula. Although I do wish we’d see a little more of Puck, Quinn and Mercedes!

  4. Anna says:

    I LOVED this episode. Didn’t even miss Rachel or Kurt. Glee works much better as a comedy, and Rachel and Kurt seem to bring nothing but drama.

    • Sebastian Warbler says:

      Totally agree! It’s about time that this show put the focus on the new blood. I can’t stand Kurt and Rachel. Blaine and Sebastian make a better looking couple.

    • sm says:

      I feel the same about Glee leave out the drama. The drama just drags down Glee to hoehum who cares anymore about Glee. New York has been written as the drama of Glee. I can’t stand it. Rachel and Kurt are wonderful at comedy, why ruin their NY segment to just stupid drama. McKinley is much better with comedy, after all, that is what Glee is supposed to be. Glee doesn’t do well when it is all drama. This was better than all the other episodes this season. Incuding Break Up. I know a lot of people liked it, but it was so drama filled to the point what is Glee any more? Please, Glee writers, stick with comedy, the show will do better. If the creators of Glee want NY to stay, they need to bring comedy to it pronto, or get rid of it, it sucks.

  5. Lena says:

    Ryder being dyslexic is a Sam 2.0–and Sam was a 2.0 of Finn! This show can’t come up with likable original characters anymore…

    AND yet I’m still addicted.

    • dude says:

      How is that a Sam 2.0? I’m pretty sure Sam can read. You guys have to get over the 2.0 crap. People sometimes have commonalities. It doesn’t make them a carbon copy of each other, it makes them similar. If Ryder starts busting out some Bane impressions, I’ll be inclined to agree with you but for now, just because Sam is kind of dopey and Ryder is dyslexic, doesn’t mean they’re a copy of each other (also, I’m pretty sure making that leap is mildly offensive to dyslexics).

  6. Sharon says:

    I thought this episode would be cheesy, and it is, but in a good way. Glee remembered it was supposed to be a comedy, and I’m glad they’re digging into Ryder’s story. I still can’t stand Kitty, though. She’s comes off as not snarky, but just mean.
    I don’t know about anyone else, but Sugar’s superpower was probably one of my favorite lines

  7. Kayla Dunn says:

    Just an FYI Tina does have a big moment at sectionals they saying gangnam style and she has the solo

    • Kate says:

      If she doesn’t get a major moment at Sectionals, girlfriend might want to consider pulling a Yentl and trying on a Dalton Warblers blazer!


  8. I LOVED this episode — it felt like Glee again, with tons of humor to go along with the few serious moments. After being weighed down so much all season by unending angst, if felt awesome to watch an episode where I laughed all the way through. And I loved not having major shipping drama weighing things down every other minute.

    The comic book theme was incorporated so well; Finn’s initial stumbles trying to lead were hilarious; lots of the cast got moments; Puck was used briefly but extremely well; the scene where Ryder learns about his dyslexia and talks about it to Finn was powerfully acted by Blake and Cory; the Kitty/Marley interaction was awesome, especially since we keep seeing the camera showing us the ‘friendship’ is all an act by a still purely evil Kitty; I loved the Warbers’ plan to seduce Blaine — and I’m someone who mostly thinks the Warblers are a total waste of screen time, but they worked in this episode; the Sam/Blaine stuff was great–especially the mission to reclaim the trophy; the music was good throughout, with “Some Nights” a total stand-out number.

    Ian Brennan, who wrote and directed the episode, hit it out of the park. So enjoyable to watch Glee as a COMEDY again.

  9. Adam says:

    Can Sam just come out already and date Blaine? That would make it interesting at least.

  10. dylan says:

    I don’t miss Rachel at all. Glee doesn’t need them. Yes, they were talented, but they could only be on the tv show so long! The new characters add something different to the cast

    • anne says:

      I disagree. Three years isn’t that long to be on a TV show. Do you really think any of these newbies will be nominated for Peoples Choice Awards next year, like Chris and Lea are this year?

  11. Lea says:

    I didn’t think I was going to enjoy this episode because superheroes aren’t really my thing, but I really enjoyed it. It was like going back to basic GLee where there was more comedy than drama. I also really enjoyed Sam in this episode and he has never really stood out to me. Hope next week doesn’t disappoint.

    • Kay says:

      Lea – I so agree. I thought this episode was one of the better ones. It was fun and had some good music (Dark Side, Some Nights, Holding Out for a Hero). Yes, it was a little cheesy but still funny. Sam and Blaine’s talk, and Sam convincing Blaine to stay at McKinley was nice. Now hopefully we will never have to hear about Eli again (or at least see him!). The Warblers sounded really good, but I do not want them to win at Sectionals next week. This felt like “Glee” again – let’s hope it continues to improve.

  12. Emma says:

    I loved this episode! Glee tends to fail miserably when it gets overly ambitious, but when it embraces its identity as a fun, cheesy, kind of ridiculous show it’s pretty amazing. Even though there was a lot of silliness in this episode, I still found the characterization more genuine and believable than I usually do on Glee. “Holding Out for a Hero”, “Heroes”, and “Some Nights” were really good performances, too.

  13. Alana says:

    I thought this episode worked better than any other episode this scene, and most of last season as well. As many have said above, it’s nice when Glee remembers it’s a comedy. The superhero stuff was fun, and I really like what they’ve done with Blaine and Sam’s friendship.

  14. sgsdgsd says:

    This ep tried way too hard. Oh well, it’s Thanksgivings no reason to give it much thought.

  15. gleerewatch says:

    We need more campy cracktastic cheesy fun on glee.

    And for the drama. You know what…I think Glee is trying for consistency this season. That Marley’s eating disorder wasn’t solved immediately by Ryder in the last episode. That it was mentioned on the sly a few times. …Are they being subtle on me? Like maybe letting it fester that she is still going through this?

    Also Kitty is still evil and seriously God she is a confusing character. Is she going to redeem herself at some point?

    But overall this episode is my favorite of the season. Didn’t even miss New York (God we get it Rachel is all alone and everyone is against her in the big city.) If we go back to New York maybe a more Kurt focused storyline? I would love to see him an SJP more together. They have fun sweet chemistry.

    But I love how this episode was like using superheroes as a metaphor for finding your own power: Marley, Ryder, Finn, and Blaine (mainly). Which was just really awesome and funny and sweet and touching and can we give Ian Brennan more creative control?

    And they actually handled Ryder’s dyslexia in a real way.

    I am a bit bummed that they didn’t perform Some Nights in their superhero costumes because that just would have made the song even more epic.

  16. dilia says:

    can blake stay forever? i really want him to stay forever.
    make it happen ryan

  17. Tess says:

    Anyone else feel at any point that Finn made a better Mr. Shue than Mr. Shue does? I kind of felt like I’d almost rather see Finn stick with the New Directions rather than just be their fill in Director…and I get the impression that going forward we may see Finn co-chair the glee club while going to whatever local college to become a teacher…It’s funny, Finny used to bug me, but I kind of like this new growing up version of him.

    Oh and I also didn’t miss Rachel and Kurt and their NY escapades at all. I liked how this week we only had the one cameo appearance of Puck but otherwise kept it to the glee club goings-on. Even the reprise of the Warblers (who I never cared for) at least made sense toward the glee club storyline. I feel like every time they go to NYC it makes the show feel disjointed. I’d much rather let go the old cast as much as possible so we can focus on the newer ND members. Perhaps people won’t keep feeling like they’re second rate if we don’t have to keep seeing the old characters to directly compare them to.

    • SCN - Once watched Glee for Finn's story, know better now... says:

      No disrespect, Tess, but if the ‘version’ of Finn you ‘kind of like’ is THE joke of Glee, this utterly pathetic sad sack for whom hanging around his old high school dressed as a superhero, while pretending to coach the glee club or mop the floors or whatever stupid thing it is, constitutes some kind of great achievement, then you can kindly keep him.

      • Rab says:

        I so agree. I hate that they made Finn as the”butt” of everything. He is supposed to be finding himself, but as a joke. No, Finn in season 1 was a leader, mentor and collaborator. Eason 2 he brought the football team together to win and he brought back the Cheerios, and he had the “intelligence” to put them all together to make a win. season 3 he was Rachel’s boyfriend. Now, this season he is an oaf. I cannot stand to see him be the joke of Glee. The writers made Mr Schue a joke season 2.

    • libby says:

      I love Finn. Old Finn and New Finn.

      However, if he dare wears that Mr. Shue sweater vest thing again-he’ll be dead to me!

  18. Leah says:

    When they were doing the group huddle at the end I counted the members and realised there were only 11 without Finn. Was confused about this for a while, then realised that there are now 12 members, it was just that Wade wasn’t there and that he wasn’t there for the entire episode and I hadn’t even realised!

  19. ukcat1 says:

    Where was Unique?

    • ohlala says:

      i think glee just cuts a character every week for budget reasons. expect not to see sugar in the next episode. or sam. OR RACHEL AND KURT WHY RYAN WHY DO YOU DO THIS

  20. AngD says:

    I’m just bummed because the football game ran long and I didn’t get the last 20 minutes of Glee.

  21. CC says:

    You missed my favorite line…

    Finn to Blaine…”We need a team with a lot of gel and you’re like the biggest part of that”

    You also didn’t mention that Blaine looked smokin’ in his superhero costume :)

    • Kay says:

      Yes, he sure did. Much better costume than the Robin costume he wore several episodes back (in “Makeover” where he joined all those clubs).

  22. dsdsdsd says:

    LOVED this episode! I have no complains about it

  23. dan says:

    Did anyone else notice that some nights was meant to look like dont stop beleiving. the goal of the sceen was meant to show just like in the first episode they have all come together to be a team. almost cried

    • Ashley says:

      I totally saw the same thing! It’s nice to see Glee going back to its roots. That scene was totally inspiring (in a cheesy kind of way). Loved it!

    • anne says:

      Yeah, I noticed that. They are trying to capture the magic of the original cast, and failing miserably in my opinion.

  24. Eva Lilac says:

    This episode featured exactly what I’d been hoping for since the beginning of this season. Honestly, it has been absolutely refreshing, not having Rachel in every episode. This show has always had great characters that were never fully appreciated, simply because all it did was focus on Rachel. It’s nice to have more of a balance now.

    The music was some of the best we’ve seen in years. I’ve always thought Glee did best when it did group numbers (“Proud Mary,” anyone? “Somebody To Love”?) Sadly, it’s become more and more of a show highlighting soloists, rather than the group. This episode covered the group rather than one person, and it showed in “Some Nights,” which I thought was fantastic. The duets were awesome as well.I’m really loving the growing Sam and Blaine friendship. While I honestly do like the new kids, it really should be the older ones in the foreground. I’ve always thought Sam was a great character that they never fully explored, so I really hope they keep giving him things to do. He’s one of the few characters that I felt was just a simply nice guy. (Also, did they forget he’s dyslexic? It would be great to see some scenes with Ryder and him.) Also, Blaine can now start exploring his life as someone who isn’t just “Kurt’s boyfriend” or “Blaine Warbler.” Artie has a nice niche helping Finn out, and Brittany…is her. :P (Question: what on earth have they done to Tina? She used to be so sweet. It’s hard to watch, honestly.)

    My thoughts on the new characters:Marley is AMAZING. She has an incredible voice, and it’s really nice having a girl on Glee who is genuinely nice and not crazy at the same time.Kitty needs to go. She’s a bad amalgamation of Santana and Quinn, and she’s not funny. At all. (She did sing well tonight, though.)Finally, Blake Jenner proved why he deserves to be on this show tonight. While I love all of the Glee people, some of them are not the most convincing actors. He handled Ryder’s confusion and pain so well and it was so, so genuine. That boy can act! His monologue was heartbreaking.

    All in all, this was a great episode that I think helps prove that this new formula IS working. People may say that this is supposed to be more focused in New York, but the show is called Glee for a reason: we want to see Glee club.

    • Jon says:

      I’m not sure if you’re saying that they’ve completely assassinated Tina’s character but the way I see they’re actually doing some good development with her character. I mean in the beginning they had her as a shy girl who faked a speech impediment to avoid talking and she was one of the first members of the glee club, a place where she could be herself and express herself like in the gaga episode in season one, but as the years went on she’s been constantly ignored or neglected for other members(Rachel, Kurt, Mercedes, Santana, etc) and later she began her senior year after a break-up and thinking she was finally gonna get her chance in the spotlight only to be neglected AGAIN. Considering all of that I think it’s realistic and actually makes sense based on continuity( I know Glee paying attention to continuity WHAT?!) for her to become fed up and start acting the way she is now.

      • Eva Lilac says:

        I agree that she should be completely fed up. She has been ignored for a really, really unfair amount of time. For me, it’s just hard to watch one of the sweetest characters become almost Santana-like. I just think they could have retained her personality but still have made it more confident. But I agree with what you said. Just what I think.

        • Jon says:

          Yeah it is sad that she’s not the same as before but hopefully she’ll get recognized soon or (fingers crossed) get a storyline and we’ll be able to see her happy and sweet again.

      • RemoTheJerk says:

        I totally agree.

  25. Omar says:

    I really liked the episode, it was fun. Im not a big Blaine’s fan. I love how Tina is so funny. New favorite character? Kitty, she’s hilarious! Sugar is an amazing character, LOVE HER!
    I love those musical numbers where everyone get a LINE. (Some Nights is my fave song so far this season).

    The only thing that I dont like about this episode: The Warblers.
    DId I miss the Old cast? No.

  26. Allyson says:

    I wasn’t impressed with tonight’s episode of Glee. I know, shows have to have filler episodes, but I was kinda bored watching it. Though I am glad they created that storyline for Ryder and would like to see him progress through it. I am surprised Marley wasn’t sympathetic towards him and quickly moved on after he cancelled a date for school work. I am ready for next week’s episode to have the original gang back together.

  27. Rod says:

    I thought it was interesting that they during Blaine’s flashback his “hookup” was never in focus. I’m wondering if they just want to reflect how anonymous the whole hookup was supposed to be. Or maybe they just haven’t cast the actor yet for upcoming episodes.

    • jm says:

      I think it was the guy with the kat. They might let it solved later on…

    • Kay says:

      Rod – I think you are right about your observation regarding the “hook-up” flashback. I really hope they do not have “Eli” on any of the upcoming episodes. I am hoping that in time Kurt will be able to forgive Blaine for this lapse in judgement and they can move on. I would like for them to at least rebuild their friendship because I would hate for them to lose touch altogether. I don’t think they will ever be more than friends but you never know what the future may bring. I think Blaine is truly sorry for what he did and knows now how much he has lost due to that one terrible mistake.

    • Scott says:

      I agree totally. The point was the guy didn’t mean anything to Blaine, and so it didn’t matter who he was. I’ve gone through a period of anonymous hook-ups (didn’t have a gf or bf at the time so it wasn’t cheating..) and sometimes even 5 minutes later I couldn’t remember the face of the person I’d just been with. No I’m not proud of that, but it does mean I can relate to where Blaine’s head was and it struck me as totally realistic.

  28. Riz says:

    “Hey, where were Rachel and Kurt and New York City? Planning a fall 2013 spinoff series, perhaps?”
    God i hope so, and this episode just prove it to me that they are the main reason why i keep watching glee
    my fear about this season has come true: the newbies took over the screentime of the original, and guess what? i don’t it’s really working. i tried to as objective as possible when i watched it but jake-ryder and marley-kitty arc was really bored me. the music also there was nothing outstanding this week, some night was one of the better ones. i hope this episode at least can be more focused on the originals like finn tina and artie. and really SHAME ON YOU writers! glee has prevent lea michele and chris colfer to take any major acting projects but in glee they don’t give them the best material and screentime either. it’s really such a waste of talent, because even with the awful writing the original casts still knock it out of the park rather than the new one. i don’t want to bash the new casts i just feel dissapointed with the lack of original cast in the recent episodes when they really what makes me interested to glee in the first place

    • anne says:

      Boy do I agree with you. The main reason Glee got as popular as it was was because of the cast and the characters they played. It wasn’t the Glee formula, that you endlessly plug new people into, as much as those in charge would like it to be. None of these newbies will ever be as popular as the original cast was. They made a big mistake not just following the kids into their lives after highschool.

  29. Derik says:

    Ah, Glee. Remember when Dalton Academy was part of the good guys? When we were kind of happy that Kurt transferred there? Sure, they were befuddled by antiquated rules, but they also had no bullying policies, etc? When they sang for New Directions’ St. Valentine’s Day Party and bid Kurt a fond farewell when he returned to McKinley? No? Apparently now they’re the new Vocal Adrenaline, except even worse. And *why* (outside of Kurt grief and guilt, which apparently was the driving force) would Blaine even consider leaving McKinley for the Warblers? He’s *school president* at McKinley. You don’t toss that in favor of a possible lead vocal in another glee club when A: it has never beat the one you’re currently in and B: you are just as likely to get a lead vocal in your current glee club.

    I did actually like the Jacob/Ryder/Marley/Kitty stuff, though, so overall the episode worked for me.

    • Tom says:

      Well, when you have sleazeballs like Sebastian and Hunter transferring in, their sleaze obviously has to permeate. I don’t think the writers forgot Dalton’s goodness – it’s just that, when Blaine left them, they kind of fell apart and had to turn to new alpha males as leaders. And fate has made those alpha males villains. C’est la vie.

  30. Tom says:

    I have to say, I had very low expectations of this episode because it looked, frankly, ridiculous. But I think it was the best episode of the season so far… yes, better than “The Break-Up.” Quality-wise, “The Break-Up” does win, but if I could choose between that and “Dynamic Duets” to watch again, I’d choose the latter. Glee is at its best when it’s not taking itself seriously. It’s at its best when it’s light and entertaining. Serious episodes are fine once in a while, but at its heart Glee is a comedy. This episode was precisely why I came to watch the show in the first place. While it did have some serious moments (Ryder’s dyslexia), at least it wasn’t tonally schizophrenic. The writing takes a hit when there is no balance between the light and the dark, and this week everything was pitched just right. I’m surprised that an episode without Rachel or Kurt could be so good, but at least there’s proof that the McKinley side of the show can hold its own without New York interludes. Not that I didn’t miss Rachel or Kurt, but when they aren’t needed they aren’t needed.

    And is anyone else kind of preferring Finn in the role as choir director than Will? This was the first episode in ages in which Will’s typical role seemed important. Also, Cory Monteith was incredible in the episode. I much prefer Finn when he’s not moping about his relationship problems.

  31. megs says:

    Was worried about Some Nights, but I actually loved it.
    Kitty was especially sociopathic tonight- I feel like she has something horrible up her sleeves.
    Loving the Sam and Blaine friendship. The Dalton jacket with the ‘No Thanks’ note made me squee a little.
    Did anyone notice Finn’s “glee club director” outfit? Sweater vest and all….made me laugh

  32. joncuriel says:

    I am devoting my happiness to you now Slezak, I love how you are being symphatetic of Tina.
    I personally didn’t like the episode as much, the superhero theme it’s the only thing that saves it from being the worst of the season, specially becuz they didn’t show Tina’s solo (as in: only her singing actual words, not vocalizing, not dueting with Kitty) in Some Nights. Besides, we all knew Blaine was staying, so boohoo…
    I however agree 100% with everything regarding Tina, if she doesn’t get a real moment in the spotlight soon I’m quitting the show

  33. the girl says:

    I don’t feel bad that Kitty and Ryder were added without auditions; they actually auditioned for and performed in Grease so Finn already knows what they’re capable of. I do however agree that Tina needs to be rewarded for years of loyal service – and she really is a better singer than Marley, IMHO.

  34. James says:

    No, Glee. No one can do a Kelly Clarkson’ song better than her.

    • Kat says:

      I just wish they wouldn’t give her songs to the Warblers or anyone besides Lea because she can at least do a decent job with the vocals.

  35. Jon says:

    I liked this episode specifically because there were no New York scenes, I prefer when Glee focuses on the actual glee club instead of Rachel. That has always been my problem with the show that they ignore other great characters and underutilize them in order to showcase Rachel. I liked how campy and actually funny the episode was. I liked Ryder’s scene and thought Blake did a great job( hopefully they have a scene soon between him and Sam/Chord since both characters have dyslexia). Honestly I have never liked Blaine( I find him insufferable but if they continue making him more than Kurt’s boyfriend and give him a personality I might end up liking him). Regarding Tina even though it is different to see her mad and kinda bitchy I think it actually makes sense and its realistic that after being constantly overlooked for 3+ years she would become fed up with it and act the way she is now.

  36. I missed Rachel. Tina deserves more screen time.

  37. dan says:

    im pretty pumped for what there doing with ryder there making him a main which means hes already going to be getting more then 7 episodes

  38. A says:

    This episode could be one of my favorites because of how funny the superhero club was. Also as someone with dyslexia, Ryder’s storyline really hit home- it got me all emptional.

  39. Tiffany L. says:

    On the first page of comments no correction for “some nights” being by FUN rather than One Direction. Really???

  40. kay says:

    I thought this episode was so cute! It finally felt like that old funny glee I missed. Totally loving teacher Finn, too! ;)

  41. LilAngel says:

    I think the problem with the splitted fandom is this: the people liking the McKinley part are those who consider Glee as a sitcom while the ones prefering NYADA are thise liking the dramedy. Could we have two separate shows, please

    • Jon says:

      I agree with the whole some people prefer the comedy aspects and some prefer the drama. I think it could also be people who complain are upset that their ship is broken(Finchel/Britanna/Klaine) and don’t like the show unless those couples get back together and there are people who love the show regardless(or sometimes in spite) of all the relationship drama.

    • Jacob @Alphabad says:

      I completely agree about splitting the show. It’d be great if Santana transferred to NYC or LA, and the spin off spent time in NYC and LA with puck and Mercedes. Having separate budgets could actually help them branch out from retreading the same storyline repeatedly due to more sets.

      What to call it though? Change the mckinley glee clubs name and call the new show New Directions?

    • sm says:

      I was all for NY with Rachel and Kurt with Finn and Santana to go there soon after the start of this season. But Glee writers have made NY nothing but drama and leave Rachel and Kurt with little to nothing else to work with, meaning script material. For me, NY sucks. I agree Glee needs to make a decision and fast to separate the show for many reasons. Glee doesn’t do drama well, shown by the NY part of it. Many fans like one site or the other, not both. Those fans like me, would prefer Rachel, Kurt, Finn and Santana living in that flat together in NY but with nothing but comedy with a little drama mixed in here and there.

  42. Anne says:

    Why do people comment when they have nothing positive to say. Or cry or moan about something. I believe most fans were very happy with this weeks episode but the complaints of others bring the whole vibe down on an otherwise excellent episode. Glee fans can be the best and worst of fandom. So TIRED of the complaints to be honest. Feel free to bitch and moan more if that makes you feel good. I loved the episode and consider it one of the best this year. I love the new dynamics at McKinley and all the new characters. And I’m looking forward to the original cast next episode and the stuff upcoming for NYADA. As a true fan I love ALL aspects of the show -not just bits and pieces like some of the judgmental people posting here.

    • Matt says:

      What you said. 1000%

      The Ryder storyline was incredibly delivered. Blake Jenner is an incredible actor as well as a great addition to the show.

    • anne says:

      Thank you for giving me permission to post my opinions on my still favorite show. I have many complaints, because I have loved this show since the first season and it’s still the only show I watch every week no matter what. I’m just disappointed in the new format. I do not like the newbies. They don’t do anything for me. For people like me, it’s hard to enjoy the show now, as it’s mostly about the newbies. I’m allowed to be upset about that. Don’t read my comments if you don’t like them.

  43. Josh says:

    Cant belive how stupid Marley is Kitty was throwing horrible insults at her just last week and she wants to be her friend and she is stupid for not checking her weight on a scale instead of taking that girls word

  44. Den says:

    there are a lot of things i enjoyed about this episode, mainly the comedy bits and the songs (holding out for a hero was H O T T!), having said that there are a few things i take issue with.
    It bothers me that Glee is so interested in perpetuating the idea that two girls can’t get along, and tired of the males of Glee being called heroes when they are not. How the show keeps on highlighting the importance of the issues the male characters have, and dismissing the issues of the female characters (see ryder’s dyslexia vs. marley’s bulimia, santana getting outed by finn being resolved by them singing a couple of songs to her, vs. karofsky being outed at the new school and him trying to kill himself resolved with a heartfelt “it gets better” talk with kurt, quinn’s accident being diminished by blaine’s brother coming to town, etc).
    How the idea of the male characters are always supposed to be the heroes, while the girls are just there to be mean to each other? (see: jake/ryder start the episode as enemies end up as best buddies, vs. kitty/marley starts with kitty being THE WORST by encouraging marley to purge and sorta halfway make them be friends and still have kitty be a bitch by the end of the episode).
    It concerns me that Glee, an empowerment-oriented show, cheapens every single female character and relationship and strengthens every male character and relationship. This is nothing new and it’s been happening since the very first season, I know I shouldn’t let this get to me, but I guess I’ve had enough.
    tl;dr glee should stop trying to be hollier than thou and start focusing on being a dumb little comedy with musical numbers, which is what it does best. It should also set rachel, kurt and santana free, so much talent being wasted (i know, i know, only my opinion)

    • Scott says:

      You’re overthinking it.

      As far as I’m concerned Glee takes pretty even potshots at all of the characters, and all the main ones get their turn to shine. Your comments seem to be nothing more than sour grapes because characters you like aren’t front and center all the time. Its a big cast..they can’t all matter all the time.

      Marley’s bulimia has not been “dismissed” (yet..since Glee does have a history of losing plots). No-one knows about it except for Kitty, who is encouraging it. Ryder’s dyslexia however was addressed because Mini-puck, who was the only one who knew about it, actually did something to help.

      Its true Santana was outed..but she was not hidden right in the back of the closet like Karofsky was. Quinn’s accident was not “diminished” by Cooper Anderson..the next episode jumped forward in time something like 2 months, and the accident was ancient history for most of the main characters by then. Yes it was fresh to us, but it gave the show space to get straight onto Quinn’s rehabilitation – and if that wasn’t an example of a strong empowered woman then I don’t know what is.

  45. Izz says:

    No NY again? Wasn’t Lea supposed to appear in every episode? Having people like Lea Michele and Chris Colfer under contract and not using their talent feels like a crime. They should have made them guest stars if they’re just gonna completely ignore them every other episode. They keep using them to promote the show, sending Lea to all these late night shows because they know she’ll get the most attention. False advertising, imo. I understand that most people don’t want Glee to become The Rachel Berry Show but she’s been seriously underused this season. I feel like Blaine constantly sings more in one episode than Rachel and Kurt have in the first seven episodes combined. I don’t mind all these new characters and am glad that they’re trying to put the focus on them – Glee needs fans to react positive to them to survive. But at least don’t let fans of the “old” characters get their hopes up just to crush them within minutes.

    • anne says:

      The problem is the timing. It’s okay to give everyone a few episodes off. The problem is that Kurt is in the middle of a huge storyline and he’s not being given any opportunity to show his point of view. Why do Blaine’s feelings about the break up matter so much more than Kurt’s? Why can’t Kurt sing a song about how he feels? I guess he doesn’t really matter anymore. That’s what it feels like frankly, and I’m not okay with that.

    • Anna says:

      I don’t think she’s being underused. The show has just gone from being the “Rachel Berry show” to a show that focuses on other characters as well. I mean, what other character has their own “show-within-a-show” besides Rachel (+ sidekick Kurt)?

  46. Mafer says:

    I loved this episode! it was the old glee! Finn is the most endearing character and I’m so glad he’s finding his true calling! the sad part for me of this ep was the fact that I didn’t miss at ALL the NY storyline… Hummelberry is getting really old really fast #justsaying

  47. vanessa says:

    I actually liked this episode a lot. I think it had a lot of continuity, it flowed nicely. The performances were good, I didn’t hate Finn for once in my life, I actually liked the new kids a little bit more, and the Warblers are back! I was very pleasantly surprised.

  48. wahidroket_ says:

    Glee supposed to be about Glee Club members. And bacause of Rachel and Kurt are not in Glee Club anymore, that’s imposibble to have them as a main focus. If the story will follow the graduates life. This show will no longer called Glee… Maybe ‘Rachel Berry and the Gangs’ or ‘Rachel Berry and Her Friends Show’

    • Izz says:

      I get that but why do they keep promoting Rachel and the NY storyline as if it was a main focus? Comments like ‘Rachel will always be the main character’ and ‘Lea will be the only graduate to appear in every episode’ now seem like a half-hearted attempt to keep Rachel’s/Lea’s fans interested. I’m okay with Rachel and Kurt taking a back seat if they’d just stop making these false promises. E.g., promoting The Role You Were Born To Play with a poster of Kurt and Rachel in NY was very misleading.

      • linshay says:

        Because they don’t trust that people will watch without Lea, etc, And seeing the huge amount of people who tune out mid-hour once they see once again they are not in the show, they are right.

  49. Melissa says:

    LOOOOVED Dark Side, Heroes and Some Nights!!!! Never ever wanna to see Sebastian’s face back on the show again, still can’t stand him. I’m loving seeing what Blaine is going through, seeing that he’s not the always knows exactly what he’s doing, perfect guy that they made him out to be when he started on the show. It’s about time they gave him some depth. I can’t wait for other things that have been hinted at for Blaine in upcoming episodes.

    I want Klaine back together so bad. I think it will happen. I also love the Blaine/Sam friendship, it’s so great!

    Though I hate when Kurt’s not part of the episode, I LOVE when Rachel doesn’t make an appearance, and I’m not missing Mercedes, Mike, or Quinn either. And the new people…I pretty much don’t really care what’s happening with their characters, all that’s keeping me watching the show is seeing what’s going to happen with Kurt and Blaine.

  50. Boiler says:

    I thought this was Glee as it was meant to be. I enjoyed the episode tremendously. As much as I liked the talent of the graduates this one reminded me of early Season 1 and these new kids are good. If you are complaining stop watching or open up your minds!!