The Voice Top 10 Results Recap: Did the Right Singers Get the Boot?

‘Tis the season for year-end best-of lists, but unfortunately for two contestants on NBC’s The Voice, cracking the prestigious ranks of the Season 3 Top 10 won’t be enough to keep them on our TV screens past Thanksgiving.

Also unfortunate? The way the show’s producers — and host Carson Daly — seemingly do everything in their power to vaccuum the suspense right out of the results-night telecast. Seriously, the way the show is paced and edited would be like making people stand in line for a roller-coaster, and then sending it along a track as flat as Christina Milian’s cue-card readings.

Like, for example, why did Carson single out one of the week’s lowest-ranked contestants on iTunes (Cody Belew) right at the start of the show to find out how he felt about his Monday-night cover of “Crazy in Love”? I mean, every reality TV vet knows you don’t force a guy to defend his polarizing song-and-dance routine in front of 12 million viewers only to send him to the guillotine a half-hour later.

And why announce the fates of the second- and third-highest ranked iTunes contestants (Melanie Martinez and Amanda Brown) fifth and eighth when everyone knows that kind of sales muscle means they’re absolutely, positively out of harm’s way? (Maybe they’re trying to position Amanda as an underdog, rising from the ashes of last week’s wonky “Spectrum”?)

Bottom line: Anyone with a computer and a burning interest in the weekly Voice results can check iTunes (or the TVLine comments section) and easily figure out which three or four singers are most vulnerable; those singers’ fates should be announced last. Click. Dialtone. Goodbye.

It’s hard to tell what these Voice honchos are thinking, but it’s easy to tell you how the results proceedings played out. So without further ado…

Sent to Safety (in Chronological Order)
Nicholas David
Cassadee Pope
Dez Duron
Cody Belew
Melanie Martinez
Terry McDermott
Trevin Hunte
Amanda Brown

Sylvia Yacoub
Bryan Keith

I’m still not sure how Bryan’s dreams went kerplatt despite Trevin’s abysmal Usher cover and Cody’s vocally inferior Beyoncé extravaganza, but then again, if everybody shared my musical tastes, Xtina’s “Your Body” would’ve been a No. 1 hit.

In other news, and speaking of No. 1 hits, Cassadee’s cover of “Over You” knocked “Gangnam Style” off the top perch at iTunes, a fact that made Carson Daly more excited than Blake Shelton sharing the news that some of Adam Levine’s brutally worn t-shirts cost $600.

Plus, we were treated to four live performances that will likely be forgotten faster than the show’s producers have forgotten the name (and telephone number of) Javier Colon: Xtina hollerated the should-be-a-certain-hit “Let There Be Love” (flanked by team members Sylvia and Dez); Rascal Flatts employed Cody and Cassadee as extra charismatic backup singers for a dreary ballad called “Changed”; Adam Levine and his three protégés stumbled through a borderline awful version of “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” in which everyone’s mics seemed to be turned down to “1” (and yet Bryan’s air-guitar vexed me most of all); and Teams Blake and Xtina teamed up for Karaoke Night on “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” — as the camera operators repeatedly focused on whichever vocalist wasn’t singing.

And with that, let me turn things over to you:

What did you think of The Voice‘s Top 10 results show? Did the right two people get axed? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Samantha says:

    I’m just jazzed Terry is safe! I know it’s unlikely he’ll win but he’s my favourite!

  2. Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

    I felt like Trevin should have gone home. His performance on the last show was just dismal and he had the lowest ranking in iTunes sales. Something fishy going on here.

    • FreeHaley says:

      Nothing fishing. Amanda had a baaad week last week and survived last week. Trevin had done too well in past weeks for a single disaster to give him the boot. In another week or two, it will be hard to survive that again though.

      • Sam says:

        But at least Amanda keeps changing it up. I feel like with Trevin its more of the same old, same old. Don’t get me wrong, he’s an amazing singer, but I feel like he peaked really early in the season (auditions + battle) and after that we havn’t really been blown away with anything new. Regarding Amanda, nobody was gonna get rid of her one week after her showstopping ‘Dream On’ performance even if she didn’t do that well in her next performance.

      • Alisha says:

        People keep saying Amanda had a bad week last week, and it was definitely weaker than her other efforts, but let’s be real, that performance as a stand-alone performance was still better than most of what everyone else does on a weekly basis. Trevin’s performance this week was terrible by anyone’s standards.

  3. Jill says:

    Disappointed with Sylvia’s elimination. I was pretty indifferent to Brian.

    But Michael what it up with your Christina hate?

  4. Helene says:

    Cody Belew should have left instead of Bryan Keith

  5. ETG says:

    Trevin got a gift. Bryan got hosed.

    • Kvivik says:

      Not as far as I’m concerned. Last night was not a good performance (granted there were others that were just as bad), but tonight he screwed up his lines in the team song. I would have been seriously choked if he hadn’t been booted. But that’s just my opinion.

  6. Pat says:

    Bryan Keith got majorly screwed. The show screwed him by announcing him safe first last week and treating him as untouchable. I’m seriously disappointed. Cody and Trevin being safe after those abysmal performances is a sham.

    • jenn says:

      100% right. He also deserved it above far inferior singers, like Cassadee, Melanie, Cody and Dez. Also over Trevin IMO, who had such an off week.

      • Spence says:

        You’re saying Casadee pope is an inferior singer to Bryan? Hardly. I’m sorry guys but Bryan Keith did not get screwed, he honestly just wasn’t that great of a singer. I apologize if this is polarizing but despite his signature growl he had a weak voice and didn’t carry through his notes. Back to Black got him way more attention than it should have, honestly it wasn’t even his best performance, and his “New York State of Mind” was boring and easily forgettable.

        Did Trevin deserve to go home instead? Of course. Trevin has had alot of praise put upon him but the second he does anything that isn’t a ballad his flaws are very very prevalent.

        • tamara says:

          Completely agree. I really liked Bryan Keith in his audition. But from then on, he got boring by the second. He always looks like he’s so bored when he sings. And he’s not that great. I’m glad he’s gone, though I do think Cody or Trevin should’ve left before him. And Nick is so boring too. Sylvia was ok, and she did great this week, better than in the past, but she was meh.

          To me, the top 3 are Cassadee, Terry an Amanda. They’re fantastic. Let’s hope America agrees with me too xD

    • jalahyacinth says:

      Amen. Seriously, did anyone LISTEN to Cody’s and Trevin’s performances? I could barely sit through them. They weren’t even in the neighborhood of ‘in tune’ (then again, neither was Sylvia…)

    • gailer says:

      New york state of mind did Bryan in. He needed a romantic song. Darn, he had the best voice!

  7. Chantelle says:

    My pvr cut out just before the announced the last safe person. Glad it was Amanda (even though it pretty much had to be, I’m a sucker for any form of suspense.)

  8. Vetle says:

    I’m okay with the results. I’d much rather have Terry or Trevin leave instead of Bryan, though. I loved seeing Cody safe. I look forward to what he does every week. I hope he pulls out some gut-wrenching (lol) and haunting ballad next week maybe, though.

    Next week will be tough! I like all of them almost. If Terry and Trevin leave next week, I would be okay with any of them winning almost.

    • ETG says:

      I don’t really care who wins, but it would be nice to have a younger person that can actually generate some sales, as opposed to the first two winners of the show…..

      • davey says:

        Well most of the singers are fairly young but I have to say I prefer Amanda to Melainie, Cassadie, Trevin and Dez.

        • Spence says:

          I like Casadee more and more weirdly. At first I was super annoyed by her Avril Lavigned kind of energy but this last week showed she has some real possibility.

    • Spence says:

      I’m with you on that. Trevin is way overrated and Terry as well. I love classic rock and he sings ok but both of them have been showing their vocal flaws and it’s not that appealing. Also not the biggest Dez fan, if you take away his runs what do you have? Nasally singing. They got it right this week pretty much despite Trevin. Bryan and Sylvia were good but when they pushed themselves they opened their weaknesses right up to the public.

  9. Tom says:

    “New York State of Mind” is becoming a death knell song. If anyone recalls, Erika Van Pelt was eliminated the night after she sang it last season on American Idol. I guess voters don’t have room for Billy Joel in their hearts, it seems.

    I’m glad Cody is safe, though. Hopefully he returns to top form next week. Not sure how Trevin was spared, but I guess his fanbase is stronger than everyone anticipated.

    • Sara says:

      Perhaps voters have too much love in their hearts for the original Billy Joel version to vote for something inferior? I’m not saying that to be rude, but in my eyes no one can touch the Billy Joel version (I love Billy).
      I am also glad that Cody is safe!

  10. Lorelaisquared says:

    They got it right with Sylvia. I wish Bryan was hanging around a bit longer but Dez did well this week and I think Cody and Trevin are still riding on the coattails of past performances because neither of them was better than Bryan this week. I knew Amanda was safe. There was just no way she was going home after such a great performance. Nice try Voice but you aren’t psyching us out at all. That wasn’t a bottom 3, that was someone from the top 3 mixed in with the bottom 2.

    • Spence says:

      I agree that Trevin did abyssmal, it was a real eye opener for some people I hope. I just never thought Bryan was as good as anyone is saying. He had a suprisingly weak voice, and his growl could only cover that up so much. Didn’t think it would be him but am I suprised? hardly. Cody has a stronger voice than that song let him show, it was in a weird key for him still, but I love his performance value nonetheless.

  11. rod says:

    So glad Cody didnt leave, i know he can do better than he did yesterday

  12. Samantha says:

    You could tell Ceelo wanted Trevin gone and he was so fraking shocked when he wasn’t! I hope he continues to go outside of the ballad shaped box, but in a much better way.

    • FreeHaley says:

      CeeLo wanted Trevin gone??? Did you see how pumped he was when he was safe?!
      He wanted him to sing another song, that was apparent in the pre-bit and post performance (and as we saw, with good reason it turns out), but no way did he want the dude gone! Looked to me like he was desperately hoping he’d survive the mistake and super pumped when he did.

  13. Aria says:

    I felt so bad for Sylvia when Carson said her name to ask her a question, but she thought he had called her safe. It probably should have been Cody and Trevin based on last night (I was really hoping for Trevin, to get rid of one of the producers’ darlings, since their other darling Cassadee was never going to be eliminated tonight). Sad that Sylvia left, but glad that Amanda is still safe.

    • Spence says:

      Sylvia had a fairly strong voice but her powerful X-tina riffs were getting boring and slightly on my nerves. I liked when she did the Piano stuff, didn’t seem as forced. She has potential but it doesn’t work for her when she goes all-cylinders.

  14. Al says:

    I know how Trevin was safe and I am not surprised. Cassadee’s fanbase was over on youtube last night bashing everyone so I had to make sure 3 people were safe by voting for them over a 1K times a piece last night. Trust me there is a way to do this. I encouraged everyone on youtube who were fans of those 3 people to do the same to ensure their safety this week. These people all came together because of the verbal attacks certain fanbases were making last night. It seriously got pretty heated over there so I told people to focus there attention in the right direction. I knew who was going home by the first 5 mins in the show though. They are making this too easy to read. Trevin has garnered a big fanbase by his personality and his previous performances. Sylvia was more or as pitchy as Trevin was last night and people are surprised she is gone. Bryan is gone because people got bored with him. Terry will be the next unless he change something up. People do not like you to sound the same way every song you sing. You have to add different emotions in it and draw people to you and Bryan simply does not to that as a vocalist.

    • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

      Not that I believe this for a second, but if your night consists of doing this you really should find some real life friends and get out of the house. The fact you think 1000 votes makes a difference in a contest with millions of voters makes you pretty delusional lol. Oh and if people don’t like the ones who sound the same every song, then why is Melanie Martinez doing so well on iTunes?

      • Al says:

        You missed my point. Go to youtube I said that I encouraged people to vote more than they did because of the negativity on some people’s videos. I actually was out of the house all night my votes only took 30 minutes. I didnt say my votes made the difference. I was saying that the negativity and the hate that was happening on youtube actually made people who usually do not vote to do so last night. Thanks for your reply though. Maybe you the way that needs to get out of the house, because I am never in mind.

        Melanie does different types of songs that helps here. I will add that last night was the first time Melanie Itunes downloads weren’t anywhere near that high. It had a lot to do with the song choice.

        The way this show is going Cody and Terry are in danger next week for muchso. Trevin and Cassadee have huge fan bases and Amanda’s performances are hard to deny her.

      • Ashley says:

        Get-a-life advice coming from the person who comments more on this site than possibly any other reader? Really? Well, hello pot.

        • al says:

          Ms. Ashley I actually rarely post on this site bc of people like you. Last night was the 2nd time I actually posted here and yes I did post 5 times in response mostly to others. I am glad you like to put your two cent in though when it certainly was not need it. Thanks for the advice though.

          • Caryn says:

            I think she’s talking about Chuck Finley, not you…just look at the indentation of everyone’s messages, if that makes sense…

    • Angelina says:

      LOL, only ten votes count per voting method. You just wasted your whole night.

      • Al says:

        It wasnt all night and it took 30 mins and there is a way around that. I am not a fool lol. Before you speak, know all the facts first. I did not waste anything. Try again though nice effort. If you want to learn more about it. I will inform you later, but until now it is bed time on the east coast.

        • MamaLis says:

          I don’t know what you’re talking about but you’ve peaked my interest.

          • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

            He (or she) probably has a crapload of fake facebook accounts to vote with or something ridiculous along those lines. Like I said, millions of votes come in. You could self cast 10,000 votes and not affect the results at all. It’s pure delusion and self-importance. Notice when asked to put up facts as to how it was done, “they have to go to bed.” But they assure you they did it. Right. His mommy probably just told him it was bedtime.

          • al says:

            Mr. AJ I don’t have any fake whatever and you missed the point about the original post when I said go look at videos from Monday night and u will see why Trevin and cody were saved. That’s all I am saying. I am not delusional at all. You only took bits and pieces of my original post just so you could make a personal attack which is both pointless and not becoming. Thank you sir.

          • Alisha says:

            If you don’t have fake Facebook or e-mail accounts, how did you cast so many votes? It’s not possible otherwise, unless you have some magical method.

    • Spycigal says:

      The thing to realise here is when you go to a fan site and then start telling them why the person they like so much is crap and point out reasons why they shouldn’t like them, then of course they’re going to get defensive. Musical taste is in the ear of the beholder so if you don’t like that Artist, fair enough but don’t be so arrogant as to tell other people their love for an Artist is wrong just because you don’t like them!

    • Spence says:

      He also, like Terry, honestly just wasn’t good enough.

  15. dan says:

    At least Sylvia has law school to fall back on.

    • Portia says:

      At 19, Sylvia was not far enough along in undergrad to have even signed up for the LSAT, much less apply to any law schools. That whole law school piece was a bit of prefab nonsense.

      • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

        Of course it’s nonsense. When I went to college every other kid was going to medical school. Guess what, when I got there I knew maybe 2 other people from undergrad that got in at the same time. The world is full of people that try to pass off dreams as a reality without having done the work.

        • FreeHaley says:

          Depends where you go to school though. I know at least a dozen who went to med or law school from my high school graduating class alone nevermind my undergrad graduating class where I can’t even count how many have gone on to law or med school or grad school.

  16. Adrian Arciniega says:

    I AM LIVID!!! I’m staging a protest to get Bryan back. The show needs him badly.

    • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

      The last thing this show needs is some chubby guy that wears the same hat and outfit week in and week out. I know it’s called The Voice, but let’s face it the guy doesn’t have the looks he needs to go with that voice to generate sales and enthusiasm. Same goes for Trevin Hunt.

      • k. says:

        hmm first as you said the show is called THE VOICE. Following your logic Dez or Cassadee, two of the weakest singers, would win. Plus, he might not be cookie cutter Dez kind, but lots of girls think he’s good looking. Not that this should matter, though. He should’ve stayed.

        • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

          After the winners of the first two seasons have failed to deliver sales with their record contracts, I actually believe one of those two will win. You can’t have what they had the last two seasons and have the show survive long term. The voice gets them in the door, but the whole package matters when it comes to the popular vote. This was proven tonight with Bryan getting voted off before others who are not as good when it comes to their voice alone.

          • k. says:

            If Dez or Cassadee wins, the whole basic of the show fails. The only worthy winners left to me are Amanda Brown, Nicholas David or Trevin and Terry if they step it up. Also, comparing Bryan to Javier and Jermaine is a bit off since he’s more soul rock than RnB. I still think Bryan should’ve made it and he had what it takes.

          • MamaLis says:

            “If Dez or Cassidee wins the whole show fails?” Huh? Wow! I’m not a huge Cassadee fan but she did great last night and I would be fine with her going as fine as she’s able. As far as Dez, I thought he was fantastic last night. He put on an impassioned performance and he’s got a great trajectory going. I mean, he’s got the “whole” marketable package going and I say good for him! If these kids keep outdoing themselves then they should go as far as they’re voted to go!

          • Dweeze says:

            Jermaine’s album hasn’t even been released yet. How can you say he’s failed to deliver sales? There’s been nothing to sell!

          • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

            Did you see him sing one of the songs from it on The Voice? Who is going to buy that garbage? No one.

          • MamaLis says:

            Oh I agree Chuck. I saw that. Jermaine winning was pure fluke. And now that the fluke is over, I doubt there’s any sustainability.

          • Mike says:

            I think that’s kind of a flaw in the system when it comes to Cassidee(and I’m a big fan btw). They shouldn’t be allowing established artists(multiple cd’s with the band and her own EP) with preset fanbases on to these shows. It’s tipping the voting scales and apparently it’s pissing a lot of people off in the process. I always thought these shows were for undiscovered talent anyway.

      • mia says:

        You’re kidding right? Bryan is incredibly handsome, in that classic-smooth-jazz kind of way. I loved his look too, the hat and his shirt/jacket style, very classic.
        Found him considerably more attractive than Dez. He’s got something unique to him.

    • aprg86 says:

      I really wish this was possible! I’m very disappointed that Bryan is no longer going to be on the show.

  17. teatime says:

    I was very worried for Amanda. I did not know why she was kept until the end unless it was going to be a shocking elimination. As much as I enjoy this top 10, if she had left this week I would have lost all my enthusiasm.

    • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

      Agreed. I thought for a second she might get the boot, but I think it was a tactic to keep people watching until the last minute.

      • MamaLis says:

        I’ve been on-board the Amanda train since the beginning, but girl’s interpersonal skills with the rest of the group are beginning to rub me wrong. Usually these people form bonds with each other but it seems to me that Miss A has a plan, and everyone else around her is just a bother. Has anyone seen how in each show how Melanie tries to engage with her, yet she can hardly even look her way? Also seemed like she and Bryan had no relationship. Oh well,
        I’m not saying this has ANYthing to do with her talent – it does not. She’s talented. I just keep noticing this side-stuff and it’s kinda… hmmmmm.

        • FreeHaley says:

          VERY dangerous to judge those sorts of things by what you see on TV. Very.
          And any this is THE VOICE not MISS CONGENIALITY.

          • MamaLis says:

            I hear ya, Free, ya don’t have to CAP me. I pointed out that it doesn’t impact her talent. But it’s like the business world (and music is a business). It should only be about whether or not you’re good at your job. But it’s not, it’s about the interpersonal stuff and how you’re perceived and how you get along with others. So all things being equal, I just happened to notice a few things here and there and that’s all I was saying. End of story. Still am a fan of Amanda.

          • FreeHaley says:

            true the world isn’t fair and you often get judged not by what you should be judged in a scenario and, far worse, easily enough for things that aren’t even reality and often people who try to speak up about something unjust or misinterpreted then are the ones who get dumped on and those making the mistakes or committing the injustice.

          • MamaLis says:

            True that, FH, I totally hear you.

        • Sara says:

          Apparently Amanda and Cody have bonded. He has talked about how they are great friends. I would have to imagine that she is probably nervous and really it isn’t her job to comfort a 17 year old girl. It is a competition and how she reacts during elimination shows probably have no bearing on what their relationships outside of the show look like.

        • teatime says:

          I wouldn’t read too much into that. Everyone forms their own personal alliances. I don’t think any of those 3 have similar styles or personalities even if they are each working with the same judge.

        • Alisha says:

          Go to Amanda’s Twitter account. She’s tight with pretty much everyone. She always posts pictures.

  18. Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

    Whoever decided to finally comb out Nicholas’ beard and hair did a good thing tonight. The only thing I thought hurt him was his ratty appearance in the first shows. He looked good tonight. Glad to see him getting through.

    • gregk says:

      Also feel great that he survived, although trying to figure out how considering his unorthodox appearance, even with the combing. Indicates that all the voters are not teenage girls that go for the cute Dez types, which is hopeful, so far anyway.

  19. David says:

    Sylvia wasn’t a surprise. Bryan was a mild surprise. I think Trevyn and Cody were saved in order to give them a second chance. After all, Amanda was given the same opportunity. My fear, going forward, is that style will win out over substance. I plan on voting for best vocals and evidence of growth. That means all, save Amanda, could be in jeopardy.

    • FreeHaley says:

      I thought Bryan was a huge surprise since guys like him tend to sail along in these shows and not easily get the boot and it’s hardly like he has been doing badly. Just a touch boring perhaps so I understand that, it is just that hasn’t hurt other guys before so often, look at Idol two seasons ago. Then again Bryan isn’t country or rural.

  20. Moria says:

    The folks on Television Without Pity have shown, at least I previous seasons, the rankings on iTunes do NOT correspond with the rankings on the show. But maybe that’s why they changed the formula a bit this season.

  21. Xandra says:

    Michael is assuming there are absolutes– if this, then that. Unless contestants are in the iTunes top 10, I don’t think it’s a proper indicator of how many votes they are actually getting. I’m going to guess the iTunes and phone/text methods are wildly different. It’s one thing to buy a song, it’s another thing to power vote for 2 hours nonstop for your favorite. Trevin and Cody could’ve received the most text votes for all we know.

  22. Lois Benton says:

    Short answer to your headline question: Uh, no. Bryan has a gorgeous voice. Dez’s voice stinks.

  23. Andre says:

    I, for one, am glad that Bryan Keith is out. I never drank the Kool-Aid and never understood the hype. His voice is good but it’s quite generic. He has no charisma nor stage presence and every time he sings, it bores me. I actually found myself switching channels when he was performing. Same goes for Cassadee Pope and Trevin Hunte. They are run of the mill vocalists. There are a ton of other people that have similar vocal ranges and can hit high notes. It’s not what makes a potential artist exciting. While Cody isn’t much of a vocalist, he definitely keeps me glued. I’m sure that he is one show away from elimination though. Stick Dez Duron in a boy band where other members can drown out his nasal tone. Terry is hit or miss with his performances. Nicholas and Melanie are bound to come out of this show as the artists with a cult following. So far, Amanda Brown is the only one that I would consider a breath of fresh air from this lot – from vocal versatility to song choices that depict her artistic sensibilities.

  24. Spycigal says:

    I personally am a Cassadee & Terry fan… I like the sound of their voice, the choices they make in singing to make each song their own and I enjoy their performances. If I like their song ill buy it on iTunes, if not ill just vote online. I love Miranda’s version of ‘Over You’ and I love Cassadee’s version too so I brought both (actually I already had Miranda’s version)! Even though its the same song the vibe of both songs and the way it’s sung is different, to me. Anyway what I want to say is that for me ‘The Voice’ means who you think sounds the best not who is the best technical, pitch-perfect singer – that would be pretty boring and besides the reason why there are so many genres and artists that are popular is that we all have our own idea of what is te best Voice!

  25. teatime says:

    Isn’t there a limit of 10 votes per method on this show?

  26. Eric says:

    I think the public got it wrong tonight. Neither Bryan nor Sylvia deserved to go home, in my opinion – though Bryan wasn’t the most interesting vocalist, he had a great tone and gave a solid performance, and Sylvia was showing great improvement. Trevin is so overhyped and his song last night was a disaster. And, as much as I adore Cody’s voice and personality, he just hasn’t been up to par with the other contestants since “Jolene”.

  27. Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

    Supposedly. People claim they can get around it. The only method that your vote is counted more than once is if you paid to download an iTunes song, which is a vote, and that song is in iTunes top 10 singles at the close of voting. They take all those “votes” and multiply them by 10. It’s a “bonus”, but in reality is just a tactic to get your money.

    • Al says:

      I am here to say you can get around the limit of 10 per voting method, and it is not that hard. People have been doing this for years in these types of competitions. I am not sure why people are surprised that you can.

      • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

        Sure there are, like if you are a loser with no social life that makes a bunch of fake facebook accounts and emails and votes that way. The site will let you vote all you want (so you don’t know if your cheat is working or not), but unless you are using a proxy to change your IP repeatedly they are not being counted.

      • Alisha says:

        Yo, Al! You keep saying this, but you don’t actually explain how, or give a shred of evidence that your vague claims are remotely true. B.S.

  28. Rod says:

    I think they don’t announce the winners in order. I think it is designed to generate more suspense in regards to the coaches groups. Look at the final 5. There was at least 1 person from each coach. All done for drama.

  29. FreeHaley says:

    Mostly just glad that Amanda and Nicholas are safe. I suspect he is doing a lot better than Michael places him in the power rankings.

    And Terry. I know he hasn’t always been perfect, but nice to have some old time pop rock around once again for a change. And many of those songs, as well as lots of even pop pop, often derided, are actually quite difficult to sing well live despite popular opinion.

    Trevin was really bad this week but has done well in other weeks so it would’ve been a bit harsh to be dumped just like that.

    I know not everyone here seemed to agree but I thought Cody was way back this week so it was good to see him survive this time.

    Cassadee seems to be doing crazy well. At least this week I finally got it, a bit. I don’t think the punk pop rock thing is for her, her voice doesn’t sound right when she does that, nothing like Avril or such at all, too chipmunk, but this week, with a new vocal style her voice did a lot better, she maybe needs to do this instead?

    I don’t Sylvia was at all as bad as some here say, but I wasn’t surprised she left. Didn’t quite always have it, and this week it was so easy to compare to some live perfection from Alicia herself, maybe Joselyn would’ve been a bit better choice and female pop often tends to only go so far on these shows and it’s actually often a lot harder to actually sing well than people imagine as gets proved. Sylvia had ability for some more power and such but sometimes would lose pitch and shifting from power to sweet voice and tone and maybe Joselyn would’ve worked out a bit better in the end perhaps.

  30. DeeKayTee says:

    I think Bryan was great but he was boring and America probably either just forgot about him or passed him over for a much more entertaining if not as vocally talented Cody Belew (guilty).

  31. niks says:

    “If everybody shared my musical tastes, Xtina’s “Your Body” would’ve been a No. 1 hit.” Don’t worry. In some alternate universe where people like mediocre songs, it’s reigning the charts.
    Anyway, sad for Bryan.

  32. Sara says:

    Did the right people get the boot? For once the answer (for me) is a resounding YES! I found Bryan to be boring and almost always flat. Was I surprised that he left? Yes, it seems like pretty much no one other than my sister agrees with my assessment of his talent. Was I surprised Sylvia left? Nope. It was her time. I found her to be fearless, and I truly appreciate that about her, but vocally she has been struggling since pretty much the beginning.
    I had pretty much prepared myself all day to say goodbye to Cody, who is my favorite performer. I am super-excited to see what he does next! My favorite four are still in it!

    • Joe says:

      With you all the way Sara. I can’t believe I see people posting they want to protest the show over Bryan getting axed. He was the definition of “meh”. The guy had no charisma, zero stage presence and didn’t do anything earth shattering with his voice other than deliver solid karaoke performances. I was thrilled America got it right. The one I’m stunned is still standing is Trevin who was all kinds of horrid the other night, but I guess he built up enough good will from his earlier songs. To be honest, the only thing I’ve liked from Trevin was his blind audition to Listen. Everything else has been a howling mess. Sylvia was cute, but she went as far as she should have in the end. We get what she is. I don’t think there was more to her that we hadn’t seen yet.

  33. TiaGata says:

    I have a question – why does everyone keep credting Billy Joel for NY State of Mind…It first belonged to Frank Sinatra. I guess I am old, and slept on BJ – but I do know who he is. In my head I keep seeing Billy Crystal – LOL.

  34. megs says:

    I thought Cody was gone for sure. I love him but his “Crazy in Love” was kind of insane. Glad Terry, Amanda, and Cassadee are safe they, along with Cody would be my dream final four.

  35. Portia says:

    I’m frustrated by the middling songs Blake keeps giving Terry – at least I hope Terry isn’t choosing them. If Blake wants to pigeonhole Terry as ‘classic rock’ only, at least give him better, less obvious 70’s and 80’s rock with more melody, depth…or more fun. I can come up with better songs that could suit Terry off the top of my head, so what’s with his coach?

    U2 “Pride (In the Name of Love)”
    Guns N’ Roses “Sweet Child of Mine”
    Tesla “Love Song”
    Etton John’s “Someone Saved My Life Tonight”
    Quiet Riot “Come on Feel the Noise”
    Alice Cooper “Poison”

  36. JJjetplane says:

    I found Cassadee’s performance a little bit offensive. I mean I’m sorry but you can’t compare a man losing his brother with a nine year old girl losing her great grandfather…. it’s just not in the same spectrum. I knew my great grandfather, he was a great guy, I have a few memories of him and my time spent with him, but I was very young when he passed, just like she was, and comparing that to a teenage boy losing his brother doesn’t make any sense to me.

    She picked a very personal, very sentimental song, one that would have a strong impact on her coach, and then tried to think of something to say so she could sound like she related to it. Her voice just isn’t on par with some of the other performers and I think as far as originality goes she’s the most generic and easily copied of the bunch (Not counting Dez… but come on he’s a joke.)

    I give her props for being clever enough to know how to play the game. I don’t think her fan base is strong enough to get her to #1 on ITunes (who the hell uses ITunes?), so the whole sentimental thing must have worked out for her. America does love a sad story. But if she sings “Christmas Shoes” next week i’m done.

    In conclusion: Something about Nicholas David is mesmerizing and he’s had several fantastic performances Terry is the first truly legit rocker on the show which I’m happy to see. I hope for both Nicholas and Terry’s sakes either they, or their coaches, think of something to REALLY set them above and beyond. They’re great at what they do but the couches need to give them a chance to have that performance that shocks people and quiets any doubters. I want one of them to win… but considering that Dez is still around America clearly isn’t voting based on singing ability.

    Melanie is neat and fun to listen to but a little repetitive, Trevin is fading, Amanda is just sort of holding in place for me, and as much as I like Cody it’s only a matter of time before he goes.

    • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

      1. She did get to number 1 on iTunes so you are wrong about her fanbase.
      2. Millions of people use iTunes. They hit 10 billion downloads earlier this year. Or are you just trying to be one of the “edgy” people on here that is proud of illegally downloading music?

      • JJjetplane says:

        Who illegally downloads music? What’s music? Sound orbs man.. get with the times.

      • JJjetplane says:

        And her getting to #1 doesn’t actually discount anything I just said. I said that yes, she did in fact get to #1 on Napster (see what I did there? F@$K I’m clever) but that her doing so doesn’t necessarily mean she has the highest number of fans in her “core fanbase” for lack of a better word. If that were the case it would happen every week and she’d be blowing everyone out of the water votes/downloads-wise none stop.

        That not happening means that something was significant about this week. Either her fanbase just really is massive and they’ve never been as inspired as they were by this performance, or a bunch of people who don’t necessarily consider themselves full-on-fans voted for her this time around, possibly even over other contestants they’ve voted for in the past.

        I’m more convinced of the second option, but I happen to think it had more to do with her play at the heart strings than her actual performance. If I went on the voice and said my dog just died, and then devoted the song to the adorable little pup, I’d get a heck of a lot more votes than my terrible voice deserves. Actually, one of them should try that, I’d vote for them. Dogs are good people.

    • jd says:

      “She picked a very personal, very sentimental song, one that would have a strong impact on her coach”

      I was under the impression that the coaches were pushing the song choices ……
      —– [as opposed to XF where it’s apparently the producers]
      -Cassadee thanked Blake for letting her do such an important song to him
      -Adam thought the Grace Potter song was perfect for Amanda
      -Trevin really pushed to do the Usher Song that CeeLo wasn’t sure about
      -Adam questioned the Melanie’s White Stripes choice until he heard her approach
      -I know I’ve heard xtina say “I wanted xxxx to do this to show off xxx a bunch of times

      “(who the hell uses ITunes?),

      That’s probably the point don’t you think? Multiply itunes votes by 10 and maybe some casual music listeners that really only listen to music on the radio and shows like this will be exposed.

    • Yo' says:

      I thought the comparison to Blake’s loss was horrible and should have been edited out, but… That was a TV “You are kidding!” moment and I am a little surprised that not only did it not tank her, no one even mentioned it on line. Maybe we all are just numbed to these silly pre-fab stories.

    • BrianF says:

      Well JJ, I find your post offensive. I have known many people who are very close with older relatives, and for you to presume that somehow those relationships are less deserving is nothing less than insulting and degrading to those people. And the only person that really has any right to take offense to Cassadee performing that song would be Blake himself, and he surely was behind her, and probably suggested the song to her.

      • FreeHaley says:

        Who are you to know anything about it?
        You have no way to know.
        It sounds like her father maybe wasn’t around much and left so maybe her great grand father was a particularly large figure in her life.

  37. JJjetplane says:

    But in all honesty I don’t actually know anyone who uses ITunes other than for making playlists. It comes standard on pretty much any computer you buy these days, and tries very hard to make you use it… but as far as people whose musical habits I’m actually aware of they just don’t use ITunes.

    • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

      You must live under a giant hipster rock then. Good for you. The fact that artists from The Voice trend up after a show proves that you are probably in the minority of people that don’t use iTunes. you are so cool and edgy. I envy you.

      • JJjetplane says:

        I couldn’t be any less hipster. I barely even know what hipster means other than glasses are involved and a lot of coffee. I happen to not like coffee. Why would you presume that I live under some sort of rock or exist in some sort of bubble when it could very easily be the other way around?

        I don’t not use ITunes because it isn’t “cool”, I don’t use it because it’s ITunes.

  38. jd says:

    As stated above – The ultimate goal of the show is to get eyes on the show and drive traffic to the advertisers. The production crew gets paid; the coaches get an easy gig that’s kinda fun and gives them exposure; – and hey, if they find a commercially successful artist in the process that’s great too ……

  39. I actually agree to an extent regarding Cassadee, that was a blatant play on the “awwww” factor, as was the lingering camera shot of a misty eyed Blake staring at her.
    She’s no Miranda Lambert but I worry she’ll make the final due to this alleged existing fanbase she has & getting her boyfriends fanbase to vote also (at least that’s what the naysayers are always going on about).

    Surprised at the results as I fully expected Cody, Melanie or Trevin to be booted.
    Sylvia had peaked though I think.

    • jd says:

      I’m just saying it’s Blake that made the play on the “awwww” factor. Doubt that’s a song that would have crossed Cassadee’s mind on her own.

  40. Lizabeth says:

    The results weren’t particularly surprising, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that Sylvia and Bryan are both great singers. This is a really talented bunch of people, so it’s hard for me to tell who’s going home every week. The only thing that really bothered me (other than Team Adam murdering that Queen song) was the way Carson announced Amanda’s safety. Sylvia was still standing there. I didn’t understand why he couldn’t have said that the first person going home was Sylvia and then announced the safe person.

  41. BethT says:

    Speaking of giving away the answer – how about when Carson (essentially) asked Sylvia and Bryan how they would feel if they got sent home but asked Amanda what it would mean to move on? Talk about killing the suspense. [eyeroll].
    I have to admit I’m glad Cody gets to stay around another week, but I’m sorry Bryan is the one to go. I like Sylvia, but I thought she and Trevin were the worst Monday night and should have been the ones sent home.

  42. GIL says:

    I still cannot understand how Cassadee Pope is still there. She is cute and her voice is ok but not the best.
    Glad Amanda Brown, Trevin and Terry are safe

    • JJjetplane says:

      I big part of it is that she was in a band that was somewhat successful. So the fans of her then are carrying over pretty strongly.

    • BrianF says:

      Why all the hating on Cassadee? The only real criticism I have, which has been said before, is that her low range is not all that strong. But other than that, she has a very good texture to her voice, good use (but not overuse) of her falsetto, usually right on key, sincere and emotionally invested in her peformances and great stage presence. And in the age of often being surrounded by bigger and bigger egos, she comes off as humble and even a little insecure at times, which to me is refreshing.

      • FreeHaley says:

        She had OK texture to her voice this week, but I’ve thought it really bad and chipmunky most of the other weaks and it’s hard to imagine a chipmunk trying to punk rock. I think she needs to turn away from the attempt at punk rock-style since to me her voice is just all wrong for that.

  43. Melissa says:

    I thought it should have been Sylvia and Cody. I see people talking about how good Cody is and I just don’t get it. I think he’s horrible, and Tuesday night was his worst performance yet. But then there’s Dez and Bryan who are completely boring. So really i’m glad that the 2 to go home were in my bottom 4, but I’m hoping next week Cody’s time will finally be up. (Wasactuallyupabout3weeksago).

    SOOOOO glad that Terry is safe, and if Terry doesn’t win this thing I want Nicholas to win.

  44. miss m says:

    the result is not bad..bryan last performance was quite boring… and sylvia..i think i have enuf with high-pitch-screaming thing…christina has always look up for such thing, but for me, it is unpleasant to my ear sometimes

  45. davey says:

    Cassadee is the type of contestant who usually appears on American Idol. I have no idea why Blake is so fixated on her. She bores me to tears. I hope she is a shock elimination along the way.

  46. Yo' says:

    I had checked Itunes and it was pretty obvious who was going home. Besides, I had concluded that if Bryan did not change his clothes, minimally his hat, he was leaving. Sylvia was not the strongest remaining, but held her own far better than others in group performances last night, so did not deserve to go. Dez will be in $600 tee shirts within the year, if he isn’t already, unless he ends up back in school where he belongs. Dam, he is annoying.

  47. Adam Levine's shirt says:

    Still trying to figure out how CeeLo went from possibly having 1 contestant left to the only mentor with his team intact?? Cody and Trevin should have gone home last night. Not that Sylvia and Bryan set the world on fire with their performances but they were definitely both good enough to stay. I know I may be in the minority but, for the life of me, I can not figure out what people see in Cody. He may be charismatic. but his singing is terrible and his dancing is annoying to watch.

  48. JAOTAO says:

    I’m lovin’ Cassadee (who I didn’t like until Over Your), Melanie (who I didn’t like until 7 Nation Army) and Amanda (who I didn’t appreciate until Stars) … I don’t download performance music, but I did all 3 of these after the vote. I think anyone of them could have a good career as will Michaela. I’m not feelin’ any of the guys. I Love Terry, but he is from a different era…

  49. ali427 says:

    I think karma is coming back to get Xtina. She should’ve saved De’Borah, no question–not two singers who are Xtina wanna-bes.

    • scrutinizer says:

      I loved De’Borah on The Voice. She and Amanda were what kept me watching each week. Now Amanda needs to win. I think De’Borah will make her mark in the music world….she’s too gifted and unique not to.

    • Spence says:

      I totally agree, I think De’Borah could have done super well in the live shows. Dez is whiney and Sylvia was like X-tina light. We’re slimming down on some of the average singers. Hopefully dez will go home and maybe Cody will step it up, if not he’s probably leaving.

  50. scrutinizer says:

    Amanda Brown is in a league of her own….amazing vocals, great stage presence, beautiful looks. It’s the entire package which a record company can confidently take to the bank. She really needs to win to bring validity to the show.