Mindy Project Exclusive: Amanda Setton to Depart, Anna Camp Bumped to Recurring

A little midseason tinkering is underway at The Mindy Project.

TVLine has learned exclusively that Amanda Setton, who plays office sexpot Shauna on Fox’s rookie comedy, is departing the series. Additionally, Anna Camp, aka Gwen, the longtime BFF of Mindy Kaling’s titular OB/GYN, has been bumped from series regular to recurring.

I’m told Setton is exiting for creative reasons, while Camp asked to be taken off contract — a move that will allow the in-demand actress to pursue other opportunities while continuing to appear on Mindy Project (and a source insists she will continue to appear).

The mini shake-up comes as the show, which has already been picked up for a full season, is getting ready to introduce a new female character. Earlier this week, a casting call went out for the recurring and potentially series regular role of Maggie, a tomboyish college friend of Mindy’s.

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  1. Den says:

    good for anna camp, her talent was being wasted… i’m glad she will continue to appear though, i do like this show a lot. also, i liked shauna aww

  2. Jon says:

    Seriously? Both characters are faaaar more interesting than the other girl that works at the practice (Can’t even remember her name).

    • dude says:

      Totally agree. I’d rather they bumped off the other one and increased Amanda Setton’s role.

    • Lena120 says:

      I know. I mean seriously, what is that other girls name? And why are they bumping Anna but bringing on a new female when they barely know what to do with the ones they have. That’s why I felt Anna was wasted because her character didn’t fit in with the group’s dynamic. She always seemed out of place.

    • Drew B says:

      Setton is gorgeous and her accent is funny (“Don’t tok to me like ya teachin’ me sumthin”) but the other girl, Betsy the country bumpkin, is very cute, quirky and has a very funny voice. She talks the same way the Kevin character on The Office talked. Like – used her whole mouth of over annunciate words. I like her.

      • brutony says:

        OMG, LOVED Shauna, she’s hottet than Florida in July! But, I guess she’s got a better gig, as SMG’s BFF on The Crazy Ones, for what that’s worth! However, if she ever wanted a job, I’d create an entire Broadway production for that fox!

  3. C says:

    Boo. I love Amanda Setton and was kinda the only reason I was still watching this mess of a show.

  4. Zsa Zsa Giggleman says:

    My source at FOX told me that Dr. Rand Pink, a gynecologist-turned-comic from Malibu is also joining the cast. Dr. Pink has been dating Mindy for several months. In his dreams.

  5. JC says:

    I guess this is good, because I’d rather see Camp be part of the A story line in a few episodes, then do one or two scenes in every episode (like she is now). But both of these characters have been vastly underutilized up to this point.

  6. erin says:

    I can’t blame either of them, especially Amanda Setton… she was WAY too good for that character.

  7. gary says:

    How lame. Amanda Setton was great and her pinning over Danny was one of the best parts of the show. Ever since Morgan started getting more screen time i havent really been liking the show anyways so it looks like im knocking another show off my DVR

  8. gary says:

    How about Fox creates a sitcom for next year with these 2 as the stars? Bet they would be great together

  9. TV Gord says:

    Sorry to read that Setton is going. I’ve been a fan of hers since she shook up One Life To Live a few years ago. Still, The Mindy Project is such a good show, I trust what they’re doing, and I’m sure Setton will land firmly on her feet!

    • C says:

      Yes! She was so great as Kim on OLTL. And I kept hoping Jerry ver Dorn (Clint) would show up at the practice and flirt with Shauna.

  10. Lena says:

    I liked Setton as Shauna! She brought the most laughs for me

  11. hipper says:

    Not surprised about Anna Camp. Setton’s departure is a little bit of a shock.

  12. brandon says:

    Amanda Setton will always be a Blair Waldorf minion in my head.

  13. Nero theTVFiddler says:

    Anna Camp’s departure (or now recurring role) I completely understand – from the start, I don’t think Anna’s character was being used sufficiently. Sorry to see her leave, but that move makes sense [check out Anna’s work on Mad Men, S4 – very impressive].

    However, having Amanda Setton leave the show is a big, BIG mistake. As others have noted, she’s one of the primary reasons I like the show and have kept watching. Also (as Gary noted above in his post), her pinning over Danny (particularly at that dance club) was a nice surprise and well played. She’s a talent – the Mindy team will miss her more than perhaps they realize. I’ll keep watching, but losing Setton is a loss – a big one.

  14. thiagofls says:

    Anna Camp was so underused, I wondered why she was even billed as a regular on the show. Same goes for Stephen Tobolowsky. As for Amanda Setton, I like her character a lot more than Zoe Jarman’s with that weird speech impediment.

  15. D'Arcy says:

    Amanda Setton leaving the show is only good for it. It’s odd to think she does actually fit quite well with the vibe of the show, but they never made a good use for her character.

  16. Sean D says:

    Is Ike Barinholtz going to get promoted to full cast member? I think he’s only recurring at this point. He’s hysterical, love him. I think he’s working with the show better than any of the other supporting characters.

    • D'Arcy says:

      He’s still recurring. I bet they don’t up him to series regular until midseason or the next if it’s renewed. Money-wise it makes sense.

  17. Dizzle says:

    So can Anna Camp just get back on The Good Wife now already? It was so bizarre how quickly she was written out.

  18. Teag says:

    Good for Anna Camp, let her do better stuff.

    Don’t care much for Amanda Setton leaving.

  19. Britta Unfiltered says:

    Happy! OLTL ruined Setton for me. The Kim/Clint relationship was the grossest thing that show ever did (even more than Tina having a crush on her sort-of brother!) The age difference was too much, and the character was too over the top. Her existence was ruining The Mindy Project for me, and I thought she was a bit of a caricature on this show too. As for Camp…I have nothing against her. She’s a good actress, I think they’re just having a hard time figuring out how to fit her in to the show. I don’t blame her for wanting to step down, as she is underused.

  20. Ben says:

    The way they’ve incorporated Anna Camp thus far seems like an afterthought. Either use her wholeheartedly or not at all. She’s talented and deserves better.

  21. Sam says:

    Both of them are barely on the show as it is. Anna Camp should go back to The Good Wife.

  22. CJ says:

    Every time I see Anna Camp, I think of her volcanic vomiting in Pitch Perfect.

  23. Tommy Sr. says:

    Way to get rid of the two hottest girls on the show. :(

  24. Big Applet says:

    Sorry to hear this news. Amanda Setton is a rising star and I’m sure will find a more welcoming show and definitely a more creative environment. I’ve seen her on stage in NY and was really impressed by her skills. She’s made the most of small supporting parts and hope to see her somewhere soon.

  25. erin says:

    I’m very happy about this! I find their characters to be the two most annoying characters on the show.

  26. Jam says:

    Amanda setton was a waste of a character. Her “accent” was laughable and cringeworthy at the same time. I am glad they are getting rid of that stereotypical character.

  27. FreePanacakes23 says:

    Why! are all these damn characters WHITE? Mindy has no Black, Hispanic, or Asian friends/co-workers!? ?Looking at that poster irks the hell outta me. Her brown ass sitting in the middle of all those smiling White faces! B*tch, exit!

  28. Elyse says:

    i might have actually liked Shauna if it weren’t for her annoying accent.

  29. Sims says:

    This is disappointing. Shauna was a good character with a lot of room for development, I enjoyed her the most. At least I knew her name unlike almost every other character on the show. I wish there was more time for Anna Camp’s to develop but it makes sense for her to want her freedom since she is woefully underused here. This show has been such a let down. I loved Mindy Kaling’s book and the episodes of the Office that she wrote have been some of the best, but this show just doesn’t connect with anything or anyone.

    And please, there is no way Mindy Kaling could fit in to one of Anna Camp’s dresses #plothole.

  30. brutony says:

    Too bad Shaunas leaving-she added some humor, and was WAY hawt! Anna was pretty fine too, but she was hardly in it. Cant stand Zoe, and Ikes character is so far off the chart he ought to be on New Girl. Mindy does seem like a bit of a diva, and I dont know how much more I can take of this. Show just signed their death warrant!

  31. Barb says:

    love the show and Mindy Kaling. The chemistry is great between the supporting cast, though I have to admit Sexton’s character doesn’t really seem to register.

  32. Alex says:

    Not Amanda Setton! I thought all the characters fit so perfectly EXCEPT for Anna’s character. She was good, the character just didn’t seem to meld with the rest of the crew. But Amanda’s character was awesome! Bad call.

  33. sgtsia says:

    This is disappointing news. Setton’ role is quite funny and has a lot of potential to develop. At least keep her as recurring or an unlikely bff for Betsy?
    As for Camp, at least she has a job- Perhaps it’s because you couldn’t really have 2 recurring characters that acted as the same sort of outlet.

  34. B-Chick says:

    Anna Camp’s character needs to get diminished. She never did fit in. I’m sad to see Setton go. She played a cute and funny character. I hope the rest of the cast stays, as well as Morgan. I trust Mindy has clever twists up her sleeve :)

  35. B-Chick says:

    Oh and I must add- SETTON’S ACCENT WAS THE BEST! I wish I could talk like her!

  36. starry118 says:

    I thought Amanda Setton’s character was funny, and missed seeing her in the last episode…Anna Camp didn’t really fit into the show, so I’m not surprised she’s leaving, but she is funny…i remember her from True Blood.

  37. Belai R. says:

    I hate to see Amanda Setton go…she was great. I actually watched because she was in it. The older character they have now (Beth Grant) totally gives this show a different vibe and not a GOOD one. Shauna made the show interesting. Have a bad feeling this show is going down! Too bad hardly anything good on TV anymore.

  38. tory says:

    What! why do you hate morgan hes one of my faves and the sexpot chick never really had a personality. I loved the best friend role, so Im sorry to see that go.

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  40. Poc says:

    Have just finished watching season 1 and I have to say the back half of the series was much funnier than the first half. The show is not missing shauna or the Anna camp character at all. Neither character said or did anything remotely funny. Am looking forward to season two.

  41. Gern says:

    Well that was a stupid thing to do. I just started watching the show which I think is hilarious. Amanda Setton adds a hotness/bitchiness that I loved. Sorry to see her gone.

  42. Josh says:

    I fully believe she asked for it. She’s barely used, so why shouldn’t she want to have the ability to explore other options? And I fully believe your source is full of it.

  43. CJ says:

    Mindy Kaling is MUCH more self-aware than you give her credit for.

  44. Gin Beach says:

    I believe the source. What I DON’T believe is that anyone on TV would request a demotion and a pay downgrade (as we’re supposed to believe Anna Camp has done). I don’t know Mindy Kaling, but friends have mine worked on THE OFFICE (below-the-line), and the stories of her diva trips ain’t pretty.