Supernatural Hot Shots: It's Sammy Vs. Benny!

Brace yourself, Supernatural fans: Things come to a head between Dean and Sam over the Benny issue in the Dec. 5 episode (The CW, 9/8c), and then the show won’t be back with fresh installments until January. To make the thought of that wait more bearable, we’ve got a sneak peek at the dramatic standoff, which finds Sammy secretly asking a fellow hunter to keep an eye on his brother’s vampire friend.

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Dean comes to Benny’s defense when Sam accuses him of a vamp kill, but is that a weapon we spy behind the elder Winchester’s back as he talks to his pal? Has he seen Benny’s true colors?

Check out the gallery below, and then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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  1. Annie says:

    Why do I get such a huge Jeffrey Dean Morgan vibe off the Benny pics? Wishful thinking, maybe? Yeah? Yeah, probably. *sigh*

  2. Carrie says:

    It’ll be interesting to see Martin again. The boys don’t have many hunter friends left. Looks like it’ll be a good episode. I really hope Benny isn’t guilty. I like him a lot.

    • Alan says:

      i knew the name sounded familiar, i just cant figure out which episode he was in.
      i think benny may be up to no good, dean is due for getting knocked off his high horse and that would make sense. (and before you all start attacking me dean is my favourite character so you cant accuse me of bias against him)

      • Clay says:

        I think Martin was the hunter who was locked up in a mental hospital in Sam, Interrupted.

        • Alan says:

          that makes sense, thank you. maybe dean can shout “pudding” again in this episode, still the funniest thing they have ever done

          • tigersmurfette says:

            it was funny. think of it whenever i see/have pudding. but the funniest thing they’ve ever done was jensen lipsynching eye of the tiger.

          • Alan says:

            ok the funniest thing that was actually in the script then. eye of the tiger was just something that happened when someone missed their mark or something if i remember the story correctly

          • Sara says:

            Yeah, not buying that I’m a Deanfan BS either; and if ever one of the brothers needed to get knocked off his high horse at this point, it’s Sam-especially after that last brother scene in Southern Comfort.

      • DFTW says:

        We can accuse you of bias when you so obviously show it, but you just keep telling yourself that you’re fooling people on the internet.

        • Alan says:

          dean IS my favourite character. i quote him on a daily basis, i want to be him but i do think he could do with being knocked down a peg or two, he is a little too high and mighty at times

          • Cassis says:

            Oh please Sam’s the one with the high horse problem. I might be it if anyone ever listened to Dean, but Dean’s like Cassandra, he’ll sit there and explain why it’s wrong until he’s blue in the face and then his loved ones go right ahead and do it anyway and expect him to clean up their mess or blame him for their mess. So even when he’s right, it’s not like anyone listens to him anyway and then they blame him for their mistakes.

            Sam’s the one who sets another hunter on Benny, just in case he does something wrong. Wow talk about mistrustful, Dean’s never done anything like that to Sam despite all of Sam’s missteps. That’s sneaky and cowardly, Sam should be willing to do his own dirty work. Benny stopped drinking from live humans before he was ever sent to Purgatory, by his own kind. That’s truth. That’s not something made up for Dean’s benefit, we know it’s true from Benny’s episode and his own interaction with those who did it to him. Benny is like Lenore, remember Sam’s Lenore? Dean let her go and that was way back in Season 2(and it was only Eve Mother of All Monsters who forced her back to feeding, Eve’s dead now). This isn’t like Amy, Amy was in the middle of a killing spree, with blood and brains literally on her hands, whatever her excuses for doing so were(bad excuses too, given her son so conveniently was suddenly cured just when Sam found her).

            Benny is someone Dean got to know over nearly a year in Purgatory – someone who saved his life more than once and someone who helped him get out while Sam was playing house. And this is the thanks Sam gives him? This is the trust he gives Dean? You want high horses, Sam’s on the highest one yet.

          • Marty says:

            Get off it. Sam is not the one on high horse here – atleast not on this subject and neither is Dean. Here’s what Sam knows from their hunting experience and from what Dean usually says:
            1. Befriending someone who is by its nature a man-eating monster is dangerous. (Amy, Ruby)
            2. Keeping it a secret from your brother is wrong and an indication that on some level you know you are doing the wrong thing. (Amy, Ruby)
            3. Believing the said monster that it has changed when you have knowledge of it killing humans in the past is stupid (Amy, Ruby)
            4. All monsters, nearly always, kill again, unless they are killed themselves. No matter how much against killing they appear to be. (Amy, Ruby, The Rugaru, almost Bobby, Lenore’s nest, Lenore herself if Castiel hadn’t killed her).
            5. Delaying the kill because of emotional attachment always results in more suffering down the line and you end up killing anyways. (Amy, Dean’s daughter, Madison, Bobby).

            Right now, Dean’s actions are hitting each of these. For all Sam knows, Benny is another Ruby – after all, she did appear pretty good on paper – sympathetic past storyline, not wanting to be a monster, conflict with a past mentor, saving the Winchesters many times, risking lives for the Winchesters many times and so on.

            Because Sam does trust Dean’s judgment, he isn’t going after Benny, like Dean did with Amy. But that is no reason not to be cautious.

          • Give me a break says:


            If you insist that all monsters are unable to change, why not kill Sam as well? It took an act of God to de-monster him. He could at any moment, get it into his head to power up by guzzling blood again. He fits all your criteria.
            1. Being with Sam has been extremely craptacular for Dean including nearly getting turned and having Lisa and Ben attacked.
            2. Sam continually keeps secrets and is doing so now.
            3. Believing said brother when he has history of killing and deceit is unwise.
            4. All monsters, nearly always, kill again, unless they are killed themselves. No matter how much against killing they appear to be
            5. Delaying the kill because of emotional attachment always results in more suffering down the line and you end up killing anyways.

            So I could say that the series should end with Dean killing Sam who simply can not help his tainted monster nature because he will always revert to what he truly is.

          • muse says:

            @Marty – Dean’s daughter hadn’t killed anyone when Sam put a bullet through her, mostly it seems for revenge over Amy given his ranting at Dean afterwards. Ruby gave plenty of signs that she couldn’t be trusted, the first of which happened in season 3 when she lied to Sam about being able to save Dean and then making it clear that she wanted Dean dead and out of the way. However, in season 4, Sam inexplicably trusted her. Well not inexplicably since it was obvious that she was stroked his ego and told him what he wanted to hear.

            As for the rest, Sam may have some valid reasons for concern over Benny being a vampire but he has far more reasons to trust Dean’s judgment, which he rarely ever does. He also has far more reasons to be grateful to Benny for helping Dean escape from purgatory. But he’s still nursing his grudge over Amy and seems desperate to prove he’s smarter than Dean as per usual so he’s once again dismissing Dean and acting like he knows better which is just his usual MO anyway. So yes, if anyone deserves to be taken down several notches, it’s Sam.

          • Give me a break says:

            I usually don’t go “please, please, please let my favorite character be ripped a new one by the character who mocked his stint in Hell and could not give a damn about his year in Purgatory. Oh, please, please, please do that to my very favorite character.”

            Do you go around hoping that horrible things happen to your best friend because you really need him to be brought low? If so, if I were your best friend I would flee you.

          • Marty says:

            @Give me a break

            Read my argument again. I said “given Sam’s knowledge form their hunting experience”. Whether or not I believe whether monsters can change or not is irrelevant. But, even considering that, the argument doesn’t apply to Sam because he is not a monster.
            1. You are referring to when he was soulless – a situation that no longer applies and is therefore irrelevant.
            2. Exactly what secrets is Sam keeping from Dean right now?
            3. Who exactly was the last human that Sam killed whom Dean wouldn’t have?
            4. True, but like I said, Sam isn’t a monster – he’s a human.
            5. Except, once again, Sam isn’t a monster.
            I don’t think you understand what it means to be a monster on Supernatural. It doesn’t mean having some supernatural quality to your existence – it requires a basic need to either kill or a need for something that cannot be achieved without killing. Sam does not qualify because
            a) The demon blood in him does not confer any such characteristics.
            b) Even at the height of his addiction, his need was for power – not for something that required killing.


          • Marty says:


            Killing Dean’s daughter was the right call because she was hell-bent on killing Dean. Dean knew that as well, he simply couldn’t bring himself to do it. Sam’s rant at him was more about letting emotions can screw up your judgment – something he himself was guilty of with Amy.

            As for Ruby, she gave a lot more signs that she could be trusted. The reason why her manipulation was so successful was because she usually offered the truth – though not the whole truth. Sam could’ve saved Dean if he’d started using his psychic powers in third season. The only reason Dean distrusted her was because of instinctive hatred for demons and his distrust of using psychic powers and even he shelved it until he found out the whole truth about his brother. Everything that can be trusted about Benny was there for Ruby.

            And finally, Sam is trusting Dean’s judgment. That’s why Benny isn’t dead yet. If it was only about holding a grudge for Amy or thinking Dean is wrong, then Sam would’ve gone behind Dean’s back, like Dean had, and disposed of Benny. He is giving Benny the benefit of the doubt. And judging by the promotional material, would do so once again, even when there is a strong indication that Benny might be back on human blood.

          • Alan says:

            @give me a break i really dont want to get dragged into an argument here but i will restate dean is my favourite character, always has been and probably always will be; and not just on this show but on all of tv at the minute.
            why would i like to see something like that play out? because something like that would create good drama and without drama there would just be a show about everyone being happy and as we all know everyone being happy is quite possibly the most boring thing to watch on tv. basically all i want is good, interesting tv

      • Give me a break says:

        Sam’s the one on the high horse, lying to Dean by getting Martin behind his back and acting like Benny has to be evil when SAM is the one who went to bat for a demon who hoped Dean burned in Hell and Amy, who killed people, then left Dean over that man-eating monster. I say Sam’s well over due.

        If you have to SAY that Dean is your favorite, he isn’t.

        • Marty says:

          He’s acting like being a blood sucking monster is in Benny’s nature – which, as a matter of fact, it is. Sam was wrong in covering for Ruby and Amy, but that doesn’t mean he gives Dean free pass to commit the same mistake.

          • samhasbeentohellandback says:

            Marty is right. I’m amazed at some of the Dean fans who spent season 4 baying for Ruby’s blood but are now suddenly Benny’s fangirls. They are the ones on their high horse.

      • Marty says:

        What high horse? And the pictures released don’t support your theory. Clearly, Dean goes to talk to Benny about his supposed crimes, but takes a weapon with him in case he is the culprit. Once Benny tells him he’s innocent, they go after whatever it is together. My money’s on the blond guy behind Dean in one of the episodes (is that blood on his face?).

        • Give me a break says:

          Which I’m fine with. Dean is not a besotted fool who thinks Benny makes him strong by giving him tainted garbage. Dean is willing to consider killing Benny but believes he should follow the evidence.

          But Sam still on a high horse for doing things he would rip Dean a new one for. If he wants to claim moral ground, he can’t keep doing things he know he would throw tantrums over if someone did it to him.

          • samhasbeentohellandback says:

            Dean is the one on his high horse. He killed Amy but now Sam is just supposed to sit back and accept Benny. Dean has no moral ground to stand on.

          • Give me a break says:

            @samhasbeentohellandback Please, you just want Dean to have nothing to do but live and breathe and think about Sam like a follower does a cult leader. So you want any and all people to die that get in the way of that while Sam can run around and leave whenever the hell he likes. Sam could leave for a decade and you’d STILL demand that Dean not move on but pine for him but Sam could pick up an entire baker’s dozen of girlfriends and bootlickers, not think of Dean once during that decade and that would be fine.

            If Dean sucks so much, you’d WANT Dean to leave Sam so Sam could be happier. But no, it’s about making Sam the most important and the most powerful and it angers you that Dean dares to have one small thing outside of Sam because it threatens the monopoly and having someone treat Dean with some decency makes Sam look BAD. Sam is a whiny princess who gets no pity from me.

          • Marty says:

            Yeah, because going behind your brother’s back to kill his friend and doing so just to keep tabs are the same thing.

          • samhasbeentohellandback says:

            The same to you. You want the same thing with Dean.

      • firre says:

        When will Sam be knocked off his self-righteous high horse? Why is Dean always the one that apologizes while Sam gets whitewashed?

      • firre says:

        Plus, I really doubt Dean is your favorite character and yes, you are biased.

  3. Ari says:

    I have loved this Benny storyline, mostly because I think the best episodes of SPN are the ones where the Winchesters are pitted against each other.

  4. Erica says:

    Ugh, kill Benny already. Dean is a freaking hypocrite and it’s about time he was shown to be wrong.

    • Kara says:

      THIS. Benny bugs the crap out of me. I’ll love it when Dean is proven wrong about this guy.

    • Deidra says:

      Oh, like Sam’s not? Dude is quick to give the benefit of a doubt to his monster friends like Amy and Lenore but can’t do the same when it comes to Dean’s friend. Sounds pretty hypocritical to me.

      • Jon says:

        If I’m not wrong, was Dean the one who didn’t give the benefit of the doubt to those two monsters. Won’t you be mad if Dean, the one who always say to stay away from monsters, kills your friend behind your back, and then gets a friendship with a monster, I would be pissed. Deidra, you just prove to be just like Dean this season, uses Sam’s mistakes as excuses for his. I’m sorry Dean fans, but that’s immature, and selfish.

        • DFTW says:

          The only thing that is immature and selfish is Sam being so petty as to target Benny because he’s still butthurt over Amy. Benny helped Dean escape purgatory. You would think that Sam would at least be grateful about that. Of course, that would only happen if he was actually happy that Dean was back. Which he clearly isn’t judging by his attitude in most of the episodes this season.

          BTW, for someone who claims not have any help looking for Dean, he sure managed to find Martin quickly enough when he decided it was important to drag another hunter into his petty tit-for-tat vendetta against Dean and Benny.

          • Give me a break says:

            I agree with you that it’s nasty of Sam to be still upset over Amy to the point he’s willing to kill something to make a point, especially something that saved Dean when Sam most pointedly did not. And it’s nasty if Amy is the reason Sam can’t muster any real joy that Dean is back. If Sam wants Amy so much, he can go to purgatory to be rejoined with his one true love.

            And as you pointed out, Sam seems to have spent more time and energy getting back at Dean than he did rescuing Dean and that makes Sam more of a monster than Benny, who at least has his monster nature to blame for it.

          • Jon says:

            Amy saved Sam’s life by killing her own mother..Dean didn’t give a CRAP about it, so why should Sam give a CRAP about a monster who told Dean about the human portal that might have found by himself if he would found Castiel first. Oh, and if not wrong, Benny didn’t help Dean get out of Purgatory, he just told him about a human portal, Dean tooked care of the rest by himself. I just can’t handle the people who always defend Dean, it really pisses me off. I definitely understand that Sam screws up more often, but to see people defending Dean like he is the PERFECT brother, really makes me want to explote.

          • Cassis says:

            Jon- Amy was in the middle of a killing spree when Sam found her(and when Dean found her). The authorities in the area were looking for a serial killer(she was the serial killer).

            Sure Amy killed her mother, a mother she’d already made clear she hated and whom treated her badly – seemed to me Sam was just the convenient excuse for Amy to kill the mother she already hated. For all we know lots of those type of monsters kill their parents once they reach a certain age. Besides which Sam only knew her for about half a day.

            Dean has known Benny for the better part of a year and in much more repeatedly intense situations. There is actual proof that Benny stopped drinking from live people for quite a while prior to his death, in fact he was killed largely because he was trying to be a good vampire, he was killed by his own people.

        • Alan says:

          you completely misread that, that wasnt about how dean treated friendly monsters, its about how sam has treated friendly monsters in the past and why he has suddenly done a complete 180 when dean finally has a friend who is a monster

          • Marty says:

            Because, so far, Sam doesn’t know if Benny is a bona fide friendly monster. All he knows is that Dean had to team up with Benny out of necessity when they were in purgatory. He doesn’t know any of Benny’s history (like that he went vegetarian long before he died) and all he does know is what Dean said about Benny being different. Further, the fact that Dean kept him a secret for so long would indicate to him that on some level Dean wasn’t sure that this was the right thing either.

        • Give me a break says:

          Dean has given benefit of the doubt before. He didn’t kill the Anti-Christ, did he?

          I say it’s hilarious that Sam can preach “be friends with monsters” a zillion times so Dean listens and makes a friend with a monster that protected him for a year while his own brother was busy frolicking with a dog then Sam’s like “NO, KILL, KILL monster!” I mean, I’m supposed to not at all think it’s Sam who’s pulling the flip-flip and not laugh at his hypocrisy?

          This monster isn’t just some Joe Monster off the street. Benny saved Dean and Castiel in Purgatory, got them out and was shown to be telling the truth about his past in Blood Brothers including a stint when he did go off the sauce for a human girlfriend.

          If Benny does go off the wagon, let Dean kill him. But this whole “Benny is, gasp, a blood drinking monster!” nonsense is hilarious. Sam used to drink blood too, does that mean we can never trust him and his head should be struck off?

        • Deidra says:

          Actually, Dean gave the benefit of a doubt to Lenore once she proved herself worthy of his trust by refusing to drink Sam’s blood. Dean killed Amy because she was killing humans and spared her son because he wasn’t. Dean’s allowing Benny to live because right now, he doesn’t have proof Benny’s back to killing. He’s already said Benny will have to die if he falls off the wagon. So, yeah, Dean’s been pretty consistent about monsters getting a chance unless they kill people. Sam, otoh, is okay with giving every other monster a chance except the one who’s his brother’s friend; ie, that’s being a hypocrite.

          And Sam having a hissy fit because his widdle feelings are hurt is not a good enough reason to kill someone, monster or not. Sam’s a 30 some year old man; he should be acting like one, not like some overly emotional teenage girl.

          • Jon says:

            I just think you don’t get the point, Sam hasn’t made any more monster friendships since Amy died..he kind of learn his lesson about being friends with a monster, maybe you don’t understand him, but I do understand that the man who ALWAYS criticized him for having a monster as a friend is now friends with a monster. I understand that Benny and Dean fought together at Purgatory, but Amy killed her own mother to save Sam. It’s not like Benny is a saint, he surely must’ve killed somebody in his past, every vampire has. And like Dean says: you have killed, and you will kill again. Whatever you say Dean fans, I’m not a Sam fan, but I support him on this one. Just for the record, if Dean drinks demon blood, are you gonna defend him too?

          • Cassis says:

            No you don’t get the point. Dean’s rarely been “monsters evil die die”–some monsters are incapable of being “good” monsters but vampires are not one of them. Dean has always hunted monsters who are harming people, that is how they get on his radar, news stories about strange injuries and deaths. That’s how they get on Sam’s radar as well. When Dean originally went after Lenore he and Sam had had exactly ONE experience with vampires, their knowledge of them was very limited. Once Dean saw proof, he was perfectly willing to not only let Lenore go, but to fight FOR her, to make sure she and her people could get away from Gordon. He beat the heck out of another hunter for her. Someone he didn’t even know but who had proven herself well enough to him.

            It’s not like Sam made a monster friend every two seconds, so the fact that he hasn’t had one since Amy who was only a year ago(our time, two years his time but he quit hunting and was avoiding hunting so how would he make a monster friend?) is hardly telling of anything other than he hasn’t met a monster that either reminded him of himself or whom he wanted to sleep with(that tends to how Sam identifies which monsters deserve to live).

            Sam was threatening to Benny’s life JUST for being a vampire, with no evidence of any wrong doing on Benny’s part, in fact with a lot of evidence in Benny’s favor. He set another hunter on Benny, behind Dean’s back, for the sole purpose of hoping to dig up dirt on him so that way he say “Nyah nyah Dean now we’re going to kill YOUR friend”.

        • Destiny says:

          But Dean did give the benefit of the doubt to Lenore. He didn’t kill her. He also saved Ruby’s life and gave her two years of chances. He let Kate go. There is a such thing as character growth. Sam is going behind Dean’s back by hiring Martin so how isn’t that lying and sneaking around? Also Sam didn’t care about any potential victims for a year and was perfectly okay with leaving a 17 year old boy at the mercy of the king of hell, while he ate birthday cake and unclogged drains. Why does he suddenly care about Benny’s victims. Why doesn’t Benny deserve the benefit of the doubt from Sam? Seems to me the hypocrisy swings hard in Sam’s direction as well.

          • Marty says:

            Again, Sam is giving Benny the benefit of the doubt. But that doesn’t mean he should trust him completely. Don’t confuse caution with distrust.

            By the way, has anyone even considered that Sam might be doing this for Dean’s sake? Dean is the one who brought vampire back to the land of the living. You guys have any idea how guilty Dean would feel if the said vampire proceeded to go on a killing spree?

        • Cassis says:

          Actually Dean let Lenore go so yeah he did give her the benefit of the doubt. Just because he needed more proof than her just saying she wasn’t killing(and yes we do have proof with Benny, his people are proof, his interaction are proof, we and Dean know that what he said about not drinking blood from people before he died is true), doesn’t mean he was wrong.

          As soon as Dean got his proof he actually KICKED the other hunter’s ass(great fight scene0, because the other hunter wasn’t looking to hunt killers, he was just looking to kill. Dean’s always been all about the whole “hurting and killing people” thing. If it’s not hurting anyone Dean tends to not bother with it. That’s Dean. Dean’s shown himself to be flexible and willing to compromise numerous times.

          Amy was in the middle of a killing spree her bad luck for getting caught. If she hadn’t then maybe in a few years if some hunter came upon her, she’d have gotten her benefit of the doubt but she had blood on her hands, actually on her hands, they showed us the close up. Dean didn’t kill her son though. Why? Because her son hadn’t hurt anyone. He was more than willing to live with the idea that the son had a right to try and seek vengeance someday but as of yet the son hadn’t hurt anyone so he lived. More than that, Sam’s own actions partially caused the whole situation, he snuck out in the middle of the night, refused to answer numerous phone calls this was while they were being hunted by Leviathans, he left Dean alone in a leg cast.

          I see nothing hypocritical in any of Dean’s actions. Sam’s the one being the big hypocrite because he seems to judge purely on whether or not he personally identifies with the monster or whether he wants to sleep with the monster as opposed to their actual actions.

          • Marty says:

            Actually, neither is being hypocritical. We, as audience, saw proof that Benny is clean. Sam didn’t. In the Supernatural universe, the burden of proof lies on the monster – not the hunter.

          • muse says:

            @Marty Dean helped Benny clean out a vampire’s nest. Sam knows this, just as he knows that Benny isn’t killing humans to feed because Dean told him so. So he has as much proof as they ever had with Lenore and certainly much more than he had with Amy who he was happy to let roam free without any safeguards in place. No. Sorry but there is no way to sugarcoat this. It’s a clear indication that Sam doesn’t trust Dean’s judgement and it makes him a total hypocrite because he certainly didn’t worry about all the vampires hunting humans while he took his year off.

          • Marty says:


            Actually, no, both Lenore and Amy had more going for them than just their say-so. In Lenore’s case they knew that someone was feeding off the cattle even before they rolled into town, they let Sam walk free and resisted drinking human blood. In Amy’s case, she definitely had been working at a morgue for a long time and she did have a sick son. Right now, as far as Sam knows, all Benny has going for him is his word. Helping Dean in purgatory doesn’t count because Benny had an ulterior motive as well. And taking out a vamp nest against whom he had a vendetta has nothing to do with drinking human blood.

            The only reason Benny is alive right now, is because Sam trusts Dean’s judgment and is willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

            And why does everyone keep bringing up Amy, like that’s an argument? Letting Amy go was a mistake. Letting her go unsupervised, even bigger mistake. You don’t think Sam actually realizes that and is simply trying to do the right thing here?

      • Percysowner says:

        Let’s see. Sam finds out that there are attacks that look like vampire attacks and Benny is in the area. Does Sam shoot him down like a dog? No. He gets another hunter to try and find out if Benny is or isn’t killing people. Now I know you think Sam should just take Dean’s word that Benny’s word is gospel truth and Benny is pure as the driven snow, but really if people are dying they should find out who is doing it. Yes, you hate Sam and will never give him any credit but GROW UP.

        • anotherlucy says:

          Well said, Percyowner. Why should Sam take Dean at his word? Dean cannot be objective here.

          • Give me a break says:

            And why should Sam’s word be gospel when it comes to any of the monsters he vouches for? He either thinks they’re just like him, basically accusing Dean of wanting to kill him if he kills them, or he wants to sleep with them, which is thinking with his other head.

          • Fanny says:

            Can Sam be objective? He’s wants tit-for-tat for Amy and seems to be desperate for Benny to be bad so he can say I told you so. GROW UP SAM!

          • samhasbeentohellandback says:

            Can Dean be objective? No.

        • Sara says:

          This spoiler is incomplete. According to others out there, Sam has Martin watching Benny BEFORE the attacks based solely on his own suspicions and then when the killings happen Martin feels that Benny is the culprit and goes to the brothers with the info and that’s when Dean finds out and gets angry with Sam for going behind his back-the same reason that Sam left Dean for ten days over, and might not have ever come back if they hadn’t run into each other on another hunt.
          And Dean went after Amy strictly because she’d killed four people. Sam is letting his emotions cloud his better judgment from the get-go here, IMO. I sure do hope that the show won’t make him right about this just as tit-for-tat with that sl because they are only comparable in the sense that going behind your brother’s back is no way to exhibit trust-AND Dean WAS made to apologize for that part of what he did, as regards that stupid Amy mess.

        • Jon says:

          Love your comment! Finally somebody who defends the brothers equally! I hate when people are all defending Dean or Sam because they are Dean fans or Sam fans. Mostly Dean fans.

        • Destiny says:

          According to Sam, it’s not his problem. People were dying for a whole year and Sam didn’t care enough to find out why and stop it (or even just past the message along). He was deliberately ingnoring people who needed help for a whole year. If Sam had done something as simple as leaving his phone on he would have been able to help Kevin. But he didn’t because according to Sam hunting and finding out whose killing people doesn’t really matter to him because it’s not worth his time. Why is Benny suddenly worth his time?

        • Lee says:

          The Alpha vamp is also still out there. And he has killed people. So why isn’t Sam all gung-ho to find the Alpha?

        • Cassis says:

          No Sam put Martin on Benny BEFORE there were any vampire attacks. He put Martin on Benny just to keep an eye on him then MARTIN discovers some vampire attacks in the area.

          So Sam just put Martin on Benny because he WANTED to find something wrong and he hoped having a hunter on him would do that. All Martin knows is there are some vampire killings – he has no proof of it being Benny but Benny being a vampire apparently is good enough.

          Sam shouldn’t have put Martin on Benny in the first place, the only reason Martin thinks its Benny is because he knows Benny is a vampire because Sam told him. Otherwise if a hunter came up with vampire killings in the area, they have to figure out through evidence who the vampire doing the killing was and it might well lead them in a totally different direction.

        • muse says:

          From the spoilers, Sam put Martin on Benny’s tail before people started showing up dead. He was basically looking for evidence that would give him a reason to kill Benny and stick it to Dean over Amy as he threatened to do a couple of episodes ago. Sam has always been a self-absorbed dickhead, but he’s reaching new heights this year.

          • samhasbeentohellandback says:

            Right, maybe Sam should look the other way and let Benny go on killing while Dean stays in the land of denial.

          • muse says:

            Why not? He spent a year looking the other way while other vampires were bleeding humans dry. He certainly looked the other way while he was sucking down demon blood and bleeding their hosts dry. Sam being presented as some kind of moral authority on this issue is a joke.

          • Marty says:


            So just because he made mistakes in past means it is impossible for him to make the right decision now?

      • anotherlucy says:

        Dean went behind Sam’s back to kill Amy. He’s got no right to complain.

        • Give me a break says:

          Sam had a tantrum for ten days so Sam should have no right to complain if Dean left him over this.

          • anotherlucy says:

            Only if after ten days, Sam calls him a bitch who has been angry long enough and then Dean apologizes to Sam and admits his feelings were affecting his judgement. That’s what happened last time with Amy.

          • Sara says:

            Again, Amy had killed already, Sam KNEW that she had to be put down. If Benny is not the culprit, then Dean should not have to apologize-but either way, Sam should apologize for going behind Dean’s back as Dean was made to do at the end of Slash Fiction just before Sam took off.

            I’m really hoping that the Benny sl will not degenerate into just a tit-for-tat of that lame Amy sl. It was bad enough to have to sit through that once and for them to bring it up again now, just to retcon Dean being right about something, yet again, would be terrible storytelling-yet again, IMO. I’m so hoping for better from Carver.

          • Sylvia says:

            Dude, I think Sam would throw a party if Dean left. As it is, Sam hasn’t exactly been acting like he’s thrilled Dean’s back in his life. I think he’d see Dean leaving as a good thing – Sam could go back to enjoying organic apples ahead of schedule and Dean could hunt by himself like Sam previously suggested. Win, win.

  5. Sir says:

    I think it’s funny that first they reused Ty Olsen for Benny, and now they’re reusing Kathleen Munroe, who played “Katie’s Mom” (best name ever!) in Lisa’s first episode way back in S3.

    • Alan says:

      there are a finite number of actors, an even smaller amount who work in vancouver where the show is made and since the character is female that cuts out half of that small pool, then factor in the age range they would require from the actress and then you realise they havent really got that many to choose from. honestly im just surprised we dont see reused actors almost every week this long into a run of a show where everyone dies eventually

    • GM says:

      I think it’s great…I LOVE Kathleen munroe…she has gotten more beautiful as she gets older.

  6. Kreshnik says:

    Just get Jeffery Dean Morgan back on the show.. He even wants to set his record straight when it comes to John!!! Come one loved him when he was on SPN! :D

    • Alan says:

      he’s too good an actor, his schedule is always full. the writers have said many times that they would love to have him back but they cant because even if they come up with something which would benefit the greater storyline, the chances of him having the space in his schedule to film it are pretty slim. the best he could probably do is a cameo and what would the point be to that, it would just leave everyone wanting more and would overshadow everything they are trying to do

      • Kreshnik says:

        Well the show really began with John so when SPN beats Smallville in seasons I would love them to end the show with him in it, that would just have been so awesome and I can only imagine how powerful the reunion would in many diffrent ways!

        Hope that he will be back before the show ends! :)

  7. Lisa says:

    I want more of Benny! I hope that Dean’s faith is supported and for once someone close to him doesn’t die…

    • Tania says:

      Me too, Lisa. I want more Benny. He’s a great character and I’d love for Dean’s faith to be supported for once. He’s trusted people so many times only for them betray him, it would be awesome and wonderfully ironic if Benny ended up being the exception. By no means am I suggesting it would make Benny more important than characters like Sam, Cas or the late Bobby. But it would be a wonderfully interesting and ironic thing if it’s the vampire who ends up being the exception, who ends up being the one who broke the cycle.

      It would also allow for some wonderful growth for Dean.

  8. Kivi says:

    I just don’t trust Benny. At all. When Season 4 started I stopped trusting Ruby and when Cas appeared I immediately liked him and believed that he’s going to help. So maybe I will be right this time too. Kill him, Sammy!

    • Alan says:

      the whole point IS that you arent supposed to trust him, he’s a shady character and is designed to cast doubts on dean’s judgement this season

      • muse says:

        Well if that’s the whole point, then the writers have done a piss-poor job of it. What they’ve shown us is a vampire who stopped killing humans long before he was ever killed himself and one who is loyal and appreciative of one the show’s two heroes. The only person who insists that Benny is shady is Sam and he his criterion for that judgement is the opposite of the one he has used in the past with creatures like Lenore and Amy.

        • Marty says:

          As far as Sam is concerned, he is very shady. Your brother leaves the room to talk to this guy secretly, makes him drive off in the middle of the night while stubbornly refusing to tell you where he is going, you meet him for 2 seconds when you realize he’s a vampire and all you actually know about him is that he helped your brother get out of purgatory – earning himself a trip back alongwith him – and he says that he is clean. That’s almost exactly how Sam was behaving back with Ruby.

  9. fiona says:

    I wish Supernatural was back to season 1 when episodes were scary sometimes.

  10. Hana says:

    I wonder if Benny will be a threat for either Sam or Dean.
    Anyway. I hope this kill Benny thing does not put Sam under a bad light again. Poor guy’s been wrong about everything lately, and I really, really hope it doesn’t mean Dean is going to resent Sam for it.

  11. Kay says:

    Dean’s faith in his friend had better not be misplaced. His instincts are usually right. Hopefully Martin dies, and his death sits on Sam’s conscience at least temporarily. I really want much more Benny.

    • DFTW says:

      I don’t think Sam would view Martin’s death as any kind of failure on his own part. He never thinks he can be wrong about anything.

      I just hope that Benny isn’t yet another “brother” who betrays him. Dean needs to be able to trust someone unconditionally and both Sam and Cas have let him down too many times for him to be able to do that.

      • Give me a break says:

        I’m also not getting why some people seem to drool at the idea of Dean being stomped on as if it’s a piece of chocolate cake. “oh, oh, Dean lied to and betrayed! Yummy! Sam putting Dean in his place and making him feel stupid! Sam hopefully beating Dean into submission! My precious!”

        I find that crap as appetizing as finding a fried rat in my fried chicken box. Why not have someone Dean can trust and not have to continually sweat that person being an ass? I’d find that refreshing and pleasant to watch.

        • anotherlucy says:

          If Ruby was a good demon, I’m sure you would have found that so refreshing.

          • Give me a break says:

            I wouldn’t have found that at all plausible after hoping Dean was being tortured in Hell but it’s plausible to people who actually want Dean to be tortured as long as Sam was being flattered as the biggest most important thing ever. Too bad, the demon was a liar just trying to get a prom dress for her boss.

  12. mac says:

    the 17 image just looks badass…
    I’m kinda tired of Benny tough =(

  13. Jon says:

    Nothing against Dean, but I hope Benny’s guilty. It would-be about time to see Dean being wrong for the first time ever on Supernatural. Cause Dean is always right, and Sam is always wrong. That pisses me off. I’m not what people call a Sam fan, I just want to be fair.

    • Dave says:

      Let me get this straight- you want Carver to write an entire storyline just so Dean can be wrong and you can go “naner naner, your turn?” Seriously?

      Wow, and here I thought I left grade school behind years ago.

      • Jon says:

        Sort of..aren’t you tired of watching Dean being right, and Sam being wrong always asking Dean for forgiveness, cause he was right? Or maybe you’re a Dean fan….God I hate when fans always defend their favorite character even if they are wrong. I’m not saying you’re defending Dean, but that’s what it looks like. Let’s see Dean screw up for damn change! Your calling me an immature, trust me, I couldn’t be more mature by wanting some kind of equality for the characters.

        • DFTW says:

          You sound just like the butthurt Sam fans who are always whining about the show being meeeeean to their whittle Sammy. Guess, you’re as hypocritical as your favorite character, even if you don’t admit that he’s your favorite character. If it squawks like a butthurt duck, blah, blah, blah.

          • anotherlucy says:

            Oops,sorry, the show is mean to wittle Dean. Have I got that right? Must toe the official Deangirl line.

        • Dave says:

          Er…, sorry. I wouldn’t call your reasoning “mature.” “Mature” would be waiting to see how events unfold and examining the thematic content of the story Carver’s trying to tell, not deciding beforehand you want to screw Dean over… “just because it’s his turn, damn it!”

          (Oh, and calling me a Dean fan ain’t going to make me curl up into a repentant little ball and realize the error of my ways. Sorry again.)

          • Jon says:

            You just can’t admit it, cause you love Dean so much that you don’t want him to screw up…Dean screwing up wouldn’t make me happy because I want him to screw up..I just want something different, you guys aren’t tired to see Sam screwing up cause that embraces Dean..don’t deny it, you just want Sam to keep screwing up. I just want something diferent. I seriously would bet that if it was Dean the one spying on Sam’s friend, and if it was Dean the one who was on earth and didn’t look for Sam you would find a way to make it look okay and defend HIM!!! That’s what pisses me off more than anything.

          • muse says:

            What pisses me off Jon, is your own blatant hypocrisy, along with the show’s. Yes the same show that had Dean throw out his own moral compass so he could help Sam get revenge on Brady and kill demons so that Sam could suck down demon blood and save the world by saying yes to Lucifer and giving in to his destiny. The show that tells us that it celebrates humanity but when push comes to shove, has the one human character sitting on the sidelines while the big boys with super-powers get play hero.

            There’s a reason that Dean fans can no longer take this show at face value. Because no matter how horribly Sam behaves or how badly he has treated Dean, somehow it’s always Dean who has to go crawling back with an apology, lesson learned about Sam’s Sue-tastic awesomeness.

            Just once, I would love it if Sam actually learned to appreciate Dean. The bother who had bled and died for him and who rescued his soul from Hell. Maybe Benny, who actually appreciates Dean’s loyalty and wit, could teach Sam a thing or two about true brotherhood. That’s what I would like to see, and maybe, just maybe I could grow to like Sam again.

          • Marty says:

            I agree with you about Sam needing to appreciate Dean more, but disagree about Benny being set as the example. His and Dean’s relationship is nowhere as close as Sam and Dean’s. Not even as close as Dean and Castiel’s. The only thing Benny has going for him so far is that he hasn’t let Dean down. Whereas, Sam and Dean are so close that they can live together inspite of all the times he has let Dean down. If Benny does go darkside, I don’t see the same courtesy being extended to him.

        • Give me a break says:

          I’m not tired of Dean being right because he’s not really allowed to be right. Sure he was right about Ruby but Sam blame him for ‘making’ him choose Ruby over him. How is that being considered right? Dean hated the demon blood drinking but Sam drank that crap in Swan Song and saved the world. Again, how is that considered being shown in the ‘right?’ So I’d actually consider it a good thing for Dean to be right about Benny without take-backs.

          Yes, I do find it immature if the only reason you want a storyline is so Sam can gloat about lying to Dean, killing Dean’s friend, getting an unstable hunter hurt or killed just so he can prove Dean wrong. And seriously, the only thing you’re liable to get out of that is having your favorite character look seriously hypocritical and selfish in how far he’ll go to feel superior to Dean but how little he’ll put himself out to actually SAVE Dean during the past year.

          • Jon says:

            The demon blood didn’t help Sam save the world at all. The only thing that helped him control Lucifer was the love he feels for his brother. The demon blood is just a crappy and unnecessary storyline added by Kripke, which destroyed Sam’s character. I still don’t understand why does saying yes to Lucifer, and jumping into a pit makes Sam a hero…he was just cleaning his mess. You say Dean wasn’t heroic at all at “Swan Song” but that’s CRAP! He was the one who got to play all the heroic role. He was the one saying “I’m not leaving Sam, I’m not letting him die alone.” Thanks to him, Sam took control; going in his car to get his face punched was what save the world! Sam in the other hand drank demon blood for no need and jumped into a pit, while Dean tooked care of the rest and got all the drama. So Dean fans, don’t complain about Dean never having a good storyline, cause you all know that’s a LIE. Sam didn’t even get to say some last words…cause it was Lucifer talking half of the episode. Great season finale, but thank God it wasn’t the series finale.

        • Sara says:

          What would be fair is if Sam would be called out specifically on what he’s always done wrong in the context of the brothers’ relationship; and then be made to apologize specifically for those things(as Dean has been forced to many times by the writers)-ie, Sam’s nasty habit of oft-times projecting of his own faults and flaws onto Dean and his need to always one-up his brother in some weird kind of a bid for full control of the relationship-just like dear old dad used to do to Dean, btw.

        • Marty says:

          The problem is, its usually Dean who ends up apologizing first, even when Sam is in the wrong. And when he stays pissed for long – as he should – everyone starts telling him to get over it.

        • roxi says:

          Jon, Dean HAS been wrong, remember, he STARTED the Apocalypse by torturing souls and later admitted he enjoyed it. Also, he has been shown to be a bit bloodthirsty when it comes to killing, along with his hedonistic bent, alcoholism, promiscuity, etc,. I neve understand this nonsense that SPN has put Dean on some imaginary pedestal.
          I love Sam but I think it’s ironic that you think Dean fans forgivr everything thing he does, because I always see hard core Sam fans for whom nothing Sam does, no matter what, is ever wrong, and nothing Dean does is ever right. And yes, there are hard core Dean fans who are like this also, but I’ve actually always more Sam fans like this, so please don’t claim it’s only hard core Dean fans who are guilty of this.

          • Marty says:

            You’ll have to give better examples of when Dean has been wrong than the ones you’ve given. Simply having sadistic, hedonistic, promiscuous and alcoholic bents does not make you “wrong” or morally deficient. Also, if you are blaming him for starting the apocalypse, you should remeber that:
            1. He did not know that the moment he took up the blade, he’d be breaking a seal.
            2. For all he knew, this was a part of turning into a demon and since he was in hell already with no chance of escape, there might not have been a reason to avoid what he thought was his certain destiny.
            3. And still, he resited for 30 years.

            In contrast, the reason Sam is considered wrong is not simply because of his choices to trust Ruby, drink demon blood. break the final seal, hide his soul situation etc. but because these were made in violation of his brother’s trust and express pleas to the contrary.

            That is not to say that Dean hasn’t done anything wrong. It’s just that you haven’t pointed any of them out.

    • Cassis says:

      Dean is not always right. There are numerous times he’s been wrong. It’s just that Dean, unlike Sam, generally takes responsibility for his wrong doing within the same episode it happens or at least within a couple episodes. Because that is in character for Dean. That way it doesn’t drag out a million episodes like when Sam makes excuse after excuse after excuse for himself and why what happened really isn’t his fault. Because that is in character for Sam.

      Sure you aren’t a Sam fan. LOL That’s a good one. Benny is a great character with great future potential. He, Dean and Castiel has marvelous chemistry and have been very entertaining to watch both in Purgatory and now out. It’s about time they added some new recurrings and Benny would be perfect. He “fits” the show, he’s played by a great actor, there is a really good rapport between Dean and Benny(and apparently Jensen and Ty work together very well).

      All it would do is reinforce Sam’s bad behavior(and setting another hunter to watch Dean’s friend, thus also potentially endangering Dean is pretty nasty when you think about it and petty as well), Dean isn’t concerned about Dean and given Sam’s own “love the good monsters who say they are good” mantra of the past, it’s hypocritical of him to decide Benny MUST be doing something wrong just because he’s Dean’s friend. You’d think he’d be happy Dean finally came to see it his way, but he’s more concerned about one upping him and getting the upper hand, as usual.

      It would make far more sense for Martin to be wrong, for Sam to realize that what he’s doing comes from a place of pride and pettiness and not from a place of genuine concern and to also come to understand that maybe Dean won’t always just let what he does slide.

      • samhasbeentohellandback says:

        Sam should just leave Dean to be bitten and betrayed by Benny. Why bother?

        • Give me a break says:

          Dear samhasbeentohellandback, Dean has also been to hell and back, and now Dean has been to Purgatory and back. Too bad, Sam can’t show any real empathy but only wants to show Dean who’s boss.

          • samhasbeentohellandback says:

            Dean can blame Castiel for going to purgatory. Cas started the whole mess with his arrogance. Like I said, Sam should forget about Benny and let Dean be bitten and betrayed. There is no point trying to protect Dean from Benny. Maybe Benny can show Dean who’s the boss.

          • Marty says:

            Except, maybe, you know, that he actually cares about his brother.

        • roxi says:

          Oh please, he doesn’t seem to be protecting Dean, he seems only to want to be right about Benny, to WANT Benny to be guilty, in order to hurt Dean. I really hope I’m proven wrong about that, but right now, that’s what it looks like. I do love Sam but some fans like you refuse to admit he’s ever in the wrong. If Dean acts like a dick, and he does often, I will admit it, not try to deny or make an excuse for it. Because sometimes he IS wrong, just like sometimes SAM is wrong.

          • Marty says:

            You have been proven wrong. Watch the sneak peek of the episode and you’ll see Sam put forward his case succintly and rationally and Dean agreeing with him.

    • Lee says:

      Dean was wrong about Lenore and wrong about Gordon, while Sam was right about both.

  14. purplerain says:

    Where do people think there’s going to be more of Benny in the future? The batch of episodes after the Christmas hiatus do not feature either Benny or Castiel. At best, both of them apparently don’t show up until possibly after episode 15.

  15. Sarah says:

    Benny is delicious. I selfishly hope he turns out to be a good guy.

  16. Deidra says:

    Why isn’t Sam grateful that Benny repeatedly fought alongside Dean’s side and got him out of Purgatory? Instead, Mr. “All Monsters Deserve a Chance” has hated Benny from the jump- probably because he’s – gasp! – Dean’s friend. It’s coming across like a personal vendetta to me. Between that and outing Dean out to Martin, Sam’s acting like a self righteous dick.

    • DFTW says:

      Exactly but Sam’s defenders will never admit that they woobie has any flaws.

    • anotherlucy says:

      That doesn’t excuse Benny breaking his vow and killing humans. That’s not right.

      • Give me a break says:

        First it has to be proved Benny’s the culprit. If and when Benny is proven innocent, Sam owes Benny an apology.

        Funny, how Sam’s drinking blood is easily excused.

    • Jon says:

      Oh..maybe Sam is invenstigating Benny because he might’ve killed in the past at least. So Sam couldn’t kill Amy cause she killed her mother to save him, oh yeah, but Dean killed her behind Sam’s back. Dean can’t kill Benny cause he helped him at Purgatory, fine…Sam will take care of it. Anything unfair?? If Sam is a Dick, Dean is a dick too, they’re both dicks…Sam forgave Dean when he killed Amy..they both had some kind of agreement that even if the monsters save them, a monster is a monster and if it has killed, it will kill again, so we must take them down, no matter what. Dean mades a friend in Purgatory, fine. A vampire, which is obvious that he must’ve kill someone, even for a good cause (like Amy). Once they are out, on earth, its a monster and it must be taken down…Dean let him goes, Sam finds out about Benny, a monster friendship Dean was hiding from Sam..even when Sam never hide his friendships with monsters, and told Dean everything he did on earth with Amelia etc. when Dean was on Purgatory. Sam gets pissed, Dean doesn’t want to kill Benny cause is a friend ( like Amy was a friend to Sam), but Sam wants to kill him cause that’s what his big brother taught him to do, kill the monster! Now my question: are you sure Sam is the DICK, right now?

      • Deidra says:

        Yup, still sure.You can wank it ten ways to Sunday but your arguments are based on emotions, not facts.

        Amy herself admitted she’d killed humans. It still has to be determined that Benny has. Big, big difference. Sam went looking to find dirt on Benny, when he didn’t do that for any other monster he let go. That sounds like a personal vendetta to me. Sure, if Benny’s killed someone, then he needs to die. But Benny’s not the only vampire in the world and just like we wouldn’t convict an ex- con without proof, the brothers would be crappy hunters if they didn’t make sure they got the right monster first.

        You say Amy is the same type of friend as Benny. That’s very sweet but I really doubt a girl Sam knew for a few hours 15 years ago to be at the same level as two soldiers fighting through a constant war zone together for a year. You say Sam never hid his monster friends from Dean….yeah, I don’t think so. He lied about Ruby for the longest time and never told Dean about Amy. The only way Dean found out is because he caught Sam. Dean did hide Benny at first but then actually introduced him to Sam. He could have told Benny to hightail it out of there before Sam showed up. You say Sam’s told Dean everything about Amelia….when was that exactly? Sam’s barely talked about her. We only know about Amelia through Sam’s inner flashbacks. And that’s fine- it’s his right to not share if he doesn’t want to. But then Sam can’t get all high and mighty about Dean not sharing either.

        Look, I get that you’re not a big Dean fan and that’s fine. You don’t have to be. But your arguments would hold more weight if you actually relied on canon and not just how you personally feel about the character to make your point.

        • samhasbeentohellandback says:

          Right. I’m sure your personal feelings about your favorite brother doesn’t have any bearing on your arguments. Last time I checked, Amelia is not a monster and Dean showed no interest in her. If he wanted to know, he could have asked.
          Dean went off to be with Benny and didn’t tell Sam why or who. He wasn’t honest himself. Benny has killed before. Who knows how many he killed in the past or when he will succumb to his baser instincts? There is a danger there that Dean is denying.

          • Give me a break says:

            Sam has killed before. Who knows how many he killed in the past or when he will succumb to his baser instincts? There is a danger there that Dean is denying.

            Ahem. Sam was a blood drinker too.

          • Marty says:

            @Give me a break
            Who’s the last human whom Sam killed that Dean would not have?

          • Deidra says:

            LOL, yeah, like your personal feelings about your favorite brother dont’ have any bearing on your arguments either, Samhasbeentohellandback. Fandom is all biased in one way or another. It’s naive to think otherwise. What’s important, imo, is to use facts, if they’re filtered through our own bias, and not just subjective feelings that have no logical basis.

            I admitted Dean hid Benny at first. Should he have told Sam? Probably so but I’m guessing he knew he wouldn’t get a lot of empathy from Sam. As to where Dean went, I dont’ think he was under any obligation to tell Sam, just as Sam wouldn’t be under any obligation if he took a personal day to be with Amelia or hunt with Garth or have coffee with werewolf Kate. If they want to share everything, great, but they’re not conjoined twins. They’re allowed to have separate lives. Dean wasn’t doing anything demon blood drinking level of controversial- he went to help a friend and ended up on a hunt. Would we even be having this discussion if Sam had gone to help Lenore? I doubt it.

            And for the record, I never said Amelia was a monster. I was replying to Jon’s comment ” and told Dean everything he did on earth with Amelia etc.” Maybe you should bring your concern about including Amelia in this discussion about monsters with the person who first brought her up, not me.

          • samhasbeentohellandback says:

            Give me a break -Dean has tortured and killed before and he liked it. Who knows when he will start torturing again? Sam and Benny better watch out.

        • lj says:

          Good point. Benny hasn’t done anything that Sam hasn’t done in the past, so by the logic of these Sam fans themselves, Dean should have put Sam down years ago.

        • Jon says:

          Fine, Dean fan. First of all, I’m no Sam fan. I get it, let’s forget about the hiding secrets stuff. Both brothers have secrets, and Sam hide what he did on season 4, Sam was the selfish dick on that season. But now, think about it, Sam is spying on Benny, behind Dean’s back, which Dean shouldn’t be pissed about. He killed Amy behind Sam’s back, that’s okay, he was doing the right thing. But I do think that letting Benny go, without questioning him, just because he has some sort of hunch that Benny hasn’t kill, its ridiculous. Its not like Sam is going to KILL Benny instantly, he’s sending Martin to make sure Dean’s right, or if not, take him down. I perfectly understand that Dean doesn’t want to kill him, I really do. I mean, they were like brothers in Purgatory. I also understand that Dean’s upset because Sam gave up on him, but everybody knows that very deep down, Sam’s sorry, he doesn’t regret the life he had with Amelia, but he regrets not looking for Dean. But being pissed at Sam because he’s doing his job, is not right at all. I know the hatred you all have for him won’t stop anyway, but just saying. I think Sam learned his lesson about having friendships with monsters. Even though I think he’s doing the right thing; for the people who disagree, I think is somekind of instinct he has after all his experiences with monster friends.

      • roxi says:

        When did Sam tell Dean everything he did with Amelia? I thought I saw all the episodes this season. Did I miss one? Cause I sure as heck don’t remember THAT.
        Dean shouldn’t have hidden his friendship with Benny from Sam, but seeing how Sam has reacted it kinda makes sense. Sam should realize that the only reason Dean befriended a vampire was because both he and Cas had abandoned him and he had nobody else. That’s a different situation than Amy, who Sam knew for a couple of days when he was a teenager. It’s obvious that Dean would have much preferred Sam, his brother, to have looked for him.
        So far Sam hasn’t shown one bit of concern over what Dean went through in Purgatory. He only seems to pine for Amelia and be annoyed that Dean has the audacity to be alive and keeping him from her. This is NOT the Sam I used to love, although in this last episode he seemed better.

        • Marty says:

          I guess you should watch the episodes again, since you seem to be missing quite a lot.

          – Sam told Dean about Amelia in the very first episode. How much detail he covered is not shown to us audience, but let’s assume the basics have been covered.

          – Sam should not “realize that the only reason Dean befriended a vampire was because both he and Cas had abandoned him and he had nobody else” – because that is not why Dean befriended Benny. Sam didn’t abandon Dean (as far as he knew) – so he could’ve been looking for Dean from the outside. Dean found Cas pretty quickly. And the reason why Benny got invited for the ride was because he knew a way out.

          – Both Amy and Benny stood on equal grounds initially. Whereas Benny fought beside Dean long and hard, Amy killed her own mother to save Sam. The difference is Amy was killing people and so far, Benny isn’t.

          – Even if Sam had looked for Dean, that would not have changed the Benny situation.

          – Sam has shown concern for what Dean went through in Purgatory from the first episode to last time when Castiel returns.

  17. Jon says:

    I do think the murderer is Benny’s coworker, the woman.

  18. Louise Litton says:

    Benny’s not going to be the killer- he’s too smart to blatantly kill in his own back yard when he knows of a much better, cleaner way to do it.
    This is just cheap melodrama designed to keep the Winchesters at each others’ throat for a few more episodes and frankly I’m tired of it and wish it would just stop already.

    • Give me a break says:

      Also, he can probably find a non-fatal, non-violent source. It doesn’t have to be straight from a human but get capri pouches of his favorite drink from underground source for a certain amount of money. Or he can go for animals like Lenore did.

      • samhasbeentohellandback says:

        Just drink from a demon. That’s the non-fatal non violent source. I’m so glad you now approve of blood suckers.

  19. Sara says:

    I think Benny is terrific character with a ton of potential. I REALLY! hope that he’s not going to backslide. And I want to see Dean’s faith in him rewarded because I’m sick and tired of seeing Dean torn down on this show within the text, no matter what he does or says or thinks.

  20. anotherlucy says:

    I hope Sam and Benny can talk it out and understand one another. Keeping Benny’s nature a mystery will help us explore Sam’s pysche. This can be a complicated relationship between Sam and Benny.

    But if he turns out to be a killer, all bets are off.

    • Give me a break says:

      So basically you only want Benny around is if he becomes Sam’s friend primarily? Oh how generous . . . not.

      • anotherlucy says:

        Sam needs more friends. If Benny turns out to be good and sticks around, then I would like him to be good friends with Sam. This is a good way to use side characters. I guess unlike you, I don’t have a saintly selfless reason for wanting Benny around. Sue me.

        • Give me a break says:

          I’ll be Ok with Sam having more friends when you fully support Dean having more mytharc importance, up to and including powers and a series ending where he’s the one who does more than gets his faced mashed in.

          • Marty says:

            @Give me a break

            Yeah, right! Because Dean simply has been simply of no significance these past two seasons. He simply, oh, I don’t know, figured out Sam’s soul situation, convinced Death to re-soul him, killed the mother of all monsters, summoned Death to fight Godstiel (which then led to a way of returning the souls), found amnesiac Cas, helped him remember and then killed the leader of Leviathans. That’s not enough mytharc relevance for you?

          • Alan says:

            the whole point of dean not having powers is so he can be the audience surrogate, he is the average guy reacting to all the crazy crap going on around him. if they were to give him powers he would lose that quality which has been important to the dynamic of the show for the past 7 seasons. so basically give me a break want to break the dynamic of the show which has clearly worked to well in the past, otherwise we wouldnt be arguing over this

          • Give me a break says:

            @Alan No, it’s just a BS excuse to keep him out of the way. Now the Carver’s in charge, I’d like to see this limp excuse kicked in the garbage can like it deserves because I’ve seen dozens of Sam fans pining for Sam to have powers back so he can take control of the narrative again. So don’t tell me powers don’t count.

            It would be like if Joss had written Black Widow on the ground, bleeding from her face doing nothing during the Avengers finale, only able to urge her fellows on. It would be disgusting if they had done that to her and it was disgusting that they DID do that to Dean.

  21. Give me a break says:

    I’m really sick of people wanting Dean dragged down so Sam won’t have to apologize for not looking for him this whole past year because I really think that’s the motivation. You want Benny to be Dean’s Ruby.

    But Dean’s no fool for Benny. Dean half expected to have to kill Benny in Blood Brothers but found out the situation and only then helped him.

    Also, I’m not so sorry to point this out but Benny’s not selling liquid crack to Dean. Dean’s not turning into a monster because of liquid crack. Dean also isn’t having sex with Benny so I’d say Sam is in a category all his own.

    And Sam still has to apologize for not giving a crap about Dean’s year in Purgatory and now he has to apologize for this mess, too.

    • firre says:

      I hear you. If a character belongs to Dean, like Cas and Benny, the Sam fans either want them to be Sam’s BFF, you know, give to Sam what is Dean’s, or else they want that character killed off.

      I hope Carver keeps Benny and I really wish that Sam would learn to trust and respect his brother. I would love to see Sam actually apologize to Dean. He’s done a lot of bad stuff to his brother, yet the show always has Dean apologizing to Sam. It makes Sam very unlikable.

      If the show thinks that making Benny bad and making Dean wrong and Sam right is going to make me like Sam, they are wrong. I won’t like Sam any better and the show will once again destroy a great character just because he is Dean’s friend.

      I remember when Cas first came on, and the Sam fans wanted Cas dead, or be Dean’s Ruby. They hated Cas because he belonged to Dean.

      Benny is the same. The Sam fans cannot stand Dean having anything that Sam doesn’t have. It’s frustrating when the showrunner gives the Sam fans everything and the Dean fans have a bone thrown here and there.

      I restarted watching this show this season because of Dean in purgatory, and Dean and Benny, and Cas. I want to keep watching this show because these characters make it interesting.

      • samhasbeentohellandback says:

        Dean fans cannot stand Sam having the mytharc and cried foul for seven seasons. They hated Ruby and the writers obliged by making her evil. Now they can oblige by doing the same with Benny.
        Dean fans cannot see that Dean gets so much from the writers.

        • lj says:

          So you admit that Sam had the mytharc for the first seven seasons, yet you don’t seem to understand why people might think the show has been too samcentric for too long.

          Also Kripke said that Ruby was always evil and his plan was to always have her seduce Sam into releasing Lucifer, so your conspiracy theories about the vast power of Dean fans are rather laughable.

          • samhasbeentohellandback says:

            I said they got their wish. They wanted her to be evil and she was in the end. I didn’t mean they personally phoned up Kripke and issued demands.
            I also said Dean fans can’t see Dean got so much more while Sam was just a plot point.

        • roxi says:

          When the hell has Dean gotten so much more? Sam had ALWAYS had the best and most important story arcs from seasons 1-6. And anything bone they threw Dean, Michael’s vessel, going to hell, being with Lisa, etc, was overtaken by Sam’s stories with Ruby, demon blood, being souless, being Lucifer’s vessel and oh yeah, STOPPING THE APOCALPSE! Only season 7, where they each had exactly ONE featured episode ( Dean’s time travel, Sam’s Lucifer hallucinations) didn’t prominently feature Sam, and yes, his hallucination storyline did not get the attention it deserved and it shouldn’t have been given to Cas. But up until then, from what I’ve always saw, the writers clearly felt that Sam was the most important character.

          • Marty says:

            If that is your idea of having a role in the story-arc, then the writers have given Dean much more by not making him a part of it. Free-will is not just his motto, but the defining trait of his character.

            Consider this carefully – for the first seven seasons, the the majority of mytharcs are driven by the antagonists. It is the mythical, higher beings of different categories who drive the story forward with their season-spanning, complex plans. Being a part of that story-arc, then, means that you are unwittingly being used and manipulated by those beings – like Sam had been for the first six seasons. What sets Dean apart is that he consistently is the spanner in the works who eventually derails the whole plan.

            Consider, for example, Dean’s supposed role in the mytharc because of the angels’ intervention. First of all, the whole idea about him being Michael’s vessel seemed to be introduced to appease the fans clamoring for Dean to have a role – which is why it it ended in nothing in the finale. Instead, that loose end was tied up by resurrecting Adam only to have him thrown in jail with Lucifer. But even then, he refuses to let himself be manipulated by angels – whether it comes to the question of levelling a town or to that of saying yes.

            On the other hand, his spanner in the works routine allowed him to kill Azazel, Eve, Dick Roman and pretty much screw over a lot of their plans. It has allowed him to see through Ruby’s manipulations, figure out Sam’s soulless situation and figure out the Campbell family’s dark secrets. He’s the guy who has gone toe-to-toe with Death on three separate occasions – once trying to bargain, then trying to blackmail and then trying to enslave. Dean should never get a major story-arc in the series – his role is to smash his way into one and put an end to it.

    • samhasbeentohellandback says:

      And you wanted Ruby to be… er, Ruby. Or were you one of those hoping Ruby would be a good demon and that Dean was wrong about her? If Carver can drag down Sam, he can drag down Dean. Castiel is the one who should apologize for the purgatory mess.

  22. Dave says:

    You spelled Ty’s last name wrong in the captions: it OLSSON, not Olsen. Get it right!

  23. Gina says:

    Benny’s been such a great addition and his character as a monster struggling against his nature has brought a fresh, new perspective to the show. I hope he sticks around for quite awhile! The show needs to expand out its universe with interesting new characters like Benny.

  24. Mare says:

    I’m really enjoying the addition of Benny, and I hope he ends up good! And I hope Carver remembers and maybe has Sam remember Lenore too, whom Sam believed and trusted when she said she was a non killing vampire. He convinced Dean of it and he was right, Lenore and her people were good, so hopefully Sam will remember that and see the error of his ways and give Benny a chance. I always liked that Sam saw the gray, saw that some people deserved a chance when they were trying to live good lives, that they weren’t all monsters. But last season, Sam was defending and letting go Amy, when she had just killed a bunch of people and he knew that. Now, he’s not listening about Benny or being grateful that Benny helped Dean. I don’t like those versions of Sam, either one. I hope he goes back to the guy who gave everyone a chance who deserved it, not just pick and choose which ones he likes based on if they gave him his first kiss or not.

    As for Dean, I like that he has a new friend. Dean’s a very loyal guy: you prove yourself to him and have his back, he will have yours. That’s very admirable of him! That’s one of the reasons why he is a hero. I like Dean and Benny’s relationship. And Dean’s like the Cassandra of the show: he may be right a lot of the times, but no one ever sees it and no one ever acknowledges it. Maybe this time, Sam will see it about Benny and acknowledge it.

  25. Metatronfan says:

    OMG! Very anxious to see this episode. Very ……. @.@.

  26. firre says:

    I really hope that Benny is good and Sam is wrong. Sam needs to trust his brother and this would be a great opportunity for Sam to realize that Dean is mature enough and a hunter enough to know who to trust and who not to trust. Sam trusted Lenore, Ruby, Amy and everyone over Dean, yet this one time Dean trusts a supernatural being and Sam is all over him being all judgemental. It would do Sam some good to get a bit of humility and realize that Dean’s his brother, have a little respect for him.

    I also want to keep Benny because there is a lot of potential uses for Benny and since the world of the Winchesters needs to be expandend, I think having a vampire as an ally is a great idea.

    Please Carver, don’t give in to fans who are jealous of Dean and don’t want Dean to have anyone but Sam. Please leave Benny good, he’s worth it.

  27. Ella says:

    They’re recycling cast again – Kathleen Munroe was in season 3’s “The Kids are Alright”.

  28. lj says:

    Benny is a lovely addition to the show and his relationship with Dean is intriguing. Jensen and Ty have great chemistry, as does Misha with both of them. I wish we had more purgatory scenes of the three of them together and I’m sad that we won’t get the three of them interacting in the present.

    I hope Carver doesn’t kill off Benny or make him evil. Especially not when he seems so keen on keeping that annoying Garth around for no discernible reason.

  29. mrs astor says:

    I hope Dean learns to trust his brother. Benny is bad news. I hope Sam gets in a good clean kill.

  30. purplehaze says:

    Seriously, Give me a break, er…mobiusklein–give it a rest. It’s so easy to spot your Sam-hating vitriol everywhere. Implying that Sam is a cold-blooded murderer is disgusting.

  31. personally i thinkSam and Dean are both hypocrites both have lied and kept secrets from each other, its hard to believe they are brothers at times. Im sick off all these brother angst lets hope it dosnt drag on too much its dull .Thatswhy many fans favoursecondary charractors like Castiel Benny Crowley Kevin evern Bobby because without them the show would be about two brothers who always bitching and wanting to kill each others monster friends just to prove they were right. More Benny Castiel Crowley& kevin for me.

  32. SamuraiWinchester says:

    What I ask all Dean and Sam fans is this…What was the purpose of Dean doing what he did to get out of purgatory? I believe he did what he did, to get back to Sam, because he knew he would be all alone, because they are the only family they have….meanwhile, Dean gone..Sam was completely alone, made a pact with his brother not to go looking for one another if one was to die, or disappear…and he finds Amelia…It’s Thanksgiving here, and they really should be thankful for one another…even though it is a show, lol..

  33. James says:

    Just gonna throw this out there what about the year off that dean had when sams soul was in hell.

    • Sunset says:

      Dean never stopped trying to pop Sam’s soul from the cage. Sam didn’t even try to find Dean.

      • Alan says:

        dean sure looked like he was looking for sam when we saw him living with lisa and ben. im sorry but as much as i love the guy dean is not as golden as some fans make out, i swear it feels like the sun shines out of his ass to some people

        • Marty says:

          Yeah, if only we’d actually seen his entire year rather than just a few flashes at the beginning.

        • Sunset says:

          I’m sorry, but what exactly are you trying to say? That he was lying? He went back to Lisa and Ben, sure (like he promised Sam he would), but I have absolutely no problem believing that he was looking for a way to help Sam, too. This isn’t a matter of opinion. It’s a fact…unless, like I said, you think he was lying…

        • roxi says:

          It was clearly stated right at the beginning of season 6 that Dean only went to Lisa because he promised Sam, was a miserable mess, heartbroken, drunk much of the time, and he NEVER stopped looking for a way to save Sam. Also, when he did find out Sam was alive, he was overjoyed to see him!
          I just don’t get how you guys keep throwing that out there as if Dean did what Sam did, when even the show stated that this was not the case.
          Did Dean have a little happiness with Lisa? Sure he did! But that didn’t stop him from either grieving for Sam or trying to find a way to save him.

  34. Lily Ranger says:

    No comment related to the discussion at hand. Just had having serious X-Files flashbacks here. These comments remind me so much of the XF discussions/arguments about Scully, Mulder and The Surly Pectoral God (Mitch Pileggi) who graced Supernatural with his presence as the boys’ maternal grandfather Samuel (insert celestial choir here).

    Carry on!