Covert Affairs Season Finale Recaplet: Annie Gets Two Offers She Can't Refuse

If you have yet to watch Tuesday’s season finale of Covert Affairs, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, you may proceed…

Covert Affairs wrapped up its third season on Tuesday night with two big cliffhangers.

First, Henry Wilcox presents Annie with a case folder in the same diner where his son Jai met with the CIA spy gal right before getting blown up in the season opener. She tells him she won’t do anything that goes against Joan and Arthur. But after taking a look at the contents of the file, she asks if everything in there is true. It is, and she’s in. What could the mysterious assignment be, and why is it important enough for Walker to risk working with Daddy Wilcox?

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But let’s talk about the big development you’re really here to discuss: the kiss! After bringing up that not-so-little talk they needed to have almost all season, Auggie asks Annie if she’d like to get a drink when they return home from their trip. Annie’s up for a beer at their local haunt, but Auggie has something nicer in mind… for Friday… around 8 pm. That sounds suspiciously like a date to both us and Annie, who agrees, her breath hitching and a curious, happy smile spreading across her face (unbeknownst to Auggie).

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Auggie then decides he can’t wait until Friday. He comes over to Annie’s place and announces that there’s nothing certain about the lives they live. Translation: There’s no time to waste.

“Timing’s everything, Annie. I wanted to talk now,” he explains.

But there’s no chit chat as he grazes her arm before cupping her cheek and kissing her firmly. Annie is more than happy to reciprocate. But she’s still wearing the key necklace, a reminder of her feelings for Simon, and there’s always her and Eyal’s constant, simmering flirtation, so you have to wonder if Annie’s heart will be more conflicted when the new season picks up. Or do you think she’s ready to dive into a relationship with Auggie, who’s always, always been there for her?

Covert Affairs fan, hit the comments with your thoughts on the long-awaited smooch. Are you ready for an Annie and Auggie romance? And what do you think was in that file folder?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kevin W. says:

    Oh lordie!

    • ellen lindsey says:

      i used to watch this on really, but it has moved, do you know what channel it’s on now please,


  2. malie says:

    Go Annie and Auggie!!:) Love this two. About Freakin’ Time!!!

  3. Amy says:

    It’s about time!! Cannot wait until next summer. I thought this season was great, next season hopefully will be better.

  4. joterri says:

    please do not let Annie go there!Eyal has alaways been for her also….Can’t Auggie and Annie be just friends. They have no chemistry, put Annie and Eyal in the same space, fireworks go off…

    • Kristin says:

      Annie and Eyal forever!!!!

      • nicole richards says:

        yes, really agree, they have the best smoking hot chemistry. Both are stunning to watch in action

        • becky says:

          Annie and Eyal!! They are MAGIC together and the one of the main reasons I watch the show!!!

          • susie carlon says:

            Annie & Eyal really rock, they are stunning together, we only watch because of Eyal.

        • susie carlon says:

          Oh yes Annie & Eyal are smoking hot, hope we see loads of Eyal in season 4 & no Annie & Auggie romance, it’s so devoid of any chemistry.

          • mike awesome says:

            My granny did some dusting, we all fidgeted when that revolving Annie & Auggie kiss thing happened. Covert Affairs is becoming a soapie with the Campbell’s & now A & A. Annie & Eyal really rock it, they are so exciting to watch, both are the best actors on the show. Us guys are hugh Eyal/Oded fans and we are 100% heterosexuals, we appreciate talented acting & Eyal/Oded always delivers that.

          • marc henry says:

            yes, agreed, Eyal/Oded really make an episode exciting, Oded is a brilliant actor. Oh the sickening kiss scene between Annie & the pretend blind guy Auggie was so off. We will just record new season 4 so if there is any romantic stuff with A & A we can f/fward it. Our men’s shed (all heterosexuals) won’t be watching Covert Affairs if there is no Eyal in Season 4. We are all wanting a long term relationship between Eyal & Annie, they have such hot chemistry and are so connected to each other’s thoughts. More Eyal please & less of that pretend blind guy Auggie. Ridiculous to expect viewers to believe he (Auggie) can do field work, like find Annie in a foreign hospital (Holland), please Covert Affair’s creators respect the viewers intelligence.

      • susie carlon says:

        Oh yes Annie & Eyal 4eva, hope they have a long term covert affair.

    • wordsmith says:

      I do like Annie and Eyal’s chemistry, but with him out of Mossad, it seems like some of the magic would be gone. There was that whole “forbidden fruit” element with them being fiercely loyal to competing agencies that fueled the romantic tension.
      Basically, I’m more than fine with seeing where this Annie/Auggie thing goes.

      • K says:

        Don’t worry wordsmith…Eyal has plenty to offer…in…or out…of Mossad. He would be invaluable for security work of any kind. He and Annie have a grown up kind of heat. Auggie appeals more to the teeny bopper crowd.

    • Michael says:

      I don’t think that Chris and Piper have all that much chemistry. I love them both, just not together. There was no squeeeeeeeeeeeee moment last night for me.

      • Saff says:

        I had the same feeling…but because of how this whole season has gone. In Season 2…there was much, much more chemistry between them. This Season felt like they were strangers.

      • marc henry says:

        I’m not into the sibbling vibe thingo re Annie & Auggie, however Annie & Eyal are just smoking hot stuff

      • susie carlon says:

        Amen, that kiss scene so lacked chemistry….bring on Annie & Eyal for smoking hot chemistry.

      • K says:

        Yep Michael…nothing there with Annie & Auggie. More like brother and sister. That kiss made me cringe…really awkward.

    • jamie says:

      Why cant people just be happy for annie and auggie the show was made the way it is. If there spouse to end up together (which i even hope for) let it happen. If not then thats the way it is but let me ask u this? even though auggie didn’t go to russia to save her he is still the one who made a rescue even possible and who has had her back and watched over her when she feelt like things were going bad for herself. Also if u love the show like a real fan u would be happy if the main character is happy in the show
      Auggie and annie would make a good cuple and even if they don’t get together there still good friends but being a good friend and always being there for someone is somewhat like being a couple in there situation

    • nicole richards says:

      oh so totally agree, annie and eyal are magic, they are the best at flirting, close ups, action & chemistry

    • susie robbo says:

      yes, yes, yes, more annie and eyal, they really are fantactic together, wonderful veiwing watching them, loads of feels

    • suzanne carrick says:

      oh yes we all agree at our book club (80) members, Eyal & Annie, sizzling hot stuff, the two best actors on CA, best chemistry on t v

    • Ellie says:

      Absolutely agree with you. Auggie and Annie do NOT go well together, other than as friends.
      It’s Annie and Eyal for me!

    • susie robbo says:

      oh yes you are so correct Annie & Eyal, big fireworks, wonderful viewing watching those two, plse more Eyal in season 4, never can get enough of his brilliant acting & smoking hot good looks

    • susie carlon says:

      Yes agreed, Eyal & Annie do have super sonic chemistry, they are such a stunning couple & are so invested in each other’s lives, risking their own to save one another, hope Eyal/Oded is a regular. Oded is so talented.

      • susie robbo says:

        Oh that stale Annie/Auggie re-hashed romance, the show will become a soapie, the campbells now this sickening bro/sister stuff, YUK. I agree with the Annie/Eyal shippers, sparks fly as stated, their chemistry is best on TV, love their adventures together, great viewing. Also they are so stunning together, both are sooooo sexy.

    • Michelle says:

      I agree!!! Annie and Eyal are perfect together! They always come through and end up saving each others lives. Annie and Auggie being a “thing” would make things in Langley awkward and Eyal would probably appear less and less in the show, which would break my heart. I love Annie and Eyal together.

      • suzanne says:

        Annie & Eyal are both beyond stubborn, they are defiant & defiance is the very taste of life itself, that’s why they are so wired & connected to each other…The magic ingredients for a lasting love.

    • K says:

      Absolutely joterri. I agree. Eyal HAS always been there for her. He should be the end game.

  5. Pati D says:

    I know that I am in the minority but I got to be honest, I am not into the Auggie/Annie romance. I prefer their coworker/close friends relationship. I was hoping she would go for Eyal (sp?).

    • Alienate says:

      You may not be in the minority. I prefer they just remain best buds.

    • Sally says:

      I’m with you in the minority:)

    • Natalie says:

      I was always rooting for the Annie/Auggie relationship until….that kiss….it was absolutely awful! It showed just how little chemistry they actually have. It looked like 2 real life friends having to force their way through a really awkward kiss. I much prefer her with Eyal…and I’m really really hoping that’s the endgame for Annie. Her and Eyal just have this unbelievable chemistry!

      • Jean Carlon says:

        Yes please, Annie & Eyal, best chemistry on a TV series, both take such great close ups & those smiles they give each other just send you to space & back, more Eyal plse…

    • Ellie says:

      I’m with you. Her earlier season scenes with Eyal were HOT! The music helped a lot! This season’s music is missing… Her kiss with Auggie felt WRONG (and sort of incestuous), YUCK!!

      Go live on a boat with Eyal, take a break!

  6. Lauren says:

    Sooo good! Best season finale! Can’t wait until summer.

  7. nelliesmommy says:

    OMG!!! I needed this!!! I was so ready for auggie and Annie ! Yet I’m torn…I really like Eyal too….and what was in the folder! I need intel! I need spoilers ASAP!

    • Alichat says:

      I like Eyal as well, but I like her and Auggie together better. I am soooo curious to know what is in that folder! And does it involve Arthur and Joan or was that just a red herring?

    • H.Houston says:

      Annie also truly loved Simon…. and Ben…. her life is NOT going to be easy

  8. Amj says:

    I do NOT like Annie and Auggie! NO CHEMISTRY! I loved her with Simon and OMG EYAL is SO HOT and they have so SO much chemistry but Auggie no way… He’s sweet and charming but I just don’t see it…

    • Rina says:

      I totally agree with you. I am hoping Annie is playing Auggie after reading the intel in the file that Arther and Joan are responsible for Jay’s death. She can’t trust anyone including Auggie since Auggie and Joan are quite close. Thus making her trust Eyal who has no play in any of this.

    • wednesday says:

      I agree with you 100%. I loved her with Simon too. I’ve loved her with Eyal since their first scene together. Talk about chemistry. All my favorite episodes are the ones with Oded Fehr. That kiss with them in the hotel when she has him chained to the bed! OMG! And her love scenes with Simon. I felt like I was watching Annie kiss her brother tonight. Yuck. I saw more sexual tension with Khalid than with Auggie. I do LOVE Auggie just not in a romantic relationship with Annie.

      • MGL says:

        I also agree. I was never an Annie and Auggie fan. I was hoping that the folder showed that Simon was actually alive; in which case she could never have kissed Auggie. Annie and Auggie should be friends. She has NO friends. I thought this was ridiculous and gives no reason to return next summer. Yuck!

  9. GoT Snow says:

    That ending made me so happy. I love the idea of best friends trying to work at a relationship, particularly when they’re so obviously attracted to one another. If played out correctly by the writers, next season is going to be even more intense than this last one, and honestly, season 3 has been so much better than the previous two. Can’t wait for next summer!!

  10. VIPblonde says:

    I kept hoping they would bump into the folder while they were kissing so we could see what’s in it!!

  11. Beth Wingate says:

    BesT ShoW on TV :). Eyal/Auggie???? What’s a Girl to do??? Glad they had the “talk” The file is about Jai. LoVeD iT!!!!!!

    • H.Houston says:

      I am not sure if that file is about Jai…. I have a feeling that file is about WHY Annie was originally recruited. The show has never gone down that rabbit hole with Annie finding out

      • Diane says:

        The show started to tell why Annie was recruited and taken out of “the farm” early to lure Ben out of hiding. Of course, they had a file on her in college and made it out to be that the professor of hers that was killed had passed along info on Annie. But I agree there’s certainly more to the story than they’ve shown thus far.

  12. M3rc Nate says:

    Love the show, my only problem with them going ahead with Annie+Auggie is that this show is a huge success, and its only season 4 (that will be starting next summer). Meaning there is at least another 4 seasons in it for this show. MEANING…you really think if they get them together now, they will be together the whole time? No, its going to be break ups, and cheating, and sleeping with someone cause their a spy…etc.

    One could argue “Well Burn Notice has kept Fiona and Micheal together basically the whole series (6+ seasons)”, but i would argue this there isnt a strong sex aspect to Burn Notice. Its not really a “sexy sexual” show. Where-as Covert Affairs is, much like a James Bond movie. Multiple relationships, sex, spy work using flirting/sex, etc.

    The shows quality kinda shot itself in the foot here, cause if the writers truly believe Auggie and Annie are right for each other, they wrote some amazing other men in her life that she has great chemistry (for example: Eyal). I can only imagine the upcoming men she will encounter and spy on or work with that the amazing Piper Perabo will have great chemistry with.

  13. TatyannaR says:

    I firmly believe in Annie & Auggie as a couple.

    • astrid says:

      me too!!!!!! so happy !! I always liked the Mossad-guy as a partner in crime/ crime fighting, but NOT as a romantic interest for Annie. I’m all for the roots she is searching, especially when they are soooo wonderful as Auggie!

  14. Melody Paris says:

    I’m not worried about Eyal intervening and Simon’s dead, but if Henry does want her to go against Joan and Arthur that could come between Annie and Auggie. He’s fiercely in Joan’s corner. I’m rooting for them though.

    • B says:

      My thoughts exactly. I’m rooting for them too, but I’m not sure what to think about what could be in that folder. She’s also been through a lot lately, so I hope she’s ready.

  15. Tina B. says:

    OMG! I am SO ready for an Annie/Auggie relationship! It’s about freaking time that someone “talked” to someone! Those of you that say Auggie isn’t hot and the chemistry between these two isn’t there? Need to watch the show again! The times they have been close together from the beginning! When they went undercover as a married couple! The way Auggie keeps touching her?! WOW! I am so ready for it all, the mess as Auggie said, the problems and the makeups in the relationship. I’m pretty sure Annie has wanted Auggie for a while and after Simon died, it’s been all Auggie all the time. Eyal is a great ok looking friend but that’s it. Now I NEED to see Christopher Gorham’s abs! Hey Ausiello, how are those spoilers coming along?

    • K says:

      Tina…it sounds like you are the one that wants Auggie and his ab’s. There is no denying the heat between Annie & Eyal. Annie will get bored with Auggie. She likes adventure and challenges and that makes Mr. Lavin the guy for her. Piper has even talked about the “thing” Annie has for Eyal in interviews. You just don’t want to see it. Oh well!

  16. A says:

    Annie and Auggie! Love it love it love it!….. But I do love Eyal a little bit more- maybe Eyal for the endgame? Either way I’m happy. This season was insanely good

  17. Megan S says:

    Hoping we see Ben again to gauge his reaction At some point next season…He’s still out there somewhere probably carrying a torch for one miss Annie walker… And I am stoked it finally happened but think that Annie and auggie relationship will be put to the test by her field work… She has to seduce and manipulate people for a living… Surely some trouble there??

  18. H.Houston says:

    I am out of town but watched it in my hotel room. I was CHEERING when they kissed. It truly made my heart happy to see this. I hope the writers don’t screw it up too badly howeer like the writing above suggests she has to deal with Eyal, Simon’s memory, Ben (yeah I heard he may wander back through),Wilcox’s folder…. the list goes on

  19. Michael L says:

    Can we talk about the fact that Annie asked Henry if what was in the file was true. He said yes and without blinking, she said “I’m in.” What did she THINK he was going to say? “No, I’m just kidding”??? He could have pieced together something seemingly important and put in the folder and just because he SAYS it’s true, it’s TRUE? Just sayin’…

    • H.Houston says:

      I really think that folder has to do with the white elephant in the room —- the reasons as to why Annie was originally brought into the agency……

  20. Christine says:

    Yay. It was the best season finale ever for this show (and I was so close to giving up on this CA, but I’m so glad I didn’t). Annie/Auggie shipper all the way.

    This season was really intense and the story lines have definitely improved. The thing I loved the most this season was the way Annie and Auggie’s relationship was written. Everything started normal, then they started to drift apart due to their new work/assignments. And then bang, in the middle of the season…Annie getting shot/Auggie proving Annie’s innocence, Annie going to Russia/killing Lena, the Russian prison and the Khalid/Annie story line. And during all those wonderful episodes, Auggie and Annie became closer than ever…and along the way romantic feelings emerged (smiles dreamily)

    Finally, Annie and Auggie are together at last :)

  21. rebzramblez says:

    Is anyone else out there hoping that Jai’s death was faked? Maybe that is what was in the folder…

    I also agree that the kiss didn’t live up to the hype. Annie has way more chemistry with Eyal, but I’ve always held out hope that Ben will come back- he’s the one she’s meant to be with. I think that’s why she was so drawn to Simon and why she is still drawn to Eyal. It all goes back to her feelings for Ben.

    • MJ says:

      I also think Jai is still alive. I hope so. I liked his character.

    • egli says:

      I think so also. He is alive and he with his dad will make some big big bang in cia.

      I am more Annie/Eyal, then Annie/Augie. They are more friends then lovers.

      Plus I think, that he didnt leave Mossad. And that his line, when he was talking with Kahlid, that he betrayed Annie more times, then she deserves or something like that.

      Im really waiting now for season 4, there must be some cool stuff, I hope.

  22. Karin says:

    loved the episode, though the shots in Amsterdam made no sense. (When Annie runs away from the Bloemenmarkt she runs in the opposite direction of Central Station, yet seconds later she’s at the bycicle parking garage next to Central Station)

  23. Lauri says:

    Remember that Arthur was very upset with what they found in Jai’s safehouse? Since Henry Wilcox told Arthur “No, you’re not” when Arthur said he was sorry for his loss, the folder must have something that ties Arthur and Joan to Jai’s death. Love the season-long story lines this year – it looks like it will continue on through next season.

  24. CJ says:

    I think the CIA’s going to turn Khalid into an asset and we’ll see more of him. He’s hot! We’ve also not seen the last of Eyal…I kinda didn’t want to see the Auggie/Annie friendship ruined but she had the hot’s for him since season 2, remember. Anyway, whatever is in that file is going to come between them and the relationship will be challenged. So much to look forward to in season 4. Love Eyal, love Ben, love(d) Simon-assuming he’s dead, love Auggie, wish I had 4 smashing choices like this in real life.

  25. Jerri says:

    Eew. No. They’re like brother and sister!

  26. Stephanie says:

    Loved the ending!!! Annie & Auggie=best ending ever!!!

  27. Mary says:

    The way I see it Annie and Auggie have chemistry, Annie and Simon had Chemistry and Annie and Eyal have CHEMISTRY. I can’t wait to see where this goes and if A+E fades now that he’s out of Mossad.

  28. Ninja Defenestrator says:

    Definitely in the Auggie/Annie corner, but I’m worried that the overwhelming disapproval I’m seeing all over the Internet might influence the showrunners’ future plans about where they want to take the show- what if they decide to break them up and then renew their (platonic) friendship?! Shippers, step up and do battle!

    Granted, a certain percentage of these people also want Simon to rise from the dead, but I’m still worried about all this malarkey saying “oh they’re better as friends/siblings, seeing them kiss was gross.” No, no they are not. There is plenty of chemistry, plus all the other love interests both of them have had were ill-advised (hi there, Parker) and/or ended terribly (seriously, people, they found his dead body; he’s not coming back). They complement each other perfectly and they’re incredibly sweet together. The chemistry’s always been there; it’s just been sidelined by other issues. Give them a chance to capitalize on it, now that they’re on the same page romantically.

    The scenario I’m most worried about has a lot to do with Annie’s super-secret file and Auggie’s loyalty to Joan, which will basically pit them against each other. It also looked like Simon’s key (around Annie’s neck) was deliberately visible in that final scene, and one of the only things Wilcox could have used to lure Annie into his plot is evidence that Joan/Arthur could have played some part in Simon’s death (if Lena hadn’t killed him first).

  29. jamie says:

    Also people are forgetting that that key has two meaning. One is samon and the other is his sister Annie saved
    She needs time to heal but imall for Annie and auggie if that doesn’t happen i will still love the show just as much as before i will just be a little disappointed.

  30. j316 says:

    I also loved the ending – well acted, very sweet and romantic. Annie and Auggie have great chemistry together, and I look forward to next season.

  31. maminti says:

    I was also glad to see Annie and Auggie together and I am a little bit surprised by the negative co comments about it. I think they have great chemistry and can’t wait for the next season. I hope they won’t break them up.

  32. Kelly says:

    Love Auggie/Annie. Great chemistry

  33. Laura S says:

    I think the folder has something to do with Rivka and Mossad which would eventually pull Eyal back into the storyline. There’s a whole other subplot they’ve alluded to with Rivka having Eyal doing something for Mossad and they haven’t explained that yet. Eyal thinks he’s out of the scene now and is going away to enjoy his boat, but Annie’s going to find something about it and he’ll be back.

  34. brooke says:

    omfg cant believe they kissed it has been long enough!!!!!!

  35. Cindy says:

    somehow I missed recording the final show and just discovered it when watching my recordings. Anyone know where I can see the final episode online?

  36. Nancy says:

    Eyal is a sexy, spy of the world and is the man for her. Aug is fabulous and he is the man for her. Wait…Really think Aug and Annie should stay best friends. Would the CIA allow lovers to work together like this?? Eyal will go to CIA?????? When all is found out about the drone stike, then we will probably see the Mossaud trying to get him back or he will go to the CIA for a new job.

    • Karen Scott says:

      Nancy, hope you are right & Eyal goes to CIA or somehow we see more of Eyal than Auggie in seas 4, OMG, what a sexy, masculine guy Eyal is. Auggie is so, so metro sexual. It is so unrealistic that Annie wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with Eyal

  37. Anna says:

    I love Annie + Eyal! That goodbye between them in the train station was full of ‘to be continued’ in my book! I hope Eyal is back around in Season 4. Annie & Auggie should just be friends. And she should get some more GIRL friends! Poor girl doesn’t have anyone to bounce her guy problems off of! (Someone to tell her to snag Eyal while she can!) ;).

    • marc henry says:

      The guys on my site would love to see Annie seduce Eyal, she finds out he has a love interest and she uses her spy craft to manouver herself into his life. Now that would be great viewing. The Annie/Auggie sibbling kiss was sickening

  38. Shopr2013 says:

    what was the AMAZING song that played when Annie and Auggie FINALLY kiss?? It was so moving and heartfelt, I thought it fit the moment so perfectly.

  39. Diane says:

    Annie and Auggie have no chemistry and I hate to write this but Auggie (or I should say the guy who plays Auggie) is not the best actor. However Eyal… I’m about ready to kiss him (in my mind) with the sexiness he gives off.

    My guess–something bad in the folder and Annie is going to reach out to Eyal for help. Auggie is too invested in Joan and Author to help Annie find out what the secret is disclosed in the files. And naturally while Eyal is undercover helping Annie… they fall in love.

    Regardless, this is a great show and like to see a smart, beautiful woman kick some serious sinister butt all for the greater good of America! (and in christian lous… none the less!) Can’t wait for season 4!

    • susie carlon says:

      Well summed up Dianne. yes Eyal/Oded is the reason we all watch covert affairs, Oded as Eyal is the James Bond of the show. We are not Auggie (Chris) fans at all & are very aware of poor acting as a pretend blind guy, it’s off putting, then the nil chemistry between Auggie & Annie, & to top that off we are supposed to believe Auggie does field work unaided, ha, ha. Insulting to the viewer that’s for sure. If there is no Eyal in season 4 then for us there is no reason to watch Covert Affairs.
      Eyal/Oded should be a regular, Oded is the most talented male actor on the show & Eyal & Annie chemistry is super sonic and they are a stunning couple.

    • Steve Summerville says:

      Yep Eyal/Oded is a guest star, with loads of support from viewers, guess it says a lot about Oded & how his character portrayal connects with so many viewers. Annie & Eyal really get each other, they have such x-citing chemistry, love watching their chemistry. Not a fan of Auggie, he is too metro sexual,( CG is not convincing as a blind tech op)Auggie not a masculine male like Eyal.
      Hope we see loads of Eyal & less of Auggie in seas 4

  40. patrick says:

    guys, guys, guys come on! U guys are just talking abt annie and eyal. I dont give a damn if they have chemistry or geography going on between them…..u guys are are ignoring d fact dt they can not be romantically, chemically or whateve-language-u-want-to-use involved…….from season one, it has always being auggie and annie…….dts d beauty about suspens in films and series alike

    • susan carrick says:

      come on Patrick get a grip, why did Annie become a spy?, she could have got married and had kids like her sister..Why a spy, because her life begins at the end of her comfort zone (that means Auggie). Eyal has the same internal wiring, that’s why they are so connected…the girl nxt door spy type that Auggie first met has evolved, like it or not, she has outgrown the safe harbour of Auggie and his protocols, Eyal is one hell of a sexy and stunning operative, that can keep Annie alive in the field and constructively mentor her. Not Auggie’s constant “you did well in a difficult situation”, I mean what can she possibly learn from those type of statements…Eyal is honest with her..and let’s be honest, human nature being what it is Eyal is exotic, and it’s unrealistic to think any woman could firewall him..

  41. pinks says:

    I’ve also rooted for Eyal… until Simon came. Too bad the writers killed him off.

    • rita says:

      I am all for Eyal not Auggie. There is something about Eyal character that supersedes all the other characters. Something so mesmerizing.

      • marc henry says:

        agreed, Eyal & Annie are so wired, they are totally in sync, & that chemistry they have does supersede any of Annie’s former love interests including the pretend blind guy Auggie. It’s just going to be a soapie if those creators whose system has failed even try & pair Annie & the metro type Auggie. Eyal is such a masculine guy & that’s why he has such a fan base, as both genders connect with Oded/Eyal. Oded is sooo talented, no need to take of his shirt as a trick for naïve fans, he is buffed but his acting does the talking. Oded/Eyal can walk the walk & talk the talk but poor old CG (Auggie) can’t & has to resort to hooks for young viewers by pumping his small frame up. Sick, sick

      • Peggy Cooke says:

        Yes amen, Annie & Eyal are so super fabulous, the creators must be metro males like slim Auggie, thankfully Eyal is so masculine & doesn’t need to parade without shirt. Let’s hope they don’t foul a great series & turn it into a soapie with Joan & Arthur & Annie & her friend Auggie. “Days of our Lives at Langley”. Viewers want powerful acting & Oded delivers that & elevates his episodes .

  42. Katie says:

    I started watching the show about 2 weeks ago When I was in Scandal withdrawal and needed something new to watch and watched all three seasons in just a short time and the one thing that always kept me anxious to turn each new episode on was seeing Annie and Auggie together. Although Annie had chemistry with all the other men around her and Mercer has gorgeous eyes…the Auggie chemistry it’s just very sweet and passionate… Chris Gorham has such a sexy voice the only thing I would change is if he would change his hair I like how it was when he was in the War backstory… because he’s a gorgeous guy… And I suspect that out of all these men the one man who she would be missing the most in her life if they were gone ..for good…would be Auggie….. All the other men she has had to work with….while Auggie is the one guy she wants to be with and wants to work..she trusts him 100% They really know each other really trust each other And have built a strong friendship… And from someone who’s been there… that is the best relationship… Friendship caught on fire is total passion!

  43. gomez says:

    Eyal is an amazing and sexy person/man/character, with Annie they are a stunning couple. I dont want to see that lame and boring affair between Annie and Auggie. Auggie is only a rebound. Annie cares about him only when there is no a decent MAN around her. If there is no Eyal in season 4, for me there is no reason to watch Covert Affairs.

  44. doubleaalltheway says:

    Oh i have been predicting anniecand auggie since day one the chemistry is there the way hes always worried about her when she goes off on another mission the smile on his face when she enters the room the smile on her face when she sees him how concerned she is when something happens to him. To be honest i think they would be great together they always have eachothers back and they have a trust that is unbreakable

  45. Eliza says:

    I love Annie/Auggie together, their chemistry is perfect, their story is perfect, I’ve never seen this in any other TV shows. To me it’s exactly how real life relationships are & should be in order for them to work in the long term <3
    I like Eyal & Annie's chemistry too but they work better as a team/friends and it wouldn't work on the long term. Annie is very attached to her country and Eyal to his. Also, Annie is able to live without him but she wouldn't be able to live without Auggie, would definitely leave a hole/an emptiness in her life. Same goes with Auggie, those 2 are made for each other <3